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7/27/2015 Header and Footer Answered
12/12/2014 Fetching an api every second Commented
11/11/2014 Infinite loop in SQLite - why? Answered
10/9/2014 there is no property line-height in titanium !!!? Answered
10/7/2014 Titanium app with more number of forms/windows/activities Commented
9/14/2014 cant open titanium Commented
8/11/2014 App Store - Paid and Free Version Answered
7/11/2014 Timetable in titanium Commented
7/2/2014 Populate Scrollview With Images dynamically Answered
6/30/2014 HTTP-GET Request with Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient() Answered, Commented
6/30/2014 Titanium studio don't have iOS Answered
6/26/2014 Animate images like Gif Answered
6/24/2014 Indent problem with tableview Commented
6/24/2014 curious to know the logic Answered, Commented
6/24/2014 embade jqueary file Commented
6/23/2014 Use function of .JAVA file in alloy Answered
6/20/2014 how to save toImage() in gallery ? Commented
6/18/2014 Click button event on app launch Answered
6/6/2014 Is it posible to get bios Date and Time of the Android device ? Answered
5/13/2014 How can we consume the java webservice using Titanium APIs, please give an example Commented
5/13/2014 Is there any issue between admob and tishadow? Answered, Commented
5/12/2014 Object [object Object] has no method 'push' Answered
5/7/2014 titanium JDK Error run time Answered
5/5/2014 Newbie First App/TStudio Questions Commented
4/28/2014 Failed to compile Java source files: Answered, Commented
4/16/2014 Cannot run my Titanium Android Emular project with windows 8 Commented
4/7/2014 Node.js Setup Wizard ended prematurely Commented
4/7/2014 Views background color on selection of TableViewRow Answered
4/2/2014 Get certificate fingerprint from apk Commented
4/2/2014 ios version compatability Commented
4/2/2014 TakePicture Commented
3/27/2014 Social sharing for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter using Cordova3.3 Answered
3/26/2014 How to handle internet connection error in phonegap for android Commented
3/18/2014 I lost debug.keystore Answered, Commented
3/17/2014 Folder for Push Notifications Icons in Alloy Answered
3/17/2014 how to deal with alloy memory leaks Commented
3/11/2014 editor - Ti-Alloy package Commented
3/3/2014 QuickGame2d Module Answered
2/14/2014 Unexpected token":" Commented
2/14/2014 Database updated Answered
2/14/2014 Code not working on titnaium 3.2.0 Commented
2/14/2014 How to Add a New Js Answered
2/13/2014 Unable to update version in manifest file Answered, Commented
2/12/2014 how to parse xml in this link which contain hosted ip address in titanium Answered
2/12/2014 User Like Commented
1/28/2014 How do i load only part of webpage in titanium? Commented
1/28/2014 CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) apps using appcelerator Alloy and remote database using any server side script Commented
1/23/2014 Generating unique result from an array Answered
1/23/2014 'dp' Density pixel only works after window has opened / loaded (Android) Answered
1/16/2014 TWITTER Commented
1/14/2014 How run for iOs 7 Commented
1/13/2014 How can I track null pointer exception Answered, Commented
1/13/2014 How to create if i close my app before show alert by using on pause method in Android? Commented
1/13/2014 My Project Is run Vary Slow Why? Answered
1/13/2014 how to make titanium android app shortcut icon, other than actual Application icon Commented
1/10/2014 Android in chat with user.. how i used to send a emotions, phots from gallery Commented
1/10/2014 Lost with titanium Studio 3.2 GUI Answered
1/10/2014 Device sim support Commented
1/10/2014 TiDeSDK application development Answered
1/9/2014 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bitmap size exceeds 32bits... Commented
1/9/2014 You tube video Commented
1/9/2014 Failed to package application: Answered
1/8/2014 how can i read data from this service? Commented
1/6/2014 is possible to develop a game in ipad using titanium?? Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 Using javascript libraries for computation Commented
1/6/2014 Need help with Android codes using Appcelerator Cloud Services with Eclipse Answered
1/3/2014 Can we manage Maps in Titanium Commented
1/3/2014 Can we make a booking system with Titanium? Answered
1/1/2014 Titanium.Filesystem undefined in webview Answered
12/30/2013 Checkbox realisation Commented
12/29/2013 Running app locally Answered, Commented
12/24/2013 Support for Android NavigationDrawer? Answered
12/24/2013 How to dispaly huge amount of data(content) more than one page(window)? Commented
12/24/2013 Get substring Answered, Commented
12/24/2013 Map view on Titanium Commented
12/23/2013 Favorites - Database Commented
12/23/2013 how can i download manually titanium requirement? Commented
12/19/2013 problem in adding modules Answered
12/19/2013 how to put functionality to the go button on the keyboard Answered
12/19/2013 Button click event not fired after a few weeks Commented
12/19/2013 Saving Image in database Commented
12/19/2013 Run Titanium Android project in Eclipse as general Android Project Commented
12/19/2013 Native Calendar for android Commented
12/19/2013 No Buttons and Textfields viseble in iOS Answered
12/19/2013 Executing/Opening a File Answered
12/19/2013 non-acs node application Commented
12/19/2013 To select a value from the dropdown without exporting the function Commented
12/19/2013 Admob android Commented
12/19/2013 Metaio "Cloud Plugin" as a module? Answered
12/19/2013 Requirements for hardware acceleration on Android Commented
12/19/2013 unable to launch titanium studio IDE? Commented
12/17/2013 Cannot install Node.acs Answered
12/17/2013 about google map Commented
12/16/2013 How to download documentation Answered
12/16/2013 problem in any modules Commented
12/16/2013 how to identify titanium components Commented
12/15/2013 NodeJS on Titanium? Answered, Commented
12/13/2013 How to submit Titanium app to Apple Store Answered, Commented
12/13/2013 UI compatability for all devices Commented
12/13/2013 threading simeltenously Commented
12/13/2013 ask about about dialog for ios Answered
12/13/2013 App created by titanium hanging in android. Commented
11/29/2013 Please provide any video link for creating android module in titanium Commented
11/29/2013 showCamera openPhotoGallery Commented
11/29/2013 first letter capitals Answered
11/28/2013 How Titanium compiler works Answered
11/27/2013 HTTP client : e.error undefined Answered
11/27/2013 Can we run automated tests from the Cloud on to simulators without wi-fi or data plan Answered
11/27/2013 font sizes and different screen resolution on Android - how to make it fit all screens? Answered, Commented
11/26/2013 Using ACS as a relational Database Answered, Commented
11/26/2013 Sum value up to closest whole nr Commented
11/25/2013 Titanium Studio: Fail to create Virtual Machine Answered
11/20/2013 How to find the count of the apps currently open on device? Answered
11/19/2013 Git error during install Titanium Studio for Windows XP 32 bit Answered
11/13/2013 Support for EventSource Commented
11/12/2013 Trying to get started Commented
11/11/2013 environment Path Commented
11/11/2013 Problème consommation web service Answered
11/9/2013 Works on simulator but very slowly on device Answered, Commented
11/8/2013 Is this the simplest way to fetch json data and write it to a file? Answered
11/8/2013 perform function after window has opened not working Answered
11/8/2013 facebook like Commented
11/8/2013 Is it possible to test an iPhone app on an iPad? Answered
11/8/2013 Unable to load more data in Table View - iPhone and Android Answered
11/6/2013 Installation Size Answered, Commented
11/6/2013 The higher levels should be unlocked only when atleast one previous level is cleared using titanium appcelerator for iphone andr Commented
11/5/2013 App Notepad Dont work !!!!! Answered
11/5/2013 Win 7 64 bit Answered, Commented
11/4/2013 Why hour bar is not displayed on the iPhone? Answered
10/31/2013 Is it safe to provide customers with the APK directly? Answered
10/30/2013 How to delete newly entered illegal character from TextField? Answered, Commented
10/29/2013 prevent public link Commented
10/29/2013 How to integrate web service and XML parsing in Alloy application. Commented
10/28/2013 request time failed, Exception address family not supported by protocol Answered
10/28/2013 Is there a way to programatically access the 'back' button in a TabGroup for IOS? Answered
10/28/2013 Building native libraries Commented
10/28/2013 Starting off with Titanium. Coding for Android/Windows...easily convert to iOS? Answered
10/24/2013 Want to develop a mobile app and a web app [desktop browser base] with single code base Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 Database Creation in Emulator Answered
10/23/2013 Database App Commented
10/23/2013 Background Work Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 Animation crashes my Desktop App Answered
10/23/2013 Amazon web services query Answered, Commented
10/23/2013 Issues in 3.1.3 GA Commented
10/22/2013 hybrid free App that after trial 7-days pay a fee/price for the App Answered, Commented
10/22/2013 How to show Facebook friends status in my titanium apss Commented
10/22/2013 settings adding for android Answered
10/22/2013 Remote execution of Java Script file Answered, Commented
10/18/2013 Create new php file option not found in titanium studio windows7 Answered
10/17/2013 alertbox Answered
10/17/2013 Update iOS application : APP ID Answered
10/16/2013 tables won't work Answered
10/15/2013 Possible to record phone calls? Answered, Commented
10/14/2013 How to trigger media scan Answered
10/14/2013 App failed to resume in time Answered
10/14/2013 Ubuntu 12.04 lockout Answered, Commented
10/14/2013 Create a view like this Commented
10/14/2013 Where is windows 8 support for apps? Answered
10/11/2013 Tip to create an App with Titanium Answered, Commented
10/11/2013 Exceptions are empty on Android Commented
10/10/2013 how to get the value and store in titanium appcelerator for iphone and android Answered, Commented
10/10/2013 Anroid loading a window a very slow Commented
10/10/2013 Survey module on Titanium Commented
10/9/2013 Missing JAR files Commented
10/9/2013 Convert HTML tags to correct format. Answered
10/8/2013 can we increment and decrement value by clicking on button +/- in titanium appcelerator Commented
10/7/2013 Problem with the dashboard (first use) Answered, Commented
10/7/2013 Pinterest style bricks view Answered, Commented
10/7/2013 How to create pie chart using titanium studio? Commented
