Tweets not published in mobile app

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I am trying to post a tweet on twitter with my mobile app. I have authorized my account by logging in on the twitter page linked to my app.

Now when i post it gives a 'Not published' alert.

Does anyone know the reason?

Here is my code:

submit.addEventListener('click', function(){
    var oAuthAdapter = new OAuthAdapter('SECRET KEY', 'KEY', 'HMAC-SHA1');
    // load the access token for the service (if previously saved)
    oAuthAdapter.send('', [['status', 'Test from appcelerator ' + Math.random()]], 'Twitter', 'Published.', 'Not published.');
    if (oAuthAdapter.isAuthorized() == false) {
        // this function will be called as soon as the application is authorized 
        var receivePin = function(){
            // get the access token with the provided pin/oauth_verifier
            // save the access token
        // show the authorization UI and call back the receive PIN function 
        oAuthAdapter.showAuthorizeUI('' +
        oAuthAdapter.getRequestToken(''), receivePin);

— asked 4 years ago by Tjeu Vdw

3 Answers

Dumb question, but you're changing the keys, right?

Also, there was an updated version that works better, I was having issues with the older oauth adapter.

Yeah, I changed the keys :) Which one are you using? Maybe that could to the trick?

I can log in perfectly and all, but the only problem is the posting of the tweet. Always gives 'Not Published' alert.

— answered 4 years ago by Tjeu Vdw
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  • I used the latest version, 1.6 I think it was.

    Is this iOS or android? Don't think it works on Android as of now.

    — commented 4 years ago by Josh Lewis

  • I just updated mine to the 1.6 and now it works just fine, thanks!

    — commented 4 years ago by Tjeu Vdw

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