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5/29/2015 Book Recommendation Answered, Commented
3/23/2015 relational field not showing on custom ACS object Answered, Commented
3/23/2015 Delete a user's ACS custom objects from cloud.appcelerator.com Answered, Commented
3/22/2015 ACS Rest api form Answered, Commented
3/22/2015 Build CommonJS module for the success function of an HTTP request Answered, Commented
3/22/2015 call function model from controller Answered, Commented
3/22/2015 iOS module crashes at kroll Commented
3/19/2015 ACL - 501 (Internal Server Error) while accessing custom objects via console. Commented
3/19/2015 Do you know any good example for RESTful web services with Alloy? Answered
3/19/2015 How to show TableView Data on a new Window by clicking the data Answered
3/19/2015 Single Model Databinding do not work Answered
3/19/2015 how to update an existing json object(Apigee Baas Response) in titanium studio Answered
3/15/2015 Cloud querying on array properties Answered
1/25/2015 Using image views and loops for a gallery Commented
1/25/2015 Trying to write an event to the Android calendar Answered, Commented
1/24/2015 [ERROR] Error with <Collection> at line 2 Answered
1/22/2015 Alloy, models - saving to REST API Commented
1/20/2015 Real Timechat Answered
1/20/2015 Recommended backend for beginner using Titanium Alloy Commented
1/19/2015 Andriod Hash Key for Facebook Answered
1/19/2015 JSON file to model Answered
1/18/2015 Is ACS broken? Commented
1/18/2015 Need to add up to 3 photos to ACS custom object Answered, Commented
1/15/2015 Backbone model definition defaults Answered, Commented
12/21/2014 ACS bulk delete where clauses Answered
12/20/2014 I'm very confused with the Backbone integration in Alloy Answered, Commented
12/19/2014 How to load an external custom AlertDialog in Alloy ? Answered
12/18/2014 HTTPClient Post does not work with Node.ACS using Titanium 3.3.0.GA using iOS and Android Answered, Commented
12/18/2014 How to populate a ListView (with a template) from JSON ? Answered
12/16/2014 Webview with jquery mobile not listening to the events. Commented
12/13/2014 Facebook Login and Sharing issue Titanium Answered
12/13/2014 How do I have a model deal with a JSON object that has two datasets in it? Commented
12/10/2014 Alloy - Showing alert once, even after closing the application Answered
12/10/2014 Getting current Lat & Long Coords Answered
12/7/2014 Where is ACS plans & pricing? and how can I manage my NODE ACS apps? Answered
11/25/2014 Help with loop - JSON Commented
11/23/2014 ACS Custom Object - Create with ID Answered, Commented
11/23/2014 Native module development: documentation? Answered, Commented
11/23/2014 Global variable scope on Alloy Answered, Commented
11/22/2014 ACS PhotoCollection search(), show() and Relational Fields Answered
11/22/2014 How do you update a button's graphic when it is on two separate views? Answered
11/22/2014 ListView Remote-Image Performance Commented
11/18/2014 Massive Proxy Leaks on IOS and Alloy- What am I doing wrong? Answered
11/13/2014 How to add PassKit.framework "optionally" in the app. Answered
11/13/2014 Integrating existing DB with ACS Cloud Answered
11/13/2014 Upload multiple Photos To a Single Custom ACS object Commented
11/13/2014 ACS Cloud Update CustomObject Using Angular and REST Answered
11/10/2014 How can I scale the image to a given width? Answered, Commented
11/10/2014 LIstView item button to update model Answered, Commented
11/10/2014 JSON and Alloy Models Commented
11/10/2014 Unable to Parse JSON Notification iOS Answered
11/8/2014 Model Data Functions Answered
11/8/2014 Help me choose the best route for this idea (using alloy) Answered
11/5/2014 Using iOS 8 Document Provider Extensions from Titanium Commented
10/28/2014 Alloy Data Binding with Collections Rest API having Multilevel JSON Object Commented
10/19/2014 Requirements for the app Commented
10/19/2014 Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services Asked
10/15/2014 Call a function from a parent file Commented
10/15/2014 Can't use binding between view and model Alloy 1.4 Commented
10/15/2014 Communication between users without mBaaS Commented
10/15/2014 No data showing in TableView Commented
10/15/2014 Is it possible to force a webView to don't reload ? Answered
10/14/2014 Get model for listview click event Answered
10/14/2014 Custom Fields Query Error Commented
10/14/2014 TableView data binding add model automatically updates UI Answered
9/5/2014 ACS - What is considered one API Call? Answered
9/5/2014 CustomObject regex query stopped working. Answered
8/30/2014 Alloy: Is it possible to connect two tabs to one controller? Answered
8/22/2014 Resetting a collection on logout Commented
8/21/2014 How to return true after function is comopleted? Commented
8/20/2014 Remote images to facebook album in android and ios Answered
8/20/2014 ListView data binding - single model instance binding does not work Answered
8/20/2014 openPreferences HomeAsUp? Answered
8/19/2014 Make data driven function calls at runtime Answered
8/19/2014 Titanium and Mixpanel, help with commonJS Answered
8/17/2014 How to close detail windows so they don't pile up in stack Answered
8/17/2014 Alloy Model Sync and Persist Data form JSON Commented
8/17/2014 how to use group by in sql query while fetching data from modal in alloy Commented
8/17/2014 Alloy ACS update existing custom object Answered, Commented
8/10/2014 Alloy Model Singleton with Properties back end. Just how do I get the values back after saved? Answered
8/10/2014 [ERROR] Error with <Collection> at line 3 Answered
8/10/2014 Error message line number Answered
8/10/2014 Using Backbone.js query in fetch Answered, Commented
8/3/2014 Passing arguments to collection url in Rest Sync adapter in titanium Answered, Commented
8/3/2014 Alloy Data binding problem Commented
8/3/2014 Calling a service from module to application in alloy Commented
8/2/2014 Google Glass Commented
8/2/2014 No implementation found for native Lcom/android/org/bouncycastle/crypto/paddings/PaddedBufferedBlockCipher;.checkAesNI:() Commented
7/30/2014 Facebook Answered
7/29/2014 2 backbone collections of the same model type, contain all the same models. Help Answered, Commented
7/29/2014 iOS Synchronous HttpClient Requests. Answered
7/29/2014 Is the HTTPClient open call synchronous or asynchronous on Android? Answered
7/29/2014 iOS - Ti.UI.currentTab Answered
7/27/2014 Titanium ListViews with data collection Answered
7/27/2014 How to upload images to PARSE by using Titanium Answered
7/27/2014 Select data from multiple classes Answered
7/27/2014 Alloy and singleton models Answered, Commented
7/27/2014 relational-models with Supermodel.js Answered
7/11/2014 Closing activity indicator from with another controller Commented
7/11/2014 Re-sort Alloy tableView on row move with dataCollection and model Answered
7/11/2014 Open window in front of modal window Commented
7/11/2014 Closing activity indicator from with another controller Answered
7/11/2014 Total count of subscribers in push notification channel Answered
7/11/2014 Auto Send Push Notification in ACS Commented
7/10/2014 Check if string has same characters Answered
7/10/2014 Wait untill function returns a value Answered, Commented
7/10/2014 Adding models to collections causes memory spikes in Model-View binding Answered, Commented
7/9/2014 How to change the Theme of android app to the light theme? Answered
7/5/2014 How to get the device token on iOS 7 Answered
7/5/2014 Promise framework for Titanium Mobile Answered
7/5/2014 Is it possible to make HTTPClient request synchronous? Answered
7/5/2014 PromiseJS for mobile development Answered
7/5/2014 Error with creating Array with cloud custom objects Answered, Commented
7/4/2014 Alloy.jmk change tiapp.xml before build Answered
7/4/2014 Android scrolling issue in Older versions Commented
7/4/2014 How to filter searchBar results in a tableView on Remote Data? Commented
7/4/2014 Alloy: Inheritance of whole view? Commented
7/4/2014 Alloy - Problem passing the search filter attribute of the table to the row Commented
6/22/2014 SQL Alloy translation Commented
6/22/2014 webservices error Commented
6/22/2014 Node.ACS - Switching from Development to Production Answered
5/25/2014 Facebook Module Problem Commented
5/25/2014 If Alloy seems to be a panacea, why people can continue to write in classic mode? Answered
5/25/2014 Combining dataCollection fields in tableviewrow title Answered
5/22/2014 Using PARSE with Alloy? Answered, Commented
5/8/2014 Making a model retrieve external JSON feed with Alloy in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/7/2014 Views are stretched when adding them to a scrollView in android. Commented
4/23/2014 Getting photos from Instagram Answered, Commented
3/11/2014 Sharing with Twitter Answered, Commented
3/1/2014 How to make a REST API request for CustomObjects on ACS Commented
2/26/2014 Push notifications from Ruby on Rails backend Server Answered
2/18/2014 http client + table view display data Answered
2/17/2014 Android Google Maps API2 Woes Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Picker in ListView item.... Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Tough to Parse Answered
2/17/2014 Properly tracking session length Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Native maps places API?? Answered
2/16/2014 Android current activity events not firing Commented
2/16/2014 Push Notification confusion on Device Tokens, User ID, In session. Answered, Commented
2/15/2014 How to bind css class to backbone model Answered, Commented
2/12/2014 Titanium Alloy ListView Nested Model Array of Tags Answered, Commented
2/12/2014 ImageFactory.imageAsResized returns null Commented
2/9/2014 Titanium API Access for supported platforms Answered
2/9/2014 Genymotion and debug mode Answered
2/8/2014 Not pushes on stack Commented
2/8/2014 Run a Function in Android Options Menu that Exists in a Different JS File Answered
1/2/2014 StyledLabel Module in a Listview Commented
12/18/2013 Alloy Tutorials? Answered, Commented
8/15/2013 Alloy Collections and Data Binding Commented
7/8/2013 To share photos to facebook, twitter, instagram Commented
7/8/2013 Instagram Commented
7/5/2013 Relationships in Alloy Models Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 ACS Sort Order Not Working for Custom Object Commented
7/3/2013 [alloy] row controller called twice in fugitive app. Commented
6/12/2013 android resolution specific folders with alloy Commented
6/11/2013 Alloy model-view binding Answered
5/9/2013 Facebook Appcelerator and Parse integration need help Asked, Commented
4/17/2013 Titanium Alloy Crashes When Including a Backbone Model in Call to fireEvent Answered
4/16/2013 scrollToView Method Using View Name in Alloy Commented
4/15/2013 Accessing a Control from Between Alloy Controllers Commented
4/15/2013 Backbone Models - Where to put my files Answered
4/2/2013 Conditional Alloy Styles for tablet formFactor Not Being Applied Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Posting on facebook and twitter on a platforms Commented
4/2/2013 Uncompressing gzip files in Titanium Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 [Alloy] Add view to databinded custom tableviewRow Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Using Alloy and pulling data from a remote REST API (JSON)? Commented
4/1/2013 Adding Spacing Between Toolbar Buttons with Alloy Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Alloy docs reference wrong moment.js docs Commented
3/13/2013 Delete SQL Query on Alloy Collections Answered
3/8/2013 Single Model object. Commented
3/8/2013 How to close all parent windows of an alloy navgroup ? Commented
3/6/2013 Alloy font size dont work Answered, Commented
3/6/2013 Cannot show multiple view elements via xml Commented
3/6/2013 How to show "no results" in a table view when using data-binding with alloy Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Alloy.Collections.reset() really working ? Commented
3/5/2013 Alloy collection add event Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Accessing TableViewRow Properties with Alloy Commented
3/5/2013 iOS scrollable view Commented
3/4/2013 How can I open a child view with the selected model in Alloy Commented
3/4/2013 Facebook status update using Titanium Mobile Answered
3/4/2013 how to create a Drop down box Commented
3/4/2013 Sorting in alloy Commented
3/4/2013 Bulkt insert/delete alloy models? Answered, Commented
3/3/2013 How to update the data in a TableView in Alloy? Answered, Commented
3/3/2013 image rotation Answered, Commented
3/3/2013 MongloDB Sorting Answered, Commented
3/3/2013 iOS - Create photo galley album and save pictures into Answered
3/3/2013 http callback Answered
3/2/2013 Faster Compile / Build Flow Answered, Commented
3/2/2013 Ti.Media.camera is missing from the docs Commented
3/2/2013 How do i delete all records out of an Alloy database? Answered
3/2/2013 Alloy, set dataCollection from the Controller Answered
3/2/2013 Alloy Model with default Backbone adapter Commented
3/2/2013 Debugging in Alloy Answered
3/2/2013 Delete multiple Models in Alloy Collection Answered
3/2/2013 Alloy Beginner's Questions Answered, Commented
3/2/2013 Populate fields using event from a parent window to it's child view using Alloy Answered, Commented
3/2/2013 Alloy widget with multiple windows? Answered
3/2/2013 Who have the best Git repos to follow reguarding ALLOY development? Answered
3/2/2013 Andriod error, I could lose my job that way Commented
3/2/2013 Cloud team admin access ? Answered
3/1/2013 Alloy - cannot persist data Answered
3/1/2013 How to Open Tab from Tableview in Alloy framework Commented
2/28/2013 Facebook-style slide out menu AND tab group Commented
2/28/2013 Table View using Alloy's MVC Answered
2/27/2013 ACS, server-side code and PaaS Commented
2/27/2013 Alloy Creating a Tabbed Bar to switch views within a Tab Window Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 Displaying Facebook User Name without URL Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 Mobile Intent Videoplayer Answered
2/27/2013 Can i access Alloy.Globals from within a service? Commented
2/26/2013 Alloy - un-executed function Commented
2/26/2013 Where to place shared images? Commented
2/26/2013 Best practice: Scrollable Tableview with quite a few Facebook-friends in Alloy Answered, Commented
2/26/2013 Failed to authenticate user + Titanium.Cloud.KeyValues Answered
2/26/2013 Aviary Android module Answered
2/25/2013 Alloy Backbone SQLite Models/Collections Commented
2/25/2013 working database in alloy Commented
2/25/2013 Alloy App Virtually Unresponsive Commented
2/25/2013 Reset collection and user data validation using alloy Answered
2/24/2013 Multiple Event Listeners on row Answered, Commented
2/21/2013 Alloy: Kitchen Sink? Documentation? Samples? Answered
2/21/2013 Alloy Models - 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'Alloy.Collections.modelName.on') at index.js (line 46). Answered
2/21/2013 DRY transformFunction() for use in Collection databinding? Answered, Commented
2/16/2013 Destroy Model in Alloy doesn't seem to be working... Answered
2/16/2013 Alloy tableview row click lags a bit and makes title dissappear Commented
2/16/2013 display local image in imageView Commented
2/13/2013 Node.ACS Database integration Answered
2/12/2013 Possible to trigger application based on geolocation listener? Answered, Commented
2/10/2013 How do I assign an user to a group chat? Answered, Commented
2/10/2013 How to create a group chat? Answered
2/10/2013 How to execute javascript at breakpoint Answered
2/8/2013 Alloy TabGroup - using Require for each Tab Commented
2/8/2013 Unit testing support Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 PARSE ANDROID MODULE Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 custom properties for windows in alloy Commented
2/6/2013 Behavior Driven Development Answered
2/6/2013 Using titanium-jasmine with Titanium Studio Answered
2/6/2013 Titanium 3.0 + Unit Testing + Jenkins Answered
2/5/2013 Appcelerator Push Notification - Alloy Framework. Commented
2/5/2013 view event e. source is not enough, consider e.owner Answered
2/5/2013 DROPBOX API Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 Anyone doing anything with the Dropbox API? Answered
2/5/2013 Saving a pdf in my application from emails attachments or from dropbox Commented
2/4/2013 Unable to run Alloy on Windows OS Commented
2/4/2013 Read value from previous window in alloy Answered
2/4/2013 where from collection Answered
2/3/2013 How do you create a master - detail listing with Alloy model bindings? Answered
2/3/2013 Unable to build Android with 3.0 Answered
1/28/2013 Wordpress JSON API Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Titanium mobile and Node.ACS integration Answered
1/26/2013 Persisting a collection Commented
1/26/2013 Passing ImageView to an iOS module Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 App crashes in android emulator: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load ti.physicalSizeCategory Answered
1/23/2013 Alloy - conditional code problem Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 Alloy - Sync Adapter example Answered
1/23/2013 Alloy SplitWindow with NavigationGroup on iPad Commented
1/23/2013 Alloy Model Sync Answered
1/23/2013 Is there an example of loding more table rows with Alloy? Answered
1/23/2013 Removing all Ti.App events at once. Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 Check if row is empty Answered
1/22/2013 Geo query won't sort Commented
1/22/2013 Is it possible to convert an existing (Alloy) project to be recognized as such Answered
1/21/2013 Primary key in Alloy model Answered
1/20/2013 Label Cuttong Off Answered
1/20/2013 Module development questions Answered
1/20/2013 Help with module creation from existent Objective-C source Answered
1/18/2013 Breakpoint with device debug not working Commented
1/18/2013 Best practice for passing clicked row's model to detail view? Answered
1/18/2013 Alloy 3.0 release w/Studio 3.0 is now breaking several apps Commented
1/18/2013 Alloy - How to check duplicate model column value Commented
1/17/2013 video playback error on kindle fire Answered
10/31/2012 How to import an alloy project into titanium Answered
10/28/2012 Single Context Apps, Adding Views - Alloy Commented
10/24/2012 Share on twitter Answered, Commented
10/20/2012 handling webview Answered
10/20/2012 Displaying large images in Scrollable view results in crash of app Answered
10/19/2012 Home button event Answered
10/19/2012 Extracting the country from UserAgent on iPhone. Is it correct and functional? Answered
10/18/2012 Using Callbacks on Android Module Commented
10/18/2012 Tweet Photo using Titanium Appcelerator Answered, Commented
10/18/2012 My module for Twitter and Facebook for iphone only usign birdhouse Answered, Commented
10/18/2012 iOS+Android - Facebook & Twitter - Status Update Answered
10/17/2012 textfield POST Answered, Commented
10/17/2012 Displaying custom tableview rows from a database Answered, Commented
10/16/2012 Android Application crashes badly on adding mapview. Commented
10/16/2012 Dropbox JS iPad/iPhone (screenshot) Answered
10/15/2012 Problem Getting Started Answered
10/15/2012 Textarea content awareness Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 Samsung Galaxy S 3 Answered
10/15/2012 Titanium dropbox api Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 geolocation track at all times Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 Setting values utilizing CommonJS and Prototypes design Answered
10/15/2012 Android table row value Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 Error generating R.java from manifest Asked, Commented
10/14/2012 Open window within a window to retain top navbar Answered
10/14/2012 SplitWindow Answered, Commented
10/14/2012 When my embed youtube video finished I can't play it again? Answered, Commented
10/13/2012 Trouble working with modules Answered, Commented
10/13/2012 Ti.Cloud - Searching custom_fields Answered, Commented
10/13/2012 Remote JSON into Table View Commented
10/13/2012 Alloy: Appearance of Ti.UI-Elements Answered, Commented
10/13/2012 How can I create this type of menu in my app? Answered
10/13/2012 OAuth in Alloy & Social Logins with ACS Answered
10/13/2012 OAuth in Alloy & Social Logins with ACS Answered
10/13/2012 Alloy: Ti.UI.Window.titleControl and Ti.UI.Window.rightNavButton in view markup Commented
10/13/2012 Samsung Galaxy S3 crashes app Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Titanium Just Crashes with Samsung S3 Galaxy 2nd Answered
10/12/2012 Callable Custom Function Or Method -- Please Help Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 HTTPClient PUT method Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Alloy project showing deleted widget Commented
10/12/2012 Detect Retina? Answered
10/12/2012 Signup with database Commented
10/12/2012 Basic login/register page without using tabs Commented
10/11/2012 SplitWindow question Answered
10/10/2012 get name, size of photos in gallery Answered, Commented
10/10/2012 How do I open an email attachment in my App Answered
10/10/2012 View animation Commented
10/10/2012 How to set values for a contact Answered
10/9/2012 Utility libraries using Alloy Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 I got this error and App just shuts down when I run. Commented
10/9/2012 Scrollview - how do i add data to it? Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 Simple Image Gallery Please Help Answered
10/8/2012 location of sqlite and name of database for Andriod Answered
10/7/2012 iOS - Tab Groups and Master Detail Commented
10/7/2012 Input field with Images Commented
10/7/2012 Swipeing rows in a tableview Answered, Commented
10/7/2012 Pass data up a navGroup Answered
10/7/2012 iOS - Formatting TableView with JSON Answered
10/7/2012 Email template when creating users Commented
10/7/2012 android emulator - Failed to allocate memory:8 Answered
10/6/2012 iOS Mobile - Available Tab Icons Answered
10/6/2012 iOS and CCWhere with 'or' and 'and' for use with ACS Answered, Commented
10/6/2012 Progress of Photo uploads in ACS Answered, Commented
10/5/2012 Android: App Crashes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget Commented
10/5/2012 Tableview row with distance between current position. Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 how to prevent the title black pop up frm showing when annotation clicked Answered
10/4/2012 Are users of push notifications suppose to use seperate channels? Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 Navigation from windows - android back Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 Error when Trying to run my app in iphone emulator Answered
10/3/2012 Alloy: pressing back button on Android exits application Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 Not receiving all API.log and API.debug messages Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 interaction beetwen webview and app.js Commented
10/2/2012 createHTTPClient onload called multiple times Answered, Commented
10/2/2012 Tableview not showing? Commented
10/2/2012 Getting image url from tableview Answered, Commented
10/2/2012 How to show the nav bar in subdirectory? Commented
10/2/2012 Tutorial 02 - Error Commented
10/1/2012 Keep getting theese error messages: Answered
10/1/2012 How to NOT close app on back button? Answered, Commented
10/1/2012 HTTPCLIENT PUT Body Answered
10/1/2012 register for push dialog UA Answered, Commented
10/1/2012 Trying to create a custom toolbar at the top of the app Commented
9/30/2012 wrong date on ipod touch Commented
9/30/2012 Losing EventListener when authenticating to Instagram Answered
9/30/2012 Detect link and open new window Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 adding a label to view Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 iOS camera roll access Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 Create New Cloud Photo in Android Commented
9/30/2012 Post a Tweet from iPhone App - Stuck on Callback URL Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 iOS Module: Access images from Resources folder Answered
9/30/2012 is there any method to find there is a flash available in device Answered
9/30/2012 Need to find all the restaurants and annotate them Answered
9/30/2012 flip an image to display more info Answered, Commented
9/30/2012 ACS - Photos Retina / Non-Retina Answered
9/29/2012 how to write code attempt call + our application Commented
9/29/2012 Mistake in OAuth doc ? Answered
9/29/2012 Fetching form component values without submiting the form Commented
9/28/2012 Simple question of understanding coming from web design Answered
