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6/10/2015 Problem with Admob Answered, Commented
3/23/2015 bencoding.AlarmManager Module Answered, Commented
3/11/2015 iOS App packaging fails using Xcode 6.2 / TiSDK 3.5.0, 3.5.1 Commented
12/11/2014 Emulator Problem Answered
12/11/2014 Custom fonts with different weight from same family Answered, Commented
12/3/2014 Open Navigation Window from tab group. Answered, Commented
12/3/2014 accessing child of a view created in for loop Answered, Commented
11/20/2014 Android Webview is not taking cookie Answered
11/19/2014 SQLite v3 date data insertion in android Commented
11/12/2014 Troubles with keyboard Answered, Commented
8/6/2014 get the keys from the array Answered
8/2/2014 AdvertisingId Commented
7/11/2014 Google Maps showing blank grid (not API key problem, libEGL problem) Answered, Commented
6/18/2014 ListView - opening detail window - transition not smooth Answered
6/4/2014 Hide SearchBar in ListView Answered, Commented
5/26/2014 ListView background color Answered
5/9/2014 Alloy remove ActionBar from Android ? Answered, Commented
4/11/2014 User Libraries Reference SDK Answered
4/11/2014 Best Way to Include Ads in your App Answered, Commented
4/10/2014 Real route in Map Kit iOS Answered
4/10/2014 how to get exact gps coords every second Answered
4/7/2014 Running remote JS code Commented
3/28/2014 Android Module fireEvent - not being received in App Answered
3/27/2014 Should I 'Modularize' a repeating component? Answered, Commented
3/27/2014 Hint Text not working Commented
3/27/2014 Reuse style (.tss) file for multiple controllers Answered
3/26/2014 How to embed .osm file (Open Street Map) to titanium project? Answered
3/20/2014 How can I import offline open street map in Titanium and add navigation to it? Answered, Commented
3/20/2014 How to remove first model after fetching collection. Answered
3/20/2014 Pinch zoom in scrollable view Answered, Commented
3/10/2014 webview evalJS never work Answered
3/3/2014 remove listener for geolocation - iphone/ios Commented
2/21/2014 Custom Object Query Answered
2/18/2014 iOS Ti.Map (mapview) - Centered position while dragging? Answered
2/11/2014 open app from push notification Commented
2/3/2014 how to add LIMIT and ORDER BY for sqlite Answered, Commented
1/24/2014 Are modal windows with navbars and buttons in Alloy with iOS 7.0.3 and 3.2.0.GA possible? Answered
1/9/2014 Android Holotheme with modal Windows making trouble Answered, Commented
12/3/2013 Querying with ACS inside a function to return true/false Answered, Commented
11/9/2013 New Window from action bar - Titanium Alloy Commented
11/1/2013 Appcelerator Push Notifications Api Answered
10/30/2013 Page Navigation with Alloy Commented
10/28/2013 SQLLite as a a RestAPI sync adapter fallback Answered
10/28/2013 npm global default location is wrong Answered
10/23/2013 Custom theme for android Answered
10/23/2013 Holo UI in case of modal: true is not working Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 setting variable value permanently in the app Answered, Commented
10/4/2013 Alloy: Android ActionBar Menu Item not always showing up Commented
10/4/2013 ActionBar support with Alloy Answered
9/13/2013 Android onCreateOptionsMenu menuItem eventListener Answered
9/12/2013 Android actionBar.displayHomeAsUp causes the app to crash Commented
9/11/2013 ACS Query that has worked for months... now returns nothing... hmmmm Commented
9/10/2013 Android TabGroup Color Answered
8/16/2013 [ERROR] : Tab must have only one child element, which must be a Window Answered
8/6/2013 nearSphere truncating my distance to integers! Answered
8/2/2013 Opening a modal window shows the gray nav bar. Answered
8/1/2013 adding menu item to action bar failed ? Answered
7/22/2013 Android action bar Answered, Commented
7/22/2013 Alloy access parent element using require Answered
6/3/2013 Android Navbar similar to the popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Mess, etc Answered
5/31/2013 How to use actionBar on tabGroup Answered
5/22/2013 Android ActionBar item in Sub-Window Answered
5/20/2013 Titanium SDK 3.0.2 compatiblity Matrix Answered, Commented
