Error connecting to debugger

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I am developing a application that was working Ok, no problem. Then I started the Iphone Emulator and received the error:

[ERROR] Error connecting to debugger: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=61 "The operation couldn’t be completed. Connection refused"

I exited Titanium Studio, started again and … same error I booted my Mac, started again and … same error

What is curious is that the error occurs even when I am not debugging

Can you help me

2 Answers

That's Ok, I simply cleaned the project and everything is ok. Hope this helps

Cleaning the project sometimes worked for me, but then this issue would come back. I finally found this resolution here:

> there is "other sources/debugger.plist" under your project folder on xcode. then set your host and port values to blank. save it and compile it.

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