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9/21/2015 Using flagSecure with Tab Group Android does not work Commented
9/13/2015 PDF reader on iOS doesn't work with more than 1 page Answered, Commented
9/13/2015 ArrayBuffer, DataView, Uint8Array, etc. Commented
9/12/2015 Can't generate Google Maps API V2 key Commented
8/31/2015 How to play Youtube video using Ti.Media.VideoPlayer? Answered, Commented
8/30/2015 Building a Chat App with socket.io Answered, Commented
8/27/2015 Google Tag Manager - Titanium Studio Compatibility Answered
8/17/2015 Setting current playbacktime Video Player does not work. Commented
7/16/2015 include is deprecated in 3.3, so how to use third-party JS libraries? Commented
7/16/2015 Appcelerator Studio shows only „Android Device“ and „iOS Device“ Asked, Commented
6/26/2015 Android WebView - Uncaught ReferenceError: TiApp is not defined Commented
6/26/2015 Playing of MP4-videos in Android videoPlayer Commented
6/24/2015 ListView item event does not work Commented
6/24/2015 Playing of youtube videos with api3 Answered, Commented
6/23/2015 PDF rendering issue in Android webview Answered
6/20/2015 Support Object.observe Answered, Commented
6/20/2015 Module support is not available for uakami calendar in marketplace? Commented
6/12/2015 Ti.Paint issue Answered, Commented
6/12/2015 Create Attractive Preloader Like Websites in Android Answered, Commented
6/12/2015 High resolution photo can not show Commented
6/12/2015 [ERROR] : Script Error Couldn't find module: ti.paint for architecture: x86_64 Answered, Commented
6/12/2015 APPC-Studio: How can I deploy with indi plan? Asked, Answered, Commented
6/9/2015 Can't set visible true on MenuItem Answered
6/9/2015 NumberPicker on Android? Commented
6/8/2015 CloudPush returning a wrong deviceToken Commented
6/6/2015 is is possible to build a torrent client app for iphone? Answered
6/3/2015 picker dynamic database Commented
6/2/2015 Alarmsound of locale notifiaction runs only one time Asked, Commented
6/2/2015 nativeScript – an alternative platform? Answered, Commented
6/2/2015 Titanium Studio is over? Commented
6/2/2015 Detect links in webview with 'beforeload'? Commented
5/27/2015 Ti.App.Android.R.drawable.appicon Asked, Commented
5/27/2015 Option dialoge from model Commented
5/27/2015 Android Notification icon Commented
5/26/2015 Android Webview Commented
5/26/2015 Error while installing TiCalabash Commented
5/26/2015 Video Compression in iOS and android Commented
5/18/2015 Augmented reality with wikitude Asked, Commented
4/28/2015 Playing of animated molecules in webgl player Asked, Commented
4/25/2015 Push notification message to titanium android app from php server Commented
4/22/2015 3d panoramas in Titanium Commented
4/20/2015 Google Map V2 - Map data stop loading and updating ??? Answered, Commented
4/18/2015 Read data from Wordpress Commented
4/17/2015 Is there a general 'postlayout' event that raises only when all the UI elements are ready? Commented
4/17/2015 How to read static JSON or text file Answered
4/17/2015 How to use Ti.Map 3.0.0 Commented
4/17/2015 No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK location Commented
4/17/2015 GCM Push notification Answered
4/16/2015 Slow tableView performance in ios Commented
4/16/2015 Alarm Manager Android Answered, Commented
4/15/2015 HttpClient Post request not sending JSON since latest update Commented
4/15/2015 Parallax view Answered, Commented
4/15/2015 Which value for setting an endless animation? Commented
4/15/2015 Android: Restrict activity orientation based on screen size Commented
4/15/2015 platform verification code sending fails Commented
4/14/2015 ti.map with marker in center instead of dragable pin Commented
4/14/2015 Function Declarations or Function Expressions ? Commented
4/14/2015 Position of icon tabs on iOS Answered
4/14/2015 Wrapping Event Listener into If Else Statement? Answered
4/14/2015 When the "size" property for UI elemens becomes available? Answered
4/14/2015 Playing of youtube videos with API v3 Answered, Commented
4/14/2015 How to get map bounding box starting from annotation coordinates Answered, Commented
4/14/2015 How to open default camera with all options in titanium ? Commented
4/13/2015 Adding titanium iOS module breaks application build Commented
4/11/2015 listview dynamically add view ? Answered, Commented
4/11/2015 Listview a b c sorting ? Answered, Commented
4/11/2015 Plaform 4.0 Login Commented
4/11/2015 Playing Subtitle (srt) with Video Answered
4/10/2015 Connection to live server failed Asked, Commented
4/10/2015 Calling web service returns "Can't reach host" twice. Commented
4/4/2015 Twitter auth recently stopped working for me Commented
4/4/2015 Payu integration Answered, Commented
4/4/2015 Dijkstra in javascript Answered, Commented
4/3/2015 ti-64 not working Commented
4/3/2015 Adding module slows app Answered
4/3/2015 Using collapseActionView on Android actionbar menu item Commented
4/3/2015 How to force the old theme on Tab Commented
4/3/2015 Spotify like app iOS/Android Commented
4/3/2015 Get All Elements from XML Document - getElementsByTagName(*) not Working on iOS Answered
4/2/2015 Recording of shoutcast stream with Socket.TCP Asked, Commented
4/1/2015 Listview checkmark all items Answered
3/31/2015 Show and hide iad Commented
3/31/2015 Android and iOS auto update app from store Commented
3/30/2015 Textarea and answer Commented
3/30/2015 Get table row ID when selecting a child element Commented
3/30/2015 My app freezes when deployed by testflight Answered, Commented
3/30/2015 Sending notifications to pebble watch Asked, Commented
3/30/2015 Free iOS module license warnings Commented
3/30/2015 Load URL with custom iOS schema in webview Answered
3/28/2015 take photo or record video automatically Commented
3/28/2015 Can We Access Email Servers- IMAP, POP3 and SMTP to built an Email App? Commented
3/27/2015 XMPP Send message Commented
3/26/2015 Custom font in iOS Commented
3/23/2015 Memory leak in navigation window Commented
3/22/2015 PebbleKit module for appcelerator? Commented
3/20/2015 Decoding HTML Entities in Titanium Answered, Commented
3/20/2015 factory pattern with commonJS pattern to avoid 'new' Commented
3/19/2015 Background Service on Android Commented
3/16/2015 Multiple HTTP Client Calls at the same time Commented
3/14/2015 Missing 64-bit support in IOS Commented
3/14/2015 Error can't find (weird ) variables name when running my app Commented
3/14/2015 Android - What is the best way to create window? Commented
3/13/2015 template engine for titanium Commented
3/13/2015 framework based on titanium... Commented
3/13/2015 Android - Should app load all windows's elements? Commented
3/11/2015 Background Service and Alarm Manager Answered
3/9/2015 PushNotifications outside ACS (with foreign cloud providers) Asked, Commented
3/9/2015 Where should I store a .json file? Answered, Commented
3/6/2015 Event click no register Commented
3/5/2015 Generic Xcode Archive instead to IOS App Archive Answered
3/5/2015 Android launch Twitter intent (launching a user's feed) Asked, Commented
3/5/2015 ACS - Stack level too deep Commented
3/4/2015 Get Launch Intent Commented
3/2/2015 Help with native MapView overlays for iOS and Android Commented
3/2/2015 Captured image not uploaded on server Commented
2/27/2015 ListView crashes on Android only when the app is started Commented
2/26/2015 localNotification listener – how it is available in all parts of app? Asked
2/24/2015 File upload to dropbox in titanium mobile for both iPhone(iOS) and Android? Commented
2/20/2015 Streaming shoutcast streams % retreiving metadata Asked, Commented
2/18/2015 aacp radio stream Commented
2/18/2015 Android and Shoutcast Streaming Answered, Commented
2/18/2015 Module Android Answered
2/18/2015 Titanium.Media.MusicPlayer streaming url Answered
2/12/2015 How to override L ? Answered, Commented
2/12/2015 Ti.Media.Sound not playing sound in 3.5.0GA (Android) Answered
2/11/2015 Getting 2015-02-11T20:07:05+0000 into a date object Answered
2/11/2015 Vimeo advanced api in Titanium Answered, Commented
2/11/2015 How to take screenshot of application in Jenkins? Commented
2/6/2015 Handling of HLS (HTTP-streaming) in videoplayer Asked, Answered, Commented
2/3/2015 Adding circular slider module Commented
2/2/2015 What is the best way to parse HTML? Commented
2/1/2015 Module for marketplace !!!!!! Commented
1/30/2015 ti.paint Commented
1/30/2015 How to use Multiple JS Files Commented
1/30/2015 Skate kit alternative Commented
1/29/2015 How to Change The Language ? Answered, Commented
1/28/2015 Send data from sqlite to asmx webservice Commented
1/28/2015 Unlicensed module(s) detected Asked, Commented
1/27/2015 Unlicensed module(s) detected. You must be a subscriber to use one or more of the modules included. Commented
1/27/2015 How to use flurry analytics Answered, Commented
1/26/2015 module error Commented
1/26/2015 Android.openPreferences fullscreen? Commented
1/23/2015 Override L in 3.5.0.GA Answered, Commented
1/23/2015 Flash Mode in camera Commented
1/23/2015 flash light without camera Commented
1/22/2015 Embedding vimeo videos Asked, Answered, Commented
1/21/2015 How can i install 3rd party module. Answered
1/21/2015 SQL errors in log, but not using a database (Android) Commented
1/20/2015 Module not updating Commented
1/20/2015 Can't build with Titanium Modules 3.5.0.GA Commented
1/20/2015 not able to open Tabgroup in ios Commented
1/20/2015 Highlight some labels when user "mouseover" it Commented
1/20/2015 Ti SDK 3.5.0 with ti.quicklook v.1.3.0 fails to build Commented
1/20/2015 How to open Google Map URL in WebView. Answered, Commented
1/20/2015 what location is given for keystore location? what is keystore file? Answered
1/19/2015 Building with iOS 6 support Commented
1/19/2015 Verification Issue Unlicensed module(s) detected Commented
1/18/2015 Will Titanium support adding APK Expansion files? Commented
1/18/2015 How to use node.js modules with titanium Answered, Commented
1/16/2015 [Announcement] TiMeteor beta released: Complete Meteor API for Titanium - Feel free to contribute Commented
1/15/2015 Where to save Files for not lose it after an app upgrade? Commented
1/15/2015 Send Whatsapp message to specific group or Number from Android Application Commented
1/15/2015 Android MenuItem in action bar. Commented
1/15/2015 android map not shown in prod Commented
1/15/2015 Webview URL returns local path Commented
1/14/2015 'dk.napp.social' doesn't work in SDK 3.5.0.GA Asked, Commented
1/14/2015 Packaging iOS app for distribution by a third party? Answered, Commented
1/14/2015 Change imageView image animated Answered
1/14/2015 Using Google Analytics 64-bit Module Commented
1/13/2015 Custom iOS Module - ARC possible? Commented
1/12/2015 Generating of IPA for customer Asked, Commented
1/10/2015 Uploading an image from the gallery Commented
1/10/2015 HTTPClient cannot connect after app idleness Commented
1/10/2015 Building Ti.Map Android Module produces error?? Commented
1/10/2015 Drag, Drop, Lock! How to lock it! Answered, Commented
1/9/2015 Unable to install Module in Titanium (TiDraggable) :( Answered, Commented
1/9/2015 Building modules for 64-bit Asked, Commented
1/9/2015 Splash Screen Show between opening Windows Commented
1/9/2015 TiCarousel doesn't work properly in SDK 3.5.0.RC Asked
1/9/2015 Audio Recording 3.5 SDK Issues Commented
1/8/2015 Overwritung of L() doesn't work in SDK 3.5.0.RC Asked, Commented
1/8/2015 Quick Java Servlet and HTTP Q Answered
1/8/2015 Drag and Drop for android Commented
1/7/2015 I have a problem with my app previwing the full app elements Commented
1/7/2015 How to message to MQTT from IOS mobile APP? Answered, Commented
1/6/2015 Paint module (how to save image or if possible record the drawing) Commented
1/6/2015 How to play authentication based remote video URL ? Commented
1/6/2015 tableview backgroundImage on iphone 6 Answered
1/5/2015 map view can't zoom to click pin Commented
1/5/2015 Enabling app users to create video and upload via appcelerator Commented
1/5/2015 drawing over a picture Answered
1/5/2015 Could not detect a valid SDK with version '6' or higher Asked, Commented
1/4/2015 IOS unable to close application ! Commented
1/4/2015 UDP Module for Android Commented
12/31/2014 Run application on device android Commented
12/31/2014 App problem : locked to iPhone4 size Commented
12/31/2014 How to detect if an app is loading data from the network Commented
12/31/2014 error while connecting with sharepoint Commented
12/29/2014 use module in titanium Answered, Commented
12/29/2014 Get the user country code or even country Commented
12/28/2014 ACS Notification - Sending Status Fail Commented
12/27/2014 Expandable TableView Commented
12/27/2014 Single codebase, different app versions? Commented
12/27/2014 Which Version Of OS have to Installed Commented
12/27/2014 Send params method GET iOs Commented
12/27/2014 Building JavaScript Native Modules iOS Asked, Commented
12/26/2014 I don't find my SQL file from simulator. Answered
12/26/2014 Activity Indicator Until Read All Json Object Answered
12/26/2014 Unable to run the app. [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1 Commented
12/26/2014 I want to view PDF file on android in vertically Commented
12/26/2014 how to get my own JID Commented
12/26/2014 can't pass data to tableView Commented
12/25/2014 The Q&A currently shows an error when submitting questions, answers and comments Asked
12/25/2014 scrollview pager with small child's ? Commented
12/25/2014 I want to open PDF file on PDF viewer not on google docs in android Answered, Commented
12/25/2014 Unhandled 'error' event Commented
12/25/2014 I want to run IOS application on iPad Commented
12/24/2014 Android Emulator Commented
12/24/2014 Change App name Commented
12/24/2014 JSON Problem Commented
12/24/2014 Downloading remote mp3 file Answered, Commented
12/24/2014 alloy new window help Commented
12/24/2014 Change text with setTimeOut Answered
12/24/2014 Real time chat support for ios - Android Answered
12/24/2014 Integrate Alloy with Classic Code Commented
12/23/2014 insertAt documentation? Commented
12/23/2014 Not able to get HTTP response on Titanium Commented
12/23/2014 How to get row index? Commented
12/23/2014 Confilcting jar files Detected Commented
12/22/2014 Read JSON Array Commented
12/22/2014 Local notifications stopes after reboot the mobile device android Commented
12/22/2014 Background service not work when application closed Commented
