Something equivalent to Xcode's Build and Archive

>Preparing an Enterprise App for Wireless Distribution
>To prepare your enterprise app for wireless distribution, you build an archived ver>sion in the form of a .ipa file, and a manifest file that enables wireless distribution and installation of the app.
>In Xcode, you create an app archive using the “Build > Build and Archive” command. Then, in the Archived Applications source in Xcode’s Organizer, select the app and click the “Share Application…” button. Then click the “Distribute for Enterprise…” button. You’ll be asked to provide information for the manifest file that Xcode creates. For information about the manifest file, see below. For more information about building and provisioning apps, visit the iOS Dev Center.

With that said, how do I achieve this using titanium?

1 Answer

  • Well, all of this is in the documentation, but the short of it is, select Distribution > iPhone Device from Studio and the app will install into iTunes. Once there, you have an .ipa that can be used for ad-hoc wireless distribution.

    — answered 4 years ago by Anthony Decena
    • What does from studio mean? Are you referring to Ti studio? I have the free version

      — commented 4 years ago by Ronnie Swietek
    • Yes Studio refers to Titanium Studio. Regardless of which version you have, the ability to build for emulator and device exists. Maybe you should check out the Ti Studio reference on the wiki:

      — commented 4 years ago by Anthony Decena