10/7/2013 Cannot call method 'replace' of null error Commented
10/7/2013 phone pad by clicking an object Commented
10/7/2013 Please answer these Questions Commented
10/7/2013 Can't find Android SDK Answered, Commented
10/7/2013 Can't create or build an imported project Commented
10/7/2013 Cannot find symbol symbol : class TiProperties in Appcelator studio Commented
10/7/2013 After Ti update simulator can't start Commented
10/7/2013 Layout Wrong Answered
10/7/2013 Dropbox API in Titanium(need support android, iOS and Windows) Answered
10/4/2013 Guitar Tunes like app Answered
10/4/2013 Build 2 projects in 1 app Commented
10/4/2013 Position of the objects in different screen to device Commented
10/4/2013 Calling wcf service from mobile we application Commented
10/4/2013 PROBLEM Installing Titanium on Window 8.1 Answered
10/4/2013 Which of the following can be used as alternatives to the AutoResize property? Answered
10/4/2013 Is it possible to deploy beta build on any device? Commented
10/4/2013 Label is blinking when I click Commented
10/3/2013 Even more Android Issues Commented
10/3/2013 How to use classes in an external jar file?? Answered
10/3/2013 How to use a jar file Answered, Commented
10/3/2013 Unable to create project Answered, Commented
10/2/2013 Android activities knowledge Answered
10/2/2013 how to parse this facebook reponse Commented
10/2/2013 TableView Commented
10/2/2013 values access from tableviewrow Commented
10/2/2013 background colors Commented
10/2/2013 Duplicate a view on two windows Answered, Commented
10/1/2013 pop up type window Commented
10/1/2013 Building and android module Answered
9/30/2013 How to use faceboo grap api to get user feeds or wall post Commented
9/30/2013 Need to parse and show this facebook response - no idea Commented
9/30/2013 Object returned from Ti.App.Properties.getObject() is wrong Commented
9/30/2013 Build for iOS Answered
9/30/2013 Want to retrieve only one row of data Commented
9/30/2013 can we get the value stored in properties if app crashes Answered
9/30/2013 E/TiUIHelper(19199): (main) [97,105894] Unable to load bitmap. Not enough memory: null Commented
9/30/2013 some idea to make a map like this? Commented
9/30/2013 Push Notification support without ACS Answered, Commented
9/30/2013 How can i check whether the variable has image or not Commented
9/29/2013 Problems creating a new project Answered
9/29/2013 Reset entire windows Answered
9/29/2013 Issue after installing Titanium Appcelerator on Windows 7 Answered, Commented
9/29/2013 So tired to try to lauch a simple alloy application Commented
9/29/2013 Better error messages? Commented
9/29/2013 call number from app Commented
9/29/2013 Parse Android textView words and write to SQLite or JSON file Commented
9/27/2013 There's a way to prevent an app to open? Answered
9/27/2013 Disable code signing in titanium Answered, Commented
9/27/2013 How to run an application through Titanium Studio on older iOS Simulator version? Commented
9/27/2013 Connecting to Commented
9/27/2013 retrieve only one row from local sqlite database in edit text Commented
9/27/2013 iOS device: Error loading image from remote servlet Answered
9/27/2013 How to parse Multiple images in the description tag using regex Answered
9/27/2013 sqlite query Answered
9/26/2013 iPhone 64bit issue Commented
9/26/2013 Parsing HTML question Answered, Commented
9/26/2013 parsing soap response and showing the data in label Commented
9/25/2013 Does Appcelerator Suck? Commented
9/25/2013 SDK-Version 3.1.3 Unavailable Answered
9/25/2013 Use shared libraries between projects Answered
9/25/2013 tableView image from json Commented
9/25/2013 Replace value in sqlite Answered
9/25/2013 Titanium emulator taking too much load time! Answered, Commented
9/24/2013 JNI ERROR (app bug): local reference table overflow (max=512) Commented
9/24/2013 Write data to the textfile Commented
9/23/2013 how to parse this web service Commented
9/23/2013 Windows Phone Support Answered
9/21/2013 when in Production - free account - ACS exist FREE quota eg for users of App Photos etc? Commented
9/20/2013 Removing Android SDKs Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Json data fetched by a php page return ro results while in browser everything go right Commented
9/19/2013 Looking for Mobility UI Developer - Savannah, GA - 6 Months contract Commented
9/19/2013 error for splitting in titanium appcelerator Answered
9/18/2013 Develop apps on PC with the IOS.. Answered
9/18/2013 Using Localserver on PHP & MySql and Titanium Answered, Commented
9/18/2013 How to convert Alloy code to non-Alloy code Answered, Commented
9/18/2013 Unfortunately app has stopped Commented
9/18/2013 code for getting question for a problem in titanium appcelerator Commented
9/17/2013 http request real time (web socket) Answered
9/17/2013 Date wise data syncing Commented
9/17/2013 Titanium project not a option one file-> new menu Answered
9/13/2013 Android Building Problems Commented
9/13/2013 Fastdev Answered
9/12/2013 How can i call image in the description tag into my description page Commented
9/11/2013 my application crash on android but not iphone. Commented
9/11/2013 Unavailability of IntelliJ Commented
9/11/2013 unable to parse json Answered, Commented
9/11/2013 Local Sqlite database Answered
9/11/2013 How have function available everywhere Answered
9/11/2013 Android Memory leaks Answered
9/11/2013 Renaming of workspace Answered
9/11/2013 Couldn't create a new project or import existing project. Answered
9/11/2013 Missing SDK Commented
9/9/2013 How to find current location longitudes and latitude in titanium ? Answered
9/9/2013 Titanium getting crash Answered
9/9/2013 Javascript virtual panorama in webview : Answered, Commented
9/6/2013 Android apk size too large Answered, Commented
9/6/2013 How to remove black then while showing pop up screen in titanium? Answered, Commented
9/5/2013 How to remove "checked" sign of tablerow in titanium Answered
9/5/2013 Alloy way of set/get application settings Commented
9/4/2013 Titanium.UI.iOS.TabbedBar workarround for Android? Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 How to check if bluetooth is enabled Commented
9/4/2013 share a page on facebook Commented
9/4/2013 TextField inside of a TableView Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 cannot open a sub folder with Ti.Platform.openURL Answered
9/4/2013 how to get ID of all item which is display in list ? Answered
9/4/2013 How to store or different way data in titanium ? Answered
9/4/2013 We need to implement Install and Uninstall Satu Commented
9/4/2013 #objects increases in DDMS VM heap Commented
9/4/2013 Record user screen ios . Commented
9/4/2013 "Sliding zoom"-effect on image like Viber? Commented
9/2/2013 Installation problem with JDK Answered
9/1/2013 Getting error while moving one view to another using common.js Answered, Commented
9/1/2013 Installing modules for Android?? Answered, Commented
9/1/2013 Problem install on windows 8 Answered
8/19/2013 running in emulator Commented
8/15/2013 GPS update Commented
8/14/2013 Deploy to Android device Answered, Commented
8/14/2013 Deploying Kitchen Sink Answered, Commented
8/14/2013 How to import a git project Answered
8/14/2013 Coding an Update Functionality for Android App Commented
8/10/2013 no directory build in my android project Answered, Commented
8/10/2013 !!! FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION !!! on Android Commented
8/10/2013 Phone call not working? Answered
8/10/2013 How to start ? Commented
8/10/2013 Facebook friend list along with profile pic Commented
8/9/2013 For Loop if/else Commented
8/7/2013 Display data from php Answered
8/7/2013 Database Syncing Answered
8/7/2013 HTTPClient Error Handling Answered
8/7/2013 App craches after calling webservice and close window Commented
8/7/2013 Lock columns ans scroll Answered
8/7/2013 javascript not working in titanium webview Commented
8/6/2013 Transfer large amount of data between webview and titanium Commented
8/6/2013 Var properties refresh condition Commented
8/6/2013 Neophyte--don't know what I'm doing Answered, Commented
8/6/2013 Pls How can i achieve and SMS authentication on user registration for my mobileApp Commented
8/1/2013 database sync.. Commented
7/31/2013 Reload all windows, tabs and view Answered
7/31/2013 Accessing custom properties given to Ti.UI.TextField in iOS module Commented
7/29/2013 Titanum JavaScript Time function Commented
7/29/2013 Facebook Setup Answered
7/29/2013 How to get element JSON ALLOY Commented
7/27/2013 PhoneGap mobile Application not working on android emulator Commented
7/26/2013 Save value for reuse Answered, Commented
7/26/2013 quicktigame2d Answered, Commented
7/26/2013 Views! Commented
7/26/2013 window animated android Answered
7/25/2013 can I export iOS contacts to email ? Commented
7/25/2013 Adding a button to a view problem Answered, Commented
7/25/2013 Sharing Projects Between Two Different Computers Answered, Commented
7/25/2013 Help needed on retrieve the data from the remote database and show it in Tableview Commented
7/25/2013 Share image to other applications Answered, Commented
7/25/2013 Help with this OpenGL Module Commented
7/23/2013 Increase memory in emulator in titanium studio in window 8 Answered
7/23/2013 Success with building and running GoogleTV App? Commented
7/23/2013 How to integrate titanium and sso Commented
7/22/2013 Can anyone tell me why none of these work please? Simple JS Object assignment fail! Commented
7/22/2013 Problem while logging in studio Commented
7/22/2013 Download remote update file Commented
7/19/2013 Refactoring in titanium Commented
7/18/2013 How far can the base cloud offerings take an app before $60K middle tier? Commented
7/18/2013 App at appstore splash screen freeze but not in simulate Commented
7/18/2013 Reading file contents is not compatible with IE for mobileweb Commented
7/18/2013 Titanium Music Player ? Answered
7/18/2013 Outdated underscore reference Commented
7/18/2013 now i wont to log in to the facebook with my app Answered
7/18/2013 Memory and Performance Issues in existing App Answered
7/18/2013 build the app Answered
7/18/2013 Problems changing from sdk Commented
7/18/2013 Android Module Help Commented
7/18/2013 i wont to log in to facebook and take the avatar of my profile Commented
7/17/2013 IDE crashes very often Answered, Commented
7/17/2013 Skitch App Like Stroke Commented
7/17/2013 mobile Web Answered
7/17/2013 Android with MAC not working for new SDK. Answered
7/17/2013 Canot install app to my devices Commented
7/17/2013 Accessing the camera instance online Commented
7/16/2013 Working with big JSON Answered
