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9/27/2015 NOT able to Run Appcelerator Answered
9/22/2015 Does Titanium SDK 5.0.0 support iOS 9 Slide Over and Split View? Answered
9/22/2015 Unable to build apps with Xcode 7 Answered
6/13/2014 Titanium.UI.TableViewRow classname in android Commented
6/13/2014 Multiple data pickerview with filtering column data Commented
6/13/2014 Open the same window for all tabs in tabgroup Answered
6/13/2014 Webview width auto adjust to achieve horizontal scrolling Answered
5/19/2014 How to change button title Commented
2/12/2014 IdleConnectionHandler: Removing a connection that never existed! Commented
2/12/2014 Emulator failed to start Answered
2/11/2014 project cannot complie after Module import Commented
2/11/2014 Cannot read property 'properties' of undefined -> longjohn.js Commented
2/6/2014 Points property missing from returning value from createRoute in Module.Map Commented
2/6/2014 Optimizing multiple image upload from app Commented
2/6/2014 When Debug Always Warning : wasting memory Commented
2/6/2014 Ti native IOS module link error Answered
11/25/2013 Can we use PouchDB with Titanium iPad and Android mobile application development? Answered
11/25/2013 TabGroup from NavigationGroup Answered
11/25/2013 how to change the dynamically getting problem format in titanium appcelerator Commented
11/25/2013 a gap has been shown on the top of the screen in ios in titanium appcelerator Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 scrollview failed to add views(array) Commented
7/4/2013 Unable to build Titanium project using command prompt Commented
7/4/2013 Facebook like slider menu - Both Android and iOS Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 How to insert data into alloy Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 app to start where it has been stopped or closed Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Call a funtion in 2nd controller within from 1st controller. Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 WebDav Access with Titanium Mobile Commented
7/4/2013 Date picker size on Androïd Commented
7/4/2013 Integrate admob into Titanium Commented
7/4/2013 [ERROR] : Emulator process exited with code 1 Commented
7/4/2013 Action bar not showing Menu Items Answered
7/4/2013 Android - webview not handling touch events when page doesnt need to scroll Commented
7/4/2013 open Google Map App instead of open safari Answered
7/4/2013 Building Android Module Project Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Andriod Intents Answered
7/4/2013 Compiling module for Android Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Module creation tutorial Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Custom Module error: "Couldn't find module:..." Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Get touch events on ti.paint view. Answered, Commented
7/4/2013 Sliding iOS navigationgroup alternative Android Commented
7/3/2013 send sms in blackberry and iOS Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 HttpClient always returning status 0 Commented
7/3/2013 Can't deploy to iOS device Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 Grow heap (frag case) to MB for byte allocation Commented
7/3/2013 Can't play video on Android - WVMExtractor ERROR: Failed to open Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 Click a view while animating Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 Can't run iOS sim i retina and/or tall Commented
7/3/2013 Instagram login,logout and getting access token Commented
7/3/2013 [BUG] - Scrollview being deallocated before containing window is closed. Answered
7/3/2013 Android modal window problem Commented
7/3/2013 iOS Simulator Crashes - NSRangeException Answered
7/3/2013 Missing add button in the Todo List Titanium Mobile sample app Commented
7/3/2013 Using Python/Javascript script Titanium iOS Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 Titanium Studio is not open. Answered
7/3/2013 Report Mobile App Install Ads using Facebook module for Android Commented
7/2/2013 Font Size Problem In responsive Design Answered, Commented
7/2/2013 Recompile module fails? Answered
7/2/2013 TableViewSection with ALLOY in Android Commented
7/2/2013 Android - Got exception decoding bitmap when trying to open an image. Commented
7/2/2013 Beginners practice schedule: Commented
7/2/2013 How to display iPhone contacts like path Answered
7/2/2013 Animation for android Commented
7/2/2013 In which order am I expected to remove views and their subviews? Answered
7/1/2013 keyboard pop ups when app reopens in android Answered
7/1/2013 hyperlink when click a label's text Commented
7/1/2013 Label is cutting in samsung galaxy s4 Commented
6/27/2013 The JDK setup abnormally interrupted return code 1603. Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 Insert Row property not working for custom table view row Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 How to Uninstall Mobile Module? Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 Titanium Studio - Check for Titanium Updates breaks Answered, Commented
6/27/2013 Unable to install Titanium Studio for java error Commented
6/27/2013 Listview custom properties Answered
6/27/2013 Parsing XML Data Answered
6/27/2013 Android - Can't write a blob into a file. Answered
6/27/2013 Using Wikitude in Titanium Commented
6/27/2013 Unable to create Titanium Mobile Module Project Commented
6/27/2013 in iOS7 beta Commented
6/27/2013 map gets selected on hold and slide left Commented
6/27/2013 Style on buttons using navigationGroup Answered
6/27/2013 to upload an image to twitter Commented
6/27/2013 Module Worker Tianium iOS error Answered
6/27/2013 getting android passcode(lock screen code) Commented
6/26/2013 Is it possible to play mp3 files through iPhone/Android earpiece Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Titanium Custom Camera Module (iPhone) Commented
6/26/2013 Animate children of a vertical layout view Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 9-patch splash screen bug? Commented
6/26/2013 problem creating tableview and tableviewrows.(sqlite) Commented
6/26/2013 Problem parsing a JSON string with quotes Commented
6/26/2013 How to access navbar inside tabgroup? Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Scrollview not scrolling horizontally Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 EmailDialog opens and then closes right after? Commented
6/26/2013 Access to Passbook API via Appcelerator API Answered
6/26/2013 Retina 4 Support Missing "Default-568h@2x.png" is required to run at native resolution on retina 4 devices. Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Error on build Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Android Module Developer Needed Commented
6/26/2013 Does Alloy memory manage the XML marked-up event handlers? Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Android restart problem Commented
6/26/2013 Configuring Jdk Commented
6/26/2013 Can't package iOS module Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Connections between mobiles/desktop apps Commented
6/26/2013 iOS Calendar add Event Answered
6/26/2013 how to speed up my Titanium studio IDE process? Commented
6/26/2013 Threads Titanium Studio Commented
6/26/2013 how to send my local storage picture,video and audio files through Appcelerator cloud services? Commented
6/26/2013 How to Reduce My app memory size simply? Commented
6/26/2013 animation to image Commented
6/26/2013 Titanium current Revmob SDK is not working with iOS 5.0? Commented
6/26/2013 To uninstall Titanium SDK 3.1.1GA Commented
6/26/2013 How to stop Flickering While Testing on a Device Commented
