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8/6/2015 AVPlayer in Titanium ? Commented
7/30/2015 Ti.Media.AudioPlayer seeking / Ti.Media.VideoPlayer background Answered
6/27/2015 Two windows back with Titanium.UI.iOS.NavigationWindow Commented
6/8/2015 Android: Can't create styles.xml Answered
6/8/2015 backgroundSelectedColor on createTableViewRow doesn't work? Commented
5/27/2015 4.0 Beta 3 Won't compile Commented
5/26/2015 Help with new Facebook Graph 2.0 module by mokesmokes Commented
5/26/2015 TiSDK + Facebook module versions since API 2.0 Asked, Commented
5/26/2015 Can Titanium Studio and Appcelerator Studio for 4.0 happily co-exist? Another other gotchas? Asked
5/26/2015 couldn't archive ios app with distribution or adhoc Commented
5/19/2015 please tell me your development environment. Answered
5/19/2015 Publishing Ad-Hoc/Enterprise app archive sometimes creates a Mac app. Also, missing icons Asked
5/10/2015 Upload File via FTP using createTCPSocket ? Commented
5/10/2015 FTP Upload Commented
5/10/2015 Titanium Studio Update giving error Answered
5/1/2015 WebRTC support Commented
5/1/2015 iOS App rejected: your app is using 'canOpenURL:' inappropriately. Commented
4/29/2015 Images saved from camera or photogallery are not persisting after updating the app Commented
4/29/2015 Titanium AFNetworking SSL Bug Answered
4/20/2015 Display Base64 image data on mobileweb Answered, Commented
4/19/2015 iOS Build Fails with Updated 64bit Modules Commented
4/11/2015 App fails to build with SDK 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 Answered, Commented
4/11/2015 YouTube API v3 - error hell Answered, Commented
3/25/2015 iOS : "Are you sure you want to close this window?" Asked, Answered, Commented
3/16/2015 Prevent window close Commented
3/10/2015 WatchKit Integration/module? Asked, Answered
3/8/2015 'DeveloperPortal' build error caused by some modules Asked, Commented
2/23/2015 HTTPClient and NSURLErrorDomain error -1012 Commented
2/23/2015 How to get a transparent hole in a view Answered, Commented
2/22/2015 Instagram and adding caption Answered, Commented
2/20/2015 Left Swipe not working on iOS simulator for NavigationWindow Commented
2/20/2015 xhr download Commented
2/20/2015 How to make input box with datalist like HTML5 in Titanium? Commented
2/20/2015 Streaming shoutcast streams % retreiving metadata Answered, Commented
2/20/2015 Communicate with remote web view Answered
2/19/2015 How to add a logo to the window header Answered
2/19/2015 upload image from mobile gallery Answered
2/19/2015 How to Play multiple video simultaneously in iOS with Titanium Studio? Answered
2/19/2015 Integrating barcode reader with database Answered
2/15/2015 Is there a nice visual animation tool for Ti? Answered
2/10/2015 Detect iphone 4 device Answered, Commented
2/10/2015 Build Failed - ld armv7 arm64 error Commented
2/10/2015 Is it possible to record internal Audio? Answered, Commented
2/10/2015 Titanium and FontAwesome Answered
1/19/2015 How to resume AudioPlayer when network disconnected Commented
1/19/2015 File size with 3.5.0 SDK Commented
1/15/2015 64 bit support error Commented
1/15/2015 iOS 64 bit support to modules Commented
12/22/2014 HTTPClient open() method is not working for synchronous Answered, Commented
12/22/2014 TableView SeparatorColor iOS Answered, Commented
12/15/2014 iOS Navigation Window Answered, Commented
12/14/2014 Android - AudioPlayer stopped when window closed Commented
12/13/2014 When i have text with "\n" in it, i want to show it in the label Answered
12/1/2014 Reverting to a Previous Version Answered, Commented
11/23/2014 DeveloperPortal build failed Commented
9/19/2014 Problems after upgrading to latest XCode, IOS and Titanium 3.4.x (SDK & Studio) Asked, Answered
4/11/2014 Custom fonts not working in Titanium Classic Answered
2/5/2014 Augmented Reality Marker Detection Commented
1/2/2014 how to set benCoding.AlarmManager repeat Hourly? Answered
1/1/2014 camera error code:1 Answered
11/30/2013 HIGS barrier Answered, Commented
11/30/2013 IOS 7 Audio Recording Bug Error: AudioQueueStart failed (-50) Answered, Commented
11/23/2013 AudioRecorder won't stop recording - [ERROR] : : AudioFileCreateWithURL failed (-50) Answered, Commented
11/19/2013 AudioPlayer / Seek to position in remote file with known duration Commented
11/16/2013 Problem with setString / getString or setList / getList Answered
11/11/2013 Loading remote Picture Commented
11/7/2013 Titanium 3.1.3 NavigationWindow Partial Drag-Back Issue Commented
10/29/2013 Wildcard Bundle ID settings for iOS Distributing Answered, Commented
10/28/2013 Navigation transitions in iOS7 like iOS6 Answered
10/28/2013 Distribution of application & 3d models Commented
10/28/2013 Wavesurfer audio waveform generator api works fine on ios 6+ devices but not on ios 5 device Answered, Commented
10/22/2013 ShowCamera Has no Option to Save Video to Camera Roll? Really? Answered
10/17/2013 Unable to detect Android SDK targets. Answered
10/17/2013 How to center a string when it gets an extra character? Commented
10/16/2013 Since Studio 3.2.0 - it's not finding my Android SDK Asked, Commented
10/16/2013 Can't find Android SDK Commented
10/15/2013 Android SDK Answered, Commented
10/14/2013 How to create event and reminder for iPhone? Answered
10/14/2013 SQLite table issues Answered
10/13/2013 Twitter poroblem Commented
10/12/2013 SQL-syntax check in php-scripts? Answered
10/12/2013 Why can't I play remote videos recorded with an iPhone? Answered, Commented
10/12/2013 Ugly black screen while switching between windows... :( Answered
10/11/2013 iOS 7 status bar color. Answered
10/10/2013 Filesystem problem with iOS7 Answered, Commented
10/10/2013 How to prevent bubbling? Answered, Commented
10/9/2013 There's a way to remove all my saved properties? Answered
10/9/2013 TableViews in KitchenSink on iPad Have Left Padding Answered
10/7/2013 Unable to open option dialog in iOS 7 Commented
10/6/2013 IOS Filesystem Error Answered
10/3/2013 Screen on when you hit the power button Commented
10/3/2013 Navigation Window 3.1.3.GA open window Answered
10/3/2013 NavigationWindow transitions not showing properly Commented
10/3/2013 Screenshot + crop + resize= bad quality? Answered
10/1/2013 How to fetch one by one record from sqlite? Answered
10/1/2013 Drag an image Answered
10/1/2013 (iOS 7) Unable to use UIStatusBarStyleLightContent using 3.1.3.GA Answered
9/30/2013 Can't get current modal attribute of Ti.UI.Window Answered
9/30/2013 Push Notification support without ACS Answered
9/29/2013 3 or more level NavigationWindow? Answered
9/29/2013 a leftImage in TableViewRow slants a little to the right on iOS 7 Commented
9/26/2013 iOS7: Window top position issues when the "In-Call Status bar" is showing Asked
9/25/2013 ListView questions Commented
9/25/2013 TIP - how to use hideStatusBar/showStatusBar on iOS7 Commented
9/25/2013 When to call Ti.Network.registerForPushNotifications Answered