9/28/2012 Note for using animations with Windows Commented
9/28/2012 example of json database call local file Commented
9/28/2012 How to open a downloaded file in app? Answered
9/28/2012 create custom events for model Answered
9/28/2012 Left justified button text Answered
9/28/2012 I'm having problems with views positioning Answered
9/28/2012 Any new about licensing ? Commented
9/28/2012 TableView Row Count? Answered, Commented
9/28/2012 picker time only Answered
9/28/2012 switch camera Answered
9/28/2012 Module.xconfig to add static lib Commented
9/28/2012 Problem with installing database. Commented
9/28/2012 refresh page item in window 1 after window 2 close Commented
9/27/2012 can I have transitions on windows but avoid NavigationGroup because I need custom design Header Answered
9/27/2012 TableView scroll down to add new data Answered, Commented
9/27/2012 time localisation using device time Answered
9/27/2012 Kitchen Sink for ACS Answered, Commented
9/27/2012 Convert javascript array to tableview data format Answered
9/27/2012 how to do the slide from right to left transition in titanium application for android and ios? Answered
9/27/2012 foresch on an array in a json object Commented
9/27/2012 reason for rejection on itunesconnect Answered
9/27/2012 Cloning views, labels, images and other elements instead of creating them from scratch Answered, Commented
9/27/2012 Titanium Barocode module for IOS Answered
9/27/2012 Tableviews and rows Commented
9/26/2012 Problem with Click event on TextField and TableView Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 Is it possible to get a view or window behind a TabGroup? Commented
9/26/2012 Unable to install box.net module in Android Answered
9/26/2012 Pull to refresh example Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 Getting A List Of Unique Values From An Array Answered
9/26/2012 Javascript Date and Time format for ACS Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 How to push data to an array for use in another tab Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 doesn't show buttons on second window Commented
9/26/2012 Alloy Framework: Compile Error Commented
9/26/2012 Custom layout for AlertDialog for iPhone??? Answered
9/26/2012 APK file not Updating Answered
9/26/2012 how to open photo gallery , choose a image and use that image Answered
9/26/2012 Connecting to different ACS instances? Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 TableViewRows rendering issue in iPhone emulator Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 Child views does not receive events Answered
9/26/2012 Custom Module Project: cannot find symbol (Bootstrap class) Commented
9/26/2012 Hijacking SearchBar Functionality | Table Searching Using TextField Commented
9/26/2012 change switch title on iphone Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 Global variables - almost there Commented
9/26/2012 Bug in ACS API for Deleting a Review. Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 ipad divide database calls between detail and master windwo Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 Batch facebook requests with Graph API Answered, Commented
9/26/2012 need help with camera and making new windows Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 Use dropbox or box.net to backup user settings? Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 Detect events on map annotation bubbles Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 loading box Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 Passing reference to a class as a custom property in a TableViewRow Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 in tableview how edit the row data ? Answered
9/25/2012 Rss Truncated - Iphone - All SDK Answered
9/25/2012 Uncaught Error: Invalid int: "10dp" Commented
9/25/2012 Trouble setting webview cookie with webview.evalJS function and beforeload event Answered
9/25/2012 Map - How to blink current position.? Commented
9/25/2012 TextArea value Commented
9/25/2012 Unable to load app running on desktop localhost on iPhone browser over local network - configuration problem? Commented
9/23/2012 Facebook how to get public page wall, without Facebook Login? Commented
9/23/2012 Geocoding in iOS6 Answered
9/23/2012 deleteRow/insertRowBefore/insertRowAfter animation Answered
9/22/2012 Ti.Contacts.showContacts not updated in the background Commented
9/22/2012 how should I implement a continously GPS tracking function? Commented
9/22/2012 Error uploding to Appstore Commented
9/22/2012 Navigation problem in android Answered, Commented
9/22/2012 how to display the settings button in an "please turn internet on" dialog on iPhone Commented
9/22/2012 Do I need to purchase a license? Commented
9/22/2012 Bug for TableView ClickEvent on iOS 6 Answered
9/22/2012 Localization and auto font size Answered
9/22/2012 Query photos depending on likes. Answered
9/22/2012 Unable to receive Push notification in actual device Commented
9/21/2012 How do you reference controllers from other controllers? Answered
9/21/2012 Newbie trying to follow tutorial online (http://vimeopro.com/appcelerator/building-native-mobile-applications/video/26414617) Answered, Commented
9/21/2012 custom navbar which can move down Answered, Commented
9/21/2012 Titanium Facebook - How to Get Friends List from Facebook..? Answered, Commented
9/21/2012 Titanium.Network.HTTPClient Timing Out and Doesn't Recover? Commented
9/21/2012 Custom Module: How to use IOS6 functionalities that don't make the app crash when running previous version? Answered, Commented
9/21/2012 WebView Multitouch Problem Answered, Commented
9/20/2012 Integrating Node.ACS with ExpressJS... not working Asked, Commented
9/19/2012 iOS SDK 6 and grouped tableview transparancy/background color failure Answered
9/19/2012 Send SMS automaticaly without opening standard form Answered, Commented
9/19/2012 Is the chat provided by appcelerator real time ? Answered
9/19/2012 Best way to remove eventlistener in commonjs Answered, Commented
9/19/2012 Loading and unloading images to manage memory use: use remove when the image is not visible on screen Answered, Commented
9/19/2012 making a network call during the paused event in iOS Answered, Commented
9/19/2012 How to use camera with default controls/buttons? Commented
9/18/2012 How do I install and use a module? Answered
9/18/2012 iOS video: resolution & streaming Answered
9/18/2012 Function showCamera got an error. Commented
9/18/2012 Help in Login Commented
9/18/2012 Modal window can some one tell me why we need to use it or the utility of the modal windows Answered
9/18/2012 Heavy and Lightweight window Answered
9/18/2012 Sending email through Appcelerator Cloud API Answered, Commented
9/18/2012 Memory Leak Answered
9/18/2012 Google Maps in webview is possible? Commented
9/17/2012 How do you test on iOS6? Answered
9/17/2012 What happened to the close event? Commented
9/17/2012 When will we be able to test iOS 6.0 compatibility? Answered, Commented
9/17/2012 Cannot login with Facebook using Stackmob JS SDK Answered
9/17/2012 CommonJS + Application Window. Where do I put the functionality for opening new windows? Commented
9/17/2012 Parse iOS Module fails Answered, Commented
9/17/2012 How to add more menu buttons to android window menu Answered, Commented
9/17/2012 Android - memory not releasing on closing windows Commented
9/17/2012 Select and hide some image views in a tablerow Answered
9/16/2012 mobile Window layout issue Commented
9/16/2012 How to enable javascript strict mode using 'use strict'? Answered, Commented
9/16/2012 Performance testing a Titanium Mobile App Answered, Commented
9/16/2012 Reload TableView with Function Answered, Commented
9/16/2012 Problem with Maps, "I do not want to use my current location" Answered, Commented
9/16/2012 iOS list view with edit capabilities template Answered
9/16/2012 Help with Login Module Answered
9/16/2012 Get thumbnail from stream video Answered
9/15/2012 Unable to play videos in iphone?? Answered, Commented
9/15/2012 acs send push to special users Answered, Commented
9/15/2012 AppCloud : Sub-Event into Event Answered, Commented
9/15/2012 TableView and Rows Answered, Commented
9/15/2012 HTTPClient is not receiving response when status is 401 Answered
9/15/2012 swapping the mapView Commented
9/15/2012 Progress bar strange behaviour Commented
9/14/2012 [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\Kumar\\.android\\avd\\titanium_30_WVGA854.avd\\config.ini' Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 How to prevent Android from Opening New Window for target=_blank links? Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 how to do login page in titanium for android and iphone Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 Path to SD card's Android/data directory Commented
9/14/2012 Scrollview/Android - is it scrolling? what is the current scrollposition? Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 Video from android gallery. Answered
9/14/2012 Text comparison window in Titanium Studio with Light theme gets un-readable. Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 Video Recording On Android with add overlay. Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 Can't get value from clearlyinnovative.keychain module Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 fle upload from mobile to amazon s3 Answered
9/14/2012 Background Color Issue Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 So what is maxDistance in Titanium.Cloud.Places actually measured in? Answered, Commented
9/14/2012 Facebook without login working on iOS simulator but not device Commented
9/14/2012 Back button event - Going back to previous view messes up tableview Answered
9/13/2012 Print Commented
9/13/2012 NavBar Save button Answered
9/12/2012 deleteRow/insertRowAfter issues (TableView) Answered, Commented
9/12/2012 Titanium v2: How to install Android app on device from the command line? Answered
9/12/2012 Will not fire HTML in window.js Answered
9/12/2012 How to access the secondary camera in iphone/android ? Answered
9/12/2012 how to open online pdf file Answered
9/12/2012 "Right Arrow" iOS toolbar button - how come there is no support for that? Answered
9/11/2012 Preset height and width? Answered
9/11/2012 Moment.js as CommonJS module Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 setTimeout send an exception: "interface not implemented" Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 How to center the buttons in a view Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 Seach bar that filters table data in a popover (like the native view in iOS) Answered
9/11/2012 SUP with Appcelerator iit is possible?? Answered
9/11/2012 Android WebView crashes Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 Ti.Locale.getCurrentCountry caching? Answered
9/11/2012 Get Row Title width Answered
9/11/2012 Get all UI elements for a window Commented
9/11/2012 Click events don't work anymore Commented
9/11/2012 The restart problem Commented
9/11/2012 Tableview selected background image on row Answered
9/11/2012 Set backGround Image to the tableview section. Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 Tab group ? Answered, Commented
9/11/2012 problem with calender Answered
9/11/2012 Retrieve multiple records from ACS using search or query Answered
9/11/2012 Having problem with JPG images from server in Android Commented
9/11/2012 Titanium.UI.ScrollView add() returns NullPointerException on Android Commented
9/11/2012 Trying to open subwindow in Active Tab or Current Tab but fails Answered, Commented
9/10/2012 Using Alloy Framework: Retrieving values from SQLite Database Commented
9/10/2012 Recurrent login problem with Facebook Commented
9/10/2012 A working and easy way to post tweets. Answered, Commented
9/10/2012 Window height problem Commented
9/10/2012 Remember settings each time camera is opened Answered
9/9/2012 Android emulator freezes or crashes Commented
9/9/2012 MVC worth or not in Titanium? Answered, Commented
9/8/2012 Images in Grid Answered, Commented
9/8/2012 Encryption of Database Commented
9/8/2012 Animation like navigation group Answered
9/8/2012 How to create a listview with checkbox? Answered
9/8/2012 Android Setting Default Camera for Video Capture Answered, Commented
9/7/2012 TideSDK | Bundle Packaging Answered, Commented
9/7/2012 HTTPClient loads data from url before tab becomes active Answered, Commented
9/7/2012 Unable view ACS photo Answered, Commented
9/7/2012 ACS Push Pricing Commented
9/7/2012 Refreshing a picker data on the event of another picker. Commented
9/7/2012 Provisioning profile and TiCore errors Answered
9/6/2012 Why am I not receiving the urls when I try to show a Photo? Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 ScrollableView make request on scroll event on Android Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 How to avoid runtime crash in iOS Simulator in Titanium Studio Commented
9/6/2012 Select a Photo Album and all its images Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 titanium support x-code 4.4.1? Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 iOS navigation bar without Titanium.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup? Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 How to pass JS object by value, and retain its methods? Answered
9/6/2012 Video Calling functionality needed???? Answered
9/6/2012 View Proxy Commented
9/6/2012 Disable Runtime Error Dialog Answered
9/6/2012 Can you point me to an example of playing an audio file using AudioPlayer, not SoundPlayer Answered
9/6/2012 ACS for ios and android apps and php website Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 Stackmob Javascript SDK working with Appcelerator? Answered, Commented
9/5/2012 using evalJS on Andriod Answered, Commented
9/5/2012 App crach on Android 3.0 and 4.1 Commented
9/5/2012 How to switch one apps to another and come back first one Answered
9/5/2012 Unable to touch select text in a web page shown in WebView Commented
9/5/2012 Creation push notifications on the ACS server Answered
9/5/2012 TableViewSection and TextField Blur Events not working Answered
9/5/2012 When will the Node.js for ACS developer preview be available? Commented
9/5/2012 webview touch event issues in android Commented
9/5/2012 Ti.media.showCamera throws 'undefined' error on iPhone but works fine on Android Answered
9/5/2012 Google Maps with Mobile Web Answered
9/4/2012 Determine whether the device can dial Answered
9/4/2012 InfoWindow - Google Answered
9/4/2012 Where to download titanium Developer Answered
9/4/2012 [WARN] New layout set while view [object TiUIView] animating: Will relayout after animation Answered
9/4/2012 Datepicker shows behind modal Commented
9/4/2012 Share a string on facebook with android Answered, Commented
9/4/2012 Using ScrollView with Cloud.Ojbects.query Answered
9/3/2012 evalJS doesn't work with Andriod Answered
9/3/2012 Don't understand ACS pricing for extra packages Answered
9/3/2012 Titanium.jar not found by Eclipse??? Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 Ti.parse.js with facebook Commented
9/3/2012 Adding Backbone model to collection in custom event is acting up Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 Couldn't find module: bencoding.sms. Answered
9/3/2012 iOS Native Module for Views Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 How to add UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key in App? Answered
9/3/2012 write binary stream using javascript Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 [ERROR] Script Error = -[TiUITabProxy _associateTab:navBar:tab:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa887a00 at app.js Answered
9/3/2012 A problem with the switch component Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 Titanium4j now free to use and under Apache Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 commonJS - setActiveTab from different .js file Answered
9/3/2012 TableView in Alert View Answered
9/3/2012 Problems adding a navigation bar to iPhone Build in single window application. Answered
9/2/2012 Facebook friends search shows friends. Commented
9/2/2012 android issue 2373 (missing intent category_launcher or flat_activity_reset_task_if_needed), restarting app Answered
9/2/2012 Google play Error Validation Answered, Commented
9/2/2012 Charge heavy images on android Commented
9/1/2012 Titanium freezes while trying to install/update Android SDK Commented
9/1/2012 Gallery on iOS - How to get on Current tab? Answered, Commented
9/1/2012 how to display only alert after push notification Answered
9/1/2012 Cannot get children of the View - creating ViewController issue! Answered, Commented
9/1/2012 run http server using javascript Answered
9/1/2012 ACS Reviews won't delete? Commented
9/1/2012 Problem with dependencies when changing deployment from simulator to device Commented
9/1/2012 App level event listener with arguments Answered, Commented
9/1/2012 call function within function commonjs Answered, Commented
9/1/2012 Titanium Studio - Mac Book Pro Retina Commented
9/1/2012 Best Methods to Create a OOP File Structure ? Commented
9/1/2012 Multi MP3 files, but only plays the 1st file, not the rest.... Answered, Commented
8/31/2012 how to send dynamic fields in custom email from ACS? Answered
8/31/2012 Overlay image from picture gallery on top of another image Answered
8/31/2012 Database error - Uncaught error Answered, Commented
8/31/2012 Getting JSON Data using HTTPClient and returning the resulting object for use Answered, Commented
8/31/2012 iphone application runs fine on simulator but shows error on device Commented
8/31/2012 Module License with monthly payment Commented
8/31/2012 Android Toast Creation Commented
8/31/2012 Application crash after splash screen in titanium? Commented
8/31/2012 Alloy install error Commented
8/31/2012 Tableviews performance issue Commented
8/31/2012 remove files from titanium sdk Answered
8/31/2012 Javascript thread for background data processing Answered
8/30/2012 TideSDK - New Site Launched as TideSDK Continues to Move Towards Release Answered
8/30/2012 Customize "more" tab from TabGroup Answered
8/30/2012 accessing current viewcontroller from within titanium + ios module Answered
8/30/2012 Global variables on android Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Closing tab and changing to another tab Commented
8/30/2012 ti.imagefactory for Android works in the emulator, but crashes on my phone Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Flurry SDK 4.0 module Answered
8/30/2012 event.media null for Titanium.Media.openPhotoGallery select - iPhone Commented
8/30/2012 event.media returning null in iPhone Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Refreshing a cached tablerow? Answered
8/30/2012 Anvil Unit test framework Answered
8/30/2012 After pressing TabbedBar how data will show in a TableView Commented
8/30/2012 How to show Web Service data in a TableView after pressing TabbedBar option in a same window? Answered
8/30/2012 Facebook login multiple tabs Answered
8/30/2012 TableViewRow Title not showing in Andriod Answered
8/30/2012 Drop a pin and get lon/lat? Answered
8/30/2012 Backbone collections to work with Titanium Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Facebook application removed and still authorized? Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 iPhone Back Button on a Tabgroup Commented
8/30/2012 Highcharts in Android webview. Commented
8/29/2012 Reading text messages from a specific number Answered
8/29/2012 how to Implement the bookmark effect. Answered
8/29/2012 how to show geolocation map view? Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 Weird error container file path Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 test my app on different simulator Answered
8/29/2012 Change detailView ofTitanium.UI.iPad.SplitWindow Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 iPhone SDK Version Relevance Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 ButtonBar - label color Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 iPhone won't locate and upload local image Answered
8/29/2012 how to sync contacts from gmail account on button click in android ? Commented
8/29/2012 Android image and memory issue Answered
8/29/2012 Module upload but status pending. Answered
8/29/2012 My first CommonJS app - How best to structure? Commented
8/29/2012 Back Button in my Andriod Application Commented
8/29/2012 Build retries loop around facebook.requestWithGraph() Commented
8/29/2012 substr Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 Opening a PDF with contents (fields,labels) in iPAD Commented
8/29/2012 input var view in data[] Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 How show other view from FirstView.js Commented
8/29/2012 Fulltext search for events and users with Ti.cloud possible? Commented
8/29/2012 song not playing Commented
8/29/2012 Custom set of photo sizes, cURL and PHP Answered
8/27/2012 forms.js module Answered, Commented
8/27/2012 Ti.StoreKit and Titanium Cloud how to? Commented
8/26/2012 Navbar button flashes default color. Answered
8/25/2012 Scrollview as a child of a scrollview Answered
8/25/2012 Application event - Refresh data Answered, Commented
8/25/2012 Facebook requestWithGraph call Events - Not getting full info Answered
8/25/2012 Parse DateString ? Answered, Commented
8/25/2012 SAP Integration Tutorial Answered, Commented
8/24/2012 ImageView with images property Answered, Commented
8/24/2012 Issues in Desining reusable Ui Module Answered, Commented
8/24/2012 Titanium MVC beta Problem Answered
8/24/2012 Error using ACL in Appcelerator ACS Commented
8/24/2012 Switch widget iOS not always displaying Commented
8/24/2012 Optical Character Recognition with titanium Answered
8/24/2012 ACS periodic delete Answered, Commented
8/23/2012 File exists or not? Answered, Commented
8/23/2012 unable to set image in paint view in titanium? Answered
8/23/2012 I want to get node from xml file. Answered
8/23/2012 Size of scrollview changes after opening photogallery. Commented
8/23/2012 Required module not found: ti.paint for android Answered
8/23/2012 facebook login "Error validating access token" Commented
8/23/2012 base64_encode and encrypting in titanium mobile Answered
8/22/2012 window.open(ANIMATION_TYPE) not working? Answered
8/22/2012 Facebook Login Dialog Answered
8/22/2012 ACS query questions Answered
8/22/2012 titanium chat server with tcp.socket listening Commented
8/22/2012 Buttons like Map.app on iPhone Answered
8/22/2012 Birdhouse/oAuth.js Twitter Posts with foreign characters Answered, Commented
8/21/2012 custom fields in where query Commented
8/20/2012 Table View size on iOS Commented
8/20/2012 ACS Query for Check-In's Answered, Commented
8/20/2012 ACS Places - Photo from ACS Places not showing on Individual Annotations Answered
8/20/2012 commonjs and API calls with ACS Answered
8/20/2012 Rotate Annotation Image Answered, Commented
8/19/2012 Properties API, Input Text Field Commented
8/19/2012 Adding labels to my tableview with JSON data Answered
8/19/2012 How do you use ACS with multiple developers? Answered, Commented
8/18/2012 Module Helper functions Answered, Commented
8/18/2012 Communicate android device to Adhoc network Answered
8/18/2012 ACS & Rails Commented
8/18/2012 e.source what type of ? Answered
8/18/2012 Eval not able to access json variable - problem only in signed Android apk Answered
8/17/2012 'undefined' is not an object error when trying to use background service Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Reusing TableViewRow Commented
8/17/2012 How a person is marked a Titan Answered
8/17/2012 Starting New Window on Button Click Answered
8/17/2012 Access to the rows of the table is not correct. Android 2.1 Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Problem with Navigation Controller in Android Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Ti HTTPClient vs iOS NSURLRequest Answered
8/16/2012 Where do I find "yourAppDelegate.m" ?? Ti.Cloud Question Commented
8/16/2012 Navigation contoller in app.js? Commented
8/16/2012 Open app from calendar reminder Answered
8/16/2012 Not able to run the iOS application with my iOS module Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 Compile Titanium mobile app from command line Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 error while running soap web service Commented
8/16/2012 android module: how to set permissions? Commented
