Uploading App to iPhone (Development Phase)


I have developed my app using Appcelerator Titanium. It compiles very well, with no errors and warnings. I have, however, only been able to view the app using the iPhone Simulator.

I would now like to test it own on my iPhone 4S.

How do i do this? What are the instructions?

I went to the /BUILD directory and found the XCODE project files there. I clicked o the xcodeproject file and launched Xcode. I recompiled the files in the Xcode project and selected my iPhone as the target destination of the build.

What was interesting was that the build failed when compiling using Xcode.

This is quite a worry. Is that expected?

I really need to test out the app on a real iPhone now. Please could anyone advise me on these questions?

Many thanks to your all in advance,

1 Answer

  • To build on device, you need to generate a Provisioning file in your Apple Developer account with your device added to that profile. Once you have downloaded that provisioning file, you will select iOS Device from your build options in Titanium and then select your Provisioning File. Titanium will build the app and push it to iTunes where you can drag it onto your device to install it.

    Here is a full guide: https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/tools/Deploying+to+iOS+devices