Use Titanium withour internet connection or logged off

Link to this, is it possible to use and work with Titanium Studio while being offline or logged out ?? Because if I cut my web connection, Titanium studio starts, but shows me as "logged in", which is not correct….and if I click on my account e-mail (bottom - right in Titanium Studio) to log off, then Titanium Studio doesn't work anymore…

You can say, work without Titanium Studio, and everything is fine, but the advantage is still the auto-completion and the nearly live output of javascript errors…

Thanks for your help !

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  • locate the TitaniumStudio.ini file from Titanium Studio installed directory.
    Add the following at the end of the file


  • This is defiantly relevant given that was down last night so I could not use studio. I love the project but us being dependent on their server being up is not acceptable

  • The single reason I did not use Titanium Studio so far was that it won't allow me to work offline. I don't see a point of requiring logging in to a developer environment. If they want to do subscription check, they can do it offline, at any intervals they wish. But this is a big productivity killer.

    I have paid for the annual subscription and this is certainly a let down.

    I look forward to Appcelerator fixing this soon.

    — answered 4 years ago by Nirav Mehta
    • I strongly agree with you, why it needs connect to internet?! It's shame…

      — commented 2 years ago by Hamid M
    • I was about to leave to but there is at least 2 work arounds.



      in my TitaniumStudio.ini file worked well for me.

      In windows8, the ini file is here : C:\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Local\Titanium Studio

      — commented 2 years ago by Florence Chantin
  • Need to bypass Titanium Studio's login screen? Use this for offline access.

    // Run Titanium Studio using this command and log in. This creates a new "secure_storage" file and will be visible in a new document within Ti Studio. Copy the contents for safe keeping then close Ti Studio.

    $ /Applications/Titanium\ Studio/ -eclipse.keyring ~/secure_storage

    // Close Titanium Studio. Run this command to make a backup of your existing "secure_storage" file.

    $ mv ~/.eclipse/ ~/.eclipse/

    // Now, move the new "secure_storage" file to Eclipse. Launch Titanium Studio the normal way and it should bypass the login process and use the cached credentials.

    $ mv ~/secure_storage ~/.eclipse/

    This was done by TZ Martin and works fine so far.

  • :) Okay but Wanting the developers to be online to use Ti studio(to code) is something that bothers few developers who develop quite some code while on the move … as a result of which they are forced to go back to use either textmate / eclipse with outdated code completion … This is not of the sort of complaining but the issue that few developers face …

  • I totally agree with this. I spend a lot of time on the train, and it's a great time to catch up on dev work. I'm not always in range of a mobile connection so I can't always fire up Ti Studio.

    I think a reasonable way forward is that Studio will run at the subscription level of the last time it had an internet connection, but if you don't log in within (say) 28 days it'll revert back to the minimal functional level.

    Shouln't be too difficult…..

  • same problem here. It's very frustrating not been able to work while traveling…

  • If you know your going to be on the move - startup Ti Studio before you leave the house and don't shut down :)

  • anything new on this topic?
    i need to develop on an offline pc.

  • Hi,

    I will be in the same boat for next 4 days. I will be out of town for next 4 days and I will not get the connectivity there. What to do now?

    Thanks !


  • I think I might have found a way around this problem:

    1: You have to have a webserver running on your local machine (on port 80).
    2: Edit your system hosts file, add:
    3: Start titanium.

    It seems like Titanium doesn't even do a proper log in at startup, it just pings and if it doesn't get a proper HTTP 200 response then asks you to log in.

    Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing this or even saying it will work for you. I don't know if it has any other implications on using Titanium or if it's against the EULA to do so.

    — answered 4 years ago by Andrew Crookston
    • You might have to have used Titanium recently in online mode.

      — commented 4 years ago by Andrew Crookston
    • This specifically won't work. It logs in to

      — commented 4 years ago by Ingo Muschenetz
  • You can work offline with titanium studio for 72 hours after you have logged in online, After this period Titanium Studio does an automated check and will require you to reconnect to the internet.

  • For windows user, if it is a default installation, press CTRL+R and paste the line below and hit Enter.

    %appdata%\Appcelerator\Titanium Studio

    Here you can find TitaniumStudio.ini, add the line below at bottom of the ini file.



  • Well they do this for analytics maybe for code stealing, i don't know why they need this.

  • Code stealing?
    Come on man, do you really think they need some lousy code ?

  • After you've done the build in titanium, you can run the app perfectly in Xcode from the Build folder xcodeproj file.

    No good for developing on the move, but I needed to take a demo of an app to a client and this seemed to work for me.