8/16/2012 Get places from database and show near to current user Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 Kitchensink facebook app ? Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 Click on Row and that displays image on fullscreen Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 App level event not firing in Android Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 Android Module development Kroll Error. Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 ios6 button problem Commented
8/16/2012 Does anyone have an example of a media config xml file for android? Commented
8/16/2012 ClassCastException in Android when updating tableviews' rows Commented
8/16/2012 Events while playing a local mp3 file Answered
8/16/2012 Ti.Storekit Titanium Purchase Issue Commented
8/16/2012 Android Emulator not Started because errors and say try again Answered
8/16/2012 problem with set animation to a secondary window Answered
8/16/2012 how much have you made from your appcelerator apps Commented
8/16/2012 How to determine the distance between two devices Answered
8/16/2012 Android Orientations Answered
8/15/2012 Custom photo sizes in ACS Answered, Commented
8/15/2012 inserting rows into titanium studio Commented
8/15/2012 Mac OSX login problem - titanium studio Answered
8/14/2012 Android emulator is not running in titanium studio in windows 7 64 bit Commented
8/14/2012 Weird and unpredictable behavior by Images and Views on caching ?? Answered, Commented
8/14/2012 Android resume event (again...) Answered
8/14/2012 User information(like UserId,UserName and Email Etc..) after twittre login. Answered, Commented
8/14/2012 How to detect scrolling direction of a tableview? Answered
8/13/2012 Problem with the "Titanium.Geolocation.forwardGeocoder" function Commented
8/13/2012 scrollView on android Answered, Commented
8/13/2012 Android: closing of tabGroup Commented
8/13/2012 how to develop for android Answered
8/13/2012 appcelerator should... Answered
8/13/2012 Help to Run Android Emulator Answered, Commented
8/13/2012 ACS - Bug in retrieving Objects on While on Web (works locally) Answered, Commented
8/13/2012 Conversion of TiBlob Object to String Answered, Commented
8/13/2012 More Woes with Android: TableView and Search Bar Commented
8/13/2012 touchmove only fires if I dont move? Answered
8/13/2012 Multiple selection of users from a table view. Answered
8/13/2012 2dmatrix creation error Commented
8/13/2012 Take photo and upload to server when coverage is available Commented
8/13/2012 Move the navbar down Answered
8/13/2012 Sharing Session ID Cocoafish Titanium ACS Answered
8/13/2012 creating custom log file & mailing Answered
8/13/2012 display current user photo in image view Answered
8/13/2012 Login behaviours Answered, Commented
8/12/2012 Animating a character Answered
8/12/2012 Problem uploading photos with ACS Commented
8/12/2012 ACS Retrieve data with callback Answered
8/12/2012 Button directing to a website Answered, Commented
8/12/2012 Orientation changes in Android Answered
8/12/2012 Using open street maps in Mobile Web Answered
8/12/2012 Device back button issue in android Answered
8/12/2012 Facebook login button and Navigation group Commented
8/12/2012 Suggestion needed - Single Window App w/multiple view wizard Commented
8/12/2012 Implement the property UIAlertViewStyle in the T.UI.AlertDialog API Answered
8/12/2012 Is the ApplicationSupportDirectory is overwritten on app update ? Answered
8/12/2012 scrollable view Answered
8/12/2012 Label different gap ( left ) Commented
8/12/2012 Opening a window with a backbutton (a child of the mainwindow i guess) Answered
8/12/2012 Android Module Development. Answered
8/12/2012 iPhone "back" navigations does not re-draw the parent window properly Answered
8/12/2012 Titanium module creation and interaction with XCode Build Phases Commented
8/12/2012 WebView on GPS Answered
8/12/2012 Cannot use ASC friends search Commented
8/12/2012 Window, Buttons and Navigation group Answered
8/7/2012 Use debugger for mobile web Answered
8/7/2012 iOS: Single Window App gives Exec_BADACCESS error on device installation Commented
8/7/2012 Since when can people demand stuff? read this responds i got trough email Commented
8/7/2012 JQuery mobile issue in titanium Answered, Commented
8/7/2012 HTML for future native iPhone apps Answered
8/6/2012 Issue with acesstoken in faceook login/connect in Titanium ? Answered
8/5/2012 Configuring Android Answered
8/5/2012 Scrollable view problem in adding buttons Answered
8/5/2012 Can't open a new UI.window from a function? Answered
8/4/2012 Android Share via Intent Text not Shown Problem for Facebook Answered
8/4/2012 [WARN] New layout set while view [object TiUIView] animating: Will relayout after animation. Answered
8/4/2012 I need a developer to mentor our developers and help us get going - Facebook game Commented
8/4/2012 Barcode Integartion Answered
8/4/2012 How to remove/close All Windows from Application and open New One Answered
8/4/2012 how to set zoom level with webview initially? Answered
8/4/2012 Animation Stuck after window re-opens. Commented
8/4/2012 Skipping JS File Commented
8/4/2012 Need help with access_token Facebook Answered, Commented
8/4/2012 how to use an active access token to query information about the current user Answered, Commented
8/3/2012 RSS Feeds in different Tabs of a TabGroup Commented
8/3/2012 Resume fired on Android every time a tab is opened. Answered
8/3/2012 Creating a folder in the iOS photo gallery Answered
8/2/2012 cookbook chapter 2/recipe 3 Commented
8/2/2012 Modal Windows, Option Dialog & Rotation Commented
8/2/2012 IOS Simulator building problem Commented
8/2/2012 iOS app to Mobile Web app conversion Answered
8/2/2012 Same Element in several TabWindows Answered
8/2/2012 Difficulties with Multiple Tab Groups and CommonJS Commented
8/2/2012 commonjs tutorial Commented
8/2/2012 Is it Possible to have Database for mobile Web applications? Commented
8/2/2012 Place many Images in scroll_views_tabs.js Answered
8/2/2012 What is best practice to prevent Memory leaks Answered, Commented
8/2/2012 Cloning git repo has encountered problem Commented
8/2/2012 CommonJS Module Issue on IOS Commented
8/2/2012 how to record a video in android and iphone Answered
8/1/2012 Native android activity from titanium Answered
7/27/2012 Access and display ALL cameraRoll images in data grid Answered
7/27/2012 Image Drag Drop working fine on ipad simulator but not working on device Answered
7/27/2012 Significant-Change Location Service Answered
7/22/2012 Get current location address of the device Answered, Commented
7/15/2012 ScrollView Navigation Answered
7/15/2012 Query ACS Custom Objects - Group By? Commented
7/15/2012 difference between photos and custom objects with photo Answered
7/15/2012 Set User Photo by ImageView image Answered
7/15/2012 How to convert XML to JSON without CommonJS? Answered
7/14/2012 ACS photo upload on user object returns old photo Answered
7/14/2012 Swipe simple web view Commented
7/14/2012 Objects properties can't be read after view is changed Commented
7/14/2012 Unit testing my titanium mobile app Answered
7/14/2012 disable safari bounce effect on a remote url Answered
7/14/2012 How to decipher between tablet and phone Answered
7/14/2012 map, click event and GPS coordinates Answered
7/14/2012 android overall prefprmance Commented
7/14/2012 TableView header font size Answered
6/29/2012 TCAD exam Commented
6/29/2012 Send video taken from library to module Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 How to add circles to TiMapView Commented
6/29/2012 How to design TableViewRows ?? Answered
6/29/2012 Need help getting table to refresh after click event Answered, Commented
6/24/2012 How to delay the code to be executed below the xhr.send() Answered
6/23/2012 I have to ask; I cant give up! Answered
6/23/2012 A rails like framework for Ti. Answered
6/18/2012 Question about cloud Commented
6/17/2012 How to play video saved in the Photos(Photos - Camera Roll) Answered
6/17/2012 ACS Push Notifications Answered
6/17/2012 Access a file from within iOS module? Commented
6/17/2012 login to my app user with Twitter on ACS Answered
6/17/2012 Window Management Answered
6/17/2012 REST Service Mapper Commented
6/17/2012 Get url page anchors from WebView? Commented
6/17/2012 ACS Update Place creates another place? For iPhone! Commented
6/17/2012 Error to build apps with GetSocialize and Titanium Commented
6/17/2012 Implement Calendar in iOS Answered
6/17/2012 Refresh textarea on alertdialog click Answered
6/17/2012 Get images from web > save to phone? Answered
6/17/2012 imageview size Answered
6/17/2012 Fighting with Titanium framework and a bit frustrated: why Titanium's own objects undefined? Commented
6/14/2012 Table View and adding labels Answered
6/14/2012 Attach a place to a post - ACS Answered, Commented
6/12/2012 Image Photo not chaged. Answered, Commented
6/11/2012 mongoDB driver for Titanium (iOS and/or Android) Answered
6/10/2012 Create schedule with alerts Commented
6/10/2012 iOS module guides? Answered
6/10/2012 Noob question on opening a new window in a different .js fileon button click via Commented
6/10/2012 iPad Orientation problem when slightly tilting forward/backward Answered, Commented
6/10/2012 Ti.Gesture.orientation for Window only not for entire app Answered
6/10/2012 Android - Any way to set a dynamic fontSize ? Answered
6/9/2012 Service not works when screen off Answered
6/9/2012 Where is the error output for titanium modules compiler? Answered
6/9/2012 SOAP with login/password Commented
6/9/2012 Textlabel With backgroundcoloR and padding or a background view? Answered
6/9/2012 HTML 5 image background Commented
6/9/2012 Obtain a video from gallery Answered, Commented
6/9/2012 Trying to Install inMobi Module, Getting Build Errors I Don't Understand Commented
6/9/2012 Facebook buttons force close android app Answered
6/4/2012 communication between a window.js and an html file url of a WebView Commented
6/4/2012 push notification example Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Registering for background service for iphone not working after 10 min Answered
6/4/2012 Qr Code Answered
6/4/2012 How do I "listen" for orientation change in an iOS module Answered
6/4/2012 Is it possible to know what object is clicked? Answered
6/3/2012 Click Event - Tabs Answered, Commented
6/3/2012 Map view GetRegion says "Requires property name as first argument" Answered, Commented
6/3/2012 Unable to compile to iOS devices after iPhone developer certificate expired Answered
6/3/2012 Change or remove gradient title bar on tab / nav group? Answered
6/3/2012 how to determine place_id when posting a status update Answered
6/3/2012 Facebook access token expires after 2 hours Answered
6/3/2012 Friends ACS [beta module] requests always give out error for the user who is already logged in. Commented
6/3/2012 Social Graph and Ti.Facebook.requestWithGraphPath Commented
6/2/2012 Program with Titanium with another editor Answered
6/2/2012 Help! How to create a proper Back Button image? Commented
6/2/2012 Working Amazon DynamoDB in Titanium mobile? Answered
6/2/2012 MVC - model question Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 Route-Me or Openstreetmap module Commented
6/2/2012 Map routing Answered
6/2/2012 Properties show as null - What am I missign? Answered
6/2/2012 iPad splitview demo, Please Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 iPad: Split View with a ToolBar giving a menu look Answered
6/2/2012 Can u help me with splitview Answered
6/2/2012 Advanced UI like the Sales Demo App - SAP & Appcelerator Answered
6/2/2012 Best Practice iPad SplitView + TabGroup (CommonJS) Answered
6/1/2012 Panning of images Commented
6/1/2012 ACS - Query in places : 'order=updated_at' doesn't work Commented
6/1/2012 How i come 4 navigation window to first window? Answered
6/1/2012 Android SOAP Commented
6/1/2012 "Building Mobile Applications with Titanium" book example error Commented
5/31/2012 recuperate a value from picker and send it to other window Commented
5/31/2012 login to my app user with facebook Commented
5/31/2012 WebView data in a string Commented
5/31/2012 Local annotations shall open different views Commented
5/30/2012 objectiveC gurus... a little help!! Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Titanium Appcelerator Android fails to build with exception for ti.android.compilejs Answered
5/25/2012 Problem with Google Maps in WebView Commented
5/25/2012 Updating annotations on a map as user pans around Commented
5/25/2012 Is it possible to get augmented reality in titanium? Commented
5/25/2012 Parse IOS Module problem with dates Commented
5/25/2012 passing data or function between files appcelerator Answered
5/24/2012 Open Window under View Commented
5/23/2012 Integrating Cloud push notification to iphone and Android in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 communicate between two windows with anonymous functions Answered
5/23/2012 KitchenSink for capturing images and video? Answered
5/23/2012 Ti.include failing on Android Answered
5/23/2012 Centering Map around multiple points on the map Answered
5/22/2012 UITableVIewrow clickable Uilabels Commented
5/22/2012 Send push notification from site. Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 multiple tableviews drilldown Commented
5/22/2012 Secure storing of application secret (oAuth) Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 Geolocation location event Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 Sharing a View between Tabs Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 Swipe between navigation screens? Answered
5/21/2012 Why does my main window don't closes ?? Commented
5/21/2012 View Layout with multiple Labels Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 CustomCookie Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 How to get all file path in a directory of iPad by using Titanium? Answered
5/20/2012 Camera app -- How do we do filters/effects like picplz, instagr.am? Answered
5/20/2012 Photo filters - ala Instagram? Answered
5/20/2012 Using Yelp 2.0 search in Titanium Answered
5/20/2012 How to block opening window multiple times Answered
5/20/2012 Module error and SDK 2.0 Commented
5/19/2012 Android: App crashes when selecting image from gallery Commented
5/19/2012 Switch BackgroundColor Answered
5/19/2012 Issue getting property from event on Android, TableView event Answered, Commented
5/19/2012 Instance method '-krollBridge' not found (return type defaults to 'id') Commented
5/19/2012 fileuploader in android Commented
5/19/2012 Ti 2.0 Android: random java.lang.NullPointerException Commented
5/19/2012 Application did not close the cursor or database object that was opened here Commented
5/19/2012 ACS - Photos Query using tags Answered
5/19/2012 TableViewRow height in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/19/2012 View is added to "flow" but not showing Commented
5/16/2012 Set padding in TableView Commented
5/16/2012 Okay to nest export functions in CommonJS? Answered
5/16/2012 ti.opengl module global installation Commented
5/16/2012 calling method of JAR from titanium mobile module project Answered
5/16/2012 Weird Problem with UI Answered
5/16/2012 [iOS/Android] Metro route planner Answered
5/16/2012 Can't get rid of duplicates from XML response. Answered
5/16/2012 module window previous opened need to be closed when other thing happens Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Best Practice for Tabs, NavGroups with CommonJS Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 How to check if a callback is completed Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 How to set click for each table row. Answered
4/26/2012 Problem with displaying downloaded data Answered
4/24/2012 Any way to track where a NullPointerException is happening? Answered
4/20/2012 Ti.UI.WebView event handling in iOS Answered
4/20/2012 How to get the access token with the new foursquare APIs Answered
4/20/2012 tabbed app best practises Commented
4/20/2012 Using standard iOS video/image recording layout Commented
4/20/2012 Kitchen Sink With ACS Cloud Answered
4/20/2012 Moving a label to top of screen Answered
4/20/2012 where can I get all CodeStrong presentations Answered
4/18/2012 Parsing XML Answered
4/18/2012 FOURSQUARE API Commented
4/18/2012 is linkedin oauth implementation for titanium mobile possible, like twitter's ? Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Retrieving data from HTTPClient() unload function Answered
4/6/2012 How to refresh Table rows from database Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 CommonJS implementation: Android vs iOS Answered
4/5/2012 How to perform NTLM authentication between a Desktop Titanium app and a REST service Answered
4/5/2012 NTLM support for Network.createHTTPClient()? Answered
4/5/2012 Webview only works first time Commented
4/5/2012 $50 to anyone that can help me solve this issue! Commented
4/5/2012 Sencha Touch Titanium hybrid, is it possible? Commented
4/1/2012 How to remove variables from memory. Commented
2/29/2012 Stateful Modules example do not work. Commented
2/22/2012 how to send a variable to another view Answered
2/21/2012 What event is fired when the app comes to the foreground? Answered
2/21/2012 Xcode and Titanium Answered
2/21/2012 always tableview Answered
2/21/2012 mobile display address in tableview using google place api issue Commented
2/21/2012 how to disable back window's controls when a new window is popup? Commented
2/21/2012 Detect which button was clicked inside a view Commented
2/20/2012 Parsing an argument from Titanium app to HTML file Answered, Commented
2/20/2012 On Click all buttons are on the last var count, why? Answered
2/20/2012 Change the height of the titelbar in a categories folder (iPhone) Commented
2/20/2012 android webview Answered
2/20/2012 Titanium Studio does not see Xcode is installed Answered
2/20/2012 Window barImage orientation change Answered
2/20/2012 How do I hide individual section borders for a TableView? Answered
2/20/2012 Error Domain=com.google.GDataXML Code=-1 Commented
2/20/2012 How do I slide one view in and another out? Answered, Commented
2/20/2012 Open a window on Map annotation right button click event Commented
2/20/2012 Include JS file with function. Undefined function.... Answered, Commented
2/20/2012 Reinitialize Window on Tab Focus Answered
2/20/2012 create a button object Commented
2/19/2012 SQLite - fulle database output like php Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 Is this possible with Titanium? Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 JSON Parse not working Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 Parse a json response Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 call back function for local push notifications in appcelerator / titanium Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 Managing the detail view in windows with tab groups Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 modal window video fullscreen bug Commented
2/19/2012 navBarHidden on tab window propagates to opened "child" windows Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 sqlite error - insert Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 Android: LJava Error ? Commented
2/19/2012 App.js and Homepage Question?... Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 iOS module fails to load. Linker error. Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 Change user agent in WebView Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 createImageView won't render to left of label Answered
2/19/2012 how to make a password field Answered, Commented
2/19/2012 The XML file contains errors. Please correct before using the visual editor. Commented
2/19/2012 Messaging capability for users inside App Answered
2/18/2012 qHD Android with DIP Commented
2/18/2012 How do you place a button under the Nav Bar? Commented
2/18/2012 In App purchases Answered, Commented
2/18/2012 cocoafish Answered
2/18/2012 Memory Leaks on Android but not on iOS - Very SIMPLE test Case!!! Answered, Commented
2/18/2012 Titanium Studio can't find iOS SDK on Macbook Air Answered
2/18/2012 google map Answered
2/18/2012 How to play sound files from memory (rather than files)? Answered
2/18/2012 Facebook Private Message in Titanium Answered
2/18/2012 How can I get the raw binary data for an image? Commented
2/18/2012 Dealing with dates going mad Answered
2/18/2012 Zynga Poker Menu Setup Answered, Commented
2/18/2012 After compiling to a device, doesn't recognize objects Answered
2/17/2012 Flat look on tableviewrow with grouped style Answered
2/17/2012 Help with remote download please! Answered, Commented
2/17/2012 how to get html source code of a webpage? Answered
2/17/2012 Upload multiple photos to Facebook Album Answered, Commented
2/17/2012 files not compiled at runtime Commented
2/17/2012 compare text of textArea with file data Answered
2/17/2012 What is a best practice way of creating a domain model? Answered
2/17/2012 I'm looking for a way to create a view similar to the address book view Commented
2/16/2012 problem running module with Android Runtime V8 Commented
2/16/2012 Title bars (and leftnavbuttons) Answered, Commented
2/16/2012 Background Service Android Answered
2/16/2012 Best Practices for storing/caching a large XML response Answered
2/16/2012 pause/resume events never fired? Commented
2/16/2012 registerBackgroundService - SDK 1.8.1 Answered, Commented
2/16/2012 Calculate the time between two dates Answered
2/16/2012 Email with multiple file attachment Answered
2/16/2012 Picker Iphone apply error of code ? Commented
2/16/2012 Activity Indicator: View Not Attached Crash Answered, Commented
2/16/2012 Display text in textArea? Answered, Commented
2/16/2012 Convert image file to base64 data Answered
2/16/2012 getting [[object Object]] is not a constructor error on exports function Answered
2/15/2012 Cannot build custom Android module on osx with 1.8.1 Answered, Commented
2/15/2012 Network module is null Answered
2/15/2012 Camera Overlay touchEnabled:false does not work in 1.8 or 1.7.5. Where can I track this bug's progress? Answered
2/15/2012 Offline Video in app Answered
2/15/2012 leftImage in TableView Answered
2/15/2012 Problem in Tableview Search Answered
2/15/2012 iPad Popover and Keyboard problem Answered
2/15/2012 In-App purchasing for dummies Answered
2/15/2012 Error while building modules using titanium Commented
2/14/2012 Compiling App in ios Commented
2/14/2012 Uploading image to Facebook Commented
2/14/2012 Is there a way to get only the city with Titanium.Geolocation? Answered, Commented
2/14/2012 Titanium.UI.TableViewSection.headerView Answered
2/14/2012 Locking screen aborts file upload ( Answered
2/14/2012 How to properly add a iOS Framework to a Titanium project? Answered, Commented
2/14/2012 [Android/iPhone] NavigationController Commented
2/14/2012 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) Answered, Commented
2/14/2012 cant load Custom module *.jar into Titanium mobile application. Commented
2/14/2012 Scrollview full screen ,Items not appearing ! Answered
2/13/2012 app.js wihout tabgroup - cant open subsequent windows Answered, Commented
2/13/2012 scroll tableview to bottom! Answered
2/13/2012 Window's 'open event' broken on Android with Ti 1.8.1? Commented
2/13/2012 Passing variable between window Answered
2/13/2012 barImage 1.8.1 iOS Answered
2/13/2012 Recreating The Raised Center Tab Bar Button of Instagram Answered
2/13/2012 How to make a gmail client project with titanium studio?Which google api need to use? Answered
2/13/2012 Android inAppBilling Question Answered
2/13/2012 xhr Request inside Facebook Request Commented
2/13/2012 How can we create template for Titanium mobile Application Answered
2/13/2012 Issue with push Urban Airship Commented
2/13/2012 Android route suport Answered
2/13/2012 Local version of registerForPushNotifications Commented
2/13/2012 How can i collect checked row Answered
2/13/2012 Return @string from Proxy (appcelerator modules) Answered
2/13/2012 Preventing out of memory with high res photo Answered
2/13/2012 Use backgroundservice to check whether internet is available again Answered
2/13/2012 OptionDialog inside Popover? Or an alternative solution... Answered
2/13/2012 Custom Table View Design Help Answered
2/13/2012 Multiple TableViews with SearchBar in ScrollableView causes crash on Android Answered, Commented
2/13/2012 Facebook publish to stream with place? Answered
2/13/2012 Facebook Checkins Answered
2/13/2012 favorites list on iPad Answered
2/13/2012 Horizontal layout Answered
2/13/2012 User sessions / need to implement 'Remember me' functionality Commented
2/13/2012 SQLite Encryption Possibilities Answered
2/13/2012 App fails to launch on Android Emulator Answered
2/8/2012 is this ready for a real life app Answered
