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6/11/2015 No console log after updating to iOS 8.3 Asked
6/1/2015 Turn push notification On and OFF in app Asked
4/24/2015 Flipboard module Asked
4/23/2015 Database in mobile web application Asked
3/21/2015 Append tableview row with animation Asked, Commented
3/17/2015 Download multiple files concurrently/simultaneously Asked, Commented
2/9/2015 Save cache file to device from videoPlayer/webview Asked
7/9/2014 Load subtitle from ass/srt file Asked
6/30/2014 Adding custom view as actionView in action bar Asked, Commented
4/22/2014 Lazy load when reaches bottom of scrollview Asked, Commented
4/15/2014 Getting total data that have been downloaded currently Asked, Commented
4/4/2014 Hint text doesn't disappear when type text into textfield Asked, Commented
3/28/2014 Search all column in a database table Asked, Commented
3/23/2014 Stop current and pending http client Asked
3/22/2014 Support tablet only (Android) Asked, Commented
3/20/2014 Pinch zoom in scrollable view Asked, Commented
2/20/2014 Add new pictures to coverflow Asked
1/21/2014 Search bar focus on android Asked, Commented
1/16/2014 Error parsing JSON Asked, Commented
1/10/2014 Android outofmemory error Asked, Commented
1/7/2014 An Android SDK is missing. Titanium requires Android platform 5.0 Asked, Commented
12/30/2013 Lazy loading for scrollview Asked, Commented
12/26/2013 Android app crash and restart Asked, Commented
12/26/2013 Android status bar and nav bar not hidden Asked
12/18/2013 Getting and comparing date and time Asked, Commented
12/13/2013 Lazy loading in table view/scrollview Asked, Commented
11/28/2013 Text in label not filing whole label Asked, Commented
11/28/2013 Imageview on top of another image view Asked, Commented
11/25/2013 Coverflow images not loading Asked, Commented
11/20/2013 Imageview on top of coverflow view Asked, Commented
11/15/2013 Creating popover for Android Asked
11/11/2013 Problem running project in android emulator Asked
11/4/2013 Sorting an array alphabetically Asked
11/1/2013 Scrollview inside tableviewrow Asked, Answered, Commented
10/30/2013 Disable tableview row highlight when click Asked, Commented
7/4/2013 Building module for IOS Asked, Commented
7/3/2013 Compiling module for Android Asked, Commented
6/27/2013 Using Wikitude in Titanium Asked, Answered, Commented
6/24/2013 Implement google analytic in app Asked
6/21/2013 Paypal Integration Asked, Commented
6/19/2013 Launch image in Xcode using default instead of new one Asked, Commented
6/18/2013 Click event not fired after animation on android Asked, Commented
6/18/2013 Repeat animation after returning to main window Asked
6/17/2013 parse XML BIG5 encoding Asked
6/4/2013 List of table name in database Asked, Commented
5/30/2013 "Follow" and "Like" functionality for Facebook and twitter Asked
5/29/2013 Maintain layout when orientation change Asked, Answered
5/23/2013 File sharing in app Asked
5/20/2013 Attach file(.csv) to email Asked, Commented
5/16/2013 Problem with database Asked, Commented
5/13/2013 Tableview swipe to delete Asked
4/30/2013 Tableview and search bar problem Asked
4/29/2013 \n not working, get real height of 'auto' Asked, Commented
4/23/2013 Resize remote image for web view Asked, Commented
4/18/2013 Username of Facebook account Asked, Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Image view won't load in scrollable view Asked, Commented
4/15/2013 Save remote image in external storage Asked, Commented
4/12/2013 Resize remote image Asked
4/12/2013 Save image to external storage and display on image view Asked
4/10/2013 Difference of image view in iPhone and android Asked, Commented
4/10/2013 Real height of Ti.UI.SIZE not correct Asked, Commented
4/8/2013 Resume event doesn't fire Asked, Answered
4/5/2013 Failed to post to Facebook timeline Asked, Commented
4/4/2013 Failed to share some images to twitter Asked, Commented
4/3/2013 Resize small photo without stretch Asked, Commented
4/2/2013 Crop image to display in image view in full resolution Asked, Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Post photo to Facebook Asked, Commented
4/1/2013 Share photo through iMessage Asked
3/31/2013 Save app setting in device Asked
3/31/2013 Save password in device Asked
3/27/2013 iFrame in webview Asked
3/27/2013 Saving blob object to filesystem Asked
3/26/2013 Titanium module to get device photo library Asked, Commented
3/26/2013 Pagination for scrollview Asked, Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 Getting all image from photo gallery Asked, Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 Scroll view inside PageFlip Asked, Answered
3/15/2013 "Path" menu in 18 degrees Asked
3/11/2013 Using an iframe within web view Asked
3/8/2013 Problem with Scrollview inside scrollableview Asked
3/4/2013 Share multiple photo Asked, Commented
3/4/2013 Share photo + text to Facebook Asked, Commented
2/25/2013 "Follow" button on twitter Asked
2/24/2013 "Follow" and "Like" button for Facebook and twitter Asked, Answered
2/22/2013 Problem with playing video Asked, Answered
2/21/2013 Problem with display RSS data from blog rss feed Asked
2/18/2013 Get and display twitter and Facebook latest post Asked, Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Problem with POST method on iPhone Asked, Commented
1/24/2013 Android generate route on mapview Asked, Commented
1/23/2013 Delete file retrieved from getFile Asked, Commented
1/22/2013 Problem with iOS xml reading Asked, Answered
1/14/2013 Android emulator for galaxy note 2 Asked
1/8/2013 Change in titanium sdk Asked, Commented
1/7/2013 Making changes to xml Asked, Commented
1/6/2013 Playing video Asked, Commented
12/21/2012 Map route on android Asked
12/20/2012 Map direction with ios6 Asked, Answered, Commented
12/3/2012 Blackberry XML support Asked, Answered
11/27/2012 Question regarding blackberry development using titanium Asked
11/23/2012 Blackberry on Titanium Asked, Commented
11/23/2012 Debug statement in console view Asked, Commented
11/16/2012 sort data by date Asked, Commented