7/16/2013 Check for internet connection Answered
7/16/2013 How would I go about re-creating this control in titanium? Answered
7/16/2013 What exactly is receptacle game rental? Commented
7/15/2013 Immediate help needed on Titanium + SOAP Servce Integration Answered, Commented
7/15/2013 Log to file Answered
7/11/2013 star rating Answered
7/11/2013 Titanium 3.1 how to build app also for iphone3 ? Answered
7/11/2013 table problems Answered, Commented
7/11/2013 Replace words in string Answered, Commented
7/11/2013 Just confused about the product's license. Answered
7/11/2013 Error Message when running the Titanium Studio Commented
7/11/2013 App badge in Android via Push notification Answered
7/9/2013 working example of rss parsed feed Commented
7/2/2013 Still cannot create a project?! Commented
7/2/2013 How to create Facebook Composer ? Commented
7/2/2013 How to play several audio files? Commented
7/2/2013 Checkbox and form submit in Table View Commented
7/2/2013 Picker is not getting populated by data in rows Answered
6/28/2013 [code] A sample grid creator Answered
6/28/2013 implement push notification functionality in android version using GCM Answered, Commented
6/28/2013 What is the standard room on tour? Commented
6/27/2013 Reading XML: 404 Error Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 send sms from iPhone Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 Filter messages on the console Answered
6/27/2013 tweetainuim problem Answered
6/27/2013 UI - design with a couple of views and tabs, but not tab-based? Commented
6/27/2013 Titanium Studio - Check for Titanium Updates breaks Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 Big problem trying to install updates Answered
6/27/2013 getting android passcode(lock screen code) Answered
6/26/2013 facebook module Commented
6/26/2013 Access to Passbook API via Appcelerator API Commented
6/26/2013 How to access navbar inside tabgroup? Commented
6/26/2013 major ui with all Controls. Commented
6/23/2013 Memory average problem Commented
6/17/2013 New project to update app. Answered, Commented
6/10/2013 I have problems in environment Answered, Commented
6/9/2013 Dashboard problem Answered
6/9/2013 help me... Commented
6/9/2013 Unable to create new project mobile Commented
6/9/2013 Advanced documentation for titanium sdk Commented
5/30/2013 Titanium Mobile Web Architecture Commented
5/30/2013 Concerns Commented
5/30/2013 bintoo sdk Commented
5/29/2013 Integrating android and Iphone native application with titanium app Answered
5/28/2013 Build APK without emulator Answered
5/28/2013 Microsoft acquisition rumors? Answered
5/24/2013 Terminal does not work after installing titanium Answered
5/24/2013 Just wanted to share a very useful tip about XML in Alloy Answered
5/23/2013 how can i create a window with an arrow pointing in Appcelerator titanium Commented
5/23/2013 To simulate a keyboard Commented
5/23/2013 Cannot load... JDK Answered
5/22/2013 Weibo Commented
5/22/2013 Set which Simulator to run Answered
5/22/2013 Alloy view xml attribute : ns Answered
5/22/2013 paper.js Answered
5/22/2013 Coloring book app Commented
5/21/2013 Grid Layout for iOS and Android Answered
5/21/2013 Welcome view Commented
5/21/2013 How to change the attributes of window in Titanium studio Commented
5/21/2013 Problem with drawing application Commented
5/21/2013 Difference between Button with image, ImageButton, and clickable ImageView? Answered
5/21/2013 Titanium API Lists Answered, Commented
5/21/2013 now i wont to share with intent Commented
5/21/2013 share twitter on android Answered
5/21/2013 create interface Commented
5/17/2013 Can push be implemented without using urban airship or ACS? Answered
5/16/2013 show data from on emulator from database Answered
5/16/2013 how to make big array in acs Commented
5/16/2013 Shifting from one window to another Answered
5/13/2013 Show data in list view Commented
5/13/2013 Languages with alloy Answered
5/13/2013 Titanium Graph and Avg Functions Etc ?? Commented
5/13/2013 Unable to install app in S4 Commented
5/13/2013 Missing Java sdk Commented
5/12/2013 Use Holo theme for my application Answered
5/12/2013 comment voir si checkobox est cocher ou non??? Answered
5/11/2013 iOS platform is not supported Commented
5/9/2013 can I order my day? Commented
5/9/2013 Something is wrong in the documentation Answered, Commented
5/9/2013 How get all videos from a youtube's User? Commented
5/7/2013 NameError: global name 'self' is not defined Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 Sort arrays on Android Commented
5/7/2013 creating new window Commented
5/7/2013 JAVA error with Titanium Answered
5/6/2013 It is possible to made a survey in my App? Commented
5/6/2013 Update apps from remote server Answered, Commented
5/6/2013 css issue in iphone and android Commented
5/6/2013 Titanium and Integration Answered
5/3/2013 ios sdk on ubuntu 12.04 Answered, Commented
5/3/2013 appcelerator - sqlite http transaction - apple approval Commented
5/3/2013 Use JSON API in Sublime Text 2 Answered
5/2/2013 Visual RAD Answered, Commented
5/2/2013 Problem with large amount of remote JSON data Answered
5/2/2013 Alloy Framework issues Commented
5/2/2013 TCD/TCE certification Answered, Commented
5/2/2013 Best practice to storage data between app updates in iPhone Commented
5/2/2013 Question regarding data.push? Commented
5/1/2013 How to lock screen using password in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/1/2013 Unable to install Titanium Studio for java error Answered, Commented
5/1/2013 ActivityIndicator Answered, Commented
5/1/2013 Image scale fill in view Answered
5/1/2013 A ResetFull WebService with JEE Answered
5/1/2013 json Commented
5/1/2013 Alloy Framework Answered, Commented
4/30/2013 Titanium BackUp's Answered, Commented
4/30/2013 AR apps using GPS, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerator and image as target image Commented
4/30/2013 Alloy Project Answered, Commented
4/29/2013 Ask help for unacceptable Ti UI performance: nearly 1.5 seconds to open a UI with 20 widgets Commented
4/29/2013 Sqlite Answered
4/29/2013 Not able to capture events at Webview Commented
4/29/2013 Search restaurants near my position and restaurant near a location via search bar Commented
4/29/2013 Titanium: Get instagram feed with specific tag Commented
4/29/2013 Code completion for module proxy methods Answered
4/29/2013 Do we have to move away from Titanium or you going to answer a simple question. Answered, Commented
4/29/2013 HTML5 Commented
4/29/2013 Latest Upgrade ACS Failed,cannot use titanium on my box.. Commented
4/29/2013 contacts api Commented
4/29/2013 Can't test app on android emulator Commented
4/29/2013 variable must be remained during the life of the application Answered
4/28/2013 unable to launch Answered
4/28/2013 .java wont open Answered
4/26/2013 Android AVD Manager Answered
4/26/2013 sqLite or XML Answered, Commented
4/26/2013 Refreshing a TableView from Search Data Answered, Commented
4/26/2013 about send twitter msg! Commented
4/26/2013 Titanium error after BSOD Answered
4/26/2013 Exit Games Photon Cloud and Appcelerator Titanium Answered
4/26/2013 Alloy SQL Commented
4/25/2013 install tit returns error 1603 when trying to install jdk Commented
4/25/2013 Using common options (styles) for variables Answered, Commented
4/25/2013 house Commented
4/25/2013 Titanium Studio in Windows stays at Launching Deletages for a long time Answered
4/24/2013 display image from applicationDataDirectory in html code Answered
4/24/2013 navigation group vs tabgroup Commented
4/24/2013 Install on Android Device Commented
4/24/2013 Close All Windows At Once Answered, Commented
4/24/2013 embed html url parameters Answered
4/24/2013 Table view inside table view in android Commented
4/24/2013 New project has no simulators Answered, Commented
4/24/2013 Emulator Problem Commented
4/24/2013 Titanium maps number of step problem Commented
4/24/2013 UTF8-encoding Answered
4/24/2013 Simple Webcam Commented
4/24/2013 Android Emulator Error Commented
4/24/2013 import flux rss for my application Commented
4/24/2013 Ad-Hoc Distribution for more than 100 devices Commented
4/24/2013 how to retrieve data from sqlite database Commented
4/24/2013 Problem with pie chart Answered
4/23/2013 Preload WebView Answered
4/23/2013 How can I convert dp to pixels? Answered
4/23/2013 Passing variable between windows on webview Answered
4/23/2013 node.ACS Commented
4/23/2013 How to query ACS selecting fields? Answered
4/23/2013 JDK version 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command Commented
4/23/2013 Passing Parameters to wcf servce Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 exit functionality in android application Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 JavaScript ACS SDK Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 app:// Answered
4/22/2013 When adding doesn't add up in Titanium Commented
4/22/2013 How to find out how many times a file has been viewed on ACS? Answered
4/22/2013 How to manage Custom map for some shopping center in titanium Commented
4/22/2013 sudden closure of the application Commented
4/22/2013 How to migrate photo to ACS? Commented
4/22/2013 Emulator is not showing all the content in the window Commented
4/22/2013 Is there any way to determine the speed of the handset? ANDROID Answered
4/22/2013 Primary Key for E-Mail, Phone Number, ... in Contacts Database Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 "Failure taking screenshot" message in console Commented
4/22/2013 Need advanced assistance Commented
4/22/2013 Titanium studio not showing code suggestions Answered
4/22/2013 Get recorded video's name. Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 create menu similar to android notification bar Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 Splash screen on resume Answered
4/22/2013 Suggest for implement this UI... Answered
4/22/2013 about count down timer Commented
4/22/2013 Android: OS_MOBILEWEB not defined Answered
4/19/2013 How do i include "" in my app.js file Answered
4/19/2013 database Answered
4/18/2013 Single slave - multiple master MySQL replication Commented
4/18/2013 Titanium Studio working with Vmware or VirtualBox Android Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 array in titanium Commented
4/17/2013 Palm Scanner Commented
4/17/2013 format method in titanium Answered
4/17/2013 Cloud is not working to pack my app Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 2D effect in titanium Commented
4/17/2013 Webview + javascript Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Can I access platform/android/res/raw folder when using alloy? Commented
