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6/22/2015 Creating a sliding animation from left to right for windows in android Answered
6/22/2015 Damaged Illustrator Files Answered
6/11/2015 32-bit Distribution for iOS Answered, Commented
6/9/2015 Xcode : Archive submission failed with error (missing icons) Answered
6/5/2015 VPN service access Answered, Commented
5/27/2015 Change Button in Listview Answered, Commented
5/27/2015 Appcelerator studio does not guilda Answered
5/27/2015 Icons iOS app Answered
5/27/2015 Publish app with Developer Plan Answered
5/26/2015 How to get the Indie subscription for free as promised? Answered, Commented
5/25/2015 iOS module Answered
5/21/2015 How can I hide this thing? Answered
5/21/2015 App size is too big - really big Answered
5/6/2015 HTTPClient sometimes returns "Internal Server Error" when I know the server didn't have any issues Answered
4/27/2015 Can't sign in on Android with the Appcelerator Facebook module Answered, Commented
4/23/2015 disable emoticons Answered, Commented
4/22/2015 Titanium SDK 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 Causes proven App 3.4.1 Apps to crash upon startup on device and sim Answered, Commented
4/22/2015 Web View Not Scrolling Answered, Commented
4/21/2015 TDD With Alloy Answered
4/21/2015 Login with Linkedin Answered
4/21/2015 cant upload picture from camera with Titanium Commented
4/21/2015 Titanium future implementations Answered
4/21/2015 Contact Appcelerator support team Commented
4/21/2015 Unable to resolve host "undefined": No address associated with hostname Answered
4/16/2015 What is the best practices for scaling iOS design using Alloy Answered, Commented
4/16/2015 App crashes an Android because of confliciting names Answered
4/10/2015 Ways to hide iOS Number keyboard Answered
4/8/2015 Connect a external hardware (Bluetooth) Answered
4/7/2015 barImage on sub folder links not showing with Ti.App.Properties.getString Answered
4/7/2015 Problem with Facebook review related to Titanium Android .apk Answered
4/4/2015 Titanium 3.0 & Android pinch to zoom Answered, Commented
4/3/2015 Support for ARC Welder - Run APK on any platform that can Run Chrome Commented
3/31/2015 View calender inside my app Answered
3/31/2015 Ti.Platform.openUrl pass parameters as post Answered
3/31/2015 Invalid URI request Commented
3/30/2015 Android and iOS auto update app from store Answered
3/28/2015 iOS simulator Not working Answered
3/28/2015 couldn't archive Titanium project with AdHoc profile Xcode 6.1.1 Commented
3/28/2015 Android module native control in Alloy view Answered
3/26/2015 Re-initialize the drawer menu Answered
3/25/2015 iOS Drop down menu Answered
3/25/2015 Titanium - File Answered
3/25/2015 Titanium SDK version Vs. iOS used devices Answered, Commented
3/25/2015 Facebook 2.0 API - How to upgrade? Answered
3/25/2015 SOASTA TouchTest with Appcelerator Platform Answered
3/25/2015 Ti.barcode Answered
3/20/2015 Updating row numbers of a TableView in a Database when using 'move' Answered
3/20/2015 Open in other app dialog on ios Answered
3/19/2015 Can modules modify TiApp Answered
3/18/2015 *.apk installs fine on 4.4.2 android phone but on 4.2.2 it gives the error "problem while parsing the package" Commented
3/18/2015 ti.paypal Module : customID parameter not coming back with IPN Answered
3/18/2015 Integrating Appcelerator Analytics in a PhoneGap app Answered
3/12/2015 Android Facebook App Answered
3/12/2015 You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. Answered
3/12/2015 Xocde 6.1 Support 64 bit Answered, Commented
3/11/2015 Connection to Sharepoint 2010 with SPConnector module Commented
3/10/2015 How to set build number for iTunes Connect? Commented
3/10/2015 Cannot log into Titanium Studio Commented
3/10/2015 What does mean when a value or variable is undefined? Answered
3/10/2015 How to Fireevent only one time! Answered
3/10/2015 Can't lock orientation on Android Answered
3/10/2015 Signup/login with Google plus in Titanium Answered
3/9/2015 Request for Appcelerator developers: Please improve MusicPlayer API!!! Answered