12/22/2014 HTTPClient open() method is not working for synchronous Commented
12/22/2014 what is GUID? Commented
12/22/2014 I want to save downloaded pdf file to another location other than default Commented
12/21/2014 PUSH Notification problem - Android Commented
12/21/2014 HTTPClient - iOS - The network connect was lost Commented
12/21/2014 IOS AirPrint Silent Printing Commented
12/21/2014 block's position for several screen Commented
12/21/2014 HTTPClient just make GET requests Commented
12/20/2014 Share IOS Answered, Commented
12/20/2014 Unzip a zip file in android Commented
12/20/2014 Create a coverflow view for android Answered
12/20/2014 realtime voice data Commented
12/20/2014 Get all files in directory Answered, Commented
12/20/2014 saving datas into ms access database from titanium studio Answered, Commented
12/20/2014 appcelerator IOS and appnext.com monotizing Commented
12/20/2014 barcode scanning app using titanium studio Commented
12/19/2014 way I cant install Titanium Update and SDKs ?? Commented
12/19/2014 HTTPClient timeout doesn't work? Commented
12/17/2014 use compiled code as a titanium module? Answered, Commented
12/17/2014 Integrate unity code in titanium using module Commented
12/17/2014 Using ListView on android not working like IOS Commented
12/17/2014 Access Internal Phone storage directory on android Commented
12/17/2014 Activity indicator in Titanium not working? Answered
12/15/2014 File.read().text truncate file content Answered, Commented
12/12/2014 Testing/Migrating from Cordova to Appcelerator Answered, Commented
12/12/2014 Ant build android module project failed Answered
12/12/2014 Fetching an api every second Commented
12/11/2014 Opening a PDF (URL) in iBooks Commented
12/10/2014 HttpClient JSON post fails with large data Answered, Commented
12/8/2014 Titanium Forum Answered, Commented
12/7/2014 No android devices found Answered
12/5/2014 How to get tcp socket host name form BonjourBroswer? Commented
12/5/2014 List all WiFi connected devices Commented
12/5/2014 Get ip address from bonjour device Answered
12/5/2014 Ti module code in Apple Swift? Answered, Commented
11/21/2014 TCP Socket write and read Commented
10/31/2014 Javascript iOS module Asked, Commented
10/28/2014 Direct communikation (event/observer) with locale TiUIWebview Asked, Commented
10/27/2014 iOS-Module "FlipViewControler" Asked, Commented
10/21/2014 Obtaining google access token from AccountManager for using gdata Asked
10/15/2014 Ti.PageFlip only can show primitive views? Asked, Commented
10/15/2014 Drawing polygons and polylines Answered, Commented
10/7/2014 how to create a book page curl effect? Commented
9/16/2014 Flipboard effect in Titanium Commented
9/10/2014 Capture square pictures using a custom camera overlay Answered
8/28/2014 Android: cannot seek in audioplayer Asked, Commented
8/28/2014 Is there any way to retrieve the UUID of an iPhone using Titanium? Answered
8/27/2014 Programmatic showing of controls in videoplayer Asked, Commented
8/27/2014 Incrementing Ti.App.Properties.setInt Answered, Commented
8/25/2014 wikitude working with titanium Commented
8/25/2014 Run Time error while integrating Pusher Android Titanium Module Commented
8/22/2014 HTTPClient makes trouble by gettinhg of RSS-feeds Asked
8/22/2014 Android : e.progress negative values Answered
8/22/2014 ondatastream Porblem Commented
8/22/2014 Change font in Android actionbar to a customized one Answered
8/21/2014 android search view on action bar problem with tabgroup based app ? Commented
8/20/2014 CryptoJS with Titanium Answered, Commented
8/18/2014 Aborting http client if activity closed / background downloading Asked, Commented
8/15/2014 Using of offline maps Asked, Commented
8/15/2014 Rotated map annotations Asked, Answered, Commented
8/14/2014 Cannot access iBeacons (com.liferay.beacons) Asked, Commented
8/12/2014 orientationModes did not work on tabgroup based windows (Android)? Answered, Commented
8/11/2014 Problem to play youtube video for android Answered, Commented
8/11/2014 What's the best idea to notify somethings to users using web services and remote database Commented
8/10/2014 ImageView not loading image and not firing events Commented
8/10/2014 iOS Simulator not starting Commented
8/9/2014 App for Android in Kiosk Mode Answered
8/9/2014 com.tripvi.drawerlayout module rightView not working ? Commented
8/7/2014 Crazy behavior of draggable annotations (iOS) Asked, Commented
8/7/2014 Import DLL file into Titanium Alloy IOS app Commented
8/7/2014 Map Annotation w/custom image not draggable Commented
8/6/2014 get the keys from the array Commented
8/6/2014 Help HTTPclient response ? Commented
8/6/2014 Intent to view a local pdf is not working. How can I do this properly? Answered, Commented
8/5/2014 Android Module Developer Needed Commented
8/5/2014 What is ecommerce script? Commented
8/4/2014 Getting Error When installing NPM Commented
8/4/2014 Inserting Parsed JSON data fields into Sqlite database fields Commented
8/4/2014 Methods setSections() doesn't work for Android on Titanium Studio Version: Commented
8/4/2014 Element dimensions for different resolutions Commented
8/4/2014 how to use group by in sql query while fetching data from modal in alloy Commented
8/3/2014 Picker background color in android. Commented
8/3/2014 VirtualReality with Titanium Asked, Commented
8/2/2014 AdvertisingId Asked, Commented
8/2/2014 pop images instaed toast notifications Answered, Commented
8/2/2014 using acs in asia Commented
8/1/2014 Special chars get lost in XML Commented
8/1/2014 Android theme examples? Answered
7/31/2014 Ti.App.addEventListener('openLink', function(e){ Not Firing Commented
7/31/2014 Unable to download PDF file from Server Commented
7/31/2014 Pull to refresh List View Commented
7/31/2014 Ti.Network.online Always true.(WIFI) Commented
7/31/2014 how to change tableview section seperator height Commented
7/30/2014 After updating SDK 3.3.0 & Ti studio i am facing issue [android sdk directory does not exist] in ios Commented
7/30/2014 Error Building Android Module Commented
7/30/2014 move annotation animated? Commented
7/30/2014 Equivalent of css line-height property Commented
7/30/2014 Android WebView custom headers Commented
7/30/2014 Can't sync with iTunes since update Commented
7/30/2014 Deploy web app to server Commented
7/30/2014 Convert Date string to Date Commented
7/30/2014 RSS sample suddenly doesnt work Commented
7/30/2014 Google Business Client ID Commented
7/30/2014 Webview in a View - Event Handling Commented
7/30/2014 Picture ( Image ) color overlay effect ? Commented
7/29/2014 help with createServiceIntent ? Commented
7/29/2014 Playing a youtube video with VideoPlayer Answered, Commented
7/29/2014 Problems Configuring iOS SDK Appcelerator 3.3.0 and Mavericks 10.9.4: An iOS SDK is missing. Answered
7/29/2014 CURL in Titanium Answered
7/29/2014 Playing App Sourced Audio on Android Commented
7/29/2014 Titanium.Network Commented
7/29/2014 TI.map not show map in device android Commented
7/29/2014 CustomObject regex query stopped working with Hebrew Commented
7/29/2014 Web Project - integrate with system functionalitites Commented
7/29/2014 Scheduling push notifications in android Answered
7/29/2014 How to style controls Answered
7/29/2014 Loooking for good examples for modules Asked, Commented
7/28/2014 Close Map Point Annotation Title on iOS Commented
7/28/2014 ti.map 2.1.4 not show map in device Commented
7/28/2014 How to avoid that an paid Titanium Module to be "stolen"? Commented
7/28/2014 Do I have to create new api key for Google Maps when updatng my app? Commented
7/28/2014 Android Push Notifications without Module? Answered, Commented
7/28/2014 [IOS] How to make the camera non-fullscreen? Answered, Commented
7/28/2014 Unable to fetch JS components in webview Answered, Commented
7/28/2014 App Badge for Android Commented
7/26/2014 MVC NODE.ACS app starting twice Commented
7/26/2014 Titanium Studio 3.3.0 Android SDK is missing Commented
7/26/2014 titanium nfc basic Commented
7/23/2014 Upgrade sqlite database Answered, Commented
7/23/2014 Customize Webviews Commented
7/22/2014 Android Development on Windows 7 Commented
7/22/2014 Maps API checking location over and over? Commented
7/22/2014 Android Cloudpush min sdk undefined Answered
7/22/2014 Array objects Commented
7/22/2014 Problem with Titanium.Media.showCamera in Android Commented
7/22/2014 Google Maps not showing up on Android ... after days. Help! Commented
7/22/2014 Titanium android app webview force to landscape Commented
7/22/2014 Google Maps V2 issue - map is not visible, only dotted lines Commented
7/22/2014 image support for SVG and sprites? Answered
7/22/2014 Uploading an image from iOS App Commented
7/21/2014 Android - Phone Call problem Answered, Commented
7/21/2014 Displaying of tiles (ti.map) depending of API level (android)? Asked, Commented
7/21/2014 OptionDialog - sorting / order of the possible options gets scrambled Answered, Commented
7/21/2014 Get the city with current location. Commented
7/21/2014 Mobile Web Http Client Request Commented
7/21/2014 Complete event didn't fire for Titanium.Map.view Answered
7/21/2014 XML Parsing in titnaium Answered, Commented
7/21/2014 Storing data as JSON in a file or in a database. Commented
7/21/2014 Get HTML of a WebView Commented
7/17/2014 Android_not triggering onload Commented
7/17/2014 android side menu Commented
7/17/2014 Trouble with a profile picture Commented
7/17/2014 Chart for Android Commented
7/17/2014 Android tab text color? Answered, Commented
7/17/2014 error " invalid SQL statement " Answered, Commented
7/17/2014 Android SDK Home, No Android SDKs detected Commented
7/17/2014 Can not make map show up on Android device Commented
7/17/2014 function return boolean Answered, Commented
7/17/2014 New to Titanium, Password issue on OSX install Commented
7/17/2014 Variable in AddEventListener Answered
7/17/2014 How to build an in-house enterprise app store Answered, Commented
7/17/2014 Did someone have seen this? Commented
7/17/2014 Button with text and image titanium alloy Commented
7/17/2014 Screen orientation for android Commented
7/17/2014 html5 offline app feature and WebView Commented
7/17/2014 How to upload images to PARSE by using Titanium Commented
7/17/2014 Import project fails to work Commented
7/17/2014 Remote data base and php web services Commented
7/17/2014 On iOS, how to catch incoming Push Notifications when app is closed, so it can be processed when app re-opens? Answered, Commented
7/17/2014 Could someone please tell me what this icon is? Commented
7/16/2014 App Inactivty Timeout Doesn't Persist Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 Rotate and opacity animation same time on one object Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 Problem with getting data from array Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 Android localstorage,sessionstorage, cookies etc... Answered
7/16/2014 Call database online Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 XHR - POST not GET Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 Help Needed with ImageViews on Android Commented
7/16/2014 Titanium View and WebView Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 'inBackground: property of callback of registerForPushNotifications doesn't work Asked
7/16/2014 Which event can I listen to, to catch incoming APNS Push Notification when app in background? Commented
7/16/2014 No reply from Ti.Network.registerForPushNotifications() Commented
7/16/2014 registerForPushNotifications callback() Problem - No Notifications in App Commented
7/16/2014 Cloud.PushNotifications.showChannels: "You are not authorized …" Asked
7/16/2014 Android Local notification Commented
7/16/2014 Cannot Enable Cloud Service on Titanium Answered, Commented
7/16/2014 showing last added data first in titanium database Commented
7/15/2014 Notification for a new news. Remember this news until unread. Answered, Commented
7/15/2014 Custom Label with multiple colour and href , hash tag Answered
7/15/2014 Getting the position of views in scrollView Commented
7/15/2014 Custom i18n function Commented
7/14/2014 Setup - Unable to configure Android SDK Answered, Commented
7/13/2014 Androids AccountManager as module Asked, Commented
7/12/2014 In-App Form Answered, Commented
7/12/2014 Adding event to calendar through Json ios titanium Commented
7/12/2014 Module Maps v3 on Android Answered, Commented
7/11/2014 Different language on app's launch Answered, Commented
7/11/2014 Password of "Apple Development Push Certificate" Asked, Commented
7/11/2014 error: "Failed to install apk on "emulator-5554" Commented
7/11/2014 Fetching YouTube video list in Titanium Answered, Commented
7/11/2014 How much time does it take for a keyboard to popup/hide? Answered, Commented
7/11/2014 Total count of subscribers in push notification channel Asked, Commented
7/11/2014 No Device Token with push notification Answered
7/11/2014 mtion detection with Titanium Commented
7/11/2014 Detect position in the scrollview when scrolling Commented
7/10/2014 Change background image on tableview click Commented
7/10/2014 Update/Synchronization of local DB with remote DB Answered, Commented
7/10/2014 How to launch turn-by-turn GPS Navigation? Commented
7/10/2014 Check if string has same characters Answered
7/10/2014 Get url parameter from the socket is listening. Commented
7/10/2014 Changing childTemplates properties of ListView Commented
7/10/2014 Dynamic picker Commented
7/9/2014 Simple chat server with socket.io and Ti.WS doesn't workon iOS Asked, Commented
7/9/2014 database.open() sometimes cause app crash Answered, Commented
7/9/2014 Google Analytics Module -Matt Tutle Commented
7/9/2014 auto collapse in tableview Commented
7/9/2014 Restrict orientation for splash screen to landscape in iOS Commented
7/9/2014 How to move DB to SD card? Commented
7/8/2014 error: Unable to find Android SDK tools: zipalign Commented
7/8/2014 Titanium Studio & Android Studio Commented
7/8/2014 Relation Fields giving us some issues Commented
7/8/2014 titanuim openurl with charset settings Commented
7/8/2014 Titanium sdk 2.1.4 Commented
7/8/2014 Audio recording/playback for iOS/Android App Commented
7/8/2014 Android Push Notification fails although successful subscribing Asked, Answered, Commented
7/8/2014 ACS - Push Notify Friends sends to everyone Answered, Commented
7/7/2014 getting error with KrollCallback Commented
7/7/2014 Can't find global variable declared in app.js Commented
7/7/2014 View children result are different on iOS and Android Commented