4/17/2013 How to update the value in global variable? Commented
4/16/2013 json 2 problem Answered, Commented
4/16/2013 How to enable code completion for Titanium Alloy apps Answered
4/16/2013 moment library error in ios simulator Commented
4/16/2013 unable to run my app in android emulator Commented
4/15/2013 Simple way for draw a vertical line Answered
4/12/2013 Distance Calculations Answered, Commented
4/12/2013 Working with Remote postgreSQL database. Answered, Commented
4/12/2013 count of array Answered
4/12/2013 Try to create pins based on JSON data Answered
4/12/2013 Problem in getting weibo Statuses through REST API Answered, Commented
4/11/2013 map offline with gps Answered
4/10/2013 How to load(lazy loading) div in webview ,whenever that div is visible Answered
4/10/2013 Proxy Problem very urgent Commented
4/10/2013 How to make a Record cell phone conversation Answered
4/10/2013 How to communicate with java module? Commented
4/10/2013 need to compose mail Commented
4/10/2013 Reset Titanium Commented
4/9/2013 second language with ios keyboard Answered
4/9/2013 Android problem Commented
4/9/2013 Default Android project has cutoff button Commented
4/9/2013 Add picker in navbar Commented
4/8/2013 Using custom image as a Map Commented
4/8/2013 I want a simple example to perform login validation and permit the user to view the welcome page (database : sqlite) Commented
4/5/2013 Android stylesheets Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 Live TV Application Commented
4/5/2013 Extend Appcelerator with DDS or MQTT Answered, Commented
4/5/2013 Layout centered, how to Commented
4/4/2013 Appcelerator dev needed for project -- will pay Commented
4/4/2013 Problem with consuming webservice in Appcelerator Commented
4/4/2013 App Stats Answered, Commented
4/4/2013 require Time Zone for EST Answered
4/4/2013 facebook, twitter Answered
4/4/2013 Empty rows on android Commented
4/4/2013 Webview not fires event Commented
4/4/2013 ERROR Commented
4/4/2013 densities ratio for android Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 Hardware requirements for App Developer Answered
4/3/2013 Accessing data in a nested JSON response Commented
4/3/2013 Offline Secure Storage Commented
4/3/2013 Change path after e.PATH Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 Unfortunately your app has stopped working Commented
4/3/2013 How to enable the code completion? Commented
4/3/2013 Titanium Android module - include a JAR that contains other JAR files Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 access phone memory and external memory in appcelerator Answered, Commented
4/3/2013 Required Fields Answered
4/3/2013 Problem with iPad Simulator Commented
4/3/2013 Do you need xcode 4 to make an app? Commented
4/2/2013 Alloy List of Tags? Answered
4/2/2013 Limitations in Titanium SDK Commented
4/2/2013 Can a UI element have multiple classes in the tss Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 How to delete TableViewRow & refresh window dynamically Commented
4/2/2013 youtube & twitter webview Commented
4/2/2013 in slideshow Commented
4/2/2013 Titatnium Studio on Windows - Script error - windowLocalStorage is null and Alloy and CLI are not getting installed Commented
4/2/2013 Alloy required line tag for footer and header Answered
4/2/2013 slideshow for views Commented
4/2/2013 send titanium code for following Commented
4/1/2013 Load App from cloud? Answered
3/31/2013 publish iPhone app Commented
3/31/2013 Google analytics Answered, Commented
3/31/2013 Titanium Developer 1.3.0 Commented
3/26/2013 Set a chronometer in my android application Commented
3/25/2013 SELECT...FROM...WHERE...AND...AND...AND Answered
3/25/2013 Dynamic titanium mobile app Answered
3/25/2013 HTML5 form in IOS/Android app to submit via mailto action? Commented
3/25/2013 Let the user write the address of destination for google maps in Android application Commented
3/25/2013 How can I arrange my travel insurance? Answered, Commented
3/25/2013 webView evalJS() works very slow! Answered, Commented
3/25/2013 Finally Back to titanium.........need some revisional tutorials Commented
3/22/2013 App made with Titanium Now Up In The Store Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 Titanium and its debugger Answered, Commented
3/22/2013 object has no method push Answered
3/22/2013 freeing memory Answered
3/22/2013 geolocation Answered, Commented
3/21/2013 Why alloy? Answered, Commented
3/21/2013 Distribution Problem. Unable to locate Java VM. Still have problem after all Modifications Answered, Commented
3/21/2013 Unable to run application in titanium sdk Commented
3/20/2013 Can custom native module have two packages? Answered
3/20/2013 Debugging in other IDEs (intellij idea etc) Answered
3/20/2013 cant call wcf web service Answered
3/20/2013 gcm Big View Notification Android Commented
3/20/2013 What is the best practice in using "Strings" in our Project Answered
3/20/2013 How to increase percent 1 to 100? Commented
3/20/2013 How does module licensing work? Answered
3/20/2013 How to debug an android custom module ? Answered
3/20/2013 Change 'switch 2' from DISABLED to ENABLED when 'switch 1' is ENABLED. Commented
3/20/2013 Embarcadero HTML5 Builder vs Titanium? Answered
3/20/2013 What hotel standards can I expect on a China tour? Commented
3/19/2013 deploy Commented
3/18/2013 Application slow or not start Commented
3/18/2013 How to use and install SDK for a NFC device? Commented
3/18/2013 Consume web service (url) in Android for NFC application? Commented
3/18/2013 Application from iPhone to Android Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 Web app => Hybrid? Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 pinterest layout in Ti Commented
3/12/2013 variable persist Answered, Commented
3/12/2013 Mobi Site Commented
3/11/2013 query sqlite android Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 Is Windows 7 and Windows 8 mobile supported in latest Titanium Api Commented
3/11/2013 Will Mobile Web 1.8 as supported in Titanium- Will this application work in windows mobile Answered
3/11/2013 Error with the Titanium installation with MAC Answered
3/11/2013 Add something to textField after input? Answered
3/11/2013 REST api url calls Work in browsers (pc & mobile) but NOT in Mobile app - get 400 Bad Request Commented
3/8/2013 jQuery doesn't work in Titanium Studio Commented
3/6/2013 while(1) or for(;;) blocks program execution, win7, Ti3.0,android sdk4.2 Answered, Commented
3/6/2013 Application closes 30 minutes after the phone is asleep Commented
3/5/2013 Windows 7: "Unable to locate the CLI executable..." Answered
3/5/2013 Titanium:animation use Commented
3/5/2013 Suggestions on Android platform requirements? Commented
3/5/2013 A curling movement with javascript Commented
3/5/2013 What is equivalent for Android's Custom arrayadapter in appcelerator. Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Interface builder Answered
3/5/2013 Program flow backwards? Commented
3/5/2013 titanium studio Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Building Commercial Applications Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 How to use buttons from outside a function PLEASE HELP! Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 How to parse coupon information(like category, name, expiration date etc.)from a coupon barcode using "ti.barcode" module...?? Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Find and print iOS version dynamically Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 access element that fire an event Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Newbie question: Can I do this with Titanium? Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Java SDK Code Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Using in your app Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 titanium android app state Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 "Titanium mobile project" doesnt appear in the menu Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 json doesn't work with me Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 window or current page load finish finding Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Not snle to find Titanium Mobile Project in New project Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Can Titanium Studio be used to build native Windows 8 apps? Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Getting the app-icon in the status bar Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 How to append string values in a text area Answered
3/5/2013 Question about the addEventListener Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Fastest way to consume XML Web service Commented
3/5/2013 Alloy View visible property Answered
3/1/2013 How to send Push notification not to all but to one indentifiant Answered
3/1/2013 SMS Receiver Answered
3/1/2013 App crashes randomly Commented
2/28/2013 View adding problem Commented
2/28/2013 connectivity android Answered
2/28/2013 gesture Answered
2/28/2013 how to get the information from the web with json form but in alloy Commented
2/28/2013 Help required for installing first titanium hello world app on real Android device Commented
2/27/2013 Best way to handle game saves Answered
2/26/2013 Problem with retrieving HTTPClient JSON values Answered
2/25/2013 Is the OSX version of Titanium required to create iOS apps? Answered
2/25/2013 How to debug Java code in develop module? Answered
2/24/2013 list like html in titanium Answered, Commented
2/21/2013 Removing the Titanium Logo On start up for an APP Commented
2/21/2013 Question about the countdown timer Answered, Commented
2/21/2013 Import in Alloy an external class Answered
2/21/2013 Photoshopped Android Screenshot? Need advice Answered
2/20/2013 how to show value of table in data base in in window? Commented
2/20/2013 Is there any native graphics API in titanium, canvas or svg is slow in android. Commented
2/19/2013 Ti.Include in Alloy. Commented
2/19/2013 Cache Layout Commented
2/19/2013 Titanium.UI.SIZE doesn't work when new content is added Commented
2/18/2013 Scraping HTML elements from dropdown menu on website to application in Titanium Sutdio Commented
2/18/2013 nine-patch image does'nt work in tableview row Commented
2/18/2013 How to parse this XML? Is there any third party js like simple-xml.jar is used for make StringToXML and XMLToString?? Commented
2/15/2013 How - Click button add another row table Answered
2/15/2013 Using Jquery with Titanium studio. Commented
2/15/2013 Change the "Available developer names" Answered
2/15/2013 no mountable file systems Commented