5/16/2013 Alloy : Using the Toolbar generated by TabGroup Answered
5/3/2013 Getting all of my list items to populate? Answered
5/3/2013 Where can I set CLI flag in titanium. Answered
5/2/2013 ALloy GEOLOQI Commented
4/30/2013 How to create a ListView in 3.1.0 Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 getTimezoneOffset() Not returning the proper sign? Answered
3/9/2013 Avoiding Memory leaks on iPhone Answered
3/6/2013 Using barImage makes "title" disappear / reappear when opening new window (iOS) Commented
3/6/2013 How to avoid the Cancel event from happening in ShowCamera Commented
3/5/2013 Minimize application when press back button Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 How to display a PDF file on a WebView of Android? Answered
2/27/2013 Alloy Model with default Backbone adapter Answered
2/20/2013 Simulator Keeps Crashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Commented
2/20/2013 How to disable splash screen? Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Pulling JSON Data (Data does not appear) Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Property of object is not a function Commented
2/13/2013 Profiling and cleaning up objects Commented
2/13/2013 Moment.js Gives Bad Date Diff Commented
2/12/2013 iPad retina simulator runs iPhone version of the app Answered
1/28/2013 TableView 'click' event does not fire... Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 Wordpress JSON API Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 Global javascript object in Android Answered
1/23/2013 Removing all Ti.App events at once. Commented
1/17/2013 parse wordpress problem Answered
1/15/2013 Navigation using Node.ACS Answered
1/8/2013 iOS postfix ++ operator applied to value that is not a reference Answered
1/3/2013 screen shrink back to 320*480 on 4-inch Retina display Answered
12/7/2012 Automatically create subdirectories when downloading file Answered, Commented
11/29/2012 Does Titanium include any 'LOAD' event for a View Answered
11/29/2012 Noob question: how to get my Titanium GUID ? Answered
11/11/2012 Button not being clicked or blink Answered, Commented
11/11/2012 How to use an external lib globally? Answered, Commented
11/11/2012 Assigning an ID to a custom Objekt... :( Answered
11/8/2012 Ti.UI.SIZE not working properly with width Answered, Commented
11/8/2012 concept question about navbar in modal window Answered, Commented
11/7/2012 How do I install multiple versions of Titanium Studio? Answered
11/7/2012 Help with Date format, thanks Answered, Commented
11/7/2012 Stop a timer from different addEventListener Answered
11/6/2012 can we use any alternative to SQLite database Answered, Commented
11/2/2012 Removing Annotations Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Screen turning off for iOS6 idle Answered
10/22/2012 how to implement This facebook table Answered
10/22/2012 Dynamically updating Labels? Answered, Commented
10/21/2012 Error in rssreader using yql Answered, Commented
10/19/2012 searchBar is not working with custom filters Answered
10/12/2012 How to add motion animation to a view Answered, Commented
10/10/2012 Get the coordinates of the viewable area of a map Answered
10/5/2012 Maps going black since iOS 6 Commented
10/5/2012 TextArea - Can not enter new line Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 iOS, tabbed interface, buttons in the top toolbararea? Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 Counting text in a textbox while typing Answered
9/28/2012 for look with action listener inside Answered
9/28/2012 Problem with installing database. Commented
9/27/2012 resize a picture from url Answered
9/27/2012 Button that scrolls through images infinitely Answered
9/26/2012 Use xCode 4.5 with the SDK 5.1 Answered
9/26/2012 Pull to refresh example Answered
9/20/2012 Integrating Node.ACS with ExpressJS... not working Commented
9/6/2012 tableView How To: Edit button in title bar reveals a delete button on each row Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Twitter authorization not working after distribution Answered
8/15/2012 Unlicensed Module - Someone can help me??? Answered
