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9/28/2015 Android, Facebook SSO and the App Key Commented
9/1/2015 How to play Youtube video using Ti.Media.VideoPlayer? Commented
6/18/2015 Text is too small when typing into textfield using 3.5.0sdk Answered, Commented
6/9/2015 Integrating Google+ with Titanium Commented
5/15/2015 Revmob 1.1.2 doesnt supported on titanium 3.2.1.GA Commented
5/15/2015 toImage() for maps annotations on Alloy Answered, Commented
5/7/2015 File Location in Ios Answered
3/30/2015 AlertDialog not showing Up Answered, Commented
3/23/2015 Take picture, add text and save to Gallery Answered, Commented
2/10/2015 Adding child view FIRST in view hierarchy, how? Answered, Commented
2/6/2015 scrollableView customize speed Answered, Commented
2/5/2015 Titanium mobile app for andriod keeps freezing Answered
2/5/2015 Timers in row Commented
2/5/2015 New changes are not updated to the titanium alloy app Answered
1/13/2015 Alloy exporting function problem Answered
1/9/2015 handling camera permissions Answered, Commented
12/5/2014 Android version of app crashing Commented
12/4/2014 Android Error Commented
11/28/2014 Images are not following in the gallery , Please help Answered, Commented
11/28/2014 List item being doublicated on pull to refresh Answered
11/28/2014 How to set button class with createButton? Answered
11/28/2014 Android Bar Answered, Commented
11/28/2014 Two Tab Map Application Crashes on Android Answered, Commented
11/27/2014 How to clear application Cache Directory Answered
11/27/2014 Connect dynamics with alloy xml Answered
11/27/2014 Android: Speed up opening windows Commented
11/27/2014 Help- Adding Description to table rows Answered, Commented
11/27/2014 Problem with the navigations in an app. consists of tab group, tab, window, and view Answered, Commented
11/26/2014 display parsing xml in ListView with Alloy Answered
11/26/2014 push view quickly in iPad Commented
11/26/2014 Pop up window show in background of mobile even the app is closed like whats app application Answered
11/26/2014 Unable to capyure the click event on an image in createScrollView inside a row Answered
11/19/2014 fireEvent - Pass View As Parameter Answered, Commented
11/19/2014 Difference between toImage() and Ti.Media.takeScreenshot? Answered, Commented
11/18/2014 Properties Answered
11/18/2014 Web service URL problem. Answered, Commented
11/18/2014 admin account deleted Answered
11/17/2014 configuration and book Answered
11/17/2014 Admob titanium not working based on location Answered
11/17/2014 How to get my phone number on Android ? Answered
11/12/2014 Window opening multiple times Answered, Commented
11/3/2014 Flip animation not working with container view Answered, Commented
11/1/2014 Pass variable when creating new window Answered
10/30/2014 print in smaller size parameters Answered, Commented
10/14/2014 How to stop a service call being called if the user pressed the BACK button in ANDROID? Answered, Commented
10/7/2014 Using the current window with an animation Answered
10/7/2014 image is not printing in the pdf Answered
9/30/2014 Process Incoming push notification Answered, Commented
9/29/2014 about red page error appears when working with soap Answered
9/29/2014 Android: how to get rid of top bar with app name and icon? Answered
9/29/2014 How to use a value attained from a webview Answered
9/29/2014 Submit iOS App Answered
9/29/2014 Can't get length of JSON Answered
9/27/2014 Fit image Answered
9/5/2014 Facebook integration on iOS 6 not working Answered, Commented
9/3/2014 Update table row dynamically Answered
9/1/2014 Database issue Answered, Commented
8/30/2014 Android suppress crash message unfortunately, (my-app-name) has stopped responding Answered
8/30/2014 $.resetClass() crashes app Answered
8/30/2014 Loading image event for local files on Android and IOS Answered
8/30/2014 Android: application resume Answered
8/27/2014 Custom view animations not working on Android Answered, Commented
8/27/2014 Incrementing Ti.App.Properties.setInt Answered, Commented
8/27/2014 Android Webview blank Commented
8/20/2014 createAlertDialog does not appear Answered
8/13/2014 How to include Andro12C calculator with my Application Answered
8/13/2014 Android: TableView scroll event contentOffset returning null Answered, Commented
8/12/2014 Error with select table: no such table Answered
8/12/2014 Animate Searchbar Height - iOS Answered
8/12/2014 Switch tableview inside tab Answered
8/12/2014 Adding Background Image in Window Answered
7/14/2014 My module is not approved yet ! Answered, Commented
7/1/2014 facebook post unsuccessful Answered
6/28/2014 Bug with ScrollView? Answered
6/2/2014 Alloy - conditional code in app/lib Answered, Commented
5/31/2014 ios module fireevent not working ! Answered, Commented
5/30/2014 Camera Flash Answered, Commented
5/16/2014 Scollview in a TableViewRow supress all click events? Answered
5/16/2014 Unable to convert value to float Answered
5/9/2014 Imageview is not displaying remote images in android Answered, Commented
5/3/2014 Get HTTP Client send value Answered, Commented
5/2/2014 How to open UI View controller from titanium module Answered
5/2/2014 iOS: keyboardToolbar stays on the screen after the keyboard is gone Answered
5/2/2014 Click event doesn't work on iPhone Answered, Commented
4/28/2014 Open Pdf File stored in resources folder Answered, Commented
4/28/2014 Titanium.UI.currentTab not opening correctly Commented
4/26/2014 search by date Answered
4/26/2014 Animations don't work! Is this a possible bug? Answered, Commented
4/26/2014 Need iOS / Android developer for VERY LONG RELATIONSHIP. Commented
4/25/2014 Image re-size problem with base64Encode/Decode Answered
4/25/2014 reducing opacity of window reducing al element opacity. Answered
4/25/2014 uplading audio file from iphone to server Answered, Commented
4/24/2014 Login event does not fire using the facebook module on initial login Commented
4/24/2014 Google Play Services not found Answered, Commented
4/24/2014 Rounded image Answered, Commented
4/24/2014 Enable location service programmatically by app Answered, Commented
4/24/2014 Having a problem with TableViews Answered, Commented
4/24/2014 Cannot Install Android SDK Correctly on OSX Answered
4/23/2014 Open gallery from within camera mode. Answered, Commented
4/23/2014 Android Soft Keyboard Pushing Controls Up Answered, Commented
4/23/2014 Getting Titanium Javascript Runtime Error from Ti/titanium.js Answered, Commented
4/23/2014 News Reader with Alloy Answered
4/16/2014 Focus on textfield Answered, Commented
4/16/2014 Error with tiapp.xml Commented
4/16/2014 Common API call Answered, Commented
4/16/2014 error running on simulator Answered, Commented
4/16/2014 how to get saved image to imageView? Answered
4/16/2014 but the toolbar does not disappear with the keyboard Answered
4/14/2014 Event listener on Callout annotation Answered
4/12/2014 Ti.UI.iOS.createNavigationWindow with commonjs ios7 Answered, Commented
4/12/2014 How to put lots of images with a method Answered, Commented
4/12/2014 Get Picker text on IOS Answered
4/11/2014 Geolocation giving strange results Answered, Commented
4/11/2014 How to save webView as an image to gallery? Answered
4/11/2014 Getting Push Notification in android using sqlite database Answered
4/10/2014 file exist in sdcard of android device Answered, Commented
4/10/2014 can't get the facebook token for the first time click Answered
4/9/2014 SSL Issue in Android Answered
4/9/2014 Titanium Pass Textfield Value to New Window Answered
4/8/2014 Couldnt find module on iPad Mini Answered, Commented
4/8/2014 Titanium Facebook Module Post on Friends Wall using dialog Answered
4/8/2014 gallery api issues Answered, Commented
4/7/2014 i want help Commented
4/5/2014 get extension of link in android Answered, Commented
4/5/2014 iOS Run Configurations java.lang.nullpointerexception Commented
4/5/2014 create custom password pattren Commented
4/4/2014 need twitter module Answered, Commented
4/3/2014 Android Notifications -- App is Restarting Answered, Commented
4/2/2014 How to create Tableview row Custom has check? Answered
4/2/2014 How To Send Https Request And Install Certificate Titanium Alloy Answered
4/1/2014 check bow with list view Answered
4/1/2014 textfiled values declared globally Answered, Commented
3/31/2014 FB reauthorize when user already has permission? ("old way fb") Ti 3.2.2 Answered
3/25/2014 Twitter Integration For android Titanium Answered, Commented
3/24/2014 Module twitter Answered
3/19/2014 How to get values from Array? Answered, Commented
3/19/2014 I can't run Hello Titanium World app on android device Answered
3/19/2014 Replace SQL file from applicationDataDirectory to resourcesDirectory ? Answered, Commented
3/19/2014 SetImage in Addevenlistener Answered
3/19/2014 Cannot call method 'toString()' of Undifined Answered
3/18/2014 Ti.Paint Save image Issue Answered, Commented
3/15/2014 Can't pass array from .js file to another .js file with Ti.App.fireEvent() Answered, Commented
3/14/2014 How to disable scrolling in the webview in titanium ? Commented
3/14/2014 VideoPlayer does not play movie (Ti 3.2.2) Answered, Commented
3/14/2014 Use iOS simulator multiple times without restarting it Answered, Commented
3/13/2014 Accessing Webview data locally Answered
3/10/2014 simulate combo box in titanium Answered, Commented
3/6/2014 imageview image is Compressed Answered
1/29/2014 Styling the SearchBar breaks the App. Any idea why? Answered
1/22/2014 webview issue in android Answered, Commented
1/22/2014 "SQLite error binding unknown parameter type " error in iOS Answered
1/21/2014 XML children node name Answered, Commented
1/20/2014 retriving database values from global variables Answered
1/18/2014 Error on sqlite query syntax. Answered
1/17/2014 Keep javaScript objects across different sessions of app? Answered, Commented
1/17/2014 Bring active app back to foreground using a notification Answered
1/16/2014 Unable to create a new project Answered, Commented
1/13/2014 cant concat two arrays returned by a module Answered
1/9/2014 Picker - Where's the close button? Answered, Commented
1/8/2014 Can't get setCurrentPlaybackTime to work Answered
1/7/2014 iOS simulator Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 Underscore - blur multiple text fields with _.each() to hide keyboard Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 Adding Digits Together Answered, Commented
1/4/2014 webview can't scroll to bottom Answered
1/4/2014 Animation flicker Answered, Commented
1/3/2014 ButtonBar selected label background color Answered
1/3/2014 Unable to find generated file Commented
1/3/2014 android tableview searchbar toggle Answered
1/3/2014 unable to getting orientation mode for my app in ipad Answered, Commented
1/3/2014 Can emailDialogs attach PDFs with multiple pages? (iOS) Answered
1/3/2014 Vertical labels switch back to default (horizontal) after scrolling them off and on screen. Answered
1/2/2014 Option dialog on iPad bad visualization, double Commented
1/2/2014 Run an update function every 5 minutes Answered, Commented
1/2/2014 Titanium.Filesystem undefined in webview Answered
1/2/2014 Question about understanding this two functions Answered
1/2/2014 animate view from module Answered, Commented
1/2/2014 Tableview contents not clickable inside SplitWindow Answered, Commented
1/2/2014 String Manipulation Answered
1/2/2014 How to set loading images using Titanium Android Answered
1/2/2014 ScrollingView in View Answered
12/31/2013 String Expertise Required Answered, Commented
12/31/2013 Buttons on my modal window not clickable - ios 7.0.3 / alloy Answered, Commented
12/31/2013 Android: I/TiWebChromeClient.console: (main) [251,53645] Uncaught ReferenceError: TiApp is not defined Answered, Commented
12/31/2013 Camera Button Android Answered
12/31/2013 Call other app and run in webview Commented
12/31/2013 Textarea text not wrapping on Android with SDK 3.2GA when using returnKeyType or autocapitalization Answered, Commented
12/31/2013 Uploading Image from gallery to server Answered
12/31/2013 Unable to come back to my application when i go to external url Answered, Commented
12/30/2013 Adding a menu item on a current window inside a tab Answered, Commented
12/30/2013 Get value from textfield on listview Answered, Commented
12/28/2013 cant parse JSON webservice Answered
12/28/2013 Weird: objects disappear after longpress on a tableviewrow Answered, Commented
12/28/2013 Titanium.App.Properties not working on android Answered
12/28/2013 Android Camera Problem Answered
12/28/2013 Pass touchmove to view under another Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 How to Call a web services Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 tableVIewRow shows header text "header" on iphone Commented
12/27/2013 Only seeing 1 textfield Answered
12/27/2013 List View is not work in alloy. Answered
12/27/2013 Simple View with simple Label, hide the text sometimes Answered
12/27/2013 drop down list clicking outside of list should close it Answered
12/26/2013 Android app view disappear after loading multiple child window. Commented
12/26/2013 Is it possible to print a scrollView? Answered
12/26/2013 scrollView.toImage() does not create an image of the whole scrollview Commented
12/26/2013 Close animate true, close without animation Answered, Commented
12/26/2013 Query Event : Check whether a particular item present in an object array Answered, Commented
12/26/2013 Android status bar and nav bar not hidden Answered
12/26/2013 Close previous screen after opening new screen in android Answered
12/24/2013 Custom Image Size when getting image from gallery and editing Answered
12/24/2013 Can't use map module in android sdk 3.2.0 Commented
12/24/2013 Longpressed and click event on same table Answered, Commented
12/24/2013 How to dispaly huge amount of data(content) more than one page(window)? Answered
12/24/2013 iOS internalization not working on orentation Commented
12/24/2013 Map view on Titanium Commented
12/24/2013 Finding current window of active tab Answered
12/24/2013 I can't find new alloy model Answered
12/23/2013 Alloy 1.3.0 requires Titanium SDK 3.2.0 or higher Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 Error with my Alloy project Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 Alloy 1.3.0 requires Titanium SDK 3.2.0 or higher. Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 JSON.stringify is not working in android Commented
12/23/2013 Alloy version from 1.3 to 1.2 Answered
12/23/2013 Prevent TabGroup doubletap event from triggering in Appcelerator Answered
12/23/2013 QR Code Answered
12/23/2013 Android ImageView Sizing Problem Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 Image for Android hdpi - iphone is ok Answered
12/23/2013 How do you troubleshoot IOS push notifications Answered
12/23/2013 How do you get the intent of an Activity? Answered
12/21/2013 Image in AlertBox Answered, Commented
12/21/2013 Sample Titanium application to refer following best coding standards Answered
12/17/2013 How can I view files Created? Answered
12/17/2013 Using evalJS to call function inside webview Answered
12/16/2013 fetch the data by id Answered
12/16/2013 alloy - return value from a required child view to parent view Answered
12/12/2013 how to stop restart app when we click on the notification? Commented
12/12/2013 Knowing the index of TableViewRow when a button inside it is clicked on Answered
12/12/2013 vertical layout on ios Answered
12/12/2013 Can't show an OptionDialog in Android Answered
12/12/2013 Scrollable View with many views Answered, Commented
12/11/2013 View tag issue in Android. Answered, Commented
12/11/2013 Keep searchbar visible when scrolling a tableview Answered, Commented
12/11/2013 Is it possible to use a var inside the controller ($.hereTheVar.setValue())? Answered
12/11/2013 Apply holo theme Answered
12/11/2013 error generating from manifest titanium studio Answered
12/11/2013 TableView Error Commented
12/11/2013 Closing event listening for a specific table view row Answered, Commented
12/10/2013 How to learn andriod apps development online.? Answered
12/10/2013 add array of image in the row dynamic Answered
12/10/2013 How can I run this with titanium alloy project(In MVC)? Answered
12/10/2013 EventListeners for items(imageview,button) in scrollable view Answered, Commented
12/10/2013 designing for multiple platforms Answered, Commented
12/10/2013 Android saving and reading sound files from Internal Storage Answered, Commented
12/10/2013 Trying to get last ID of database Answered, Commented
12/9/2013 Strange Problem with a Tableview when height set to Ti.UI.Size Answered, Commented
12/9/2013 Two Column ScrollView IOS Answered, Commented
12/9/2013 Titanium android camera image Temp directory write issue Answered, Commented
12/9/2013 createAudioPlayer custom my player Answered, Commented
12/9/2013 how to get a facebook page public feeds Answered
12/9/2013 Opening a heavy wight window with animation on android Answered
12/9/2013 Assigning in Alloy Answered, Commented
12/7/2013 How to play a sound <n> times? Answered
12/7/2013 Open newWin stopped working after updates Answered
12/6/2013 Window opening multiple time Answered, Commented
12/6/2013 iOS Background Service Interval Answered, Commented
12/6/2013 Location for SQLITE database files Answered
12/6/2013 Scrollview ScrollToBottom Answered, Commented