7/7/2014 Push notifications in android Answered, Commented
7/5/2014 Custom ListView Rendering Speed. Is there a faster way? Commented
7/4/2014 View for a particular time Answered, Commented
7/4/2014 How to get the device token on iOS 7 Commented
7/4/2014 chart not working in web view for Android Answered
7/4/2014 Wait untill function returns a value Commented
7/4/2014 Google Analytics (Mark Tuttle) problem in Android Commented
7/4/2014 [TIP] How to open Facebook & Twitter apps/websites on iOS and Android Commented
7/4/2014 SQLite Query(SELECT) is very slow on real device Commented
7/3/2014 Getting user's specifc info from for loop(table view) Commented
7/3/2014 Why does only first row in nested TableView show? Commented
7/3/2014 Search by first letter? Answered, Commented
7/3/2014 Alloy: Inheritance of whole view? Commented
7/3/2014 How to change the behavior of the Titanium Studio IDE when compiling? Commented
7/3/2014 Titanium Installation Fails - Access Forbidden - Git_setup Commented
7/3/2014 Android 'change' event firing thousands of times when I try to mask a textfield. What would be the correct event to use? Commented
7/3/2014 Where should I check my code first? Commented
7/3/2014 Label restrict with 2 lines in table view row Commented
7/3/2014 How to filter searchBar results in a tableView on Remote Data? Answered, Commented
7/3/2014 Twilio node.js Commented
7/3/2014 Titanium-Problem with Event Listener Commented
7/3/2014 Set value of textfield inside a ListView to empty string causes Exception Answered
7/3/2014 Where is res/drawable/Icon.png located? Commented
7/3/2014 Cannot access created file Commented
7/3/2014 image doesnt show from the post Answered
7/3/2014 android and ios and fontfamily ? Commented
7/3/2014 table view not appearing when clicked Answered, Commented
7/3/2014 Error Android Video Player Answered, Commented
7/3/2014 Android optionDialog androidView with multiple pickers Commented
7/3/2014 Testing maps on Android device, errors "Google Play services out of date" and "Google Play services resources were not found" Commented
7/3/2014 ti.map 2.1.5, error parsing XML Commented
7/3/2014 to know the button clicked from the click event listener . Commented
7/2/2014 Error timeout in office network Commented
7/1/2014 Translate objects Commented
7/1/2014 Circular scroll wheel with inertia Answered
7/1/2014 Version of Android API Answered, Commented
7/1/2014 Titanium doesn't recognize Android SDK Answered, Commented
7/1/2014 Generate cross platform PDF file Commented
7/1/2014 When you make some users(OS users) in one Mac, what is the best way to set to use SDK from all user? Commented
7/1/2014 HTTP error when I try to download a remote file onto a device Commented
7/1/2014 Unable to find Android SDK tools: zipalign Answered, Commented
6/30/2014 Installing SDKs in Mac Osx Commented
6/30/2014 Receiving of Android Push Notifications makes trouble (INVALID_SENDER) Asked, Commented
6/30/2014 Older version of my ios app gotten on the device when installing the app into it. Answered
6/30/2014 Including third party framework when distributing a custom module Answered
6/30/2014 Modules not found after building for device [iOS, coffeescript, SDK 3.2.3] Commented
6/30/2014 Images from Wordpress cannot be seen on Android 4.4 Commented
6/30/2014 OTR Encryption in IOS appcelerator? Answered, Commented
6/30/2014 Google maps doesn't load tiles after panning/zooming Asked, Commented
6/30/2014 Titanium studio don't have iOS Commented
6/28/2014 Google Play services resources were not found Commented
6/28/2014 The Google Play services resources were not found / Maps Api V2 Commented
6/27/2014 error while connecting to server Answered, Commented
6/27/2014 Cannot install apps to iOS devices Asked, Commented
6/26/2014 ScrollView Always Scroll Commented
6/26/2014 Google Maps v2 fails on Android Answered
6/26/2014 Inserting the value dynamically into columns Commented
6/26/2014 UIActivityViewController Commented
6/26/2014 Facebook Android Module Commented
6/25/2014 Offline Maps (mbtiles) for iPad/iPhone Asked, Commented
6/25/2014 Centre map on annotation not working - iPhone iOS 7.1.1 - Ti 3.2.3 Commented
6/25/2014 Has anybody set up a Shopify app (iOS) with Titanium successfully? Answered
6/24/2014 ERROR: Found Conflicting Resources Commented
6/24/2014 listview item height dynamicaly Answered
6/24/2014 Change the Window to fullscreen after that Window is already opened Answered, Commented
6/24/2014 how to start application with specific orientation Answered
6/23/2014 Issue installing required updates Commented
6/23/2014 How to add iOS maps and geolocation Commented
6/23/2014 iOS search bar in navigationWindow/tabGroup header Commented
6/23/2014 Provisioning Profile app id and Project App Id mismatch Commented
6/23/2014 App closes with a crash when pressing back button on index page. Commented
6/23/2014 Rainbow Color Text Commented
6/23/2014 Difference b/w modal and non-modal window Commented
6/23/2014 iOS - Icons on Navigation Bar Commented
6/23/2014 Android Push Notification Format Commented
6/23/2014 Problem with updagrading to latest version Commented
6/22/2014 Put json data to tableview Answered, Commented
6/22/2014 WordPress Login integration to Titanium App Commented
6/22/2014 UI.Switch and XHR Commented
6/22/2014 Does the application needs to retrieve Device Token every launch? Answered, Commented
6/22/2014 Integration with WordPress Commented
6/22/2014 Custom Font not working in Android Answered, Commented
6/21/2014 User Query Error Answered, Commented
6/21/2014 Ti.Media.AudioPlayer - lacking basic features? Answered
6/21/2014 webservices error Answered, Commented
6/21/2014 Not able to make titatnium work on Mac OX Marvericks Commented
6/20/2014 Android 4.4.3: Closing TI app will show previous app Commented
6/20/2014 SearchBar on TableView Commented
6/20/2014 Design of Push notification (GCM) on android Asked, Commented
6/20/2014 Android Click Back Button Twice - Black Screen Then Close Commented
6/20/2014 Beginner question: Layouts Commented
6/20/2014 Not saving the image in the gallery Answered, Commented
6/20/2014 Open Link in Safari from WebView - 3.2 Answered
6/20/2014 Add the event in the calender Commented
6/19/2014 Node.ACS - Switching from Development to Production Answered
6/19/2014 Difference between TCD and TCAD?? Commented
6/19/2014 CORS - simple tutorial Answered, Commented
6/18/2014 Sometime the image is displayed and sometime is not! Answered, Commented
6/18/2014 Uncaught ReferenceError: TiApp is not defined Answered
6/18/2014 Download and extract .zip files Android Answered
6/18/2014 Titanium and Socket.io Integration Commented
6/18/2014 socket.io over tiws makes trouble on iOS Asked, Commented
6/18/2014 Custome event/observer pattern on own objects Asked, Commented
6/18/2014 Facebook iOS 7 device auth error 5 Commented
6/16/2014 Not recognising any device! Commented
6/16/2014 Webview on Android with autofocus: how suppress appearance of the soft keyboard ? Asked, Commented
6/13/2014 send form fields variables to JSON webservice Answered, Commented
6/13/2014 How to include a function ? Commented
6/12/2014 Android Titanium app crashing without much more than Fatal signal, maybe related to HTTP client exception Commented
6/12/2014 Do you know how to Unlock iPhone on O2-UK? Commented
6/12/2014 Program Flow -- Order of Execution Answered
6/9/2014 Can I use Ti.Media.MusicPlayer with streamed media? Answered
6/6/2014 Unable to download IPA(enterprise distribution) from browser Answered, Commented
6/6/2014 how to clear grow heap size in titanium in android? Answered
6/6/2014 Horizontal Scrolling in Webview Answered
6/6/2014 Change layout property when orientation change Commented
6/4/2014 Compile AIDL files for Android in app billing module Answered, Commented
6/4/2014 Lock the direction of the scrollableView Answered
6/4/2014 How can i upload any file from mobile web app? Commented
6/4/2014 Caching of google map tiles (Android) Asked
6/4/2014 Disable Map Compass Answered
6/4/2014 conflict ti.map + ti.cloudpush Asked, Commented
6/4/2014 already added: Lcom/google/android/gms/games/achievement/Achievement Commented
6/4/2014 Connect app and server with JSON and HTTPCLIENT Commented
6/4/2014 Android tray notification is not showing Answered, Commented
6/3/2014 Help required using Objective-C from iPhone app in native module Answered
6/3/2014 Using of TiWS for chat makes "Bad request" Asked, Commented
6/3/2014 Push Notifications Using Parse Answered, Commented
6/2/2014 Detecting Touch-drag Direction in Listview Commented
6/2/2014 launch android activity from background service Answered
6/2/2014 draw bar graphs in titanium Answered, Commented
6/2/2014 Can not display Android Remote Images Commented
6/2/2014 How to make a section fixed/non scrollable in listview Answered
6/2/2014 Textfield autocomplete search and get relavent word Commented
6/2/2014 Send Push Notifications in Android Answered, Commented
6/1/2014 Sometime my app crashes because of MediaSound object management. Commented
6/1/2014 View .dcm files or use of DICOM web viewer Answered
5/31/2014 Slide up and Down Answered
5/30/2014 Background location tracking for iOS (+ Android) Asked, Commented
5/28/2014 Parse HTML page into list Answered
5/28/2014 Total number of subscribed users in push notification channel Asked
5/26/2014 How to auto enhance an image in Appcelerator? Answered
5/26/2014 CloudPush.retrieveDeviceToken() for other clouds? Asked
5/24/2014 Does Ti.App.iOS.BackgroundService require a UIBackgroundModes declaration in Info.plist? Commented
5/21/2014 Displaying of PDF in Android Asked, Commented
5/20/2014 XHR abort not working Answered, Commented
5/20/2014 Vimeo Player API Commented
5/19/2014 Geotracking with AlarmManager from BenCoding Asked, Commented
5/14/2014 Dynamic creating of images Asked
4/26/2014 Get data from remote database (json) NSInvalidargumentexception Answered, Commented
4/25/2014 TiHttpClient client on host connecting Commented
4/13/2014 Playing youtube videos in videopayer Asked
3/29/2014 Trouble looping through and Parsing XML file. Answered, Commented
3/16/2014 evalJS makes trouble SDK 3.2.0.GA Asked, Commented
2/27/2014 iCloud integration with Titanium Commented
2/27/2014 Specify an index.html file in mobile web..? Answered, Commented
2/26/2014 ti.bar overwrites my preferences Asked
2/20/2014 maven encryption Commented
2/20/2014 I can't get displayed item string of tableview. Commented
2/20/2014 How to make HTTPClient work in sync? Commented
2/20/2014 Example of ListView for fetching remote JSON data Answered, Commented
2/20/2014 how to create a live tv app for android Commented
2/20/2014 How to parse values from webservices? Commented
2/19/2014 Android App or Mobile Web Commented
2/19/2014 Map V2 on Android, adding view to it is not visible. Commented
2/19/2014 integrating a web service Answered, Commented
2/19/2014 superscript support font in titanium Answered
2/19/2014 bulleted list <ul> with label ? Commented
2/19/2014 Best practice for organizing models and controllers Commented
2/19/2014 Speechrecognizer @ android Asked
2/19/2014 Using of google (chrome) speech recognition Asked, Commented
2/18/2014 Can I Open A PDF File on Web? Answered, Commented
2/18/2014 Running youtube video Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Android Google Maps API2 Woes Answered
2/17/2014 Manage back button on Android to skip a window Answered
2/17/2014 handle upload photo with slow internet connection Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Change Window NavBar Color - Alloy Answered, Commented
2/17/2014 Display app name next to logo in android app? Commented
2/12/2014 Google Mapsv2 make trouble on Android since 2.3.0.GA Asked, Answered, Commented
2/12/2014 Google Maps Android API( 2476): Authorization failure Answered, Commented
2/12/2014 Generate Thumbnail Image from Video URL Commented
2/12/2014 Nodejs inside Alloy App Commented
2/12/2014 HttpClientRequest error on device but not in emulator Commented
2/12/2014 Dragging does not work Commented
2/11/2014 Ti.Map - map shows only after "Clear data", otherwise is empty/black Commented
2/11/2014 Problems after upgrading studio Commented
2/10/2014 How to Access Image from application data directory Answered, Commented
2/10/2014 Android ti.map module of version v2 not working Answered
2/10/2014 Can't lock video orientation in full screen Answered, Commented
2/9/2014 Supporting 'portrait' and 'reverseportrait' from android custom manifest file Commented
2/7/2014 evalJS not working with Android but is fine in iPhone Commented
2/1/2014 Ios 7 blurry navigation bar problem Commented
1/31/2014 Changes in Ti.UI.Android.openPreferences doesn't fire Ti.App.Properties events Asked, Commented
1/29/2014 Progressbar in headerView of listview Asked, Commented
1/29/2014 Titanium Certification Answered, Commented
1/29/2014 Can I store a sqlite database on Appcelerator Cloud Service so that retrieve data from it? Commented
1/29/2014 Speech recognition IOS Answered, Commented
1/29/2014 Force Android Orientation no longer works on 3.2.0 Answered, Commented
1/28/2014 Detecting if remote assets is an audio file Asked, Commented
1/28/2014 High Ram Usage HTTPClient Answered, Commented
1/27/2014 Indication of radio (audioplayer) activity Asked, Commented
1/25/2014 can't push in an array retrieved through getList Commented
1/25/2014 Ti.Map.createAnnotation is undefined error Answered, Commented
1/25/2014 Retrieving pin from twitter oauth auth page Asked, Commented
1/25/2014 Twitter adapter for Android Asked, Commented
1/22/2014 Trpuble with standard sqlite UPDATE Asked, Commented
1/22/2014 How to reduce the size of recorded video in ios using titanium platform Answered
1/21/2014 Ti.App.FireEvent not passing argument Answered
1/21/2014 "Swiping" tabgroup on Android Asked, Commented
1/21/2014 App is keep on restarting when i load the HTML file Commented
1/20/2014 How to prevent duplicate actions in titanium Answered, Commented
1/20/2014 What code resume in Android Commented
1/20/2014 Android no longer fullscreen after switching between apps Answered
1/19/2014 Parsing of big XML/RSS feed Asked, Commented
1/15/2014 Linkedin / OAuth 2.0 Answered
1/15/2014 Displaying of "progress" in listview item Asked, Commented
1/15/2014 How to get selected text form a webview after longpress? Answered
1/15/2014 Android on-pause and On-resume(Home button Click) Answered
1/13/2014 detecting longitude/latitute of a click using ti map module Answered