6/26/2013 when an application get killed whether titanium will generate any event? Answered
6/26/2013 Change Splash Screen Answered
6/26/2013 Mapview doesn't center around region Answered
6/26/2013 Android token for push, api ask for 23 charas in I have 162 chars ? Commented
6/26/2013 Will not run on Provisioned iOS device Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 facebook module Commented
6/26/2013 major ui with all Controls. Commented
6/26/2013 Which one is best way for single code base UI development for all platforms? Answered
6/26/2013 how to build good javascript coding structure? Commented
6/26/2013 what are all Titanium studio Mobile application development Disadvantages? Commented
6/26/2013 Verify Image Saved to File System Answered
6/26/2013 Nee help on Display images in scrollableview by using array and loop Commented
6/26/2013 Can we downgrade the Alloy from 1.0.0 to 0.3.6? Commented
6/25/2013 how to create Navigation using without navigation bar?for(ios & Android) Answered
6/24/2013 Stupid doubt on Acs push notification(android) Answered
6/24/2013 i have this problem while building app Commented
6/24/2013 Google Maps v2 - Crahses App Answered, Commented
6/24/2013 how can i use 9Patch in titanium Commented
6/24/2013 after the last update any new application doesn't run Commented
6/24/2013 ios Simulator timed out Answered
6/24/2013 Bump don't connect between iOS and Android Commented
6/24/2013 problem opening tab window from tableview Commented
6/24/2013 Implement google analytic in app Commented
6/24/2013 Ti.Filesystem is undefined ! Commented
6/24/2013 Window permanently open? Answered
6/24/2013 Cannot create a new project Answered
6/24/2013 Installing Titanium SDK has encounted a problem "download archive is not a ZIP archive" Answered
6/24/2013 MapView delta values centering away from lat & lng Commented
6/19/2013 When calling window.close(), close window, not app - iOS Development Commented
6/19/2013 Is it safe to update to XCode 4.6.3? Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 Using MicroStrategy with Titanium in module ? Commented
6/19/2013 How to add 3rd party framework to Titanium module in iOS? Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 voice search is not working.. Answered
6/19/2013 Titanium Studio code font size keep shrinking Commented
6/19/2013 Save ImageView to FileSystem Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 Is it possible to merge/record two audio files with Titanium SDK? Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 deleteRow is not deleting the row properly. Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 Pixel Information from Image Blob Answered
6/19/2013 Enabling Native Apps To Open File In Titanium App Commented
6/19/2013 Click event not fired after animation on android Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 Can you lock a TableView down and prevent the "rubber band" effect? Answered
6/19/2013 Get error 'HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable' when calling objects.create using ACS. Answered, Commented
6/19/2013 Titanium.Media.createSound cannot find my file :( Answered
6/19/2013 Performance problem Answered
6/19/2013 Problems handling ipad/iphone versions - uploading to app store Answered
6/19/2013 Launch image in Xcode using default instead of new one Answered
6/19/2013 Scrollable view inside a scroll view Commented
6/19/2013 tabbed bar in a table row is not working in alloy Commented
6/19/2013 QRcode Scanner Twist Commented
6/19/2013 Experience using Titanium4j ? Commented
6/19/2013 android remote image dosent showup Answered
6/19/2013 Can not run the ios simulator in titanium Answered, Commented
6/18/2013 Error while running Alloy project on Android Amulator. Commented
6/18/2013 Andriod - Buttons, windows Answered
6/18/2013 Titanium Modules - Pure JS Commented
6/18/2013 Ti how to edit other xml(sharedpreferences) Commented
6/18/2013 Error Dashboard loading Commented
6/18/2013 Certificates, Encryption and Security - Information Require Commented
6/18/2013 Build Media module of Titanium again! Commented
6/18/2013 youtube video not working in Webview with anyDensity set to false Commented
6/18/2013 Errors while compiling/running app on android device Answered
6/18/2013 Underscore.string or stringjs? Commented
6/18/2013 Installing apk file on device - INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES Commented
6/18/2013 Porting an iOS app to android. Commented
6/18/2013 iPhone,iPad and Android Application not running using Ti.SDK 3.0.0GA, 3.0.2GA, 3.1.0GA Answered
6/18/2013 image property in Button Commented
6/18/2013 Table view lazy loading not quite working properly Answered
6/18/2013 Invalid --ios-version value '5.0' Answered
5/31/2013 I can not run a module in the emulator Answered
5/29/2013 iOS SDK missing Answered
5/29/2013 What is the correct way to define constants in iOS Modules to be used in Titanium? Commented
5/29/2013 modification in TI 3.1 Answered
5/29/2013 CLI build error: code 127 Commented
5/29/2013 Integrating android and Iphone native application with titanium app Commented
5/29/2013 ACS: handling of ACL in CustomObjects Commented
5/29/2013 Communication between 2 phones Answered
5/29/2013 Android: 'longpress' on tableView with headerView returns incorrect index and might lead to a crash Commented
5/29/2013 problem in iphone Answered
5/21/2013 Titanium Supported API Lists Answered
5/21/2013 Titanium API Lists Answered
5/17/2013 Issue Answered
5/17/2013 error integrating admob in iphone Answered
5/17/2013 iPad Ad Hoc builds in Xcode getting Failed to Install Commented
5/17/2013 Build process exited with code 1 Commented
5/17/2013 Build Failed Iphone app Commented
5/17/2013 How to calculate height of tabGroup Answered
5/17/2013 Shifting from one window to another Commented
5/17/2013 Two strange behavoir of TiSDK 3.1 Answered
5/17/2013 Ignore certificate in webview Answered
5/17/2013 Compiling of modules with assets Answered
5/17/2013 Android Build Error Answered
5/17/2013 animation Commented
5/17/2013 Titanium module not working in alloy? Answered
5/17/2013 Please help: what is a URL scheme and how can I fix my code for upload to App Store? Answered
5/17/2013 grid view in titanium android emulator Commented
5/17/2013 back button android and tabgroup Commented
5/17/2013 Webview in TableViewRow - not responding to first click on Android Answered
5/17/2013 Titanium SDK 3.1.0 [ERROR] TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable on building android app Answered
4/2/2013 Convert XCode project into Titanium module Answered
4/2/2013 Android ImageView canScale property does not maintain boundary Answered
4/2/2013 Can't logout an unverified user. Commented
4/2/2013 Titatnium Studio on Windows - Script error - windowLocalStorage is null and Alloy and CLI are not getting installed Answered
3/5/2013 How to display '#' in Android dial pad in Titanium? Answered
3/4/2013 Forcibly killing an app on timeout Answered
3/4/2013 Error response at the time of Handling the Response in Google Drive API Answered
3/4/2013 Black Screeen of Death for my app on android phone Commented
3/4/2013 iPhone freezing with message "[INFO] One moment, building ... " Answered
3/4/2013 forcibly killing an app and re-launching... Commented
3/1/2013 App crashes randomly Commented
3/1/2013 Saving uncaught error information Answered
3/1/2013 image resized Commented
3/1/2013 Titanium TextView keypressed event problem Answered
3/1/2013 Increment app badge on recieving ACS push while app on background: Titanium Answered
2/27/2013 how can i delete from database in alloy? Commented
2/26/2013 iOS publish build not copying resource images Commented