2/15/2013 Google OAuth Answered
2/15/2013 How to call JSON file in html file Answered
2/15/2013 opening a modal view on first opening on app Answered, Commented
2/15/2013 Creating Documentation for Titanium projects Answered
2/15/2013 Send GPS data by POST in a JSON obj to PHP Answered, Commented
2/14/2013 Save a hash on device Answered
2/14/2013 How to create desktop application Answered
2/14/2013 Where is Titanium Desktop? Commented
2/14/2013 Load dynamic Images as pin image of annotation on map view Answered
2/13/2013 selectores Answered, Commented
2/13/2013 Json parse problem Commented
2/12/2013 Android emulator works very slowly Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Alert an image Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 Simple question Answered
2/12/2013 apk 10MB Commented
2/12/2013 implements facebook like button into Ti app ( Android,iOS) Commented
2/11/2013 making xhr ? Commented
2/11/2013 Database Columns getting mixed up Answered
2/11/2013 Calculate weather forecast of a location Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Send to option from Camera Roll Commented
2/7/2013 how can we upload audio files of sizes more than 25MB Limit Commented
2/7/2013 payment Answered
2/6/2013 Settings of Push Nofitication Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 File Transfer Commented
2/6/2013 facebook like photo gallery titanium Commented
2/5/2013 youtube on iphone Commented
2/5/2013 it's really good??? Answered, Commented
2/1/2013 Fedora Linux Issues JDK 1.6 obsolete Commented
2/1/2013 how to use locale to set month names in datepicker Answered
2/1/2013 windows based app problem Commented
2/1/2013 Change Keyboard Language Answered
1/31/2013 titanium sdk Answered, Commented
1/31/2013 titanium alloy project creation failed Commented
1/31/2013 City Guide App for a Foreign Country Answered
1/31/2013 database Commented
1/29/2013 Publishing price Answered
1/29/2013 RFID READ/WRITE TAGs from Visual Studio Answered
1/28/2013 Database format Answered
1/28/2013 how to create feedback form? Commented
1/28/2013 Table?! Commented
1/28/2013 What makes a good in baseball trading pins? Commented
1/25/2013 Reload Firstview.js Answered
1/25/2013 titanium module ant build error + python error Answered
1/25/2013 How to import titanium source to eclipse and change the source code? Answered
1/25/2013 Mobile applications development on windows Answered
1/25/2013 Titanium Framework in ASP.Net Answered
1/24/2013 APK size large BUT should it be THIS large? Answered
1/24/2013 Titanium Company must add more design complexity , like adding static header and footer and more.. Answered
1/23/2013 How to put data into webview alloy Commented
1/23/2013 Problems when compiling for IOS... Answered
1/22/2013 Empty Array Commented
1/22/2013 Un able to run app in iphone Commented
1/22/2013 Fold ares of code in studio Answered
1/21/2013 Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 Making Andriod Grids Fast Commented
1/21/2013 Question about feeds Answered
1/21/2013 how UI methods and properties working? Answered
1/21/2013 At the time of installing android app on mobile it shows "Application Not installed". Answered
1/20/2013 why do i not have a mobile project button to push in my titanium page Answered
1/18/2013 gif image as splash screen Commented
1/18/2013 platform support Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 cloud platform Answered
1/16/2013 can't install node.js Commented
1/16/2013 How to replace default window ? Answered
1/16/2013 Color seems different on Device Answered
1/16/2013 Titanium android project examples Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 Problem to use a value of a callBack Answered
1/16/2013 Create multiple buttons from database in Titanium Answered
1/16/2013 Login to ASPX net site Commented
1/16/2013 Appcelerator subscription plans. How can I get Appcelerator contact me??? Commented
1/16/2013 what is the cross-platform navigation controller that works without bugs? Commented
1/15/2013 ACS API for push notification Answered
1/15/2013 Cloud Push Notifications between / across platforms iOS <-> Android Answered
1/14/2013 Basic xml parsing Commented
1/14/2013 I need help about notification on android! Please! Commented
1/14/2013 App crashs - Dear Appcelerator team Commented
1/11/2013 What can I do with Titanium Commented
1/11/2013 Fetching Data for a particular attribute value Commented
1/10/2013 remove startup logo Answered
1/9/2013 SDK3 stability Commented
1/7/2013 Video Upload, Download and View System for a Online Class Commented
1/7/2013 Upload photo from device to other service Dropbox/Box Answered
1/4/2013 Problem with selecting of simator device Commented
1/4/2013 comparing string result with IF Commented
1/4/2013 Installing titanium desktop Answered
1/3/2013 Force close error Commented
1/3/2013 "Firing app event" Showing in debug console Answered
1/3/2013 Can't find Variable at exports db.js Answered
1/2/2013 Guys can you tell me what will be the code to rotate A to Z in a horizontal scrollview without writing all the alphabets..??? Answered
1/2/2013 Titanium installation problem on Mac OS X 10.8 Commented
12/29/2012 How to create a file explorer? Commented
12/29/2012 sip throuh titanium Commented
12/29/2012 Execute php with Titanium Answered
12/24/2012 how can i send sms from one device to another Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 Symmetric UI Design in appcelerator titatiun studio Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 Slider - missing half of thumb Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 remove multible years from array Answered
12/19/2012 Is it true that anyone can see the code of my app? Commented
12/19/2012 Titnaium Parse tutorial uses the Master Key - isn't this an appaling idea? Answered
12/19/2012 is there an api for Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 How to use an API written in Native Android like "Amazon In-App Purchasing API" in Titanium Android mobile application? Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Trouble Parsing Json formatted Data into TableView Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Guys pls help me to do this.. Commented
12/18/2012 is picker acting like a combobox in titanium? Answered
12/18/2012 how can i get combobox in android using titanium Answered
12/18/2012 Appcelerator Module development : How to connect my Java source with the module Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 I can't log into the studio.What could be the reason? Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Using beta Alloy in apps Answered
12/17/2012 JSON parsing & tableview issues Commented
12/17/2012 Titanium to Eclipse Commented
12/14/2012 Application Error Commented
12/14/2012 Hey Titanium Is there to way to construct XML ? Commented
12/14/2012 unable to develop an app in Titanium Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 creating project in titanium Commented
12/14/2012 scrollView which contains 137 photos crashes Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Application crashes. Commented
12/14/2012 Default Answered
12/14/2012 Alarm Commented
12/13/2012 ISSUE IN TITANIUM STUDIO Answered
12/13/2012 Can i use 32 bit titanium studio in 64 bit OS ? Answered
12/12/2012 General Question.. Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 App not working for client? Commented
12/12/2012 Iphone applicaion not working in other PC while testing ? Answered
12/12/2012 app crashes when image are loaded from local files Commented
12/11/2012 Limit of data that can be stored in the sqlite database in the Titanium application. Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 Android App with SQLite + images Answered, Commented
12/11/2012 Synchronization of two sqlite database Commented
12/11/2012 Accessing Nested JSON Objects Commented
12/11/2012 Problem with Android SDK in both, Windows 7 and OSX Answered
12/11/2012 Error when package titanium module, how to solve that? Commented
12/10/2012 Notifications in android Commented
12/7/2012 Ipad + Android File Explorer Answered, Commented
12/7/2012 Best way to display html in rows Answered
12/7/2012 How to written programs into android titanium module project And pass it to my titanium app Answered, Commented
12/6/2012 Cannot see iphone in titanuim Answered
12/6/2012 How org and ti Folder is added in the android APK Answered
12/6/2012 tiapp.xml android Answered
12/6/2012 Reverse engineered Titanium app is crashing Commented
12/6/2012 After Installing the apk,the launcher icon need to hide. Answered, Commented
12/5/2012 XML Issue Answered
12/5/2012 Same apk on different android devices Answered
12/5/2012 Make the optionDialog wait for the click Answered
12/5/2012 Cross platform design limitations & guidlines Answered
12/5/2012 two annoying errors i cant seem to work out. Answered
12/4/2012 Face book privacy Commented
12/4/2012 What is the best way to upload image to server? Answered
12/3/2012 Nfc libraries Answered
12/3/2012 Make an animation like a Stopwatch Answered
12/3/2012 Create an app for private distribution Answered, Commented
12/3/2012 Why the speed of Titanium SDK for download is so slowly? Answered
11/30/2012 Weird bug - UI Picker Freezes for no reason. Commented
11/30/2012 How to use interface designed in photoshop or illustrator in Titanium mobile Commented
11/30/2012 Custom Table View - Show more rowData in Subview Commented
11/30/2012 Set image exif data Answered, Commented
11/30/2012 Upload Pic on flicker Commented
11/29/2012 Current Android ADT vs. Current Appcellerator Version Answered
11/29/2012 [ERROR] JDK version "javac" Commented
11/29/2012 Does Titanium include any 'LOAD' event for a View Answered
11/29/2012 Compare string or search a char in a string Answered
11/29/2012 Noob question: how to get my Titanium GUID ? Commented
11/29/2012 Linkedin support for social.js widget Commented
11/29/2012 Window vs views - Best practices? Answered, Commented
11/29/2012 How can i improve Performance of my titanium application Answered
11/28/2012 Make My APP Auto Start and Cannot be Terminated? (Droid and iOS) Answered
11/28/2012 Dependent Combo Box in Titanium Answered, Commented
11/28/2012 Game reset help Commented
11/27/2012 How to use system default theme on android Commented
11/27/2012 [request] a working image pinch to zoom and moving around example for android Answered
11/27/2012 disable httpclient timeout Commented
11/26/2012 Need some assistance in developing an app Commented
11/25/2012 Tabgroup with image on top - app.js? Answered, Commented
11/25/2012 Two different colors in the same Label Answered, Commented
