Is it possible to get augmented reality in titanium?

Hi we are new to titanium. We did a augmented reality application as android native development.Now are able to do that application by using titanium. Is there any limitations for augmented reality in titanium. We did not find any sample apps to follow. Can we access camera and add surface view in camera using
appcelerator titanuim android can u provide me any sample code for this.

2 Answers

  • To answer your question, the only AR example available from appcelerator is th ARTI example. This does not work on Android.

    Is it possible to do AR on Android the answer is yes. but it only works in landscape mode as the overlay will only display that way. This makes for some interesting code.

    Having tried to do AR in Flex on android, have they now implemented the compass and other sensors required…

    OH you will need the 1.8 SDK can get it here …

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Tejesh, a great open source was created by our very own Titanium Certified Trainer/Developer Trevor Ward (@thewarpedcoder).
    See here for details:

    LearningTitanium | BuiltWithTitanium | TideSDK