2/8/2012 Global variables on Android Answered
2/6/2012 [Critical?] The cross-platform NavigationController crashes. Answered, Commented
2/6/2012 InAppBilling return 'Billing Service Bind Failed' Commented
2/5/2012 in app purchase shared secret password Answered
2/5/2012 Ti.storekit Verifying Auto Renewable Subscription Answered
2/5/2012 does android support in-app purchases? Answered
2/5/2012 Black Berry Playbook support Commented
2/5/2012 RightNavButton and LeftNavButton Not Displaying in 1.8.1 Commented
2/5/2012 app freeze on resume Commented
2/5/2012 Hello World - Null Pointer Exception in Android Commented
2/4/2012 reload window or view on click of button Commented
2/4/2012 Orientation change Commented
2/4/2012 Creating Custom Tabgroup Android. Use Views Or Windows? Answered
2/1/2012 [Android] Extended Module Commented
2/1/2012 What happened to KrollCallback? Answered
1/30/2012 android: window title resets after re-opening the window Commented
1/30/2012 How to expand a clicked row and shift all others instantly? Answered
1/30/2012 Cannot save the remote images to filesystem !! Commented
1/30/2012 titanium Android Map Commented
1/30/2012 tableview grouping if date is the same with other date Commented
1/30/2012 Apple refuses Google Analytics Module Commented
1/28/2012 Where to find a SOAP call example using suds.js as a CommonJS module ? Answered
1/28/2012 WebView not is not displayed. Android Answered
1/28/2012 Google Shopping API Call fails Commented
1/28/2012 Opening window in Modal but doesn't close Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 HTML5 Video tag not working on Titanium Desktop Commented
1/25/2012 Trying to add tableViewRow and failing. Commented
1/25/2012 problem with navcontroler Answered
1/25/2012 Problem with Titanium Studio Answered
1/25/2012 Need an advice about BlackBerry preview Answered
1/25/2012 Facebook logout on iOS Answered
1/25/2012 How can I change the name of "Cancel" button in tibar module ? Answered
1/25/2012 Tabgroup Question Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 [GUIDE] WindowController Applying CommonJS Commented
1/25/2012 What is the current status of Unit-testing in Titanium? Commented
1/25/2012 module corrections Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 How to clear memory usage of a child window on window close (left back button) event ? Answered
1/24/2012 Couldn't find module Commented
1/24/2012 Sort tableView based on established variables? Answered
1/24/2012 3rd party module not working Answered
1/24/2012 setselectedrow doesn't work Commented
1/24/2012 Splashscreen : navBar & tabBar always visible on window.open() in app.js --> BUG ? Commented
1/24/2012 How To Walk the Ui Tree? probably not even possible I think children has been dumped; Answered
1/24/2012 Set a user-agent for a webview. Please help Answered
1/24/2012 Does anyone actually test their applications? Not even Titans; Answered
1/21/2012 Managing memory with Instruments : question about TiUIWindow Commented
1/19/2012 problem : how to update the each index - for notes app Commented
1/19/2012 What happens to the view when the parent window close? Answered
1/19/2012 Cannot submit app to App Store: CFBundleVersion error Answered
1/18/2012 Use of Events in TabBar Applications Answered, Commented
1/18/2012 Hide Statusbar on iOS Splash - nothing works Commented
1/18/2012 Possible to save an image to Android's image gallery? Answered
1/18/2012 openphotogallery allowediting - low quality Answered
1/18/2012 How to save video to photogally? Commented
1/18/2012 Insert mutliple row data into table in titanium android? Answered
1/18/2012 Could not locate the Android SDK at the given path Answered
1/18/2012 Facebook connect Answered
1/18/2012 Camera events don't fire on Android Commented
1/18/2012 App hanged Commented
1/18/2012 Cannot compile mobile project Answered
1/13/2012 Convert Storyboard to XIB? Commented
1/8/2012 About HTTP client error Commented
1/8/2012 Navigation bar image loading slowly in webview window Commented
1/8/2012 iPhone Front Camera Answered
1/8/2012 How to programmtically remove a dashboard item? Commented
1/8/2012 Significant memory leaks with windows, views and more Answered, Commented
1/6/2012 Global variables and commonJS require Answered, Commented
1/6/2012 Pass array content between js files Answered, Commented
1/6/2012 TableviewRow selected Image Commented
1/6/2012 TableView Display Nothing Answered
1/6/2012 Can I confirm that the latest SDK will still not allow accelerometer in the background? Commented
1/6/2012 TextArea selected Event Commented
1/6/2012 How to prevent keyboard open in scroll view on Android? Answered, Commented
1/6/2012 Random XML parsing error Commented
1/6/2012 Httpclient cookies Answered
1/6/2012 Close a window that is in a different menu Answered
1/5/2012 iOS Module development: how to add graphic assets to module Answered
1/5/2012 iOS module development: init parameters? Answered
1/5/2012 Facebook login opening a different app Answered
1/4/2012 CommonJS Project Example for guidance. Answered
1/4/2012 Video in Webview on Android Commented
1/4/2012 Cross platform navigation controller crashes (ep-002) Answered
1/3/2012 getChildren in 1.8 Answered, Commented
1/3/2012 iPhone App Hang after Distribution Build Commented
1/3/2012 Adding jQuery-style event handlers to objects beloning to a class Commented
1/2/2012 UITableView not ordered right. Problem. Answered
1/2/2012 Callback Failing Commented
1/1/2012 Tableview navigation the CommonJS way? Answered
12/31/2011 Windows 7 - Cannot find Anroid SDK Answered
12/31/2011 CocoaFish intergration probs Answered
12/30/2011 Update a variable on click Answered
12/30/2011 setCurrentTab crashes application on Android, on iOS works great Commented
12/30/2011 SplitWindow, Change width Answered
12/30/2011 Titanium.App.Properties, is it safe. Answered
12/30/2011 Scroll View on a New Window. Commented
12/29/2011 List of keywords not allowed commonJS Commented
12/29/2011 Table View, click and go back to previous page with collected information Answered
12/29/2011 Geolocation listeners (adding and removing) -- huge memory issues Answered
12/29/2011 Build failed with custom module under Answered
12/28/2011 Android Problem > Couldn't Get Facebook Checkin to Work Answered
12/28/2011 showing error to display stock view Answered
12/28/2011 Properties Commented
12/28/2011 BlackBerry splash screen landscape and portrait screens Answered
12/28/2011 "prototype" is not working Commented
12/27/2011 First App runs in iOS Simulator, but not on iPhone Commented
12/27/2011 Problems in android tracking a user's location Commented
12/27/2011 Disable textfield but still detect click Commented
12/27/2011 Uploading file to Box.net from a android module Answered
12/27/2011 Blob data Support Answered
12/27/2011 com.ci.docopener module not working ! Answered, Commented
12/26/2011 How do I make projects maintain which files were last open? Answered
12/26/2011 Memory leak in iphone application Commented
12/26/2011 HTTPClient.setOnload callbacks not firing? Answered, Commented
12/26/2011 Java class rewrite in Titanium module Answered
12/26/2011 Titanium Studio 1.8 IOS [ERROR] [BEROR]Code Sign error: Answered
12/26/2011 com.ci.docopener module Answered, Commented
12/25/2011 Mobile Best Practices Answered, Commented
12/25/2011 XHR, as effecient as possible? Answered, Commented
12/25/2011 Ti.UI.currentTab.open doesnt work in Commented
12/25/2011 iPhone gestures implementation? Answered
12/25/2011 Obj-C Fix for Error on Tableview insertRowBefore & insertRowAfter Commented
12/25/2011 Accessing Ti.App.Properties from a Module (Java) Commented
12/25/2011 Webview – Best practice Commented
12/25/2011 Get value from scrollableview Commented
12/25/2011 WebView Show xml with xslt? Answered
12/25/2011 Compilation error for android emulator on mac lion Commented
12/25/2011 Titanium android map coming with a fix size Answered
12/25/2011 TableViewRow.remove() Throws ClassCastExcetion on Android Commented
12/25/2011 SplitViews and TabBars Commented
12/25/2011 Remote Image Grid Gallery Commented
12/25/2011 No output in console after upgrade to Commented
12/25/2011 Is Titanium an appropriate platform to create a "menu-driven" iOS casual game? Answered, Commented
12/24/2011 Modal Window open another Modal Window, how? Commented
12/23/2011 Single context problem Commented
12/23/2011 picker fireEvent 'change' isn't working as planned.. Answered, Commented
12/23/2011 Mobile App with External SDK Commented
12/23/2011 An error keeps occuring when I try to package my app for distribution. Why and how can I fix it? Commented
12/23/2011 Exception in event callback. { After updating to new Studio Commented
12/23/2011 Module compiling with issues (java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file) Commented
12/23/2011 navGroup and Passing Data Problem Commented
12/23/2011 Removing old sdk's Answered
12/21/2011 Image upload to CouchDB from Android App Answered
12/19/2011 Another rc problem Commented
12/19/2011 iOS-specific constants raise a warning on Android Answered
12/19/2011 Deployment targets error Answered
12/19/2011 How to control the Flashlight in the Camera Answered
12/19/2011 Preferred way to access variable inside eventlistener Answered, Commented
12/15/2011 Building project with Titanium studio and extending it on Xcode. Answered, Commented
12/15/2011 Titanium Android tabGroup exitOnClose Answered
12/15/2011 Voice note for ipad app Commented
12/13/2011 License violation detected. Unlicensed module(s) detected Commented
12/13/2011 Error: Traceback (most recent call last): Answered
12/13/2011 unable to open the titanium project using titanium studio Commented
12/13/2011 bring up initial screen Commented
12/13/2011 Reusing WebViews between Windows and Tabs (resource/object pooling) Commented
12/13/2011 Passing parameters to iOS module function from apps.js Commented
12/13/2011 Events And Layered Elements Answered
12/13/2011 How to implement page number mechanism in a scrollview Answered
12/13/2011 Facebook functionality for iPhone works on simulator but not on device Commented
12/13/2011 Large XML response parsing crashes iPone app - memory leak? Answered
12/13/2011 XHR Request - Use Returned Variable outside of onload function Answered
12/12/2011 Module compilation on 1.8 RC1 Commented
12/11/2011 Call js function from native module Answered
12/11/2011 window background color is not appearing , When I use Table view rows Answered
12/11/2011 Difference TiUIViewProxy and TiUIView ?? Answered
12/11/2011 iOS App works perfectly in simulator & on test device but is rejected by Apple for basic functionality NOT working Answered
12/10/2011 JS Functions called by module Answered
12/10/2011 Synchronous on Android Commented
12/10/2011 Missing the iOS SDK that is needed for the iPhone and iPad deployment targets Answered
12/8/2011 How to store the selection of MusicLibrary ? Answered, Commented
12/8/2011 Need advice on binding event in webview Answered, Commented
12/8/2011 Page Flip Module Zoom Commented
12/8/2011 The actual path of applicationDataDirectory Commented
12/8/2011 Titanium and Cocos2D integration Answered
12/8/2011 CommonJS tab based app issues Commented
12/7/2011 Facebook : Login and password stored in application Answered, Commented
12/7/2011 Can't get tweetanium to run Answered, Commented
12/6/2011 Local JSON - On Device Commented
12/5/2011 V8 and tableView rowData Commented
12/1/2011 // ScrollableView bad performance on iPad1 / iPad2 since iOS 5 Commented
12/1/2011 Get driving directions using user location Answered
12/1/2011 Facebook event listeners Commented
12/1/2011 where to download plus+ modules? Answered
11/30/2011 Button not hiding Commented
11/30/2011 tab creation Commented
11/30/2011 video upload Commented
11/30/2011 About Mobile app successfully running Commented
11/30/2011 Still Not Getting the navGroup... Answered
11/28/2011 Two maps in different window, how to solve? Answered
11/28/2011 Premium Mobile APIs? Answered, Commented
11/28/2011 New data overlaying 'Old' data upon refresh in Table View Commented
11/28/2011 Map Region and Route Display Answered, Commented
11/28/2011 Title Control Commented
11/28/2011 How to symbolicate app crashes in Xcode Commented
11/28/2011 learn javaScript for mobile apps development Answered
11/27/2011 Crash reporting Answered, Commented
11/27/2011 how to check if JSON node exists? Answered
11/27/2011 Mapping multiple points in mapview Answered, Commented
11/27/2011 Is a mobile/tablet chat room app possible? Answered
11/27/2011 Image as TableView separator Answered
11/27/2011 How to post a comment om Facebook from a textfield? Answered
11/27/2011 1.7.5 SDK selectedPerson Issue Answered
11/26/2011 Refresh on tab press Answered
11/25/2011 Default Mobile Code Won't Build for iOS Device Answered
11/25/2011 Pass by reference from one window to a new one does not seem to work Commented
11/25/2011 What does this error mean?? Sending event: exception on thread: main msg:android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to Answered, Commented
11/25/2011 TabGroup.close does not release memory Commented
11/25/2011 How to Dynamically load image view in a scrollview. Answered
11/25/2011 Putting blob image in imageView not working Commented
11/25/2011 Loading local image in webview(with remote URL and NOT local url) Answered
11/25/2011 tab costumization Answered
11/25/2011 Is there a way for me to encrypt a file or folder? Answered, Commented
11/25/2011 Pass array of property in object Answered, Commented
11/23/2011 strike through on label Answered, Commented
11/23/2011 commonJS debugging Commented
11/23/2011 createElement Example Answered
11/22/2011 Contact Address, How do you parse through the info Answered
11/22/2011 Close the root window of navigation group on Android and iOS? Answered
11/22/2011 Good example of using CommonJS in a tabgroup based multi-window application? Answered, Commented
11/22/2011 HttpClient asynchronous Answered
11/22/2011 Easier way to create module for Marketplace? Answered
11/21/2011 Set toolbar but only if we're on the first window Answered, Commented
11/20/2011 Error installing app to iPhone 4s using Titanium Answered
11/20/2011 Runtime error when module specified in tiapp.xml Commented
11/20/2011 Problem with Custom Module for OCR? Answered
11/20/2011 Android Intents and externalStorage problem Commented
11/20/2011 how to remove event from tableview? Answered
11/20/2011 Can not build app on IPad device. Help Help !!! Commented
11/20/2011 Audio player Commented
11/20/2011 Sort picker data, translated Commented
11/20/2011 Navigation within child windows of a tab group Answered, Commented
11/20/2011 Blackberry 101 - Where to start? Answered
11/20/2011 How to convert website view to mobile view? Commented
11/20/2011 Sorting TableView Commented
11/18/2011 Database deployment - How do I do it??? Answered
11/17/2011 responseXML returns emtpy object Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 applicationWillResignActive Answered
11/16/2011 Modules expiry Answered
11/15/2011 To implement Linkedin API ... Answered, Commented
11/15/2011 Another passing variable between js file questions Answered, Commented
11/13/2011 File upload speed Answered, Commented
11/13/2011 Change style on tableview Header Answered, Commented
11/13/2011 How to close app if running in background (or keep it from staying open in background at all) Answered
11/13/2011 Titanium File Upload control on registration form? Answered
11/13/2011 Can I play library item by Video Player like music player ? Answered
11/13/2011 Facebook FQL Multiquery Commented
11/12/2011 Remote image in DashboardItem Answered
11/12/2011 Info button without nav sections Answered
11/12/2011 NavBar without tabs? Answered
11/12/2011 Several items Drag and Drop functionality support for iOS Answered
11/12/2011 Uncheck other TableViewRows on Click Answered
11/12/2011 iPhone Calendar Alerts Answered
11/12/2011 Prevent WebView Scroll but still enable Click Answered
11/12/2011 How return to safari from my app? Answered
11/12/2011 Running App from commandline Answered
11/12/2011 Continuous Builds for Titanium Apps Answered
11/12/2011 changing setlocation to refresh map Commented
11/12/2011 Customize search bar Answered
11/12/2011 App rejected: "We found the following non-public API/s in your app: layout" Answered
11/12/2011 Titanium Studio Geolocation Template Commented
11/12/2011 Different Language in Reverse-Geocoding Answered
11/12/2011 Marketplace delay on new product reviews Answered
11/12/2011 blob.imageAsThumbnail() doesn't work if blob is read from file Answered
11/12/2011 Android HTML Email Limitations. Commented
11/12/2011 Android MapView 'complete' event is never fired Commented
11/12/2011 [Android] Problems with tableViewSection and switch Commented
11/12/2011 Fastdev not working for one app... Commented
11/12/2011 Titanium does not compile on lion for IOS. Commented
11/12/2011 Using a Module causes 'no type or storage class may be specified here before 'implementation' error Answered, Commented
11/12/2011 tweetanium not working Answered, Commented
11/12/2011 TARGET_BUILD_DIR error in Xcode 4.2 Commented
11/12/2011 what e.source.html.match(/\<code\>(\d{1,})\<\/code\>/) does in authoriseUICallBack methods ? Answered
11/12/2011 Formatting (strong, italic, new lines) a label Answered
11/12/2011 view children Undefined Answered
11/11/2011 Passing Data Between Windows Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 error titanium studo - osx lion Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 Apple rejected app - reason: non standard API = layout Answered
11/10/2011 Play remote video that has paramaters Commented
11/10/2011 Community Moble Sample/Tutorial- like Facebook or LinkedIn? Answered
11/10/2011 urgent reply !!!......post status update to twitter,facebook& linkedin Answered
11/10/2011 How to hide the Popover when you click in the Navbar? Commented
11/10/2011 Allow user to pick one of a contact's phone numbers Answered
11/10/2011 Local Video Playback Commented
11/10/2011 How to fetch images and video from xml and show and play video? Commented
11/10/2011 How to integrate Brightcove in application? Answered
11/10/2011 Storing url of the image in the database and retrieving not working Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 How to setup BB SDK path Answered
11/10/2011 Google Weather Api with YQL. Dont work/ Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 Two search bars Answered
11/10/2011 Example of using Yelp API in titanium Answered
11/10/2011 Saving image url to database and retrieving it Answered
11/8/2011 How do i create imageview from Blob data stored in Sqlite Database? Answered, Commented
11/7/2011 Disable console messages (Ti.API.debug, Ti.API.info) Answered
11/6/2011 Tab Icons are not displayed Commented
11/6/2011 openURL strange behavior Commented
11/6/2011 Forward Geocode Answered
11/4/2011 xhr.onload causing TiUIWindowProxy not to get released from memory allocation Commented
11/4/2011 Facebook status to --> Titanium app Commented
11/4/2011 Do i need to set system variables for my mac in order to develop fro android & IOS with appcelerator? Answered, Commented
11/3/2011 facebook checkin question Answered
11/3/2011 Twitter needs to tweet Commented
11/3/2011 Parse.com library - Querying with where parameters Commented
11/3/2011 How to return the root window of a navigationGroup ? Answered
11/1/2011 navigating between windows cross platform Answered, Commented
11/1/2011 SimpleGeo Usage? Answered, Commented
10/31/2011 How to build module to include external libraries? Commented
10/31/2011 Error sending a push notification with Urban Airship Answered
10/31/2011 How to know my app is running at the background or not? Answered, Commented
10/31/2011 Atomic22 - New MVVM Framework for Titanium Appcelerator Mobile Commented
10/30/2011 Question about developing ?OS apps. Answered, Commented
10/30/2011 Can you pass arguments to a module before a Titanium Module calls startup()? Commented
10/30/2011 Option dialog, problem with portrait/landscape Answered
10/30/2011 addEventListener on tableview rows Commented
10/30/2011 Studion Theme - do you have the theme used on the blog examples? Answered
10/30/2011 Get all objects contained by a parent object Answered, Commented
10/29/2011 Well... I'm back! Answered, Commented
10/29/2011 Compile Blackberry Apps Commented
10/29/2011 Best Practice Guidance needed on basic app architecture Answered, Commented
10/29/2011 Resources final destination Answered
10/29/2011 Custom background image while ImageView is loading? Answered
10/29/2011 Create different View and view Proxy class on titanium module? Answered
10/29/2011 How to get rid of silly (unwanted) warnings in Titanium Studio Answered
10/28/2011 Error on facebook wall post Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Passing datetime to a fireEvent Answered
10/28/2011 Android video upload via httpclient...'unsupported type class' Answered
10/28/2011 buttons in window title bar Answered
10/28/2011 Cannot build XML in Titanium Answered
10/27/2011 How do I create a picker that acts like a table view on Titanium Mobile? Commented
10/27/2011 Android & Birdhouse - Authorize application Commented
10/27/2011 Developing for iOS Answered
10/27/2011 Out of Memory Answered, Commented
10/27/2011 Cloud Build Service for Mobile Answered
10/27/2011 Why not use a build service? Answered
10/27/2011 Is there anyway to develop iPhone on a Windows? Answered
10/27/2011 So I cannot develop for IOS on a PC? Answered
10/27/2011 IPhone App Development on PC using Titanium Answered
10/27/2011 Save image after showCamera success Answered
10/25/2011 Going bonkers over SQLite database crashes Commented
10/25/2011 Unable to download a file, in a Titanium Module Commented
10/24/2011 Build vs Deploy... What is the difference?? Commented
10/24/2011 Show Current Location in Mapview without Blue Circle Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 iOS Module: Setting Proxy Values Answered
10/24/2011 Using Basic Authentication in WebView will never load the page Commented
10/24/2011 Geolocation Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 VideoPlayer not finding a local video file in Android app Answered
10/24/2011 I want buy Urbanairship module, i have to pay every month? Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 Not able to create iOS module for titanium Commented
10/24/2011 Save image to the database Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 java.lang.outofmemory error android Answered, Commented
10/23/2011 application is crashing after some time and giving java.lang.OutOfMemory error with force close button Commented
10/23/2011 Latency on displaying multiple images in imageView Answered
10/23/2011 Is there an API for a count bubble in a TableViewRow? Answered
10/23/2011 popover and picker crash Answered
10/23/2011 Correct encoding for an image url for facebook feed post ? Commented
10/23/2011 dynamic embed of video Commented
10/23/2011 Navigatore not showing up Answered
10/22/2011 Titanium.API.addEventListener what events can i use Commented
10/22/2011 Embedding Android video player Commented
10/22/2011 Show Favourite marked items in tableview ? Answered
10/21/2011 UrbanAirShip Alternative? Answered
10/21/2011 Android HttpClient: Circular redirect error Commented
10/21/2011 Write a byte[] array to a file Answered
10/21/2011 Setting and moving of annotations Answered
10/21/2011 [MapView] Draggable Annotation (Drag and Drop) Answered
10/21/2011 SQLite works in simulator but not on device? Commented
10/21/2011 Search bar autosuggestion Answered
10/21/2011 Tableview scroll stuttering and performance issues Answered
10/21/2011 Draggable annotations Answered
10/20/2011 Failed Build (Run on device) with 1.8.0 and 1.7.4 SDK Commented
10/19/2011 geolocation Commented
10/19/2011 Blackberry url images in ImageView Problem Answered
10/19/2011 First step in Titanium-Studio Answered
10/19/2011 With 1.7.3, can I finally update Xcode to 4.2 and use the iOS5 sdk? Answered
10/19/2011 Fill The textboes with color? Answered
10/19/2011 Run/debug on Android device? Answered
10/19/2011 Refreshing an active DB Answered
10/19/2011 URL for 1.7.2 API Docs? Answered
10/18/2011 mapview just giving blank screen, no map Answered
10/18/2011 Kitchen Sink Mobile Web??? Answered, Commented
10/18/2011 HTTPClient() don't work on blackberry Commented
10/18/2011 State of Blackberry release Answered
10/18/2011 Blackberry issue when invoking add method of Ti.UI.createTableViewRow() Answered
10/18/2011 Blackberry - is now ready to use? Answered
10/18/2011 Blackberry problem, app won't start Answered
10/18/2011 Bugs with checkboxes and table events or am I doing it wrong? Answered