9/20/2013 How to change Navigation Bar translucency on iOS 7? Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 iOS7 statusBarColor on navWindow? Answered
9/19/2013 How to I target the new iOS7 Light and Ultralight fonts in a Ti.UI.Label? Asked, Commented
9/14/2013 iOS 6.1 and 7 support in the same app Answered
9/14/2013 How to change status bar style iOS 7 to white? Answered, Commented
9/13/2013 Vimeo video does not play in webview, but Youtube works (iframe ans html5) Answered
9/13/2013 Launch image iOS 7GM Answered
9/13/2013 IOS backgroundservice location tracking Answered
9/13/2013 iOS7 - allowEditing features when using camera or camera roll? Asked
9/12/2013 Splash Screen for iOS7 but Keep Existing Splash Screen for iOS 6 and Older? Commented
9/11/2013 Track the position of the user and show on a Map Answered
9/11/2013 Images stored under applicationDataDirectory (App_Home/Documents) are deleted on upgrade Commented
9/9/2013 How to find current location longitudes and latitude in titanium ? Answered
9/9/2013 Can I fixed the map view and don't allow it move and scroll? Answered
9/8/2013 horizontal scrollview with progress displayed as dots at the bottom (paging) Answered, Commented
9/7/2013 How to share image on Google plus. Answered
9/7/2013 Dealing with a incoming call Answered, Commented
9/7/2013 Android Video Player audio break-up Answered, Commented
9/7/2013 Merge Images Answered
9/7/2013 twiiter api Answered
9/3/2013 Android: loading of remote PDF Commented
9/3/2013 onClick and OnLongclick event on the same button - possible? Answered, Commented
9/3/2013 Damn! Build Failed, OSX 10.9, iOS 7 please help, cannot develop currently. Answered
8/29/2013 Sorting a JSON object Commented
8/29/2013 Does it require ios sdk on windows? Answered
8/28/2013 titanium studio publish stream from camera ? Answered, Commented
8/28/2013 Titanium eventlisteners Commented
8/27/2013 ImageView memory issues when loaded with blob? Commented
8/26/2013 AudioRecorder playback on speaker Answered, Commented
8/26/2013 Facebook login problem Answered, Commented
8/25/2013 Pinch event is fired multiple times Answered, Commented
8/25/2013 Installing a Module on Android / Windows 7 Answered
8/21/2013 Titanium Custom Camera Module (iPhone) Answered, Commented
8/20/2013 Manually taking picture seems to change the focus - iPhone Commented
8/20/2013 Error ! Answered
8/16/2013 AppStore Rejection Duplication of Functionality Commented
8/15/2013 Does Facebook forceDialogAuth=false SSO authorization works on iOS Simulator? Answered
8/14/2013 Open Facebook page link Answered, Commented
8/14/2013 Debug on Android phone Answered
8/2/2013 How to check string containts specific string Answered
8/1/2013 Slider to move to set time limit with AudioRecorder Answered
7/21/2013 Email attachment limitations Commented
7/5/2013 App.net 'Passport Login SDK' module? Asked, Commented
6/22/2013 Insert row in a TableView without animations... Commented
6/22/2013 deleteRow/insertRowBefore/insertRowAfter animation Commented
6/21/2013 Automatically open app when visiting website Commented
6/16/2013 Titanium Picker List not displaying in ScrollableView - Android Commented
5/31/2013 Build Module (Androzip) / unizp image folder Commented
5/31/2013 White space in webview Answered
5/31/2013 Black heart in Label on iPhone Answered
5/18/2013 Can push be implemented without using urban airship or ACS? Answered
5/7/2013 media.Audioplayer stream laggy when busy Answered
5/4/2013 encryption & decryption Answered
4/30/2013 Installing Android app on device for testing using latest Studio and SDK Asked, Commented
4/30/2013 Does Appcelerator support OpenGL for iOS IPhone ? Answered
4/29/2013 Image uploaded not viewable Answered, Commented
4/29/2013 iOS Module cannot return boolean values Answered
4/29/2013 Do we have to move away from Titanium or you going to answer a simple question. Commented
4/27/2013 iOS Options Table Answered, Commented
4/27/2013 Save Login data Answered
4/25/2013 Verification issue Answered, Commented
4/25/2013 house Answered
4/22/2013 Get recorded video's name. Answered
4/22/2013 SDK 3.1.0 GA and still getting "Arguments to path.join must be strings Commented
4/14/2013 Adding Drop Shadow to View Answered
4/14/2013 Increment MP3 Array on Click Answered
4/14/2013 ListView with auto height row Commented
4/12/2013 wakelock on android, run app with screen off Answered
4/9/2013 Different IOS simulation platforms Answered, Commented
4/6/2013 Apple approves my app but Facebook don't Answered
4/3/2013 Custom TableRow Displaced after SDK 3 Answered, Commented
3/27/2013 Long polling? A job for Titanium.Network.Socket.TCP? Asked
3/21/2013 Android: Swipe event-listener causes scrollView not to fluidly scroll up / down. Commented
3/20/2013 Appending to the top of a scrollView Asked
2/4/2013 Cannot stop recording audio in KitchenSink and my app Commented
2/2/2013 Saving recorded videos to camera roll Answered
1/8/2013 My apps list Answered, Commented
12/5/2012 Upload Video onload Event takes forever Commented
11/21/2012 Using a droplr image in an imageView ? Asked, Commented
11/16/2012 orientation issue in iPhone but working fine in Android Answered, Commented
11/16/2012 Big problem with httpClient Answered, Commented
11/16/2012 How to get value of a text field from within a webview? Answered, Commented
11/15/2012 Orientation Issue Answered
11/15/2012 How to implement TableView Fast Scroll or initial-letter Shortcut? Answered
11/15/2012 Ti.App.sdk-verison not working Answered, Commented
11/15/2012 Push Notification Users Answered, Commented
11/15/2012 Language Switch Option Commented
11/13/2012 display all audio files Answered
11/5/2012 How can I change the layout of the tableview from LTR to RTL to support RTL languages such as arabic? Commented
11/5/2012 Fold effect on view Answered
10/21/2012 Newbie question on speeding up compiling for Android Commented
10/21/2012 Problems reading a xml Answered
10/10/2012 resolution image iphone 5 Answered, Commented
10/8/2012 Scale Image to fullscreen Commented
10/6/2012 Cursor focus on textarea Commented
9/24/2012 iPhone5 app height and the Default-568h@2x.png image Asked, Commented
9/22/2012 Stretch the screen vertically for the iphone 5 and ios6? Commented
9/18/2012 Android video streaming Answered, Commented
9/10/2012 can't record sound and save to file Answered
8/31/2012 TideSDK - New Site Launched as TideSDK Continues to Move Towards Release Commented
8/17/2012 Insert table row w/o a scroll Answered
8/2/2012 font attribute not working Answered, Commented
8/2/2012 Tweetie like pull to refresh broken since updating to SDK version 2.1.0 (with 2.1.1 same!) Commented
8/2/2012 Tutorial on migrating your tiapp.xml file to the newer 2.1 format, and setting custom Info.plist values Commented
8/2/2012 JSON.parse rises an exception if the Json string is not valid. Any way to capture the error? Commented
8/1/2012 Blurring images Answered, Commented