2/25/2013 Problem with installing titanium app into IOS device using command line Answered
2/25/2013 moving a file had deleted another file Commented
2/21/2013 array addeventlistener Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 how to track the location of iphone device in minimize window Commented
2/20/2013 Want something to know about native codes from Titainum Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 Error : Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was buil, why ? Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 Transparent border of an ImageView Commented
2/20/2013 'touchstart' how to prevent label fire touchstart event Android Answered, Commented
2/20/2013 Window click event not fire when tableview is inside Answered
2/20/2013 image from gallery to iphone app Answered
2/20/2013 imageView causing downloadException while fetching remote Image Answered
2/20/2013 Referencing wrapper class from native UI control does not work on iOS Answered
2/20/2013 Android excel and word editor Answered
2/20/2013 How to handle Phone call interupt? Commented
2/20/2013 For some reason since 3.0.0GA my module will only compile to the iPhone? Answered
2/20/2013 No Distribution or Adhoc Provisioning Profiles Found Answered
2/14/2013 Build Failed When Pusher 1.7 Module Loaded in Answered, Commented
2/14/2013 Android Distribution Errors Answered
2/14/2013 How can I do multiple Httpclient Answered
2/14/2013 Unable to work with modules on Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) Commented
2/7/2013 Build size too large in Titanium Appcelerator Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 payment Answered
2/7/2013 Navigation between windows without tabgroup ? Answered
2/7/2013 Open New window in Android Emulator using Titanium Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 reference icons (imageViews) inside table view rows Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Link to FaceBook website on iOS6 Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Activity in AndroidManifest.xml Answered
2/7/2013 KVO removeObserver crash - iOS module Commented
2/7/2013 File Transfer Commented
2/7/2013 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory Getting error in android app using titanium Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Android Audio Recording with intents Answered
2/7/2013 Android emulator for galaxy note 2 Commented
2/7/2013 Getting Error :"Accepted values: [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0'" Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 Error while building App in Android Emulator in Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 workspace cannot be created Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 iOS module - Retrieve value from UI element (View to ViewProxy) Answered, Commented
2/7/2013 how to set badge num from background thread status. Commented
2/7/2013 Android Emulator Error Commented
2/7/2013 Multiple JSON download at once Commented
2/7/2013 Android Background Streaming Audio Answered
2/7/2013 change text value in Label on second page from first Answered
2/7/2013 S3 killing Inactive apps very Quickly. Commented
2/6/2013 Android Tabgroup Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 Install Titanium CLI from Titanium Studio 3.0 fails Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 audio and video playlist from Android mobile. Answered
2/6/2013 Switch changes state when rendered (to late) Commented
2/6/2013 Python error while distributing to App Store Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 Paint Module in Alloy Commented
2/6/2013 Test iOS App without sync? Commented
2/6/2013 error building app to iPhone Answered
2/6/2013 view event e. source is not enough, consider e.owner Answered, Commented
2/6/2013 click event has x,y coordinates of child view Commented
2/6/2013 iphone simulator not working? Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 Scrollview, detect end of scroll Commented
2/5/2013 it's really good??? Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 App crashes when animate() is called on a view Commented
2/5/2013 how can i compile my titanium android module with ant CreateProcess error=2 Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 How can i see the graphical UI in titanium studio for mobile development??? Answered
2/5/2013 Admob (mediation) module Commented
2/5/2013 Andoir & iOS Notifications Answered
2/5/2013 Android Localnotification Answered
2/5/2013 How to close all Windows and open another Window in Android with out pushing win object to stack Answered
2/5/2013 App crashes low memory and very slow with scroll view background image Answered
2/5/2013 Tweetanium + Module Approach not working in Android ... Answered
2/5/2013 Accessing YouTube Channel. Commented
2/5/2013 Unable to build Android with 3.0 Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 Titanium module unsatisfiedlinkederror . Answered, Commented
2/5/2013 Put Contents on Notification Area Answered
2/4/2013 CloudWindowPro-Android version purchase problem Answered, Commented
2/4/2013 Upgraded to iOS 6.1 on xcode and now cannot build projects Answered
2/4/2013 [ERROR] : >: CGContextDrawTiledImage: invalid context 0x0 Commented
2/3/2013 How to adjust the UIs Using Ti.Platform.displayCaps.dpi function? Answered, Commented
2/3/2013 Can't uninstall Titanum Studio 3.0, why? Commented
2/3/2013 Is it possible to have device persistence between the mobile web and app Answered
2/3/2013 Capture user idle in iOS Answered
2/3/2013 Table row selection color change. Commented
2/3/2013 'xcopy' is not recognized as an internal or external command, Answered
2/3/2013 Ti.App.Fireevent Pass Parameter Commented
2/3/2013 httpclient proxy Commented
2/3/2013 third party JAR dependencies Module fail to compile in Titanium Studio ? Answered
2/3/2013 App is not running on Simulator Answered
2/3/2013 Android TabGroup activity pause/resume Answered, Commented
2/3/2013 create imageView below the tab on iOS Answered
2/1/2013 Turn off multi-threading in Titanium Answered, Commented
1/31/2013 Does anybody know the Titanium Studio authentication URL or IP, also we required port number Answered
1/31/2013 How - Click button add another row table Answered, Commented
1/31/2013 can we add android code in titanium ? Answered
1/31/2013 How to develop openears module using titanium in ios Answered
1/31/2013 create a share textarea. Answered
1/30/2013 Application restarts without warning - Is this a Filesystem bug or user error? Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Titanium closes window painfully slow Answered
1/30/2013 Label: Using backgroundLeftCap and backgroundLeftPadding? Answered
1/30/2013 Unable to display images from custom ios module Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 updated to XCode 4.6 now Titanium doesn't see my iOS sdk Answered
1/30/2013 Problem with POST method on iPhone Commented
1/30/2013 Problems installing Titanium 3 with Android to Windows 7 Answered
1/30/2013 Table?! Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Specify filename in multipart file upload Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '4.3 Answered
1/29/2013 Cannot load the app in titanium android emulator Commented
1/29/2013 IOS Titanium Module calling performSelectorInBackground Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 Can't build the app using paypal module on iphone device Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 TiShadow and the Paypal module Commented
1/29/2013 Webview won't get GPS location Answered
1/29/2013 [ERROR] : [DEBUG] Sessiocould not be started: Error Domain=DTiPhoneSimulatorErrorDomain Code=2 Answered
1/29/2013 Asynchronous Web service call Commented