11/25/2012 "High water mark must be greater than low water mark" Answered, Commented
11/23/2012 Android 4.0.3 Turkish Locale causes Application crash Answered
11/23/2012 iOS, Android - Exit App Answered, Commented
11/23/2012 Which Cloud Storage Appcelerator use for storage? Answered
11/23/2012 Calling mvc 4 web service using titanium Commented
11/23/2012 Populating a table from a SQL file Answered, Commented
11/22/2012 How to Send an Email Message by pressing a button Commented
11/22/2012 Titanium Android : The .js file is not executed on relaunching the app Commented
11/22/2012 ios title bar button problem ? Answered
11/21/2012 editing Java_Home under systems advance settings Still getting errors Answered, Commented
11/21/2012 Filling Available Space Answered
11/21/2012 Remove profile / account Answered
11/20/2012 Help please!! Error PermGenSpace :/ Answered
11/19/2012 Native Andriod Dev Answered, Commented
11/19/2012 urgent Weather and pins in map Commented
11/19/2012 httpclient syncrhonous Answered
11/19/2012 Application restarting problem Commented
11/19/2012 Example of Extending Titanium (Andriod) Answered
11/16/2012 Big problem with httpClient Commented
11/16/2012 sort data by date Answered, Commented
11/16/2012 how to check if enter is pressed from keyboard Answered
11/15/2012 many httpclients Commented
11/15/2012 URG Code source weather !!!!!!! Commented
11/14/2012 Removing the default Titanium Splash Screen Answered, Commented
11/14/2012 Is there a way to protect themselves from the iDevice Jailbreak? Commented
11/14/2012 Creating a menu from a JSON Answered, Commented
11/14/2012 httpclient Commented
11/14/2012 How to implement collapsable table view section like facebook Commented
11/14/2012 Debugging problem in titanium. Commented
11/14/2012 Sorting of database information Answered
11/13/2012 mysql_num_rows function Answered
11/13/2012 force close in android Answered
11/13/2012 Has anyone any experience integrating native Android module to Titanium? Need examples Answered, Commented
11/13/2012 Only display x amount of Characters Answered
11/12/2012 Send a message over the network Commented
11/12/2012 Working with JSON file very complicated Commented
11/12/2012 How to create an animation with Titanium Answered, Commented
11/12/2012 differents version of titanium sdk Answered
11/12/2012 Best practice for overflow-y div style view Answered
11/11/2012 Cleaning of Android Answered, Commented
11/10/2012 Appcelerator and Android UI Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 titanium studio tabs Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 Create Notification whenever application closed due to memory issue. Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 iPhone simulator behavior Commented
11/9/2012 Call a method in javascript from Objective C Answered
11/8/2012 iPhone app Commented
11/8/2012 Js and Php connection to save data on server? Commented
11/8/2012 Removing @Kroll.method from build Answered, Commented
11/8/2012 How can i install a secure payment to my app ? Commented
11/8/2012 installtion tidev community in windows xp Commented
11/7/2012 svn ignore on titanium studio Answered, Commented
11/7/2012 Progress event for Sound object Answered
11/7/2012 App Icon Retina Issue Answered
11/7/2012 Titanium API autocomplete HOW-TO Answered
11/6/2012 Facebook SDK in Titanium Answered
11/6/2012 Android ActionBar? Commented
11/6/2012 ActionBar is coming? Answered, Commented
11/6/2012 pass variable to db query column Commented
11/6/2012 Android Menu Item icon is not displayed Answered
11/6/2012 like operator not working Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 Augmented Reality guide ? Answered
11/5/2012 convert image to String Commented
11/5/2012 Proper steps to connect android app with the server via php Answered
11/5/2012 Count Lines of string Answered
11/4/2012 navigtionController in other color than blue? Answered
11/2/2012 Firm on form with Titanium Studio Commented
10/26/2012 Dynamically align an image at the bottom of the screen Answered
10/26/2012 how to have a layout that speeds the whole screen? Answered
10/26/2012 Editing custom fields through apps management console Answered, Commented
10/25/2012 pin entry Answered
10/25/2012 How to convert integers from text field and place into another text field Commented
10/25/2012 Desktop Applications -- did they go away?? Answered
10/25/2012 Camera shuts down application Commented
10/25/2012 Can a window be packed? Commented
10/25/2012 Titanium SDK Licensing Fee? Commented
10/24/2012 problem with Titanium SDK 2.1.3.GA Commented
10/24/2012 How can i get the datatype of a tablefield in sqlite? Answered
10/24/2012 Custom design using native widgtes Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 How to add eventListeners to items in an array. Answered
10/24/2012 Titanium Local Notification to trigger daily at specified time Answered
10/24/2012 Not getting Row data from DB - Maybe bad syntax? Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Stopwatch button help Commented
10/23/2012 Problems to edit tiapp.xml and manifest configurations.. Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Is possible create a Core in appcelerator for ios and android Commented
10/23/2012 To use "dp" (Device Pixels), or not to use "dp"; That, is the question. Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Codestrong - PPT Answered
10/23/2012 Facebok app like table Answered
10/23/2012 why does android return cannot parse '100dp' as integer? Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Can not build module: Error(s) compiling generated Java code Commented
10/22/2012 My program won't compile [Updated] PLEASE HELP!! Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 How to change properties of a variable in a for loop Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 How to creat a custom build of Titanium Commented
10/22/2012 Module problem Commented
10/22/2012 Why won't my program compile? Answered
10/22/2012 Login into website without rest api Commented
10/21/2012 After 1.5 years my app is finally in the App Store Answered
10/21/2012 titanium and wsdl Answered, Commented
10/21/2012 Resume and Lap time on Stopwatch Answered, Commented
10/20/2012 Custom Android Fonts Commented
10/20/2012 Stopwatch Android Commented
10/19/2012 How to put the logo image at the top right of the window in the navigation bar? Answered, Commented
10/19/2012 Deploying Android App to Google Play from Titanium Studio Commented
10/19/2012 problem when i tried to integrate the Module(android) in my titanium app. Commented
10/18/2012 Show timer on button press Android Answered, Commented
10/18/2012 no error detection in my titanium studio !!! Answered
10/18/2012 Ti.UI.imageView repeatCount has serous bug... why these bug doesn't solved so long??? Commented
10/18/2012 dpi and images Answered
10/17/2012 REST API, keys and security Answered, Commented
10/17/2012 Camera LED Answered
10/16/2012 Button click effect Answered
10/16/2012 Sending an email without email dialog iOS and Android Answered
10/16/2012 Buttons there but not working Android Device Answered
10/16/2012 Loading Webpage in Web view and do actions based on response from web page Answered
10/16/2012 HTTP Request Can't reach host Answered
10/16/2012 Help with an Accordion or Alternative Answered
10/16/2012 "convert" titanium code to create a facebook app Commented
10/16/2012 Impossible reuse same Application ID Answered
10/15/2012 Filter RSS Feed Commented
10/12/2012 Syntax and pre-compiler checks Answered
10/12/2012 Removing gradient from title barcolor Answered
10/11/2012 preload Answered
10/11/2012 Fullscreen android app with tabgroup Commented
10/11/2012 [ERROR] No constraints available for view Answered, Commented
10/11/2012 Module development Answered
10/10/2012 Mobile only app: alloy or "classical" commonjs Answered, Commented
10/10/2012 How to manage sending push notifications from my own backend done in ASP.NET Answered
10/10/2012 Load the app directly on website Answered
10/10/2012 Jira Tickets (TC-1271) - Marked as resolved but still causing problems, is it still open? Answered, Commented
10/10/2012 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 Automatic push notification on event Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 Advanced Help Required Answered, Commented
10/9/2012 animation Commented
10/9/2012 iOS module show me error Attempted to load LyDentIdplansPdfViewProxy: Could not find class definition. Commented
10/9/2012 Application name with two words divided by a space with URL Scheme on Andorid, can this be done using tiapp.xml manifest? Answered
10/8/2012 Efectos de movimiento Answered
10/8/2012 JSS is not working on Android HELP!! :S Answered, Commented
10/8/2012 PLEASE HELP ME! Commented
10/8/2012 Help Please. Answered, Commented
10/5/2012 Web account login Commented
10/5/2012 Background Image Issue (iPhone) Answered
10/5/2012 How to play blob data in titanium ? Commented
10/5/2012 Titanium.Network.NETWORK_NONE "undefined" on android Commented
10/5/2012 Using a stub instead of soap web service Answered, Commented
10/5/2012 ACS Push from a website Answered
10/5/2012 Application not Working When Downloaded from Store Commented
10/5/2012 Titanium Studio On Ubuntu Answered
10/5/2012 Webview swipe event incase of mobile web Answered, Commented
10/5/2012 Does Titanium Web compatible with IE? Commented
10/5/2012 Can I use BOOLEAN in a database? Answered
10/5/2012 Black Screen when i Start up my app in android emulator. Commented
10/4/2012 Buttons on a TabGroup Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 How to write an IOS App on Windows and compile it on Mac Answered
10/4/2012 Focuse on text box when page load Commented
10/4/2012 Counting text in a textbox while typing Answered
10/4/2012 Files not recognized Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 Deleting an app from Appcelerator's 'my apps' Answered
10/4/2012 Downloading Kitchen-sink error Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 Where are Android crash logs? Commented
10/3/2012 Show project name of the file in editor Answered
10/2/2012 Opening a page with a button Answered
10/2/2012 Android performance - V8 Answered
10/2/2012 Plans & Pricing Answered
10/2/2012 How to show the nav bar in subdirectory? Commented
10/2/2012 global variable , fixed properties ? Answered, Commented
10/2/2012 Distribute adhoc doesn't work java.lang.NullPointerException Answered
10/2/2012 [Android] Multiple density images issue when compiling Answered
10/2/2012 Font size on different platforms Answered
10/1/2012 Titanium Mobile SDK 6.6.6 and iOS 9 support Answered
