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9/19/2014 toImage() not working on labels from sdk 3.3.0 Asked
12/19/2012 Error installing CLI Asked
10/12/2012 Formatting lost - iOS 6 issue with JQuery-mobile??? Answered
10/12/2012 Border or Outline for Font, is it possible? Answered
10/12/2012 Keep recording when the app is closed using Titanium.App.iOS.BackgroundService Answered
10/12/2012 scrollableView scroll Answered
10/8/2012 backgroundImage retina display issue Answered, Commented
10/1/2012 iOS apps hang at startup when network connection is poor Answered
9/14/2012 App not working because of connection to Commented
9/14/2012 App not starting because of Asked, Answered, Commented
7/4/2012 App immediately crash after update Asked, Commented
7/2/2012 Failed to copy ipa file to device Answered
7/2/2012 problem to move from one window to a tab tabgroup Answered
7/2/2012 When to register for push??? Answered, Commented
7/2/2012 making global database for app Answered
7/2/2012 Send hide SMS Answered
6/23/2012 setTimeout and Window Context Commented
6/17/2012 View Overlaps on previously opened View... Answered
6/14/2012 App not starting cause Asked, Commented
6/12/2012 iOS 6 and xCode 4.5 Asked
5/27/2012 Timing out waiting on main thread. Possibly a deadlock? Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 [WARN] [object TiUIView] has an auto width value of 0 Asked, Commented
5/17/2012 Get warning line Asked, Commented
5/7/2012 Close Application - Move to background in iPhone Answered, Commented
5/7/2012 How to close an object/function from within an object/function? Answered
5/7/2012 Could not detect the iPhone simulator ! Answered
5/7/2012 ProgressBar when update database Answered
4/30/2012 iPad Retina Splash screen file names Answered
4/3/2012 TRICK: Drop real shadows in Titanium (iOS) Answered
3/21/2012 1.8.2 sdk and Ipad 3 Retina Asked, Answered
3/16/2012 reverseGeocoder production ready? Answered, Commented
3/8/2012 Do I need Internet connection for building an IPA? Answered, Commented
3/8/2012 scrollable view 'auto' height value Asked
3/6/2012 Console not show errors Asked, Commented
3/3/2012 simulator is closing after app is launched Asked
3/2/2012 keyboard always up Asked, Commented
3/1/2012 Published app with CSS3 + jQuery Asked, Commented
2/14/2012 xml parsing broken on 1.8.1 ? Asked, Commented
2/6/2012 Running App on Device Answered
2/6/2012 update label text cause main container mooving Asked
2/6/2012 memory leak on views creation Asked, Commented
2/5/2012 app freeze on resume Asked, Commented
2/3/2012 tableview row not rendered Asked, Commented
1/31/2012 scrollView freeze on subview update Asked
1/31/2012 update view content without removing Asked, Commented
1/31/2012 how to call a dynamic function name Asked, Commented
1/30/2012 [WARN] Exception in event callback (iPhone) Asked, Commented
1/19/2012 auto height into another auto height view Asked
1/17/2012 tray menu on Desktop app Asked, Commented
1/12/2012 Mac OS X Tray application? Answered, Commented
12/20/2011 Titanium.App.Properties.getString() on Desktop app Asked, Answered, Commented
12/19/2011 get child window content (html) Asked
12/18/2011 Applescript execution, desktop app on Mac Asked
11/17/2011 Layout problem, Application rejected?? Asked, Commented
11/16/2011 animation opacity Bug report Asked, Answered
11/13/2011 Another passing variable between js file questions Answered
11/13/2011 how to call a function by string inside CommonJs? Answered
11/13/2011 Setting tableView's style after init ? Answered
11/12/2011 view children Undefined Asked, Answered
11/12/2011 How to create a view like this? Answered, Commented
11/12/2011 I can't add again a listener previously removed Answered
11/12/2011 TableView rows sometimes not being added - for no apparent reason or reported error Answered
11/12/2011 Formatting (strong, italic, new lines) a label Answered
11/10/2011 remove a view from a window recursively Asked, Commented
11/9/2011 Remove window and readd to tabGroup Asked, Commented
10/25/2011 Publish on Android Market (Manifest Problem ?) Asked, Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 itunes email info Answered
