[ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0' Accepted values: (Posted AGAIN)

WHY am I getting this error using T. Studio with Snow Leopard OSX, 5.0 IOS, and 4.2 XCode???? Malcolm Hollingsworth has tried to answer but hasn't hit the right answer yet so I pose it again.

— asked 3 years ago by Bradley Moore
  • Seriously! You suggest "I have not hit the right answer yet" - after your insults and attitude from this separate thread.

    You are new, just a couple of days according to your profile, try not to annoy those here to try and help you.

    — commented 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
  • Yeah, right… new to this "app"…

    — commented 3 years ago by Bradley Moore
  • Your profile said you joined 19th Dec 2012 - that seems VERY recent, given it is the 20th Dec 2012.

    — commented 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
  • WOW, you can create links…. can you answer the question at hand???

    — commented 3 years ago by Bradley Moore

5 Answers

  • The answer is found in the Titanium Compatibility Matrix for TiMobile 3.0.

    3.0 is only supported on 10.7 (lion) through 10.8 (mountain lion) at this time.

    If you are running 10.6 you need SDK 2.1.4 and earlier.

    I wasn't going to answer this because honestly, you are making a horses rear end of yourself in these forums, however, others will see your rant and they may need an answer.

    Additionally, in the future, there is a proper format that is recommended for asking questions to speed answering and assistance:

    I suggest you take a look at the Using Questions and Answers article, specifically the Q&A Question Checklist. The missing information is critical to reproducing problems in a test environment and often indicates other factors that cause the undesirable outcome you are experiencing.

  • Couple things. First, please don't repost questions, especially if someone has spent any amount of time trying to help you. It fragments the question and splits the data which make it all hard to track.

    Second, when you start arguing with people, especially someone like Malcolm, it will make others less likely to want to help you. We do have a large community, but just like any community, there are the people who go above and beyond and ultimately gain a bit more respect than your average community member. Malcolm just happens to be one of those kats. Just something to keep in mind for future reference.

    Now, with all that out of the way. I see that you're using Studio 3.0.1, and on Snow Leopard. Double check to see if you're using a compatible sdk as well. Since you are on OSX 10.6, it is compatible only with 2.1.X versions of the SDK and earlier. Just make sure that you're checking out the Titanium Compatibility Matrix and that the versions you have installed and are building with are compatible with each other and your current OS.

  • So

    I am going to try and help you one last time, I hope you can keep your response to the facts of the issue.

    Can you try the following - even if you have already done these - it is about ruling things out.

    • Download the latest studio, there was a minor tweak in the last 24 hours
    • Create a brand new project "Titanium Classic > Default Project"
    • Compile that

    Provide the full (even if limited) console log

    — answered 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
    • As I stated above (which must have been skimmed over), I am using using T. Studio (<– notice the last 12 numbers?) with Snow Leopard OSX (10.6.7), 5.0 IOS, and 4.2 XCode. I created a brand new project "Titanium Classic > Default Project". and ran it on the iPhone simulator and the response in the console was: [ERROR] Invalid –ios-version value '5.0' Accepted values:

      Now, it seems we are right back to the original question with wasted time and effort.

      Here is the diagnostic log:

      Host OS: Mac OS X
      OS Arch: x86
      JRE Version: 1.6.0_37
      JRE Vendor: Apple Inc.
      JRE Home: /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home
      Install Directory: file:/Developer/Applications/Titanium Studio/
      VM Arguments: -Xms40m
      -Djava.class.path=/Developer/Applications/Titanium Studio/TitaniumStudio.app/Contents/MacOS//../../../plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.2.0.v20110502.jar

      Workspace Directory: file:/Users/mac/Documents/Titanium_Studio_Workspace/
      Language: en_US

      Titanium SDK Version: 2.1.5
      Mobile SDK Modules API Version:2
      Mobile SDK Timestamp: 11/12/12 14:46
      Mobile SDK Build Number: 29c5290
      Titanium SDK Location: /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/2.1.5.v20121112144658

      Titanium SDK Version: 3.0.0
      Mobile SDK Modules API Version:2
      Mobile SDK Timestamp: 12/12/12 18:49
      Mobile SDK Build Number: a5894b3
      Titanium SDK Location: /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/3.0.0.GA

      Titanium CLI Version: 3.0.21
      Titanium CLI Enabled: true

      Alloy Version: 0.3.3

      — commented 3 years ago by Bradley Moore
    • You simply cannot help yourself with your attitude and unwillingness to help rule out what is going on.

      You clearly do not want my help, so you get your wish - I am no longer going to help you.

      So by all means mark me down, suggest my attempts to help you have been pointless. But I am off to help those here that want to actually be helped and do not use insults and a bad attitude as some strange way of solving your problems.

      Good Luck - I only hope for your sake that someone else is willing to put up with your poor attitude.

      I give up on you.

      — commented 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
    • Ta Ta

      — commented 3 years ago by Bradley Moore
    • BTW old chap, I did exactly as you said and got the same error. Seems you are the one with a chip since you can't come up with a viable answer… or even a close guess.

      — commented 3 years ago by Bradley Moore
  • My answer now… I am removing your app from my system and want my account closed and information deleted. Primary reason, no visual user interface development system… paying for an addon isn't worth it to me. BTW, your matrix contradicts itself which adds to the confusion… check Xcode and OSX… under OSX, Titanium does work with OSX 10.6 with [Titanium] SDK 2.1.x and earlier but under IOS Xcode, [Titanium] SDK 2.14 - latest. (Min Xcode version 4.2 to Max Xcode 4.5.2.