1/12/2014 Not able to insert HTML tags in sqlite blob type database even with string replace Answered, Commented
1/11/2014 Secure storing of API keys Commented
1/11/2014 how to make titanium android app shortcut icon, other than actual Application icon Commented
1/11/2014 WebView sometimes does not fire load event Answered, Commented
1/11/2014 Android Activity clarification Answered, Commented
1/11/2014 Refresh data Commented
1/11/2014 Database Error on Android Answered, Commented
1/11/2014 Android Picker Row font color is White Commented
1/10/2014 How to build titanium_modules Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 ListView with pullView Answered
1/10/2014 iOS7 distribution's window backgroundImage is plain black Commented
1/10/2014 Create custom field type array Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 Concat more options Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 Contacts with custom data set Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 Unable to create new project - Run 'node help' for available commands Commented
1/10/2014 Using Amazon EC2 as backend Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 Set Webview timeout function Answered, Commented
1/10/2014 Exit Android app programatically Asked, Commented
1/10/2014 hide tabGroup in Android with Ti SDK 3.2.0 Commented
1/10/2014 Android in chat with user.. how i used to send a emotions, phots from gallery Answered
1/10/2014 How to create if i close my app before show alert by using on pause method in Android? Commented
1/10/2014 Howto add Picker ( or spinner in android terms ) in actionbar ? Commented
1/10/2014 Device sim support Answered
1/10/2014 Tableview scrolling Answered
1/9/2014 Date format Answered, Commented
1/9/2014 You tube video Commented
1/9/2014 Image view width in android Answered, Commented
1/9/2014 Android outofmemory error Commented
1/9/2014 Login in Titanium application using Twitter Account Answered
1/9/2014 compare current geo cordinates with database values and raise alarm Answered
1/7/2014 requestResetPassword restful acs well my app itself should send the email? Commented
1/7/2014 Video Player background ios Commented
1/7/2014 App cash after Download . Commented
1/6/2014 android : a new bar appears with SDK 3.2.0 Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 Installing a premade sqlite db on android Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 is possible to develop a game in ipad using titanium?? Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 linkedin oauth2 Commented
1/6/2014 get remote mysql data inserted into sqlite using json in titanium appclerator Answered
1/6/2014 HTTP requests module - feedback Answered
1/6/2014 To create a common function to call HttpClient Answered
1/6/2014 Tableviewrow check image Answered, Commented
1/6/2014 titanium Japanese Contacts list sort Answered
1/6/2014 push notifications Answered
1/6/2014 Searching in ListView like searching contacts on the phone Answered
1/2/2014 Can we manage Maps in Titanium Commented
1/2/2014 Reset scrollView Commented
1/2/2014 When build Android project, always say "Error generating R.java from manifest" Answered
1/2/2014 Ordered and Unordered List in Titanium Answered
1/2/2014 Map Module v2 for Android Showing Empty Map Answered, Commented
1/1/2014 Disable back screen on alertdialog Answered, Commented
1/1/2014 Go back on android device back click Answered
1/1/2014 Time Base Var Answered, Commented
1/1/2014 How to close a modal window in Alloy for android. Answered
1/1/2014 Change Port on: createTCPSocket() session - Expert Advice Reqd. Commented
12/31/2013 Titanium.Filesystem undefined in webview Commented
12/31/2013 Android and WebView rendering - Good on emulator, inconsistent on device? Answered
12/31/2013 for forgedui Commented
12/31/2013 How to get response from (STOR PASV) command? Commented
12/31/2013 Open picker on click of button Answered
12/31/2013 Module Voice to Text Commented
12/30/2013 Upload files to a webserver Answered, Commented
12/30/2013 Touchend event giving wrong result Answered
12/30/2013 Drag and Drop games/app in Titanium Answered
12/29/2013 Set android activity color to transparent. Commented
12/28/2013 ACS Down? Commented
12/28/2013 OpenURL inside of Sandbox Answered, Commented
12/28/2013 Titanium 3.2.0 SDK update - Internationalization not working Commented
12/28/2013 Studio 3.2.0 don't see android sdk Commented
12/28/2013 Upgrade 3.2.0 Issue Commented
12/27/2013 Open local file in Safari Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 Is there a module I can use to capture/display signatures? Commented
12/27/2013 how to open and edit excel sheet Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 How to create a view where the behaviour is like push to unlock or when you are on the locked screen ? Answered
12/27/2013 No Android SDK after upgrading to studio build: Commented
12/27/2013 top hat graphics Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 Titanium.App.Properties not working on android Answered
12/27/2013 How to encrypt a pre-populated sqlite DB and use it with sqlcipher (dmarie sqlite encryption)? Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 persist cookie in webview Commented
12/27/2013 Ti.Network.createHTTPClient Bad Request Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 Change picker's fontSize in android. Answered
12/27/2013 Channel limits for push notifications Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 warnings when using value 'auto' Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 Android SDK missing Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 transition not working in io7 Commented
12/27/2013 Titanium documentation offline? Asked, Commented
12/27/2013 How to download documentation Commented
12/27/2013 Can't run Titanium project which is created on Windows, in Mac. Commented
12/27/2013 tableVIewRow shows header text "header" on iphone Answered
12/27/2013 How to receive android gcm notification when app is not running Answered, Commented
12/27/2013 Counting API calls for push notifications Answered
12/26/2013 Efficient way to manage Map annotations Answered
12/26/2013 Can't build Android apk for testing? Answered
12/26/2013 With 3.2.0 install many UI components background color changed Commented
12/26/2013 drop down list clicking outside of list should close it Commented
12/26/2013 Reloading the window when orientation was changed using Android Titanium Answered
12/26/2013 ChariTi - running problems Answered, Commented
12/26/2013 missing *.so files and does not create libs folder Commented
12/26/2013 bencoding.localnotify-iphone foreground sound issue Answered
12/26/2013 value update in picker... Answered
12/26/2013 Label algorithm idea? Answered, Commented
12/26/2013 Implement TableView.selectRow in Android Answered
12/26/2013 i want to add a custom field in photo upload function Answered, Commented
12/25/2013 Writing text to a string variable Answered, Commented
12/25/2013 Remove icon from actionbar and set window title to center using android Answered
12/25/2013 ios - programatically install a external IPA Answered, Commented
12/24/2013 Is there an API Documentation Download? Answered
12/24/2013 Image picker inside alertdialog (androidView) Asked, Commented
12/24/2013 Display PHP data on Home View Commented
12/24/2013 how to install other *.apk application on android platform? Answered, Commented
12/24/2013 Can't update to Alloy 1.3.0 Commented
12/24/2013 nested scrollable view Answered
12/24/2013 Convert Document or pdf file in audio ? Answered
12/24/2013 In Titanium 3.1.3 Ti.Platform.openURL is not working in android mobile Commented
12/24/2013 Terminating of android app since 3.2.0.GA Asked
12/23/2013 scrollView.toImage() does not create an image of the whole scrollview Commented
12/23/2013 Parse.com push notifications for Android Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 Finding current window of active tab Commented
12/23/2013 Failed to encrypt JavaScript files after 3.2.0 update Commented
12/23/2013 QR Code Commented
12/23/2013 App Dev Misunderstanding Answered
12/23/2013 Prevent TabGroup doubletap event from triggering in Appcelerator Answered, Commented
12/23/2013 global toolbar Answered
12/23/2013 Cloudpush Commented
12/22/2013 Build Issue 3.1.2 Answered, Commented
12/22/2013 "Pull to refresh" for Android list view Asked, Commented
12/21/2013 Karaoke Asked, Commented
12/19/2013 Menu button on Nexus5 Asked, Commented
12/19/2013 How to get response headers in "onerror" of httpClient? Answered, Commented
12/19/2013 Recursive loop for checking internet connectivity Commented
12/19/2013 ResponseXML does not parse XML and returns empty object Answered, Commented
12/18/2013 SQLit database with web service Commented
12/18/2013 is it feasible to use adobe cq5 in mobile app.s with titanium? Answered
12/18/2013 How to load images into TableView without memory leak Answered, Commented
12/17/2013 HTML5 template loops by restarting repeatedly Commented
12/17/2013 TextField in Ti 3.1.3 NOT accept Chinese Character Input ? Commented
12/17/2013 about google map Answered, Commented
12/17/2013 OCR implementation for image to text conversion Answered, Commented
12/17/2013 Move and Scale label not displaying while taking Photo : Titanium iOS7 Answered
12/17/2013 "Process exit value was 143" after upgrading to SDK 3.2.X Asked, Answered, Commented
12/17/2013 Andriod Emulator error Answered
12/17/2013 Webview scroll to position x:y Answered
12/17/2013 best visual IDE for designing HTML5 mobile app Answered
12/17/2013 How to call web service from background? Commented
12/17/2013 android view: remote backgroundImage is crashing Answered
12/14/2013 iOS Development on Windows Answered
12/14/2013 Dynamic height in tableViewRow Commented
12/14/2013 Allow landscape and portrait for android Answered
12/14/2013 Load More Entries Functionality Answered
12/13/2013 NoSQL for Titanium Commented
12/13/2013 does Titanium work with geojson? Answered
12/13/2013 ListView Calculated Row Heigth on iOS Commented
12/13/2013 Studio 3.2.0: cannot deploy (passwort + alias missing) Asked, Commented
12/13/2013 Android SDK not found since yesterday Asked, Answered, Commented
12/13/2013 HTML FontFace working in safari not in stimulator and device Answered
12/13/2013 data parsing Commented
12/13/2013 Mobile Web and animations Answered
12/13/2013 Get Emails from gmail,yahoo using titanium Answered
12/12/2013 3_2_X_hybrid Asked, Commented
12/11/2013 Using backbone w/ sqlite adapter - invalid sql statement Commented
12/11/2013 InnerHTML in titanium for Titanium.XML.Node ? Answered
12/10/2013 Webview - Synchronous request Answered, Commented
12/10/2013 Translate Animation causes issue on elements Answered
12/10/2013 connection between postgresql and titanium Answered
12/8/2013 Sorting contacts alphabetically on iOS and Android Answered
12/8/2013 Can't find the SDK directory Answered
12/8/2013 email and users data Answered
12/7/2013 Big version of titanium pretzel Asked
12/5/2013 videoplayer on android with preview Asked, Commented
12/5/2013 Maps for iphone and android Answered, Commented
12/5/2013 Merge label with image and upload the complete image Commented
12/4/2013 How correctly structure module Answered, Commented
12/4/2013 Usage, Maturity, Updates Answered
12/4/2013 I have titanium code(IOS), am unable to edit and update the code(i taken code from my clien) on any one of page. Please guide me Answered
12/4/2013 working with linked in Answered
12/3/2013 error in module Tisoical.framework Answered
12/3/2013 Close current Window Answered, Commented
12/3/2013 Ti.API.info is not displaying in my console. Answered, Commented
12/3/2013 Project Failed to Build after... Commented
12/2/2013 working with linkedin Answered
12/2/2013 Publishing an app for iOS6 and iOS7 Answered
12/2/2013 iOS SDK support in Titanium Answered
12/1/2013 Tracking loaction as background service longer than 600 sec. writes in SQLite? Asked
11/23/2013 Calendar View Answered
11/21/2013 Snapchat Asked
11/19/2013 working with list view in android Commented
11/19/2013 How to create a dynamic ListView with Alloy? Answered
11/19/2013 how to abort an ajax call Commented
11/18/2013 Getting data from a asynchronous function Answered
11/18/2013 locking orientaion for specific window Answered
11/17/2013 xml parsing blackberry Answered, Commented
11/15/2013 sqlite question (pro, I think) Commented
11/13/2013 Ti.API.info no login to the console Commented
11/13/2013 upload ios app to app store Answered
11/13/2013 Every Appecelerator app crash in iPhone 5s simulator Answered
11/13/2013 Dynamically displaying unknown number / type of fields Answered, Commented
11/13/2013 o_auth authentication for android Answered
11/12/2013 Access to app configuration (Root.plist) Asked, Commented
11/5/2013 How to access Javascript Object Answered
11/4/2013 Adjust width of TextArea in orientation for IOS Answered
11/4/2013 Barcode Scanner for Titanium 3.xx projects Commented
11/4/2013 Cannot call facebook module Asked, Commented
11/4/2013 Facebook Like Sliding menu with tabGroup in android Answered
11/3/2013 bread crumb navigation Commented
11/2/2013 Getting all music uri from a folder (esternal storage) for playing in Android Answered
11/2/2013 screenn finger Answered
10/30/2013 how to show facebook event list in a table in Titanium Commented
10/29/2013 How to set notifications icon with UrbanAirship Module? Answered, Commented
10/29/2013 Unable to open the PDF file from my app. Answered, Commented
10/26/2013 (ACS-) Push-Notification from own server Asked, Commented
10/21/2013 smsListener Module Commented
10/21/2013 Project creation problem Commented
10/21/2013 How I can Low Resolution imagen Answered
10/21/2013 Empty space in html content in webview Commented
10/21/2013 How to put data from a function into a textfield Answered
10/21/2013 Cloud - get photo in image view? Answered, Commented
10/21/2013 remote/server backgroundImage not working in TableViewRows Answered
10/21/2013 Speech to text and Text to Speech conversion Answered
10/21/2013 Change data on cloud titanium with my website. Answered, Commented
10/21/2013 Downgrade Android Version to 2.2 From 2.3.3 Answered
10/21/2013 How to get scroll direction of scrollview? Answered, Commented
10/21/2013 7 inch tablet emulator is not working Commented
10/21/2013 Amazon Web Services Query Answered, Commented
10/21/2013 Appcelertor Book Commented
10/21/2013 Android Push Notfication not working Answered, Commented