8/14/2012 About cache -- File system or SQLite? Answered, Commented
8/10/2012 crash handler Answered
8/10/2012 questions on android and ios Answered, Commented
8/9/2012 iOS Custome tab navigation problem Answered, Commented
8/8/2012 Iphone NavigationGroup ignores the backgroundColor setting Answered, Commented
8/7/2012 Coding_Strategies Error in demo Answered
8/2/2012 Tweetie like pull to refresh broken since updating to SDK version 2.1.0 (with 2.1.1 same!) Answered
7/31/2012 ScrollableView Click Event Answered
7/26/2012 won't load in Chrome Answered
7/21/2012 How do I download Titanium SDK version 2.20? Answered
7/21/2012 tablewview Answered
7/20/2012 View causing GROUPED table section text to be mangled - need help Answered
7/20/2012 Toolbar generating an error Answered
7/20/2012 Creating database - Syntax error Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 Opening detail window, Exception in tab.js: interface not implemented Answered, Commented
6/22/2012 Update TableView not working Answered, Commented
6/17/2012 Update now crashes Answered
6/16/2012 Listening to events in 2 webviews. Commented
6/14/2012 Label auto height Answered, Commented
6/14/2012 Network and resumed event Answered
6/13/2012 Does Appcelerator support ios 5.1.1 and Xcode 4.2.3? Answered
6/13/2012 DB Row won't appear on select after insert only after reloading the window Answered, Commented
6/13/2012 TableViewRow- disable default view? Commented
6/13/2012 Noob question on opening a new window in a different .js fileon button click via Answered, Commented
6/12/2012 XCODE SDK 4.3 no longer showing in Titanium Run Config menu Answered
6/12/2012 Hello World Project Not Building or Simulating Answered
6/12/2012 How can I prevent the IDE search pane from closing when double-clicking on a result? Answered
6/11/2012 How to get the users based on id using $in ? Answered
6/11/2012 Custom UI Component Answered, Commented
6/10/2012 How to fire the 'click' event in Tabgroup? Answered, Commented
6/10/2012 Added variables cannot be included in rowData? Answered, Commented
6/8/2012 Display Row ONLY If It Has A Certain Value (SQL) Answered, Commented
6/8/2012 require() path works different for web than for iOS builds Answered
6/7/2012 Ti.Facebook.logout() not working! Commented
6/7/2012 Really Appcelerator? I cannot compile a module because of some spaces in the workspace name Answered, Commented
6/7/2012 How to refresh view when tab icon is tapped on iOS Answered, Commented
6/7/2012 Update Titanium Studio from 1.7.5 to 2.0.2GA Answered
6/6/2012 Alert box without "Alert" Answered
6/5/2012 Refreshing user location in a tabbed view of a map Answered, Commented
6/5/2012 Return from another spope Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Using setSelectedRow on a Picker when the Row is not known Answered, Commented
6/3/2012 Click Event - Tabs Answered
5/31/2012 Phantom breakpoints on iOS Commented
5/31/2012 Cloned App: "No Such Table" when database was re-named Answered
5/31/2012 ACS Retrieve data with callback Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Window url weird error Answered
5/31/2012 Fresh Appcelerator Download, new empty mobile project link errors Answered
5/22/2012 How keep the screen active always Answered
5/20/2012 NavigationGroup with CommonJS Answered
5/19/2012 Navigation issue in tableviewrow in tableview. (tap the row's imageview/label) Commented
5/18/2012 Creating a tableview with ACS data (or updating any data from ACS) because of ASYNC execution Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Annotations JSON Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 Select max(COL_NAME) in Ti? Answered
5/17/2012 Appcelerator & InMobe online seminar from yesterday Answered
5/16/2012 Event Listener Not Returning Updated Row Object Answered
5/16/2012 AddToContact API Answered
5/14/2012 ACS Chat example Answered
5/9/2012 Tab Groups with self calling functions?? Answered
5/9/2012 Dynamic Index with complete A-Z view Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Advertising your app on your homepage Commented
5/8/2012 Why can't I call a function from an event listener? Answered
