Titanium Desktop SDK Release Notes

Titanium Desktop SDK, Titanium Mobile SDK and Titanium Developer (the GUI) products are versioned independent of each other so we can release them separately as required. The following are the major changes for each release of the Desktop SDK.

1.2.0-RC4 - September 14, 2011

  • Fix local storage on OSX 10.7
  • Thread object overwrite in HTTPClient

1.2.0-RC3 - August 11, 2011

  • WebKit Upgrade for Linux (WebKitGTK 1.4.2).
  • Ubuntu 11.04 support added.
  • Resolve crash when running MSI installer on Windows 7.
  • Resolve WebKit related crash on OS X Lion.
  • OS X Lion "networked" apps now run.
  • WebKit Upgrade for OS X (r91865).
  • HTTPServer crashing during GC cycle resolved.

1.2.0-RC2 - June 24, 2011

  • Initial Support for the Mac App Store When building for the App Store we compile for the webkit on 10.6. The apps are only accepted if they run on 10.6, 10.5 is not accepted.
  • Initial Support for javascript obfuscation using the Google Closure library.
  • WebKit for OSX and Linux has been updated, Windows is slated for a new WebKit by the time 1.2 is ready for GA.
  • Drillbit test harness has been updated for the 1.2 SDK.
  • Memory leak on Windows has been fixed, when app starts.
  • Remove glib on the Linux build, this was causing a crash on recent distros of Linux (i.e., Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10). This is still a problem updating the latest SDK, please see:


  • Linux requires a current up to date Maverick 10.10, Natty (11.04) is not supported.
  • Fixed a hang when using tibuild.py
  • HTTPClient has been updated to use streams rather than reading entire buffer.
  • openFileChooserDialog has been properly documented.
  • apidocs have been updated for addTray to be more specific on URL location which should be on the local filesystem.
  • FileStream now implements the Stream interface.
  • HTTPClient now allows re-use, after current request is done.
  • Restore SnarlInterface which somehow was deleted.
  • The mechanism to call Python, Ruby, and PHP from Titanium has changed to now use Titanium.include().

1.1.0 - December 17, 2010

  • Webkit transforms not working in OS X #318
  • Worker.WorkerContext.terminate can cause a deadlock #230
  • Rename Blob to Bytes #279
  • jQuery AJAX requests from app:// URLs always succeed #283
  • The Adobe Acrobat plugin causes OS X to crash when embedding PDFs #255
  • Performance/Functionality on CSS 3 Animations (with example) #415
  • OSX: "Command + Q" should be handled differently from window close event. #454
  • Application crashes on Window 7 and Vista when network goes down #458
  • Implement UserWindow.setContents #202
  • HTML does not render on newer versions of Ubuntu #211
  • Updates for the ti.Notification module #247
  • TCPSocket doesn't have a timeout option #431
  • TCPSocket onConnect function #434
  • Localhost isn't bypassed when it resolves to multiple interfaces / host names #427
  • HTTP DELETE method not supported #244
  • Win32 Titanium apps with a transparent background have click-through input fields #356
  • Port Win32 icon gymnastics to 1.1.x #416
  • Buttons are invisible in Win32 if given an opacity #358
  • Bundled components do not have a version #29
  • HTTPClient does not support DELETE w/ a body #408
  • window.moveTo() causes window resize on OSX #409
  • Exit events in certain curcumstances not fired in Tit. Desktop SDK 1.0.0 #379
  • Titanium.Platform.version is incorrect on OSX #394
  • File setReadonly and setWritable not working on Win32 #388
  • win7 home premium - building TiDev via TiDev fails with errors #485
  • SDKs in the manifest aren't included in the array returned by API.getApplication().getComponents() #254
  • Decrease Titanium Desktop startup time #272
  • Network.HTTPClient should intelligently detect basename of file uploads #373
  • Network.HTTPClient should support multiple post parameters with the same name #372
  • Multiple file drag-and-drop does not work in Win32 #278
  • Combine the Desktop and Platform modules #243
  • UpdateManager does not compare app versions intelligently #242
  • File downloads with httpClient hangs for 2 minutes on completion #366
  • Python inline scripts indentation errors #370
  • Create a set of Python tools for the build, packaging server and SDK #246
  • Add File.touch() #222
  • Move Filesystem.File.unzip to Codec.unzip #253
  • Sending a POST request with no POST causes a freeze with Network.HTTPClient #369
  • OS X: The "Show Inspector" menu item still shows when debug mode is disabled #368
  • Desktop: JavaScriptCore deadlock from Worker threads #486
  • UserWindow.setHeight/UserWindow.getHeight strange behavior #359
  • takeScreenshot not implemented in Linux #83
  • Platform.takeScreenshot should take PNG screenshot on Windows #360
  • Improper reference counting in Win32WebKitUIDelegate::createWebViewWithRequest #302
  • Expose a method to disable update monitor #306
  • TCPSocket write doesn't send datas #324
  • getArrayCopy does not work on Kroll arrays in PHP #314
  • analytics blocks ui on shutdown #343
  • Main window does not receive focus after alert() is closed #298
  • Successful app:// URLs don't result in a 200 status code on OS X #285
  • Crash during PAC request on OS X #292
  • "Remember me" does not work for online apps #224
  • Text files from app URLs should default to having a UTF-8 content-type #281
  • Wonky default user agent in Network.HTTPClient causes google.fr to send latin1 data instead of utf8 #353
  • Python error in callBack Function #239
  • Kroll lists are not properly unwrapped when moving out of PHP #313
  • Titanium.Filesystem.File.toURL on Windows gives invalid url #344
  • Different sets of root certificates #320
  • Should be able to prevent menu item auto check via event handling #340
  • Calling UserWindow.maximize twice causes to the window to return to normal size in OS X #316
  • Remove enchant from the bundled libraries on Linux #338
  • Get App.Properties in sync with Mobile #293
  • Titanium.Network.HTTPClient does not fire onload #335
  • Error transferring Ruby symbols #57
  • Fix HTTPServerResponse.write for Blob data #97
  • Titanium.Media.createSound different behaviour on OSX and Windows #336
  • File.createShortcut creates a hard link instead of a symlink on Linux #310
  • Win32 apps which launch an alert on startup crash #319
  • Support advanced HTTPClient usage ala Mobile #309
  • Missing return value in Win32WebKitUIDelegate::printFrame #321
  • Analytics should send app_name and app_id with all events #339
  • windows7 home premium + 1.2.2 update, being offered the update every time I launch TiDev #484
  • titanium developer fails to start on ubuntu 10.04 due to "symbol lookup error" #371

1.0 - 3/8/10

0.8 - 1/18/09

  • Improved proxy support
  • Support for window transparency in MS Windows
  • New Windows Installer
  • MySQL support for PHP
  • Improved font rendering in Windows
  • Upgrades to newer webkit revisions
  • Fixed Issues

0.7 - 10/13/09

  • Added support for PHP
  • Added full support for HTML5 drag-and-drop
  • Added support for Clipboard access via the Titanium API
  • Upgraded to a newer version of WebKit
  • Fixed Issues

0.6 - 08/11/09

  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements
  • Proxy server support
  • Installer fixes for Win32

Embedded Webkit rendering engine is based on the following releases:

Win32/Linux: r45107
OS X: r46371

NOTE: to synchronize with mobile, we skipped 0.5 release for desktop.

0.4 (Beta) - 06/08/09

This was the first release of Beta.