1/29/2013 Unable to make an alloy project Answered
1/29/2013 Android Pause/Resume Events in Alloy Framework Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 save image to photogallery of android emulator Answered
1/29/2013 Can i use native calendar component in Appcelerator? Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 [Android] Module method Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 "adb devices returned 0 devices/emulators" on desktop Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Auto function call receiving and updating field in Titanium/android Commented
1/28/2013 how to reduce the size of apk files? Answered
1/28/2013 How to reduce Android App load time ? Commented
1/28/2013 Build failing for iOS ... again Answered
1/28/2013 Android crash: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load stlport_shared Commented
1/28/2013 titanium module ant build error + python error Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 How to display capture on map pins Commented
1/28/2013 After using 3.0.0 open windows not working anymore? Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Webview can not load LAN url. Answered
1/25/2013 Titanium module project package failed error Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 SDK 3.0 app version Commented
1/25/2013 ACS is failing? Commented
1/25/2013 Can't run app on iOS device Answered
1/25/2013 Titanium Company must add more design complexity , like adding static header and footer and more.. Commented
1/25/2013 Ti.UI.SIZE problems with view Answered
1/25/2013 borderRadius borderWidth doesn't work in Android 4.x SDK 3.0.0 Commented
1/25/2013 Pageflip modules obtain view layout resources from the application of the problem! Commented
1/25/2013 Adding subview in Titanium iOS module Commented
1/25/2013 App stop in splash screen when try debug in emulator and in device Answered
1/25/2013 How to correctly store files into SDCard/Android/data? Answered, Commented
1/24/2013 Macros available for Titanium module development Answered
1/24/2013 accessing camera stream Answered
1/24/2013 After splash screen application gets Force Close Commented
1/24/2013 Titanium Android Python Error Answered, Commented
1/24/2013 How can I set a listener to the MenuButton in Android? Answered, Commented
1/24/2013 Unable to launch iOS Simulator Commented
1/24/2013 AUTODETECT_CALENDAR detect Commented
1/24/2013 lost service reference, when second times into app Answered
1/24/2013 ActivityIndicator doesn't show Commented
1/24/2013 How to put data into webview alloy Answered
1/23/2013 Problems when compiling for IOS... Commented
1/23/2013 How to vertical align text in center in a TextField in Android? Commented
1/23/2013 Could not find the file app.js Answered
1/23/2013 Help sound-image Commented
1/23/2013 Get Route on a map - Solution (not a question) Commented
1/23/2013 Heavyweight Window for Android Question - applicationWindow.js Answered
1/23/2013 Application crashes on startup Commented
1/23/2013 How to Get Remote File Timestamp Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 Uncaught Error: Invalid value, expected type Object Commented
1/23/2013 How to delete files of my app contained in the device SD Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 How can I reference an if...else statement to use in an event listener? Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Hide row with no value Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Android memory proplem Answered
1/22/2013 build.xml:364: C:\Users\ensis\Documents\Titaniumstudioworkspace\clientmodule\bui ld\generated\libs does not exist. Commented
1/22/2013 Delete file retrieved from getFile Answered
1/22/2013 Fold ares of code in studio Answered
1/22/2013 Android - App put in background crashes when resume because of MapView Commented
1/22/2013 Android back button event on TabGroup window? Commented
1/22/2013 can views be placed outside tabGroup? Answered
1/22/2013 Passing ImageView to an iOS module Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Configuring Titanium for Android Development Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Error during ant build of my module Answered
1/21/2013 iPhone Simulator refreshing problem ? Commented
1/21/2013 Help with module creation from existent Objective-C source Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 Disabling hardware keyboard Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 error while hello world application in titanium Answered
1/21/2013 Use a PUT with http request Commented
1/21/2013 The new module compiler configuration problem Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 Using Xhr in Alloy Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 iPhone/iPad simulator not lauching in Titanium studio 2.1.2 Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 At the time of installing android app on mobile it shows "Application Not installed". Commented
1/21/2013 Implement settings in iOS app Answered
1/21/2013 Open new tab group not working Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 How to creat a service, Commented
1/21/2013 NodeJS Answered
1/21/2013 The Bind Value at index 1 is null Answered
1/21/2013 App store rejected the app for being simple Commented
1/21/2013 Android's Titanium application has several threads? what's the KrollRuntimeThread thread? Commented
1/21/2013 if statement Commented
1/21/2013 Testing iOS Module in Titanium Studio Answered
1/21/2013 Can't find mobile project in "new" Tab Commented
1/21/2013 Java SDK Code Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Import Alloy Answered
1/18/2013 Why does only my Android distribution build throw this exception? Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Remove specific local notifications in iOS Commented
1/18/2013 Can't compile with Ti SDK 3.0 - Unable to run command "build" Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Problem in installing Alloy and CLI on windows 7 Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Where to put the .so file of third-party when developing a Android module? Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Android - How do I play a downloaded video on a device without an SD card? Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Refresh a picker row Answered
1/18/2013 emulator bug Answered
1/17/2013 iTunes distrobution error Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 Open photo in photo gallery Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 Android - Tableview row not passing rowData to webview Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 parse wordpress problem Commented
1/17/2013 Animate a view - slow on android Commented
1/17/2013 cannot create module with CLI Commented
1/17/2013 disable bounce effect in webview Answered
1/17/2013 how can i create a module in android titanium from scratch Answered
1/17/2013 Pass Two Argumets to iOS Module Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 How to replace /n as a next line in a label in android and iphone both Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 How to extract blob data from a db field and convert it to a physical file (stored in the SD) Answered, Commented
1/17/2013 Android tab icons on device not visible Answered
1/17/2013 content of ScrollView auto move down Commented
1/17/2013 Does Appcelerator work with iOS 6.1 Answered
1/17/2013 File upload feature Commented
1/17/2013 call a static lib Answered
1/17/2013 java.lang.NullPointerException On clean install Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 cometchat module integration in titanium Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 Mobile and Device development Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 TabBar is not Showing Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 Animation work fine on simulator but not on iPhone Commented