5/3/2012 Struggling to learn CommonJS in a tabgroup based multi-window application Answered, Commented
5/2/2012 Titanium app.js error Commented
4/29/2012 Multi Line Labels / Simulating line-height Answered
4/29/2012 JSON Data file works in simulator but not on iPhone device Answered
4/29/2012 How do you reload a different tab from another window? Answered, Commented
4/29/2012 Error opening database Answered
4/26/2012 Saving Photos with unique name Answered
4/25/2012 Switch between 'DEVELOPMENT' and 'PRODUCTION' in ACS. Answered
4/24/2012 Custom Objects: Show Custom Object(s) - ACS Commented
4/23/2012 parsing date time string? Commented
4/21/2012 get custom row data in table click Answered, Commented
4/20/2012 Module error and SDK 2.0 Commented
4/20/2012 disable json.parse sort Answered
4/19/2012 Helpdesk is no longer accessible Answered
4/19/2012 Labels in TableViewRow Answered
4/19/2012 Cloud App Management Web Console - push notifications Answered
4/19/2012 How to tell if cloud user is logged in Answered
4/18/2012 Help with ACS Push Notifications Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Android JSON.parse(this.responseText); giving items in wrong order. Answered
4/14/2012 Different behaviors for Ti.UI.Windows.close()? Commented
4/13/2012 Ti.addEventListener, Ti.App.addEventListener and Ti.API.addEventListener! Answered
4/13/2012 Noob question Answered
4/10/2012 accordion like ui for android/iphone not in webview Answered
4/7/2012 Titanium+ Module Downloads not working? Answered
4/2/2012 Background notification Android Answered
4/2/2012 Breakpoints are ignored while debugging Commented
4/1/2012 HTTPClient not loading data Answered, Commented
3/29/2012 need help with HTTPClient Answered, Commented
3/25/2012 Best way to manage screens in android and iphone Answered
3/25/2012 Problem with including two modules Answered
3/12/2012 Result of expression undefined is not an object Answered
3/11/2012 Animation flicker with createAnimation!!! Answered
3/11/2012 backbutton issue Commented
3/10/2012 Improve table view performance? Commented
2/29/2012 is it possible to hide the default back button while using Answered
2/24/2012 Views in ScrollView not showing for iPhone Answered
2/23/2012 local notification call back Answered
2/20/2012 JSON.parse() - not returning numbers correctly. Answered
2/18/2012 Key board Answered
2/17/2012 View just flickers Answered
2/17/2012 Is there a way to choose the size of a column in a picker? Answered
2/17/2012 Flat look on tableviewrow with grouped style Answered
2/12/2012 Click on the picker doesn't show the data in the picker for android Answered, Commented
2/12/2012 Problem retrieving data from table row that is in a tableview section Answered
2/11/2012 Is PickerRow's property 'selected' available? Answered
2/10/2012 Backup your code and Source Control Answered
2/10/2012 Titanium doesn't recognize Android SDK on Windows Answered
2/10/2012 How to align the tableView on the last clicked item when pressing BACK ? Answered
2/9/2012 tableview problems Commented
2/7/2012 how force the textfield to lose focus Answered
2/5/2012 Build to device always fails, help needed Answered
2/4/2012 Mobile SDK 1.8.1 Errors when running sample app Codestrong (Android) Answered, Commented
2/3/2012 Database is empty after install() Answered, Commented
2/3/2012 background services in iOS (AudioPlayer) not working. Commented
2/2/2012 Map View current location Answered, Commented
2/2/2012 Unable to find target while building iOS application Answered, Commented
2/2/2012 Click Event listener is not working in mapview. Answered
2/1/2012 1.8.1 error: child window is closed, but is copied into parent window Answered, Commented
1/30/2012 Titanium Studio needs restart constantly Commented
1/27/2012 Date Timer Picker - Milliseconds Answered, Commented
1/26/2012 Button Background image with Web URL Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 Why the toolbar do not show up? Answered
1/24/2012 MakeTi - Build your apps offline, in your own editor, and can auto upload to TestFlight Commented
1/15/2012 myVar is not an object error Answered, Commented
1/13/2012 Is there a way to get the package version of an apk file on android Answered, Commented
