Add a function to a Ti.UI.Window

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I'm trying to add a function to a window, the code looks like this:

function newWindow () {
  var result = Ti.UI.createWindow({/* args */});
  var private = "Muahaha, you can't overwrite this one.";
  result.getPrivate = function () {
    return private;
  return result;
The problem is that calling win.getPrivate.toString() returns [object TiUIWindow] instead of the code of the function.

win.getPrivate().substr(0,1) raises an exception: 'win.getPrivate()' [null] is not an object.

Adding a method works for Ti.UI.WebView, but not for Window or TabGroup. Do you know any workarounds.

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Accepted Answer

You can't add function to UI objects which start by get or set.

Try rename your function

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