1/16/2013 Tutorial to create a Titanium Module from existent Objective-C simple source Answered
1/16/2013 setRightNavButton is not working Answered
1/16/2013 iphone Commented
1/16/2013 Appcelerator subscription plans. How can I get Appcelerator contact me??? Answered
1/15/2013 WIn8 issues with Emulator. Will not work. Answered
1/15/2013 What is the current way to begin Soasta testing? Commented
1/15/2013 Save an image from imageView Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 Not able to send email Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 Preventing multiple click events being processed Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 SDK3 stability Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 Android back button crashes app, when options dialog is shown in the window..!! Commented
1/15/2013 WebView Closes abruptly Commented
1/15/2013 Opening hyperlink in browser when clicked on in a webView ? Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 How close previous window after creating new window on IOS Commented
1/15/2013 iPhone5 - 3.0.0.GA - Built Fails Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 2.1.4.GA - Support Answered
1/15/2013 Child Views Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0' Commented
1/15/2013 Problem working through iOS Module Development Guide Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 clearTimeout() from another js file Answered
1/14/2013 Extending Titanium Mobile Application from Native iOS Coding. Asked
1/14/2013 Action on map annotations Commented
1/14/2013 Decompress a zip file Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Unable to create Titanium project on MacOS Commented
1/14/2013 Android : slide a window from right using animation Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 How to configure iOS SDK to work with titanium on mac? Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Save value to NSUserDefaults Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 setInterval returns null? Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Unabled to prepare JavaScript for packaging. Error code 2. [Android] Commented
1/14/2013 Close a window before open new Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Device error: Script Error = invalid method (createTextField) passed to UIModule Answered
1/14/2013 from mapview to detail page causes crash Answered
1/14/2013 How to select Xcode versions Answered
1/13/2013 How can i add a navigation bar to a webview in android? Answered, Commented
1/13/2013 Facebook error validating access token Answered
1/11/2013 Android 2.2 app stops "unexpectedly" Answered
1/11/2013 Customize Titanium iOS Application Installer Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Images in iOS and Android Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Make Androïd able to read AAC+ stream Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Error while creating new project in titanium Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Error on running as Android Emulator Answered
1/11/2013 NEW ACS PLANS Commented
1/11/2013 Gradient Opacity iOS and Android Answered
1/11/2013 Manually build through xcode and debug javascript in studio Answered
1/11/2013 Table view click listener is not working with sections Commented
1/11/2013 Error Answered
1/11/2013 Set Ti.Facebook's accessToken, uid (without having user login through Ti.Facebook) Answered
1/11/2013 How do after turning off the program, the program will automatically run in the background like google maps! Answered
1/11/2013 Studio log in error Answered
1/11/2013 Android XML - Input string was not in a correct format Commented
1/10/2013 [Android] App doesn't start anymore after switching back from SDK 3.0 Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 iphone Answered
1/10/2013 EventListener not working in for-loop. Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Confusion in TiViewProxy Answered
1/10/2013 how to open row on click of the row in tableview. again click hide that row Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Displaying unicode character Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Android back Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Multiline text in table view row Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Proxy and View Proxy in Titanium Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 how to set size for Titanium.UI.Switch? Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 remove startup logo Commented
1/10/2013 Ringtone of contact Answered
1/10/2013 Can't get the md5 working Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Android Commented
1/10/2013 How do I use HTTPClient on mobile to download a jpg file? Answered
1/10/2013 How can I tell if an Android App has focus? Commented
1/10/2013 Detect android open url from external link, or edit webview component Commented
1/10/2013 problem with ios simulator after installing xcode 4.5.2 Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Handle the time between request sent to server and onload fired Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Increase the menu item width as per screen width Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Density Scale Factor for Android? Answered
1/9/2013 Rounded or custom header bar in iOS Answered
1/9/2013 Receive Memory Warning App Crashes Answered
1/9/2013 How to handle notification click in a module Answered
1/9/2013 iCloud? Answered
1/9/2013 Returning Values from ios Module Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Load downloaded image into an imageView Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 How to use the DONE property of the HTTPREQUEST(Titanium.Network.HTTPClient) Answered
1/8/2013 Webview reload is not working in android. Commented
1/8/2013 Display problem with accented character Ti.Network.createHTTPClient (); Commented
1/8/2013 Checking a current time in specified range. Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Android: Change picker size Commented
1/8/2013 (IOS) ActivityIndicator show randomly in the title of navBar instead of rightButton Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Unable to build for Android Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Appcelerator and Good Dynamics SDK Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 -[NSNull krollObjectForBridge:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance Answered
1/7/2013 Titanium Iphone Simulator Running Error Answered, Commented
1/7/2013 Change in titanium sdk Commented
1/7/2013 [Android] App doesn't start anymore after back switch from SDK 3.0 Commented
1/7/2013 pressing back shows blank screen in titanium android Answered, Commented
1/7/2013 Android: How to limit number of characters in textfield? Answered
1/7/2013 Making an eventlistener of Picker Answered
1/7/2013 Playing video Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Android - AdMob module with Titanium 3.0 Commented
1/6/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0'... printed in console while running app in iphone simulator..?? Commented
1/6/2013 Iphone Simulator And Device Error Commented
1/6/2013 Detecting debug vs release build Commented
1/6/2013 Can't Install Titanium CLI??? Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Black screen when playing video Commented
1/6/2013 Android Window Stack Issue Commented
1/6/2013 Change Ti.UI.SearchBar returnKeyType (iOS) Commented
1/6/2013 Does these picker properties (which are not documented in the titanium docs) also work on iOS? Commented