1/12/2012 Titanium difficult to use over a network Commented
1/11/2012 android with no hardware buttons - software button bar included in screen size Commented
1/11/2012 Has anyone got a stable workflow building on android? Commented
1/11/2012 Titanium SDK Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 Android: Cannot add AddEventListener for new element of Main Window from Sub Window Commented
1/9/2012 Android: Cannot add AddEventListener for new element of Main Window from Sub Window Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 App Store approved. Commented
1/9/2012 Disabling hardware buttons on device Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 Access native log Answered
1/8/2012 Map annotation image is not visible, but pincolor is Answered, Commented
1/8/2012 completely customized tableView Row Answered
1/7/2012 Is it possible to open another (modal or non-modal) window from a modal window? Answered
1/7/2012 Removing project from Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
1/7/2012 Keep Screen on functionality on Android Answered
1/4/2012 Textfield's and Button does not focus Commented
1/4/2012 Android: catch when app is closed? Answered
12/16/2011 Setting Picker Value Answered, Commented
12/15/2011 Array of UI elements? Answered
12/13/2011 Multiple clicks on a button Commented
12/6/2011 iOs Cloud Storage & Database install path Answered
12/2/2011 How do I encapsulate a createLabel & createTextField in a createView Answered
12/2/2011 createOptionDialog problem. Answered
12/2/2011 Variable increment with tableview Answered, Commented
12/2/2011 Database Answered
12/1/2011 Android tableView throws error while reloading Answered, Commented
11/30/2011 Can I change color of Titanium. Answered
11/27/2011 External URL link from Tab : Is that possible? Answered, Commented
11/27/2011 Custom headers in Android Answered
11/23/2011 Tableview with image Answered, Commented
11/23/2011 commonJS debugging Answered, Commented
11/20/2011 Android App works in emulator, fails on device Commented
11/20/2011 Navigation within child windows of a tab group Commented
11/20/2011 Store GPS location in a variable Answered
11/20/2011 Simple Tab Group Crashing Android Emulator Answered
11/17/2011 How to have data entered in textField in one window display in a label in another window? Answered
11/17/2011 Tabgroup - add badge to a tab in 'More' tab Answered
11/17/2011 Source identification in table row event listener Answered
11/16/2011 CommonJS Example Not Loading styles.js on Android Commented
11/16/2011 RowLabels Jumping when Row is checked Commented
11/16/2011 Titanium custom picker not working Answered
11/15/2011 Placing buttons crashes IOS app Commented
11/15/2011 Setting background image to child windows with fullscreen=false Commented
11/15/2011 window does not display the components in it Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 Android bottom menu (or tabs) Answered
11/14/2011 Button in a table view row? Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 addEventListener on supperposed elements fired twice on iOS, and once on andrdoid Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 Can not createDirectory !!! Answered
11/10/2011 Local Video Playback Answered
11/9/2011 Android: Cannot restart stream in AudioPlayer after stream is stopped. Answered
11/9/2011 How to reload a view Commented
11/8/2011 How to make zoom in/out on webview? Answered
11/8/2011 Toolbar button does not work on return from window Answered
11/7/2011 Force Close on adding map in my android app Answered
11/7/2011 Missing title bar Commented
11/7/2011 Old Version? Answered
11/7/2011 Development of audio playback applications have two questions related to Commented
11/1/2011 moving form window using bouton click Answered
10/31/2011 How to get information from my intent? Answered
10/31/2011 how to instal to android device Answered
10/30/2011 Studion Theme - do you have the theme used on the blog examples? Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Javascript label Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Bind Event Listener in Loop Answered