3/9/2015 PushNotifications outside ACS (with foreign cloud providers) Answered, Commented
3/9/2015 Troubles with emulator Commented
3/9/2015 about MVC framework Answered
3/9/2015 Facebook login event not fired on Android when app is relaunched Answered, Commented
3/9/2015 Absolute position of a view on the screen Answered, Commented
3/9/2015 Webview not loading HTML UI controls in android lollipop Commented
3/9/2015 web-view not loading UI component from remote URL in android lollipop Commented
3/9/2015 Ad companies that are compatible with Titanium (IOS and Android) Commented
3/9/2015 WatchKit Integration/module? Answered
3/9/2015 Don't show push notifications on Android Commented
3/9/2015 How to delete cached PDF in IOS Answered, Commented
3/9/2015 InValid Binary problem Upload to iTunes Connect Answered
3/8/2015 Need help to translate Swift code to Objective-C Answered
3/8/2015 iOS Build Fails with Updated 64bit Modules Commented
3/6/2015 Cannot read property 'colors' of undefined colors Commented
3/6/2015 Jaggedy edges with borderRadius on Android Answered, Commented
3/6/2015 Updated node.js yesterday throught Studio and keep getting errors Answered
3/6/2015 Images suddenly don't appear Answered
3/6/2015 Question about Titanium pricing, licensing Answered
3/5/2015 API call working on android but not in iOS Commented
3/4/2015 App Store links for Application having in ® symbol the App Store application name Answered, Commented
3/4/2015 Android Sending SMS Answered
3/4/2015 Is it possible to create a custom event that triggers when a variable gets a specific value? Answered
3/4/2015 Touchend doesn't work at first time on real device Answered
3/4/2015 Android launch Twitter intent (launching a user's feed) Answered
3/4/2015 Draw Label ontop of a Widget's View Answered
3/4/2015 imageAsCropped. Android. this.responseData Answered, Commented
3/4/2015 optionDialog - buttons & cancel don't work. Answered
2/27/2015 Location Notifications - Is it possible? Answered
2/27/2015 Titanium Filesystem.write() file encoding always UTF8 Answered
2/27/2015 ListView crashes on Android only when the app is started Commented
2/27/2015 News about next SDK Answered
2/27/2015 Office 365 dynamic CRM cloud in titanium application Answered
2/26/2015 Show section headers during search Answered
2/26/2015 Build arm64 app while keeping armv7 module Answered
2/26/2015 Android compilation so slowwwwwwwwwwwwww Answered
2/26/2015 TableView swiping in star rating Answered
2/26/2015 Verify phone number by SMS Answered
2/25/2015 Open a new screen Answered, Commented
2/25/2015 Android listview with many images increases cache/heap size Answered, Commented
2/25/2015 that code worked well at iPhone but at android return error i don't why ? Answered, Commented
2/25/2015 Android ListView performance enhancement using ViewHolder pattern? Answered
2/25/2015 Samsung S3 crash Answered
2/25/2015 V8Exception - Every time I run the app on android devices Answered
2/25/2015 App to quickly test script changes Answered
2/24/2015 Error in building Android Module Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 HTTPClient and NSURLErrorDomain error -1012 Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 How to change left position without changing the width Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 how to pass global objects parameter as a parameter in a function Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 Android twitter intent tiapp.xml Answered
2/23/2015 iOS 8 - Using location when the app is not in use Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 Titanium Trouble positioning a view Answered, Commented
2/23/2015 How to create app for large touch screens? Commented
2/23/2015 Getting the request timed out. code -1001 in Ti.Network.createHTTPClient() for iOS Answered, Commented
2/22/2015 Android hide nav button Answered, Commented
2/22/2015 Installing Widgets Answered
2/22/2015 Unable to parse JSON string Commented
2/21/2015 Android app in Nanjing Corewise device . Answered
2/21/2015 multiple files upload Answered
2/21/2015 editable row for remove Answered, Commented
