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2/19/2014 Notify multiple windows with a single event Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Button icon and font in Alloy for iOS 7 Asked
7/31/2012 Maintaining EXIF Data on Images Answered, Commented
7/30/2012 Reading photo metadata Answered
7/30/2012 Exif data from photo gallery Answered
7/30/2012 How to get EXIF info? Answered
7/30/2012 HttpClient onLoad never fires Answered
4/30/2012 Ti.API.debug messages no longer displayed on device console (SDK 2.0.1, XCode 4.3.2, iOS 5.1) Answered
4/18/2012 Label auto height in 2.0.1 Asked, Commented
4/5/2012 NavBar/TabBar disappears - what can I do? Answered
2/8/2012 mongoDB driver for Titanium (iOS and/or Android) Answered
1/23/2012 Textfield UI Answered
1/23/2012 textfield with keyboard like sms/whats app Answered
1/23/2012 TextField Auto-Resizing Answered
1/5/2012 Which widget is this ? Answered, Commented
1/5/2012 Cannot change foreground color of tabbedbar Answered, Commented
1/5/2012 Squared-off tabbedBar? Answered, Commented
1/5/2012 TabbeBar and font color Answered, Commented
1/5/2012 Changing TabBar backgroundColor Answered
1/5/2012 Styling tabbedBar Answered, Commented
1/4/2012 Error:Traceback (most recent call last). Can't build to device anymore please help. Commented
1/3/2012 Button Style just like standard iphone nav button? Answered
1/2/2012 How can I get a mirror image of an imageView? Asked, Answered
12/23/2011 Any API for the 'white selected button color' ? Answered, Commented
12/4/2011 Titanium does not compile on lion for IOS. Answered, Commented
11/27/2011 Goal: Find out if a property exists. Mission impossible? Answered
11/27/2011 Default Mobile Code Won't Build for iOS Device Answered
11/20/2011 Runtime error when module specified in tiapp.xml Commented
11/18/2011 Build Failing on Non-Existant Relative Path Answered
10/31/2011 // Properties deleted on statup in 1.7.4 Answered
10/6/2011 StoreKit Module crashing constantly Asked, Commented
10/4/2011 Titanium Mobile feature requests for iOS 5 Asked
9/2/2011 App very unstable using 1.7, fine on 1.5 Answered
8/31/2011 Solution to "Too many errors" compiler message Commented
8/30/2011 Where are the changelogs for the Titanium+ Modules? Asked, Commented
8/30/2011 How Do I Edit a Question or Comment Answered
8/25/2011 Does Titanium Studio validate the javascript code like Titanium Developer? Asked, Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 Unwanted Ghost-Padding in a Vertical layout! Answered
8/16/2011 How to create MySQL Database and how to define connection information Answered
7/18/2011 Ti Studio console colors Answered
7/15/2011 What is the right code for nesting animations? Documentation example is wrong Answered
7/14/2011 Titanium Studio 1.1 availability? Asked, Commented
6/26/2011 dynamically changing the region on a mapView Asked, Commented
6/26/2011 get current MapView zoom level Answered
6/20/2011 Yahoo API not available Answered
6/10/2011 Lots of debug statements in Titanium Studio console Answered
6/10/2011 Change the label of the back button Answered
6/6/2011 Icon in statusbar - like the Reeder app Asked, Commented
4/2/2011 fireEvent() debug output pollutes log; multiline event highlighting issue Answered
1/24/2011 3.1 to 4.2:Application stopped workin Answered
1/17/2011 remove row from tableview section Asked, Commented
12/29/2010 global functions Commented
12/28/2010 Is it possible to set the background color in an Option Dialog? Asked
12/26/2010 Set file registrations on iphone? Answered
12/21/2010 app pricing advice Asked, Answered, Commented
12/19/2010 flip a window Answered
12/19/2010 What is "[ERROR] Analytics error sending request" about? Answered
11/29/2010 Hide/Disable or Show/Enable a tab possible? (also tab event question) Answered
11/26/2010 How to show high res images on iphone4 Answered
11/18/2010 Titanium.UI.createMaskedImage Asked, Answered
11/14/2010 is Appcelerator having MAJOR server problems today??? Asked, Answered
11/9/2010 Constrain view with video Answered
11/8/2010 KitchenSink fails to load in iPhone emulator Answered
11/8/2010 question about Titanium.Platform.availableMemory Asked
11/5/2010 disable spell check Asked