1/6/2013 Android > Path to installed SQLite database Answered
1/6/2013 Problems with Android SDK and NodeJS working Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Linking table rows to websites Answered
1/6/2013 Using webservice for android sending paramerters and response in json format? Answered
1/6/2013 Admob ads freezing iOS app, when switching between windows..!! Commented
1/6/2013 Calling nusoap webservice from android Commented
1/6/2013 ti.paint for Android - I need help with undo() and setImage() Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Use the iOS6 Social Framework Commented
1/3/2013 Delete Tableview Row on swipe. Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 Titanium SDK no-gui? Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 Clang error on module conflict Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 Can't find Variable at exports db.js Commented
1/3/2013 Popup window with scrollview right when app opens Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 (solution) Android slow to render views? Commented
1/3/2013 TextField Styling Dilemma Answered, Commented
1/3/2013 Variable Problem ? Commented
1/3/2013 Can I use c++ libraries in an iOS module, then build normally with Ti Studio? Answered, Commented
1/2/2013 Give a hyperlink to part of image Answered, Commented
1/2/2013 Tabbar in titanium.. Commented
1/2/2013 Trouble with Android Emulator on Ubuntu Commented
1/2/2013 Iphone "corrupting" image files while sending them to a server. Commented
1/2/2013 My App is not running on Android Emulator Answered
1/2/2013 App crashes on iPad device (ios 5.1.1) Commented
1/2/2013 Turn WIFI On/OFF Programatically Answered
1/1/2013 iTunes Sync failed install app Answered
1/1/2013 Which framework binaries are required for building a module? Answered
1/1/2013 Can an iOS App be compiled with libc++? Answered, Commented
12/31/2012 Program launch failed. Unable to locate Java VM. Please set JAVA_HOME environment variable. Commented
12/31/2012 Titanium Studio riddled with errors.. Commented
12/31/2012 Getting error while trying to install to my IOS device Commented
12/31/2012 Data set cannot be Answered
12/31/2012 SDK 3.0 - Commented
12/31/2012 Unable to resume application after receiving push notification in android Commented
12/31/2012 giving to the community: custom tabgroup class working on android and iphone Commented
12/31/2012 link download titanium sdk 2.0.2 Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 Facebook Login only works with custom info.plist Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 reading properties from tiapp.xml into ios module Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 Access Ti.App.Properties from module Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 Fullscreen Video Player Example (Works!) Commented
12/27/2012 Solution: Application Installer abnormal process termination Commented
12/27/2012 MMS Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 How to create a file explorer? Answered
12/27/2012 Include node js module Commented
12/27/2012 Navigate Transfer data from one page to anther page Answered, Commented
12/27/2012 BUILD FAILEDerrors 166: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details. Commented
12/27/2012 Borken Mobile Installation on Ubuntu Commented
12/27/2012 kReachabilityChangedNotification not responding in ios module Answered
12/26/2012 KitchenSink won't build for iOS simulator Answered, Commented
12/26/2012 android custom strings.xml Commented
12/25/2012 Help with reading XML on android Commented
12/25/2012 Freezing the screen in titanium Answered
12/25/2012 How i add almost 1000 Views in ScrollView for iphone and Android? Commented
12/25/2012 Pass function to IOS Module and invoke from there Commented
12/25/2012 Just trying to get a button to open a new window Commented
12/25/2012 Android Alloy Back Button Commented
12/24/2012 Crittercism for Titanium Projects Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 Android Push Notification in titanium using Google Cloud Messaging Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 What is the Path of native code generated in Titanium Project Answered
12/24/2012 Map Crashes Android on create Commented
12/24/2012 Can't login to ACS Answered
12/23/2012 Tab group always shows the same window? Commented
12/23/2012 Recognise my Android SDK Answered, Commented
12/23/2012 Can't Even Run Hello World Consistently on Android Emulator Answered, Commented
12/23/2012 Application crashes when loading on emulator when Fastdev fetching app.js Commented
12/23/2012 Click events for Ti.Draggable not firing? Commented
12/22/2012 IOS Memory Leak Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 Why I can't use all Cookie ? Answered
12/21/2012 Android app not installing on Emulator - Anyone able to advise? Answered
12/21/2012 Android Back button crash application Commented
12/21/2012 Refreshing table view by dynamic dada Commented
12/21/2012 update error by titanium studio 3 Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 Map route on android Commented
12/21/2012 Error: cannot find symbols when compile titanium module application Answered, Commented
12/21/2012 Open a file in an external App on iOs Answered
12/20/2012 Upload failure to Google Play - signing certificate expires to soon. How do I resolve this? Commented
12/20/2012 Tabgroup Problem Commented
12/20/2012 Session initialization failed Commented
12/20/2012 After Update to TI3 Updating Workspace and Rebulding SVN Cache is permanently breaking my work Answered, Commented
12/20/2012 Titanium 3.0 Upgrade - Only iOS 6 Selection Available Commented
12/20/2012 Best sollution for a custom tabgroup? Answered
12/20/2012 Alloy: [ERROR] Invalid platforms: iphone Commented
12/20/2012 Background Application Notification Answered
12/20/2012 Android Emulator exits with problem Commented
12/19/2012 Encapsulation and Instantiation in Titanium - best method? Answered
12/19/2012 Single window vs Multiple windows Answered
12/19/2012 How to Upload image on server using webservice in titanium android/iOS? Commented
12/19/2012 Android tabs sometimes loading blank Answered
12/19/2012 Simulator won't start after studio update 3.0.0 Answered
12/19/2012 Connection refused Commented
12/19/2012 Emulator Installation Errors Answered, Commented
12/19/2012 Runtime error when distributing on Android Answered, Commented
12/19/2012 Calendar module and Localytics open source! Commented
12/19/2012 Keyboard won't show on input focus in webview on Android Commented
12/18/2012 Error when compiling for ios. Can anyone help me out? Commented
12/18/2012 Android device check for REAR_CAMERA and FRONT_CAMERA in Titanium...?? Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Ti 3.0: require('ui') returns the Ti.UI module instead of ui.js Commented
12/18/2012 Runtime error for activity.addEventListener on Android using sdk 3.0 Answered
12/18/2012 Push notification with Titanium Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Newbie question: Can I do this with Titanium? Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Appcelerator Module development : How to connect my Java source with the module Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 New version of 3.0 beta can't run on iOS device Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 Mp4 video from sdcard not play titanium on android OS. Commented
12/18/2012 Passing image TiBlob to a Answered, Commented
12/18/2012 replace Picker with Button Commented
12/18/2012 How to prevent hidden Mac Icon files from being compiled with Android APK? Commented
12/18/2012 Error building on 3.0 Commented
12/18/2012 Video Streaming by RTSP Answered
