Titanium crashing on startup on Mac

I installed Titanium on my Mac, it runs fine under one user account but crashes immediately on startup on the other user account.

Crash details can be found here:https://appcelerator.lighthouseapp.com/projects/25719/tickets/374-titanium-crashing-on-startup

Any tips appreciated - thanks!

2 Answers

  • I found out that it is a permissions problem, you need to make everything in the /Library/Application Support/Titanium writeable by the user you want to run as.

    I copied all the owner permission to group, using something like this and it solved the problem:

    chmod -R g+u /Library/Application\ Support/Titanium
    — answered 5 years ago by Pooya Karimian
    • Thanx a lot! Saved my day.

      — commented 5 years ago by Anders Pedersen
    • Saved my day too! Thanks.

      — commented 5 years ago by Jeremy Sculfort
    • Awesome! That worked!

      — commented 5 years ago by Joe iEntry
    • I have tried the above solution, it did not work. Please help i am new to this. I have eve tried executing it with the sudo command, but its of no use.

      Here is a link to the crash details i get :
      crash report

      — commented 4 years ago by Varun Chadalavada
  • I have this problem too. Please fix because I want to install on other developer iPhone. I need another user account to prevent iTunes mixing.