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7/10/2014 slide view left and right with touchmove, limit the left right range not working Asked, Commented
5/21/2014 Alloy - GPS proximity Commented
5/18/2014 TableViewRow eventListner with both Swipe and Click issues Asked, Commented
5/9/2014 converting pixel units to dp Asked, Commented
5/7/2013 Ti.Map Module doesnt run on 3.0.2 Asked, Commented
5/7/2013 Google Maps v2 for Android - Map appears blank, only zoom and location buttons appear Commented
4/19/2013 Android Map Tiles not showing up Asked, Commented
4/16/2013 Ti.UI.iPhone.systemButton undefined in IPA file Asked, Commented
4/6/2013 Bitmap Error Commented
2/22/2013 issue with images auto rotating Commented
2/5/2013 Android can't retrieve my current position Commented
2/5/2013 Kitchensink Images are not displayed on Andriod Emulator Answered
2/5/2013 ImageView gives error - Bitmap bounds could not be determined Answered
2/5/2013 "Max retries reached, giving up decoding image source" Answered
2/4/2013 Bitmap bounds could not be determined when displaying simple images Answered
2/3/2013 Android unable to get location - Even with every setting enabled Asked, Commented
2/1/2013 Error reponses codes ACS Answered
1/31/2013 Facebook Multiple Accounts ... Commented
1/29/2013 Android navigating back through views (history) Asked, Commented
1/20/2013 Android crashing when typing in text field Asked, Commented
1/11/2013 Android weird table background behavior - screenshot Asked, Commented
1/6/2013 Android Window Stack Issue Asked, Commented
12/20/2012 Find view in row and change backgroundImage based on index Asked, Answered, Commented
12/15/2012 Upload image using HTTP Post Commented
12/14/2012 Android Activities and Views Asked, Commented
12/12/2012 TableViewRow opacity does NOT work? Answered, Commented
12/4/2012 Android view backgroundImage not displaying Asked, Commented
12/3/2012 TableViewRow background streching Asked, Commented
12/2/2012 flyout menu for android Asked, Commented
11/13/2012 Right Nav Button for Alloy Asked, Commented
10/29/2012 Expire properties field based on time Asked
10/5/2012 iPhone App Approval Question Asked, Commented
10/2/2012 Track significant change in geolocation Asked, Commented
9/28/2012 iOS 6, xCode 4.5, SDK 2.1.3 v2 & simulator will not run Asked, Answered
9/23/2012 Issues with xCode 4.5 udpate Asked, Commented
8/19/2012 App Database security Asked, Commented
8/3/2012 Simple image refresh Commented
8/2/2012 Need Help with JSON issue Asked, Commented
8/2/2012 how the heck does table style:group actually group? Asked, Commented
7/30/2012 Facebook Connect Button not showing all the time... Commented
7/28/2012 global var undefined in Android Asked
7/26/2012 Need help with callback Asked, Commented
7/23/2012 Error from Facebook login dialog - try again later... Asked, Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 View engine 2.0 doesn't auto size like 1.7.5 or 1.8.2 Asked
6/29/2012 Cant install ti.imagefactory module Asked, Answered, Commented
6/21/2012 Retina splash screen not showing Asked, Commented
6/21/2012 screen splash doesn't appear Commented
6/20/2012 cant build after Studio update Asked, Answered, Commented
6/15/2012 Image upload orientates image to landscape Asked, Commented
6/11/2012 Create a new window when URL is clicked in webview Commented
6/8/2012 TableView height: 'auto' not working. Asked, Commented
5/27/2012 SDK 1.8.2 - quick relaunch of app shows delayed splashscreen Commented
5/26/2012 Ti Build issues. Can't uses systemButtons, now I'm getting createTextField errors... Asked, Commented
5/25/2012 iPhone.SystemButton [undefined] Asked, Commented
5/23/2012 App crashes on device but sometimes runs in simulator Commented
5/23/2012 Result of expression 'Ti.UI.iPhone.SystemButton' [undefined] is not an object. (Device only) Commented
5/9/2012 determine distance after being in background Asked, Commented
4/30/2012 Why is android ignoring my PORTRAIT Setting? Asked, Commented
4/28/2012 titleImage shows in Simulator, but not on real iPhone Asked, Commented
4/20/2012 build a search screen and append results to table. Asked, Commented
4/19/2012 iPhone mapview empty... works on Kitchen Sink Asked, Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 how to handle paging? Asked, Commented
4/15/2012 Geolocation - distance from point of interest Answered
4/12/2012 High level Geo-location questions Asked, Commented
4/11/2012 when I reference Ti.UI.iPhone my app crashes Asked, Commented
4/8/2012 can only call view controller in tab list Asked
3/29/2012 need help with HTTPClient Asked, Commented
3/28/2012 Close the root window of navigation group on Android and iOS? Commented
3/17/2012 resizing fonts on the fly Asked, Commented
3/15/2012 center images on screen Asked, Commented
3/13/2012 allow to use app function ONLY if logged in. Asked, Commented
3/13/2012 createTableView not showing in window even after add() Asked, Commented