10/18/2011 How to download and save image in Blackberry Answered
10/18/2011 A place where to get hold of scripts for Titanium Answered
10/18/2011 Tableview display problem Answered
10/17/2011 Very large text field in JSON object using HTTPClient is preventing data being loaded Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 Dynamically add table row title. Commented
10/16/2011 Titanium.Media.TakePicture error Answered
10/16/2011 iOS LocalNotifications with multi-context app Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 getting a value from webview after form submit Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Mass Includes - FIXED! Commented
10/16/2011 Map annotations: click don't fire more than twice Commented
10/16/2011 Question about local notifications and background service Answered
10/16/2011 XMLgetElementsByTagName Issue Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 I am not able to get current location on iphone . Commented
10/16/2011 mapView Annotations Answered
10/16/2011 Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient() doesn't work in Android Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Ti.include / require_once issue... Commented
10/16/2011 Deleting table row results in memory leak Commented
10/16/2011 getCurrentPosition crashes in simulator Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Picker Time - setSelectedRow() Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Image in Table View Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 I am trying to display my webview image on mobile screen, image doesnt resize to fit perfectly Answered
10/16/2011 xhr.send (with JSON Parameters) using GET and not POST Commented
10/16/2011 xhr upload photo from camera/gallery waited a long time before server receive post message Commented
10/16/2011 XML Problem Commented
10/16/2011 How to handle pickers with gesture ? Commented
10/15/2011 close all child windows/ Hide all windows and go back to main window Answered
10/15/2011 Validate a text field Answered, Commented
10/15/2011 How can I know one component is added to the view Commented
10/14/2011 Updated to ios5 - need to build for iphone now Commented
10/14/2011 pass jason to webview Commented
10/14/2011 Is there any other option of application level event. Commented
10/14/2011 Android mp3 streaming from shortened URL is not working Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 Time based events Answered
10/13/2011 Creating a Reusable Factory (and Reusing it) Commented
10/13/2011 A few seconds of audio from last video plays when the next video starts on iPhone and iPad. Full code included, please help.. Answered
10/12/2011 UIDocumentInteractionController or createDocumentViewer to open in other apps Answered
10/12/2011 $50 bounty - iPhone/iPad video player issue. Commented
10/12/2011 couchdb mobile Commented
10/12/2011 read file on device Commented
10/12/2011 Property allowsSelection from TableView work on Android? Answered
10/12/2011 Convert datetime in Titanium Answered
10/11/2011 Creating Android native module fail creating module template Answered
10/11/2011 Google Analytic for iOS 1.3 with Roger Chapman's code ? Commented
10/11/2011 Using titanium objects in native modules using JS Answered, Commented
10/11/2011 stop next eventlistener Answered
10/11/2011 (Android mobile) activeTab.open() new window is not preserving tabs Answered
10/10/2011 Can't change the font size of a ButtonBar button Answered
10/10/2011 Android XHR: onload and onerror not firing (works fine on iPhone) Commented
10/10/2011 How to retrieve friends' check-in for target place with its placeID? Commented
10/10/2011 Display piechart . Answered
10/10/2011 Scrolling tabGroup Answered
10/10/2011 navigation group object's current window Answered
10/10/2011 Image Path Answered
10/9/2011 How to get started integrating ADMOB into my app? Answered
10/8/2011 Crash with 1.7.x SDK using back to back addEventListener functions Commented
10/8/2011 BlackBerry Woes Answered, Commented
10/8/2011 How to spin an image, on click? Answered
10/8/2011 How to validate an e mail address in a textfield Answered, Commented
10/8/2011 Progress indicator for Titanium.requestWithGraphPath? Answered, Commented
10/8/2011 Dashboard View Scrolls Vertically Commented
10/8/2011 Android and Birdhouse - Tweet window Answered, Commented
10/7/2011 Twitter Logout Answered, Commented
10/7/2011 Twitter module? Answered
10/7/2011 ondatastream for file transfers only? Answered
10/7/2011 Location Change Service (Android & iOS) Answered
10/7/2011 Autosuggestion Answered
10/6/2011 Titanium Studio without a network connection (on an airplane) Answered
10/5/2011 Getting GPS Coords into a variable and label. Commented
10/5/2011 CustomJS and exports Answered
10/5/2011 Modal window only open on first launch, how to open on activate? Answered
10/5/2011 How to save dashboardItem page locations Answered
10/5/2011 How to check whether a database is empty or not??? Answered
10/5/2011 How do I lock a mapview? Answered
10/5/2011 Making a Map Start Out as Zoomed In Answered, Commented
10/5/2011 xAuth, Appcelerator and Tumblr Commented
10/5/2011 Considering dropping Titanium ....Multi screens/density/devices development and titanium issues Commented
10/4/2011 Show a picker above the tabGroup Answered
10/4/2011 Compress / Change Size of Images when taken from the camera Answered
10/4/2011 Ti.include seems to be busted in SDK 1.8.0.v20111003072623 Answered
10/4/2011 Reload fresh data on window open Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 LocalStorage limitations Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 make a zoom in/out on a scroll view Answered
10/4/2011 Need Help Please Answered
10/4/2011 Need help with parsing xml to a tableview Commented
10/4/2011 Create an Autosuggest Searchbar in titanium iphone? Answered
10/4/2011 i want the explanation of coding Answered
10/4/2011 Simple App - No Tabs? Answered
10/4/2011 Restrict the keyboard to alphabets only Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 What does this really mean? Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 Table Search Glitch Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 Multiple authenticated APIs calls Commented
10/3/2011 Popover color and other properties as listed in SDK Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 ImageView only works on simulator Commented
10/3/2011 Where is my Mistake? Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Facebook Feed, avatar link up to date. Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 How to display an overlay image Answered
10/3/2011 release date for mobile sdk 1.8 Answered
10/3/2011 Event Listener not picking up click Answered
10/3/2011 Saving search criteria on the device for use later in my app Answered
10/3/2011 Titanium Studio crashing - Can I use Textmate? Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 commonJS, variable scope Question Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Using an overlay with openPhotoGallery Commented
10/3/2011 CFBundleShortVersionString is always 1.0, Commented
10/3/2011 i Need read textfield.value and pass to array Commented
10/3/2011 splitView on iPad eventListener does not seem to be working for me. Commented
10/3/2011 Update existing SQLite database of one app, from another app (both my apps) - Android Answered, Commented
10/2/2011 android using search property in tableview Answered
10/2/2011 Android setup Answered
10/2/2011 sql error in droid Commented
10/2/2011 Where's my application? Answered
10/2/2011 Best practice for mobile windows Answered, Commented
10/2/2011 Back button in navbar doesn't work Commented
10/2/2011 Animation - Not Ready Answered
10/2/2011 How to trigger event when variable changes? Answered
10/2/2011 Rotating an image using 'touchmove' Commented
10/2/2011 blackberry geolocation Answered
10/2/2011 Pagination with tableView and xhr Commented
10/2/2011 Android plays the audio but no video Answered
10/1/2011 TableView with sections and search on Android Commented
10/1/2011 emulator running something im not expecting Answered
10/1/2011 android: can't add search listener on main windows in tabgroup Commented
10/1/2011 How to use background image? Answered, Commented
10/1/2011 Android: WebView's evalJS Crashes the Application Commented
10/1/2011 Is there a way to add a carriage-return to a text inside a label? Answered, Commented
10/1/2011 Android Mobile Emulator database Answered
10/1/2011 Dashboard and images from url + delete item from dashboard Answered
10/1/2011 Regex a label created by a data array Answered
10/1/2011 Saving and caching images Answered
10/1/2011 android connecting to Ms Sql Server Answered
10/1/2011 ImageView and Remote Image caching Answered
10/1/2011 How to retrieve data from mysql to the phone? Answered
9/30/2011 Building .ipa problems Answered, Commented
9/30/2011 Problem with DB Answered, Commented
9/30/2011 Tiapp.Xml -- Commands /Extra Parameters Answered
9/30/2011 Why can't I control modal window size? Answered, Commented
9/30/2011 How to get all states which are true in Ti.App.Properties? Answered, Commented
9/30/2011 Is it possible to send an email by user created button Answered
9/29/2011 Wrap HTTP request in a function and return a value? Answered
9/28/2011 Another GPS Question (sorry) Answered
9/28/2011 custom table view row. Answered
9/28/2011 Squared-off tabbedBar? Answered, Commented
9/28/2011 close eventlistener Commented
9/27/2011 Strategies for threaded actions (running tasks in the background) Commented
9/27/2011 Blackberry Database Performance Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 Image resize, compress and upload? Commented
9/27/2011 Desktop Titanium SqlLite db folder windows 7 platform Answered
9/27/2011 looking for a working example of storing and retrieving photo blobs in sqlite Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 commonJS persistance Commented
9/27/2011 Displaying GPS Data Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 unable to connect to JSON service in android application of Titanium studio Answered
9/27/2011 BlackBerry Questions Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 iPhone App: Choosing an image from the library creates a duplicate Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 SearchBar setValue does not work as expected Commented
9/27/2011 Calendar Control in Appcelerator Answered
9/27/2011 Referencing the title of the active tab Answered
9/27/2011 how to view pdf in Android 2.2 ? Answered
9/27/2011 Honest opinions about Titanium's stability. Answered, Commented
9/27/2011 Listing youtube videos in app using xml_rss.js Answered
9/26/2011 openPhotoGallery not showing createTimestamp Answered
9/26/2011 working with local XML file Answered
9/26/2011 How to show/hide setToolbar? Answered
9/26/2011 Accessing a label from a self calling function? Answered
9/26/2011 xhr json response shows up in responseData and not responseText when utf8 chars are present Answered
9/26/2011 Repeat notifications Answered
9/24/2011 Multiple Eventlistener for the same variable Answered
9/24/2011 Passing a value from a modal window to the parent Answered, Commented
9/24/2011 Cannot create directory on ios device Commented
9/24/2011 How to read specific parts of JSON data Commented
9/24/2011 Button inside TableViewRow. How to get row.index Answered
9/24/2011 Event for completing adding aof annotations? Commented
9/24/2011 Storing "Lage" JS objects as JSON in properties Answered
9/24/2011 Trying to get a value from button click in TableTiewRow Commented
9/23/2011 tableViewRow with label and button... Question on button receiving click on row. Commented
9/22/2011 iphone/builder.py missing after update Answered
9/22/2011 Window Transition Question Answered
9/22/2011 Tableview scrollable background & Cap questions Answered, Commented
9/22/2011 Titanium does not give you a proper error when a javascript variable/function does not exist Answered
9/21/2011 Save downloaded file from remote server not working (Android) Commented
9/21/2011 On Demand Training Lab Question (03 - UI Fundamentals) HELP, please. Answered
9/21/2011 Calendar manipulation Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 Unable to use custom TiApp.xml properties Commented
9/19/2011 Does a TabGroup need to be added to a Window? Commented
9/19/2011 localization not working Commented
9/19/2011 save image (with out croping) from selecting PhotoGallery in app resource Answered
9/19/2011 How to show the label/Title of DashboardView Item? Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 error when create mapview for Android Answered
9/19/2011 TableView performance problem when rows are first viewed. Commented
9/19/2011 How can i open up a new window when a row is clicked? Commented
9/14/2011 open page that needs username and password Answered, Commented
9/13/2011 searchbar color Answered
9/13/2011 Calling Multiple XHRs Answered
9/13/2011 Add the Info Button next to the window Title Answered
9/11/2011 Titanium.UI.currentWindow is undefined Answered, Commented
9/11/2011 Designing the App by Toggling Tab Bar Commented
9/11/2011 compile from a batch file... Answered
9/11/2011 View in a Picker Row Commented
9/10/2011 Posting images to Facebook using the getFile.read() is returning 0 bytes Commented
9/10/2011 Can't find deployment documentation Answered
9/10/2011 Zipfile? Answered
9/10/2011 Publish a facebook checkin using graph api. Answered, Commented
9/10/2011 auto take photo - android Answered
9/10/2011 Picker in ScrollableView in Android Commented
9/10/2011 SQLite Download? Commented
9/10/2011 DB access within module Answered, Commented
9/9/2011 Android setData Answered
9/9/2011 Android weirdness Answered
9/9/2011 Getting the content of the photo taken Commented
9/9/2011 search text in webview Answered, Commented
9/9/2011 How to Place a button bar in the title of window? Answered
9/9/2011 script before build in titanium studio? Answered
9/9/2011 Save to photo Gallery Answered
9/8/2011 How to detect iPad Portrait vs. SplitView with CSS3? Answered
9/8/2011 Possible to check if an XML element exists without throwing an error? Answered
9/8/2011 Local search tool using javascript for titanium mobile Commented
9/8/2011 Email a photo from photoGallery as an attachtment Answered
9/7/2011 Any guide on how to deploy app to device for testing? Answered, Commented
9/7/2011 Creating a Custom Module - Copy of Example Function is Undefined? Commented
9/7/2011 Trying to load mobile.twitter.com pages in webView on Android just hangs Answered
9/5/2011 Table view delete Commented
9/5/2011 [Android] Problem with Reference of a var Answered
9/5/2011 Need help in checkbox to the array Commented
9/3/2011 Kept Getting error on event Change, Picker Commented
9/2/2011 Blackberry support in Titanium Studio: How do I find it? Answered
9/2/2011 form page keeps crashing, what could be wrong? Commented
9/2/2011 Use of load event with tableview Answered
9/2/2011 How to get Base64Decode as a string? Answered, Commented
9/2/2011 i18n: Titanium vs Xcode Answered, Commented
9/1/2011 Cache JSON output during session Answered
8/31/2011 Geolocation not working in iPhone simulator Answered, Commented
8/31/2011 Update value/Run function when tab activated? Answered
8/31/2011 Event listener of Slider not applied for all Answered, Commented
8/30/2011 Attempting to get data from TableView delete event results in crash Commented
8/30/2011 Loading millions of data, it crashes.... Answered
8/29/2011 Complex set of events, is it possible to execute this.... Answered
8/29/2011 Possible to check that previous XHR/XML request has completed before initiating a second one? Commented
8/29/2011 How to Style a Back Button? Answered
8/29/2011 HTML5 Canvas on webview really slow Answered
8/29/2011 Getting Picture from phone (either camera or gallery) and either upload it and convert to base64 or convert it to base64 Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 remove view to Windows Answered
8/29/2011 Wav sound to Base64 Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 How to convert a Titanium Blob to string Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 how to get base64 string from [object TiBlob] object? Answered
8/29/2011 Titanium 1.7.2 - Xml parsing crashes application Answered
8/29/2011 add button to tableview data[] Answered
8/29/2011 Custom API Answered
8/29/2011 Passing BLOB data between windows - specifically photos Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 Added barImage and now child windows don't chow title Commented
8/28/2011 twitter oAuth with PIN - birdhouse Commented
8/28/2011 Changing the look and feel of native desktop apps, e.g. adding toolbars, menus etc. Commented
8/28/2011 ButtonBar buttons dont actually disable for some reason? Commented
8/28/2011 remove childrens on the fly Answered, Commented
8/28/2011 How to get a form with numerous fields to be scrollable? Answered, Commented
8/28/2011 Long click addeventlistener? Commented
8/28/2011 WebView in a Tab does not repaint Commented
8/27/2011 Arrghhh - Simple button code -why won;t this work?? Answered
8/27/2011 Universal path to images Answered
8/27/2011 How to store square images using array and display like grid view? Answered, Commented
8/27/2011 Load saved image on iPad Answered
8/26/2011 i18N run on Simulator not in Device Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 TiBountyHunter Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 JSON Response Data Commented
8/25/2011 Twitter - PIN Answered
8/24/2011 cannot figure out how to retrieve album cover using Facebook api Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 How to submit iPhone app guide missing? Answered
8/23/2011 Handling delete on a table row? Answered
8/23/2011 createTableView issues with android Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 Eval problems with HTTPClient+PHP+and+MySQL Tutorial Commented
8/22/2011 Maintaining currently selected TableViewRow after swipe-delete Answered
8/22/2011 How to get all rows from TableView Answered
8/22/2011 scrolling backward in dynamic image scrollableView crashes in android Commented
8/22/2011 RUN once at startup... Answered
8/22/2011 Checking Ouptput with device.. Answered
8/21/2011 Does Not An Event Accept Objects As Data Payload? Answered
8/21/2011 Best way to create and destroy dynamically created objects in a detailview on a splitpanel Answered
8/21/2011 Titanium 1.7.0 ImageView not displaying remote images Answered
8/21/2011 ScrollableView keeps crashing on Android Commented
8/20/2011 Popover on table row for iPad? Commented
8/20/2011 Code structure in larger projects Commented
8/18/2011 Execute Function or Pass Variable on window close Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Get Video Duration after recording it Asked, Commented
8/18/2011 Variable scoping question Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Building custom table rows with controls from SQL data Answered
8/18/2011 Why and how to remove an added eventlistener Answered
8/18/2011 Group table view sections by table data? Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Displaying a modal window over a TabGroup Answered
8/18/2011 Google Map - How to test my app via real device? Commented
8/17/2011 settings.bundle - settings in iphone device settings Answered
8/17/2011 Forcing refresh on window after clicking tab Answered
8/17/2011 Is it possible to autoselect email address on emailDialog? Commented
8/16/2011 Notification Date Answered
8/16/2011 Function returning empty variable Answered
8/16/2011 Reload SQLite DB on every tab view Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 Dashboard View Answered
8/16/2011 Titanium.Database.install does not work as intended... Answered
8/16/2011 Can't find variable Ti, when trying to run Titanium API from webview Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 Memory and image from links problem Commented
8/14/2011 Make YQL data available outside of the block Answered, Commented
8/13/2011 why my table view is blank Answered
8/13/2011 Custom Events, Nested Views, and Scope Commented
8/13/2011 Building for App Store not possible in Titanium? Answered
8/12/2011 App Settings - Updating an Object Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 Is it OK to use getParent() even though its not documented? Answered
8/10/2011 tracking which view is in use in a NavigationGroup Answered
8/10/2011 Reports needs to be sent as Email? Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 Slow performance when searching on large tables and left/right images for iPhone Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 add description to facebook gallery photo upload Answered
8/10/2011 date picker: events going to window underneath instead of picker Answered
8/10/2011 Open .doc or other supported documents Answered
8/10/2011 Avoid Geolocation prompt when not using user's location? Answered
8/10/2011 Best practice for event processing between pages Commented
8/9/2011 Significant Improvement in Window Performance Commented
8/9/2011 UI Answered
8/9/2011 Closing multiple modals Answered
8/9/2011 Blackberry SDK Directory - SOLVED Commented
8/9/2011 Problem with Blackberry and Titanium Studio Commented
8/8/2011 Upload and Display the PDF in Android Mobile app Answered
8/8/2011 settings page Answered
8/3/2011 SOAP Web Service Commented
8/2/2011 Twitter - Birdhouse - How do I extract the user_id once logged in? Answered
8/2/2011 NavigationGroup Direction Commented
8/2/2011 Solution to "Too many errors" compiler message Answered
8/2/2011 small Facebook login window on Titanium 1.6.0.RC1 Answered, Commented
8/1/2011 Tableview finished loading event? Answered, Commented
8/1/2011 Table design. Answered
8/1/2011 displaying nested json Answered
8/1/2011 Get the CPU usage & memory (RAM) usage in Titanium Answered
8/1/2011 why doesn't kitchen sink provide an android remote video streaming example? Commented
7/31/2011 How to display map annotations near user's current location. Answered
7/30/2011 Show local .js file in SplitView DetailWindow Answered
7/30/2011 Inserting an event into Calendar Answered
7/30/2011 Text Field in Table View loses focus Answered
7/30/2011 Is it possible to make an individual tableview row not clickable? Answered
7/29/2011 Return values from a function in another namespace - how? Answered
7/27/2011 Using TestFlight with TiStudio Asked, Commented
7/27/2011 Thank you, Aaron Saunders Answered
7/27/2011 webview.evalJS(). not woring when calling a js function by passing arguments in html file .... Answered, Commented
7/26/2011 How I can make a call using Titianium API? Answered
7/24/2011 refreshing windows in different tabs - android Answered, Commented
7/24/2011 Parse RSS to display content instead of link Answered
7/24/2011 Create a mobile + desktop web browser application possible? Commented
7/24/2011 Keyboard Toolbar - Buttons Go Missing Commented
7/24/2011 Callback functions Commented
7/24/2011 Table View Rows Not Showing Answered
7/24/2011 Delete row and save this preference Answered
7/22/2011 Blackberry - Ti Studio - Where is the dang SDK installed! Commented
7/22/2011 Refresh scrollview Answered, Commented
7/21/2011 Get annotations from a mapview Answered, Commented
7/21/2011 is blackberry sdk only available for professional users?? Answered
7/21/2011 Too many windows are created, when I clicked the rightButton of annotation created with JSON data. Answered, Commented
7/21/2011 current position not coming on the mapview Commented
7/21/2011 Read and write to myFile.plist. Is it possible? Answered
7/20/2011 navigation group close problem Answered
7/20/2011 Controls on the AlertDialog? Answered
7/20/2011 Blackberry Current Classes and Methods? Answered
7/20/2011 Geo Location Application Answered, Commented
7/20/2011 Phone Auto-dial Answered
7/20/2011 Image / Icon Link Answered
7/20/2011 Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition broken? Answered, Commented
7/20/2011 Loading initial data - sequence issue? Answered
7/20/2011 grab images from a url and display them Answered
7/20/2011 background service interval Commented
7/20/2011 BlackBerry Development on a Mac Coming Soon? Answered
7/20/2011 Set stylesheet for webview Answered
7/20/2011 Is it possible to delete all cookies in a webview on iPhone ? Answered
7/18/2011 Slide in a View Commented
7/18/2011 Module help wanted Commented
7/18/2011 Create window properties with for loop Answered
7/18/2011 Geolocation running in the background on iOS devices Answered
7/18/2011 DashboardView Event Listeners Answered
7/16/2011 WebView touchstart Answered
7/16/2011 How to Scale an Image ( imageView) Answered, Commented