8/1/2012 commonjs tutorial Answered
7/30/2012 Camera photos... Answered, Commented
7/30/2012 iPade setImage from blob Answered
7/30/2012 loading needed framework files to iOS module - openEars module Answered, Commented
7/30/2012 (android) amr audio to mp3 or ogg Answered
7/29/2012 Text Fileds Disappearing inside grouped tables when scrolling Answered
7/26/2012 Styling pictures Answered, Commented
7/26/2012 "Add Row" row in editable tableview Answered, Commented
7/26/2012 How to change line spacing(leading) in a label with custom font? Answered
7/23/2012 [iOS] autoincrement badge number for acs push ? Answered
7/23/2012 code for creating my own event firers? Answered
7/22/2012 Linking profile account to users FB account Answered, Commented
7/22/2012 Get current location address of the device Commented
7/22/2012 onsendstream not showing status, how to report on upload status? Answered
7/21/2012 iOS push notification status Answered
7/21/2012 Titanium Media peakMicrophonePower and avarageMicrophonePower Answered
7/21/2012 Is there a Titanium module for connecting to the AudioBoo API? Answered
7/16/2012 scrollView iOS disable scrolling when zoomed Answered
7/16/2012 Semi-Transparent buttons on iOS? Answered, Commented
7/16/2012 message error, internet Commented
7/16/2012 Apple App ID Answered, Commented
7/16/2012 Store Array with Local Notifications in APP Answered, Commented
7/16/2012 PNG image crashes application unexpectedly Answered, Commented
7/16/2012 Resize Images Taken With iPhone?? Answered, Commented
7/16/2012 Is it possible to use Socket.IO without WebViews? Answered, Commented
7/15/2012 XHR Undifined Error Answered, Commented
7/15/2012 Add config to AndroidManifest.xml Answered
7/15/2012 Creating a level / angle measurement for iOS Answered
7/13/2012 Read pls, asx and m3u radio streams Answered, Commented
7/12/2012 App rejected because wrong use of applicationDataDirectory Commented
7/12/2012 Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog - Click event not responding Answered
7/10/2012 DELETE HTTP method in createHTTPclient Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 SUP + Appcelerator ?? Commented
7/10/2012 Tail of request at Ti.Network.createHTTPClient Answered
7/9/2012 Do you know how to make a android app using Titanium? Answered
7/8/2012 Button Image Answered, Commented
7/8/2012 image on other Answered, Commented
7/6/2012 WebView's and 100% width CSS too wide... Answered
7/6/2012 PUT HTTPClient doesn't seem to be working Commented
7/5/2012 Distribute - Apple iTunes Store creates "Mac App Store" archive instead of "iOS App Store" Answered, Commented
7/3/2012 TableView ScrollEnd event issue? Answered
7/2/2012 Image transparency Answered
7/2/2012 When to register for push??? Answered
6/26/2012 App Store Rejects Build: Device Family Issue Answered
6/26/2012 Is it possible to access facebook contact telephone number? Answered
6/24/2012 How to troubleshoot app on device? Answered
6/22/2012 Storekit MZFinance.InAppBuyLoginRequired_message Error since 5/31 Answered
6/20/2012 createHTTPClient - SSL problem on some API call Answered, Commented
6/19/2012 ios - question about window flip Answered
6/19/2012 Urban Airship iPad Display Issue Answered
6/17/2012 Saving a view to photogallery Answered
6/14/2012 Downloading a stream Answered, Commented
6/14/2012 File upload HTTP client issue Answered, Commented
6/12/2012 install new relic in titanium Answered
6/12/2012 statistical graphics in titanium Answered
6/12/2012 Dynamic graphics Answered, Commented
6/12/2012 Ti.Media.showCamera Functionality Answered
6/12/2012 iOS 6 and xCode 4.5 Answered
6/12/2012 Image Photo not chaged. Commented
6/12/2012 Detect the angle an ipad is titled? Answered
6/12/2012 How to get your App on your iPad without Having to use the APP Store! Answered
6/12/2012 OK to install the new Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6 beta? Answered
6/10/2012 Login with Google (Oauth 2.0) Commented
6/10/2012 Installing Modules: (user)/Library/Application Support/Titanium/ DOES NOT EXIST Commented
6/10/2012 Customized alert dialog on Android Commented
6/6/2012 How to refresh view when tab icon is tapped on iOS Answered
6/4/2012 X code 4.3.2 impossible to run on device Answered
6/4/2012 Qr Code Commented
6/4/2012 communication between a window.js and an html file url of a WebView Commented
6/2/2012 Login/Password alert ? Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 Problem with youtube in a web view Answered
6/2/2012 Properties show as null - What am I missign? Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 iOS Music Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 Convert lat,long to screen coords Commented
6/2/2012 Activity Indicator Answered
6/2/2012 Integrate admob module in iphone application Answered
6/2/2012 startLayout, finishLayout, updateLayout crashing? postlayout event working? Answered
6/1/2012 createScrollableView Issue on Android Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 Facebook LogIn-button causes crash on Android Answered
6/1/2012 currentLanguage Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 Link to developer site in iTunes Answered
6/1/2012 Kepp image fixed when scrolled Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 Ti SDK 2.0.2 IOS application build error Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 How easy we can create our own module? Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 Copy data between tables in database Answered
6/1/2012 Http Connection problem Answered
6/1/2012 Rest to coneection Commented
6/1/2012 Recognition of numbers and letters in pictures taken with mobile camera Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 'Ti.App.registerBackgroundService' [undefined] is not a function Answered
6/1/2012 How to get all the Photos from Built In Gallery of iPhone into our application? Answered
5/31/2012 Update app contents strategy Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Running JS in a webView and triggering a fireEvent in version 2.0 Asked, Answered
5/31/2012 why doesn't the Ti.Api.fireEvent fire inside the WebView? see code Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Problem with : Titanium.Network.HTTPClient.onload on android Commented
5/31/2012 tab.open() won't work on android Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 AppId name Answered
5/30/2012 can js in web view fireEvent if url is set to a internet address? Answered
5/30/2012 Translate app to Android Answered
5/30/2012 How do you remove the title bar from a tabgroup? Answered
5/30/2012 CreateTextField - my numeric Keyboard won't go away. Answered
5/30/2012 HTML5 Video Autoplay on iOS Answered
5/29/2012 m.google.maps.Load is not a function Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Advice: Ti.App.Properties for System Settings - yes or no? Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 time calculation Answered, Commented
