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12/31/2012 Disable closing keyboard Asked
12/20/2012 NFC vs QR codes Asked, Commented
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12/4/2012 app.js 'flips' it's orientation on load Commented
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12/2/2012 Rotate screen with a switch Asked
12/2/2012 Flip and reverse text Asked, Commented
10/22/2012 App Icons are driving me Nuts! Asked, Answered, Commented
10/22/2012 Distribution fails validation process Commented
10/16/2012 Appicons Problems Asked, Answered, Commented
8/22/2012 Run on iOS problems Asked, Answered, Commented
8/21/2012 problems with building for testing and distribute Answered
7/12/2012 Titanium Studio 2.1 does'nt work after full rebuild Commented
7/12/2012 ScrollableView Asked, Answered, Commented
7/4/2012 Problem with a ScrollableView Answered
6/16/2012 No aps environment Asked, Answered
6/10/2012 push notification example Asked, Answered
5/17/2012 Push Notification Registration Error Answered
5/15/2012 ACS - Listening for Push Notifications Asked
5/15/2012 ACS user logged in question Asked, Commented
5/1/2012 ACS push notifications 'Need to sign in' error Commented
4/30/2012 push notifications disabled --> How to enable? Asked, Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 Switch values Asked
4/24/2012 invalid method (createButton) passed to UIModule Commented
4/22/2012 Urbanairship push notifications - registrations Asked
4/2/2012 Another App Icon issue Asked, Commented
3/29/2012 setVisible problem Asked, Commented
3/15/2012 only avaliable for ipad but its an iphone app! Asked, Answered
3/15/2012 app for ipad only Asked, Commented
2/27/2012 set selected row for a picker Asked, Commented
2/19/2012 Distribution Package Asked, Answered
2/18/2012 cocoafish Asked
2/16/2012 failed to install Asked, Answered
2/15/2012 alert dialog problems Asked, Answered
2/11/2012 tableview problems Asked, Answered, Commented
11/23/2011 Refreshing an active DB Asked, Answered
11/20/2011 Tab - tableview + database reload Answered
11/20/2011 DB wont update. Answered
11/20/2011 SQLite Database UPDATE? Answered
11/20/2011 Another passing variable between js file questions Asked, Answered
10/22/2011 Tableview selections Asked
7/8/2011 Database Not Updating with App Update Answered
6/29/2011 camera code Asked
6/28/2011 Kitchen Sink +Camera Troubles Asked, Answered