12/17/2012 Setting timeout for ACS API call Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Application Installer abnormal process termination(android) Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Tab Bar Problem Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 iphone 5 Buttons Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Asynchronous callback to a closed window Answered
12/17/2012 Where to put event listener to update webview after updating sqlite table. Answered
12/17/2012 Android: Confirm before exit with back button from root window Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Application Does not start after deployment Answered
12/17/2012 Titanium to Eclipse Answered
12/17/2012 Using Titanium.Contacts.showContacts many times on one View Answered, Commented
12/17/2012 Dynamically Refresh Window Answered
12/17/2012 iOS 6 TableViewRow .hasCheck bug when used in combination with highlightedColor Commented
12/17/2012 fade animation Commented
12/16/2012 Put images to ImageGallery Answered, Commented
12/16/2012 Install to iOS device not doing anything Commented
12/16/2012 Apps do not show up in my apps Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Android Performance Slow Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 How do I find out what is causing to crash on my module? Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Alarm Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Setting Up alloy in Windows Commented
12/14/2012 Facebook Integration Problem Commented
12/14/2012 Application Error Answered
12/14/2012 App rejected - non public API/s: visibleBounds Answered
12/14/2012 addEventListener on custom made Tableview won't work on Android Answered
12/14/2012 Android Admob module can't build Commented
12/14/2012 NSTimer in Titanium module Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 Rounded Corners on iOS Navbar Commented
12/14/2012 Android Textfield value change cursor Answered
12/14/2012 Path Conversion from Titanium to Android Native Module Answered
12/14/2012 Android Activities and Views Commented
12/14/2012 Debugger fail to connect Commented
12/14/2012 Error Running Projects In Android Emulator Commented
12/14/2012 weird bug when targeting iOS device Answered, Commented
12/14/2012 BackGround Services Answered
12/14/2012 Android Market APK changes Answered
12/14/2012 Session could not be started: Error Domain=DTiPhoneSimulatorErrorDomain Code=1 "iOS Simulator failed to install the applicat Commented
12/14/2012 ISSUE IN TITANIUM STUDIO Commented
12/13/2012 Error when package titanium module, how to solve that? Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Problem with image upload and form submit Commented
12/13/2012 fire event on webview with remote url Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 in CommonJS module doesn't work on Android Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 License Information for Distribution Commented
12/12/2012 android vs ios window handling Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Orientation change GUI problem Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Is there a way to programmatically tell if an object is a Ti.UI.Picker/Ti.UI.TextField? Answered, Commented
12/12/2012 Clang Linker Error - Fails to load module on iOS. Answered
12/12/2012 In app billing module java exception occured Commented
12/12/2012 publishing to google store/market for webview loading google map from external URL Answered
12/12/2012 Store kit module error Answered
12/12/2012 How to do that showing a push notification is on an alert, not a banner? Answered
12/12/2012 Project was running fine in Android emulator, but now keeps closing unexpectedly on load. Commented
12/12/2012 App failing valuation: icon size 0x0 Commented
12/11/2012 How to get exact current user's location using titanium geolocation? Commented
12/11/2012 Ti.Compression Module won't fully extract contents of zip file Commented
12/11/2012 iOS app for installing to remote device using Build Error Answered
12/11/2012 inApp Purchase Answered, Commented
12/10/2012 Slow and buggy startup when modules are included Answered
12/10/2012 Disable fullscreen textarea/keyboard while landscape in Android Commented
12/10/2012 error operable program or batch file. detected, but at least 1.6.0 is required Commented
12/10/2012 Create a service that continues to exist even when the app is closed Commented
12/10/2012 How to detect the speed of the network? 3G and wireless Answered
12/10/2012 Integrating Facebook Comments Answered, Commented
12/10/2012 When does Ti.Storekit Module invoke finishTransaction? Answered
12/10/2012 dMarie sqlcipher plugin giving exception in android OS 4.1 onwards Commented
12/10/2012 Titanium.Network.NETWORK_NONE "undefined" on android Commented
12/10/2012 How to make a Thumbnail for photos ? Commented
12/10/2012 What is android intent? Commented
12/9/2012 Android Crashes Every n Seconds (GREF increases) Commented
12/9/2012 Bring running Android app from background to foreground without notification? Commented
12/9/2012 Capturing X,Y co-ordinates of pixel in Ti.paint titanium/android Commented
12/9/2012 Webview pass Ti.App to remote page Commented
12/7/2012 AVD Emulator Stopped Launching Commented
12/6/2012 About Create a new Titanium Mobile Module Project Answered, Commented
12/6/2012 What happens with Android map engines? Answered
12/6/2012 Asyncronous animation whilst querying a database Answered
12/6/2012 System Exit: 65 Build Fail in Titanium but Build Succeeds in Xcode getting "Undefined symbols for architecture i386:" Answered, Commented
12/6/2012 Image Recognition Scanner Answered
12/6/2012 hide controls on android camera Commented
12/6/2012 Installation of application on iOS device Answered
12/5/2012 iOS module with custom camera view using AVFoundation Commented
12/5/2012 Problems testing my app Commented
12/5/2012 Can't Save Image Blob Answered
12/5/2012 Is required? Answered
12/4/2012 Views and Event Listener Commented
12/4/2012 Titanium iOS Module error [__NSArrayM dataUsingEncoding:]: unrecognised selector sent to instance Commented
12/4/2012 Build Icon e command missing in Studio Commented
12/4/2012 xcode module for Titanium parameter issue Answered
12/4/2012 sdcard directory listing Answered
12/4/2012 How to style (custom icon) More Tab in a 7 tabs application ? ? ? ? Commented
11/30/2012 Syntax highlighting vanishes in the middle of a file Answered
11/30/2012 Upload Pic on flicker Answered, Commented
11/27/2012 Custom Map views Commented
11/27/2012 How to debug malloc_error_break? Answered
11/27/2012 disable httpclient timeout Commented
11/27/2012 Default Behaviour - TableView Swipe to Delete Answered, Commented
11/19/2012 How to preserve the tabgroup in all js files while redirecting??? Answered
11/19/2012 How to pass content of a local XML file to native android as a string? Answered
11/19/2012 Video streaming from iphone to server Commented
11/19/2012 Page turning animation Answered
11/14/2012 Doubletap to zoom in to tapped location? Answered
11/14/2012 iOS Simulator build issue Commented
11/14/2012 Can't remove expired iPhone Developer certs Answered
11/9/2012 Using the method getCurrentActivity () correctly? Answered
11/9/2012 JSON parse very wird Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 Module development -- NSURLRequest Answered
11/9/2012 Download document in webview Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 Default images in JPEG format? Answered
11/9/2012 Titanium Studio 2.1 - Debug Problem Answered
11/9/2012 How do I install multiple versions of Titanium Studio? Answered
11/9/2012 Is there a way to manipulate a Blob as binary data Answered