5/29/2012 Is there a way to find out the number of objects that meet the criteria without fetching the whole data? Commented
5/29/2012 How to start Commented
5/24/2012 Get facebook data by facebook graph Answered
5/18/2012 Autosize height of row with image in it Answered
5/18/2012 Paid Subscription for mobile app Answered
5/16/2012 iPad Retina display - dilemma Commented
5/16/2012 Check if an array element exists Answered
5/16/2012 iPad images Answered
5/16/2012 rectangular button Answered
5/16/2012 Best Practice to Develop IPhone and Android App UI Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 WebView error event no firing in Android Answered
5/15/2012 how to distribute my app to app store for iphone only. Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Label in different positions? Answered
5/14/2012 OT: Thanks Appcelerator !!!! Answered
5/14/2012 How to use pinch event of ImageView Commented
5/14/2012 Is there any way to detect Z orientation? Answered
5/8/2012 Facebook event to json Answered
4/30/2012 eventListener Answered
4/25/2012 Profile Picture Facebook Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 No Audio when streaming m3u8 Video Commented
4/24/2012 Tap status bar to scroll to top not working in my app anymore under 2.0 for me - any pointers what to look at? Answered
4/22/2012 Ti 2.0.1 - Multiline Label in ScrollView Answered
4/20/2012 Radio Button or Check Box Answered
4/19/2012 Labels in TableViewRow Answered
4/17/2012 Appcelerator adverts in my/our apps? Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 embed flash in webview Answered
3/27/2012 XHR PUT file upload onsendstream event Asked, Commented
3/15/2012 Mp3 Player Like Mobile Roadie Answered
3/10/2012 xhr is not starting Answered, Commented
3/10/2012 V8 and tableView rowData Answered, Commented
2/28/2012 How do i download a database (sqllite) file from the internet Answered
2/28/2012 Interface shrinking in iOS 4 Answered, Commented
12/14/2011 startMicrophoneMonitor not working on Android? Answered
12/14/2011 Where to download the Barcode module as a paying Indie customer. Provided solutions do not work for me and SUPPORT neither Answered, Commented
12/14/2011 Titanium Desktop SDK 1.1.0 and MacOSX Lion Show inspector issue Answered
12/14/2011 Build with no Run option? Answered
12/14/2011 Push Notification in iphone? Answered
12/13/2011 Android : "An application restart is required" - app in Market Asked
12/12/2011 App crashes if no network connection Answered
12/12/2011 Android Installation "Application Requires Restart" working with studio and 1.7 Answered
11/23/2011 strike through on label Commented
11/23/2011 Android streaming audio player (with background active) seems to start new instance when closed and opened Asked, Answered
11/23/2011 android: prevent application from exiting when back button is pressed from main window in tab group Answered
11/23/2011 How i can call web services from html page in titanium desktop project Answered
11/20/2011 Are these instructions in the docs correct? Answered
11/2/2011 Set left/right to 0 in a tableViewRow on Android Answered
11/2/2011 Looking for a commercial/supported Twitter or oAuth module that works with iOS 4 and 5 Answered
10/24/2011 iOS Module: Setting Proxy Values Answered
10/24/2011 popover problem with ios 5 Answered
10/24/2011 Phonecalls crash app on device Answered
10/17/2011 Tabgoup Fontsize Answered
10/17/2011 Titanium SDK 1.8 deploy to iPad Answered
10/17/2011 How to resize detailView of Splitwin Answered
10/17/2011 Packaging Issue Commented
10/16/2011 Animations abort in iOS 5 Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Why application try to connect to api.appcelerator.net at launch?? Commented
10/14/2011 iOS 5 left and right triangles Commented
10/14/2011 Playing audio from WebView Answered
10/13/2011 videoplayer – which kind of codecs (mp4) Answered
10/11/2011 Respond to a button in a table row without triggering table row click? Answered
10/11/2011 Read file that is inside the application bundle Answered, Commented
10/11/2011 App Theming Answered
10/11/2011 How to save videos to iOS simulator? Answered
10/11/2011 Aligning down Answered
10/11/2011 Using a Ti UI toolbar at the top of a view? Answered
10/11/2011 How to crop images automatically Answered
10/10/2011 createView with 100% height Answered
10/10/2011 Android XHR: onload and onerror not firing (works fine on iPhone) Answered
10/10/2011 Camera Detection Answered
10/10/2011 Does Appcelerator support flash for iPhone4? Answered
10/10/2011 Remote Retina Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 app icon pixeled Answered
10/6/2011 Maxlength on TextArea Answered, Commented
10/6/2011 Titanium iOS Module development Bug? Commented
10/5/2011 Block click handler on table row? Answered
10/5/2011 YouTube Orientation Answered, Commented
10/5/2011 transition slow, why? Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 How to install the Ti.SMS module? Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Android Page Slide Transition (codestrong app) Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Facebook Feed, avatar link up to date. Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 Audio stream manipulation? Answered
10/3/2011 Table view place icon between rows Answered, Commented
10/3/2011 How do I hide the title bar on the spash screen? (not full screen) Answered
10/3/2011 i Need read textfield.value and pass to array Answered
10/3/2011 how to close total appication Answered
9/30/2011 Unable to display local images? Answered
9/30/2011 Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery crashes on iPhone Answered
9/30/2011 Problem latching onto HTTP POST data in PHP Commented
9/30/2011 Determine orientation of recorded video Commented
9/30/2011 Communicating data from a webview's Javascript? Answered, Commented
9/30/2011 Log file in Android Answered
9/29/2011 Why anyone can't answer me !!!!!!!! (probleme of pagination + tableView) Answered, Commented
9/29/2011 Location-aware background service for iOS Answered
9/29/2011 Image upload in android Answered, Commented
9/29/2011 Facebook OAuth2.0 migration. Will titanium apps still work? Answered, Commented
9/29/2011 WebView Answered
9/28/2011 Standard PNG does show, my own PNG does not..! Answered, Commented
9/28/2011 Webview - orientation issues Answered
9/28/2011 ScrollableView and Json issue Answered
9/28/2011 Is anyone else having an issue with the Titanium.UI.TableView.scrollToIndex 'position'? Asked, Commented
9/27/2011 ImageView 'image' instead of 'url' causing pixelation... Answered, Commented
9/26/2011 Frustrating Blue Navbar Buttons Bug Answered, Commented
9/26/2011 I want to know how to save a pdf file Answered
9/20/2011 Any way to pick up user agent from webview? Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 UUID Gone in ios 5 Now what? Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 Box2D: categoryBits & maskBits Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 No icon in tab Answered