10/21/2013 jsonObject.query.results.item.length error while running my code in emulator Answered, Commented
10/20/2013 images/icons Answered
10/20/2013 ListView accessoryType cannot be set programmatically? Answered
10/20/2013 Parameter that calls photo image in the Email Template Answered
10/20/2013 Reminder with a popup window Answered, Commented
10/19/2013 Push Notification on Android: how can I realize a dynamic icon Asked, Commented
10/19/2013 Android Notification Large Icon Commented
10/18/2013 Star rating Answered, Commented
10/18/2013 sending a tweet Answered, Commented
10/18/2013 Font size is increasing automatically using webview Answered
10/16/2013 scrollView::setBackgroundImage crashes at using of twitter image Asked, Commented
10/16/2013 Twitter access in two steps Asked, Commented
10/11/2013 Titanium module unlicensed Commented
10/8/2013 Strange behavior of google maps v2 in two activities Asked, Commented
10/8/2013 Showing the annotations on map which is near by one km from my address. Commented
10/8/2013 Using the Titanium platform ID Answered, Commented
10/8/2013 Tabbed bar inside listitem Answered
10/8/2013 Timer goes too fast Answered
10/3/2013 Strange behavior of google maps v2 android in two windows Asked
10/1/2013 Including Android native java code in Titanium. Is it possible? Answered, Commented
10/1/2013 Make PDF from tableview Answered
10/1/2013 Button graphics on iOS7 have lost colour Answered
9/29/2013 call number from app Commented
9/29/2013 ios 7 (button issues) Commented
9/29/2013 AdMod Ads not displaying..! Answered
9/29/2013 Communication between Widgets in Alloy Framework Answered
9/28/2013 How to upload mp3 on soundcloud from ios app created with titanium Answered, Commented
9/28/2013 update layout for a imageview in titanium android Commented
9/28/2013 file property in new HTTPclient (iOS7 makes trouble Asked, Commented
9/27/2013 How to run an application through Titanium Studio on older iOS Simulator version? Asked, Commented
9/26/2013 Visibility and instances of variables in moduls Asked
9/25/2013 Xcode5: changing of provisioning file Asked
9/23/2013 Uploading geotagged photo to ASC cloud (android) Asked, Commented
9/23/2013 first screen inside tabGroup not firing 'open' and 'focus' event when open app? Answered
9/22/2013 Android: authentication in alertdialog crashes Asked, Answered, Commented
9/21/2013 Response from the server Answered, Commented
9/21/2013 working with google map v2.0 Answered
9/20/2013 Android Video rotation issue Answered
9/20/2013 Modify iOS class file in Titanium SDK Answered, Commented
9/20/2013 PhotoGallery image date Answered
9/20/2013 Save image as JPEG Answered
9/20/2013 Taking snippets from Kitchen Sink? Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Why dont install database on external storage on android work? Answered
9/19/2013 Facebook Auth Dialog Buttons Overlap Commented
9/19/2013 Remove / close android camera Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 ListView and editing mode Commented
9/19/2013 Encryption app with Titanium Appcelerator Commented
9/19/2013 Is there a way to bind streaming values to labels to show constantly updating values? Answered
9/19/2013 Downloading no. of images asynchronously.... Answered
9/19/2013 How to enable compression when sending POST data from HTTPClient to server? Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Json data fetched by a php page return ro results while in browser everything go right Commented
9/19/2013 Picker open when window opens Commented
9/19/2013 Google Ads(DFP) for Android and iphone Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Titanium function call issue Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 Slide left an imageview and next image show Answered
9/19/2013 Twilio integration on WebView Answered
9/19/2013 Annotation: can I change the size of image of annotation? Answered
9/19/2013 how to get the output for the following code in titanium appcelerator Commented
9/19/2013 How to parse rss feeds into my rss reader app ? Answered, Commented
9/18/2013 How to close a modal by touching outside the modal window? Answered
9/18/2013 Prevent window close Answered
9/18/2013 iOS 7/Android Keychain to store user credentials Answered
9/18/2013 downloading images Answered
9/18/2013 Twitter social js Answered, Commented
9/18/2013 Android crashes showing a picker Commented
9/18/2013 Alloy Update NavigationWindow ios7 Commented
9/18/2013 how to get tweets from a user? Commented
9/18/2013 How Can i make a design like sms threads? Answered, Commented
9/18/2013 code for getting question for a problem in titanium appcelerator Commented
9/18/2013 How to add chat ballons in tab window? Commented
9/18/2013 How to build project with 3.1.3 SDK Answered
9/17/2013 working with tableview and http request Answered
9/17/2013 how to Send email with attachment in background (Without opening email dialog) Answered
9/17/2013 Posting a json with one variable to webservice Answered, Commented
9/17/2013 How to reuse the view? Answered
9/17/2013 Problem with database creation in ios Answered, Commented
9/17/2013 Twitter using BirdHouse Commented
9/17/2013 Twitter OAuth Authentication Answered, Commented
9/17/2013 evaljs which contains jquery doesn't work on android Answered, Commented
9/17/2013 selectAnnotation() on google map v2 -- android Asked, Commented
9/16/2013 Compile with newest SDK (3.1.3.v20130908095038) crashes Asked, Commented
9/16/2013 basic NFC example Answered
9/16/2013 Invalid timeStamp issue Answered
9/16/2013 unable to parse JSON string at login.js (line 63) Commented
9/15/2013 Convert PDF to Image Answered, Commented
9/14/2013 Reload http request Answered
9/12/2013 tableView and listView error Answered, Commented
9/12/2013 Controling of flaslight Asked, Commented
9/12/2013 xhr with image from imageview Answered, Commented
9/12/2013 Using custom fonts - Android Development Answered
9/12/2013 Pinterest style bricks view Answered
9/11/2013 Renaming of workspace Asked, Commented
9/10/2013 New Project - Android First - iOS later - Possible?? Answered, Commented
9/10/2013 how can i implement fragments in Titanium Commented
9/9/2013 Missing keyboard in OAuth web view Asked, Answered, Commented
9/9/2013 Keyboard won't show on input focus in webview on Android Commented
9/9/2013 Video compression iOS and Android Commented
9/8/2013 DATABASE Answered, Commented
9/8/2013 Rotate a View Answered
9/7/2013 Getting Error while posting a image while doing facebook integration titanium Commented
9/7/2013 Titanium and PHP Answered
9/7/2013 How to encode wav file with PCM. Answered
9/6/2013 Dashboard view change row number?? Answered
9/4/2013 Bubbling of events in listview items in newer android versions Asked, Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 Fullscreen video an android with spinning wheel/activityindicator/progressbar Asked, Commented
9/4/2013 How to store an array created at runtime Answered, Commented
9/4/2013 Websocket connection gives error message Answered
9/3/2013 Android: loading of remote PDF Asked, Commented
9/3/2013 Dynamic option dialog Asked
9/3/2013 how to create image gallery with zooming and closing option Answered
8/29/2013 Androids AccountManager Asked
8/29/2013 Is there anyway to access Android's AccountManager? Commented
8/29/2013 Spotify Module Answered
8/26/2013 How to check Ti.Platform.canOpenURL in android ? Commented
8/26/2013 Hight light selected row of List View Answered
8/25/2013 Auth-problem with google maps v2 (only on newer Android version) Asked
8/25/2013 "Google Play services out of date." on Nexus4 Asked, Commented
8/24/2013 how to call description tag onclick of the title row in rss? Answered, Commented
8/23/2013 Since 3.2.1.GA other behaviour of imageviews in tableviewrows? Asked, Commented
8/23/2013 app hangs on splash screen on iPad Commented
8/23/2013 Listview: childs are not clickable ;-( Asked, Commented
8/20/2013 Ti.box Commented
8/20/2013 Adding caption to a image Commented
8/18/2013 Groundoverlay or android map Asked
8/16/2013 How to upload file to google drive Answered, Commented
8/16/2013 How to update content of listview? Answered
8/16/2013 storing Array in Ti.App.Properties Answered
8/15/2013 Click events on subcomponents of listview items Asked, Commented
8/15/2013 Controling of progressbar in listview Asked
8/14/2013 Custom Data Picker Commented
8/14/2013 Open Facebook page link Commented
8/14/2013 get XML from webview Answered
8/14/2013 Auth problems wit Ti.map Asked, Commented
8/14/2013 SkyDrive or GoogleDrive Commented
8/14/2013 Cannot see the video using Webview in Android, only voice is playing. Answered
8/14/2013 Debug on Android phone Answered
8/13/2013 Capture and Save an image into the pdf Answered, Commented
8/12/2013 Center MapView by pins position Commented
8/12/2013 httpclient: responseText it shorted (cutted) Asked, Commented
8/11/2013 Google v2 maps tiles are missing Asked, Commented
8/11/2013 Push notifications geolocation Answered
8/10/2013 Google maps v2: problem with authorisation (tiles leaves black) Asked, Commented
8/9/2013 Google Maps Android API v2 Asked, Commented
8/9/2013 Audioplayer with URLs with whitespace makes trouble Asked, Commented
8/8/2013 Animate Font Size Increase Answered
8/8/2013 Bad resolution image on CoverFlowView Answered, Commented
8/8/2013 SQLite: retrieving of fields with NULL content Asked, Commented
8/8/2013 ResultSet Null Retrieving data from SQLite Commented
8/7/2013 [iOS] Small problem with the creation of a file Commented
8/7/2013 Webview, any way to get the request inside the webview? Commented
8/7/2013 how can I parse this xml ? Answered
8/7/2013 Opening a camera from a remote webview Commented
8/6/2013 Live (asynchronly) updating of listviewitem Asked, Commented
8/6/2013 Has anyone found a good google analytics (v2) solution for android? Commented
7/29/2013 Working with big JSON data Asked, Commented
7/29/2013 Titanium Map radomly crash Commented
7/28/2013 Go back in Android emulator Commented
7/27/2013 Working with many (900) http-clients Asked, Commented
7/26/2013 Recursive modale windows makes trouble (Android) Asked, Answered, Commented
7/26/2013 set exitOnClose application not exit real Commented
7/25/2013 Help with this OpenGL Module Commented
7/25/2013 How to write your own Push Notification Server Answered
7/24/2013 Graphs in Titanium Appcelator Answered, Commented
7/22/2013 Is there any way to get a list of all existing iso country codes? Answered
7/22/2013 Link to iTunes Answered
7/22/2013 Getting all events in Facebook Asked, Commented
7/22/2013 Playing youtube video in webview (iPhone) Asked, Commented
7/21/2013 Retreiving list of all youtube videos from a user Asked, Commented
7/21/2013 Audio Player Commented
7/20/2013 Problem building simple android app Asked
7/19/2013 Playing of iTunes preview audios Asked
7/19/2013 htmlentities2utf8 Asked
7/17/2013 customized leftNavButton doesn't make transition by closing of window Asked, Commented
7/16/2013 Working with big JSON Asked, Commented
7/16/2013 TiCarousel forget children elements in views Asked, Answered, Commented
7/16/2013 Scroll View Not scrolling properly Commented
7/15/2013 Immediate help needed on Titanium + SOAP Servce Integration Answered
7/11/2013 Not able to open Titanium studio Commented
7/10/2013 Moving objects Answered
7/10/2013 Webview non clickable Answered
7/9/2013 Playing audio files Answered
7/9/2013 how to initialise Answered
7/9/2013 Drag & Drop inside specific bounds Answered
7/8/2013 Possible to share ACS key between 2 of my apps (Pro and Free version)? Answered
7/8/2013 Trouble installing modules (i.e. AGCalendar) Answered
7/8/2013 Dynamic scaling of images in listviews Asked
7/7/2013 Parsing (reading) of big files Asked
7/7/2013 Vide, but No Audio on Android VideoPlayer - iOS works fine Commented
7/6/2013 Help with Picker Answered
7/6/2013 listview add eventlistener Answered, Commented
7/6/2013 How to use ShinobiGrids control module in Titanium Answered, Commented
7/6/2013 Is there an equivalent code for this on Appcelerator? Answered
7/6/2013 Now Standard Button Answered, Commented
7/5/2013 how to freeze a view to the window ? Answered
7/5/2013 Sharing of application folder Asked, Commented
7/5/2013 Mirroring of SQLite Asked, Answered, Commented
7/3/2013 Updating for beta-tester Asked, Commented
7/1/2013 CommonJS module across windows Commented
7/1/2013 Global Cart Object Answered
6/30/2013 App Header images Commented
6/30/2013 Sending a form to a email address Answered, Commented
6/30/2013 How to get the index of selected row ? Answered, Commented
6/30/2013 Unknown error in Application Answered, Commented
6/30/2013 Reasons for google analytics module not working? Commented
6/30/2013 Is there a way to create Circular progress bar Answered, Commented
6/30/2013 background color not working in IOS Commented
6/29/2013 AudioPlayer - File Error Answered
6/29/2013 how to Add Road Path in titanium 3.x map module Answered, Commented
6/29/2013 Finishing of opentok-session Asked, Commented
6/29/2013 How to post tweet on user or authorized app timeline uisng oAuth API 1.1 ver in twitter in android. Answered, Commented
6/29/2013 textfield Answered
6/29/2013 Is there a way to include Bar graph into your app Answered
6/28/2013 Install previous Android Build Tools Answered
6/28/2013 Does iOS have anything equivalent to the tooltip? Answered
6/28/2013 What is the standard room on tour? Commented
6/28/2013 iPad-Popover: how can I detect hiding/closing Asked
6/27/2013 opentok on SDK 3.2.0 Asked, Commented
6/27/2013 Odata responseXML parsing Commented
6/26/2013 Parsing XML Data Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Listview custom properties Answered
6/26/2013 radio streaming problem Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 TableView slow - How can I optimize this code Answered, Commented
6/26/2013 Individual appicon and splash screen Asked
6/26/2013 Full text search (FTS) in SQLite Asked, Commented
6/26/2013 How to display image in html webview in android Commented
6/26/2013 Ipad Answered
6/26/2013 sql to sqlite Answered
6/26/2013 SQLite Full-Text Search Commented
6/26/2013 SQLite Full-Text Search support in android/iOS Commented
6/26/2013 Titanium mobile SQLite and FTS Commented
6/25/2013 Verify Image Saved to File System Answered
6/25/2013 How to get user_timeline from twitter account without oAuth using 1.1 Api version Commented
6/25/2013 displaying json data in a map view Commented