7/16/2011 Load external Javascript (Titanium Mobile) Commented
7/16/2011 Cannot close earlier windows, anymore? Answered
7/16/2011 Named function vs. App event listener Answered, Commented
7/16/2011 Callback scopes, bind function different behaviors on iphone and android Answered
7/15/2011 setInterval timer stops when changing apps? Commented
7/15/2011 Android two maps Answered
7/15/2011 Best way to create custom navigation bar Answered, Commented
7/14/2011 Developing Using Blackberry SDK on OSX Asked, Commented
7/14/2011 Display a local pdf in a webview? Answered, Commented
7/14/2011 Titanium.Facebook - appid? Answered
7/14/2011 Facebook Connect not quite working? Answered, Commented
7/14/2011 Facebook login doesn't work on Adndroid heavyweight window Answered
7/13/2011 Learning More About Titanium - A Reading List Commented
7/13/2011 Cannot extend Ti.App with our own variables anymore? Answered, Commented
7/13/2011 Home Button in Navigation Answered
7/13/2011 Blackberry SDK not found Commented
7/13/2011 Back button causes database conflict? App freezes. Answered
7/13/2011 Hiding of group of annotations Answered
7/12/2011 Re-draw ScrollView after scale Answered
7/12/2011 FaceTime & Appcelerator Answered
7/11/2011 Tab groups and android back key Answered
7/11/2011 No events fired in SplitView Answered
7/10/2011 Post Video to Facebook - requestWithGraphPath Answered
7/10/2011 Map view selectAnnotation not work Answered
7/9/2011 How to get the rows index in a section. Answered
7/9/2011 loading another view Commented
7/9/2011 Using JavaScript factories but cannot access textfield data. Answered
7/9/2011 Single context, get current window. Commented
7/7/2011 Remove ImageView on Droid Answered
7/5/2011 passing a var from suds.invoke...? Commented
7/5/2011 Parsing XML string from a SOAP service Answered, Commented
7/5/2011 map latitude and longitude Answered
7/5/2011 Floating a button after a tableview Answered
7/5/2011 How to close windows and go back to a parent in navgroup? Answered
7/5/2011 FireEvent when app is not running Answered
7/5/2011 Picker selects too quickly Answered
7/5/2011 simple webview from a label Answered
7/4/2011 Ti.Contacts.getAllContacts() is cached? Answered
7/4/2011 Studio debug disabled on imported projects Answered
7/4/2011 Why can't I view this Person object? Answered
7/2/2011 Server Image in a TableViewRow not showing Answered
7/2/2011 Titanium Mobile and Google Map API Answered
7/1/2011 Change image view image on click. Commented
7/1/2011 Filedownload loop crashing app Answered
7/1/2011 Included files cant see variables Answered
6/30/2011 Table Row Order on 1.7.1 Commented
6/30/2011 Modal view Help! Commented
6/30/2011 Where on the file system are properties stored? Answered
6/29/2011 NavBar double height Answered
6/29/2011 ReferenceError - include strange behaviour Commented
6/29/2011 Possible to place image above navbar on iphone? Answered
6/29/2011 iPad 2 - app minimizes/crashes Commented
6/29/2011 Tittle is not coming in the nav bar Answered
6/29/2011 Is there an example or tutorial anywhere on custom controls? Answered, Commented
6/29/2011 Wich subscription should i buy to get the BlackBerry SDK Answered
6/29/2011 Alert dialog problem Answered
6/29/2011 What are the books available for developing applications with titanium ? Answered
6/29/2011 Toolbar button does not work on device, bug? Answered
6/29/2011 Button title Commented
6/28/2011 Button Event Answered, Commented
6/28/2011 Validate Before Changing a Tab Commented
6/28/2011 Kitchensink - Slow Scroll Performance - Android on original Droid Commented
6/28/2011 createWindow and cookies Commented
6/28/2011 Using tweetanium organization -- keep seeing OutOfMemory issues Commented
6/28/2011 Remove or Hide NavBar while in Landscape during splitView - iPad Answered
6/28/2011 iPhone Emulator Won't Launch: How to troubleshoot? Answered
6/28/2011 Refresh Parent Window from Modal Child Window Commented
6/28/2011 cUrl and Xhr Answered, Commented
6/27/2011 Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error on Android Commented
6/27/2011 mapview .toImage not working for hybrid/satellite Answered
6/27/2011 How are you managing tabgroups on android? (removeTab workarounds?) Commented
6/27/2011 A simple contact phone picker Commented
6/26/2011 i18n internationalization not working Answered, Commented
6/26/2011 Android - Error when reading json from local file Answered, Commented
6/26/2011 Talking to database when the current window closes Answered
6/26/2011 TableView issue Answered
6/26/2011 Opening of window with dynamic content in same tab Commented
6/26/2011 Stapeling of views of variable height Commented
6/26/2011 Preloading ImageViews - returned. Answered
6/25/2011 How to access data of child-elements of a TableViewRow Answered, Commented
6/25/2011 updateRow id issue Answered
6/25/2011 Tablerow to currentTab open window refresh issue Commented
6/25/2011 add navigation group to modal window Answered
6/25/2011 How to pass the form values to app.js? Answered
6/25/2011 Crashing while parsing responseXML from createHTTPClient Answered
6/24/2011 How to extract the string from the xml file given as sever response Answered
6/24/2011 Mapview annotation click event. How to capturing clicksource correctly. Answered
6/23/2011 Buttons in View in Navbar show up as text and can't be clicked Answered, Commented
6/23/2011 HttpClient Best Practices Answered, Commented
6/23/2011 Database errors on Android Commented
6/23/2011 Localization/i18n does not work when testing on device using Xcode Answered
6/23/2011 Post wall message in multiple Facebook Account Commented
6/22/2011 TableView.search in iphone Answered
6/21/2011 Multiple File Download method Answered
6/21/2011 POST variable to WebView Commented
6/21/2011 Access localised strings from a webview Commented
6/21/2011 Second TableView losing scope when fired within EventListener (following Tweetanium model) Commented
6/20/2011 // Indie User > Code Samples Library ??? Commented
6/20/2011 passing element object data as fireEvent param crashes app. Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Is it possible to showVideoLibrary() similar to showMusicLibrary() from iPod files? Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Current song and its album art? Answered
6/20/2011 works 1.6.2, breaks 1.7.0 Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 TableView with columns Answered
6/20/2011 how to manage user login Answered
6/20/2011 Pass textfield object to a function Answered
6/20/2011 how to create modal window (android) with title text? Answered
6/20/2011 Web Service/JSON Parse Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Starting making a iOS app .... Answered
6/19/2011 BlackBerry SDK Answered
6/19/2011 html or formatting in createLabel?? Answered, Commented
6/19/2011 New OS X Titanium Studio Install, can't create new project Commented
6/19/2011 Tweetanium style is one window app? Answered, Commented
6/19/2011 Error building iOS App for device Commented
6/19/2011 How to positon a buttonbar below the navbar? Answered
6/19/2011 Save pictures from Gallery to memory to retrieve later... Answered
6/18/2011 'click eventListener only works first time around Answered
6/17/2011 How to get Firevent to return data to the View? Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 AddAnnotation Map in runtime is not working ..... Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 performance enhancement Commented
6/16/2011 Global variable in same js problems Commented
6/16/2011 Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile on Apple Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 Trouble loading XML Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 Can't add data to tableview...whats up with this? Answered
6/15/2011 Background to a table row? Answered
6/15/2011 Error running on command line Answered, Commented
6/15/2011 Hiding all tabs and replacing them with ButtonBars? Answered
6/15/2011 HTTPClient parameters Answered
6/15/2011 Multiple HTTPClient Requests (on different windows) Commented
6/15/2011 Extending objects not working on iPhone Answered
6/15/2011 Events associated with buttons in the navigation bar Answered
6/15/2011 Crash in Android when using Maps Commented
6/15/2011 How to assign listeners to tableViewRows in a loop Answered
6/14/2011 SOAP XML help, anyone?? Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Device Crashes (Android only) in TableViews with custom data and images Answered
6/14/2011 Problem with map in Android Commented
6/14/2011 Which viewtype to use: Need area to display JSON text with auto links for iOS Commented
6/14/2011 Raphael Charts not working - Android Answered
6/14/2011 NavigationGroup.show doesn't work Answered
6/14/2011 Is there a ANT way to build Titanuim Projects? Answered
6/14/2011 Open one window after another in tab view Commented
6/14/2011 Execute a function when transition completes? Answered
6/14/2011 Object position after animation Answered
6/14/2011 getAllGroups in Android Answered
6/14/2011 control positioning Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Make with Appcelerator a soap-call in Javascipt Answered
6/14/2011 modal inside a modal Answered
6/14/2011 Is it possible to use 1.7 without the Eclipse stuff? Answered
6/14/2011 How to Select Default Data in TableView Answered
6/14/2011 distribution build failed Answered
6/14/2011 Compile Titanium mobile app from command line? Answered
6/14/2011 Drag & drop annotation pin on map Answered
6/13/2011 Backup sqlite database to file then let user restore from that file on different device. Answered
6/13/2011 SOAP help. Anyone?? Commented
6/13/2011 Link TextFields to use "Next" Keyboard button Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 What's the easiest way to hook into the build process? Answered
6/13/2011 Line Graph in Titanium Answered
6/13/2011 iPad SplitView Customization Question Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 httpclient problems when switching to 1.7 on android Commented
6/13/2011 GPS fix on android flaky Answered
6/13/2011 Map Type Terrain Answered
6/13/2011 Java source files Answered
6/13/2011 setting label.view dynamically Commented
6/13/2011 Back button not working on the nav bar Answered
6/13/2011 want to put a back button in html run time. Answered
6/12/2011 Zoom imageview to fullscreen with unproportional start size Commented
6/12/2011 Remove highlight from row after selection Answered
6/12/2011 How Do I Edit a Question or Comment Asked
6/12/2011 Beginner-Problems with global variable Answered, Commented
6/12/2011 Ti.include SDK 1.7.x Answered, Commented
6/12/2011 What's wrong Answered, Commented
6/12/2011 calling function from tab not working Answered, Commented
6/12/2011 Change Table Section Header color Answered, Commented
6/11/2011 Text Area return on keyboard not creating new line Answered
6/10/2011 Multiple progress bars in table view Answered, Commented
6/10/2011 Android Camera pictures not saving Answered
6/10/2011 keyboard launch automatically without focus textfield Commented
6/10/2011 Crashing customEvents Answered, Commented
6/10/2011 keyboard hide textfield Answered, Commented
6/10/2011 UI.View - Move up when keyboard with Toolbar appears Answered
6/10/2011 Is it possible to release javascript objects created with new()? Commented
6/10/2011 Method Not Found - POST via httpClient Answered, Commented
6/9/2011 prevent remote image from scaling Answered
6/9/2011 BUG: file.read.text() crashes app when opening files larger than 140KB (Android) Answered
6/9/2011 NavigationGroup Last Child Reference Commented
6/8/2011 Posting Via HTTPClient gives NullPointerException Answered
6/8/2011 NavigationGroup - close back to primary screen whatever level you are. Answered
6/8/2011 Set COOKIES using setRequestHeader() = CRASHED ? Answered, Commented
6/8/2011 Button on row is not registered in event listener. Answered, Commented
6/8/2011 Custom Navbar color? Answered
6/8/2011 Trouble getting iOS app to run in Android emulator Answered, Commented
6/8/2011 TableView filterAttribute and SearchBar change event Answered
6/8/2011 installing titanium developer on mac Answered
6/8/2011 Android ScrollView, does not scroll Answered
6/8/2011 Window function undefined Answered, Commented
6/8/2011 Problems with saving JPG with HTTPClient Answered
6/7/2011 HTTPClient multipart Commented
6/7/2011 database exception Answered
6/7/2011 Just trying to get a button to open a new window Answered
6/6/2011 Is there a shortcut for running the project in the simulator in Ti Studio Answered
6/5/2011 TableViewRow and rows in the TableView Commented
6/5/2011 Questions about general asset caching & remote image cache (Android) Answered
6/5/2011 Navigation Group or something else? Answered
6/3/2011 GeoLocation add event listener specifically compass Commented
6/3/2011 Howto select specific AVD in Ti Studio? Answered
6/3/2011 what is the location of the file created by getfile Answered
6/3/2011 Bug: Problem with VideoPlayer on 1.7 Answered
6/3/2011 How can I find the current window in focus? Commented
6/3/2011 App Settings tab/screen Answered
6/2/2011 weirdest variable naming bug Answered
5/31/2011 Contact form example Answered
5/31/2011 Parse HTML Files Answered
5/31/2011 iPad Split Navigation - Resetting DetailView Commented
5/31/2011 How to create a title bar for a vanilla window (no tabs) Answered
5/31/2011 How to display database items? Answered
5/31/2011 Adding SplitView to a window Answered
5/30/2011 Button-Color on click Commented
5/30/2011 where are all the Titanium Developers? Answered
5/30/2011 Facebook login button does not seem to work Answered
5/23/2011 Authentication from mobile against Remote DB Commented
5/23/2011 location event listener and getCurrentPosition Answered
5/23/2011 Simple database example. Answered
5/23/2011 Geocoding in a loop Answered
5/23/2011 Geocoding and Mapping Woes Answered, Commented
5/22/2011 Using geolocation with maps Answered
5/20/2011 Reverse Geolocation in android (works in iOS) Answered
5/18/2011 how to get back to a tab in a tabgroup? Answered
5/18/2011 Titanium.Database.open('myDB') Answered
5/18/2011 setBasicAuthentication and selects html pulldowns Commented
5/16/2011 xhr.onload function inside another function – how to return results Answered
5/14/2011 yahoo query language data availiable only local block Answered
5/13/2011 Cant publish to facebook app's or profile photo album Answered
5/12/2011 Problems INSERTING and UPDATING database Commented
5/11/2011 Access data array for a TableView from other .js file Answered
5/11/2011 Loading indicator...What am I missing? Answered
5/11/2011 Titanium.Filesystem.File API nativePath Answered
5/11/2011 iPad Example Source Code Answered
5/10/2011 Geolocation Services not working in Android bug Answered
5/10/2011 Urgent: iPhone app speed - need help Answered
5/10/2011 HTTP Loader inside another loader Answered
5/10/2011 How to get Titlebar? Answered
5/10/2011 Center Nav Bar / Toolbar in Window Title Answered
5/8/2011 ActivityIndicator only shows once event has completed Answered
5/8/2011 Scrollableview - view preload? Answered
5/8/2011 Error [and crash] with delete/save draft [after cancel emaildialog] Commented
5/6/2011 Using the YQL-Flickr example in KS how to open image in webview? Commented
5/6/2011 Webview performance tips? Commented
5/6/2011 Multiple cookies not working with HTTPClient. Answered
5/6/2011 Hiding Android tab group Commented
5/5/2011 cannot post photo into facebook Commented
5/5/2011 Parse XML to Array Answered
5/5/2011 How do i get YQL results into a tableview? Commented
5/5/2011 How to defend Titanium? Answered
5/5/2011 Looking for immediate, paid help - simple app issues Commented
5/5/2011 Unable to parse JSON? Commented
5/5/2011 Get date and time from picker then save to DB as TEXT? Answered
5/5/2011 Android Animation and click events Answered
5/5/2011 Empty Window in TableView when fast re-opening Answered
5/5/2011 Release window how?? Answered
5/5/2011 How to animate between screens in Android? Answered
5/5/2011 Trying to save external file in app's filesystem Commented
5/5/2011 SplitWindow with NavigationGroup Display View Master button problem Commented
5/5/2011 Cool trick to make a slow execution context load "faster" using closure Commented
5/4/2011 IPhone webview backbutton goes back, but gives errors Answered
5/4/2011 iPad Popover border and arrow Answered
5/4/2011 KitchenSink web_views.js has back, fwd, reload toolbar in source - invisible? Answered
5/4/2011 Titanium Studio bug Answered
5/4/2011 I don't see any navigationbar on top of my application Answered, Commented
4/27/2011 How to get rowData from custom TableViewRow? Answered
4/20/2011 Screens do not look like ones online in docs where is my code? Where is the editor Answered
4/20/2011 Don't create iphone subdirectory in /images Answered
4/19/2011 Tweetanium: Authentication error Answered
4/19/2011 Error building Desktop App Asked, Commented
4/18/2011 Page Flip Effect Answered
4/18/2011 Variable Scope while using createHttpClient Answered
4/18/2011 Vertical layout - label beneath long tableview? Answered
4/18/2011 Where to save i18n language files on the phone Answered
4/18/2011 Geolocation and callback assistance Answered, Commented
4/15/2011 Still looking for solution for changing background of tableView styled with Titanium.UI.iPhone.TableViewStyle.GROUPED Asked
4/15/2011 Calender create event Answered
4/15/2011 Create a demo example in titenium? Answered
4/14/2011 How does ImageView.toBlob work? Answered
4/14/2011 Custom navbar background disappears? Commented
4/14/2011 Synchronous HTTPCclient on Android Answered
4/14/2011 Remove Left Nav Button in Navigator Groups via empty view question Answered
4/13/2011 multipart upload with filename from camera Answered
4/13/2011 Please sanity check these TableView observations Answered
4/13/2011 Table View Search results will dissapear when hit the Back button Answered
4/13/2011 Return to the Root Window of a Navigation Group? Answered
4/13/2011 Email the HTML in a local web view? Answered
4/13/2011 Open XML rss in web browser instead of webview Answered
4/12/2011 backgroundImage for view on IPhone vs Android Answered
4/12/2011 Window title scrollbar event listener? Answered
4/12/2011 Web view html created from array includes the commas? Answered, Commented
4/12/2011 Geolocation, endless stream of no authorization alerts Answered
4/12/2011 Menu options in Android? Answered, Commented
4/12/2011 NavigationGroup example? Answered, Commented
4/11/2011 show keyboard on event Answered
4/11/2011 Persistent selections in subviews? Answered
4/10/2011 Show window title on window.leftNavButton but not on window itself Answered
4/10/2011 Filtering table view with input rather than search bar? Commented
4/10/2011 Stumped on iPad crash - Too many images in scrollview? Commented
4/10/2011 Refreshing content on page renders multiple layers. Answered
4/10/2011 Code completion in Titanium Studio Answered
4/10/2011 Unable to add device calendar event (Android) Commented
4/10/2011 So it is impossible to develop an iPad/iPhone app in windows env? Answered
4/9/2011 Resizing remote images to pre-defined dimensions Answered
4/8/2011 Title from html-document again... Andriod. Commented
4/7/2011 Android and Database Answered
4/7/2011 Where does everyone share their code in the Ti community? Answered
4/7/2011 Facebook login events Commented
4/7/2011 Where does Ti.Facebook.session come from? Answered, Commented
4/7/2011 Cannot find documentation to use Titanium.UI.currentTab Answered
4/6/2011 FQL - how to get wall post user info Answered, Commented
4/6/2011 How to display the jpg image from applicationData Directory Answered
4/6/2011 Camera Image Size Answered
4/6/2011 Single code base for android and iphone in appccelerator Answered
4/6/2011 Tweetanium Authorization Failed Answered
4/6/2011 Display a list of tags Answered
4/6/2011 Access the first row in a tableView and do stuff to it Answered
4/6/2011 Tableview Adjustments for Keyboard Answered
4/6/2011 Ti.Filesystem and Android Answered
4/6/2011 Webview and link Answered
4/6/2011 Run on device - Titanium Studio Answered
4/6/2011 map view trouble Commented
4/6/2011 Titanium Studio - Could not open the editor [Error] Answered
4/6/2011 Run on device - Without losing my current apps? Answered
4/5/2011 NavBar problems Answered
4/5/2011 How to refresh parent's window Answered
4/5/2011 Get an array of table row titles/indexes where a switch is true? Answered
4/5/2011 show/hide rightNavButton at a modal window? Answered
4/5/2011 iPad: reach the MasterViewWindow from the DetailViewWindow-url? Answered
4/4/2011 Sliding is not working as I thought it should... any hints? Answered
4/4/2011 View a title from an html-document.. Answered
4/4/2011 remove children from a view Answered
4/4/2011 xhr open Answered
4/3/2011 Image from RSS Answered, Commented
4/3/2011 Take photo and add photos path to database? Answered
4/3/2011 Detect tabswitch - Close Pop-up window on tab switch Answered
4/3/2011 map annotations leftButton rightButton leftView rightView Answered, Commented
4/3/2011 Titanium.XML problems on Android Commented
4/3/2011 oAuth problems with GET params - Incorrect Signature Answered
4/3/2011 How to open navigation group within modal window? Commented
4/3/2011 Capture a click on a bar of a RGraph BarChart Answered, Commented
4/3/2011 iPad Modal window errors Commented
4/3/2011 Popover show() Property rect Answered
4/3/2011 Trying to add extra data to a TableViewRow Answered
4/2/2011 mapView: how to update annotations? Answered, Commented
4/2/2011 creating a context without a window / project structure / include paths Answered
4/1/2011 Annotation Click Events not working on Android Commented
4/1/2011 Events in webview ... any way to get this working??? Answered
4/1/2011 RSS not reloading / function reopen not firing.... Answered
4/1/2011 Facebook Login Commented
4/1/2011 Any ideas how to re-create this iPhone dialog? Commented
4/1/2011 Resize photo from camera before save? Answered
4/1/2011 Jumbled controls in window.add Commented
3/29/2011 JSON + Compression with PHP and Appcelerator Answered
3/29/2011 Select a row from a table in parent window, and change stuff Answered
3/29/2011 How to load section in a function and add it to a table? Please help! Answered, Commented
3/29/2011 Multi-Level Split View Answered
3/29/2011 You Need to Specify Your Android SDK Location! Answered
3/29/2011 Cannot remove a scrollview from a window Answered
3/29/2011 Passing arrays of data into webviews Answered
3/29/2011 Hide button when user is not in the US Answered
3/29/2011 Help with SplitView and Navigation Group Answered, Commented
3/29/2011 switchbox vs checkbox Commented
3/29/2011 Clickable animating object Commented
3/29/2011 Prevent parent's event when fired from child Answered
3/29/2011 TABLE VIEW REFRESH Commented
3/28/2011 Javascript forks automatically / doesn't wait for a function to return Answered
3/28/2011 Windows remains at the same previus state! Answered
3/28/2011 Dynamically assigned views don't fire event correctly Answered
3/28/2011 Clickable buttons atop a clickable window Answered, Commented
3/28/2011 MapView crashes on selectAnnotation Answered, Commented
3/28/2011 OnLoad Problems Commented
3/28/2011 Global login? Answered
3/28/2011 iOS Reset App ? Answered
3/28/2011 Do TextFields fire click events? Answered
3/27/2011 Twitter in a webview. Answered, Commented
3/27/2011 Redirected URL for image not working in createImageView Answered, Commented
3/27/2011 Catch a parse error Answered
3/27/2011 Can you add your own design(images) in your UI app? Answered
3/27/2011 back button Answered
3/27/2011 Click on tableViewRow on Android Answered
3/26/2011 Command Line not working when running project Asked
3/25/2011 Solved oauth with Foursquare using a Webview? or not? Commented
3/25/2011 Multiplatform Development Howto Answered
3/25/2011 Splash Screens & Back Button Commented
3/25/2011 WebView Override Stylesheet Answered, Commented
3/25/2011 Oauth_adapter. How to logout. Answered
3/25/2011 How to set and get cookie? Answered
3/25/2011 navBar Button not showing Answered
3/24/2011 Open window in another tab Answered
3/24/2011 Dynamic addEventListener issue Commented
3/23/2011 After Deleting rows rowCount is wrong Answered
3/23/2011 Errors when trying to build a custom RSS(XML)-reader Answered, Commented
3/23/2011 start window iphone Answered, Commented
3/23/2011 iPad SplitView Question Answered, Commented
3/23/2011 Change Visibility or Show/Hide TableViewRow Answered
3/22/2011 Save image to chosen place Answered
3/22/2011 HowTo change only label text if window is already open? Answered