9/19/2011 get imaeName from photogallery Answered
9/19/2011 .ipa iphone output name? Answered
9/13/2011 App Won't Install on iPod/iPhone Answered
9/13/2011 Photo filters - ala Instagram? Answered
9/13/2011 Skype indicator and call button on Android ? Answered
9/5/2011 Result of expression Answered, Commented
9/5/2011 Access params on response URL after XHR GET call. Answered, Commented
9/5/2011 Application on MacOS 10.6 ok. MacOS 10.5 doesn't work ? Answered
8/31/2011 Parsing a downloaded twitter xml Commented
8/31/2011 Geolocation not working in iPhone simulator Answered
8/31/2011 Distribute for App Store Error - please help! Commented
8/30/2011 Disable "manual" scrolling and only use scrollTo in scrollView. Answered, Commented
8/30/2011 How Do I Edit a Question or Comment Answered
8/28/2011 Desktop - embedded Webkit Answered
8/28/2011 Anyone actually use "masuidrive" for In-App? Answered, Commented
8/28/2011 Universal path to images Commented
8/28/2011 Voice changer with Titanium Answered
8/24/2011 Get live recording data Answered
8/24/2011 auto capture Commented
8/24/2011 JSON parser getting data back wrong from server (undefined) Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 What size image do I use for an "action bar"? Commented
8/22/2011 Is clearButtonMode working for you in textfields? Asked, Answered, Commented
8/19/2011 Your TARGET_BUILD_DIR is incorrectly set Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Google Maps API key for iphone.. do I need one? Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 TextField keyboard type change (iOS) Commented
8/18/2011 XML Parsing - This is an easy one for someone! Answered
8/18/2011 Get Video Duration after recording it Commented
8/18/2011 Titanium Studio Crashes on launch Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Using TestFlightApp + Xcode + Ti. Answered
8/18/2011 Barcode Module Question Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 Video streaming woes in iPhone and Android app Commented
8/18/2011 Nothing listed under Run Configurations in new install Answered
8/18/2011 Titanium Developer 1.3.0 Answered
8/18/2011 Any Android module devs out there want to help me solve a problem? (That everyone could benefit from) Asked, Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 New titanium studio install gets error when loading iphone simulator Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 No Appcelerator item in XCode 4.2 on Mac Os X 10.7.2 Commented
8/18/2011 ios 5 support Answered
8/18/2011 How to send HTTP request in background Commented
8/18/2011 Titanium 1.7.0 Images and text not scaling on Galaxy Tab Answered
8/17/2011 Titanium unable to find the path for 3rd party modules Commented
8/16/2011 iOS 5 Answered, Commented
8/15/2011 Mobil SDK 1.3.0 - TARGET_BUILD_DIR is incorrectly set. Answered
8/15/2011 Scraping HTML Answered
8/14/2011 Audiorecorder file handle Answered
8/14/2011 facebook login question Answered
8/14/2011 Building Android modules for a certain SDK 'level' Asked
8/12/2011 Is there a guide to using Modules? Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 Get dominating / average color of picture taken by cam Answered
8/12/2011 More than one Button right aligned? Answered, Commented
8/9/2011 erro trying to parse json string on facebook events Answered, Commented
8/7/2011 Odd crash with WebView Answered, Commented
8/7/2011 modify the Lock screen Answered
8/5/2011 manually scp app into iphone Commented
8/5/2011 Desktop Audio Options Commented
8/5/2011 app has bee rejected by non-public API Commented
8/4/2011 Camera Shutter Commented
8/4/2011 Assembling images into a time-lapse movie Answered
8/4/2011 Record Audio on Android phone Answered, Commented
8/4/2011 Since upgrading XCode to the latest beta is anyone else having issues? Asked, Commented
8/4/2011 ios sdk 5.0 and titanium sdk 1.6.2 Commented
8/4/2011 Playing VIdeo in small window Answered
8/3/2011 Dedicated text input screen for iPhone app Answered
8/3/2011 States in a picker...because I'm nice Commented
8/3/2011 Add rounded corners to image Answered, Commented
8/1/2011 Orientation switches back to portrait on network call Commented
7/17/2011 Use Facebook to create user id Answered, Commented
7/17/2011 Tableview row.hasCheck (Checkmark Colour) Answered
7/17/2011 url in label (IOS) Answered, Commented
7/17/2011 How to stop displaying in italics Answered
7/17/2011 iOS Background file upload Answered
7/12/2011 Uploading Sound FIle Answered
7/11/2011 Include from App Data Answered, Commented
7/11/2011 2 questions about images Answered
6/30/2011 problem looping through json Answered, Commented
6/30/2011 RTSP / iOS HTTP media streaming Answered
6/30/2011 Webview Auto-Scroll/Zoom Issue Answered
6/30/2011 Receive Incoming Call Data Answered
6/30/2011 Android tabgroup orientation Answered
6/28/2011 TableView problem with 1.7 final but not in beta Answered, Commented
6/28/2011 Monitor memory usage by the application Answered, Commented
6/28/2011 Kitchen Sink +Camera Troubles Answered
6/28/2011 Set a iPad modal window to a specific size Answered
6/27/2011 Listing all files the of iPhone Answered
6/23/2011 How do you integrate TV Out Objective-C code with Titanium? Answered, Commented
6/23/2011 Text label don't update Commented
6/23/2011 Fullscreen Video - Orientation Change - Page Sized to no status bar when it's there. Answered, Commented
6/23/2011 Development Certificate - Remove Answered, Commented
6/23/2011 Switch in Popover doesn't work Answered
6/21/2011 Good starter iPad apps from github to learn (making first application) Answered
6/21/2011 BackgroundService not starting...LocalNotification crashing app? Answered
6/21/2011 Titanium developer for Mac Os Answered
6/21/2011 Implement back button Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Exporting Contacts to WebService, how to wait a response Answered
6/20/2011 Where can I download Titanium Developer? Commented
6/20/2011 window.toImage() with coverFlowView error Answered
6/20/2011 ZipFile — Mobile Titanium module (iPhone) Commented
6/20/2011 Using google analytics to view my website statistics Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 how to manage user login Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Make a FTP connection Answered, Commented
6/20/2011 Pass textfield object to a function Answered
6/20/2011 Dashboard grid size Answered
6/18/2011 Changing Ringtone and Image for a Contact Answered
6/18/2011 Howto prevent leaks when adding / removing views permanently Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 Best way to animate an image view Answered
6/17/2011 oauth-library: sending data in the http post Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 How do you change a Hint's color in a text field? Answered
