symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_malloc_n [SOLVED]

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Because the anser is only in Google-cache, I just provide it here: In Ubuntu 10.04 (and probably other newer distributions) LibGDK 2.0 is installed and conflicts with Titanium's internal libraries.

removing ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libg2.0 or /opt/titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libg2.0 will solve the problem.

To be exact:

rm runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgobject2.0

rm runtime/linux/1.0.0/libglib2.0

rm runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgio2.0

rm runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgthread2.0

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rm ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgobject-2.0.*

rm ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libglib-2.0.*

rm ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgio-2.0.*

rm ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgthread-2.0.*

This worked. :) Thanks much.

Unfortunately, this advice didn't help me on Ubuntu 12.04 :(

Hi, I am getting this error but do not see these files specifically. Indeed I am on Ubuntu 10.04.

What I am seeing is that there isn't a libg2.0 exactly, but a many of the unbuilt sources.

For example, ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0/libgobject (tab complete) I find..

If I enter the commands shown above exactly, it returns that there is no such file or directory. So, I'm not sure if I messed up the install - I've now installed build-essential and think I'm going to delete the .titanium folder and try running the install script again.

This fixed my problems as well, thank you very much. strange enough if I copy the post title and search for it, google marks this page as the #1 result.

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