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8/21/2014 Replace profile image Asked, Answered
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2/7/2013 ipad screen size problems Asked
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1/24/2013 iphone5 screen resolution Commented
1/21/2013 Ios Background alignments Asked, Answered, Commented
12/19/2012 remove multible years from array Asked, Commented
12/9/2012 remove duplicate years from array Asked, Commented
12/7/2012 Cannot see iphone in titanuim Asked, Commented
9/10/2012 create array from 2 arrays? Asked, Commented
4/30/2012 Cant Concat, need a loop? Asked
4/26/2012 sys.exit 65 error Asked, Commented
4/25/2012 save image from gallery to sql Asked
4/19/2012 Tableview font size, when pulling data from sql Asked, Commented
4/18/2012 get only similar id from 2 sql search results. Asked, Commented
4/16/2012 A little Sql questiong Asked, Answered
3/30/2012 How to Refresh window or label? Asked, Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 set on/off button bool to sql Asked, Answered, Commented
3/3/2012 if sql ID does not exist create one from variable Asked, Answered
2/26/2012 multible arrays, to tableview? Asked
2/24/2012 get remote image from sql and display it on currentview Asked, Commented
10/13/2011 reload a table view on event Asked, Commented