12/4/2013 Alloy.createController() error Answered
12/3/2013 Alloy TableView Error Answered, Commented
12/3/2013 Next or Done button is not displayed for iOS 7 Keyboard Answered
12/3/2013 Wants to fire notification at some specific time like daily evening at 6 o'clock Answered
12/3/2013 Error generating from manifest Answered
12/2/2013 Click event issue with View within a view. Answered, Commented
12/2/2013 use modules in titanium ios Answered
12/2/2013 Full table row tap/click Answered
11/29/2013 showCamera openPhotoGallery Commented
11/29/2013 Adjust textarea height to make room for keyboard Answered, Commented
11/29/2013 Lining up data Answered
11/29/2013 Text in label not filing whole label Answered, Commented
11/28/2013 Swipe event on window with TableView Answered, Commented
11/28/2013 Application crashed after update Answered
11/28/2013 iOS - Ti.Network.createHTTPClient - Post Data getting re-arranged. Answered
11/28/2013 Place a view on top of the navigation window Answered
11/28/2013 Imageview on top of another image view Answered
11/28/2013 Uninstalling app, database persists ? Answered, Commented
11/23/2013 how to get data and give it to timer to continue in titanium appcelerator Answered
11/23/2013 Do we have any conditions to handle in XML file Commented
11/23/2013 Application is closed when i do the following action Answered
11/22/2013 Opening a window from another window in ipad using titanium appcelerator Answered, Commented
11/22/2013 showCamera: taken photo is not saved Answered, Commented
11/21/2013 Ti.App.fireEvent not working from WebView, no js console, no hope. Answered
11/21/2013 Alloy createController not working Commented
11/21/2013 Display the name of the table viewrow in alertbox Answered
11/21/2013 Setting annotations twice causes crash Answered
11/21/2013 alloy window onclose event Answered, Commented
11/20/2013 App freezes when taking photo on iOS Answered, Commented
11/19/2013 Video recording on Android (Samsung device) Answered, Commented
11/19/2013 Camera with overlay doesnt work inside TabGroup Answered, Commented
11/19/2013 Android back button Answered, Commented
11/18/2013 click the imageview in the scrollview and app crashed Answered, Commented
11/18/2013 Attach local pdf file to email on Android and iOS. Just can´t make it work with alloy. Answered
11/18/2013 Clash between iPhone-4 and iPhone-5 UI design Answered, Commented
11/12/2013 Database With Two Textfields Answered
11/1/2013 Activuty Indicator not working on modal window Answered
11/1/2013 AdHoc Distribution always builds old version of code (code changes are ignored) Answered, Commented
10/31/2013 Admob causing FATAL crash, even after latest update. Answered, Commented
10/30/2013 Delete row in a TableView Answered, Commented
10/30/2013 Unable to open the PDF file from my app. Answered, Commented
10/29/2013 Unable to use 'Require src' with TabGroup. Answered
10/29/2013 Is there a way to programatically access the 'back' button in a TabGroup for IOS? Answered
10/29/2013 Empty Android activity with tabgroup windows Answered
10/29/2013 Is it possible to open a window and pass data to it from a webView? Answered
10/29/2013 Add Label with imageview in scrollableview in android titanium Answered
10/29/2013 error in run Answered
10/28/2013 Border Radius not producing smooth images Answered, Commented
10/28/2013 Going back on a navigation window when navBarHidden is true Commented
10/28/2013 Install alloy module to existing titanium classic App || INtegrating twitter with titanium app Answered
10/26/2013 iOS7: showCamera issue in iPad Answered, Commented
10/26/2013 UI Answered
10/26/2013 Background Audio not working Answered
10/25/2013 In App billing module in Android Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 Call Native functions from Webview for HTML 5 Mobile Apps Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 Unable to set image as property on Alloy model Commented
10/23/2013 ShowCamera Has no Option to Save Video to Camera Roll? Really? Answered
10/12/2013 Alloy Webview Ti.App.fireEvent Answered, Commented
10/8/2013 save taken photos in iphone, image streching , reduce size of image Answered
10/8/2013 removal of titanium flash screen in between navigation of forms Answered, Commented
10/7/2013 Navigation group Answered
10/7/2013 Best way to lock orientation Answered
9/30/2013 about UDID in ios for titanium appcelerator Answered, Commented
9/28/2013 Make tableViewSections with correct titles Answered, Commented
9/28/2013 Dynamic picture from web service and created as in grid form Answered
9/28/2013 Android - ScrollableView - removeView() - Not working Answered
9/28/2013 Trying to add background image in android tablet Answered, Commented
9/27/2013 Refresh tableview gives double "Layers" Answered, Commented
9/24/2013 Reset the contents of the scrollview Answered
9/24/2013 how to solving this [ERROR] Answered
9/18/2013 Using createNavigationWindow - how do I close this window when inside of it? Answered, Commented
9/17/2013 Unable to create calendar event and reminder Answered
9/16/2013 Android turn off TableViewRow selection Answered, Commented
9/13/2013 Delete Table sqlite Answered
9/13/2013 Custom fonts and alloy textid or titleid text Answered, Commented
9/12/2013 Open a new window in the current tab Answered, Commented
9/10/2013 Call global function with parameter from tss file Titanium Alloy Answered, Commented
9/10/2013 front camera detect Answered
9/10/2013 How to read inbox message in IOS and Android using Titanium Answered
9/7/2013 Cannot read property 'symbol' of undefined Alloy compiler failed... Answered
9/7/2013 Is .xml file is correct ? Answered
9/4/2013 How to open email composer with attachment in titanium? Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 making back button Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 Back & Next buttons in webview with Alloy Answered, Commented
9/3/2013 Appcelator adding module(com.jcifsntlm) Answered, Commented
9/3/2013 onClick and OnLongclick event on the same button - possible? Answered
9/3/2013 Data are flucuated in tableView Row Answered, Commented
9/2/2013 picker row Answered, Commented
8/23/2013 Geolocation: How to removeEventListener correctly? Answered, Commented
8/23/2013 Android imageView.toBlob - get image dimensions (regression bug?) Answered, Commented
8/8/2013 Back button in webview only whether there is a web history. Answered
8/8/2013 Updates app functionality Answered
8/8/2013 Build a module with Titanium CLI Answered
8/8/2013 Open secific View or Window on click notification Android Answered
8/8/2013 Avoid iPhone displaying defaultimage icon when requesting the image from url Answered, Commented
8/6/2013 Auto open picker in android Answered, Commented
8/6/2013 More then one VideoPlayer seems not work? Answered
8/6/2013 1 controller control n views? Answered
8/5/2013 scroll event returns null Answered
8/5/2013 How can i customize the go back event when using TabGroup or NavigationGroup? Answered, Commented
8/5/2013 Is there a way to know the selection of current view in scrollable view Answered, Commented
8/5/2013 Invoking Native Mobile Apps Answered, Commented
8/3/2013 addEventListener to a second controller, inside first controller: error Commented
8/2/2013 Moment.js and DatePicker Memory Leak Answered
8/2/2013 UITextfield Problem.... Answered, Commented
8/2/2013 Android Actionbar without using tabgroups Answered, Commented
8/2/2013 iOS Background Service not firing Answered
8/1/2013 The position of UI element misaligned Answered, Commented
7/31/2013 Open Child Window Alloy Answered
7/31/2013 User login via a webservice in Titanium Alloy Answered
7/31/2013 Black screen after closing modal Answered
7/31/2013 Twitter API 1 to 1.1 - OAuth problem Answered
7/30/2013 Adding blob to object - works for Android, not on iOS Commented
7/30/2013 Space between tabs Answered
7/30/2013 The label blinks when it is being clicked Answered, Commented
7/29/2013 How to get element JSON ALLOY Answered
7/27/2013 adding to playbook without entity Answered
7/26/2013 Locking my app to portrait Answered, Commented
7/26/2013 Alloy .tss file has no effect at reqired view Answered, Commented
7/24/2013 how to add label on imageview Answered
7/23/2013 splash screen in android Answered
7/22/2013 Saving an imageView to PhotoGallery with added view and label, strange error Answered, Commented
7/19/2013 Problem with image folder Answered
7/18/2013 getting the text from other page Answered, Commented
7/18/2013 Passing data back into view input fields Answered, Commented
7/17/2013 Refresh remote imageview & remote XML labels Answered, Commented
7/17/2013 TitleBar wont go away.... Answered, Commented
7/17/2013 How to acces onClick function from within httpClient - Alloy Answered, Commented
7/16/2013 TableViewRow hasCheck property not getting toggled on click event Answered, Commented
7/16/2013 Blur text field when click on window Answered
7/16/2013 i wont to register users by facebook users how can i login with facebook with any user Answered
7/16/2013 Text Coming from Json Responce gets Overwritten on back click and when page opens once again. Answered, Commented
7/16/2013 show list of phone contacts Answered
7/16/2013 to give bold text in the middle of textarea value Answered, Commented
7/13/2013 Full screen ad module? Answered
7/13/2013 draw lines on a map view Answered
7/12/2013 Add Overlay View on top of the Camera Image - iOS Dev Answered, Commented
7/12/2013 Can a WebView display a file that is in the applicationDataDirectory? Answered
7/12/2013 iOS Module fireEvent Not Working Answered
7/12/2013 How to get row data Answered
7/11/2013 call webservices in Titanium using Alloy framework Answered, Commented
7/11/2013 blob images Answered, Commented
7/11/2013 Automatically send an email - emailDialog() IOS DEV Answered
7/11/2013 Background image problem Answered
7/10/2013 Stuck on "Module Test Harness" step in module development tutorial - "Titanium Run" does not work Answered, Commented
7/10/2013 Titanium iPad openPhotoGallery error Answered
7/10/2013 dynamic property access in native module Answered, Commented
7/10/2013 Get image size in androir Answered, Commented
7/10/2013 Extracting encoded data Answered
7/10/2013 including and parsing xml (rss feed) in titanium Answered, Commented
7/9/2013 How to sort TableView Row by date Answered
7/9/2013 how detect if device is Tablet ? Answered
7/8/2013 Problem with Table Rows,if I change bgcolor to all TbRows gives me JNI local ref table (has 512 entries) Answered
7/8/2013 adding differnt label with a single button on click Answered, Commented
7/8/2013 how to concatenate in tss ==> alloy framework Answered, Commented
7/6/2013 Not receiving email using ACS Answered
7/6/2013 "heavyweight" in Titanium Answered
7/6/2013 save image with label Answered, Commented
7/5/2013 Use of Logical Operators in ACS Object Queries Answered
7/5/2013 Images on Android Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 PickerRow fontSize on Android App Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Change TextField passwordMask dynamically Answered
6/27/2013 Nee help on Display images in scrollableview by using array and loop Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Verify Image Saved to File System Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Image size Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Can we downgrade the Alloy from 1.0.0 to 0.3.6? Answered
6/26/2013 Scrollview not scrolling horizontally Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 [paypal] button doesn't get event click Answered
6/26/2013 Android ActivityIndicator Looks Different Depending When .show() Called Answered
6/26/2013 Android - TableViewRow returning no rowData Answered
6/25/2013 Font Size for Android Answered
6/25/2013 Global function in alloy.js Answered, Commented
6/24/2013 Code working fine for iOS but not in android it fail to send in android Answered, Commented
6/24/2013 Add Orientation for window Answered, Commented
6/24/2013 Landscape mode on android. Answered
6/24/2013 Tab Application issue in iOS Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 onclick button color should change Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 Is there any way to make an external module global? Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 Left Image property not working properly Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 Clear Table data before dynamically creating again. Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 When Ti.UI.Switch will fire the 'click' event. TIMOB-3297 Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 max date validation in picker Answered, Commented
6/21/2013 Could not load xib file in iOS Titanium module Answered, Commented
6/20/2013 webView content height Answered
6/20/2013 Disabling button while keeping opacity value to its original value Answered
6/20/2013 Webview doesn't scroll Commented
6/19/2013 Set background image to textfield with relative positon. Answered
6/19/2013 Module iOS call internal functions Commented
6/17/2013 Module Titanium from iOS Answered
6/15/2013 Window open from TabGroup is heavy weight in android ? Answered
6/15/2013 Strange behavoir of allowEditing property of showCamera with overlay in Alloy. Asked, Commented
6/15/2013 Plan flat background image on toolbar Answered
6/15/2013 ScrollingView's contentHeight not changing according to its contents Answered, Commented
6/13/2013 Pressing on Notification brings black window. Answered
6/12/2013 the content of my window doesn't appear Answered, Commented
6/11/2013 does not work in android Answered, Commented
6/10/2013 Passing Variables to function (e) after Cloud.Objects.Query Answered, Commented
6/8/2013 Scrollview contentOffset Animate Answered, Commented
6/8/2013 Cannot nested View inside ImageView in Android. Answered
6/7/2013 How change (visible: false -> visible:true) with the button? Answered
6/7/2013 Newsstand Module Answered
6/7/2013 ti.ui.defaultunit doesn't seem to work on Android Commented
6/6/2013 Android map v2 in tabbar not working Answered
6/5/2013 Why does tableView.setData(data) throws null pointer exception when both are not null in android Commented
6/4/2013; not working on Android Answered
6/3/2013 Auto update view. Answered
6/3/2013 View will appear for ios in titanium Answered
6/3/2013 Capture Android Keyboard Hide Event Answered
6/1/2013 Cannot override CFBundleDisplayName Answered
6/1/2013 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating '')" Answered, Commented
5/31/2013 Alloy.GetView Method Answered, Commented
5/31/2013 new window does not open in android Answered
5/31/2013 RSS Feed Load New Window Answered
5/29/2013 problem in iphone Answered
5/29/2013 Including jar file in titanium module Answered
5/29/2013 TableView styling inside NavigationGroup? Answered
5/28/2013 Alloy - How to add a keyboardToolBar to textfield Answered, Commented
5/28/2013 iOS module error related to sub-projects Answered, Commented
5/27/2013 Android draw route on road from multiple points Answered, Commented
5/27/2013 Alloy - Do Table updateRow in Alloy ? Answered
5/27/2013 Best practice for table updateRow Answered
5/27/2013 Issue with navigation Back button press action Answered, Commented
5/27/2013 touchstart & touchend coordinates sometimes return as 'undefined' Answered
5/27/2013 application don't work Commented
5/24/2013 unexpectedly quit on createController Answered, Commented
5/24/2013 back button android and tabgroup Answered
5/18/2013 How to limit the zoom on Google Maps v2 and iOS maps? Commented
5/18/2013 Count hasCheck in multiselect(tableview). Answered
5/17/2013 How to just put two buttons in window with Alloy? Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 Photo Gallery Answered
5/16/2013 Shifting from one window to another Answered
5/16/2013 Crete Map, and set location in constructor - not working Answered
5/16/2013 Unable to get e.globalPoint.x in Titanium iPhone development Answered, Commented
5/14/2013 email dialog not working Answered
5/14/2013 circle shape button in titanium Answered, Commented
5/11/2013 How to suppress enter and change return key in android textarea? Answered, Commented
5/10/2013 Ti.UI.currentTab is working in Alloy Framework. Answered, Commented
5/10/2013 Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient is not working on android Answered, Commented
5/9/2013 Saving captured image to app's photo album in gallery (how to create album?) Answered, Commented
5/9/2013 alter table causes problem Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 Get TableView contentSize on the fly Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 notification Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 Titanium NavigationGroup footer Answered
5/7/2013 Alloy Nested View Event Propagation Not Working Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 Latest Studio: How to switch to retina sim Answered, Commented
5/6/2013 background music - iPhone Answered, Commented
5/4/2013 How to not share programs? Commented
5/4/2013 Download images from URL to ApplicationDataDirectory Answered, Commented
5/3/2013 WebView resize with Android Screen resolution Answered
5/3/2013 Look for a Ti freelancer to do Ti Android development Commented
5/3/2013 Getting the files inside the DCIM Answered
