android sdk is missing

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hi today when i have updated titanium studio and trying to run my app, it's giving me this error (An Android SDK is missing. Titanium requires Android platform 2.2.*). so i have re-installed titanium sdk 2.2 v8 and i have already installed all sdk. is there any solution available for this instead completely new installation? plz help operating system: Window 7 ultimate Titanium Studio, build:

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Hi I had a similar problem....

I resolved with adding to the path system variable the directory of the Android SDK..... to do that do the following:

Go to computer..... right click and select properties Click on Advanced system settings.... Click on Environment Variables... On the System variables box.... select Path Press edit and on variable value add the end... add a semicolon ; and the path were you installed the Android SDK... for example ;c:\androidSDK Press Ok Restart Titanium Studio and try again....

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