Backbone with REST API

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I've been searching for documentation on how to use Backbone with REST to fetch and persist data on a remote REST service.

I've seen some examples using external APIs and HttpClient, but my understanding is that BB supports this.

I actually have a web client that uses Backbone to consume the same service, but I don't know if any special steps are required to do the same for Titanium

Does anyone have some code samples or documentation?


  • David

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Try this napp.alloy.adapter.restsql. I think it's what you're looking for. Probably too late now for you, but it may help someone else later.

— answered 2 years ago by Michael Stelly
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  • Thanks, Michael

    I had actually figured out the REST API portion of this a while back, but your advice is pretty timely since I am not looking for both REST and SQL persistance.

    Thanks and have a great NY!

    — commented 2 years ago by David Glass

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