5/3/2013 set the app compatible to iphone 5 Answered, Commented
5/2/2013 Add Event Listener for image not WORKING???? Answered
5/2/2013 Image stored in phone is not being displayed. Answered
5/1/2013 setURL on an existing webview not working Answered
4/30/2013 Tableview and search bar problem Answered
4/29/2013 Image uploaded not viewable Answered
4/29/2013 Getting Cached Location instead of current location Answered
4/29/2013 \n not working, get real height of 'auto' Answered, Commented
4/29/2013 App crash on TI.Media.showCamera and Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery Answered
4/27/2013 working with acs Answered, Commented
4/27/2013 SDK 3.1.0 GA Event Kit Commented
4/27/2013 TextArea Android Answered
4/27/2013 Convert to file path for Android module Commented
4/26/2013 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating '') Answered
4/26/2013 Updating Titanium Studio to 3.1 Commented
4/26/2013 [Alloy] including a file gives error in android but works in iphone Answered
4/26/2013 Appcelerator Fails on XCodeBuild for iPhone4 Answered, Commented
4/25/2013 Titanium Maps Problem Answered, Commented
4/25/2013 create SQLite database when app is installed Answered
4/25/2013 error in insert record in SQLite in alloy Answered, Commented
4/24/2013 Google Maps API key Answered
4/24/2013 Android does not play mp3 or wav files with createSound Answered
4/24/2013 Learn Titanium ACS :) Answered
4/24/2013 android app for portrait only Answered
4/23/2013 how to build an ios app with minimum SDK ? Answered, Commented
4/23/2013 How to close all the windows in Navigationgroup or directly jump to root window Answered
4/23/2013 Tableview cant add rows Answered, Commented
4/23/2013 what ishis error in titanium.js. I have no such file - Android 3.3.1 Commented
4/23/2013 add image in center of MapView on Android - I use it as a select your location feature. Answered
4/22/2013 how to get property/parameter from a wiget, inside a controller Answered
4/22/2013 how to pass values from one window to another window Answered
4/22/2013 Map view crashes on first launch Answered
4/22/2013 tabbar and navbar disappear on Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 Alloy - Label not changing text Answered, Commented
4/20/2013'android' isn't working Answered
4/20/2013 globalPoint.x and globalPoint.x Answered
4/20/2013 view.toImage() is not working in android Answered, Commented
4/19/2013 Retrieving an Alloy View for a Flip Animation Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 restart android Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Alloy local web view help required Answered
4/18/2013 Get file from inside DCIM > Camera Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 array in titanium Answered
4/18/2013 Dynamic annotation json problem Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Remove empty rows from table Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Runtime Error fireEventToParent Answered
4/18/2013 How to set TableViewRow selectedColor property globally in Alloy Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Change background color of empty search result rows Answered
4/18/2013 module not work in scrollableview ... why ? Commented
4/18/2013 Why I cannot create a mapview in current window? Answered
4/18/2013 Map and Google place api problem Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Alloy - buttonbar inside toolbar not working. Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Webview + javascript Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 2D effect in titanium Answered
4/17/2013 Can I access platform/android/res/raw folder when using alloy? Answered
4/17/2013 Android back button closes app only on actual device Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 how to pass tableRow title from one tab to another based on ImageView Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 textfield without border Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Notification from server Answered
4/17/2013 Hi Back button is not showing Answered
4/17/2013 CSS problem in webview. Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Image view won't load in scrollable view Answered
4/17/2013 Click event not working in Alloy on Imageview Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 Custom URL Scheme - Android & IOS - Alloy Answered
4/16/2013 scrollToView Method Using View Name in Alloy Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 Is titanium support read email attachment - Android Answered
4/16/2013 getting force close and infinite loop in my app Answered
4/16/2013 Debugging the backgroundColor Property of a Button - Not Showing Through Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 how to disable button Commented
4/16/2013 ondatastream httpclient Answered
4/16/2013 picker Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 Batch processing tool to convert high quality images for an Android project Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 alloy params between windows Answered
4/15/2013 rightNavButton - Horizontal Layout not working Answered
4/15/2013 Change tiapp property after compile Answered
4/15/2013 windows doing a force close on android and working fine on iOS Answered
4/15/2013 Imageview setImages(array) with filesystem not working Answered
4/15/2013 backgroundImage not displaying in Android Answered, Commented
4/13/2013 Cannot read property "length" from null (android) Answered
4/13/2013 Alloy Tableview Binding - Possibility to add some rows at the beginning / end of the binding function Answered
4/13/2013 making the app for IPhone only Answered, Commented
4/13/2013 [ERROR] : Script Error = 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'myViewArray[x]') at ApplicationWindow.js (line 1195). Answered
4/13/2013 How to dynamically change the referenced item. Answered
4/12/2013 how to manage hasDetail and Image property in the same tableRow Answered, Commented
4/12/2013 TextField Suggestion Answered
4/11/2013 Disable ZoomIn and Out functioning on html webview using titanium framwork for Android OS. Answered
4/11/2013 ImageView Not stretching although I want it to. Answered, Commented
4/11/2013 Uncaught Reference Error Answered
4/11/2013 Reset Titanium Answered, Commented
4/10/2013 How to communicate with java module? Answered
4/9/2013 Switch between view in alloy Answered, Commented
4/9/2013 module.exports in Android Alloy not working - Uncaught TypeError Answered, Commented
4/9/2013 Geocoding V2 problem Answered, Commented
4/9/2013 how to get the images from sdcard to image view Answered, Commented
4/8/2013 Import Titanium Modules in Alloy Projects Answered, Commented
4/8/2013 back button click to open window Answered
4/8/2013 Why would one httpclient be stuck in ready state 1? Answered
4/8/2013 Ti.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.FLIP_FROM_LEFT to and from the same Window Answered
4/8/2013 changing sound needs a restart of app? Answered
4/8/2013 webView problem Answered
4/6/2013 iPhone Simulator shows blank screen Answered, Commented
4/6/2013 Open TabGroup from button Answered
4/6/2013 Connecting to Asus Nexus 7 by USB Answered
4/6/2013 Where can I download 3.0.2.GA? Answered, Commented
4/6/2013 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'self.removeEventListner('touchstart', self)') Answered, Commented
4/6/2013 How to get the row selected of a picker. Answered
4/6/2013 Detecting iPhone 5 height for photo gallery module Answered
4/5/2013 zIndex of annotations Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 how can i programatically get the contact list of android/Iphone using titanium Answered
4/5/2013 Back button not highlighting when selected if window barColor is set? Answered
4/5/2013 Zoom Commented
4/5/2013 Alloy not working in Android. Answered
4/5/2013 Creating a label inside a controller in alloy Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 module Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 Having trouble opening nested windows Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 Photo gallery from toolbar: view is not attached to the current window Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 Screenshot to gallery in Android Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 Closing previous window in Alloy ? Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 TableViewStyle.GROUPED adding a check Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk error Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 how to display dynamics textArea one below other? Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 Independt Click event for Imageview contained in Tableview which also has a click event Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 dynamic data from database Answered
4/4/2013 Looking for a developer Commented
4/3/2013 rightNavButton not showing up Answered
4/3/2013 Application crashes when taken picture on android device Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 Required Fields Answered
4/3/2013 Activating for IOS Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0 with 10.6.8 Answered
4/3/2013 Move recorder audio file after recording complete Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Crazy behaviour of objects Answered
4/2/2013 Adding Spacing Between Toolbar Buttons with Alloy Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 [Alloy] Add view to databinded custom tableviewRow Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 I can't get toImage() callback to fire Answered
4/1/2013 Module for google nose? Answered
4/1/2013 Gesture orientationchange only works on iPhone Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Relaunch iOS simulator every time when compile it... Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Using of image resouces from android/images folder Answered
4/1/2013 Titanium.Filesystem.externalStorageDirectory Problem Answered
4/1/2013 Perform an animation with box2d module Answered, Commented
3/30/2013 SystemButton FLEXIBLE_SPACE Titanium not fully working Answered, Commented
3/30/2013 Google Map Answered, Commented
3/30/2013 Google Play doesnot show app on some devices and tablets. Answered
3/30/2013 html page Answered
3/30/2013 I want create a Database but Database File is empty Answered
3/30/2013 i'm having problem in my project Answered
3/30/2013 TableView customization Answered
3/30/2013 Alloy Backbone - Problem Saving Data Answered
3/30/2013 Get reference to interacted item. Answered, Commented
3/29/2013 Table height is larger than total row heights (Android) Answered, Commented
3/29/2013 getResponseHeader not working in onreadystatechange function Answered, Commented
3/29/2013 Alloy template namespaces for custom modules Answered
3/29/2013 Android Application close when set address start location and address end location Answered
3/29/2013 number of days between two dates Answered, Commented
3/29/2013 Checking getsting value set or not Answered
3/29/2013 Pinch to zoom in iOS Answered
3/29/2013 Pinch to zoom in Android Answered
3/29/2013 Android: two event fire on the same time Answered
3/28/2013 Alarm Manager in Titanium for android Commented
3/28/2013 Problem with titanium TableView in Android. Answered, Commented
3/28/2013 Can't get splash screen in iPhone Answered, Commented
3/28/2013 Simple example of Android Webview that loads local HTML with JS references? Answered
3/26/2013 hour,minute and am r pm Answered
3/26/2013 Titanium module to get device photo library Answered
3/26/2013 Drag and Drop Example Answered
3/26/2013 Focus textfield on start window Answered, Commented
3/25/2013 adding a background image to right nav button is not setting the image Answered
3/25/2013 back button causing app to logout Answered
3/23/2013 ScrollableView Videoplayer problem.. Answered
3/22/2013 Basic Authentication with createHTTPClient – no response Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 Not getting textfield value on onClick Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 Alloy - widget Answered
3/22/2013 Alloy Two-tabbed application - changing main title Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 IOs Background Mode kill after 10 min Answered
3/22/2013 Check DB installs Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 After killing the app, how to keep background service running? Answered
3/21/2013 Animate an entire window not working in alloy Answered, Commented
3/20/2013 How to increase percent 1 to 100? Answered
3/20/2013 Fill tableview with custom data ACS Answered, Commented
3/20/2013 Giving space in applicaiton name Answered
3/20/2013 Any strategies for creating a loading screen? Commented
3/20/2013 360 degree rotation of a image horizontally Answered
3/19/2013 adding text to an image Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 Can't play sound from my Android device SDCard Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 Getting all image from photo gallery Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 Check textFields in tableView (Alloy) Answered
3/19/2013 local images for Android Answered
3/18/2013 [ERROR] : Script Error = 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating ' Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 Uncaught Error: size must be >= 0 Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 barImage breaks navgroup animation Answered
3/18/2013 Application from iPhone to Android Answered
3/18/2013 object.visible = false , on iOS and on Android Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 View animation not working well with AddEventListener? Answered
3/18/2013 nativePath returns null Answered
3/18/2013 disable selection on textArea Answered
3/16/2013 Custom Fonts in iOS Alloy. Answered, Commented
3/16/2013 Strange behaviour in forward geocoding in iOS Answered
3/16/2013 Math in .tss Answered, Commented
3/16/2013 Animation issue? Answered, Commented
3/15/2013 Changing the element place with the touchmove event Answered, Commented
3/15/2013 Image resize and position on top (bug?) Answered, Commented
3/15/2013 Trouble assigning a value to a custom property Answered, Commented
3/15/2013 imageAsThumbnail sometimes gives exception and crashes Answered
3/15/2013 [ios] show win in landscape mode Answered, Commented
3/15/2013 Placing JSON data in table Answered, Commented
3/14/2013 Facebook authorize() doesn't work Answered
3/14/2013 JSON parse error Answered, Commented
3/14/2013 The correct way to call a local function Answered
3/14/2013 imageview and scrollview combination shows a black empty area and the full image is not fitting in the screen Answered, Commented
3/14/2013 Alphabetical Scroll Bar in iOS Answered, Commented
3/13/2013 Alloy: Model not saving? Answered
3/13/2013 forcing orientation doesnt work when you launch the app in a different orientation Answered
3/13/2013 httpClient into httpClient Answered, Commented
3/12/2013 **Unable to Connect to localhost:** Answered
3/12/2013 Problem with Tab Group Answered
3/12/2013 Best way to save data on phone? Answered
3/12/2013 Iphone 3G splash screen Commented
3/12/2013 How to take a photo using camera inside a view for an app in android and iPhone? Answered
3/12/2013 android:back event , trap event Answered
3/12/2013 Delete specific values in sqlite Answered
3/12/2013 Show/Hide Annotations in a mapview ~ Android Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 Date format Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 how to use e.value.toLocaleDateString get date and getMonth. Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 emailDialog not populating within iPhone device, but does populate on iPad device, and both iPad and iPhone simulators Answered
3/11/2013 Label html property Answered
3/9/2013 Problem with the selection of the picker first element Answered
3/9/2013 Toolbar overlaps to WebView Answered
3/9/2013 Converting View to Image, and saving it as png or jpg Answered
3/8/2013 Integrating SDKs to Android Apps Answered, Commented
3/8/2013 Can't get Value of HTML-created Textfield Answered
3/7/2013 how to find a property exist is in a object or not Answered
3/7/2013 How to get notifications ? Answered, Commented
3/7/2013 Facebook Login Dialog no longer works Answered
3/7/2013 Cannot show multiple view elements via xml Answered
3/6/2013 login to my app user with Twitter on ACS Commented
3/6/2013 Invoke native android activity. Answered
3/6/2013 How to display a PDF file on a WebView of Android? Answered
3/5/2013 problem in working with pre-existing database in Android Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 move file Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 Alloy. Set numeric value to Texfield crash on Android if asynchrone. Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 Settting divider height to 0 Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 Fire Scroll event on List? Commented
3/4/2013 Alloy: how to switch between windows in Alloy? Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 Tableview scrolled positon Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 QR Code reader for iPhone & Android Answered
3/2/2013 b is not defined Answered
3/2/2013 Function Using Problem Answered, Commented
3/2/2013 Andriod error, I could lose my job that way Answered
3/2/2013 comparison with null yields strange result Answered
3/2/2013 Titanium TextView keypressed event problem Answered, Commented
