License violation detected. Unlicensed module(s) detected.


I was testing happily when suddenly I started getting the 'License violation detected. Unlicensed module(s) detected. ' red screen.

The only module I had included in my tiapp.xml was ti.box2d

I removed it and everything worked fine, If I add it back I get the error again.

Any clue on why this may be happening? Like I mention I was testing and then on a new build I got it out of nowhere.


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    The issue is now fixed, and the module is now updated in the repo. Let me know if you have any more issues.

  • Did you have an internet connection when you were compiling the module at first? If not, please try a clean build with the module while online.

    — answered 4 years ago by Matt Apperson
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    • Yes I was online, and I been playing with the module for 2 days now. I did not even did a build but only changed one js file and I got the error.

      I used the zip file that came with the module, would you recomend building it from 0?

      — commented 4 years ago by Carlos Lopez
  • Hi,

    I "purchased" the free Box2d module via the marketplace but whenever running the pinball app I keep getting a red screen that says the following:
    Verificataion Issue. Unlicensed module(s) detected. You must be a subscriber to use one or more of the modules included with this project.
    Please help?
    Thank you.