8/16/2011 Problem to close a window Answered
8/14/2011 iTunes Connect distribution issue... Answered
8/12/2011 within a TableView, How to update a row with new content and restore the original content? Answered
8/11/2011 Image loading event Commented
8/11/2011 problem with hide navbar Answered
8/11/2011 Photo resizing Answered
8/11/2011 Change to Retina crashes? Answered
8/11/2011 xhr request not giving the desired result in a for loop Answered, Commented
8/11/2011 Can't get createViewTable font family to work? Answered
8/10/2011 Reading XML and error NullPointerException on android Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 TiStudio Project References and Ti.include Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 how to pass the array value into one file Answered
8/10/2011 Is it possible build an application to read and extract a zip large file with AppCelerator? Answered
8/10/2011 Fonts supported by android phones??? Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 Wait for Tableview loading complete Answered
8/10/2011 Best practice for event processing between pages Answered, Commented
8/9/2011 Resize a photo Answered, Commented
8/9/2011 How to enable a button when it is disable Answered
8/9/2011 include, best workaraound Asked, Commented
8/9/2011 reduce the height of my buttons TabBar Answered, Commented
8/9/2011 Comparison problem Commented
8/5/2011 Session could not be started error when launching iPhone simulator? Answered, Commented
8/5/2011 tableview and allowsSelection Asked, Answered
8/4/2011 relave app status foreground or background Asked, Commented
5/12/2011 Implement Foreground on my custom xcode module Asked
5/11/2011 AdMob problem! account suspended whit Titanium module Asked
5/9/2011 iPhone: Run on device error - need help! Answered
5/9/2011 iRefurbished - new iPhone app approved Asked, Commented
5/3/2011 Show / Hide TableViewRows on iPhone Answered
5/3/2011 ActivityIndicator crashing iPad app only when run on device. Answered
5/3/2011 how to bebug application into Titanium ? Answered
4/28/2011 Titanium studio login problem Asked, Answered, Commented
4/28/2011 Equation from a textbox Answered
4/28/2011 login not working (titanium studio) Answered, Commented
4/28/2011 Refresh Scrollview Contents From Another Window Answered
4/28/2011 Passing variable value Answered
3/5/2011 install Module error (TiAdMob4iPhone) Answered, Commented
2/28/2011 iPad/ iPhone in single build Commented
12/3/2010 EXC_BAD_ACCESS when show camera Asked
11/29/2010 coverflowView and retina display Asked, Answered
11/29/2010 remove local directory Asked, Answered, Commented
11/27/2010 open pdf in iBooks Asked
11/23/2010 goto the previous window in the NavigationGroup ? Answered
11/23/2010 replace image in photogalley Asked
11/16/2010 Animate Up From Off Screen to On Screen Answered
11/16/2010 changing title in new windows Answered
11/16/2010 XHR pulling from MySQL DB Problems Answered
11/16/2010 multi-column picker does not set selected row Answered
11/16/2010 Possible bug on imageView Asked, Answered
11/8/2010 remove Splash screen and remove translucent effect Asked
11/8/2010 KitchenSink fails to load in iPhone emulator Answered
11/8/2010 Skipping JS compile, running from simulator ???? Answered
11/8/2010 landscape swipe Answered
10/28/2010 sell hard goods whit paypal module Asked, Answered, Commented
10/22/2010 $UNIX2003 called from function ERROR Asked
10/11/2010 new titanium release Asked
7/30/2010 save a pdf on iPhone Asked
7/24/2010 download save a file on iPhone Asked
7/10/2010 Problem building for ipad Asked
6/28/2010 ShowContactPicker CRASH Asked
6/26/2010 Window persistent on Tab change Asked
6/25/2010 make a view not visible on start Asked
6/25/2010 setToolbar background color Asked
6/11/2010 set textfield value Asked
6/3/2010 Unable to package my project Asked
6/3/2010 Unable to package my project Asked
5/29/2010 View a pdf in mobile app Asked
5/26/2010 Viewing PDF's Answered
5/7/2010 trace analytics events Asked, Answered
3/18/2010 hide navBar in titanium 0.8.2 Asked, Answered
3/18/2010 Create a tabbed window without a title? Answered