3/2/2013 change the size (height) of the window bar? it's possibile ? Answered
3/2/2013 doesnt work on Android? Answered
3/2/2013 image resized Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 imageview inside a toolbar does not fires the click/singletap events Commented
3/1/2013 removeEventListener: how to do it right? Answered
3/1/2013 Different media format supported by Titanium.Media API Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 Performing an animation according to the axis Y Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 PUSH NOTIFICATION using GCM in Titanium Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 Bind eventListener to url inside webview Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 How to avoid call twice listener at the same time? Answered, Commented
2/28/2013 ResourceNotFound Error when resources are present : Android Answered
2/28/2013 App orientation only in portrait mode Answered, Commented
2/28/2013 How to parse json response with respective ID parameter in appcelerator? Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 "an application restart is required" bug or only non-store app? Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 Publishing An App From Titanium Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 How to get the content of the multivalue fields such as 'url', 'organization', 'birthday' from the contact? Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 Checkbox always resetting to uncheck after scrolling tableView Answered
2/27/2013 Change link behavior in Webview Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 POST Problem Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 media image save Answered
2/26/2013 Can't connect to sqlite database in my Resources directory Answered, Commented
2/26/2013 Alloy: how to set windowSoftInputMode? Answered
2/26/2013 Alloy:Perform action on view destruction (remove event listeners) Answered, Commented
2/26/2013 How to get older version of Appcelerator Answered, Commented
2/26/2013 working database in alloy Answered
2/26/2013 Android error: write failed: ENOSPC (No space left on device) ?? Answered
2/23/2013 View: Layout "horizontal" not working on Android Answered
2/23/2013 iOS killing location background service after about 10 mins? Answered, Commented
2/22/2013 Issue in handling animation of the image Commented
2/22/2013 How to add popup select window like whatsapp or facebook Answered, Commented
2/22/2013 Alternative of Titanium.GeoLocation.getCurrentPosition Answered, Commented
2/22/2013 Using info.split to exceed background IOS service more than 10 minuts Answered
2/21/2013 Activity indicator size ? Answered
2/21/2013 Back button issue in iOS Answered, Commented
2/21/2013 Close app with exit button Answered, Commented
2/21/2013 Array Events Answered
2/21/2013 Trying to get json but always getting error in HTTPClient Answered
2/21/2013 Strange error when I use 3.0.24 Answered
2/21/2013 how to make Annotation in the maps? Answered
2/21/2013 4 Digit TextField Answered
2/21/2013 issue with images auto rotating Answered
2/20/2013 Remove Alloy Splash Screen Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 Display all Photos from iPhone's PHOTO Gallery. Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 Add sliding animation when updating window data Answered
2/20/2013 How to lock screen updates when closing multiple windows in a NavigationGroup Answered
2/20/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '4.3' Answered
2/19/2013 Selectable but non-editable text Answered
2/19/2013 imageView causing downloadException while fetching remote Image Answered
2/19/2013 array addeventlistener Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 Is it possible to schedule an app to run at a particular time ?? Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 How to apply long press event in Titanium webview Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 native camera capabiltities in titanium app Answered
2/19/2013 Calculate distance between current location and fixed location Answered, Commented
2/16/2013 Regarding root Window navigation Commented
2/16/2013 Android : In-App billing module. Answered
2/14/2013 Error generating from manifest Commented
2/14/2013 When click on the push notification alert, it prompt "An application restart is required" Answered
2/13/2013 Android, hide keyboard of search bar when window open Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Problem with custom leftNavButton click event Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Saving stuff by using Properties Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Checking if a button is added to scrollView Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Need to use code andoid barcode scanner in appcelerator Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 iOS ScrollableView with vertical + horizontal scroll Answered
2/13/2013 Json parse problem Answered
2/13/2013 Accidentally delete the in titanium sdk Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Accordion - Vertical Layout - Animate jumps instead of gradual height changes; also can't animate to 0 Answered
2/13/2013 coding method Answered
2/13/2013 How to change the font size of app as small, medium and large in android/iOs? Answered
2/13/2013 Start camera at the start of my app and after resume of app whenever it hides Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Label with HTML Text on Alloy Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Having trouble in passing the resultant object Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition as function value Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Memory management Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 implements facebook like button into Ti app ( Android,iOS) Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Saving camera picture with overlay [Android] Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 App keeps crash when I use function!! Commented
2/12/2013 ResultSet Null Retrieving data from SQLite Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Remote XML File tab missing/how to add interaction to data? Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Doing SELECT from a database -->Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier Answered, Commented
2/11/2013 How to : Use images of photo library(of iphone) in app Answered, Commented
2/11/2013 What is HeavyWieght and LightWeight window. Answered, Commented
2/11/2013 TabGroup in Navgroup, change NavBar title Answered
2/11/2013 Move Data between window 1 & window 2 Answered, Commented
2/9/2013 Image factory for remote image Answered
2/9/2013 Setting Zoom Distance Within a View Answered
2/9/2013 Sqlite is not replacing the data? Answered, Commented
2/9/2013 go to root window of tab Answered
2/8/2013 Trying to install module titanium-ocean Answered
2/8/2013 How to apply more than one custom fonts at a time in single project. Answered
2/8/2013 Remote XML data not appearing in table view Answered
2/8/2013 Getting data from a TableView using custom data rows Answered
2/8/2013 Start Camera at the start of my app Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Toggling the passwordmask on a textlabel Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Add additional Windows iPad Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 how to set badge num from background thread status. Answered
2/7/2013 Switch/ Case Syntax Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Alloy : Model adapter properties Answered
2/7/2013 Opening a PDF not working Answered
2/7/2013 Downloading multiple audio in app and run them locally Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 Android Tabgroup Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 create imageView below the tab on iOS Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 'touchstart' how to prevent label fire touchstart event Android Commented
2/6/2013 How to get the blob on an image from event load Answered
2/6/2013 How to get 3 random elements from array? Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 Paint Module in Alloy Answered
2/6/2013 How do I track where a user touches on the screen ? Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 Webview not acknowledging pinch-view zoom or vertical scroll (Android) Answered
2/4/2013 Alloy - access global properties in .tss file Answered
2/4/2013 menu model Answered
2/2/2013 Getting Platform Width as an int Answered
2/2/2013 Adjust Popoverview Place for annotation like Maps application. Answered, Commented
2/1/2013 Table view with index Answered
2/1/2013 Getting current Position of User and saving that position on image and than post that image to facebook ?? Answered, Commented
2/1/2013 Text on an image Answered
2/1/2013 Ti.App.Fireevent Pass Parameter Answered, Commented
2/1/2013 how to set the orientation Answered
2/1/2013 toImage() saving as GIF format Answered
1/31/2013 database Answered
1/31/2013 How - Click button add another row table Answered, Commented
1/31/2013 Using background image in createview in android Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Alloy : set Right Nav Button issue Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 how to remove navigation bar from the tabgroup? Answered
1/30/2013 Problem with POST method on iPhone Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Format Date from JSON object Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 How to open a window through a tab Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 "An application restart is required" SDK 2.1.5 Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 open remote pdf file on webview in Android Answered
1/29/2013 add event listener Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 Coloring Book Application Answered
1/28/2013 Save image to photoGallery in adroid Answered
1/28/2013 Save drawing lines with ti.paint module Answered
1/28/2013 tab click Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 retrieve mysql data and place in an array Commented
1/26/2013 iOS App With Google Maps Answered
1/25/2013 Dynamic Table View Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 SQL - Select first char then numbers... Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 BUG: Back button in new window is clickable, even if you click in the space to the right of the button Answered
1/25/2013 Asynchronous evalJS() result only on Android Answered
1/24/2013 tableviewRows don't display title Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 blob of an image to save to gallery Answered
1/23/2013 Solivng the issue of unknown length text in label Answered
1/23/2013 Delete file retrieved from getFile Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 I need To learn 3d Matrix Animation .. using that i want to implement some cool stuff like cube rotation in 3d Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 hide the imageView Answered
1/22/2013 Android Heavyweight and Lightweight Event Error Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Local Notifications Commented
1/22/2013 create back button in android application functioning as android-back? Answered
1/22/2013 Hide TABs and load an alternative Window if condition are not meet Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Un able to run app in iphone Commented
1/21/2013 install db method fails - Andriod Answered
1/19/2013 Retreving json data in titanium Answered
1/19/2013 The Bind Value at index 1 is null Answered, Commented
1/19/2013 In-App billing supports Subscription ? Answered
1/19/2013 Enable touch events on child views when the parent has touchEnabled false Answered
1/17/2013 Android tab icons on device not visible Answered
1/17/2013 NPM was not found Answered
1/17/2013 Observation: when using global events, you can not pass objects that contain functions trough parameters Commented
1/17/2013 Pass Two Argumets to iOS Module Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Opening a window with an animation animates after the window is opened Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 How do request (where,inner join) with Alloy Commented
1/11/2013 Table view click listener is not working with sections Answered
1/11/2013 Ti.Android.getCurrentActivity() throws runtime error Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 alarm clock - how to wake up the app at a specific time? Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Push Notifications for both iPhone and Android Answered
1/11/2013 Android weird table background behavior - screenshot Commented
1/11/2013 createAnimation not working Answered
1/10/2013 Create a video (MP4, MOV, any format) from images and audio Answered
1/10/2013 How can I tell if an Android App has focus? Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Calculating proportional width and height of images. Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Load downloaded image into an imageView Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Commonjs approach Answered
1/8/2013 Demo application for the database Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 How to make apk file without using Titanium studio or any other Answered
1/8/2013 Done Button on down side numeric key board Answered
1/8/2013 How to play youtube,flv videos in titanium? Answered, Commented
1/7/2013 Ipad MapView Zoom By miles Answered
1/7/2013 Textfield Size Answered, Commented
1/5/2013 Titanium “addEventListener” call Multiple time but i have need one time only? Answered, Commented
1/5/2013 the image view in the tableviewrow Answered, Commented
1/5/2013 pressing back shows blank screen in titanium android Answered
1/5/2013 Android Window Stack Issue Answered
1/5/2013 Black screen when playing video Answered
1/5/2013 click event is not firing Answered
1/4/2013 comparing string result with IF Answered
1/4/2013 How to change backgroundGradient of a button properly Answered, Commented
1/4/2013 Using webservice for android sending paramerters and response in json format? Commented
1/4/2013 Linking table rows to websites Answered, Commented
1/4/2013 Restrict Tab Group to Portrait Mode in Android Answered, Commented
1/4/2013 Photo Gallery not able to write file Answered, Commented
1/4/2013 Upload photo to Facebook Answered, Commented
1/4/2013 Trying to build results in strange error Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 iOS message composer inside titanium application Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 inside createWindow.url file, can't use add method to createWindow Answered
1/2/2013 Give a hyperlink to part of image Answered, Commented
1/2/2013 Application relaunch when webview clicked Answered
1/2/2013 toBlob not working Answered, Commented
1/2/2013 Geolocation: Is there a headingFilter for Android Answered
1/2/2013 reset view position after animations Answered
1/2/2013 ImageView animation, how to set width/height and offset? Answered, Commented
1/1/2013 Audio Player - iphone android Answered
1/1/2013 Force close while scrolling through table. Answered, Commented
12/31/2012 Getting error while trying to install to my IOS device Answered, Commented
12/29/2012 [ERROR] invalid SQL statement Answered, Commented
12/28/2012 where can i place my access tokens in twitter Answered, Commented
12/28/2012 Map view zoom problem Answered
12/27/2012 Multiline in row in a table. Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 Wrong results from Sqlite for BETWEEN clause Answered
12/27/2012 how to open settings in iOS ? Answered
12/27/2012 how to clear webview cookies and cache ? Answered
12/27/2012 is this process is okay to create a tableview with image and some text.. Answered
12/27/2012 Facebook Login only works with custom info.plist Commented
12/27/2012 Is imageAsCropped and imageAsResized dependent on toImage? Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 Local notification in Android Mobile Answered
12/26/2012 android custom strings.xml Answered, Commented
12/26/2012 Can you please tell me why the button is not working here.. Commented
12/26/2012 Making a common js module and accessing it Answered, Commented
12/25/2012 Creating a devlink in titanium Answered
12/25/2012 Json Parsing & Tableview Issue Answered, Commented
12/25/2012 add event listener for picker Answered, Commented
12/25/2012 Custom Row selection highlight Answered
12/24/2012 [ERROR] Timed out waiting for emulator to be ready, you may need to close the emulator and try again Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 Using Variable in sqlite Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 mapView crashes android emulator Answered
12/22/2012 Loading the old database again and again Answered, Commented
12/22/2012 how can i pass parameter to a new window from tableview row clicked event? Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 android splash screen orientation Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 Android Back button crash application Answered
12/21/2012 GPS positions not getting updated Answered
12/21/2012 Is there any way to describe our tables in sqllite.? Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 Array not returned properly Answered
12/21/2012 Map route on android Answered