10/1/2012 Mobile SDK 3.0.0 Answered
10/1/2012 Parsing XML Commented
10/1/2012 return to previous window Answered
10/1/2012 Window mobile Development Answered, Commented
10/1/2012 iPhone 5 - App gets boxed Commented
10/1/2012 what do I do with this file? Answered
9/28/2012 Parse Json with objects containing a space Answered, Commented
9/28/2012 How to open table view in the middle of the list? Answered, Commented
9/28/2012 Freelance developer wanted Answered
9/27/2012 kitchen sink not working Commented
9/27/2012 "android:back" sometimes doesn't work Commented
9/27/2012 Next Data from Json with limitstart and limitend Answered, Commented
9/27/2012 Animation Problem Commented
9/27/2012 Appcelerator Titanium SDK 2.1.1 + C2DM module Commented
9/27/2012 Use application image for C2DM or Gcm notification android (Module) Answered
9/27/2012 Parse error while using .jss file Answered
9/27/2012 [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\Kumar\\.android\\avd\\titanium_30_WVGA854.avd\\config.ini' Commented
9/27/2012 Class Not Found Answered
9/27/2012 Tableview audioplayer Answered
9/27/2012 Errore including html file in a webview Answered
9/27/2012 HTTPS URL link is not working. Commented
9/27/2012 Delete button does not work in DDMS Answered
9/27/2012 Special characters in app name Answered
9/19/2012 How to populate table view using a database Commented
9/19/2012 Positioning objects on a Tablerow Answered, Commented
9/19/2012 button listener not working in android 2.3.3 google api Answered
9/18/2012 Problem to create a project Answered, Commented
9/18/2012 Display 3D files on iPad Commented
9/18/2012 How write Archive using JavaScript for iPhone Commented
9/18/2012 Help in Login Answered, Commented
9/18/2012 Is the Titanium Paypal module free or not? Answered
9/17/2012 polling packaging request never ends Answered
9/17/2012 a variable var Answered
9/13/2012 Putting first app in android market ..what should be package?? Answered, Commented
9/13/2012 Keyboard Appears - Andriod Commented
9/13/2012 how to do number picker in iphone Commented
9/11/2012 Calender / Diagram Answered
9/10/2012 latest titanium sdk Commented
9/10/2012 Table view add event Commented
9/10/2012 titanium works with flash. Or not. Answered
9/7/2012 Add a logo on a Picture Answered
9/7/2012 Titanium support of 3rd party Hardware Answered
9/6/2012 External Debugger Commented
9/6/2012 custom localisation Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 Eclipse module build failing?? Answered, Commented
9/6/2012 Performance on android is too slow Commented
9/5/2012 Null pointer Exception Answered
9/4/2012 How to parse "description" element from an RSS feed? Answered
9/4/2012 Please note that the following code work perfectly fine on IOS, and totally suck on Andriod Answered
9/4/2012 Share a string on facebook with android Commented
9/4/2012 label like a SMS Answered
9/4/2012 Why you want me login so badly Commented
9/4/2012 Use of external native library in titanium Commented
9/4/2012 Undesired behavior with buttons !! Commented
9/4/2012 Custom Fonts and Unicode Characters Commented
9/3/2012 write binary stream using javascript Commented
9/3/2012 Simple button click navigation in Appcelerator Answered, Commented
9/3/2012 What should I do to the file xml Answered
9/3/2012 Read sQLLITE DB Answered
9/3/2012 run http server using javascript Commented
9/3/2012 jellybean issue Answered
9/3/2012 iOS Back button Answered
8/31/2012 PayPal Support For Titanium Answered
8/31/2012 Android Toast Creation Answered, Commented
8/31/2012 First Android App Released. Commented
8/30/2012 problem in building module from build.xml? sir, when i create module from build.xml , it gives following error Commented
8/30/2012 can't get url in from xml Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 how can i check if a variable is undefined or not? Answered
8/30/2012 Android App Answered
8/30/2012 JSON Parsing - Idea Answered
8/29/2012 Back Button in my Andriod Application Answered, Commented
8/29/2012 Call / Load the iPhone Settings App view inside the App Answered
8/29/2012 Uppercase Label Commented
8/28/2012 Date format back from JSON? Answered
8/28/2012 Event Listener - Better performance adding to row or table? Answered, Commented
8/28/2012 how to implement api? Commented
8/27/2012 Method called when user leaves app Answered, Commented
8/27/2012 Scrollable with huge amount of data Answered, Commented
8/27/2012 no space left on device error Answered
8/27/2012 Slide Answered
8/27/2012 Callbacks in javascript Commented
8/10/2012 font size for android Commented
8/9/2012 How to release android app to google market Answered, Commented
8/9/2012 Android apps it's installed twice Commented
8/9/2012 Titanium UI templates Answered
8/9/2012 Get list of installed application on android device. Answered
8/8/2012 Not able to build an Android module Commented
8/8/2012 Adnroid Context in titanium module Answered
8/8/2012 Since when can people demand stuff? read this responds i got trough email Answered
8/7/2012 icon size for tab icon on Android Samsung S3 Answered
8/7/2012 Titanium Android Future Notification Help Commented
8/7/2012 Where can I submit errors I found in the docs? Answered
8/6/2012 How put the version of the application on splash screen ? Answered, Commented
7/27/2012 Design Pattern in Mobile Answered
7/27/2012 Urgent - Value for Date Picker from SQLite Answered
7/27/2012 Mountain Lion unable to build Answered
7/27/2012 Titanium in apple itunes Answered
7/27/2012 Implementing textfield validation Answered
7/27/2012 [ERROR] Script Error = Parse error (unknown file) Commented
7/27/2012 Jquery UI tabs using Appcelerator for android Answered
7/27/2012 Almanac and Ephemeris data access on titanium appcelerator Commented
7/26/2012 Test Page Layout. How to? Answered, Commented
7/26/2012 Select views by property Answered
7/26/2012 Mountain Lion? Answered
7/26/2012 How to add bage number to an app icon using Json, php end Answered
7/26/2012 stopped unexperctedlly Commented
7/26/2012 Studio stopped detecting modules Commented
7/26/2012 looping value error Answered, Commented
7/26/2012 Test Phones - Andriod Answered
7/26/2012 Android Push: php end questions Answered
7/26/2012 How to remove test and learning applications from My app ? Answered
7/25/2012 Titanium to build WEB sites similar to mobile Answered, Commented
7/25/2012 playing through the xml file on the server Commented
7/25/2012 TideSDK - A First Look at the Documentation Effort. Lend a Hand to Create Outstanding Documentation Answered
7/25/2012 Unable to load remote html file in titanium using webview Answered
7/25/2012 Tapping on the Titanium Android Notification it relaunch the app Answered
7/25/2012 android back event Answered
7/25/2012 remove the default.png for android Answered, Commented
7/25/2012 Send a push notification programtically Answered
7/24/2012 Developing apps for Windows 7 Answered
7/24/2012 SQLite current_timestamp time problem Commented
7/24/2012 keep showing letters in textfield after it ends Answered
7/24/2012 Validation approach Answered
7/24/2012 how to get result of string "4+5-6*1" Answered
7/23/2012 Application Pause/Exit - Android Answered
7/23/2012 iPhone - Formulary to add a contact Answered, Commented
7/23/2012 contact form Commented
7/23/2012 register a BroadcastReceiver Answered, Commented
7/23/2012 Need help for using module to import objective c library in titanium using titanium module Answered
7/23/2012 rows headers by alphabet Answered, Commented
7/23/2012 code for creating my own event firers? Answered
7/23/2012 contact form Answered
7/23/2012 contact form Answered
7/23/2012 How to Get hospitals present near to my place Commented
7/22/2012 Using a string of binary data as an image? Answered
7/20/2012 Problem updating SQLITE database. Commented
7/20/2012 Titanium Studio Run Icon Disabled Answered, Commented
7/19/2012 To separate design from code Answered, Commented
7/19/2012 database installation for Titanium 2.1 in Windows OS Answered, Commented
7/19/2012 iOS 6 Style Tabs Answered
7/19/2012 Size of ActivityIndicator? Answered
7/19/2012 Android app not connecting to SQLite?? Commented
7/19/2012 Can we use NSZombie with Titanium? Answered
7/18/2012 Get android emulator for titanium Answered, Commented
7/18/2012 Possible to Monkey Punch/Duck Punch Ti.Network.createHTTPClient? Answered
7/18/2012 Android app title Answered
7/17/2012 Can't clone sample code repositories Answered, Commented
7/17/2012 Get Incoming SMS Number Answered
7/17/2012 Bug with module Answered
7/17/2012 PATH options Answered
7/17/2012 New Bee In Titanium Workspace Answered
7/17/2012 Non - Tab App Commented
7/17/2012 Variable app types Answered
7/17/2012 Android back button error Commented
7/17/2012 Android UI XML layout to Titanium Javascript layout Answered
7/17/2012 TCAD exam sample test Answered
7/16/2012 App launch error - undefined is not a function Answered
7/13/2012 label colors Commented
7/13/2012 Spaces in appname Answered, Commented
7/13/2012 How to decipher between tablet and phone Answered
7/12/2012 Error Accessing localhost Answered
7/12/2012 button click color change Answered
7/12/2012 Run on iOS problems Answered
7/12/2012 My new App for iPad, proudly developed with Titanium, is now on the App Store Answered
7/12/2012 muliple language selection Answered
7/12/2012 Android: images for multiple screens Answered
7/12/2012 Whats the reason for having to pay for the kitchen sink on android Answered
7/11/2012 Design facebook Commented
7/10/2012 SUP + Appcelerator ?? Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 Do you have to pay anything to be able to charge for your app or sell the app to a company Answered
7/10/2012 I want the event to array [] 's. Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 Why won't it parse this json code? Answered
7/10/2012 Do you know how to make a android app using Titanium? Answered
7/5/2012 Converting my javascript web calculator to the javascript used in Titanium mobile studio? Answered
7/5/2012 getting label height at runtime with Ti.UI.SIZE Answered
7/5/2012 dynamic PNG for profils and others Answered
7/2/2012 Module Commented
7/2/2012 file database.sqlite Answered
7/2/2012 module.exports not work in iOS Answered
6/28/2012 Find out IP assigned to iphone Answered
6/27/2012 iOS toolbar buttons Commented
6/27/2012 How to implement checkboxes into a tableview ? Answered
6/27/2012 JS Files path picked in IOS Simulator, but not by ios device Commented
6/27/2012 Linkify part of text in label. Commented
6/26/2012 Android Emulator? Commented
6/26/2012 "use" or "with" command ? Answered
6/26/2012 Get new value of a text field Answered