10/27/2011 Best Practices Answered, Commented
10/27/2011 How to add TabGroup or Tab to the window Answered
10/24/2011 Geolocation Commented
10/24/2011 Should an Android Notification Work When Phone Is Asleep? Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 setInterval on Android? Commented
10/24/2011 Android Background Service Answered, Commented
10/22/2011 difference between Google api 2.3 and Android 2.3 Answered
10/21/2011 WebView crashes the application. Commented
10/20/2011 Tab through textfields Answered, Commented
10/20/2011 Editing highlighted selections in Titanium Studio (Eclipse) Answered
10/19/2011 Custom build path Answered
10/19/2011 Maps Answered, Commented
10/18/2011 Load DB to label and navigate through it! Answered
10/18/2011 Refreshing an active DB Commented
10/18/2011 Background service stops after five minutes Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 App crashes after opening and closing a window. Answered
10/17/2011 Can't reload button function Answered
10/17/2011 commonjs and debugger - not working? Answered
10/14/2011 click event not firing on iOS Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 Where to install Modules? Answered
10/13/2011 Event listener not firing Answered, Commented
10/12/2011 Trying to get a simple button click to work with addEventListener Answered
10/12/2011 reload a table view on event Answered
10/12/2011 Background Operations Answered, Commented
10/11/2011 Update tableView data, clear previous data Answered, Commented
10/11/2011 db troubles Answered
10/10/2011 Can't call Titanium.API from specific JS file. Commented
10/7/2011 Run app on device Answered
10/7/2011 Codestrong session source code Answered, Commented
10/6/2011 Display a simple "self-dismissing" message? Answered
10/6/2011 My application doesn't start + build.log Answered
10/6/2011 Ti.Android is undefined after upgrade Answered, Commented
10/6/2011 Multiple custom variables in an object? Answered
10/5/2011 Getting GPS Coords into a variable and label. Answered, Commented
10/5/2011 CustomJS and exports Answered
10/5/2011 Searchbar height Answered
10/5/2011 Block click handler on table row? Answered
10/4/2011 Sill Font Question Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 Noob Question - Heavyweight in Titanium studio Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 dynamic filling of picker Commented
10/3/2011 How to link one page with another Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Will there be more examples that will adhere to the commonsjs pattern, as per CodeStrong announcement? Answered
10/2/2011 Animation - Not Ready Commented
9/30/2011 Why NO TableViewRow Button click when NO Tableview click event? Answered
9/30/2011 addEventListener to a TableView Answered
9/29/2011 Wrap HTTP request in a function and return a value? Answered
9/29/2011 Where do I position addEventListener when using createTableViewRow in createTableView? Answered, Commented
9/29/2011 Failed to fetch URL Answered
9/29/2011 Application doesn't see newly added sqlite columns? Answered
9/29/2011 Passing data to parent window of Tableview in TabGroup Answered
9/29/2011 Debug fails Answered, Commented
9/28/2011 How to hide a DatePicker when 'lost focus' Answered
9/28/2011 Another GPS Question (sorry) Answered
9/26/2011 Module to define a custom SQLite function for distance calculation Answered
9/25/2011 Help with scrollable view please Answered, Commented
9/23/2011 How do you install a module into Titanium Studio? Answered
9/23/2011 Table View, hide icon when in delete mode Answered
9/21/2011 On Demand Training Lab Question (03 - UI Fundamentals) HELP, please. Answered
9/20/2011 Newbie, Starter question. Answered
9/20/2011 Date Conversion need some help Answered
9/20/2011 Can't see the progress bar Answered
9/20/2011 createTableView crashes the application. Answered
9/13/2011 customize picker date output Answered
9/13/2011 TabGroup on Android Causing black screen Answered
9/12/2011 How do I programaticatly press a button and show the user that this button is being pressed? Answered
9/9/2011 How to Place a button bar in the title of window? Answered
