Interest in starting Q&A section on Stack Exchange just for Appcelerator

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Is there any interest in starting a Q&A section on Stack Exchange (SE) just for Appcelerator?

Reason I ask is that the functionality and community support within this Q&A section in my opinion is holding back the community.

Examples include, but are not limited to: - Inline code support within answer is malformed - It is not possible to delete a question - It is not possible to flag a question - It is not possible to answer you own question and select it as the answer - Users often confuse answers and comments - It is not easy to see the users community score within their answer - The system does not appear to have an inbox system to get messages about updates to your own questions, answers, comments -- or comments to you. - Question and answers can not be edited after being posted, though SE allows edits, shows a notice when/who edited them, and links to a wiki of the edits.

Clearly, I'm a little biased, since I already use SE, and there's really no reason both Q&A section can't exist, though I believe the community would greatly benefit from switching to that platform, and since the context would be "community commons" -- there would be nothing to stop Appcelerator from creating a local static index of the content with links to the live SE question.

Any thoughts?

Here are some examples of questions that are tagged on the main coding Q&A site for Stack Exchange already, if a Appcelerator Q&A site was created, these questions would just be ported to the new Appcelerator only site on Stack Exchange.

Appcelerator (595 questions with tag) Titanium (1,169) Aptana (980)

Also, to be clear, while I do use SE, I'm not officially or unofficially related to them, I just am finding the functional lags in this Q&A site to be unneeded and in my opinion, easily addressed by switching the platform for the Appcelerator Dev Q&A section. Also, more to the point, I've been very impressed by how friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive the community is -- which is all the more reason why I believe the switch would make a huge difference.

Offline feedback is welcome to, email me at:

— asked 3 years ago by blunders .
  • @down-voter: While I value your opinion, without a meaningful comment on why you did, it's impossible for me to understand why you did so, and maybe even respond in a way that would be of use to you. Please comment, thanks!

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

  • You can make your suggestions here:

    — commented 3 years ago by Ivan Škugor

  • @Ivan Škugor: Thanks for the suggestion, I've review the page,and added a link back to this question.

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

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2 Answers

Site: Okay, I've created a beta site for an Appceletor only Q&A site on Stack Exchange(SE).

Launch Process: Stack Exchange requires that the site go through a review/commit process before it's live to the public. See the site proposal FAQs for more info.

Joining: Anyone is welcome to join, if you have any problems setting up an account, or taking part in moving the beta site for an Appceletor only Q&A -- just comment, or email me at:

Existing SE users: If you're currently an SE user, 35 more sample questions need to be posted (I've already posted 5) -- and then each of those questions needs to get 10 upvotes; which translates to we only need 11 users to sign-up and then upvote the the 40 questions posted to move it onto the next stage in the review process.

What are good questions to post: Just the the main FAQ on the subject on StackOverflow -- and just a heads up that most of the sub-sections on that page have more information about each sub-section if you click "show more" within the sub-section.

Finding Good Questions to Post: If you understand what a good question is on SE, meaning it's possible to objectively answer the question, it's super easy to quickly find questions to post. Just to the Most Votes on Appcelerator Q&A and look for good questions, or the questions with the most votes on SE site for coding, StackOverflow, and look at the questions with the most votes. Please do take the time to edit the questions to make sure you belief they're as great of a question as possible, which will help the process move much faster.

Thanks: Thanks, and if you have any questions. Let me know!

— answered 3 years ago by blunders .
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  • @down-voter: While I value your opinion, without a meaningful comment on why you did, it's impossible for me to understand why you did so, and maybe even respond in a way that would be of use to you. Please comment, thanks!

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

  • (1) Join if you're interested in Appcelerator!! (2) Post 5 sample questions on the site (3) Upvote all existing ontopic questions (4) Spread the URL (5) Follow on Twitter for announcements, (6) Enjoy a great resource for Appcelerator!!

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

Yes definitely. We also need a place that can compile a list of all modules, gists, example apps on githhub with hopefully someway or discussing reviewing them. Any ideas?

I would particularly like a place where we collaborate on commonjs modules for common functionality like authentication, forms, syncing, geolocation etc.

— answered 3 years ago by Matt Bourne
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  • Great, thanks for posting an answer supporting the effort!! (1) If you have the 3-mins, please visit the site ( and just click the "Follow It!" button; creating a quick account would be of HUGE help at the point, since currently we need 60 followers to move on to the next stage. (2) After doing that, if you're got 1-min more, upvote the existing questions that are ontopic, since we need 10-question with 10-upvotes too. (3) If you've got 10-mins after that, please post the 5-sample-questions you're allowed to post, and I'll upvote every single on you post that's ontopic. (4) REQUEST Just a heads up that if you get to the point of posting questions, StackExchange is requiring the site to prove it's worth having it's own site, and not just sending people to StackOverflow instead. Per their suggestion, to do this, the sample questions must be about Appcelerator install/config topics; reason being that on StackOverflow these type questions would be offtopic, and by us including these type question StackExchange should allow us to push the site through the red-tape that current exist. Feel free to email me at if you need sample questions to post, I'd be happy to send you five. (5) Important updates are being posting to ( -- and if you need a tinyurl to share, feel free to use this one ( -- Again, thanks!!

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

  • Also, just a heads-up that after the Q&A site is past the proposal phase, it would be easy to just add community-wiki page for the indexes of resources that you're talking about, plus it not knowing to much about the Appcelerator Wiki policies it's possible they could go there too. I'll have to take a look at the reddit page you linked to, looks awesome... :-)

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

  • Thanks for joining the project, and upvoting the questions that were ontopic! (Just realized you were the mystery user after you assigned you username, again, thanks!)

    — commented 3 years ago by blunders .

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