6/26/2012 Catch WARNING into the app ? Commented
6/26/2012 Whats the current status of ads in apps? Answered
6/25/2012 How to create module in titanium android Answered
6/25/2012 How to set appBadge on button in titanium appcelerator iphone? Answered
6/25/2012 Rotating a 3d object in android Commented
6/22/2012 use touchdb in titanium for android application Answered, Commented
6/21/2012 Urgent Demande de remboursement et fermeture du compte Clause My Account and claim Answered
6/21/2012 Newbie needing help - I need to update an existing app. Commented
6/21/2012 How can i send ASC-Push with PHP Answered
6/21/2012 zuora Commented
6/21/2012 Push Notification Answered, Commented
6/20/2012 create Alert Dialog (add elements) Answered
6/20/2012 update Answered, Commented
6/19/2012 Image blur Effect Answered
6/19/2012 include a file js Commented
6/19/2012 Can someone help me modify this code? Commented
6/19/2012 Following error occur when i try to run the code on emulator...please help me... Commented
6/18/2012 How to display a calender in Application Answered
6/17/2012 Unable to display captured photo to view Answered
6/17/2012 Android widget Answered
6/15/2012 Programmatically adding to a 'dp' size? Answered, Commented
6/15/2012 Open another .js on image click event Answered
6/15/2012 Alarm in titanium Commented
6/12/2012 install new relic in titanium Commented
6/12/2012 Dynamic graphics Commented
6/12/2012 Question!?! Answered, Commented
6/7/2012 Appcelerator Cloud Services for large project Answered
6/7/2012 String that get used thru out the app Answered
6/7/2012 XML parsing with shortcut (XML2JSON) Answered, Commented
6/7/2012 How to bring views to front in iPhone using Titanium mobile Answered
6/7/2012 android 3d app Answered
6/7/2012 Appcelerator...MAKE FRIENDS WITH CHROME!!! Answered
6/6/2012 Tableview data Answered
6/6/2012 Change the font size and add styles to tableView items? Answered
6/6/2012 Titanium on XP Commented
6/6/2012 App icon text 2 lines in Android and iOS? Answered
6/6/2012 How to implement touch-start, touch-end and click events on a view ?? Answered
6/6/2012 Appname non Ascii Code Answered
6/4/2012 Deploy app with "pre-installed" files Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 communication between a window.js and an html file url of a WebView Commented
6/4/2012 DoubleTap on Mobile Web Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Paging through WebView Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Scrollview on complete screen Commented
6/4/2012 facebook like button Answered
6/4/2012 How i use Pinterest Button for share image in my app? Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 Desktop SDK problem!!! Commented
6/4/2012 need suggestion on Logout button Commented
6/1/2012 Configuring Titanium- How to Answered
6/1/2012 like a comment Commented
6/1/2012 Syntax Error Answered
6/1/2012 giving path to imagepath for images lying in subfolders of images folder Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Creating a user using Rest API Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Difference between simulator and iOS Device (about emergence element) Answered
5/31/2012 make a call on android Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 PageFlip in titanium Answered
5/31/2012 recuperate a value from picker and send it to other window Commented
5/31/2012 Android toast notification in iPhone? Answered
5/31/2012 [Desktop] fireEvent and addEventListener Commented
5/29/2012 Our new Titanium-built app is ready for sale! Eyejot vCard Answered
5/29/2012 which android SDK should I work with? Answered
5/29/2012 Not getting required width and Height of an image for iPhone using Titanium Mobile Commented
5/29/2012 How to start Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 time calculation Answered
5/29/2012 Does titanium is a joke? Answered
5/27/2012 Android :device back button Answered
5/27/2012 Tab colour my first impression after a year Answered
5/25/2012 how to send data between js file on Titanuim ?? Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Titanium UI Design Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 titanium apk android Commented
5/25/2012 Appcelerator Enterprise Extensions Answered
5/24/2012 Does (ACS) work for mobile web apps? Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 Remove Rhino Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 [Beginner] View/Image position/size by screen resolution Answered, Commented
5/24/2012 multi selection checkbox in titanium Commented
5/24/2012 Show a window for 3 seconds Answered
5/24/2012 Studio weirdness Commented
5/23/2012 Error occurred calling next on a PLSqliteResultSet. SQLite error: Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 Ti.include in commonJS-Modul Android Answered
5/23/2012 Hindi words format Answered
5/22/2012 Keep a background service running Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 PHP doesn't work in index.html Commented
5/22/2012 Check which phone OS (Android or IOS) is being used Answered
5/22/2012 ActivityIndicator in Android Answered, Commented
5/22/2012 Send Titanium.Network.HTTPClient GET request with variables? Answered
5/22/2012 Creating general iPad setting for an app Answered
5/22/2012 Andriod SDK probs Answered
5/22/2012 Where can I find the JSON formatted API docs for the 2.0 SDK? Answered
5/21/2012 Accessing webserver running within Eclipse from outside the workstation Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 Develop 2D Game in Titanium Studio ? Answered
5/21/2012 Simple Program Flow issue Commented
5/21/2012 auto search Commented
5/21/2012 Package for android distribution without certificate Answered
5/16/2012 rectangular button Answered
5/16/2012 Common JS app templates: Why are constructors being used to instantiate UI objects Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Parameterized Query for Sqlite DB to avoid Sql Injection in Titanium Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Multiple event types in addEventListener Answered
5/16/2012 Decrypting an SQLITE Database Answered
5/15/2012 Project Titanium for Eclipse Answered
5/15/2012 Dividing block text Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Android App takes long time to launch Answered
5/15/2012 SQL Lite Variables Commented
5/15/2012 Horizontal gradation on view Commented
5/15/2012 Pricing Answered
5/14/2012 External JS libraby in the HTML5 Target Answered
5/14/2012 JSS backgroundGradient Answered
5/14/2012 Is there any way to detect Z orientation? Answered
5/14/2012 App rejected due to picker occupying whole width Commented
4/30/2012 Checking source object type from event listener Answered
4/10/2012 Tables + insertRowBefore Answered
4/3/2012 textfield not getting focus when window transparent-background is set to true Commented
4/2/2012 Application forced to close because of Answered
3/28/2012 Is it possible to compile mobile source to desktop app? Answered
3/27/2012 Android market Commented
3/27/2012 Thanks! (not a question) Answered
3/27/2012 user interface template so I can see how a beautiful UI is designed in titanium Answered
3/27/2012 not able to display remote image in table view Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 Basic Answer Commented
3/26/2012 setToolbar equivalent for Android Answered
3/22/2012 AppIcon issue Answered
3/16/2012 how to set iphone code to multiple targets Answered
3/15/2012 only avaliable for ipad but its an iphone app! Answered
3/12/2012 Calender integration with app Answered
3/12/2012 thumbnail in videoplayer Answered
3/11/2012 jQuery doesnt work after deploying to Android market Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 FHONK - A Titanium App Approved Answered
3/8/2012 Android Picker not working inside ScrollView Answered
3/6/2012 Another App Approved Answered
3/5/2012 screen size in view Answered, Commented
3/5/2012 DataBase Answered
3/5/2012 Unable to test android application directly on android device instead of android simulator Commented
3/2/2012 ScrollableView is not working when i simulate it using iphone sim Commented
3/2/2012 Iphone APP published and approuved by appel :) Answered
3/1/2012 Titanium Event Calendar Answered
2/24/2012 Appcelerator Titanium Answered
2/23/2012 ToolBar Problem Answered
2/23/2012 OPACITY problem android Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 Screen orientation Answered
2/21/2012 Android Widget possible? Answered, Commented
2/21/2012 Xcode 3.1.3 with latest Titanium Studio Answered
2/21/2012 Titanium support Answered
2/20/2012 Who can help me make this? Answered
2/17/2012 Menu bar Answered
2/17/2012 Andriod Native SDK V/S Titanium API's Commented
2/15/2012 Appcelerator titanium Commented
2/10/2012 interview questions Answered, Commented
2/8/2012 how to make value globally used.. Commented
2/6/2012 Grid View control (MVC) Answered
2/6/2012 Slide to switch between the views Answered
1/31/2012 Connecting external MSSQL database from android application from titanium Answered
1/30/2012 receive server message Answered, Commented
1/30/2012 how to build connection between mobile device and java servlet by using soap web services Answered
1/30/2012 Logo above the tab group Commented
1/30/2012 how can i add img for asking here!?? Answered
1/30/2012 Bead Frenzy - iPhone/iPad Physics game Commented
1/25/2012 Time functions Commented
1/25/2012 SetString gives error Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 Titanium Java & Objective-C API documentation Answered
1/24/2012 Difference between dates Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 MakeTi - Build your apps offline, in your own editor, and can auto upload to TestFlight Commented
1/24/2012 Offline Development and Deployment Answered
1/23/2012 in Android is unefined, how can I navigate throught data? Answered
1/20/2012 Building for iPhone 2G (iOS 3.1.3) with XCode 4.2 and Titanium 1.8 Answered
1/20/2012 Hot to disbale the border for rows in table view ? Answered
1/19/2012 How can I view a .js file through a view Answered
1/19/2012 Cannot create projects or build an imported project Answered
1/19/2012 Read SMS Answered, Commented
1/19/2012 run already installed app in android Answered
1/13/2012 How to detect the user changing the value of a Slider Answered
1/13/2012 Titanium Studio Crashes on Load Answered
1/12/2012 MOBILE DEVELOPMENT Commented
1/11/2012 appcelerator slidingdrawer for mobile Commented
1/11/2012 Whats the best way to create a Calender view Answered, Commented
1/11/2012 multi-column display Answered
1/10/2012 Titanium Studio Answered
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