9/9/2011 Common JS Modules - No build On Device Commented
9/8/2011 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Ambiguous Z-Order error using Tabs Commented
9/8/2011 Error using require and packaging App (Android) Answered
9/6/2011 Does the debugger work with commonJS approach? Answered
9/6/2011 Changing the Titanium Studion login user Answered
9/5/2011 Authentication failed.Please verify that the user name and password are correct Answered
9/4/2011 CommonJS Module on Android Fails. Answered
9/4/2011 Detail tutorial for Titanium Blackberry Answered
9/2/2011 Blackberry support in Titanium Studio: How do I find it? Answered
9/2/2011 Help with evaluating Javascript object Answered
9/2/2011 Cross Platform Grid/Dashboard Control Answered
8/31/2011 Map on Android doesn't load Answered, Commented
8/31/2011 Can anyone tell me where to find the source files of Titanium? Answered
8/30/2011 Android exitOnClose does not work... Answered
8/29/2011 Android: show splash on application resume Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 database help Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 Why can not I create a new window in addEventListener? Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 Why I am not getting any response from the server Answered
8/26/2011 Android Google Maps crashing consistently Commented
8/25/2011 JSON Response Data Commented
8/25/2011 Run Configurations Project Browse Button Not Working Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 App crashes when SQLite database is instantiated Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 Need sql query or logic. Answered
8/18/2011 Building custom table rows with controls from SQL data Answered, Commented
8/17/2011 Quickest way to find dimensions of an image file in Appcelerator Answered
8/15/2011 event listener on a tableview label or image Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 event Listener in tableView Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 Can't find variable Ti, when trying to run Titanium API from webview Commented
8/11/2011 Login Logout tabs question Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 Did change in the last 1.7.2 SDK? Commented
8/9/2011 Prohibiting swiping in scrollableview and indicate with shaking screen Answered
8/9/2011 erro trying to parse json string on facebook events Commented
8/7/2011 Pin image is not visible in MapView Answered, Commented
8/7/2011 Passing a variable / object when attaching event listener Answered, Commented
8/6/2011 Where can I finf the resource files for '09 - Integrating Web Content' tutorial Answered
8/6/2011 Login to "" Answered
8/4/2011 Starting Titanium Studio without an internet connection Answered
8/4/2011 persistent notification - android Commented
8/4/2011 setTimeOut maximal value ? Answered, Commented
8/4/2011 relave app status foreground or background Answered, Commented
8/4/2011 Error Creating Android Module Answered
8/3/2011 Instalation problem Commented
8/3/2011 home screen Answered
8/3/2011 3 important questions Commented
8/2/2011 How to change the font color int he title bar Answered
8/2/2011 starting appcelerator splash screen Answered
8/1/2011 View Module for Android Answered
8/1/2011 Geolocation Notification Answered, Commented
7/30/2011 Tableview not scrollable Commented
7/28/2011 emulator not like device Commented
7/28/2011 Identify row in a tableview row with a event of a view object inside TableView Answered
7/27/2011 close previous window in on click event Commented
7/25/2011 Android Context Menu Commented
7/25/2011 Adding <module> reference to Tiapp.xml causes error Commented
7/8/2011 wrapped resources app.js ???? Answered
7/8/2011 Keeping the screen turned on and dimming screen Answered
7/7/2011 JS code not compiled when running on simulator Answered
7/6/2011 Local notification problems Answered
7/6/2011 Error while creating new "Map Annotation" Answered, Commented
7/6/2011 Annoying Home/End on OSX keyboard in Titanium Studio Answered
6/24/2011 Loading XML file - error when file is large Commented
6/23/2011 Text label don't update Answered
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