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I'm currently developing an app that needs to be connected to Facebook all the time. So, first thing i do is set my appid, my permissions, and then i call Ti.Facebook.authorize.

Notice that i don't need a login/logout button - i just need to check if the user's is logged in, and if it's not - i call the "facebook login screen". Of course i have a "Logoff" button on my app, in case the user wants to change his logged account. But for that case i have an EventListener that call Ti.Facebook.authorize again.. so if the user has logged out, the app would redirect him again to the Facebook Default Login Screen.

What i want to know is.. is there an "alternative" simpler facebook login screen? The default one i get is the facebook's default - with the textfields for login and password, the button "Log In", but besides that i get "Forgot password?" , "Trouble logging in? Try the alternative login", "Need a facebook account? Sign up here", "Help Center", etc.

Isn't there a way to show only the two textfields and the LogIn button?

I didn't want to create an interface just to do this. I have a TabBar (with 4 tabs) and the whole idea is that i won't need a tab just for Login/Logout.. instead i'd check and just authorize/prompt the user to login if it's necessary - and it works. But i'd love if there was a "simpler" facebook screen with just the necessary info.
Currently i'm just doing this:

function CheckFacebook() {
    //facebook access
    Ti.Facebook.appid = 'xxxxx';
    Ti.Facebook.permissions = ['publish_stream','publish_checkins'];    

Thanks in advance

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  • Check out the Facebook-example in the KitchenSink of Appcelerator ( and also the documentation (!/api/Titanium.Facebook)

    — answered 4 years ago by Hans Knoechel
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    • Hi Hans. Thanks for the input. I've looked at the Kitchen Sink example but the "login screen" is exactly the same that i have here. I'm talking about that "official screen" that shows up after you press Connect With Facebook. Maybe this is default and i really can't simplify it more (like i said, i'd like to leave only the textfields and login button, without the extra "Trouble logging in", "Forgot your password", etc, that appears on the screen - that mimics the Facebook website.

      — commented 4 years ago by Frederico Lord