2/21/2015 Titanium : Trouble cannot get height of tableview. Answered
2/20/2015 Troubles with default emulator Answered
2/20/2015 How to kill the ugly header bar Answered
2/19/2015 error loading sound url Answered
2/19/2015 iOS Back Button over Map Answered
2/19/2015 AirWatch SDK Integration Answered, Commented
2/19/2015 Answered
2/19/2015 Error: Uncaught error: Requested module not found: undefinedDatabase Answered, Commented
2/19/2015 TableView refresh Answered, Commented
2/19/2015 TableViewRow hasDetail but in 3.5.0 Commented
2/18/2015 Error with database installation / open on Iphone6 Answered
2/18/2015 Strange "arm7 architecture error" Answered, Commented
2/18/2015 Titanium.Media.MusicPlayer streaming url Commented
2/18/2015 Can't move label in Android Commented
2/18/2015 Listing of res-xxx directory on Android Answered
2/18/2015 BLE Android/IOS Answered
2/18/2015 Pause music for lock screen Answered
2/18/2015 Module packaging not possible until version 4 Answered
2/18/2015 pan image Answered
2/16/2015 Get dynamic element by ID Answered
2/16/2015 Using D3.js with Titanium Commented
2/16/2015 Apple Swift modules / Ti.Next? Answered
2/16/2015 What else is need for iAd/AdMob mediation for iOS app Answered
2/14/2015, is this UUID on iOS? Answered, Commented
2/13/2015 kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303 with titanium 3.5.0GA sdk Answered
2/13/2015 Titanium 3.0 command line build + Jenkins Answered, Commented
2/13/2015 Packaging android application error Answered, Commented
2/13/2015 Need to list images, videos from iOS device Answered, Commented
2/13/2015 Custom module giving runtime runtime error(KrollRuntimeThread Error) Answered
2/13/2015 Titanium Android Keystore Signing issue Answered
2/13/2015 is possible upload file with Socket.TCP ? Answered
2/12/2015 possible reasons for error -"system cannot find the file specified "in titanium ... Answered
2/12/2015 map errors Commented
2/12/2015 Map tiles missing in Samsung phones Commented
2/12/2015 When I show a popover, the iOS nav bar is automatically displayed. How can I prevent that Answered
2/12/2015 Not able to detect android SDK when updated to 3.5.0GA Answered
2/12/2015 iOS module will not accept event listener Answered
2/12/2015 TiUITextField Loosing reference to actual UI element Answered
2/11/2015 Picker is not showing properly like android in IOS? Answered
2/8/2015 Standby allowing that music don't stop Commented
2/8/2015 Lost after successfully uploading archive for publishing Answered
2/8/2015 Build Android module exit with errors Answered
2/8/2015 Push Notification are not delivering to ios 8 Answered
2/8/2015 path Answered
2/6/2015 NOT using emoji Answered, Commented
2/4/2015 Android Module Annotation processor not found Answered, Commented
2/4/2015 Correct way to require another file in titanium Answered
2/2/2015 how to enable a button after entering text in textfield? Answered, Commented
2/2/2015 ScrollableView height bigger on iOS than on Android Answered
1/30/2015 Upgrade iOS Module to 64 bit Answered
1/30/2015 Android label only receiving click in top half Answered
1/30/2015 How to read file that has spaces in it's name with Ti.Filesystem.getFile Answered
1/29/2015 Using ® in the application name Answered
1/7/2015 Move and Scale option for an image Commented
12/25/2014 3.2.4 iOS 6.x ~ 8.1 Answered
12/25/2014 I want to run IOS application on iPad Answered
12/19/2014 What code of Alloy possibly prevents iOS simulator to launch? Answered, Commented
12/16/2014 Facebook Shring Answered
12/14/2014 URGENT!! CRASH when used... Answered
12/14/2014 Native Map Link Answered
12/14/2014 Starting Titanium Appcelerator Answered
12/14/2014 iPhone app best practice for handling testing on iPad Answered
12/12/2014 window doesn't add view Answered
12/12/2014 When i have text with "\n" in it, i want to show it in the label Commented
12/11/2014 Minimum target iOS for apps submitted to App Store from 1st February 2015? Answered, Commented
12/10/2014 appcelerator and OS X Commented
12/10/2014 Titanium dp height issue Answered
12/9/2014 http request issue Commented
12/8/2014 Upgrading from ios 6 to 8 - Small issues Answered
