How do you resolve or troubleshoot "Package file not signed correctly" error from Android app in market place?

I have packaged and deployed an app to the Android Market using the instructions found around here. The Market accepted this submission and within a day or so users were able to start downloading it from the Android Market.

A few bug fixes later, we publish an update. Increase the versions manually in the tiapp.xml and then deploy. Verify with Jarsigner, then zipalign. Upload update to market and everything is fine. Updates install.

Now we have a few more bug fixes. This time, the upload to the marketplace takes, but every device that tries to update to this version gets the "Package file not signed correctly" error and an unsuccessful install. None of our users can upgrade to this newer, bug-free version. This is frustrating. What can I do?

I've run 'logcat' from the adb and I get no logs that point me in the right direction. I've deployed from Titanium Developer every time, always pointed at the same keystore using the same password.

This is my first App launched through Titanium's framework. I hope its not my last. Any help from the community is much appreciated. I have tried Clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, wiping phone completely, tested on multiple devices. No luck. Thanks for any guidance on how I can better troubleshoot this.

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    That error typically means the wrong key/alias was used when signing the file. You can test it before uploading to the market by installing your app from the market then browsing to the new apk on the sd card or by putting it up on a web server and using your browser. That will allow you to verify your signing before releasing the new apk.

    — answered 4 years ago by Don Thorp
    • @Don Thorp, thanks a bunch for your answer. I ran the keystore -list -v command to verify that the alias and password were correct. I'm not clear on how to test this using your suggestion. If I have a new phone and try to install the app from the Market, it gives me the "Package not signed correctly" error. If I install it directly from Ti, from DropBox, or from a standalone webserver - it installs just fine.

      — commented 4 years ago by Shane Sievers
    • Did you change both versions in your manifest? This thread has some useful items in it for tracking down the problem. Looks like it could be one of several issues.

      — commented 4 years ago by Don Thorp
    • Yeah, I've read that thread and several others like it that had resolutions that didn't work for me. Like this stackoverflow post.

      I'm using the same keytsore and the same alias with the right password, otherwise the Android Market throws an error saying that the keystore is wrong. I've also uninstalled the app and wiped my phone. Once I installed the new ROM I tried installing again, no luck. It worked the first two upgrades but now the same process does not. It also still works when using emulator or installing directly to phone from TI Developer.

      Thanks again for your time

      — commented 4 years ago by Shane Sievers
    • When you install to the emulator or to device, you're using the certificate we ship with Titanium, not your certificate. Have you tried signing by hand? You can take that app-unsigned.apk and do the steps manually to take our tooling out of the equation. Signing docs

      — commented 4 years ago by Don Thorp
    • @Don Thorp, I got lucky and noticed that unsigned file. Just to play safe after following many of the "add a new file" suggestions here, I was able to sign with jarsigner, zipalign, then post to market. It worked as a fresh install, but would not work as a normal Update. Consider it answered this time around.


      — commented 4 years ago by Shane Sievers
  • uninstall updtes in app. settings. Update again problem fixed.