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5/14/2013 navigation controller with HOME BUTTON Asked, Commented
1/15/2013 WIn8 issues with Emulator. Will not work. Asked
12/23/2012 displaying CONSOLE in IDE... Asked, Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 Who have the best Git repos to follow reguarding ALLOY development? Asked
12/20/2012 ANDROID Navigation controller with back and return to start buttons. Asked, Commented
8/13/2012 KS question... when I copy the resource dir from KS to another blank app... Asked, Commented
8/13/2012 connect the dots type of application, with a HOME button Asked
8/2/2012 git repos for common.js... Asked, Commented
6/26/2012 Ti.BArcode example app on android is not working Asked, Answered, Commented
6/22/2012 A rails like framework for Ti. Asked
6/21/2012 Is anyone using ti.barcode on Android? Answered, Commented
6/13/2012 NYC Meet-up Anyone? Answered, Commented
6/8/2012 Cannot connect to Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Asked, Answered
6/6/2012 calling a barcoding application to scan in android Asked
3/29/2012 HOME BUTTON with cascading createWindow Asked, Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 ANDROID jarsigner error Asked, Answered
3/26/2012 multiple views but with a navbar with home... Asked, Answered, Commented
3/21/2012 questionair project... do I use views or windows? Asked
3/21/2012 web 1.0 wrong... what is the right wway to do it? Asked
3/15/2012 How do I add a title bar/navbar to the main window? Answered
12/27/2011 Whats playing in the native music player? Answered, Commented
12/27/2011 samples in ti studio are always missing... Asked, Answered
12/27/2011 Audio/video streaming to Ti apps... iphone and android... Asked, Answered
11/29/2011 Streaming video to 4 screens at once. on iPAD. Asked
11/20/2011 Are these instructions in the docs correct? Asked, Answered
10/20/2011 problems loading app on iphone device after installing new os on iphone. Asked, Answered
9/11/2011 compile from a batch file... Asked
9/7/2011 node.js Asked
9/7/2011 webview caching... Asked
9/6/2011 BLOCKING... Asked, Answered
8/30/2011 mysql ... invalid SQL statement Asked
8/26/2011 [DEBUG] Analytics is enabled = YES Asked, Answered
8/22/2011 RUN once at startup... Asked, Commented
8/22/2011 Where's the best place to put startup code for an iPhone app? Answered
8/13/2011 [ERROR] The application has crashed with an unhandled exception. Stack trace: Asked, Answered
8/12/2011 Has anyone seen this error before... it just started happeneing to everything I am doing. Asked, Answered
8/12/2011 Packaging for xcode 4.0.1 Answered
8/7/2011 Problem getting KS to run on device... works on emulator Asked, Answered
7/29/2011 Problem with audio player wen trying to stream audio Commented
7/29/2011 aacp radio stream Answered
7/29/2011 Live Radio streaming Commented
7/29/2011 Shoutcast Streaming Android Answered
7/29/2011 Android issues: mp3 stream createAudioPlayer Answered
7/29/2011 [iPhone] How to stream an audio file in the background? Commented
7/28/2011 I have two droid 2.2.2 phones. APP RUNS on one... crashes on the other. Asked, Answered
7/28/2011 No options to run on device listed under run button. Asked, Answered
7/28/2011 QR CODES Asked, Answered
7/26/2011 Could not locate the Android SDK at the given path Commented
7/26/2011 "Could not locate the Android SDK at a given path" in Preferences > Android SDK Directory Commented
7/26/2011 android-sdk randomly detected Answered
7/25/2011 Gif on iPhone background Answered
7/25/2011 streaming sound from itunes: url - no sound on device... plays great on emulator Asked, Answered
7/18/2011 Device [UIDevice currentDevice].uniqueIdentifier Answered
7/18/2011 PHONE NUMBER on iPHONE and ANDROID Asked
7/8/2011 has anyone done an app for an android tablet like this: viewsonic 7 Asked, Answered
5/9/2011 PAUSES in android Phone numbers. Asked, Answered, Commented
4/27/2011 Can I call native code API / modules on desktop OS? Commented
3/25/2011 compile time autofile download.... Asked
3/16/2011 contacts unique ids Answered
2/19/2011 My ANDROID app works in emulator, dev phone, but not on MARKET app. Asked
2/18/2011 I submitted my android app to the Store and NOW its crashing... Asked
2/10/2011 CONTACTS on ANDROID... Asked
2/9/2011 returning phone numbers in ANDROID Asked, Answered
2/9/2011 I think my ANDROID install is bad... Asked
2/9/2011 Titanium.Contacts.getAllPeople(); on ANDROID Asked
1/4/2011 ANDROID contact example in Kitchen Sink not displaying Phone Numbers Asked
1/4/2011 debuging ANDOID apps on a device... Asked
12/30/2010 showContacts and selectedPerson Asked
12/29/2010 showContacts question for iPHONE, ANDROID Asked
12/29/2010 Titanium.Contacts.Person.. sorting on ANDROID and iPHONE... Asked, Commented