12/21/2012 Android Mobile app not showing google map when publish - How to sign it? Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 Open a file in an external App on iOs Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 how to print the value in console using titanium android Answered
12/19/2012 Map direction with ios6 Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Tab Bar Problem Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 fade animation Answered
12/17/2012 no such table Answered
12/14/2012 My app is not working in IOS 6.1 Beta 3 Answered
12/14/2012 navbar tab bar problem Answered
12/14/2012 iOS how to create an imageView of width 800 and height 44 by stretching an image having actual size 100*100 Answered
12/14/2012 'Mapview showing only grid but no map' Titanium 2.1.4 Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Network.createHTTPClient onerror, parsing error codes and text Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Android Activities and Views Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Compiling of module Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 iPhone TabGroup Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Unable to view iOS icon on dashboard Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Remove route error on Android Map View Answered
12/13/2012 How to extract information from a numerical barcode value, say category, expiration date, price etc. ..?? Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 rgba( r, g, b, a ) not working with warning in radial gradient colorStop. Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Path Conversion from Titanium to Android Native Module Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Android: Confirm before exit with back button from root window Answered
12/13/2012 problem with a column into my DATABASE Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Access tabgroup from within a window Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Accessing Nested JSON Objects Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 json scrollable views facebook Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Changing camera flash mode for iOS Commented
12/12/2012 Is there a way to programmatically tell if an object is a Ti.UI.Picker/Ti.UI.TextField? Answered
12/12/2012 How to convert blob(image) object into base64 string? Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 How to do that showing a push notification is on an alert, not a banner? Answered
12/12/2012 Lock splash orientation for android Answered
12/12/2012 Error when package titanium module, how to solve that? Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Grabbing default value of a picker Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 How to get exact current user's location using titanium geolocation? Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 Buttons in Toolbar Answered
12/11/2012 Rectangle Selection to crop image Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 tableview rowdata inside eventlistener in Android Answered
12/11/2012 I wanted to create a module in native android to put in titanium how do I do? Answered
12/11/2012 How to create tableview expandable in titanium android & ios Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 Loading ACS photos into a tableview, only last row gets image, and its the wrong one Answered
12/11/2012 Putting App In Background KitchenSink Answered, Commented
12/10/2012 Problems with Http: request on Android vs. IOS working fine Commented
12/10/2012 Notifications in android Answered
12/10/2012 Parsing text from buffer.toString(); Commented
12/10/2012 Is it possible to strike-through a text? Answered
12/10/2012 What is android intent? Answered, Commented
12/10/2012 image height without scale Answered
12/8/2012 Bug:ImageView load event can not fire on Andorid Commented
12/8/2012 Reload Data On Window Close Answered
12/8/2012 Usage of modules and license with new plans and pricing Commented
12/7/2012 Howto display remote images with fixed (device) width and variable height? Commented
12/7/2012 android:back event never fires. Commented
12/7/2012 Application with strange navigation, how to implement it Commented
12/7/2012 scrollbar in webView Commented
12/7/2012 remove duplicate years from array Answered
12/6/2012 Tabbed Application Template - prevent tabs hiding on new window Commented
12/6/2012 After Installing the apk,the launcher icon need to hide. Answered, Commented
12/6/2012 Errored statements can crash your app on a USB connected Android device. Commented
12/6/2012 iOS 6 Navbar and status bar overlapping Commented
12/6/2012 About Create a new Titanium Mobile Module Project Commented
12/6/2012 iPad support using code optimized for iPhone Commented
12/6/2012 Force close error in android Answered
12/5/2012 reload a view? Commented
12/5/2012 Same apk on different android devices Answered, Commented
12/5/2012 Make the optionDialog wait for the click Commented
12/5/2012 Facebook Data Sharing Answered
12/4/2012 Update imageView width based on new image Answered
12/4/2012 Facebook Integration Problem Answered
12/4/2012 Issue using TableViewRow, Label and TtextField Answered, Commented
12/4/2012 Reusable picker Answered, Commented
12/4/2012 sdcard directory listing Answered, Commented
12/4/2012 Switch TitleOn and TitleOFF Commented
12/4/2012 How to style (custom icon) More Tab in a 7 tabs application ? ? ? ? Answered
12/4/2012 HELP ME PLEASE...!!!!!! Answered, Commented
12/4/2012 Hide Keyboard? Answered
12/4/2012 Keyboard return event listner Commented
12/3/2012 hasCheck does not work Answered, Commented
12/3/2012 Open Email App in Android Commented
12/3/2012 Back Button problem Answered
11/28/2012 Is there an option to disable scrolling in a tableView for Android? Answered
11/28/2012 Is it possible to launch the default iOS mail app from my app? Answered
11/26/2012 send event to WebView dynamicly Answered, Commented
11/26/2012 How to make an underline text ?? Commented
11/26/2012 navigation stack rather than navigation group Answered
11/26/2012 Different color in label? Commented
11/26/2012 Accessing a field's value in a scrollView Answered
11/26/2012 NSTimer in Titanium module Answered, Commented
11/26/2012 back button style Answered, Commented
11/23/2012 Any way to remove Plus/Minus zoom tool that pops up in Android Map View when pinching? Answered, Commented
11/22/2012 iPhone app Badge icon not showing Commented
11/22/2012 Problem finding photo size taken with camera or from gallery Answered
11/22/2012 Add a view to an alertbox or show a view as an alert Answered
11/22/2012 Reducing camera taken photo size through toImage() freezes UI.. alternatives? Answered
11/20/2012 Close event on a "page curl" modal window Answered
11/20/2012 Event after a row has been added to a tableview? Commented
11/19/2012 Work with XLS sheet in Tiitanium for iPhone and Android. Answered, Commented
11/15/2012 How to check Whether gps is enable or not Answered
11/15/2012 Remove all containingTab windows and go back to first? Answered
11/10/2012 Tableview and rows Answered
11/10/2012 Array of ScrollableView with createView with TextArea Answered
11/5/2012 zoomable images Answered
11/5/2012 How can I get the Height and Width dimensions of an Image? Answered
11/5/2012 CommonJS instance member use Answered
11/5/2012 How do i get the user's facebook name? Answered
10/29/2012 getting iOS Settings App Data Answered
10/26/2012 SQLite works fine reading one of my rows, but can't read the next row (even though it's practically the same) Answered, Commented
10/26/2012 Fetching a SQL database from internet not locally Answered
10/25/2012 Link to PDF. Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 Auto scroll a textarea Answered
10/24/2012 Swipe event Problem Answered
10/24/2012 tableview haschild Commented
10/24/2012 Sometime get "database is locked" warn when trying to delete table rows one by one. Commented
10/22/2012 Animating zIndex. Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 How to put the logo image at the top right of the window in the navigation bar? Answered, Commented
10/20/2012 How to show titlebar when open new window without modal properties? Answered
10/20/2012 Getting the longitude and latitude of the center of the map. Answered, Commented
10/19/2012 How can i access a variable in an event on android? Answered, Commented
10/19/2012 Thumbnail making from video crashes Answered
10/19/2012 Customize first row from tableview Answered
10/19/2012 not found when creating a new project Commented
10/16/2012 Pass rowData to new window Answered
10/15/2012 Crop an image in a view Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 optionsDialog button color Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 View background Image Width and Height taken automatically from 'image.png' file Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 App Rejected by AppStore due to Random Crash! Commented
8/16/2012 Kitchensink facebook app ? Answered
8/14/2012 fireEvent fires an API calls more than once Commented
8/14/2012 Blue Annoying backgroundColor on TableViewRow Answered, Commented
8/1/2012 Not adding text fields to my window Commented
7/27/2012 get the content width of a scrollView Answered
7/27/2012 Call back function not changing the label Answered, Commented
7/27/2012 Can Titanium do a flip transition animation like flipboard on android and ios? Answered, Commented
7/21/2012 Post on Twitter Answered, Commented
7/6/2012 how to parse values from xml file.. Answered, Commented
7/5/2012 All files in projects comoing in Red Answered
7/5/2012 Custom row background image Answered
7/5/2012 How to refresh the database in an iPhone App? Answered
7/5/2012 Not able to get response in Button Event Listener Answered
7/5/2012 post a tweet Answered
6/30/2012 Geolocation Module issue Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 DatePicker not selecting the correct date Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 How to access sqlite database within titanium mobile Answered
6/29/2012 STRING.replace() is undefined Answered
6/28/2012 Use DB created programmatically Answered, Commented
6/28/2012 iOS toolbar buttons Answered
6/28/2012 Get Ti.UI.VIEW width or height if set to TI.UI.SIZE in SDK 2.x.x Answered
6/27/2012 Button with image get from URL Answered
6/27/2012 Problem with isValidRow() Answered
6/27/2012 Linkify part of text in label. Answered
6/27/2012 alittle help! Answered, Commented
6/25/2012 Can't find variable: TwitterApi at app.js Answered, Commented
6/25/2012 Play a (local) song on button click Answered
6/20/2012 Buffer the whole remote song then play it Answered, Commented
6/20/2012 Setting focus on textarea doesn't work in modal window Answered
6/7/2012 Getting a real Image size (width and height) Answered, Commented
6/6/2012 UPDATE query not working with sqlite Answered, Commented
6/5/2012 Ti.ui.annotation infowindow is not showing default google map infowindow style. Answered, Commented
6/5/2012 How can we disable a simple Picker Answered, Commented
6/5/2012 Problem rotating image continuously Answered
6/4/2012 Link in textarea to open in webview not safari Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 contentOffset is undefined in tableview's scroll event Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Teleprompting System in titanium Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 C2DM in titanium 1.8.2 Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Activity Indicator Answered
5/31/2012 Date Picker for textbox Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Uncaught TypeError: Object function() getDocumentElement() Answered
5/30/2012 open window from tableview which add to a tab window within a tabGroup Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 What is the URL for file saved in ApplicationDataDirectory? Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 CreateTextField - my numeric Keyboard won't go away. Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Problems with show/hide Views on iOS Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Change color of button background in iOS navigation bar? Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Set Text Area to show all sqlite records Answered
5/30/2012 Where to put window title of tabgroup when using navigation group Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 not getting picture in picture gallery in emulator Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 oauth doesnt work on android Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 How to start Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Selecting checkbox other should be Unchecked in iphone using Titanium mobile Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Pass a parameter to my App from another iOS app Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Using a background image Commented
5/29/2012 Status Bar Event Answered
5/29/2012 Modal Window Text Field Value 'undefined' Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Picker.setSelectedRow(..,..,..) on iOS Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 play Mp3 file from AppDataDir Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 Height auto rendering as height 100% on ios Answered
5/28/2012 Delete Button Title in API Docs? + Feedback Answered
5/28/2012 SQL INSERT ROWS INTO TABLE (from Array) Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 Can I use Urban Airship for In App Purchase? Answered
5/28/2012 How to read an array Answered
5/28/2012 selecting picture problem in emulator Answered
5/28/2012 Static image between windows Answered
5/28/2012 delete a row on tableviewrow Answered, Commented
5/26/2012 show contact on android Answered
5/26/2012 Delete a row from TableViewSection Answered, Commented
5/26/2012 Error Reading File Answered, Commented
5/26/2012 Is that Using REG-EXP? Answered
5/26/2012 Set first value in picker when remaining data is XML import? Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 sqlite database working for android but not for ipad/iphone simulator Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 CreateNavigationGroup > Open and closing windows Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Updating annotations on a map as user pans around Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Application restart after taking picture with camera(android) Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 regionChanged event's strange behavior in iPhone and Android Asked, Answered
5/25/2012 titanium apk android Commented
5/25/2012 Add rows to Picker in Android Answered
5/25/2012 Request for testers - Visual-IDE which works with Titanium Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 RemoveRoute function only works once Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 SystemButton and SystemButtonStyle Answered
5/25/2012 iPhone.SystemButton [undefined] Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Map API Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 multi selection checkbox in titanium Answered
5/24/2012 Show a window for 3 seconds Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 passing data or function between files appcelerator Commented
5/24/2012 Long labels don't truncate with a "..." on Andorid Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 Adding Text to an image? Answered
5/24/2012 How to create a Facebook-like tab navigation (not the sliding menu)? Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 Textfield does not blur as android back button clicks Answered
5/24/2012 Ti.include failing on Android Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Titanium Studio refuses to recognize Android SDK Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Problem with "left" Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Error occurred calling next on a PLSqliteResultSet. SQLite error: Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Dynamic Imageview Event handling Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 how to show a dynamic detail view when klicked from a list view ? Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 View is not centered on Android Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Screen Navigation Answered
5/23/2012 annotation.image bug on Android Answered
5/23/2012 Close parent window. Commented
5/23/2012 UITableVIewrow clickable Uilabels Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 update errors Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 how to get company field from contacts picker? Answered
5/22/2012 SQLite: how to avoid escape characters in which create problem in query Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 how to find GPS satellite location service is on or not...? Answered
5/22/2012 HttpClient returning null incorrectly Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 array of buttons creating new buttons error Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 Why does my main window don't closes ?? Answered
5/21/2012 view with background on android Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 How to get UI.ImageView width and height from a remote file? Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 TextAlign center in Ti.UI.PickerRow Answered
5/21/2012 Can not save a mp3 file ! Help me !!! Answered, Commented
5/19/2012 TableViewRow height in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/19/2012 Ti.Platform.openURL('tel:...') Answered
