Titanium 1.3.2 with iOS4 fixes, apps still don't work.

I have a multitude of apps on sale in the iTunes store. Most fail to run in iOS4.

I have downloaded the latest fix, Titanium 1.3.2 which says it has fixed most problems with iOS4 yet when I change my apps over to this version and re-build them in the emulator they fail in the same way. So there appear to be no fixes at all.

If this upgrade did fix iOS4 errors, would my applications not run like they used to?????

What do I do now with a hand full of useless apps? Especially ones people have purchased that don't work and I have no way of finding a solution as the key to the problem lies with Appcelerator?

I feel rather lost and it's not the first time I have been dumped with a major issue and no real answers for me or for clients.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone in the same boat? Anyone good at paddling? LOL

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