6/25/2013 how to connect to mysql by php and retrieve data for displaying in label (titanium mobile app) Answered, Commented
6/25/2013 getting the image src from html content Commented
6/25/2013 How do I upload Ti.Media.Item to server? Answered
6/24/2013 SQLite-problems since Xcode 4.6.3 Asked
6/24/2013 Modal dialog (yes/no) without callback functions Answered
6/24/2013 Option Dialog Scolling Answered
6/24/2013 Window permanently open? Answered
6/24/2013 MapView delta values centering away from lat & lng Commented
6/23/2013 Possible to LIKE a link using the native FB app? Answered, Commented
6/22/2013 Offline Web App Answered
6/22/2013 http response text is cut Commented
6/22/2013 ScrollableView with ImageViews. How can I save the image thats currently focused (ie. get the blob of focused view)? Answered
6/20/2013 360°-panoramas in scroll view Asked, Commented
6/20/2013 Webview doesn't scroll Commented
6/19/2013 Panorama view Answered
6/18/2013 Facebook liking by og:likes Asked
6/17/2013 onsendstream does not work if using synchronous Http requests. Is this a bug? Commented
6/16/2013 How to refresh the Table View Data Commented
6/14/2013 AudioPlayer Slider Rewind forward/backward Answered
6/14/2013 App crashes on emulator, works fine on others Commented
6/14/2013 How to detect when video "done" button is clicked on a video from a webview? Answered
6/11/2013 To open a pdf file in a tab Answered, Commented
6/11/2013 How to enable the part search Commented
6/11/2013 How to return image from my php file and show it . Answered
6/11/2013 Database usage - tips and advice needed Answered
6/11/2013 Titanium Retina image for iPhone 5 Answered, Commented
6/11/2013 How to perform a search on the Database using searchBar Answered
6/11/2013 Multiple imageview in the same window. Good or bad? Answered
6/11/2013 mapView : choose zoom which allo displaying all annotations Answered
6/10/2013 hwo to use $_FILES Answered
6/10/2013 How to create a Favourite Button... Answered
6/10/2013 addEventListener on webview remote content Answered, Commented
6/10/2013 Hyphen problem... Answered
6/10/2013 sqlite database Commented
6/9/2013 Webview not allowing for file upload Answered, Commented
6/9/2013 upload files Answered, Commented
6/9/2013 Alternatives for openTok Asked, Commented
6/9/2013 Reading/Moving PDF Files Answered
6/9/2013 i have problems Commented
6/9/2013 Advanced documentation for titanium sdk Answered
6/8/2013 How to clean a spot and make it transparent? Answered, Commented
6/8/2013 openTok with SDK 3.2 failed Asked, Commented
6/7/2013 is there a calendar UI view for Titanium? Answered
6/6/2013 create web apps for iOS with Appcelerator on Windows Answered, Commented
6/6/2013 Displaying of secret PDFs Asked, Commented
6/6/2013 Running of external JS code (outside apple store) Asked, Commented
6/6/2013 iOS 5.0+ Only Module? Answered
6/6/2013 To display Text from datbase Commented
6/6/2013 how can I add friends on facebook? Answered
6/4/2013 Migrating from PhoneGap to Appcelerator Answered, Commented
6/4/2013 Creating a audio SPL or sound level meter or waveforms Answered
6/4/2013 refresh dataBase Commented
6/4/2013 Graph and Chart on web view Commented
6/4/2013 Sending of image to cloud. Asked, Answered, Commented
6/3/2013 unable to set the webview url to an anchor inside a local webpage in iOS Answered
6/3/2013 how to keep session of acs Answered, Commented
6/2/2013 FB-authorize wont return success nor error Answered, Commented
6/2/2013 listView - dark background Answered, Commented
6/1/2013 Offline Google Maps v3 Answered
6/1/2013 Photos, voting + comments in ACS Cloud: best way to realize Asked, Commented
5/31/2013 Could not find Titanium module id=facebook version=latest platform=iphone deploy-type=development Asked, Commented
5/31/2013 Progress bar during upload photo sending to custome Object in ACL Asked, Answered, Commented
5/31/2013 Vertical layout in listview item Asked, Commented
5/31/2013 Please help me!!! Commented
5/30/2013 Parsing of HTML Asked, Commented
5/30/2013 Custom UserAgent in Webview (Android, iOS) Answered, Commented
5/30/2013 SDK 3.1 errors having to do with index out of range.. ? Commented
5/30/2013 Sharing of customeObjects -- ACL Asked, Commented
5/29/2013 Getting location data from an external XML file? Answered
5/29/2013 Require modules async or sync Answered
5/29/2013 ACS: handling of ACL in CustomObjects Asked, Commented
5/29/2013 Communication between 2 phones Answered
5/28/2013 Is the Appcelerator Cloud Services JavaScript SDK being phased out? Answered
5/26/2013 Is there any credit card number scanning module similar to card.io for titanium ? Answered
5/22/2013 Read XML Title Answered
5/22/2013 httpclient onload not handling conditions Answered
5/22/2013 Full Google Maps KML Support Answered
5/22/2013 Google Maps Kml into titanium? Answered
5/22/2013 KML with Native Google Maps Answered
5/22/2013 Image rotate and upload to server Answered
5/22/2013 Google Maps Api V2 use KML to draw map info Answered, Commented
5/22/2013 ul li ul li in webview font-size problem (only on iPhone) Commented
5/22/2013 Crazy behaviour of listview if height is small Asked, Answered, Commented
5/22/2013 Route memory leak in MapView? Answered
5/21/2013 Fetching content from remote server using Rest Api adapter Answered
5/18/2013 save image into database Answered, Commented
5/18/2013 Moving Android App to New Account? Answered
5/18/2013 Probem with a the WAMP server connection Answered
5/18/2013 Submission Failed due to use of Public API : UDID Commented
5/18/2013 Own Android Push with gcm Answered, Commented
5/18/2013 How to limit the zoom on Google Maps v2 and iOS maps? Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 How to apply Strike Line on tableview row Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 i18n - Android - Multiple xml files Answered
5/17/2013 Is it possible to do push notifications without urban airship ? Answered
5/17/2013 Can push be implemented without using urban airship or ACS? Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 Map setCenter() does nothing Answered
5/17/2013 Compiling of modules with assets Asked, Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 Image Converting Commented
5/17/2013 Geolocation - Check if user is in circle Answered, Commented
5/17/2013 Multi Page tif-Image - display in Titanium? Commented
5/17/2013 OCR Module Answered
5/16/2013 Two strange behavoir of TiSDK 3.1 Commented
5/16/2013 Connection lost in websockets Asked, Answered, Commented
5/16/2013 Where API for SDK 3.2? Asked, Commented
5/16/2013 Can you remote debug a WebView Answered
5/16/2013 Zooming property Answered
5/16/2013 marker animation on map - how somebody built a workaround? Answered
5/15/2013 user location near a annotation Commented
5/15/2013 How do I rearrange children in a view hierarchy? Commented
5/14/2013 Using Sencha Touch to implement better Ti.UI Commented
5/13/2013 Show data in list view Answered, Commented
5/13/2013 How to find cause of crash without error message? Commented
5/13/2013 Using of customized font (not westeuropaen latin)in Ti.UI.Labels Asked, Commented
5/13/2013 Loading app content from Preferences VS Variables VS XML Answered, Commented
5/13/2013 Use the proximity detection to scroll in a scroll view / table view Answered
5/13/2013 Listview: dynamic loading of imagesin ListViewitem Asked, Commented
5/13/2013 How can I search by a name? Answered
5/12/2013 Listviewitem: how can I select dynamly template? Asked, Commented
5/12/2013 webview crashes app due to memory error Answered
5/9/2013 Picker height (number of visible rows) Answered, Commented
5/9/2013 Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient is not working on android Answered
5/9/2013 Does Titanium support drawing overlays on native map view? Answered
5/9/2013 Google Map new SDK 1.2.2 for iOS Answered, Commented
5/9/2013 Android permission with requestWithGraphPath Answered
5/9/2013 click event on Map.View does not fire if title property isn't set Answered
5/8/2013 Clickable polygons on maps Asked, Answered, Commented
5/8/2013 Putting view on mapview Answered, Commented
5/8/2013 Can't click tableView row on empty space when checkbox added into the row Commented
5/7/2013 Get frame from the camera in AR mode Answered
5/7/2013 Migration from tableview to listview Asked, Commented
5/7/2013 NameError: global name 'self' is not defined Answered
5/7/2013 Getting Remote image issue Answered, Commented
5/7/2013 advantages and disadvantages of how to create a database Answered
5/5/2013 GeoExif in camera photos? Asked, Commented
5/2/2013 The correct method for assigning a property Answered
5/1/2013 How to create a custom picker using other controls Commented
5/1/2013 Retrieving of images from wikipedia Asked
4/30/2013 Best Practice question Commented
4/29/2013 Displaying of customized fonts Asked, Answered, Commented
4/28/2013 forwardGeoCoder not working for iPhone Answered
4/28/2013 Titanium & CommonJS: How to switch from one view to another? Answered
4/28/2013 OAuth API against meetup Asked
4/27/2013 How to Create and set properties in iphone's Settings for my app Answered
4/26/2013 ScollableView, is this possible ? Answered, Commented
4/26/2013 Accelerometer Problem Commented
4/26/2013 Showing large number of ImageView(s) in ScrollableView Answered
4/24/2013 Removing of database only works on simulator (iPhone) Asked
4/24/2013 Mirroring of remote SQLite database Asked, Commented
4/24/2013 UTF8-encoding Asked
4/24/2013 Titanium module "html2pdf-master" build to device error Answered
4/23/2013 How to push notification stores in app ? Commented
4/23/2013 Stream binary file and save it progressively Commented
4/23/2013 In webView ,fireEvent() fire only first run! Answered
4/22/2013 Adobes "Content Viewer" (.issue) on Titanium? Asked, Answered, Commented
4/22/2013 tableview Commented
4/22/2013 How can I know why something isn't working? Answered, Commented
4/20/2013 Scope in commonJS module Asked, Answered, Commented
4/18/2013 Simple Webcam Asked, Answered, Commented
4/17/2013 Programmatically showing/hiding of master view in splitwindow Asked
4/17/2013 Looking for httpclient based of sockets Asked, Commented
4/15/2013 Ti is not defined when Ti.App.fireEvent in webview Answered, Commented
4/15/2013 Using of websockets Asked, Commented
4/14/2013 websocket support Answered
4/14/2013 When will Titanium support websockets? Answered
4/14/2013 Adding Drop Shadow to View Commented
4/13/2013 Bugsense titanium sdk 3? Answered
4/9/2013 Using of new module.nfc: looking for example app Asked, Commented
4/9/2013 Custom Default.png is displayed correctly on simulator - but not on iPhone - using Alloy Commented
4/9/2013 Nfc libraries Answered
4/9/2013 Shiboleth and Titanium Asked, Commented
4/9/2013 NFC module made trouble since update to newet android sdk Asked, Commented
4/9/2013 How do I install the Barcode Scanner module? Answered, Commented
4/7/2013 USB debugging for Nexus7 Asked, Answered
4/7/2013 installing app direct to Android device via usb cable Commented
4/7/2013 Problems with NFC module Asked
4/7/2013 Opening of local PDF on Android Asked, Commented
4/7/2013 webView problem Commented
4/6/2013 Connecting to Asus Nexus 7 by USB Asked, Commented
4/6/2013 how to get whole text in Titanium console? Answered
4/5/2013 customView@Ti.Map.Annotation doesn't work Asked, Commented
4/5/2013 Google Maps on Ti 3.1 beta - Hybrid mode not working? Commented
4/5/2013 zIndex of annotations Asked, Commented
4/5/2013 Android Map Module v2 - Latest version crashes (2.1.0) Commented
4/5/2013 Paint module does not fire events Commented
4/5/2013 Calculation with route Asked
4/5/2013 MapView Annotation Draggable Functionality Answered
4/5/2013 paging in scroll view Answered
4/4/2013 Map.view.region doesn't work under 3.1 Asked
4/4/2013 jsOAuth fetch request token unauthorized error Answered
4/4/2013 Problem with consuming webservice in Appcelerator Answered
4/3/2013 Byter eplacing in HTTPClient response Asked, Commented
4/3/2013 Using of jsOAuth on Android Asked, Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 global variables Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Error on ajax. Commented
4/2/2013 gunzip from local .gz file Commented
4/2/2013 Gunzip of http client result Asked, Commented
4/2/2013 Uncompressing gzip files in Titanium Asked, Commented
4/2/2013 Posting on facebook and twitter on a platforms Asked
4/2/2013 Search bar Not Working for remote data base Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 [iOS]Move an image(object,view..) in circle Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Sound Plays in Sim but not iPhone Answered, Commented
4/2/2013 Stop animation effect Answered
4/2/2013 Share photo through iMessage Answered
4/2/2013 send titanium code for following Commented
4/1/2013 Safe approach to dynamic content - iOS Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Animate causing app to crash Commented
4/1/2013 Displaying json inside webView problem Commented
4/1/2013 Crazy behaviour of objects Asked, Commented
4/1/2013 Vimeo iframe - switch to landscape Answered, Commented
4/1/2013 Gesture orientationchange only works on iPhone Asked, Commented
4/1/2013 Module for google nose? Asked
3/30/2013 GPSoverIP Asked
3/30/2013 Animation of view only works on iPhone Asked, Answered, Commented
3/30/2013 Using of image resouces from android/images folder Asked
3/29/2013 Internationalization of app anme doesn't work Asked, Commented
3/29/2013 Compiler error Asked, Commented
3/28/2013 Android Webview cannot download games and other media files Commented
3/27/2013 Performance issues while swiping between WebViews in Tabs / Viewpager-Module Commented
3/26/2013 Some Newbie Questions to Titanium Answered
3/26/2013 Unable to access the imagefactory module Answered
3/26/2013 iOS-modul "de.marcelpociot.social" doesn't start on click on options dialog Asked, Commented
3/26/2013 Pull2Refresh with dripping drops like mail reader Asked, Commented
3/26/2013 Titanium IOS/Android URL Schemes Answered
3/23/2013 Yahoo graper refuses to work since short time Asked, Commented
3/23/2013 This Q&A makes trouble since yesterday Asked, Commented
3/23/2013 tableview with a lot of rows Asked, Commented
3/22/2013 how to draw the route when multiple waypoints are added to the map view Answered
3/21/2013 geolocation Commented
3/21/2013 Why alloy? Asked, Commented
3/21/2013 [iOS] Problem with event on scrollableView Commented
3/19/2013 Getting error while building kitchen sink app Commented