12/8/2014 does Appcelerator titanium support keystroke logger Answered
12/7/2014 service based error Answered, Commented
12/7/2014 Just made an chat app for Titanium! Commented
12/4/2014 SilentPush notifications - iOS Answered
12/4/2014 Change status bar text color Answered
12/4/2014 Json Parse in Android Answered
12/2/2014 Native Notifications Answered, Commented
12/2/2014 Passing an object as a property of a listitem Answered, Commented
12/1/2014 IOS/Android garbage collection, can I invoke garbage collection forcefully? Answered
12/1/2014 Background Image not starting from correct position. Answered
12/1/2014 Android Open Large Jpeg Commented
12/1/2014 How to target iPhone 6/6+ Answered
11/30/2014 Window Title in center . Answered
11/26/2014 HTTPClient REST call works in Android but fails in iOS Answered, Commented
11/24/2014 Titanium thinks I have 3.1.2 but I installed 3.4.1. What to do? Answered
11/24/2014 ~~ PLEASE HELP! Someone from Appcelerator ~~ Fail to package Android Module Commented
11/24/2014 Call number in iOS 8.1.1, Titanium SDK 3.4.1 Commented
11/20/2014 Any way to catch JS errors on application **crash**? Answered
11/20/2014 Problem creating simple listView Commented
11/20/2014 Android backbutton navigation Answered
11/18/2014 Titanium 3.3.0 and Android Lollipop 5.0 Answered
11/18/2014 Alloy compile error only with iOS devices Answered
11/18/2014 Remove rows from picker Commented
11/13/2014 Look and feel entirely changed in 3.4.0 GA Is there any way to freeze design part? Answered
11/13/2014 Measure App Installs through Facebook Ads Answered
11/12/2014 Whats is wrong with my android theme ? Answered, Commented
11/11/2014 Best Practices - Listview Form Layout Answered
11/8/2014 Custom fonts working in 3.4.0.RC2 but broken in 3.4.0.GA ? Answered
11/8/2014 Macbook air i5 or i7? Commented
11/6/2014 App submission error WARNING itms-9000: "missing 64-bit support" Answered, Commented
11/6/2014 Large TableView old device performance Answered, Commented
11/3/2014 Push Notification on Android using without ACS Answered
10/30/2014 Previously installed iOS SDK's have disappeared after installing Yosemite. Answered
10/27/2014 Android Map - Blank if --> supports-screens android:anyDensity='false' Answered
10/27/2014 Android Action Bar Style Generator -- Deprecated ? Any alternative? Answered
10/24/2014 Will Blackberry 10 be supported by Titanium in the future? Answered
10/22/2014 android splashscreen not fit screen Commented
10/17/2014 Where is actual new admob module Answered
10/17/2014 May I know the Titanium SDK 3.5.0 release date? (the rough data?) Commented
10/14/2014 Iphone 6+ Screen Size Answered
10/14/2014 Support for master detail iPhone 6 plus iOS 8 Answered
10/7/2014 Titanium app with more number of forms/windows/activities Answered
10/7/2014 Titanium Studio 3.4.0 Xcode 5.1.1 Answered
10/6/2014 iPhone backgroundImage for 5,4S,4 Answered, Commented
10/6/2014 Problem with com.madrocket.ti.slidemenu Answered
10/6/2014 TableView separatorInsets set to 0, still gives spacing on the left. iOS 8 Answered
10/6/2014 imageAsResized, why 500/2 if I need 500px? Answered
10/3/2014 iPhone 6 - ACS push error Answered, Commented
10/3/2014 Resize images right after download Answered
9/26/2014 Accessing Android Photo Gallery from Website to Upload image Answered, Commented
9/26/2014 configuring ios gives problem occured nullpointerexception Answered
9/23/2014 iPhone 6 Plus Navigation Bar Height in Landscape Mode Commented
9/19/2014 Retrieve all possible properties of a UI object Answered, Commented
9/19/2014 Alert Orientation in IOS8 Answered
9/18/2014 Right, left on imageView does nothing Commented
9/12/2014 Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition hangs on ios8 SDK 3.4.0 Answered
9/12/2014 registerForPushNotifications possible issue on ios8 SDK 3.4.0 Answered, Commented
9/11/2014 Check for image size before letting the user load it from a local path Answered, Commented
9/10/2014 iPad retina designing Commented
9/9/2014 App review is rejected because "We found that your app failed to launch" Answered