3/22/2011 Split View iPad open Window on detail view from master view Answered, Commented
3/22/2011 How to remove eventListener from Table Answered, Commented
3/22/2011 Prevent click two or more buttons at the same time Answered
3/22/2011 Number of Rows in Table Answered
3/21/2011 iPad Popover doesn't get hidden when focus is lost Answered
3/21/2011 TableView Check only works once? Commented
3/21/2011 Access Another Window's Element Answered, Commented
3/21/2011 XHR - progress bar on upload Commented
3/21/2011 Pass image to canvas HTML5 Answered
3/21/2011 Which widget is this ? Answered
3/20/2011 Titanium for all mobile platforms Answered
3/20/2011 Serious memory issue with remotely loaded images for iOS Commented
3/20/2011 parsing remote xml Commented
3/20/2011 Trying to pick a framework Answered
3/20/2011 tableView events do not fire Commented
3/20/2011 Combine tableview.editing and tableview.editable Commented
3/20/2011 Force tab/page to refresh on click? Answered, Commented
3/20/2011 Accessing child objects and functions inside an object. Answered
3/19/2011 iPhone w/o Tab Group Issues Commented
3/19/2011 How to load and parse XML from SDCard? Answered
3/19/2011 Add a button to a map Annotation popup Answered
3/19/2011 Multiple videos in iOS Answered
3/19/2011 Tabgroup menu item background color Answered
3/19/2011 Create views to mimic the tabGroup Answered
3/19/2011 edit resources in xcode(4) Answered
3/19/2011 TabGroup buggy behaviour Answered
3/19/2011 Creating consistent homescreen navigation with buttons & back key Answered
3/19/2011 How to remove an EventListener in another view Answered
3/19/2011 listing files in a directory Answered
3/19/2011 TabGroup with Splash Page Answered
3/19/2011 1.6.1 How to get the facebook access token, session Commented
3/18/2011 Another Tableview Problem... Commented
3/18/2011 Tableview Row Checkbox example in Kitchensink? Answered
3/18/2011 Picker values initialized to null Answered
3/18/2011 Keep Searchbar at the top of the Tableview when Scrolling Answered
3/18/2011 Picker Control inside TableViewRow Asked, Commented
3/17/2011 Events not working in DashboardItem after adding views Answered
3/17/2011 How to Toggle ImageView Images Answered, Commented
3/17/2011 Missing controls after reopen window in navigation group Commented
3/17/2011 JSON example won't display responseText Commented
3/17/2011 Tablerow formatting (dynamic sizing) Answered
3/17/2011 Just got my Mac - Advice Needed! Answered
3/16/2011 Automatically add alphabetical headers in tableview? Answered, Commented
3/16/2011 Any way to edit text or XML files? Answered
3/16/2011 OptionsDialog and TableView question Commented
3/16/2011 Titanium : is it a gag ? Commented
3/16/2011 Add Rows to TableView Answered
3/16/2011 Best way to implement App to App notifications? Answered
3/16/2011 Intercept http request for image Answered
3/16/2011 Finding childs of view Answered
3/16/2011 Problems on receiving geolocation-data Commented
3/16/2011 TabGroup within NavGroup title bar - ipad Commented
3/15/2011 style property on a button Answered
3/15/2011 Global static variables Answered
3/14/2011 passing variables Answered
3/14/2011 Fire event when select tab Answered, Commented
3/14/2011 Advantages of Ti.Geolocation.forwardGeocoder? Answered
3/14/2011 Fullscreen with clickable tabs Answered
3/14/2011 How can i slide window left to right without tab bar in iphone? Answered
3/13/2011 optionDialog causing iPad Crash? Answered
3/13/2011 App crashing when trying to add a textArea to a view Commented
3/12/2011 doc.getElementsByTagName returns no elements for particular document Answered
3/12/2011 Returning longitude and latitude from address input? Answered
3/12/2011 Background webservice notification example (gist) Commented
3/12/2011 class detection for Ti.UI objects Answered
3/12/2011 1.7.0 searchBar not firing focus event Answered
3/12/2011 How to do multiple JSON calls on the same page? Please help! Answered
3/12/2011 tab group disappear Answered
3/12/2011 Styling of TableViewSection Answered, Commented
3/12/2011 how can I open front camera of iphone4 directly with out opening back camera first? Answered
3/12/2011 GZIP encoding of XHR Answered
3/12/2011 Possible to appendRow to the top of a tableView instead of the bottom? Answered
3/12/2011 Getting Image URL After Upload To Facebook Answered
3/11/2011 Time triggered event Answered, Commented
3/11/2011 Geocoding zip codes Answered
3/11/2011 Check which window is open in a NavigationGroup Answered
3/11/2011 Geolocation not working - giving "is not an object" error Answered, Commented
3/11/2011 Selecting Parent Element for Modification Answered, Commented
3/11/2011 oauth adapter for android? Commented
3/11/2011 Adding a "done" or "finish" button to Titanium.UI.KEYBOARD_NUMBER_PAD? Answered
3/11/2011 how to access value to inside of scrollableview ? Answered, Commented
3/11/2011 Using Fconnect problem Commented
3/11/2011 Force restart Answered
3/10/2011 NavigationGroup back to beginning Answered
3/10/2011 iPhone - Problem Closing Windows Answered
3/10/2011 Unmovable Row not possible??? Answered
3/10/2011 Possible to integrate an objective-c library? Answered
3/9/2011 Generate IPA Only (Feature Request) Commented
3/9/2011 Tableview using remote database Commented
3/9/2011 Titanium.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup problem Answered, Commented
3/9/2011 Example apps titanium mobile Answered
3/9/2011 demo apps for ipad Commented
3/8/2011 Ti.App.fireEvent / webView / api 1.6 issue Commented
3/8/2011 Back button to home screen Commented
3/8/2011 Tutorial - Build a pizza ordering app Commented
3/8/2011 Custom Tableview Header's on Custom Tableview Rows... Answered, Commented
3/8/2011 Modal Window + NavigationGroup + TableView == Crash Commented
3/8/2011 xml parsing on first load Answered
3/7/2011 in a html run a titanium func. Answered, Commented
3/7/2011 DateTime Picker Answered
3/7/2011 Keyboard Open Event Listener Commented
3/6/2011 Appcelerator mobile for web apps... Answered
3/6/2011 App Navigation Commented
3/6/2011 Display a browser Answered
3/5/2011 Problem with AdMob Module? Answered
3/5/2011 Date picker Commented
3/5/2011 SplitView Popup hide ? on click Answered
3/5/2011 splitWindow Usage? Answered
3/4/2011 Fetch label by id Answered
3/4/2011 Animate Image Swaping Answered
3/3/2011 Webview Alternative Answered
3/3/2011 hasCheck and custom check image in a row table Answered
3/2/2011 gesture orientation implementation. how to do it? Answered
3/2/2011 authenticating user accounts to a website Answered
3/2/2011 HTTPClient: broken and missing functionality Answered, Commented
3/1/2011 Master Search Answered
3/1/2011 Book for Android Development Answered
3/1/2011 Scrollable view and webview Commented
3/1/2011 Is Appcelerator support SQL Lite database be encrypted on database level or any level? Answered
3/1/2011 Trouble with oAuth and Foursquare Answered, Commented
3/1/2011 Dynamic table demo Answered
2/28/2011 Manage multiple windows on iPhone without NavigationGroup Answered
2/28/2011 scrolling a view with a textArea Commented
2/28/2011 Text Shadow on picker rows? Answered
2/28/2011 oAuth for Foursquare Answered
2/28/2011 Opening a new tabgroup from inside a tabgroup Answered
2/28/2011 Setting a property list fails Answered
2/28/2011 No documentation and problems Commented
2/27/2011 ActivityIndicator Answered
2/27/2011 Contextes are real concurrent threads? Answered
2/27/2011 Getting the event object for generic animations? Answered
2/27/2011 VideoPlayer .play() causes multiple videos to end and fire 'complete' event Answered
2/27/2011 Create an image from a canvas and upload it to a server Answered
2/27/2011 Using Appcelerator as a Site-Specific Browser Answered
2/27/2011 FB Login Issue- Safari cannot load page because the address is invalid. -- new solutionss?? Commented
2/27/2011 What approach for this? Answered
2/27/2011 Parsing a link Commented
2/27/2011 do i need to install and setup the desktop SDK? Answered
2/27/2011 Remove listener proble Answered
2/26/2011 Titanium.UI.WebView broken in 1.6 Answered
2/26/2011 tab group Answered
2/26/2011 why is Titanium.UI.createImageView not working with facebook graph images Answered
2/26/2011 Problem in installation of titanium in MacBook Commented
2/26/2011 pickerRow custom field Answered
2/26/2011 login and get permission from Facebook without LoginButton Answered, Commented
2/26/2011 loading functions in webView using evalJS Answered
2/26/2011 text area in scroll view Answered
2/26/2011 Update image in an ImageView Answered
2/25/2011 You want a choice? I will give you a choice! (Image choosing) Answered
2/25/2011 Passing a data into a webview Answered
2/24/2011 // Parsing XML in reverse order? Answered
2/24/2011 Upload to TwitPic Answered
2/24/2011 Load local image in webview Answered
2/24/2011 Titanium Mobile 1.6 Not working with my app Commented
2/23/2011 Embedding a video - iPhone 4 : Android 0 - Any hints to fix Android? Commented
2/23/2011 How to set a cookie? createHTTPCookie? Answered
2/23/2011 Multiple XHR requests lock simulator and iphone Answered
2/22/2011 Video Commented
2/22/2011 Programmatically iterating through Photo Gallery - iOS Answered
2/22/2011 Titanium.Utils.base64encode(...) ends in TypeError on Android Answered
2/22/2011 Weird UI Crash from UIKit Asked
2/22/2011 Location of .js files in Xcode project Answered
2/21/2011 How to show the title on a local WebView ? Answered, Commented
2/21/2011 How to switch between Views within a single Window? Answered
2/21/2011 getFileStream returns null? Answered
2/21/2011 Problems getting started...missing Info.plist.template Answered, Commented
2/21/2011 How to create padding and margin on imageview on tableviewrow Answered
2/21/2011 Connection Refused with HTTPClient Answered
2/20/2011 how to transmit variables between two windows Answered, Commented
2/20/2011 [bug] Ti Mobile 1.6RC1 CreateScrollView Commented
2/20/2011 Problems to open a WebView with Link Commented
2/20/2011 Titanium erros on building my first iphone app Answered
2/20/2011 Controls do not render in tabbed windows Answered, Commented
2/19/2011 TabGroup Answered
2/19/2011 SQL server and/or Sharepoint Answered
2/19/2011 Adding property to the view Answered
2/19/2011 Twitter OAuth... Any help? Answered
2/19/2011 Title does not show on simple window Answered, Commented
2/18/2011 Need to extract a few elements from external XML file and display Answered, Commented
2/18/2011 Close windows in tab (revert to default window) Answered
2/18/2011 Adding a universal label to every child window Answered
2/18/2011 Mac / SDK 4.2 / Titanium 1.2.2 / KitchenSink 1.5.0-update2 from Github not allowing device builds Answered
2/18/2011 Multiple webview Commented
2/18/2011 What is the solution to R.java manifest error ? Commented
2/18/2011 significant memory leak with thumbnails in tableview Answered, Commented
2/17/2011 Camera photo to email attachment Answered
2/17/2011 No more javascript checking during build? Answered
2/17/2011 Applying Modules? Answered
2/17/2011 Pictures taken with Camera - orientation / rotation Answered
2/17/2011 How to layout a table view row like a facebook app? Answered
2/17/2011 Serious Memory Issues with Android Answered
2/17/2011 Dealying with the restriction of having a single MapView instance per Android application Answered
2/17/2011 How to resize a photo? Answered
2/16/2011 backgroundImage not working in toolbar Commented
2/16/2011 Open new window on iPad Commented
2/16/2011 tabGroup arranging Answered, Commented
2/16/2011 Reusing webView in a scrollable view is not working Commented
2/15/2011 Tweetanium and jss Answered
2/15/2011 Recommended way to get user's location Answered
2/15/2011 Double tab or click trigger? Answered
2/15/2011 Problem with multiple video instances Answered
2/15/2011 click event listener on Ti.Facebook.loginButton Answered, Commented
2/14/2011 How to use URL based window Answered
2/14/2011 facebook graph api - call backs Answered, Commented
2/14/2011 Change the style of a button when clicked Answered
2/14/2011 Cookies and Webviews again Commented
2/14/2011 Slider Calcs Answered, Commented
2/14/2011 Changing CSS attributes on multiple WebViews at the same time. Possible? Commented
2/14/2011 Mobile - Facebook.createLoginButton - Appears to login, 'login' listener not called on device Answered
2/14/2011 Shortened URLs do not work with AudioPlayer Answered
2/14/2011 Trouble loading the RC for 1.6.0 Answered
2/13/2011 loading image performance Commented
2/13/2011 Camera view odditys Commented
2/13/2011 Different UI for iPhone and Android Answered
2/11/2011 Caching JSON Data in Application Answered, Commented
2/10/2011 mobilesdk not installed when installing Titanium Developer Answered
2/10/2011 iPad app showing up in iPhone sized window on device Commented
2/10/2011 RSS Demo can't display the items Answered
2/10/2011 Any documentation for the new Facebook component in 1.6 Answered
2/10/2011 Bug with ScrollableView and Label Answered
2/10/2011 WebView doesn't fire error event Answered
2/10/2011 button background image not showing up when button defined in a url based view file Answered
2/10/2011 Slide a partial window over existing Answered
2/10/2011 Passing data between subcontexts Answered
2/8/2011 Tableview performance on Android Answered, Commented
2/8/2011 how to make app iPad only? Answered
2/8/2011 NavigationGroup : reload the data from previous pages Answered
2/8/2011 How to hide tabgroup or tabbar in Android Answered, Commented
2/8/2011 Is there a way to send an email from an app without having to use emailDialog Answered
2/8/2011 Auto Populate Facebook Login Answered
2/7/2011 facebook rss feed Answered, Commented
2/7/2011 UI elements with in webviews. Answered
2/7/2011 Open normal window with slidein effect Answered
2/7/2011 Develop both iOS and Andriod on OSX? Answered
2/7/2011 Heavyweight vs. Lightweight window Answered
2/7/2011 Receive Error when using a Navigation Controller in a Tab Group Answered, Commented
2/6/2011 sending image over HTTP causes memory allocation error Commented
2/6/2011 how to retrieve data from .jar file into .js file of resource file.. Commented
2/6/2011 Toolbar under the Navbar Answered
2/6/2011 How is iPads Mail-app constructed? Answered
2/6/2011 Execution of Windows in URLs of TabGroup Answered, Commented
2/6/2011 CurrentWindow not working as expected Commented
2/6/2011 Open camera enable gallery button Answered
2/6/2011 Activity Indicator style generated an error sdk 4.1/titanium sdk 1.5.1 Answered
2/5/2011 How to unregister background service Answered, Commented
2/5/2011 Can I user HTML code inside a scrollable view? Commented
2/5/2011 Link back to js function from a Webview? Answered, Commented
2/5/2011 Navigation Group, Dynamicly created windows Answered
2/5/2011 Plain picker width Answered
2/5/2011 Problem of Facebook API Login Answered
2/5/2011 using Appcelerator and foursquare api with xauth / oauth Commented
2/5/2011 Dashboard event click to open new window Answered, Commented
2/4/2011 Problem with Splash screen Commented
2/4/2011 iPad Support Guide? Commented
2/4/2011 Unable to display and view html page while using android sdk Commented
2/4/2011 Is there a Titaniun.js file Answered
2/3/2011 content:encoded OR description Answered, Commented
2/3/2011 How to: Create project without Android SDK installed. Answered
2/3/2011 Get data from WebView Answered, Commented
2/3/2011 Resume event not fired on unlock Answered
2/3/2011 dynamic window on tab Answered
2/2/2011 Adding an event handler to a TableViewRow after creation Answered, Commented
2/2/2011 closing a window cancels its XHRs? Answered
2/2/2011 How to get the error code for a HTTPClient request. Commented
2/2/2011 data and photo upload to remote server Answered, Commented
2/2/2011 Titanium.Media.VideoPlayer is Media Player framework or AV Foundation framework? Answered
2/1/2011 I am getting error while opening photogallery. Commented
2/1/2011 Click event on a view Answered
2/1/2011 Getting a list of all installed apps Answered
2/1/2011 Titanium 1.2.2 Mobile and Andorid not working on OS X Commented
2/1/2011 System level commands Answered
2/1/2011 Loading file in a separate thread Answered
2/1/2011 Application Flow Control - Multi-Threaded Issue Answered
2/1/2011 Android - Create Event Chooser Answered
2/1/2011 Set background image to a Answered
2/1/2011 Android images Answered
2/1/2011 Titanium.UI.iPhone.ScrollIndicatorStyle Commented
2/1/2011 Post link on Facebook wall Answered, Commented
1/31/2011 window title color Answered, Commented
1/31/2011 Using Google Places API Commented
1/31/2011 Show throbber while tableview is loading Answered
1/31/2011 images not displaying Answered, Commented
1/31/2011 How can I change the background color of header area in TableView? Answered
1/31/2011 UI - Getting a control's parent / Setting custom properties? Answered
1/31/2011 TableView.data not working? Answered
1/31/2011 Problem with headerView and other section headers Answered, Commented
1/31/2011 When will mobile 1.6 wil be released ? Answered
1/31/2011 appcelerator minimum system requirements for Mac OS? Asked, Commented
1/30/2011 image Upload Commented
1/30/2011 Facebook.createLoginButton not working on iPhone but works fine on emulator Answered, Commented
1/30/2011 Fill Image view area with Remote image (iOS) Answered
1/30/2011 open local js file in splitview Answered, Commented
1/30/2011 tabGroup bug? Commented
1/30/2011 issue's parsing data from google calendar api json Answered
1/30/2011 Tab Won't fire original function assigned. Answered
1/29/2011 Listener not reacting? Help please? Answered
1/28/2011 Navgroups and titleControl Commented
1/28/2011 Recommended way to use HTTPClient Answered
1/28/2011 JSS Fontsize Answered, Commented
1/28/2011 Facebook new API Answered, Commented
1/28/2011 How to createTableView with fixed number of rows Answered, Commented
1/27/2011 Local Notifications "Repeat" argument Answered
1/27/2011 How do I pass variables to the registered background service? Answered
1/27/2011 Low memory issues with ScrollableView containing multiple ImageViews Commented
1/27/2011 Detect Calling Capability Answered
1/27/2011 Saving an Image View to the phone Answered
1/27/2011 Disable iPad rotation? Answered, Commented
1/27/2011 Facebook - login dialog without using Titanium.Facebook.LoginButton Answered
1/27/2011 Trigger Facebook button without having the user to click Answered
1/26/2011 Unable to run empty project (iPad) in emulator Commented
1/26/2011 Does the Blackberry Version of Framework Support Playbook Asked
1/26/2011 DatePicker Dialog Answered
1/26/2011 Check if simulator Answered, Commented
1/26/2011 Package iPhone applications from bash/shell/terminal Answered
1/26/2011 Best Way to Output Static HTML/CSS using Titanium Commented
1/26/2011 Why no tabs in tweetanium? Commented
1/26/2011 Tweetanium run time error on physical device Answered
1/25/2011 Can't add the Facebook Button into a TableView Row Commented
1/25/2011 Data loads in wrong window in tab group Commented
1/25/2011 Mix Titanium.Platform.openURL with WebView? Answered
1/25/2011 How to change the path to an existing Project? Answered
1/25/2011 RSS Commented
1/25/2011 Webview Error Commented
1/25/2011 Store a image to load later Answered
1/25/2011 How to start a new Android Activity? Answered
1/25/2011 Refresh Image Without Fade Answered
1/25/2011 Speeding up development process. Answered, Commented
1/25/2011 I want to view an external page on the application Answered
1/25/2011 Simulate Mail's tag tokens in textfield? Answered
1/24/2011 Facebook connect on mobile 1.6 Commented
1/24/2011 Install app on android Answered
1/23/2011 how do i programatically fire facebook logout? Answered
1/22/2011 What's tne meaning of $$ ? Answered
1/22/2011 [TRACE] E/TiResponseCache( 317): (main) [205,80072] Failed to add item to the cache! Asked, Commented
1/21/2011 how to read 'userInfo' data passed to the application upon launch when the notification is triggered. Answered
1/21/2011 multiple selections on tabbedbar Commented
1/21/2011 Confusing and brief examples of XML parsing Answered
1/21/2011 Pass parameters to event handler Answered
1/21/2011 Titanium.Contacts.createPerson not found on android Answered, Commented
1/21/2011 Can't get Twitter working on Android Commented
1/21/2011 Navigation Group in Tab Answered
1/20/2011 Disable links in a webView? Answered, Commented
1/20/2011 Android and GPS Answered, Commented
1/20/2011 Webview gone after window close Commented
1/20/2011 Map errors out second time it is opened Commented
1/20/2011 TableView in popover seems to lose rows when it is reshown Answered, Commented
1/20/2011 Go back to tab home Commented
1/20/2011 [Bak Button] Is it possible to do a EXIT BUTTON or not ? Commented
1/20/2011 Go back through several Windows Answered, Commented
1/19/2011 Hiding row in table view Answered
1/19/2011 Astonishing Behavior When Adding a Property to an ImageView Answered, Commented
1/19/2011 Custom font in window title Answered
1/19/2011 Android sees Ti.UI.WebView.html as undefined Answered, Commented
1/19/2011 Click event fires multiple times Commented
1/19/2011 Using layout:'vertical' breaks event listeners Commented
1/19/2011 How To Position a Popover with a ButtonBar Answered
1/18/2011 TableView search field - how to stop filtering with every keystroke? Answered
1/18/2011 Changing FBConnect Button... Answered, Commented
1/18/2011 Titanium to iPhone Fails Answered
1/18/2011 Close top-most window in navigation group Answered
1/18/2011 System Icons on Android Answered
1/18/2011 Where are the pre-release SDKs? Answered
1/18/2011 android HTTPClient POST problems Answered
1/18/2011 is it possible to close tabs in tabGroup? Commented
1/18/2011 using a webview (or a webview in a view) as detailview in splitview Answered
1/18/2011 Splitview help Answered, Commented
1/18/2011 How to create a drop down list for a text field for Ti Mobile (Android)? Answered
1/17/2011 Require Minimum iOS Version / Setting Xcode Project Settings in Titanium Answered
1/17/2011 Magazine viewer with ScrollableView Answered
1/17/2011 Titanium.App.Properties (Desktop) Answered
1/17/2011 How pick the path of an image with Titanium.Media.openPhotoGallery Commented
1/17/2011 remove row from tableview section Commented
1/17/2011 I can't get createWebview to work Answered
1/17/2011 Problems Showing HTML Commented
1/17/2011 NavigationGroup inside a Tab in a TabGroup (bis) Answered
1/17/2011 Unable to get JSS to work consistently Commented
1/17/2011 Button and backgroundGradient Commented
1/15/2011 namespaced XHR call does not return data Answered, Commented
1/15/2011 How to get the actual file size on ondatastream? Answered, Commented
1/15/2011 Titanium developer shortcuts ????? Answered
1/15/2011 Saving Image to Folder? Answered
1/14/2011 How to access windows opened with tabGroup.activeTab.open() ? Commented
1/14/2011 HTTPClient.open async has no effect? Answered
1/14/2011 Simple XML Answered, Commented
1/14/2011 iPhone Bar issue Answered
1/14/2011 MapView's events are returning NULL in x,y and in the globalpoint Answered
1/14/2011 Creating a menu view / popup Answered
1/14/2011 cannot set OnCreateOptionsMenu Answered, Commented
1/14/2011 Can't get JSS to work on iOS Answered, Commented
1/14/2011 Problem with search function with XML/RSS/TableView Answered
1/14/2011 Giving an iPhone TableView a text value on the right side Answered
1/14/2011 canOpenURL, openURL error Answered
1/13/2011 Advancing through a table isn't working. Answered, Commented
1/13/2011 Handling user file selection from osx finder Commented
1/13/2011 WebView 'beforeload' does not update url property Answered
1/13/2011 Don't have permission to access Android calendar Answered
1/13/2011 How to get OptionDialog display in Landscape Answered
1/13/2011 Android xhr direct download to file, like iOS Commented
1/13/2011 How to get children of scrollable view? Commented
1/13/2011 How to display tons of photos in scrollview. Answered
1/12/2011 AlertDialog modal AND blocking. Howto ? Answered
1/12/2011 call a nav group from outside the file it's originated Answered
1/12/2011 Remote images not loading in 1.6.0 on android imageview Commented
1/12/2011 Android fails to call global function from subcontext Answered, Commented
1/11/2011 How to share a mapView between windows, for Android Answered, Commented
1/11/2011 Sending data using JSON to REST service Answered, Commented
1/11/2011 some test videos Answered
1/11/2011 .nativePath() & General API Question Answered
1/11/2011 Parsing JSON Answered
1/11/2011 Titanium Desktop, write user properties. Answered
1/11/2011 Facebook set status Answered
1/11/2011 TableView with dynamic checkboxes Answered
