JSS Not working in Android

Hi guys, I have been trying to get my JSS Styling to work, but for whatever reason I cannot get it to work. I have tried using class Names (className: tag) and I have tried to get the styling to work using the id. I am developing an Android Application using the latest Titanium Build (Version 1.8.2). I am testing on Windows using the Android emulator.

I have tried creating a file called app.js, with no luck. I have tried creating files called 'app.android.jss'/'app.iphone.jss' all with no luck. But both of these files seem to be being ignored. Should I be using a require tag in the app.js?

I am very familiar with CSS, so I thought that this would be a simple approach, but I even find variation in the selectors that I see. Sometimes in the Q&A it seems to be the same as standard CSS (font-weight:bold), but other times I see that the following selector is used (fontWeight:'bold') - which is correct?

Is there more detailed documentation for JSS Styling?

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    There doesn't seem to be any information for JSS styling - it seems to be very much a work in progress feature at the moment.

    What I have discovered is that className and class-based styling doesn't work, but Id-based styling does. For me, that doesn't make it much use! Although it all sounds like a fantastic idea to use JSS, I would avoid it and figure out a different method for styling your objects.

  • I know this is an old thread, but one thing I noticed when using JSS is that for iOS it didn't seem to matter whether I called my file app.jss or global.jss, both worked, but for Android only global.jss worked in my project. The styles just weren't picked up by Android when my jss file was app.jss even though my bootstrap file was app.js, and it didn't matter whether I used names or id's.