IE10 problems fixed by IE9 mode.

If you are like me and on W8 then IE10 Desktop can and does have problems with the websites here. If you click F12 while in IE10 Desktop then you will see options for Browser mode change to IE9 and reload to solve most of the problems. This is also a great tool for trouble shooting problems.

1 Answer

  • what's this, micro$hit advertising?

    — answered 3 years ago by Dan Tamas
    • Odd statement from a support site. Are Microsoft users not welcome here?

      — commented 3 years ago by Jeremy Benisek
    • Yes they are, only that didn't look to me too legit. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      — commented 3 years ago by Dan Tamas
    • I'm new here. I normally build web sites and run full IT Departments. I'm more of a jack of all trades but I have a client that needs a somewhat simple app created and this seemed like the place to start. Over the last 2 days of videos and reading I've had to fight the website a lot and figured others might be too. Once I saw the iOS is required for Apple products I see why so many people are forced(Choose) to use Macs. However, those on Windows 8 working on android apps might enjoy the site working as it should. I think a lot of people don't know about the trouble shooting F12 and dev tools in IE9/IE10. I was just trying to help from the experience I have.

      I hope others with app experience can help me with a few advanced features once my app is up and running.

      — commented 3 years ago by Jeremy Benisek
    • I apologise, I just got it wrong.

      — commented 3 years ago by Dan Tamas