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3/16/2012 Possible to change color of iPhone 'PLAIN' button style? Asked, Commented
9/6/2011 iPhone + Rails + XHR = "undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass" Commented
10/20/2010 Large Media Files: Packaging vs. Downloading after install? Asked
10/2/2010 Timed out waiting for device to be ready - Samsung Vibrant Asked, Answered
6/29/2010 color for one tableViewRow randomly applies to other rows in tableView Asked, Commented
6/28/2010 Hitting Android back button to exit modal window disables it forever Asked, Answered
6/27/2010 Focus event on android Commented
6/26/2010 Properties.getInt on Android error? Commented
4/28/2010 Stop button for emulator doesn't work Asked, Answered