9/9/2014 How to make an image being zoomable and draggable in the same time in Android Answered
9/3/2014 Strange behaviour when requesting data from server second time Answered
8/26/2014 listining to sms that recieced tp device Answered, Commented
8/25/2014 Consistent building on Android Answered
8/25/2014 Custom view animations not working on Android Commented
8/25/2014 Remove Android Ti [Debug, warn, info] messages? Answered
8/21/2014 After updateing Titanium Studio following eerror occurs while compiling Commented
8/21/2014 Titanium Android Emulator is not running except this Iphone and Ipad simulater is working fine.... Answered
8/21/2014 Changing the response depth seems to slow down query Commented
8/21/2014 Conversion of Date issue in iOS Answered
8/21/2014 Android - interface with hardware barcode scanner on device Answered
8/21/2014 Styling issues when opening windows Commented
8/21/2014 Unable to find Android SDK tools: zipalign Commented
8/21/2014 Database not installing Answered
8/20/2014 Listview Scroll Event Answered, Commented
8/20/2014 JSON Looping Answered
8/11/2014 Android null pointer exception on page change Answered, Commented
8/8/2014 Unable to load bitmap. Not enough memory: bitmap size exceeds VM budget on Android Answered, Commented
8/8/2014 No iOS item found after installing Titanium Studio on Windows 7 Answered, Commented
8/8/2014 user registration and database Answered
8/8/2014 properties of a table view display as search result with search bar titanium Commented
8/8/2014 Unable to run in previous sdk Answered
8/8/2014 Error message line number Answered, Commented
8/7/2014 Adding multiple views not working [Alloy] Answered
8/7/2014 Nexus 7 - Screen smaller than should be? Answered, Commented
6/19/2014 The left auto property on Android Answered, Commented
6/2/2014 App rejected because of Address Book API? Commented
4/9/2014 Android 4.0+ Switch how to use new Switch style Commented
3/8/2014 Android Horizontal ScrollView Commented
3/7/2014 Can I use leaflet in Titanium for offline maps? Answered
3/7/2014 Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS - publishInstall method Answered, Commented
10/22/2013 How to set default language (when language i18n/xx does not exist) ? Answered
10/17/2013 Update iOS application : APP ID Answered
10/7/2013 Blurred background iOS7 style Commented
10/2/2013 Google play services and google maps problem Answered
9/9/2013 xhr response is null Commented
9/9/2013 Getting Error while while showing latitude and longitude ? Answered
8/28/2013 iOS App Icon Greyed-Out, title stuck permanently on "Installing..." Answered, Commented
8/28/2013 Ti.Map - map shows only after "Clear data", otherwise is empty/black Answered
7/17/2013 Mapview - fixed pin - drag listener Answered
7/9/2013 Drawing shapes programmatically. Answered
6/25/2013 HTTPRequest not working for Enterprise built iOS Application Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 How to implement kiosk mode in application? Commented
6/20/2013 List of installed applications on android device. Answered
6/18/2013 Android: Play sound through receiver Commented
6/14/2013 How to update the search Table Answered
6/14/2013 AppendRow - how do i get it to work? Answered
6/14/2013 How PushNotification works with user accounts Answered, Commented
6/14/2013 mac OS X 10.6 compatibility with Ti3.1.0 why can't I deploy my app? Answered
5/23/2013 Navigate into and back from tabGroup Answered, Commented
5/21/2013 Identifying a specific tableViewRow Answered
5/15/2013 user location near a annotation Answered
5/9/2013 sliding menu not working anymore due to deprecated globalPoint - now what? Answered
5/9/2013 Percent to Pixels dimensions Commented
5/9/2013 Detect H/W Back button in Android when keyboard is visible in 3.x SDK Answered
4/30/2013 Beyond App Explore Answered, Commented
4/24/2013 How to submit to App Store after Titanium update Answered
4/22/2013 display local image Answered
4/17/2013 iPhone simulator forgets device setting Answered, Commented
3/21/2013 Why alloy? Commented