6/17/2011 Normal Transition? Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 Calling events from webview - event not being called on webview.reload() Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 emailDialog and HTML File. Can it be done? Answered, Commented
6/17/2011 base64 appears to do nothing? Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 XHR POST params as multi-level array Answered
6/16/2011 Why is the object returned by Titanium.Map.createView Ti.Map.View, instead of Ti.Map.MapView? Answered
6/16/2011 Ti.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory and ImageView.image Answered
6/16/2011 Struggling to get a newly created project to run in the emulator Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 install old titanium app Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile on Apple Answered
6/16/2011 Use of LeftPadding in textField Answered
6/16/2011 How to prevent keyboard open in scroll view on Android? Answered
6/16/2011 Can't add data to tableview...whats up with this? Answered, Commented
6/16/2011 Seeking Appcelerator Developer - Please contact me if you're looking for work. Commented
6/15/2011 Facebook Logout does not log user out of facebook - iPad Answered, Commented
6/15/2011 Mobile SDK 1.7 with Titanium Developer? Commented
6/15/2011 How to assign listeners to tableViewRows in a loop Answered
6/15/2011 AppCelerator Titanium in Mac OS X Leopard Answered
6/15/2011 MenuBar Applications Answered
6/15/2011 takeScreenShot Capture Camera View Answered, Commented
6/15/2011 Which viewtype to use: Need area to display JSON text with auto links for iOS Answered
6/14/2011 Free to develop, pay to publish? Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Creating a UI from JSON feed Answered
6/14/2011 Execute a function when transition completes? Answered
6/14/2011 [Desktop] How to open a Terminal screen (OSX) Answered
6/14/2011 Titanium Studio and Mobile SDK 1.7 createImageView no longer works? Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Titanium Studio - Pay to debug?! Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Converting Images to Video Answered
6/14/2011 facebookErr Domain 101 Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 html5 audio is not supported now? Answered
6/14/2011 SDK 1.7.0 Button fontWeight bold also makes text italics Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Window management whitout tabGroup Answered
6/14/2011 Array delete row Answered
6/14/2011 Refresh Coverflow (Remote Images) Answered
6/14/2011 SMS Module for Android Answered
6/14/2011 Where is iPhone (Retina) in 1.7 Answered
6/14/2011 Will Apple reject an app that doesn't use the components? Answered
6/14/2011 Videos Not Showing in PhotoGallery on Device "Works in Simulator" Answered
6/14/2011 how to get the elevator in my window Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 Get Tweets by hash Answered, Commented
6/14/2011 // Switch to iPhone Simulator NON Retina not working Answered
6/14/2011 Sporadic server error: "A connection failure occurred" Answered
6/13/2011 AppIcon and Default not copied to build folder. Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Ti.admob module crashes the app with adsense ads Commented
6/13/2011 Animation on multiple views at the same time Answered
6/13/2011 iPad SplitView Customization Question Answered
6/13/2011 Apps not launching on start Answered
6/13/2011 Map Type Terrain Answered
6/13/2011 Table titles not showing up on Android Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Titanium.Media.showCamera sometimes restarts application after picture is taken on Android? Answered
6/13/2011 Ti.Network.remoteDeviceUUID = returning null? Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Make the keyboard slide up from the bottom. Answered
6/13/2011 Install Titanium Desktop 1.2 RC problems Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 hide popover when same button is clicked again Answered
6/13/2011 Buttonbar on 'click' strange behaviour Answered
6/13/2011 Fading Sound out and playing another Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Table View With Blue Row Titles Answered
6/13/2011 Android Close / Finish Activity Commented
6/13/2011 TableView - last thumbnail in table fires event twice? Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Mobile- How to protect my source code? Answered
6/13/2011 want to put a back button in html run time. Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Understanding the Titanium Mobile Source Code Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Capturing user interaction with screenshots Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 what is the location of the log file ? Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Keyboard with Next-Previous navigation Answered
6/13/2011 Cannot return the xml file to a function Answered, Commented
6/13/2011 Back button not working on the nav bar Answered
6/13/2011 Orientation on camera overlay. Answered
6/12/2011 togging view Answered
6/12/2011 What's wrong Answered
6/12/2011 app icon not showing up in itunes Answered
6/11/2011 showCamera ( widthout iris effect on startup ) Answered
6/11/2011 passing information between users Answered, Commented
6/11/2011 1.7.0 Released? Commented
6/11/2011 iPhone SDK keeps "loading" Answered
6/10/2011 TabView on the top instead of the bottom. Answered
6/10/2011 Icon on submitted app looks incorrect Answered
6/9/2011 TextField - How to check the Focus Answered
6/8/2011 Google Analytics in WebView HTML files Answered
6/6/2011 Email Dialog Answered
6/6/2011 Development and RELEASE in other than debug mode for Cydia Answered
6/6/2011 How do you get an animated finger instead of cursor? Answered
6/6/2011 Transition Notifications Answered
6/6/2011 imageAsCropped is not a function issue Answered
6/4/2011 RTSP MPEG4/H.264 video Answered
5/24/2011 demo: Socket To Me : A demo realtime chat app built using NodeJS, NowJS and Titanium Asked, Commented
5/23/2011 TableViewSection - Causing Labels in Rows to forget position? Answered, Commented
5/23/2011 Create a button with a background image in Android Commented
5/23/2011 Kitchen Sink w/ 1.7 features Answered
5/23/2011 Can I run the PHP function from JavaScript file Answered
5/23/2011 Ti.App.fireEvent / webView / api 1.6 issue Answered, Commented
5/22/2011 Which Vimeo videos to watch for new Titanium developer Answered
5/21/2011 When will Titanium support websockets? Answered
5/21/2011 Window fireEvent broken in 1.7.0? Commented
5/20/2011 layout for camera? Commented
5/20/2011 Button in row does not respond to clicks. Answered, Commented
5/20/2011 Stop/Start iOS Background Service Answered, Commented
5/19/2011 Pro Subscription for 1 Month, then Indie thereafter? Answered
5/19/2011 First App just approved today Answered
5/19/2011 New warning with 1.7.0.RC1 Answered
5/19/2011 Howto vertical-align a webview? Answered, Commented
5/19/2011 MapView coordinates on click Commented
5/19/2011 Installing of Tibar Commented
5/19/2011 Make with Appcelerator a soap-call in Javascipt Answered
