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10/29/2013 Not able to build an Android module Answered, Commented
10/16/2013 have anybody came across this problem when compiling the project? Commented
10/16/2013 third party JAR dependencies Module fail to compile in Titanium Studio ? Commented
5/14/2013 Android Module - Unable to find explicit activity class Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Android Module development Kroll Error. Answered, Commented
3/4/2013 Titanium Studio as Eclipse Plugin Commented
2/13/2013 ACS - session length Commented
2/13/2013 Cloud 2.3 - no longer persisting user login Commented
2/13/2013 Unable to work with modules on Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) Commented
2/13/2013 camera roll in iphone Commented
2/13/2013 How to retrive Facebook posted video by user Commented
2/13/2013 Background service stop running. Commented
2/8/2013 payment Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Crash Xperia Arc S when taking a picture. How edit titanium files .java ? Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 java.lang.NumberFormatException (Android) Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Problems installing Titanium 3 with Android to Windows 7 Commented
1/30/2013 How to get notifications when new blog topics has been updated ? Answered
1/30/2013 How to build on Android Device Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 App stop in splash screen when try debug in emulator and in device Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 Best practices to extend a Titanium native class - Android AlertDialog Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 Cannot load the app in titanium android emulator Commented
1/29/2013 Android app crashes at org.appcelerator.titanium Commented
1/29/2013 BorderRadius not working on Android versions >= 4.0.0 Commented
1/29/2013 Android crash: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load stlport_shared Answered
1/29/2013 Removing @Kroll.method from build Answered
1/29/2013 how to create feedback form? Commented
1/29/2013 Search bar and iOS guidelines Commented
1/29/2013 How to install the Titanium android app in SD card Answered
10/19/2012 Audio recording with background audio player Commented
10/19/2012 Making an armv7 module Answered
10/19/2012 Advanced PDF reader Android Answered, Commented
10/17/2012 UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library kroll-v8 not found Answered, Commented
10/16/2012 Label of Text with line-through decoration Answered, Commented
10/16/2012 Android Gallery like view in android and iPhone Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 [INFO][Launcher.Model( 116)] not binding apps: no Launcher activity Answered
10/15/2012 Titanium mobile website hosting and setup Commented
10/15/2012 Appicons Problems Commented
10/15/2012 scrollableView scroll Commented
10/15/2012 Titanium Studio can not run Xcode Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 Build failed - Not happy with titanium right now - after sdk update build f***up Commented
10/15/2012 tool-api-level (again) Answered, Commented
10/15/2012 Android Emulator will load up but the app isn't there (Windows) Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Make web emulator from mobile app Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Reuse Application id Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Allow User to scale image- Android and Iphone Answered, Commented
10/12/2012 Planned plattform support in the future? Answered
10/12/2012 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Module Answered
10/12/2012 preload Commented
10/12/2012 Suds.js on Android vs IOS with II7 Commented
10/12/2012 Appcelerator Site Frequently not viewable Commented
10/12/2012 Possibility of using Similar to OpenTok and Titanium Commented
10/11/2012 Module development Answered
10/11/2012 Android Build Error Answered, Commented
10/11/2012 Ti.Contacts.showContacts not updated in the background Commented
10/11/2012 Problems compiling for Google Play Answered, Commented
10/11/2012 Radio Buttons Commented
10/11/2012 Gps location in webview android Commented
10/11/2012 failed to load resource java exception was thrown Answered
10/11/2012 I'm creating a Class for PDF Generation Commented
10/11/2012 I have problem . i have to change the left and top of image accoring to the width of its parent view? Answered
10/11/2012 how to change ios webview barColor Commented
10/11/2012 How to change the "build" folder's loc? Answered
10/11/2012 Nested windows crashes Android apps Commented
10/11/2012 animation Commented
10/11/2012 animation Commented
10/11/2012 Titanium Appcelerator Android fails to build with exception for Commented
10/11/2012 ActivityIndicator pops up underneath heavyweight window! Commented
10/11/2012 Arrays on Android Module Answered
10/11/2012 ButtonBar for Android Commented
10/11/2012 Application name with two words divided by a space with URL Scheme on Andorid, can this be done using tiapp.xml manifest? Commented
10/11/2012 show contact on android Answered
10/11/2012 Intalling Java Dev Toolkit for Android Module Answered
10/11/2012 android last item in a cicle.. Answered
10/11/2012 Can titanium use android api level 14 ?_? Answered
10/11/2012 Trouble using TextAreas Answered, Commented
10/10/2012 Titanium Mobile: Take Picture Without Showing Camera/ Detect Room Brightness Answered
10/10/2012 Android emulator Answered
10/10/2012 Any way to "force" Garbage Collection on Android, or Bitmap recycle? Commented
10/10/2012 Android resume event (again...) Answered
10/8/2012 app works in ios but not in android Commented
10/8/2012 [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\Kumar\\.android\\avd\\titanium_30_WVGA854.avd\\config.ini' Answered
10/8/2012 Android targetSdkVersion build problem Commented
10/8/2012 Portrait orientation for splash screen for android in appcelerator? Commented
10/8/2012 Horizontal scrolling text Answered, Commented
10/8/2012 Module Test Project does not run on android emulator Answered
10/5/2012 Where is the android source code generated by Titanium? Answered, Commented
10/5/2012 Using a stub instead of soap web service Answered
9/27/2012 How do I use .so library in module? Answered
9/27/2012 Special characters in app name Answered
9/12/2012 [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1 Answered
9/11/2012 Simple UI creation crashs the app Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Android Module Development: Second build of mobile does not copy over assets from modules Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Get Icon of installed applications (Android module) Answered
8/28/2012 Update wikitude module for Titanium 1.8.1 or above Answered, Commented
8/26/2012 Creating Custom UI Modules in Titanium for Android Commented
8/21/2012 "Could not find class definition" Trying to load a View from Module. Answered
8/21/2012 Pass function to native module Answered, Commented
8/19/2012 Can i call java lib in titanium? Answered, Commented
8/19/2012 How a person is marked a Titan Asked, Commented
8/19/2012 Augmented Reality Module Commented
8/19/2012 Developing an third-party Android Location Service module. Answered, Commented
8/19/2012 New open source module - LED-light with morsecode Commented
8/17/2012 TableView index and Android Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 How to remove fireEvent? Answered
8/17/2012 New to this appbuilding HELP pleae :-) Commented
8/17/2012 unlicensed module (ti.barcode) detected Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 developing android java module in titanium. Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Custom Android module doesn't work,the app stucked on the splash screen. Answered, Commented
8/17/2012 Compile Titanium mobile app from command line Answered, Commented
8/16/2012 call JS code in Broadcast receiver Answered
8/16/2012 Android emulator, modules and titanium sdk 2.0.1 Answered
8/16/2012 TiBar: ZBar integration module for Titanium Mobile Commented
8/16/2012 android module: how to set permissions? Answered, Commented
8/6/2012 My profile not showing my certification details Asked, Commented
8/4/2012 Paypay Integration Answered
8/4/2012 Problems when I publish Android app with module Answered, Commented
8/4/2012 Android native module build error sdk Answered
8/4/2012 Solution: UnsatisfiedLinkError with android modules Commented
7/27/2012 java.lang.NullPointerException when I try to open a library file Answered, Commented
7/27/2012 5 Minute Build for Application Installer (Android) Answered, Commented
7/21/2012 Iphone & Android emulators not found Answered