2/14/2013 Gallery problem: No Activity found to handle Intent error on Kindle Fire Android 2.3.3 Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Text in textField will not wrap Commented
1/30/2013 How to convert a remote url into Blob data? Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 Preventing multiple events firing for click Commented
1/23/2013 Closing a window hosting a webview Answered, Commented
11/12/2012 How to use an external lib globally? Commented
11/12/2012 Change content of a tab ANDROID Commented
11/12/2012 Ownership of App Answered
11/12/2012 Upload file to server using c# and asp. NET Commented
11/10/2012 Button in between NavigationGroup and TableView (iOS) Answered
11/2/2012 how to hide picker when someone clicks another text box Answered, Commented
11/1/2012 unlicensed module detected Answered
10/31/2012 Android: Textfield in TableView gets focus and loses it again Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 How to start application automatically when you start the phone Answered
10/31/2012 Which titanium components create an activity ? Commented
10/31/2012 Android TableView with custom rows: scrolling with list longer than screen causes problems Answered
10/30/2012 Error was detected with SDKs configuration Commented
10/30/2012 Filter a tablewview manually Commented
10/30/2012 Animation Examples? Commented
10/30/2012 Global app variable with dynamic properties Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 Simulator Problem Commented
10/30/2012 android and UI.FILL Answered, Commented
10/29/2012 Webview cannot go back with local html Answered
10/27/2012 "Uncaught Error: no such table" Answered
10/26/2012 ACS Push-Notifications with UDID? Answered
10/26/2012 Strange problem in the sum of float numbers Answered
10/26/2012 Dynamically align an image at the bottom of the screen Answered
10/25/2012 leftNavBarImage won't change on click Answered, Commented
10/25/2012 Database Download Best Practices Answered, Commented
10/25/2012 Restart Application - Tabgroups Answered
10/24/2012 "Xcode Installation is Missing" When Running in App in Studio Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Problems building enterprise app Answered
10/24/2012 SQLite works fine reading one of my rows, but can't read the next row (even though it's practically the same) Answered
10/24/2012 Complex Shape Transparent Image Collision Checking? Answered
10/24/2012 Android: touchEnabled false on child view causes longpress event to fire when clicked Answered
10/24/2012 Excluding svn files from build Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Source from device Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Checking if android Device is able to make calls Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 HttpResponseException Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 RightNavButton Commented
10/24/2012 Table Row with Lables moves when Editing Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Is possible create a Core in appcelerator for ios and android Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Google Default Application Answered
10/24/2012 Sorting a tableview DB Answered
10/24/2012 As convert a database query to an integer? Answered
10/23/2012 Ti.Facebook.authorize() fails in some cases Commented
10/23/2012 Close parent window Answered
10/23/2012 iOS Memory Leak - Strange behaviour Answered
10/23/2012 New iOS6 "share menu" (UIActivityViewController) Answered
10/22/2012 Unable to create grouped tableview with striped background ios6. Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 buttons and sliding your finger off them Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Android Module force focus() Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Corrected answer to question re: mix normal/bold text within a label Commented
10/22/2012 Ho do i pass the event to a named function? Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Linking a volume slider Commented
10/21/2012 Custom module build error Answered
10/21/2012 Update in simulator but not in device! Commented
10/21/2012 How to detect iPhone 5 or 1136x640 Commented
10/21/2012 Hello World app not launching on Android emulator Commented