5/19/2011 New app available in the App Store Commented
5/19/2011 What is going to happen to Titanium Developer? Commented
5/19/2011 Unable to deploy with Studio Answered
5/19/2011 Is it possible to force a webView to don't reload ? Answered
5/19/2011 Remote self-destruct in Titanium Studio? Answered
5/18/2011 Can anyone suggest a barcode scanner that will work with titanium and iPhone? Answered, Commented
5/18/2011 Screenshot of webpage Commented
5/18/2011 Custom Facebook login button Answered
5/18/2011 Camera overlay disables rear camera button Answered
5/18/2011 how to get back to a tab in a tabgroup? Answered
5/18/2011 Warning to Twitter app devs who use xAuth Asked
5/18/2011 Documentation/Sample for adding a java or objective C module Answered
5/18/2011 url property of webview doesn't change Answered
5/18/2011 auto height textfield in toolbar Answered
5/18/2011 Warn when sound is mute Answered
5/18/2011 How to replicate iPhone Messages App (SMS, MMS) interface? Answered
5/17/2011 Howto recognize "pinch" gesture by touchmove event? Answered
5/17/2011 Can I use 1.7RC1 in Titanium Studio 1.0 Rc1? Answered
5/16/2011 ERRORs with latest builds 1.7.x r3bed52c7 and 1.8.x r5a5f4522 Answered
5/16/2011 events inside the tableview Answered
5/16/2011 HTTPClient - onload event never called Answered
5/15/2011 Titanium Studio Debugger - Answered
5/14/2011 iOS SMS Dialog module Commented
5/14/2011 badge in navbar Answered
5/14/2011 Can not change button title Commented
5/14/2011 Display HTML from a JSON feed Answered
5/14/2011 How to refer to window from within a function Answered
5/14/2011 iPhone GPS Background Multitasking Answered
5/14/2011 AdMob for Android Answered
5/13/2011 Facebook Wall Post does not work on a device, but in simulator. (Code) Answered, Commented
5/13/2011 What happens next week? Commented
5/13/2011 unable to delete temporary files Commented
5/13/2011 progress bar doesn't show Answered
5/13/2011 Bugs and errors when 'using quotes' and "things" like that Asked, Answered, Commented
5/13/2011 changing date format from JSON? Commented
5/13/2011 Appcelerator Q&A error when posting awnser Commented
5/13/2011 Native backButton eventlistener? possible? Commented
5/13/2011 Solution for Memory Issues Commented
5/12/2011 transparency on label image blob Answered, Commented
5/12/2011 custom font size problem Answered, Commented
5/12/2011 Progress Bar Ipad Answered
5/12/2011 Start loading page on tab on start-up Answered
5/12/2011 imageAsThumbnail and Jpg quality Answered
5/12/2011 I found a web app developed by the appcelerator.js library, But I didn't found anything about it in this site. Commented
5/12/2011 "The archive is invalid" when I'm submitting app using organizer - iPhone Commented
5/12/2011 Get files listing with HTTPClient? Answered
5/11/2011 exclude rss element Answered
5/10/2011 Passing javascript array to php web service Answered
5/9/2011 "Couldn't find" custom module Commented
5/9/2011 Script Error = Couldn't find module: ti.paint Answered
5/9/2011 how to put the contents of a web page in a window ? Answered
5/5/2011 Podcast on http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/xxxxxxxxxxx/id429393197 Answered
5/3/2011 Problem with swipe and click events on a tableView Commented
4/30/2011 Running KitchenSink on actual iPhone? Answered
4/30/2011 Tibar: issue with the compilation Commented
4/30/2011 Admob module for iPhone Answered
4/29/2011 Pulling examples out of Kitchen Sink Commented
4/29/2011 Urban Airship Module Documentation Answered, Commented
4/29/2011 What docs am I missing? Answered
4/29/2011 FYI: Twitter login oauth Answered
4/29/2011 Arggg... platform.width and height always 320x533 Answered
4/29/2011 checkboxes - how to select only one and not both Answered
4/28/2011 TableView Performance / FPS Problems on iPhone Commented
4/28/2011 Click event on button not firing when clicked left btn and held Answered
4/28/2011 Published desktop app crash report Answered
4/27/2011 XHR connection fails now and then without reason. Commented
4/27/2011 Density-specific .js files on Android Answered
4/27/2011 How to clear the navigation stack on Android? Answered
4/27/2011 currentWindow Answered, Commented
4/27/2011 How to call a function in a different window. Answered
4/26/2011 Retina display doesn't work... Answered
4/26/2011 remove Event listener Answered
4/25/2011 View "bounces" with layout="vertical"? Commented
4/22/2011 How do I upload the contents of an ImageView to the server? Answered
4/22/2011 Video recording with overlay Answered
4/21/2011 Modal window acting weird, help greatly appreciated! Possibly bug?! Answered
4/21/2011 Uploading images over 3g fails? Commented
4/21/2011 Closing table view when row is clicked Answered
4/21/2011 Can I scale an ImageView, ignoring it's original aspect ratio? Answered
4/19/2011 screenshot of webview Answered
4/19/2011 SQLite data insert problem Answered, Commented
4/19/2011 Maps other than Google Answered
4/19/2011 color of link in textarea Answered, Commented
4/19/2011 textArea autolink Answered
4/19/2011 Do I need two different provisioning profiles and development certificates? Answered
4/19/2011 iphone background showing when opening a view Answered, Commented
4/19/2011 Is the link to download titanium for linux 32bit has broken? Answered
4/19/2011 addeventlistener on WebView stops hyperlinks / onclick events Answered
4/18/2011 GET and POST not working at all Answered
4/18/2011 XHR image upload - First try fails, second works, third fails Answered, Commented
4/17/2011 Aptana/Titanium beta Answered
4/17/2011 Pagination for iPhone apps Answered
4/17/2011 Default.png rotates on launch when LANDSCAPE_RIGHT is the only supported orientation Answered
4/17/2011 Select Provisioning Profile setting need to be set for every project manually? Answered
4/16/2011 How to refresh tableview Answered, Commented
4/15/2011 Still looking for solution for changing background of tableView styled with Titanium.UI.iPhone.TableViewStyle.GROUPED Answered
4/15/2011 App Update Rejected Please Help Answered, Commented
4/15/2011 Slider thumb offset Answered, Commented
4/15/2011 lighthouseapp Closed? Now, how do I report an error? Answered
4/15/2011 Need to use an appcelerator-logo in app? Answered
4/14/2011 How do you monitor mic level on Android? Answered
4/14/2011 Facebook login not working, again? Answered
4/14/2011 Link in webview to Safari Answered
4/14/2011 Create folder on SDCARD - Android Answered, Commented
4/14/2011 Measuring ambient audio Answered
4/14/2011 wifi sniffer - Part 2 Answered
4/14/2011 How to create new Titanium module Answered
4/14/2011 How to load huge data into table view? Answered, Commented
4/14/2011 Problem submitting an application - Rejected Answered, Commented
4/14/2011 Loading a tableview into a section of the js window Answered
4/13/2011 Webview + forward, back, activity indicator? Answered
4/13/2011 How to load huge data into table view Answered
