Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink for Mobile is a developer companion application, showcasing the use of nearly every API and option available in the Titanium Mobile SDK. The Kitchen Sink application is hosted on GitHub:

Kitchen Sink on Github

You have two options for accessing the source:

  1. You can clone the project using the git SCM system (if you are a git user)
  2. You can download the project directly by clicking on the "Download Source" button (pictured below)

![Download Source Location]( "Download Source Location")

Running the Kitchen Sink

Once you have downloaded (or cloned) the Kitchen Sink source, you should be able to use the "Import Project" facility of Titanium Developer to pull the project into your project list.

![developer]( "developer")

If you run into problems running the imported project, it is possible the build artifacts for the package you downloaded are causing issues on your system. If this happens, simply create a new project in Titanium Developer and copy the contents of the Kitchen Sink Resources directory into the Resources directory of the new project. This should enable you to run all of the examples.