12/29/2010 Array sort for associative arrays not working Answered
12/27/2010 developing with python... Asked
12/26/2010 ANDROID, contacts, phone Asked
12/14/2010 Android support for contacts... Asked, Answered
12/9/2010 force only iPHONEs and not iPADs or iPODS Asked
12/9/2010 how to touch the tiapp.xml Asked
12/9/2010 Ti Crash... this is new... quit unexpectedly... Asked
12/9/2010 continuous 1.5.0 on android ... crash Asked, Answered, Commented
12/9/2010 How to id iphone device type Answered
12/2/2010 jquery.getJSON is there a way to do this in Ti? Asked
12/2/2010 Address Book support in 1.4.3 Asked
11/25/2010 adhoc distros for iPHONE / ANDROID Asked
11/23/2010 return contacts array by lastName Asked, Commented
11/22/2010 problems with contacts API ... Asked
11/22/2010 Contacts help Answered
11/21/2010 substring(0,1) not working on ANDROID... Asked, Answered
11/18/2010 Provisioning Profiles Asked
11/18/2010 Include js file using absolute path Answered
11/18/2010 Titanium and sprite animation or OpenGL Answered
11/17/2010 Copy a file... Asked, Answered
11/17/2010 Titanium.Contacts.getPeopleWithName Asked, Answered
11/16/2010 ANDROID compiles... Asked, Answered
11/13/2010 focus event not firing when returning to the window Asked, Answered, Commented
11/4/2010 using Continuos 1.4.2 build, android sim install problem... Asked, Commented
11/4/2010 contact.sort on android Asked
11/3/2010 getAllPeople... Titanium.Contacts.CONTACTS_SORT_LAST_NAME Asked
11/3/2010 returning contacts by some order? Asked, Answered, Commented
10/10/2010 what's Kroll? Asked
10/9/2010 appicon.png on iPHONE Asked, Commented
10/7/2010 How to trap startup and shutdown events in Titanium Mobile Answered
10/7/2010 on startup... if I wanted to DL some config data... Asked
10/7/2010 Best way to confirm xhr download completion Commented
10/2/2010 Add a done button to phone keyboard Answered, Commented
9/30/2010 how to pass parameters from tableview to another view? Asked, Answered
9/29/2010 Titanium.Contacts Commented
9/27/2010 contacts in KS... Asked
9/27/2010 Android Contacts API Answered
9/26/2010 ANDROID SDK... Asked
9/23/2010 KS examples/show_picker.js Asked
9/20/2010 Strategies for a MapView with LOTS of pins/annotations Answered
9/20/2010 360 degres pictures in imageView or ScrollView Answered
9/9/2010 is this a legit JSON file... and... Asked
9/8/2010 The persistance app by Kevin Whinnery Asked
7/29/2010 [bug] Create module on Titanium 1.3.2 Answered
7/12/2010 Multitasking Support for iPhone Answered
7/10/2010 Only Android Application possible? Commented
7/10/2010 objectiveC extension... help... not working... Asked
7/10/2010 fade-in and fade-out on iPHONE and ANDROID... Asked
7/10/2010 Docs for Contacts API? Answered, Commented
7/10/2010 SDK for iPHONE in Emulator stuck "loading" Asked, Answered
6/29/2010 Caching HTML files for OffLine viewing Asked
6/28/2010 alert(; not working on ANDROID in 1.3.2 Ti sdk Asked
6/28/2010 slow the transition effect.... Asked
6/28/2010 iPHONE build failed, missing app Asked
6/28/2010 failed to install on iPHONE Asked
6/27/2010 request timed out. make sure you are online. firewall prohibits ping Answered
6/25/2010 Create Custom Module for iPhone and Android Answered
6/25/2010 Iphone Phone call Answered
6/21/2010 'New' iPhone/iOS SDK Answered
6/20/2010 short hand for root dir... Asked
6/19/2010 ANDROID compile on simulator.. not working Asked, Answered, Commented
6/19/2010 iCON in iTUNES Asked
6/17/2010 the new iPHONE DPLA... Asked
6/17/2010 code review please... Asked
6/17/2010 Using ANDROID Sim problems... Asked, Answered
6/17/2010 set the log level to Trace Asked
6/17/2010 Would you consider Sencha Answered
6/17/2010 Facebook Android SDK support Answered
6/17/2010 App Released on Apple Store - using os 3.x, 4 and working on ipad Commented
6/12/2010 Any docs coming for the dashboard object? Answered
6/12/2010 Change Name of Project Commented
6/12/2010 Is this Documentation complete? Asked
6/9/2010 Local Images and Webviews Commented
6/9/2010 App Rejected - UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities Missing? Answered
6/7/2010 extensions documentation clarification. Asked
6/7/2010 calling Obj-C classes from ti. Asked, Answered
6/7/2010 ZBar Module for iPhone Answered
6/7/2010 javascript + objective c Answered
6/6/2010 template system, with single config file. Asked
6/6/2010 Synch a Directory with a web site. Asked
6/6/2010 Asked, Answered
5/30/2010 web controlled TABLES from BACKEND service.. Asked, Commented
5/29/2010 changing the default splash screen for apps in the field. Asked, Commented
5/29/2010 1.3 custom templates... Asked
5/25/2010 confused about pricing Answered
5/25/2010 Scite4Titanium - source code editor with Titanium API cooltips & autocomplete Answered
5/23/2010 First Newby question... Asked