5/18/2012 Left Button Annotation Answered
5/18/2012 Get data from server when app loads a window/tabGroup Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Map Routing Answered
5/18/2012 how to rotate an object in animation Answered
5/18/2012 TableView style on 2.0.1GA2 SDK Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Play video in titanium studio? Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 ScrollableView different labels in each view Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Select max(COL_NAME) in Ti? Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 navigating with 3 window using navigationGroup. Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 android multi screen and resolution support Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Titanium SOAP Call Problem TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'suds.invoke') Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Weird behaviour of scrollview Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 closing windows generated by a function templateWindow Answered
5/18/2012 sqlite works, but sql gives no such table error Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 Common JS module instantiation Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 Full variable length in expressions window Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 How to go back in a Navigation Group? Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 Is there any way to style a tabGroup and tabs? TI 2.0 Answered
5/17/2012 How to clear Cookies and Data of Safari in Titanium ??? Commented
5/17/2012 Alert Box - Issue Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 open another tab Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Search Bar Commented
5/16/2012 Android ImageView's Strange Behavior Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Zip/Unzip Module license error Answered
5/16/2012 Images not showing up on the device Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Android Ti.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory not writable Commented
5/15/2012 Drag a view with touchmove Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 scrollableView - Current View Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Tab bar buttons wont work! Answered
5/15/2012 Parse \r \n in html webview? Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Horizontal gradation on view Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Code getting executed before previous code execution finishes. Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Custom Exceptions Answered, Commented
5/14/2012 ImageView can not reload image. Why??? Answered, Commented
5/14/2012 HttpClient POST and JSON including array Answered, Commented
5/14/2012 how to close a nav group Answered, Commented
5/14/2012 rightNavButton click effect Answered, Commented
5/12/2012 emulator is not starting Answered, Commented
5/12/2012 Detect which TableViewRow has been swiped Answered
5/12/2012 Display all values from XML request? Answered, Commented
5/12/2012 Closing Camera Window in Android Answered
5/11/2012 Window titleControl doesn't show if composite component Answered, Commented
5/11/2012 how to set tab bar image related to its screen size in Android device? Answered
5/11/2012 Default to numbers keyboard (but not numbers only!) Answered, Commented
5/10/2012 Bug with loading data before animating view Answered, Commented
5/10/2012 Database Error Answered, Commented
5/10/2012 Adding label widths & heights set as auto Answered
5/9/2012 Set an iOS table view to only the height/number of rows of its data? Answered
5/9/2012 tableView : get the previous row of the selected one Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 vriables longitude and latitude Answered
5/9/2012 Can't hide navBar on Window, please help. Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 'Start Over' or 'Cancel' Button Answered
5/9/2012 add or append whole column to picker Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Andriod Orientation Answered, Commented
5/8/2012 Unable to get array value using for loop Answered
5/8/2012 show dates in a other window Answered, Commented
5/7/2012 Setting custom view in navbar (setRightNavButton) Answered
5/4/2012 Json File Commented
5/4/2012 Problem with long text inside a label on iOS Answered
5/4/2012 Row style when Ti.UI.iPhone.TableViewStyle.GROUPED Answered, Commented
5/4/2012 webView and loading message Answered
5/4/2012 Video Camera and LED light Answered, Commented
5/4/2012 Database Answered, Commented
5/4/2012 TabGroup Window - window.Url to different file Answered
5/4/2012 Changing a single row in a tableView Answered
5/4/2012 disable backbutton on titlebar Answered
5/4/2012 Titanium.DataBase Answered, Commented
5/4/2012 Row data (without attaching to proxy object) Answered, Commented
5/3/2012 pdf as Binary Data !? Answered
5/3/2012 How to check if connection is successful? Answered
5/3/2012 Window & Progressbar don't show... Answered, Commented
5/3/2012 openPhotoGallery - get the date of a photo? Answered
5/3/2012 Images doesn't show up on view (Android) Answered, Commented
5/3/2012 Load asynchronously several pictures Answered, Commented
5/3/2012 exit(0) iphone Answered
5/2/2012 Xcode and Titanium 1.8.2 Answered
5/2/2012 Result of expression 'Titanium.UI.createButton' [] is not a function Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Parse json from Facebook Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 changing setlocation to refresh map Answered
5/2/2012 TabGroup - How does each tab(window) know if it's the current one Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Removing a view created via common js Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Compiler Error While Starting Titanium Project Answered
5/2/2012 sending photo via email.. Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Merge two json objects dynamically(android) Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Kitchen sink on nexus s (4.3) Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE] Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Close tabGroup and open window Answered
5/1/2012 Adding a view to a tabgroup in Android Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 Error in function in titanium Studio SDK 2.0.1. But Working perfect Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 Substring() producing error Answered
5/1/2012 Can't purge device of dummy data Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 Can't see my demo application with the android emulator Answered
5/1/2012 Insert won't insert Commented
5/1/2012 Showing the "Open in..." button Answered
5/1/2012 XML parse string error for iOS Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 listener Answered
5/1/2012 Searchbar KeyboardType Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 row Answered, Commented
5/1/2012 Is a window opened? Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Getting started with ACS Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Cant Concat, need a loop? Commented
4/30/2012 Faebook events in table Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 WebView ProgressWheel Commented
4/30/2012 Titanium Studio Installation Issue Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Warning in CoverFlow Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Animated Splash Screen for iOS Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Group by query in table view with header? Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 SelectAnnotation - iPhone Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Best way to add Bar with logo on top Answered
4/30/2012 Latest Update to Titanium Answered
4/30/2012 pdf Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Make TableView take up exactly the size needed for its rows Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 titleImage shows in Simulator, but not on real iPhone Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 Label does not exhibit correct multiline behavior inside of tableview (2.0) Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 How to Make the return Key Enabled on the keyboardType:Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_NUMBER_PAD Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 touchmove event on tableview? Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 Slider Rang Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 children property error on android? Answered, Commented
4/28/2012 Get Number of files inside folder (applicationDataDirectory) ? Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 sqlite 'LIKE' query help!! Answered
4/27/2012 How to manage wifi connect with iOS and Android Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 Titanium : TableView and TableViewRow Answered
4/27/2012 sound release kills eventListener Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 pdf Answered
4/27/2012 Adding a back button to window Answered
4/27/2012 Thank You Commented
4/27/2012 Navigation Windows Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 Problem insert sql Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 toImage() no respecting image transparency on Android Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 Need to refresh view when tab bar is tapped Answered
4/26/2012 Ti.UI.TableView don't scroll past top row? Answered
4/25/2012 Set of images inside the imageview Answered
4/25/2012 Map Views Answered
4/25/2012 Table View is Not Visible Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 ScrollView Children Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 Label Width Answered
4/25/2012 ImageView URLs and Space Characters Answered
4/24/2012 xml Answered, Commented
4/24/2012 TabGroup without selected tab Answered, Commented
4/24/2012 Ti.UI.View and horizontal layout. Answered
4/23/2012 Another Way to Do Side-By-Side Buttons? Answered, Commented
4/23/2012 Parse json text Answered, Commented
4/23/2012 View getChildByName / getChildByID possible? Answered, Commented
4/23/2012 Layout across different screen sizes Answered, Commented
4/23/2012 Could not find the .bash_profile to edit the file Answered, Commented
4/23/2012 how do I close the a js file? Answered, Commented
4/21/2012 TCAD – is it spam? Commented
4/21/2012 where is the database ? Answered, Commented
4/21/2012 setRegion in MapView for Android Answered
4/21/2012 Download previous SDK releases Answered, Commented
4/21/2012 eval not working in addEventListener in for loop in titanium Answered, Commented
4/21/2012 Database file location Answered
4/21/2012 Modifying TiAppiOS.m Answered
4/21/2012 iOS app never exits the map Answered
4/21/2012 Get the computed width for the auto setting Answered, Commented
4/20/2012 how to parse multi-level JSON data Answered, Commented
4/20/2012 Versionnumber on splash screen Answered, Commented
4/20/2012 Can't play videos from applicationDataDirectory on iPad 2 Answered
4/19/2012 Cannot Scroll to Buttons View - Blocked by Keyboard Answered
4/19/2012 View PDF in Android Answered
4/19/2012 Opening modal window from modal window doesn't work like expected? Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Ti SDK 2.0 not found Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Dynamic setting of JSON-object Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Ti.App.Properties After re-install or Update Answered
4/19/2012 createImageView doesn't work... Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Experience with Flickr API Answered
4/18/2012 Label auto height in 2.0.1 Answered
4/18/2012 Tableview font size, when pulling data from sql Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Where do I find the SDK version number? Answered
4/18/2012 Fixed position footer Commented
4/18/2012 HTTPClient doesn't work anymore? Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Get TableView data Array to sort it. Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 views side by side to be scroll Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Images missing on Android device build Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 xml,json Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Easiest way to include multiple attachments in emailDialogue iOS? Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Serialize Stringify Object or Array Answered
4/18/2012 xml Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 How can I get the title of the selected tablerow when I click on it? Commented
4/18/2012 Window doesn't show title bar! Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 get only similar id from 2 sql search results. Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 IOS Devise 2.0 Ti.Database "undefined" Commented
4/17/2012 DB Access Best Practice Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 Hide Keyboard Commented
4/17/2012 Adding data records to a TableView and displaying the TableView Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 Activity Indicator Inside Button Commented
4/17/2012 splash video instead of Default.png Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 new on titanium and database SQLite doesn't give results Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 embed flash in webview Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 Changing Height of view dynamically Android Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 xml Commented
4/17/2012 Text icon different from the name of the app? Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 how i get contact Number from contact List in Android? Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 fail to ACS when clicking 'Start Using Cloud Services For Free': Request-URI Too Large Commented
4/17/2012 navbar problem Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 TextArea Show Content From Bottom in android Commented
4/17/2012 Alert dialog Box disappears Answered
4/17/2012 JSON module missing? Commented
4/17/2012 New Website Comments Commented
4/17/2012 Packaging failed. HTTP status: 400 Answered
4/17/2012 Save screenshot temporarily, then retrieve when ready. Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Scroll view shows only one view to scroll, I want multiple views to show up in scroll view Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Custom Fonts does not work on IPad Answered
4/16/2012 deleteDirectory() Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Fontsize differences Answered
4/16/2012 Transfer data from annoation to new window Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Forcefully killing app in titanium Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Window size and tableview Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Bug in Ti.UI.Button (2.0.1) Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 problem with slider Commented
4/16/2012 TableView: How to get a the id (unique) of DB in next window when click event ocurred in table row Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 SQLite: when id not in array Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Titanium SDK - Current Version & How to Update Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Foursquare API JSON Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 ABOUT TABLEVIEW Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 horizontal ScrollView in a ScrollableView Android & iOS Answered
4/16/2012 Toolbar, but at the Top of the screen? Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Progress Bar is not working in Android. Answered
4/16/2012 Different behaviors for Ti.UI.Windows.close()? Answered
4/16/2012 [ERROR] Script Error = Result of expression 'Titanium.Media' [undefined] is not an object. at app.js (line 27). Commented
4/14/2012 Passing Multiple Argument in Titanium IOS Module. Answered, Commented
4/14/2012 RSS Image Not Displaying Answered, Commented
4/14/2012 not working correctly Commented
4/14/2012 Titanium - passing POST values to Python Answered, Commented
4/14/2012 Android ImageView won't show Answered, Commented
4/14/2012 Android SDK 1.8.2 table row set color Answered, Commented
4/14/2012 Email Intent Answered
4/14/2012 Titanium.Facebook login callback - can't access user data on android device Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Delete and Update a Spinner Picker Plain values for iOS and Android with Database values Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 focus event of window in android world Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 ScrollView.getChildren() return nothing Answered
4/13/2012 rotate or flip image (blob) Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 How do I get the index position of all rows in tableview? Answered
4/13/2012 Delete data picker Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Ti.UI.create2DMatrix().rotate from origin or previous Answered
4/13/2012 2nd window link to database Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Passing a variable when closing a window to the previous window Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Need Solution for Titanium Error locating JDK: set $JAVA_HOME or put javac and jarsigner on your $PATH Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Wrong Deployment - Apple is assuming IPad instead of IPhone Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition returns a cached position Answered
