Error in callback from acs with Alloy

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I’m working in an app that has a log in and a home screen.I'm using acs to log in. . On Android, problem is on the response from acs for authentication, no matter it’s an error or a success, callback isn't working.

On iOS, ACS callback is working OK.

Titanium SDK: 3.0.0.GA


var Cloud = require('');
Cloud.debug = true;
exports.login = function(args){      
        login: args.username,
        password: args.password
        }, function (e) {                
            if (e.success) {
var cloud = require('cloud');
var user = Alloy.Models.user;
            username : args.username,
            password : args.password,
            success: function(user){
            error: function(error){
    error: function(){
        alert('Error en los datos');
var HANDLERS = ['success', 'error'];
var handlers = {};
exports.setHandlers = function(args) {
    _.each(HANDLERS, function(h) {
        if (args[h]) {
            handlers[h] = args[h];
function submit(){
    if($.username.value && $.password.value){
        if(handlers['success']) handlers['success']({
            username: $.username.value,
            password: $.password.value
        if(handlers['error']) handlers['error']();

— asked 3 years ago by Antonio Sandoval
  • I'm having same issue. Logs show that ACS received/processed/returned the data but app not doing anything with response. Thread here

    — commented 3 years ago by Ryan Gartin

  • Are you working with Alloy too?

    — commented 3 years ago by Antonio Sandoval

  • Negative.

    — commented 3 years ago by Ryan Gartin

2 Answers

I change the SDK version to 2.3 and it worked

— answered 3 years ago by Antonio Sandoval
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  • Interesting...pumping down to 2.1.4 didn't fix it. But once I bumped down to 2.1.3 it works. But as soon as I go back to 3.0 it breaks. Who can submit a bug report on this?

    — commented 3 years ago by Ryan Gartin

  • Reported:

    — commented 3 years ago by Antonio Sandoval

  • Fixed in latest SDK, 3.0.2. Thanks Appcelerator team!

    — commented 3 years ago by Ryan Gartin

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In studio, go to Help and click on "Install Specific Titanium SDK". Copy and paste link for respective .zip file from this site

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