11/9/2012 Titanium HTTP Client GET Request to REST server Refused Commented
11/9/2012 Clear WebView cache in IOS Answered
11/7/2012 how to get pictures from gallery folder of android real device in android titanium apps Answered
11/6/2012 Objective-C++ libraries integration Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 [iOS] Use of Ti3DMatrix inside module Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 Exports or use de API of Titanuim Commented
11/5/2012 Window open and close with flip animation closes too quickly Commented
11/5/2012 Tabgroup from 2.1.3 GA onwards is not working as expected. Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 How to catch orientation change on just one window using Navigation Controller for iphone? Answered
11/5/2012 How can I add/expose methods to the Ti.UI.Window object in objective-c? Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 objective-c module Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 iOS: list of provisioning profil is empty since yesterday Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 Android modal window always fully cover other window Answered
11/5/2012 Twitter Image posting prblm Answered
11/5/2012 Murray River App - Andriod Version Commented
11/5/2012 How to create multithreading in mobile sdk Answered, Commented
11/4/2012 Refresh tableView with a button Answered, Commented
11/4/2012 Swipe eventListener on all children Answered, Commented
11/4/2012 ScrollView load when Scroll Next and animation when pressed? Answered
11/2/2012 HTML, CSS and Javascript from Titanium?? Answered, Commented
11/2/2012 Titanium builds defaulting to armv6 for iPad target. App fails to install. Answered, Commented
11/2/2012 rowData return null for Ti.UI.TableView when used with section in Android Answered
11/2/2012 How to perform database inserts/updates on a separate thread? Answered
11/2/2012 Dynamic view heights in ScrollView with SDK 2.0.1 Answered
11/2/2012 The Titanium Studio has an error when I start it on mac os x mountain lion 10.7 Answered
11/2/2012 Android ----> Switching to native code and returning back !! Answered
11/2/2012 contactModule.m error Using Titanium 2.1.3 GA ,IOS 6.0 and xcode4.5 Answered, Commented
11/2/2012 Add event to dynamically generated sliders on Titanium SDK Answered
11/2/2012 java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at ti.modules.titanium.ui.widget.webview.TiWebViewClient Answered
10/31/2012 How i Can browse the file system on android ? Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 How to open link in browser window using remote jQueryMobile website in webview Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 Backround-repeat on iOS6 phones not tiling correctly Answered
10/31/2012 adding toolbar to mapview in a modal window Answered
10/31/2012 iOS distribution certificate malformed in Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 App crashes on iOS 6 devices with Titanium 2.1.3GA Answered
10/31/2012 Simulator Problem Answered
10/31/2012 HttpClient connection with X.509 certificate authentication over SSL Answered
10/31/2012 Mobile - createHTTPClient - Possible to check SSL Certificate? Answered
10/31/2012 Android Error Answered
10/31/2012 setBackgroundImage not working iPhone 5 Answered
10/31/2012 NullPointerException at ti.modules.titanium.ui.TiUIActivityWindow.handleBooted Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 Stackable Windows Part 2 Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 Event listener not working Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 Tab unfocus event? Answered
10/31/2012 XCode 4.5 - iPhone/iPod Touch: architecture missing Answered
10/31/2012 NavGroup within a TabGroup Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 Problem with string.replace on json parse Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 using generated mobileweb content with my own iOS UIWebView Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 Make Array empty and reload with next page Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 Using the same titlebar for all my tab windows (iPhone) Answered, Commented
10/30/2012 Global app variable with dynamic properties Commented
10/30/2012 Prefetcher max duration reached when video is ended Commented
10/30/2012 Comparing two KrollFunction instances (android) Answered
10/30/2012 Having trouble with "TAB LIST", please help. Answered
10/30/2012 Webview cannot go back with local html Answered, Commented
10/29/2012 Expire properties field based on time Answered
10/29/2012 loop w/ array Commented
10/29/2012 XML Special characters Commented
10/29/2012 Start Tabgoup from another window Answered
10/29/2012 Starting event from background Answered
10/28/2012 How to correctly remove all colums from a Ti.UI.Picker? Answered
10/28/2012 createAudioPlayer crashes app Commented
10/28/2012 How to change the texture Option Dialog iOS Answered
10/26/2012 Module 3rd Party Framework Not Compiling With Module Answered
10/25/2012 Web service response return TI.blob error on Android Commented
10/25/2012 tabGroup in iOS gives malloc error with NavigationGroup Answered, Commented
10/25/2012 Alloy mvc examples Commented
10/25/2012 Simple app shutdown automatically on Android device Answered, Commented
10/25/2012 Default Android Module - Emulator Crash Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 One Label on more than one Window Commented
10/24/2012 How to create a View Proxy method which returns value(non void) ? Answered
10/24/2012 Can not build module: Error(s) compiling generated Java code Answered, Commented
10/24/2012 How to refresh a view ? Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Change the build settings of the project to a different Android SDK Answered
10/23/2012 Stopwatch button help Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Problems with memory and a large json string on Android Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Custom module build error Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Activity Indicator not centering in Web View Answered
10/23/2012 External stylesheet titanium mobile Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 Changing runtime environment in TItanium Studio Answered
10/23/2012 NavGroup in a webview? Answered, Commented
10/23/2012 How to create a window containing 3 tab ???? Answered
10/22/2012 no sound on iPhone speaker, works only on headphones Answered
10/22/2012 Making an armv7 module Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Module problem Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Toggle Animation/Accordion drop down Help Answered
10/21/2012 How to get data back from window upon close Answered, Commented
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10/11/2012 Integrating Layar Player SDK as a Titanium module. Answered, Commented
10/11/2012 How to register url scheme with http://domainname for iphone using titanium. Answered
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10/10/2012 failed to load resource java exception was thrown Commented
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10/9/2012 Problems compiling for Google Play Commented
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10/9/2012 when i add a third module to my app,it become blocked when launched Commented
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10/8/2012 StoreKit Commented
10/8/2012 why do not I get the nav bar? Answered, Commented
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10/8/2012 Help Please. Commented
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10/4/2012 Solution ---- Add tabs to tabgroup dynamically Commented
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