3/19/2013 Validate string for date format Answered
3/19/2013 Draw route between point A and point B in my Titanium Android Project Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 Optionsdialog - Possible to change size of the title? Answered
3/19/2013 Removing child object recursivly Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 How to connect website which needs basic authentication from WebView? Answered, Commented
3/19/2013 webview fail load js on real device Answered
3/18/2013 Consume web service (url) in Android for NFC application? Answered, Commented
3/18/2013 How to use and install SDK for a NFC device? Answered
3/18/2013 How to use Ti.Network.HTTPClient.onreadystatechange? Commented
3/18/2013 Smooth image Answered
3/18/2013 Web app => Hybrid? Answered
3/18/2013 Problem with including module Answered, Commented
3/17/2013 Save/Display a pdf (from Server/blob) ? Answered, Commented
3/16/2013 Prevent touchmove on tableview after touches start Answered
3/16/2013 camera opens only in landscape mode in android Answered
3/16/2013 iOS Game Center and Titanium Answered
3/16/2013 Creating a model that fetches data from url and stores it in sqllite Answered
3/16/2013 Yql query in titanium is not giving me the expected result Answered
3/16/2013 Twitter SSO authorisation Answered
3/13/2013 Open native maps with routing? Answered, Commented
3/13/2013 Titanium.App.addEventListener + callback function Answered
3/13/2013 how to create custom tab bar Answered, Commented
3/9/2013 iOS Device displays splash screen with 1px white line at bottom Commented
3/7/2013 http client and multipart download (mjpeg) Asked, Commented
3/7/2013 request mjpeg file Answered
3/5/2013 Dynamic loading of images in table views? Asked, Commented
3/5/2013 Sybase Unwired Platform API? Commented
3/5/2013 Fastest way to consume XML Web service Answered, Commented
3/5/2013 Script Error when requiring libraries in Alloy application Answered
3/5/2013 How To set multiple RequestHeader for a service call Answered
3/4/2013 How to add a translation library for momentjs ? Commented
3/4/2013 animation won't go to the right.... Commented
3/4/2013 Facebook status update using Titanium Mobile Commented
3/4/2013 font size differs in phone from emulator Commented
3/4/2013 How i use CreateListView ? Commented
3/4/2013 how to change the backgroundGradient on android at touchstart and touchend? Answered
3/3/2013 How to send an Array to .net MVC controller Answered, Commented
3/3/2013 Delay splash screen on opening Answered
3/3/2013 PDF viewer for iPhone ? Commented
3/2/2013 how to embed your itunes store app link inside your app before submitting your app for review Answered
3/2/2013 YouTube video is not playing!!!! Answered
3/2/2013 unable to play .3gp video in the iPhone Commented
3/2/2013 Titanium Authentication through GOOD App Commented
3/1/2013 Opening a PDF Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 Get result of textarea with click event Answered
3/1/2013 Titanium.UI.currentTab.open doesnt work on Android? Commented
3/1/2013 Image upload problem Answered
3/1/2013 Download Remote pic to local database Answered, Commented
3/1/2013 How to scroll a single image to the right? Answered
2/27/2013 Scrollable View Loop Answered
2/27/2013 Paging Control Color SDK Update if u need it Commented
2/27/2013 Image Identifier Answered, Commented
2/27/2013 Iphone - Video Streaming .m3u8 Answered
2/27/2013 Live streaming to streaming server (i.e. Wowza) Asked
2/27/2013 Unable to run .3gp video file with videoPlayer Answered
2/27/2013 Twitter Integration into new app Answered
2/27/2013 How to load image from ApplicationData in webview? Answered, Commented
2/26/2013 POST Problem Commented
2/26/2013 MooTools does not works with TI SDK 3.0.2 on a iOS device Commented
2/25/2013 Can Titanium Studio be used to build native Windows 8 apps? Commented
2/25/2013 How do you dump the entire contents of a Ti.DomObject out Commented
2/25/2013 How do I specify credentials when loading a remote image in an ImageView? Answered, Commented
2/25/2013 Customizable navigation menu and icon rearrangement Answered
2/21/2013 synchronizing slider with videoplayer Answered
2/21/2013 change videoplayer url Answered
2/21/2013 Language in chains Answered
2/20/2013 Digest Authentication Answered
2/20/2013 Cached remote image problem Answered
2/19/2013 Event or error if imageView image does not load Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 Android excel and word editor Commented
2/19/2013 How i make line graph on android device? Commented
2/19/2013 How to handle Phone call interupt? Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 Filesystem limits? Answered
2/19/2013 Cache Layout Answered
2/19/2013 heirarchy of UI Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 Streaming error Answered, Commented
2/19/2013 side navigation aka sliding drawer Answered
2/18/2013 tabelView addEventListener Answered
2/18/2013 list like html in titanium Answered, Commented
2/18/2013 New GPS location every 5 seconds Answered
2/17/2013 Accessing array of buttons in a view Answered
2/17/2013 Questions about Database with Titanium Answered, Commented
2/17/2013 RSS Reader Answered
2/17/2013 RSS Reader problem Answered
2/17/2013 FYI - Your RSS feed for new question Q&A might be broken Answered
2/17/2013 Android wont read full XML file Answered
2/17/2013 XML/RSS - (Error Domain=com.google.GDataXML Code=-1) Answered
2/17/2013 Help me find a good tutorial Answered
2/17/2013 Parse RSS from Wordpress Answered
2/17/2013 XML RSS Answered
2/17/2013 Feedburner Answered
2/17/2013 RSS Mashup Missing on Android Answered
2/17/2013 How to parse XML (rss feed) Answered
2/17/2013 Highcharts (html) would'nt compile :( Commented
2/17/2013 Titanium.UI.SIZE doesn't work when new content is added Answered, Commented
2/16/2013 Change Index.HTML Answered
2/16/2013 How to remove a page from a Scrollable View? Answered
2/16/2013 Adding Rows after a new dynamicSection? Answered
2/16/2013 Using Titanium to write Facebook Apps Answered, Commented
2/16/2013 Getting error when attempting to launch android emulator Commented
2/16/2013 OAuth and obtaining users Twitter ID for ACS External Account Login Answered
2/16/2013 Parsing XML Tutorial Answered
2/16/2013 XML parse string error for iOS Answered
2/16/2013 Parsing XML response from SOAP API Answered
2/16/2013 Parse xml to json in mobile Answered, Commented
2/16/2013 xml2json / xmlparser Asked, Answered
2/15/2013 How would I go about setting up Lucene or some other indexing engine? Answered
2/15/2013 Disable Android landscape Answered
2/15/2013 Problem of common js in titanium how to solve it Commented
2/15/2013 How to download zip file from amazon s3 in titanium application. Answered
2/15/2013 Navbar height changing? Answered
2/15/2013 Check to see if GPS is enabled Answered, Commented
2/15/2013 OSMStreetmaps for Android Answered
2/15/2013 Swipe to refresh Asked, Answered
2/15/2013 Stream live radio Answered, Commented
2/15/2013 Attribute Space warning Answered
2/15/2013 commonjs build failed iOS simulator Commented
2/14/2013 Escaping of Ti.Yahoo.yql-Request Asked, Commented
2/12/2013 Problem loading local javascript from a webview Commented
2/12/2013 apk 10MB Answered
2/12/2013 Unzipping on the fly (ti.compression) Asked, Answered, Commented
2/12/2013 App crashes on device with zipfile module on ios5 Commented
2/12/2013 Orientation mode as landscape for only one screen - iPhone Answered, Commented
2/11/2013 HTTPClient keep-alive connection Commented
2/11/2013 HTTPClient POST data mobile web Answered
2/11/2013 Current Date and Time is not adding +5 GMT hours Answered
2/11/2013 making xhr ? Answered
2/11/2013 close multiple sub windows in a tab Answered
2/11/2013 Impossible to build a Titanium Project on iOS Device Answered, Commented
2/10/2013 XMLTools.js (xml2json converter) swallows attributes Asked, Commented
2/8/2013 Arguments against webview Asked, Commented
2/5/2013 Unzipping of files (QTI) Asked
1/31/2013 How can i get actual longitude delta on mapview resize Answered
1/30/2013 setRequestHeader doesn't work Asked
1/30/2013 How to change the font size of the middle words within the paragraph? Answered, Commented
1/30/2013 Searchbar only on scroll Answered
1/29/2013 Retrieving an image from parse.com and assigning it to a variable Commented
1/29/2013 insert into Database Answered
1/29/2013 Ti.quicklook - Docs not loading from "applicationDataDirectory" Commented
1/29/2013 Android Slide Menu ( like G+, Facebook, Wunderlist ) Answered
1/29/2013 How can I find the loaded contentWidth of a ScrollView? Answered
1/29/2013 EtherPad in Titanium Asked, Commented
1/29/2013 How to open a window through a tab Answered
1/29/2013 How to convert a remote url into Blob data? Answered
1/29/2013 How to Implement Calendar with Month,Week and Day View using Appcelerator foriPhone? Answered
1/29/2013 Webdav Asked, Commented
1/29/2013 Search bar and iOS guidelines Answered
1/29/2013 XML to TableView Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 3d animation ideas - example code Commented
1/28/2013 Xcode 4.6 (for iOS 6.1) Commented
1/28/2013 Get Route on a map - Solution (not a question) Commented
1/28/2013 Connecting Places on ACS with a Tableview Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Uploading Multiple photos to server Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Is Airplay possible with the Titanium.Media.AudioPlayer? Answered
1/28/2013 how to reset or reload a window ? Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 App level events is best idea? Answered
1/28/2013 Javascript Arrays Commented
1/28/2013 Tableview shows all blank rows on Android Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 TableView 'click' event does not fire... Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Unreadable image file sent to remote server. Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 Making the app to work offline Answered, Commented
1/28/2013 View height without navGroup / tabGroup / statusBar Answered
1/27/2013 titanium sdk Answered
1/27/2013 How to intercept URLs from browser? Answered
1/27/2013 Does Titanium wrap modules (files) in an IIFE or is it global? Answered
1/27/2013 asp.net webservice(asmx) is not replying on call from android application Answered, Commented
1/27/2013 Selecting multiple images? Answered, Commented
1/27/2013 Opening window problem Answered, Commented
1/27/2013 gmail Commented
1/27/2013 Android Timepicker error Answered, Commented
1/27/2013 How to animate Images like GIF's Commented
1/26/2013 tab focus and blur Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 Ti.admob tutorial? Answered
1/26/2013 Ti.Network.createHTTPClient error Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 Movable tableviewrow on Android? Answered
1/26/2013 Parse.com setting up a pointer: Installation to _User Commented
1/26/2013 Camera capabitlies and licensing Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 weird white vertical line. Answered
1/26/2013 Make a call on ANdroid Answered
1/26/2013 tab click Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 PROPFIND for Android Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 json Answered, Commented
1/26/2013 To change the font size of the app whenever required by the user afte depploying to the mobile Answered
1/26/2013 android app Answered
1/26/2013 How to filter or search an array Commented
1/25/2013 retrieve mysql data and place in an array Answered
1/25/2013 how to instal Bugsense module in Titanium Answered
1/25/2013 Ti.API.info not showing and console displays all red text Commented
1/25/2013 Can't display Facebook Profile picture Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 Data in custom table view not coming Answered, Commented
1/25/2013 Global javascript object in Android Answered
1/25/2013 How to know the file extension Commented
1/25/2013 How to display capture on map pins Answered
1/25/2013 Webview can not load LAN url. Answered
1/25/2013 Automatic refresh of http client Asked, Answered
1/24/2013 How to resolve this issue while Configuring Calendar Module with my App? Answered, Commented
1/24/2013 iOS 6 crashes moment.js and Ti.Locale.getString? Commented
1/24/2013 Anything against logging heavily inside the app Answered
1/24/2013 App development for multiple target devices Answered
1/24/2013 ACS Database Answered
1/23/2013 sha1 of blob Commented
1/23/2013 Example of Apple Mail App's Pull to Refresh Commented
1/22/2013 Cancelling previous or specific database calls Answered, Commented
1/22/2013 Change view attributes on eventListener('click', function(){}); Answered
1/22/2013 Jquery plugin not working in Android. Answered
1/22/2013 Problem with iOS xml reading Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 How select multiple images using Titanium ? Answered, Commented
1/21/2013 Unable to modify code to make window open within tab Answered
1/21/2013 Deploying of iOS-Apps Asked, Commented
1/21/2013 Bad request occurred after about 1 day since login Commented
1/21/2013 Webview not working as desired Commented
1/19/2013 Login with Google Account? Answered, Commented
1/19/2013 App store rejected the app for being simple Commented
1/18/2013 gif image as splash screen Answered
1/18/2013 How to creat a service, Commented
1/18/2013 Android mapview annotation properties Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Implement settings in iOS app Answered
1/18/2013 Event on touch over Answered, Commented
1/18/2013 Refresh a picker view based on another picker Answered
1/18/2013 post picture on facebook Answered
1/18/2013 What does [KrollCallback objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x200652a0 at app.js (line 1) Answered
1/18/2013 Sound doesn't play every time when clicking a button on Android Answered
1/18/2013 save image to photogallery Answered
1/18/2013 Communicating between app and mobile website version. Answered
1/17/2013 content of ScrollView auto move down Answered
1/16/2013 Prevent tableview that acts as a menu (facebook style) from shifting up and down after selection Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 FastFourierTransformation (FFT) for microphon signal Asked
1/16/2013 Extending app with free "in-app" add-ons Commented
1/16/2013 how to remove a view from a scrollable view? Answered, Commented
1/16/2013 (alloy-) shaking shakes only once Asked, Commented
1/16/2013 Packaging images with the apps to be updated at will... Answered
