api documentation for font object?

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I was looking for the api documentation on the font object. So far, I only found the label documentation and examples.

Specifically, what I'm trying to do, is create a font with an "inset" or "beveled" style... is there a fontStyle parameter?

I've seen this on many iphone apps, it looks rich, and I'd like to try it for some of my labels.

Please help, thanks!

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All the font properties in Titanium are the webkit font properties so I you google 'webkit font properties' you'll find everything you need to display nice fonts styles. Not to mention for your shadow effects that you're allowed to have negative offset for your shadow and rgba values for color.

Hey Peruna,

Try using the shadowColor and shadowOffset properties, should let you get the sort of look you're after. Here's an example:

var headerLabel = Ti.UI.createLabel({
    text:'Cocoa with Love',

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