4/13/2011 Get more than 10 RSS items Answered
4/13/2011 Duplicate action when is click on button Answered
4/13/2011 Type of Save & Edit Later system? Answered
4/13/2011 How to Validate Text Field Answered
4/13/2011 Titanium mobile editor Answered
4/13/2011 passing an object as parameter to webview Javascript Answered, Commented
4/13/2011 Mac DESKTOP AppStore apps? Asked, Answered, Commented
4/12/2011 Is there a way to detect if device has a camera? (iOS) Answered, Commented
4/12/2011 How Do I Return to Tab After Period of Inactivity Answered
4/12/2011 Viewing build in xCode Answered
4/12/2011 Cannot play downloaded video from applicationDataDirectory on Android platform Answered
4/12/2011 reading text article in label Answered
4/12/2011 Reducing the file size of the final app? Commented
4/12/2011 Play sounds one by one Answered
4/12/2011 createImageView without static image url Commented
4/11/2011 Device Orientation when photo taken Commented
4/11/2011 revisit creating book reader app using titanium Answered
4/11/2011 go to a tab and to top of page Answered
4/11/2011 Twitter: 2 questions Answered
4/10/2011 When Opening a New Tab (or Window) - the Bar Flickers Answered
4/9/2011 assign a custom value to a button Answered
4/9/2011 Click Event problem while working with iphone Answered
4/9/2011 Handle error response in JSON. Please help! Answered
4/8/2011 Issue to play real audio streaming (.m3u & .pls) Answered
4/8/2011 Issues with Separator thickness and selected color opacity Answered
4/8/2011 What the f*** is going on with Appcelerator? Answered, Commented
4/8/2011 Possible to capture system audio ("what-you-hear")? Answered
4/6/2011 request mjpeg file Answered, Commented
4/6/2011 How to display the jpg image from applicationData Directory Answered, Commented
4/6/2011 mask text Answered
4/5/2011 Titanium.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth / Height returning incorrect number in simulator Commented
4/5/2011 missing webview in modal window Commented
4/5/2011 How do Local Notifications work? Commented
4/4/2011 GPS Accuracy Location Answered
4/4/2011 JSON Error , is not an object Answered
4/4/2011 Arrays seem to be missing normal js methods Answered
4/4/2011 Parsing XML and extracting data. Answered, Commented
4/4/2011 My TableView doesn't scroll smoothly. It's jerky, choppy. Any ideas? Answered
3/30/2011 Remember Me / Session Implementation Answered
3/29/2011 Orientation problem coming back from Modal window Commented
3/29/2011 Internal App Badge Like iPhone Mail App Answered
3/28/2011 Windows remains at the same previus state! Answered
3/28/2011 My app crashes with the latest iOS version Answered
3/28/2011 Can we record audio in wave or mp3 format in Android? Answered, Commented
3/28/2011 smontgomerie / Appcelerator-Calendar-Module Answered
3/28/2011 how to fix policy size? Answered
3/28/2011 Custom back/leftNav button slow to load? Commented
3/27/2011 Finding the index of the scrollview Answered
3/27/2011 back button Answered
3/27/2011 Android app stops receiving input Commented
3/27/2011 Can you add your own design(images) in your UI app? Answered
3/27/2011 3DMatrix rotate origin Answered
3/25/2011 RSS Image Issue Commented
3/24/2011 Button Hidden Underneath TableView Answered
3/24/2011 ImageView / View rotation problem Answered
3/24/2011 How do you detect the orientation change on just one tab? Answered
3/22/2011 tableview that works like iPod? Commented
3/22/2011 Can't get local video to run! Answered, Commented
3/18/2011 app icon update Answered
3/18/2011 How do you install a Appcelerator Titanium Module in OSX Answered
3/18/2011 Calendar iphone Answered
3/18/2011 Animating a TableView Answered
3/16/2011 Call method in window from app.js Answered
3/15/2011 Install Error with Titanium Mobile 1.6.1 and iPad App Commented
3/15/2011 Can't use XMLHttpRequest? Commented
3/15/2011 get IP-Address/ device number or any unique data of the andriod device Answered
3/15/2011 Still unable to LAUNCH any mobile app on iMac but works fine on my work iMac Commented
3/14/2011 Please release the XCode 4 bugfix already Answered, Commented
3/14/2011 Mac book Pro 2.3 Ghz good enough for titanium??? Answered, Commented
3/14/2011 IPhone App Development on PC using Titanium Answered
3/13/2011 editable for textarea is not working Answered
3/12/2011 iPhone module creation Commented
3/12/2011 Background webservice notification example (gist) Asked, Commented
3/12/2011 Error running on device - doesn't match cert/private pair... Commented
3/12/2011 JSon and compression Commented
3/11/2011 There Is A Solution For Slow Load Android Simulator? Answered, Commented
3/10/2011 oAuth for Titanium desktop ... Commented
3/9/2011 Where to get TI+Plus Modules Answered
3/9/2011 Titanium SDK 1.6.0 and iOS SDK 4.3 Commented
3/9/2011 Titanium.Filesystem' [undefined] Commented
3/9/2011 Desktop - how to browse then open file Answered, Commented
3/9/2011 MacOS Version Question Commented
3/9/2011 putting integers into textfields Answered
3/8/2011 iPhone + Rails + XHR = "undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass" Commented
3/8/2011 Tutorial - Build a pizza ordering app Commented
3/8/2011 Some sort of disabled state? Answered, Commented
3/8/2011 Titanium Desktop - Drag & Drop Answered
3/8/2011 Droppable app? Answered, Commented
3/8/2011 xml parsing on first load Commented
3/8/2011 [Solved] Extended Tab Bar! Answered
3/8/2011 Hide black line between table rows Answered
3/8/2011 Having difficulty with JSON Answered
3/7/2011 Adding back button to the window title when using webview? Answered
3/6/2011 Launch Titanium Developer in small resolution Answered
3/6/2011 Is the documentation out of date? Commented
3/5/2011 how do i scroll to the buttom of my tableView? Answered
3/5/2011 This is a solution to your memory woes Commented
3/1/2011 ImageView does not show image from twitpic url due to 302 redirect Answered
3/1/2011 Mac App Store Answered
3/1/2011 Tableview with textfields moving in 1.6.0 Answered, Commented
3/1/2011 Can't set a TableViewRow's height to 0. Answered
2/28/2011 Picker with Custom Labels/Images = No tap select Answered, Commented
2/28/2011 New Facebook Login method Commented
2/28/2011 iPad/ iPhone in single build Commented
2/28/2011 Run on device Commented
2/25/2011 Audio Recording in android Answered
2/25/2011 HTTPClient events not firing Answered, Commented
2/25/2011 Create time-lapse videos Commented
2/25/2011 Camera crashing app randomly on iPhone device...HELP!!! Commented
2/24/2011 Modal calling a modal Commented
2/20/2011 Image Blend Modes Answered
2/19/2011 Twitter OAuth... Any help? Commented
2/19/2011 ScrollView horizontal scroll not working. Answered, Commented
2/19/2011 execution error: file iPhone simulator.app wasn't found (-43) Commented
2/19/2011 My ANDROID app works in emulator, dev phone, but not on MARKET app. Answered
2/18/2011 KitchenSink on app store? Commented
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