10/21/2012 My application might be doing too much work on the main thread? Commented
10/21/2012 Login into website without rest api Answered
10/21/2012 ScrollView/WebView bounce gradient. Commented
10/21/2012 Unlicensed module after bying seat Answered
10/21/2012 add views in a tile like manner Answered, Commented
10/21/2012 Anyone interested in a Appcelerator Google Plus Hangout? Answered, Commented
10/20/2012 Newbie question on speeding up compiling for Android Answered
10/19/2012 Add view causes crash Commented
10/19/2012 tableView addEventListener Answered
10/19/2012 You Tube Answered
10/19/2012 Android Push Notifications with GCM Answered
10/19/2012 Upon receiving a push notification, how can my app detect if it is already running or it was resumed? Answered
10/18/2012 Double Back in Navigation Controller Answered
10/18/2012 How to allow copy and paste from label text? Answered
10/17/2012 Calendar issues on Android, willing to pay! Commented
10/16/2012 Simulate an incoming call... Answered
10/16/2012 Sending an email without email dialog iOS and Android Answered
10/12/2012 Can't create a modal window in 2.1.3 Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Scrollview: dynamically add view with image and label Crashes Commented
10/12/2012 iphone app disappearing when people download Answered
10/12/2012 App crashes are back Answered
10/11/2012 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Module Commented
10/10/2012 Opened file gets cached in titanium. Cant view replaced file content while app is running Commented
10/9/2012 Example of how to install existing sqlite database into app Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 App issue in iPad 2 iOS 6 Answered
10/9/2012 suppress speakers during music playback Commented
10/8/2012 Android 4.0 Switch Widget Answered, Commented
10/7/2012 Remove TextField - Border ( Highlighting ) - on focus Commented
10/6/2012 ACS and/or Open Shift Answered
10/4/2012 Add both json data and custom data to row tableview Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 adhoc over the air Commented
10/4/2012 Android: App Crashes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget Answered
10/3/2012 I Phone Picker without confirmation Answered
10/3/2012 Lot's of unnecessary layouts and relayouts while scrolling Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 How to call a fire event variable value from another js file. Answered
10/3/2012 view doesn't show correctly on ios Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 the iphone simulator crash when startup Commented
10/2/2012 Tableview not showing? Answered
10/2/2012 Animation fails after animating twice Answered, Commented
10/2/2012 Is there a limitation on the amount of data passed via events between an app and a webview? Answered
10/2/2012 Labels change color when touching them without telling them to do so (bastards) Answered
10/2/2012 Which iOS libraries are included with the Titanium SDK? Answered
10/1/2012 Syntax error.. Answered
9/30/2012 Need real tutorials. Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 Is Titanium ok with Java 1.7? Answered, Commented
9/29/2012 Internationalization Adroid. Commented
9/29/2012 change fontSize on tableview Answered, Commented
9/29/2012 HTTPS Answered
9/29/2012 backgroundColor of Button Answered, Commented
9/29/2012 Reading JSON Answered
9/29/2012 Appcelerator UrbanAirship and android (launch app) Commented
9/27/2012 Where to remove an event listener? Answered
9/25/2012 Use dropbox or to backup user settings? Answered
9/25/2012 Problems POSTing a multipart request on Android Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 iOS 6 crashes: anyone else seeing this? Commented
9/24/2012 Reminder on iPhone Answered
9/24/2012 Is it possible to temporarily suspend the handling of touch-related events? Answered
9/24/2012 Push Functions into an Array - Loop through and Splice? Answered
9/24/2012 Get my devices tokens - Push notification Answered, Commented
9/24/2012 Bold text in a label Answered, Commented
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