Where is the debug/console log location on an iPad?

I'm trying to determine if and where the console log is stored on the actual device (an iPad in this case). The log lives in the applications Documents directory in the simulator but not on the iPad.

To be clear, this is the log to which Ti.API.trace messages would be written.

2 Answers

  • If you install the ICU (iPhone Configuration Utility) on your MAC and then use the Console Tab while your iPad is connected you will see all the info/debug messages that are output to the iPad console.

    — answered 4 years ago by Steve Rogers
    • Thanks, but the crux of the issue is I'm looking for the log file on the device, not the simulator. My quest may be futile and the log file may not exist or be inaccessible.

      — commented 4 years ago by jon simkins
    • This IS the actual iPad device console output (or iPhone if you connect one), you connect your iPad to you Mac run the ICU and the console tab shows you the device console as it happens, including all debug, exception, info data.

      Try it and you will see.

      — commented 4 years ago by Steve Rogers
    • Sorry, my first response wasn't complete. I am hoping to access the log from within my application on an untethered iPad. Thanks for your help, Steve.

      — commented 4 years ago by jon simkins
    • OK understood, have you looked for an app that will do what you want? This is a link to one possibility, but I am sure there are probably others.


      The only other thing I can think of is that someone may have a module that provides access to this functionality if you really need it inside your ap.

      — commented 4 years ago by Steve Rogers
    • I was kinda hoping to just find the classic log file but the more I dig, the more it seems that there is no easy way to get at it in Titanium. I have noticed the log apps and this may be the way to go. Thanks for your suggestions, Steve.

      — commented 4 years ago by jon simkins