4/13/2012 xml Commented
4/13/2012 [DEBUG] ignoring new layout while animating in layout Child.. Commented
4/13/2012 how to hide a function/module? Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 iOS button color? Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Splash Screen Animation with sound Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 YQL basic code ?? Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Release Version Number Answered
4/13/2012 What's the best way to vertically center a multiparagraph textview? Answered
4/12/2012 Titanium.Buffer read json Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Display alert message only once Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Open and close mail function in the same win/tab Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 how i tabbar position set in bottom in Android? Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Is there a timeout limit when accessing a Web Service (iOS) ? Answered
4/12/2012 tabGroup re-click selected tab Answered
4/12/2012 layout property causing view to disappear on iOS Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Webview in navigation group only works first time Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 xml rss, custom window Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Post all field values Commented
4/12/2012 Label with different color words. Commented
4/12/2012 Fetch ID of a particular view from a list of views inside a scroll view on click event. Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 window Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 image resizing doesn't work in iphone Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 barcode for 1.8x Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Unable tom pan inside a scrollView Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Problems Parsing SOAP Response Commented
4/12/2012 How to connect to database? Answered
4/11/2012 Strip HTML Answered
4/11/2012 Label on Image in Anroid Commented
4/11/2012 Pulling out database data and pass them into rows. Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 Activity indicator on splash screen? Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 SQLite "LIKE" Statement Answered
4/11/2012 Passing to newWindow Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 AJAX gives null 1/10 times Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 WebView Answered
4/11/2012 part of a label in another color? Commented
4/11/2012 Scroll event launched automatically Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 CharAT issue Answered
4/11/2012 Tableviewsection - parsing from database Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 setInterval does not work on background ? Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 accesing[0].rows crashes the application Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 when I reference Ti.UI.iPhone my app crashes Answered
4/11/2012 Multiple Filters on TableView Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 How do I get values from a non-Date/Time Picker? Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 ImageView inside a button - Android Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 disable scrollableView Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Adding a Titanium Module?? Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Use a 3D engine as plugin in appcelerator Answered
4/10/2012 currentTab and CommonJS structure Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Tabgroup trouble Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 how to return the row selected from a tableview when the window closes? Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 connection POST Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Titanium.Yahoo.yql Commented
4/10/2012 How to get the id of a tablerow to trigger an event Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 createAudioPlayer gives exception "stopAudioSession called too many times", while setting the url Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 can the texts of the buttons have shadows? Answered
4/10/2012 I can't get the recent values of my picker. Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Twitter status post Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Navigation Problem Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 Kitchen Sink not loading in Android Emulator Answered
4/10/2012 Tables + insertRowBefore Answered
4/10/2012 FastDev - what is the smart thing about it? Answered
4/10/2012 Edit app properties using iPhone setting panel when the app is closed/background Answered
4/10/2012 ImageView above tabGroup Answered, Commented
4/10/2012 TabGroup + CurrentTab + CreateWindow Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 3D Models Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 Tabgroup with url crash emulator!!! Commented
4/9/2012 How to deploy App on iPhone 4.2.1 with Titanium App SDK 1.7.5 and Xcode 4.1 Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 showTimePickerDialog Answered
4/9/2012 Localize App Name on Android Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 Very basic emp: xhr-cookies ?? Commented
4/9/2012 ImageView caches image file Commented
4/9/2012 Switch between Scrollable view Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 How to get mjpeg working in android? Answered
4/9/2012 iPhone retina : configure simulator for 640x960 Commented
4/9/2012 how to move a table row by drag and drop? Answered
4/9/2012 Cannot set IOS version to 4.2 with Titanium SDK 1.7.5 Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 Cut text in TextField Commented
4/9/2012 Scrollable view controls mapView Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 Test Module Answered, Commented
4/7/2012 How to detect the type of gesture applied to a view Answered
4/7/2012 TabGroup position Answered, Commented
4/7/2012 how to change active tab icon Answered, Commented
4/7/2012 Parent and child Commented
4/7/2012 Launch native youtube player from titanium youtube links Answered
4/6/2012 Error addAnnotation on MapView with Titanium 1.8.2 Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 centered view with horizontal layout within parent view Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 how to get last entered value in titanium Answered
4/6/2012 Remote XML Data with TableView Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 Window doesn't scroll Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 2.1.0 Error (iPhone) Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 Database FileSystem getFile location? Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 window background image not accepting ?? Commented
4/6/2012 Tableview and ScrollView problems Answered
4/6/2012 table view Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 Changing image dimensions have skewing issues Answered, Commented
4/5/2012 Table view with custom rows crashes in Android but works fine in iphone Answered, Commented
4/5/2012 zooming Commented
4/5/2012 AVD Manager in Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
4/5/2012 My first app is now in the app store! Thank you Appecelerator Community! Answered
4/5/2012 my 1app1day project ist now in the store. THANKS Answered
4/5/2012 fireEvent gives "not a function" error Answered, Commented
4/5/2012 Row Height - Table Row Answered
4/5/2012 reverseGeocoder state value Answered, Commented
4/4/2012 1.8.2 - Android - Problems with multiple EventListener on Same event Commented
4/4/2012 Repaint tableview Answered, Commented
4/4/2012 mobile-scollableView: 'Titanium.UI' [undefined] after return from a sub page Answered
4/4/2012 video player causes error on android Answered, Commented
4/4/2012 xml Commented
4/4/2012 iPhone Camera Overlay with buttons : take a video and take a picture Commented
4/4/2012 Titanium.Database is undefined Answered, Commented
4/4/2012 Facebook log in and out problem Commented
4/4/2012 parsing json and showing image in coverflowView Answered
4/4/2012 Android Parity: ImageView error event misses image property Answered, Commented
4/4/2012 Slider functionality without slider bar Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 textfield not getting focus when window transparent-background is set to true Commented
4/3/2012 Variable Row Height in a Table View Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 Database locked Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 Image animation problem Answered
4/3/2012 setLocation() only works in one way Answered
4/3/2012 Ti.Blob image width and height issues Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 How to load a local javascript file in webview? Answered, Commented
4/2/2012 Not working on ipad Commented
4/2/2012 Disable Tab in Titanium Answered
4/2/2012 dynamic options dialog Answered, Commented
4/2/2012 cannot play sound Commented
3/31/2012 Using Titanium.Media.createSound in IOS causes background music to pause. Not sure how or why? Commented
3/31/2012 Is there a page curl or similar effect for .animate ? Answered, Commented
3/31/2012 App stoped unexpectedly. Try again Commented
3/31/2012 Determine the coordinates or a clicked image inside scrollview Answered, Commented
3/31/2012 how to view the downloaded file in emulator Answered, Commented
3/31/2012 IP MASK FOR A TEXTFIELD Answered
3/31/2012 tableview:delete data Answered, Commented
3/31/2012 Reload SQLITE db Answered, Commented
3/31/2012 Playing video thru Android Webview? Commented
3/31/2012 hi, when release 2.0 is going out? Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 Ti.UI.createLabel is an undefined function Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 HTTPClient loading data but returning undefined to parent. Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 Doubt regarding fireEvent Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 animation not working Commented
3/30/2012 Changing image parameter of ImageView and zIndex Commented
3/30/2012 Emulator crashes with Animation with CURL_UP transition Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 How to open ios map Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 Ti.App.fireEvent for the remote webview Answered
3/30/2012 Animation start() is buggy? Answered
3/30/2012 How to determine which 'button' is clicked on scrolling tabs Answered
3/30/2012 Imageview not accepting url from facebook. Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 SDK error message while executing the sample mobile project code Answered, Commented
3/30/2012 "Open in" Menu on iOS Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 how to turn local variable to a globale variable Answered
3/29/2012 Array to JSON Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 Titanium: Tab's icon image not working Commented
3/29/2012 How to change image of left bar on Navigation bar Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 ImageView not loading changed image Commented
3/29/2012 Mp3 file not playing in Ti.Media.createSound Commented
3/29/2012 Android set Hinttext in Center in TexiField Answered
3/29/2012 Can't find "/Library/Application Support/Titanium/" Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 HttpClient multiple requests - Wait until all finish Commented
3/29/2012 Animation Issues Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 Search a webview Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 read data from website Answered
3/29/2012 Digest authentication Answered
3/29/2012 DIGEST Authentication Answered
3/29/2012 MapView: show pins through JSON Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 Determining device capabilities Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 webview Answered
3/29/2012 click event on image to open new window Answered
3/29/2012 How to reload and refresh view (window) ? Answered
3/29/2012 Refernce Error Variable not found. Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 is it compulsory to give width and height in Button ? Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 multi picker with useSpinner in Android Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 Not able to login inTitanium Answered
3/28/2012 window size that is available to display Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 HTTPClient Timeout On Error Answered
3/28/2012 HeaderView not working on Android Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 Refresh Window Commented
3/28/2012 Unable to change title color of TableViewRow Answered, Commented
3/28/2012 Ti.App.Properties Doesn't Work!! Help T_T.. Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Launch third-party apps from your app Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 user interface template so I can see how a beautiful UI is designed in titanium Answered
3/27/2012 Using % to Expand View is from left to right always Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 IOS - CreateSound - File Not Found Error Commented
3/27/2012 tableview Help Commented
3/27/2012 Playing Youtube video in Android app context Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Thanks! (not a question) Answered
3/27/2012 Image Quality Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Switch to Titanium sdk 1.8.2 Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 not able to display remote image in table view Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Encryption/Decryption methods in titanium Answered
3/26/2012 get id from database Commented
3/26/2012 invalid method (createWindow) Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 multiple views but with a navbar with home... Commented
3/26/2012 window overlay problems Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 PickerRow FontSize Issues Commented
3/26/2012 Delete Database on 1.8x iOS5 also Remote Database Update Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 selectedBackgroundGradient on tableview row Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 setToolbar equivalent for Android Answered
3/26/2012 Login/Logout windows? Answered
3/26/2012 Ipone - Restart app Answered
3/26/2012 Memory Exhausted Error on Android Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 Black Screen Commented
3/24/2012 tableview data Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 FireEvent Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 displaying Loading image Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 How do create 2 RightNavButtons? Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 application rename problem Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 FastDev Timeout Answered
3/24/2012 UI Gallery for Titanium Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 Do something on the current tab before opening another Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 xhr fails with "Host is down" but the URL is reachable in Browser Answered
3/24/2012 Android:Window issues Answered, Commented
3/24/2012 Animate objects one after the other Answered
3/24/2012 Retry button? Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 Have button display horizontally in a vertical view? Answered
3/23/2012 reset a visible object when returning from a child view Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 How can we crearte tab bar at bottom of android phone? Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 How to close current window and open before one. Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 Animate a parent view Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 (TiHttpClient-1) [3,28732] HTTP Error (org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException): Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 changing image of annotation after a click event on map! Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 Get location to send with email Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 shadowColor/shadowOffset for JSS Answered
3/23/2012 How to avoid adding commonJS file every time to use it. Answered
3/23/2012 How to switch table list view without tabGroup? Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 Progress bar not increasing when playing a remote mp3 Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 Can't use variables across windows. Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 406 - HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable on Web Service POST request Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 Problem with loading XML files Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 App crashing in ios simulator Commented
3/22/2012 Opening a PDF (URL) in iBooks Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 responseText is always null Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 Remove webview crashes application Answered, Commented
3/22/2012 Image Dimensions Android without opening a window Answered
3/22/2012 How to get JSON to work with Commented
3/22/2012 Keyboard over textfield Answered
3/22/2012 [iOS - iPad] pause or cancel xhr download Commented
3/22/2012 while assign Android SDK path getting ERROR.... Commented
3/21/2012 Tabbed Application with Webview Answered, Commented
3/21/2012 Refreshing a View when tab button is pressed Answered