1/11/2011 Can an optiondialog have a textarea also Answered
1/11/2011 HttpClient crashes for 1.6.x build Commented
1/11/2011 How to display html title on nevbar or toolbar? Answered
1/11/2011 Is headerPullView supported in 1.5.1? Answered
1/11/2011 change image in an array Commented
1/11/2011 Displaying PowerPoints Answered
1/10/2011 One codebase for multiple platforms - Best Practice? Answered, Commented
1/10/2011 How to switch off geolocation Answered, Commented
1/10/2011 Doing more with Facebook than logging in Answered
1/10/2011 Facebook Execute Photos.upload Answered
1/10/2011 iOS alternative picker control suggestion Answered
1/10/2011 iOS: Combine Tableview -SwipeToDelete and ScrollableView Answered, Commented
1/10/2011 Prevent popover from "auto hiding" Answered
1/10/2011 Facebook button in optionsDialog? Answered
1/10/2011 Quick event-listener question Answered, Commented
1/9/2011 problem logging in facebook Commented
1/9/2011 setTimeout crashes app Answered
1/9/2011 Titanium.UI.currentTab is null? Answered
1/9/2011 webview 'load' eventlistener broken? Answered
1/9/2011 Button Styles (Non Rounded) Answered
1/8/2011 Can I use my own API? Answered
1/8/2011 HTTPClient Not Refreshing Data - Android Only Answered
1/8/2011 Waiting for an HTTP Client to finish loading? Answered
1/8/2011 Android device: HTTPClient POST parameters missing Answered
1/8/2011 Multiple certificates and provisioning profiles Answered
1/7/2011 Android - Problem with TableView when Scrolling Answered
1/7/2011 iPad exit when backgrounded Answered
1/6/2011 Help with JSON... Answered
1/6/2011 More TableViewRow Android Issues Asked
1/6/2011 TableViewRow on Android, auto height not working Asked
1/6/2011 Hiding the tab group Commented
1/6/2011 Command Chaining Answered
1/6/2011 why is not show systembutton in textfield Answered
1/6/2011 Row height:auto NOT WORKING for android? Answered
1/5/2011 applicationDataDirectory path from within local html file Answered, Commented
1/5/2011 How to check an error with a script which return string with HTTPClient ? Answered
1/5/2011 Titanium.Media.createAudioPlayer - Error Commented
1/5/2011 Error in doing local web Answered
1/4/2011 Clickable icons (button images) in TableViewRow - best way? Answered
1/4/2011 Primary nav like mashable app Answered
1/4/2011 Webview close button not appearing Commented
1/4/2011 animating between views Answered
1/4/2011 passing row data to new widow Answered
1/4/2011 How to pass variable to a row? Answered
1/4/2011 Does caScale property work on iPhone? Answered
1/3/2011 selectRow on a TableView Commented
1/3/2011 Button Border Styling Asked, Commented
1/3/2011 Change Textfield ClearButton Answered
1/3/2011 XHR Authentication. Switching users? Answered
1/3/2011 How can we implement handleOpenURL functionality of iPhone in Titanium Commented
1/3/2011 Populating table view with JSON data Answered
1/3/2011 Newbie here -- Spent 4 hours writing my iPhone app, and another 48 hours trying to get it to run on my phone Commented
1/3/2011 Proper way of switching views in Split View Answered, Commented
1/3/2011 Dial a number and then send additional numbers Answered
1/3/2011 Show a picture larger than screnn keeping aspect ratio Answered
1/3/2011 addEventListener Button not working Commented
1/3/2011 Replace a TabGroup with a Window? Commented
1/2/2011 Attach ImageView to an emailDialog Answered, Commented
1/2/2011 HTTP requests leak memory and cause app or even device to crash Commented
1/2/2011 Add a custom back button function in iPhone? Commented
1/2/2011 RSS Reader problem Answered, Commented
1/2/2011 XML_RSS Error. Answered
1/2/2011 Avoiding iPhone mobile Webs Answered
1/2/2011 Post on Facebook wall Commented
1/2/2011 Forbid Ti.Network.HTTPClient to follow redirect Answered
1/2/2011 Mobile version of website Answered
1/2/2011 Ti.App.addEventListener in webview on Android crashes app Answered, Commented
1/2/2011 XML_RSS (Error Domain=com.google.GDataXML Code=-1) Answered
1/2/2011 Another ImageView problem after upgrading to 1.5.1 Commented
1/1/2011 File Dialog to select images from phone Answered
12/31/2010 Titanium.XML undefined on Android Commented
12/31/2010 HTTPClient - save response directly to file Commented
12/31/2010 TypeError createHTTPClient Answered
12/31/2010 How to retrieve List of Files in a directory and print it with Titanium Desktop? Answered, Commented
12/31/2010 Why doesn't Titanium.Filesystem work on a Windows desktop app? Answered
12/31/2010 imageview load Photo Gallery & Camera Answered
12/30/2010 TiDOMAttr Properties Answered
12/30/2010 Window.title doesn't work in Android Commented
12/30/2010 Table view - row click - redirect to new gui Answered
12/30/2010 Camera not available Answered
12/30/2010 exitOnclose event not working in android Answered
12/30/2010 Rendering html in webview problem Answered, Commented
12/30/2010 requirements for new app Answered
12/30/2010 change "via appcelerator titanium" on Titanium.Facebook.publishStream Answered
12/30/2010 Updating the row in tableview, clears the row. How change row data font programmatically? Commented
12/30/2010 Tableview singletap doesnt fire if nothing in table Answered
12/29/2010 Custom TableView addEventListener Answered
12/29/2010 Checking source object type from event listener Answered
12/29/2010 Remote Video on Android Commented
12/29/2010 Remote Image Crashes Android app with >1.5.x Commented
12/29/2010 change background color of navigationGroup bar Answered
12/29/2010 Ti.UI.currentTab.open(window) opens outside of tab Answered
12/29/2010 ImageView problem after upgrading to 1.5.1 Answered
12/29/2010 Error using imageView Commented
12/28/2010 OptionMenu remove doesn't work Answered, Commented
12/28/2010 Blocking on Http Results - Best Practice? Answered
12/28/2010 iPad split view can't work Answered, Commented
12/28/2010 Android Option menu not working in 1.5 mobile SDK Answered, Commented
12/28/2010 Pushing a text string onto an array causes error.. Commented
12/28/2010 Playing a downloaded mp3 file Answered, Commented
12/27/2010 iAds force fullscreen open Answered
12/27/2010 How to Debug a Force Close on a Device Answered
12/24/2010 Overlay text on video? Answered
12/24/2010 How to read a properties file Answered
12/24/2010 Retrieve webPage Title attribute in a WebView Answered, Commented
12/23/2010 Problem getting object properties Commented
12/23/2010 Error Generating R.Java from manifest Commented
12/23/2010 createTableView on Android much slower than iPhone Commented
12/23/2010 Error Generating R.Java from manifest Answered
12/22/2010 Multiple left nav buttons? Answered
12/22/2010 Facebook video uploads? Answered, Commented
12/22/2010 [ERROR] Invalid type passed to function. expected: NSNull, was: NSString in -[XMLModule parseString:] (XMLModule.m:19) Answered, Commented
12/22/2010 contact email form Answered
12/21/2010 Copy Image to Emulator SD Card Answered, Commented
12/21/2010 NavigationGroup and external js files Answered
12/21/2010 Email dialog functionality? Answered
12/21/2010 show and hide the tabGroup Answered
12/21/2010 SDK 1.5.1 upgrade failed, how to delete? Answered, Commented
12/21/2010 folder for caching (saving) files (images) Answered
12/20/2010 login to website and save user data to app Answered, Commented
12/20/2010 Bug in DashboardView when adding view items Asked
12/20/2010 createDashboardItem is lost. Answered, Commented
12/20/2010 create and modify anonymous labels Answered
12/20/2010 Ti.UI.currentWindow only works with url-based windows? Answered
12/20/2010 set Badge for any tab Answered, Commented
12/20/2010 Facebook extended permissions Answered, Commented
12/19/2010 Creating a window from a button bar event Commented
12/18/2010 Proper way of opening, closing, and reopening a window Answered, Commented
12/18/2010 Option Menu in 1.4.2 Not Working Asked
12/18/2010 Ti.App Global Variables and Webviews = Null Answered, Commented
12/18/2010 How to hide Keyboard Answered
12/18/2010 Easy way to select group to save contact to. Answered, Commented
12/17/2010 createHTTPClient drives me crazy. Answered, Commented
12/17/2010 HTTP POST setRequestHeader(), communication failed! Answered
12/17/2010 Question on titanium api Answered
12/16/2010 custom setRightNavButton button not showing on device Commented
12/16/2010 createWebView throws exception Commented
12/16/2010 how to deal with sessions and login Answered
12/16/2010 Titanium.Locale.currentCountry == null Answered, Commented
12/16/2010 Mobile 1.5.x breaks visibility of nested nav group Answered, Commented
12/16/2010 Android: custom AndroidManifest.xml Answered
12/16/2010 Android: Orientationchange not working Answered, Commented
12/15/2010 Wordpress RSS Question Answered, Commented
12/15/2010 Button font color in toolbars/navbars Answered
12/15/2010 Back button causes app to close Answered
12/15/2010 1.5.0 Answered
12/15/2010 Custom events not working for Android in 1.5? Answered
12/15/2010 XHR POSTing file to server (multipart problems) Answered, Commented
12/14/2010 TabGroup always returning to starting page Answered, Commented
12/14/2010 Dashboard - How to save the order of the dashboard Items? Answered, Commented
12/14/2010 Using Regex to convert <li> into TableView row Answered, Commented
12/14/2010 Titanium.Platform.openURL Not working Answered, Commented
12/13/2010 Get device UUID(UDID) Answered
12/13/2010 videoPlayer timeout? Commented
12/13/2010 Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient errors out Commented
12/13/2010 Loading tableview array from external local file Answered, Commented
12/13/2010 XML RSS Feed Answered, Commented
12/13/2010 Why does Q&A suck so much? Answered
12/13/2010 Android app, super simple one, will not run Commented
12/12/2010 Application with Tabgroup Answered, Commented
12/12/2010 Developing/Distributing inhouse apps. Answered
12/12/2010 Issue with webview padding with orientation shift Answered
12/12/2010 openPhotoGallery not working Answered
12/11/2010 Event occurs many times Answered
12/11/2010 installing app.apk is so slow for android, can't use it for debug Answered
12/11/2010 How to refresh the imageView.url? Answered
12/10/2010 Tab refresh - window to previous state Answered, Commented
12/10/2010 How to open Photo Gallery Answered
12/10/2010 setList() error Answered
12/10/2010 Event Listener for calling webview reload Commented
12/10/2010 emulator not working on imported projects Commented
12/9/2010 Camera photo mode (dissabling camera mode?) Answered
12/9/2010 Refresh window after modal close Answered, Commented
12/9/2010 Populate Search Results Commented
12/9/2010 ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/iPhone Simulator Answered
12/9/2010 limit annotations Answered, Commented
12/9/2010 Web serivce Example Commented
12/9/2010 handling compressed files Answered
12/9/2010 HTTPClient response only return empty values Answered, Commented
12/9/2010 evalJS not working in Android Answered, Commented
12/9/2010 Can anyone else not run on device after updating to iOS 4.2.1? Answered
12/9/2010 alertDialog actions Answered
12/8/2010 Invalid method (createToolbar) passed to UIModule on device Answered
12/8/2010 HTTPClient Failing to Load Answered, Commented
12/8/2010 How to use Ti.App.Properties.getList() properly? Answered
12/8/2010 "Back" url in TabGroup Commented
12/8/2010 TableViewRow related Answered, Commented
12/8/2010 Trying to save a screenshot of the current iphone display and save to image Answered
12/8/2010 transfer of control in android? Commented
12/8/2010 Listen for all events? Answered
12/8/2010 event propagation Answered
12/8/2010 resource with javascript files Commented
12/8/2010 Json Parse Commented
12/7/2010 Android Database file location Answered
12/7/2010 2 functions calling each others, how to declare them ? Commented
12/7/2010 appendRow and setData Problem Answered
12/7/2010 How to count number of rows in a picker Answered
12/7/2010 XML Parse Commented
12/7/2010 fireEvent from webview to window Answered, Commented
12/7/2010 Adding annotation to mapview makes the application crash Commented
12/7/2010 Background location Commented
12/7/2010 Avoiding stale data with multi-tasking Answered, Commented
12/6/2010 WebView error event no firing in Android Commented
12/6/2010 Can't get android simulator to run through titanium on OSX Commented
12/6/2010 hide tableviewrows Answered
12/6/2010 Tableview list links without linking to new js file? Answered
12/6/2010 Search field on IPad project Answered
12/6/2010 EXC_BAD_ACCESS when show camera Commented
12/6/2010 Error building Xcode project on another mac Answered
12/6/2010 Titanium.UI.ScrollableView not firing event in view change Answered
12/6/2010 Navigation of pages in android Answered
12/6/2010 before blur event? Answered
12/6/2010 Oncomplete in createHttpClient Answered
12/6/2010 createTableViewRow... why does this not work? Answered
12/6/2010 iOS - Download file & launch with default app? Answered, Commented
12/5/2010 Changing Window Content within a Navigation Group Answered
12/5/2010 Parse error bringing json data into Table View Answered, Commented
12/5/2010 Navigation of pages Answered, Commented
12/5/2010 Mapview with Search Toolbar Commented
12/5/2010 make sure httpClient onload function finished Answered
12/5/2010 "Project creation error: Error creating project. Please try again." Commented
12/5/2010 Display an image from a BLOB Commented
12/5/2010 Save Remote ImageView from ScrollableView to the Photo Gallery Answered, Commented
12/4/2010 downloading a file, question on how to call function Answered, Commented
12/4/2010 Route/Navigate to.... [TomTom?] Answered, Commented
12/4/2010 TabGroup background color Commented
12/4/2010 MODAL_TRANSITION_STYLE_PARTIAL_CURL only opens once Answered
12/4/2010 Dynamic view change title Commented
12/4/2010 Stopping GPS Service Answered
12/3/2010 QA E-Mail Notifications?? Asked, Commented
12/3/2010 How to pass image taken with camera to another window Answered
12/2/2010 Do not see debug-iphoneos directory after building app Answered
12/2/2010 Buttons not working Commented
12/2/2010 Twiiter Commented
12/2/2010 Background image not showing on child table Commented
12/2/2010 Kroll Documentation access denied Answered
12/2/2010 Firing an Event at the End of a Transition Answered
12/2/2010 Trigger link to new screen from inside UIwebview? Answered
12/2/2010 Update database and table content Answered, Commented
12/2/2010 Search twitter with appcelerator Answered
12/2/2010 Youtube Twitter API Answered
12/2/2010 TableView leftImage parameter can't be a URL ? Answered, Commented
12/2/2010 createImageView() on iPhone simulator throws serious error - it's killing me! Answered
12/1/2010 Using HTTPClient with setInterval and handling pause resume events Answered
12/1/2010 Optimizing Tableview Commented
12/1/2010 Backbutton eventListener Answered
12/1/2010 Attempt to insert non-property value Warning in Info Answered, Commented
12/1/2010 Creating subpages in a tableview from JSONfile ??? Answered
12/1/2010 how begin with appcelerator for desktop (and use the API's) Answered, Commented
12/1/2010 struggling to understand difference between titanium and phonegap? Answered
12/1/2010 HttpClient with a self signed ssl certificated Answered, Commented
11/30/2010 Get Directory/File List within Application's Answered
11/30/2010 this.responseXML returns null in xhr.onload function. Answered
11/30/2010 tabGroup open event Answered, Commented
11/30/2010 Android TableView Scroll Event Not Fireing Answered
11/30/2010 My annotations don't show up in mapview Answered, Commented
11/30/2010 Select folder from photogallery Answered
11/30/2010 table row show/hide labels Commented
11/29/2010 Dynamically Assign Listener to Button Answered
11/29/2010 iOS 4.2 compile and run Answered, Commented
11/29/2010 XHR null response Answered
11/29/2010 Play local video mp4 Answered, Commented
11/29/2010 See this when trying to build new application with 4.2 Asked, Answered
11/28/2010 Closing all windows under a tabGroup - need help Answered, Commented
11/28/2010 rss offline Answered
11/28/2010 Creating a Grid Layout in Appcelerator Answered
11/28/2010 How to handle imageView image errors Answered
11/28/2010 Retaining black glossy appearance of popover Commented
11/28/2010 No Log output following instructions for creating a module Asked, Answered
11/28/2010 building module failes Answered
11/28/2010 How to use a self coded module in titanium Answered
11/28/2010 How to modify / create modules for Appcelerator Answered, Commented
11/28/2010 Which app to populate SQLite DB on a mac??? Answered
11/28/2010 How to keep selected TableRow in view (and selected) Answered
11/28/2010 Disable Capitalization Answered
11/27/2010 open pdf in iBooks Answered
11/27/2010 App badge in RSS Feed Commented
11/26/2010 Titanium Developer (1.2.1) Install error Answered
11/26/2010 How to clear/remove rows from a picker? Answered, Commented
11/26/2010 How do I switch between a Edit & Done button??? Answered
11/26/2010 Only a part of my app is being loaded/shown.. Answered, Commented
11/26/2010 Android and Titanium Answered, Commented
11/26/2010 how to start Answered
11/25/2010 images on iphone Answered, Commented
11/25/2010 GET HTML/XML PAGE - Session issue Answered, Commented
11/25/2010 How to Add Back Button in Browser without using WebView Commented
11/25/2010 Android Geolocation stop after opening a second level window Commented
11/25/2010 http request, mootools, POST/GET sending variables problem on titanium Answered
11/24/2010 KitchenSink - Bad Gateway (502) Answered
11/23/2010 Upload photo from Titanium.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory to Facebook Commented
11/23/2010 Building/Emulator/Run on Device Slow Answered
11/23/2010 Persistent Window? Answered
11/23/2010 Width of masterview in iPad splitview Answered
11/23/2010 Tabbedbar badges like Facebook app, possible? (screenshot included) Commented
11/23/2010 remote video on android Answered, Commented
11/22/2010 Use webview to play video on Android Answered
11/22/2010 return contacts array by lastName Answered
11/22/2010 Connection Refused - HTTPClient Commented
11/22/2010 Navigation Tips/Advice (Reopening windows) Answered
11/22/2010 Contacts help Answered
11/21/2010 how to load URL Commented
11/21/2010 Closing Split View / Window in iPad Answered
11/20/2010 Navigation group woes with windows created using url *.js Answered, Commented
11/20/2010 Passing variables not working Answered, Commented
11/20/2010 NavigationGroup - Custom back button persists after close. Answered
11/20/2010 Webview load event fires multiples times on iphone Commented
11/20/2010 Global Arrays Answered, Commented
11/20/2010 Ti.UI.currentNav ... is there such a method? Answered, Commented
11/19/2010 Network problem with SSL Commented
11/18/2010 [iphone] Webview Event for Mail Commented
11/18/2010 XHR authorization Commented
11/18/2010 Global Arrays Commented
11/17/2010 How to play a sound within a view Answered, Commented
11/17/2010 Cannot get cookie Answered, Commented
11/17/2010 JSON http requests always log message about parsing error Answered
11/17/2010 Help with this json parse Answered
11/17/2010 Delete / Disable WebView Cookies? Answered
11/16/2010 Passing variable from titanium js class to html script ? Answered
11/16/2010 Sample of Eval JS? Answered
11/16/2010 What does webview.evalJS() return? Answered
11/16/2010 HTTPClient and session handle or cookie save in file? Commented
11/16/2010 Styling TableViewSection Commented
11/16/2010 Ti.App.fireEvent triggering many times for iPhone application. Commented
11/16/2010 swipe between images Answered
11/16/2010 HttpClient - Unrecognized selector sent to instance Answered, Commented
11/16/2010 XHR pulling from MySQL DB Problems Commented
11/15/2010 request mjpeg file Commented
11/15/2010 Where is createDocumentViewer documented? Asked
11/15/2010 save a file in cache Commented
11/14/2010 FEATURE REQ: Support for opening files in other apps: UIDocumentInteractionController Answered, Commented
11/14/2010 Login and Tabgroup Answered, Commented
11/13/2010 Window within view is not clickable Commented
11/13/2010 How to disbale zoom in ipad webview? Answered
11/12/2010 setSelectedRow on a picker Answered
11/12/2010 what is application data directory ? Answered, Commented
11/12/2010 ImageView from SQLite Database Answered
11/12/2010 Label Text won't wrap Answered
11/12/2010 how do i update a label in createLabel regularly when the user has internet connection? Answered
11/12/2010 Performance Question Commented
11/12/2010 Download and parse a JSON file Commented
11/12/2010 how do i update a label in createLabel regularly when the user has internet connection? Answered
11/11/2010 how to pass parameters from tableview to another view? Answered
11/11/2010 Open Detail Window on Map Annotation rightButton Click using Slide in from Right Animation Answered
11/11/2010 Have an arrow as rightButton on a MapView annotation item to show detail view Answered
11/11/2010 Click Event in a TableView but Outside of the TableViewRows Commented
11/11/2010 contact picker giving me error Commented
11/11/2010 reload gridview when i click the button Commented
11/11/2010 HTTPClient (XHR) GET request received by server as POST Answered
11/11/2010 iPhone app with no tabs, but with titlebars Answered
11/11/2010 Removing all child objects from a view Answered, Commented
11/11/2010 Catch Error: Audio queue creation failed Answered, Commented
11/10/2010 pdf in webview in scrollableview on android Answered
11/10/2010 Create a toolbar with buttons Answered
11/10/2010 iPhone Orientation not changing Answered
11/10/2010 Pass array from Titanium to android java Answered
11/10/2010 Displaying pictures in image view from a self-signed certificate site Answered, Commented
11/10/2010 SSL & WebService Answered
11/10/2010 Untrusted server certificate error with webview. Answered
11/9/2010 Getting started PDF out of date? Commented
11/9/2010 Titanium can't locate iphone sdk 3.2 for Ipad Commented
11/9/2010 iOS 4.2 – CRITICAL Commented
11/9/2010 How to change text Cancel button Searchbar? Commented
11/9/2010 Basic 1.5 infos ? Answered
11/9/2010 Map view click event not firing (in Kitchen Sink or my own app) Commented
11/9/2010 Simple textfield: Blank screen Answered
11/9/2010 How can I open another window after closing a tabGroup? Commented
11/9/2010 Multi-Line Text/Text wrap/Line Breaks in Buttons and Table View Items Commented
11/9/2010 Titanium Developer woes Commented
11/9/2010 Modal Transitions not working, is my syntax wrong? Answered
11/9/2010 navGroup Using External JS with Multiple Levels Answered
11/9/2010 KitchenSink not running in iPhone Commented
11/9/2010 Static Table header Commented
11/9/2010 Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery not working? Answered
11/9/2010 Dynamically create labels, how? Answered
11/9/2010 Transition not working Commented
11/9/2010 Info-Button on tableViewRow Answered
11/8/2010 Navigation Group Question Asked
11/7/2010 DirectoryListings Commented
11/7/2010 multiple right nav buttons? Answered
11/7/2010 Can't create a contact Answered
11/7/2010 Get full image path of an image inside the phonegallery Answered, Commented
11/7/2010 Dashboard view not displaying the button images Answered
11/7/2010 Return to root tableview on tab click (iPad) Answered
11/7/2010 httpclient settimeout and onerror don't work in android? Answered
11/7/2010 Remove leftNavButton/rightNavButton from Popover Crashes App Commented
11/6/2010 Bug: TableView with header and section not working correctly Commented
11/6/2010 Titanium Twitter App for learning Answered
11/5/2010 XML returns invalid data for Mapview Commented
11/5/2010 tableView not clearing data but appending it Commented
11/5/2010 Table View + Search Bar Answered
11/5/2010 Reloading a tab that uses xhr Answered
11/5/2010 Which event fires when you click the red 'Delete' button on a TableView row? Answered
11/5/2010 Reloading application Answered
11/5/2010 How to change titlebar text/font colour. Answered
11/5/2010 Webview fails in orientationchange event Answered
11/3/2010 Change tabs from within webview Commented
10/30/2010 webView with remote HTML - does not fireEvent Commented
10/30/2010 webView dynamic html fireEvent wont work Commented
10/30/2010 url in WebView Commented
10/29/2010 how can I pass the value in a textfield to a new tab/window? Answered, Commented
10/29/2010 How to get GPS/Location data Answered
10/29/2010 XML parsing very slow Commented
10/29/2010 iPhone deploy Answered
10/29/2010 How can I catch a KeyPress event? Answered
10/29/2010 WebView causes application to crash Commented
10/28/2010 Dynamic Window creation.. help ??? Commented
10/27/2010 Android error, then project creation error Answered