noob needs help with textArea

I have some fairly lengthy text that I want to display. I'm putting a textArea on the screen. But I don't understand its behaviour.

I've played with the height, width, left, right, top, bottom etc properties. No matter how I set it up, it doesn't create the area the way I'd like it to look.

Based on the parameters I give it creates a square on the screen. within that square is a second square at the top left, tall enough to display 2 lines text.
The width of this inner square seems to stay the same no matter how wide I make the textArea. On the right side of the inner square is a scroll bar.

How do I make this inner box as tall and wide as the outer box?

Is there a better widget than the textArea for displaying large blocks of text?

— asked 3 years ago by Joe Boehm
  • You really need to provide a complete (but concise) example. Preferably one that can be pasted directly into a new app.js and run as-is.

    It may be the properties you're assigning to the TextArea, or it may be the properties you've assigned to the parent View. And it sounds like you may have nested views going on. Only the code can clarify that.

    — commented 3 years ago by Jason Priebe
  • I have tried to be more complete in another thread.

    — commented 3 years ago by Joe Boehm

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