3/21/2012 Problem with loading XML file. Answered, Commented
3/21/2012 ImageView Not Working Proper In Android Answered
3/21/2012 Cannot create project on mac Answered, Commented
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3/21/2012 backgroundImage for Tab doesn't seem to work Answered
3/21/2012 PickerView Commented
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3/21/2012 GPS Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 Different media control style Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 Video as Wallpaper for Android - Possible? Commented
3/20/2012 iPad photo access, selection, and upload Answered
3/20/2012 setCurrentPlaybackTime in videoplayer Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 SQLite and BLOBs Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 Video Player Load States Answered
3/20/2012 Fire Event execute multiple time. Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 back button disappers Commented
3/20/2012 SearchBar Width not working Answered
3/20/2012 Button hiding Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 ActivityIndicator With Image In Android Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 Editing the style of the Activity Indicator on Android Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 Receive multiple touch events Answered
3/20/2012 Button renders a wierd antialias effect, how can I remove it? Commented
3/20/2012 how to open a session to persist user's login details in titanium? Answered
3/20/2012 Problem with multiple annotation images Answered
3/19/2012 Random crash when using appendRow Commented
3/19/2012 Nested table new window not oppened Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 Random number and database Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 Grouped Tableview with custom header view Answered
3/19/2012 Can't delete App from iPhone emulator Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 Scrollabe tabs in a tab group Answered
3/19/2012 image dimension on device Commented
3/19/2012 sqlite and simulator Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 How to show the title of the annotations in a mapview? Answered
3/19/2012 Reading from database and display in a Label Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 Video Aspect Ratio Answered, Commented
3/19/2012 Changing the language of my app while running Answered
3/19/2012 Ti.include(); does not work in iOS device. Answered
3/19/2012 Global paths Answered
3/19/2012 gps Answered
3/19/2012 Facebook modal window Android / safari window in iOS Commented
3/19/2012 get image name from photo gallery in iPhone Answered, Commented
3/17/2012 Tableview auto hight Answered
3/17/2012 Titanium: How to set Vertical and horizontal layout of Table's row? Answered, Commented
3/17/2012 Month of Date() object is 3, but toLocaleDateString() says April Answered
3/17/2012 how i use backgroundService in iPhone with time interval? Answered, Commented
3/17/2012 I'm confused about how to add sections to a TableView Answered
3/17/2012 Can't get any basic app running..?? Answered
3/17/2012 Titanium.Gesture.orientationchange ONLY fires once! Answered
3/16/2012 Howto change core titanium code easily? Answered
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3/16/2012 how to implement "global" settings through the whole app with commonJs? Answered, Commented
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3/16/2012 Incorrect label heights Answered
3/16/2012 Can not create table in database Commented
3/16/2012 animate will return the object to the initial coordinates. why? Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Possible to change color of iPhone 'PLAIN' button style? Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 How Titanium converts the JS files to the native objective code. Commented
3/16/2012 Adding an activity indicator for the splash screen Answered
3/16/2012 Titanium : Label over lapping issue Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 SQLite won't copy itself to the documents directory via Ti.Database.install Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Table count Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 ImageView image not being shown - asynchronous - canScale Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Image Paths Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Check net connection in each tab of tabgroup Answered
3/16/2012 open button in same tabWindow Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Adding a Simple Image Answered
3/16/2012 currentPlaybackTime in videoplayer Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 Facebook feed posting image crash Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 how to implement a singleton db class connection with titanium? Answered
3/15/2012 only avaliable for ipad but its an iphone app! Answered, Commented
3/15/2012 Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient Not Found Answered, Commented
3/15/2012 ImageViews Image not displayed Answered
3/15/2012 Remove items from memory and tableview Answered
3/15/2012 Webview interaction Answered
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3/15/2012 how i establish internet connection in Android Emulator in Mac OS? Commented
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3/15/2012 Info page Answered
3/15/2012 Below code is for pagination but am getting the old page rows also appended to new page.... Answered
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3/15/2012 global Activity Indicator? Answered, Commented
3/15/2012 how i get MD5 code in Mac OS for my android emulator? Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 get or set an object value in Android always results in errors. Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 ScrollView works but console outputs error Answered
3/14/2012 Database don't insert data Commented
3/14/2012 tutorials or video tutorials on Appcelerator? Answered
3/14/2012 working with category and subcategory Answered
3/14/2012 Global variable inside an event function Answered
3/14/2012 Problem with &-character in JSON textResponse Commented
3/14/2012 result of Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition in global variables Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 Changing image in row of tableview (android sdk 1.8) Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 sql update seems to do nothing Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 Using MapView in different windows - Android Answered
3/14/2012 TableView Section custom title. Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 Android Httpclient doesn't send a blob Answered, Commented
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3/14/2012 Iphone module development with third party framewowk Answered, Commented
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3/14/2012 commonJS constructor variables, I can't access them, how can I use variables defined in constructor in methods? Answered
3/14/2012 Weird coordinates returned when adding event listener to window Answered
3/14/2012 Image view caches remote image and not loading new image on opening window next time Answered
3/14/2012 Navgation bar image Answered
3/14/2012 MapView pin tooltip display automatically Answered
3/14/2012 Can't add event listener to image in array Answered, Commented
3/14/2012 Result of expression undefined is not an object Answered, Commented
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3/13/2012 Returning longitude and latitude from longpress event Commented
3/13/2012 Getting JSON from localhost, why is responseText <null>? Answered, Commented
3/13/2012 allow to use app function ONLY if logged in. Answered, Commented
3/13/2012 Undefined is not an object error Answered, Commented
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3/13/2012 Device orientation on startup - bug or my mistake ? Answered
3/13/2012 Show/Hide the keyboard when search bar clicked Answered, Commented
3/13/2012 Can't see custom properties on parent window Answered
3/13/2012 Titanium Studio ignore Backspace since this morning Commented
3/13/2012 android tab bar in bottom Answered, Commented
3/13/2012 Scrollviews Invisible Answered
3/13/2012 Expand image in scroolview Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 Table view click event not working .... Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 Can't remove image - expected either TiBlob or TiFile Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 add event listener button in app.js Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 Problem with ClickEvent Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 Thumbnail Image for Local Video Answered, Commented
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3/9/2012 How to add Navbar Without Tab Bar? Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 Date and Time Picker Android Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 ScrollView can't seem to change content Height Commented
3/9/2012 set on/off button bool to sql Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 can not call method replace of undefined Answered
3/9/2012 NavBar disappears when opening/closing a window Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 Twitter need to share status Answered
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3/9/2012 Is there anyway to call a public map on google maps? Answered, Commented
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3/7/2012 Run on iOS device doesn't work Answered, Commented
3/7/2012 Get sql row as object Answered, Commented
3/7/2012 Add annotations from MySQL rows Answered, Commented
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3/6/2012 Want to connect soap api using php, how do connect? Answered
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3/6/2012 enable to stream video, video player not working with android Answered, Commented
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3/6/2012 Drop Down Button Answered
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3/6/2012 Tabgroup getActiveTab isn't getting correct active tab Answered, Commented
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3/5/2012 Text 'cancel' of a cancel button inside SearchBar in spanish Answered, Commented
3/5/2012 Inserting paragraph break into TextArea Answered
3/5/2012 exitOnClose doesn't work Answered
3/5/2012 possible bug in firing of events in Switch control Answered, Commented
3/5/2012 How to keep location service running after the 600 second timeout Answered
3/5/2012 Number/Integer shown as decimal in titanium Answered
3/5/2012 How to find whether email configured or not in iOS device Answered
3/5/2012 Supporting platforms Answered
3/5/2012 [iOS mobile] Give the Toolbar a flat colour Answered, Commented
3/5/2012 How to get iPad DeviceID? Answered
3/5/2012 Ringtone or alert message wenn I'm close to a annotation "POI" point. Answered
3/5/2012 hacking the sdk ... changes aren't getting through? Answered
3/5/2012 Is it possible to make HTTPClient request synchronous? Answered
3/5/2012 DataBase Answered
3/5/2012 Result of expression 'Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButton' [undefined] is not an object. (Device only) Answered
3/5/2012 synchronus HTTPClient-object in Titanium Answered, Commented
3/3/2012 if sql ID does not exist create one from variable Answered
3/3/2012 Run Configurations - Android Emulator not showing Answered
3/3/2012 how i get leftButton or rightButton is click or not in createAnnotation? Answered, Commented
3/3/2012 setSelectedRow() in picker multi column Answered, Commented
3/3/2012 Update recodes in DataBase Answered
3/3/2012 how i seperte (split) string in Titanium? Answered
3/3/2012 Titanium: Picker crashes with remote data Answered
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3/2/2012 ScrollableView is not working when i simulate it using iphone sim Answered
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3/2/2012 Error with CurrentWindow operation (result of expression is not an object) Answered
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3/2/2012 Activity problem Answered, Commented
3/2/2012 Image effects... Answered
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3/1/2012 Editable textarea: How to save the text which you edit. Answered
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3/1/2012 How to use "open in..." feature? Answered
3/1/2012 problem to configure sdk android home Answered
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3/1/2012 pickerRow alignment Answered
3/1/2012 createHTTPClient hits web page, but gets no response Answered
3/1/2012 how to set text field background color Answered, Commented
3/1/2012 how i decode base64 to image ? Answered
3/1/2012 it wont display my jSONfeed Answered, Commented
3/1/2012 Activity Indicator Answered
3/1/2012 Color of activity indicator Answered, Commented
2/29/2012 JSON can't get else statement to work if JSOn object doesn't exist Answered
2/29/2012 Android child node Answered, Commented
2/29/2012 MapView sometimes work, others force close in Android Answered
2/29/2012 JSON Arrays within an Array Commented
2/29/2012 Top attribute for a label does not seem to work for IOS simulators Answered, Commented
2/29/2012 Cant run Titanium App in iPhone Simulator Answered, Commented
2/29/2012 Mobile Events won't fire at all! Answered
2/29/2012 Show Activity Indicator while loading remote data Answered
2/29/2012 Maps and GPS Answered
2/29/2012 seems like there is not a way to save a image into the gallery on android?? Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 tableView to tableView to page Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 Video fullscreen with done button Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 Get value of multidimensional array with string variable Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 Return key in Keyboard Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 Trigger image map click event from a webview Answered
2/24/2012 Update rows in database? Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 [Android] Animation crashes application Answered, Commented
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2/24/2012 how to chang font color and fond property in picker(combbox) Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 TabGroup within a NavGroup - Both bars show up and title doesn't appear Answered
2/24/2012 Event Listener on Webview Means That I Can't Scroll Content Answered
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2/23/2012 IOError (Errno 21] Answered, Commented
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2/23/2012 SearchBar and TableViews Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 Fire event 3 seconds after slider value changed Answered
2/23/2012 ToolBar Problem Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 iPad title navigation bar Answered
2/23/2012 compare file with string Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 Bug when making a GET request with spaces Answered
2/22/2012 Deleting a table from Application data directory Answered
2/22/2012 Twitter Answered, Commented
2/22/2012 Ok so Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery() doesn't work on Android. How to save an image? Answered, Commented
2/22/2012 database problem while inserting Answered, Commented
2/22/2012 Why Titanium Studio shows "An iOS SDK is missing." with Xcode 4.3 ? Commented
2/22/2012 Create XML Document using Ti.XML.DOMImplementation [error] Answered
2/22/2012 TabGroup child window covers tabgroup?? Answered, Commented
2/22/2012 Tabgroup Reloading Event Answered
2/22/2012 Date conversion Answered
2/22/2012 What event is fired when the app comes to the foreground? Answered
2/22/2012 annotation click event isn't passing data Answered
2/22/2012 evalJS Issue Answered
2/22/2012 How to reload/refresh a particular row in a table view ? Answered
2/21/2012 eventlistener function goes into a loop Answered
2/21/2012 Problem with RSS feed Answered
2/20/2012 drawLine Commented
2/20/2012 Reading File from Resource folder Commented
2/20/2012 Local video file(.mp4) not playing.. Commented
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2/18/2012 Label View eventlistener not working in Table View Answered
2/18/2012 Just released an update to our app using ti.storekit and had a great experience Answered
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2/18/2012 how to enable:false of pickerView Answered
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2/13/2012 App fails to launch on Android Emulator Answered, Commented
2/13/2012 Not running mobile Emulater Answered, Commented
2/13/2012 Table row editable "edit" on row click does not work. Answered
2/13/2012 Click on the picker doesn't show the data in the picker for android Answered
2/13/2012 Is there a GoToAndStop() method for an ImageView with Images Answered
2/11/2012 Put an event listener on android menu button Answered
2/1/2012 deal with webservices Answered, Commented
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1/18/2012 How to backup a Titanium database Commented
1/9/2012 Can we update the mapview region/location? Commented
12/15/2011 how to add a picture in the middle of the navbar ? Answered
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