1/15/2013 How to login to ASP.NET site with cookies using HttpClient Answered
1/15/2013 How close previous window after creating new window on IOS Answered, Commented
1/15/2013 Set Picture as Wallaper Answered
1/15/2013 WebView Closes abruptly Commented
1/14/2013 Login in Yahoo Api using titanium Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Open Camera Roll and Show Camera from one screen Answered
1/14/2013 [ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0' Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Titanium Studion - create new project error "[ERROR] Missing required option "--username"" Answered
1/14/2013 Play video inside WebView crash application Commented
1/14/2013 oAuth (for own service) Asked, Commented
1/14/2013 the memory management of commonJS Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 Get badge number from dashboard item. Answered, Commented
1/14/2013 how to change title size in switch control? Answered
1/14/2013 My listener don't run using sections. Any idea? Answered
1/13/2013 Close a window before open new Answered
1/13/2013 How to select Xcode versions Commented
1/13/2013 Cannot add a whitespace at the end of a localized string Commented
1/13/2013 Strange behaviour in function row.add(); Commented
1/13/2013 Can't open new win when VideoPlayer trigger "complete" event Answered, Commented
1/13/2013 Use the iOS6 Social Framework Answered, Commented
1/13/2013 Does anyone know why am I getting build error when running on iPhone? Answered
1/12/2013 Webview restarts application if Jquery Mobile implemented webpage is opened in webview Answered
1/12/2013 Get both cover and profile image from Facebook Graph api. Answered, Commented
1/12/2013 Capture url with html - javascript Answered
1/12/2013 HTTPClient Call with Unique Port Fails Answered
1/12/2013 Input dialog module already built Answered
1/11/2013 Problem with a url Commented
1/11/2013 Rest API for ACS push notifications - how to send push notifications from my server Answered
1/11/2013 Ti createVideo play for iOS & Android Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Replace DashboardItem image Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 SELECT MAX not working? Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 [Android] Scrollview inside TableViewRow not show added sub-views Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Video Upload and Download Feature Answered
1/11/2013 What can I do with Titanium Answered
1/11/2013 SDK commands-handler issue Commented
1/11/2013 Can not run project on Ti SDK 3.0GA Commented
1/11/2013 Increasing the Performance in Webview? Answered, Commented
1/11/2013 Map Annotation click events getting called 3-4 times Commented
1/11/2013 iCloud Answered
1/11/2013 noSQL and Titanium Asked, Commented
1/10/2013 Using twiiter api is not working Commented
1/10/2013 Umlauts in iOS Provisioning Profile Commented
1/10/2013 memory release Commented
1/10/2013 mongoDB driver for Titanium (iOS and/or Android) Commented
1/10/2013 Getting pictures from Facebook Albums? Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 Can't get the md5 working Answered, Commented
1/10/2013 HTML5 App Answered, Commented
1/8/2013 Logindialog crashes Asked, Commented
1/7/2013 Problem with selecting of simator device Asked, Commented
1/7/2013 Zoom to X miles - Need help with zoom calculations Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Checking a current time in specified range. Answered
1/6/2013 windows barImage doesn't work on the device (but it works with the simulator) Commented
1/6/2013 Prevent a keyboard from closing when hitting the RETURN button Commented
1/6/2013 Facebook API-access with new iOS6 authentification Asked
1/6/2013 Hi, there's an error while trying to launch android emulator. Commented
1/6/2013 Strange window behavior. Answered, Commented
1/6/2013 Delete all cookies in a WebView (Android) Commented
1/6/2013 Titanium is not defined Commented
1/5/2013 Develope Theme Apps Commented
1/5/2013 simple example to animate from one view to another Answered
1/4/2013 Access MS Active Directory from app? Answered
1/4/2013 Left menu aside than facebook app (IOS) Answered
1/4/2013 Titanium Experience Answered
1/4/2013 Download Titanium SDK 2.1.4 Answered
1/3/2013 After using of migrations assistent I cannot work with Titanium Studio Asked, Commented
1/3/2013 Proper way to use the ImageView for remote content Answered
1/2/2013 Getting photos from facebook Answered
1/2/2013 True rotating only works on simulator Asked, Commented
1/2/2013 Variable Problem ? Answered
1/2/2013 How to get particular photo from Facebook Answered
1/1/2013 Audio Player - iphone android Commented
1/1/2013 Error in extraction Commented
12/30/2012 Facebook graph API use Answered
12/30/2012 iOS : gap between views from ScrollableView Commented
12/30/2012 How do I use the much nicer/easier native Twitter authentication that's build into iOS 5? Answered
12/30/2012 Automatic Facebook access token Commented
12/30/2012 Adding a view to a ScrollableView Answered, Commented
12/29/2012 Execute php with Titanium Answered, Commented
12/29/2012 Create Nested Windows And Manage Memory Answered
12/29/2012 Global connection with CommonJS Answered
12/29/2012 Running an application Commented
12/25/2012 Have Error : Unable to find any iOS Distribution Certificates on Export ipa file step Answered
12/25/2012 Where can I download 2.1.1 GA? Answered
12/25/2012 How to authenticate a HTTP request with oAuth for the Twitter API Answered
12/25/2012 How to prepend a View into ScrollView Answered
12/25/2012 Label alignment inside table view Answered
12/25/2012 Extra Tab added on app crash Commented
12/24/2012 Open a video file player on android device. Answered, Commented
12/24/2012 Facebook API login problem Answered
12/24/2012 Having issues calling createWebView Commented
12/24/2012 cant create a blackberry project in Titanium version 3.0.0 Commented
12/24/2012 Playing of video from wowza server as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) Asked, Commented
12/23/2012 Tab group always shows the same window? Commented
12/20/2012 Parsing HTML without YQL Commented
12/20/2012 dynamic adding of tableviewrows into sections Asked, Answered
12/17/2012 Update a TableView Row propriety Answered
12/17/2012 Error building on 3.0 Commented
12/17/2012 3.0.0.GA: 'could not find the file app.js' on device Asked, Commented
12/17/2012 Auto-complete Textfield in titanium ios & Android Answered
12/17/2012 Android App - Uncaught Error: Index -1 Commented
12/17/2012 alphabetical scrollbar Commented
12/16/2012 erro build app for ios TI 3.0 Answered, Commented
12/16/2012 Twitter Oauth Asked, Commented
12/16/2012 Corousal Effect in iPad Answered
12/16/2012 Service for Image Upload wanted Asked, Commented
12/16/2012 Slide control button (like slide to unlock) Answered
12/16/2012 Slide to control Button Answered
12/16/2012 timeout when upload photo Commented
12/16/2012 After updating the titanium to 3.0 apps are not insatlling in ios simulator Commented
12/15/2012 Issues after Titanium 3.0 installation Answered
12/14/2012 Searchbar without tableview / costume searching Asked, Commented
12/14/2012 access element that fire an event Answered
12/14/2012 access to camera roll Answered
12/14/2012 detect if device == WVGA800 or WXGA800 or .. etc Answered
12/14/2012 Default Answered
12/13/2012 Compiling of module Asked, Commented
12/13/2012 Can't write image to file. Answered
12/13/2012 Problem rotating image continuously Commented
12/11/2012 Image Upload as Byte Array using TCP Socket Answered
12/11/2012 Can't zoom out map View Commented
12/9/2012 Require Device be Password Protected Answered
12/9/2012 Studio and Github Asked, Commented
12/8/2012 Highcharts and Titanium Answered, Commented
12/7/2012 android:back event never fires. Commented
12/6/2012 iPad support using code optimized for iPhone Answered
12/5/2012 dynamic filling of table view Asked
12/3/2012 video player and wowza Asked, Commented
11/30/2012 Installation failed on tester ios device Answered
11/30/2012 how to cancel physical back button in dialog show? Commented
11/29/2012 Trouble with http cookies Asked, Commented
11/29/2012 How to create geometrical forms/polygons? Answered
11/28/2012 Extenting of Ti.Network Asked, Commented
11/28/2012 audio to text? Answered
11/28/2012 View height is not correctly scaled Answered
11/28/2012 Drupanium (REST-API to Drupal) Asked
11/28/2012 Saving a external css file and using it in local webviews Answered
11/25/2012 "High water mark must be greater than low water mark" Asked, Commented
11/22/2012 Unlicensed module(s) detected. Asked, Commented
11/22/2012 Using a droplr image in an imageView ? Answered
11/21/2012 Missing images after app updating Asked
11/19/2012 Live broadcasting in iphone Answered, Commented
11/19/2012 Help with setting up android app using Facebook Commented
11/19/2012 Custom tabGroup on iPhone Commented
11/19/2012 Facebook Login Button Change Image Answered
11/19/2012 IpCam stream on Mobile Answered
11/19/2012 Video streaming from iphone to server Answered
11/19/2012 How to pass content of a local XML file to native android as a string? Commented
11/19/2012 Label Text Commented
11/18/2012 Help on Titanium Chart module !!! Answered
11/18/2012 Javascript within Webview Fails Silently Answered
11/18/2012 Creating Variable name dynamically Commented
11/17/2012 Square cropping of camera photos Asked, Commented
11/17/2012 Green Call Button Answered, Commented
11/17/2012 Selecting of image area of camera roll Asked, Commented
11/15/2012 When will Titanium support websockets? Asked, Commented
11/14/2012 multiple row being removed from tableview when executing the delete function Answered
11/14/2012 Convert time from UTC to Local Time not working in ios Answered
11/14/2012 Creating a menu from a JSON Commented
11/14/2012 App structure, childWindow inherit "objects"? Answered
11/14/2012 catch for if db fails to load? Answered
11/14/2012 sort data by date Answered
11/13/2012 Add Circles on Android Mapview Answered
11/13/2012 How to check Whether gps is enable or not Answered
11/13/2012 Multiple Tabgroups Answered
11/12/2012 Facebook: built-in-likes Asked, Commented
11/12/2012 Titanium Facebook Login Issues Answered
11/12/2012 WebView example not working in Android Emulator Commented
11/11/2012 Cleaning of Android Asked, Commented
11/11/2012 scrollView Answered
11/11/2012 How to pass multiple value on URL Answered
11/10/2012 Facebook Like button Commented
11/10/2012 titanium mobile web project with seo Answered
11/9/2012 Google Web Fonts on Android App Commented
11/9/2012 how to create an effect where a portion of a label is highlighted in yellow Answered
11/9/2012 Memory leak - mobile web Commented
11/9/2012 JSON parse very wird Commented
11/9/2012 TableView.getIndexByName on Android? Answered
11/9/2012 ERROR Could not find Ti.Cloud Answered
11/9/2012 How to prevent vertical bounce in a horizontal scrollview? Answered
11/8/2012 Location details from Mapview Answered
11/8/2012 XMLRPC login not working Commented
11/6/2012 FacebookAPI: retrieving of friends likes Asked
11/6/2012 Missing architecture Asked, Commented
11/6/2012 open new browser window from second page from webview Answered
11/6/2012 Binding of web response to a web view Commented
11/6/2012 Get real Image dimensions Answered
11/6/2012 Writing once for both iPhone and Android? Answered
11/6/2012 Asynchronous toImage not responding Commented
11/6/2012 mobile printing from titanium app? Asked, Commented
11/5/2012 Autoplay Youtube in webview Answered
11/5/2012 Pictures taken with Camera - orientation / rotation Answered
11/5/2012 Using an overlay with openPhotoGallery Commented
11/5/2012 iOS: list of provisioning profil is empty since yesterday Asked, Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 Import from photolibrary and camera makes difference Asked
11/5/2012 How can I get the Height and Width dimensions of an Image? Asked
11/4/2012 Right Image on Android TableViewRow Answered
11/3/2012 Error loading provisioning profiles in Ti Studio Commented
10/31/2012 Android: Size of "hasDetails" button Asked
10/31/2012 SAP Module Answered
10/30/2012 add/delete rows to picker column dynamically after the picker has been rendered Answered
10/30/2012 Titanium, Android and Facebook Answered
10/29/2012 Best practice for facebook login Asked, Commented
10/27/2012 Export Database to Host PC Answered
10/26/2012 Changing TabGroup background color Commented
10/25/2012 database work inside a module Asked, Commented
10/23/2012 Android : is it possible to disable home, return and menu buttons ? Answered
10/23/2012 Deleting Database data... Answered, Commented
10/18/2012 GPS Location and CurrentPosition Answered
10/18/2012 Error in reading xml file Answered
10/18/2012 display tags Answered
10/18/2012 Thumbnail making from video crashes Asked, Commented
10/18/2012 iOS 'menu' window Answered
10/18/2012 HTML5 Canvas not working with Toshiba Excite Answered
10/17/2012 Playing of video from POST request Asked, Commented
10/16/2012 Buttons there but not working Android Device Answered
10/16/2012 Scaling images for different resolutions Answered
10/16/2012 several imageviews with remote image url will cause several http requests? Answered
10/15/2012 Experience Using AmazonMaps API? Answered
10/15/2012 SplitWindow Asked, Commented
10/8/2012 May i Know how to add button with images.in optiondialogue in iphone. since new ios 6 allowing buttons. Answered
10/8/2012 PLEASE HELP ME! Answered
10/7/2012 how to know if httpSocket returned no result Answered
10/5/2012 Android:updating of tableview crashes app Asked
10/3/2012 Android: tabgroup open and close males trouble Asked, Commented
10/3/2012 SMS access via titanium Answered
10/3/2012 Is it possible to make an each tableview cell clickable in iOS? Answered
10/3/2012 Rotate Image 360 Degrees Commented
10/3/2012 Music Library In I-Phone Answered
10/3/2012 How to Write a document in DB ? Answered
9/30/2012 Best praxis for XML handling (SUDS) Asked
9/28/2012 Android: Home-Button Asked
9/28/2012 Exit from iPhone application Answered
9/28/2012 New Lines in a tableview row Commented
9/28/2012 create custom events for model Answered
9/28/2012 How to open a downloaded file in app? Answered
9/28/2012 Unable to open content Answered
9/24/2012 Reminder on iPhone Asked, Commented
9/13/2012 httpclient and webcam Asked, Answered, Commented
9/13/2012 Click on curl of modal window Asked, Commented
9/8/2012 iOS Remote Image Cache Answered
9/4/2012 Does Titanium have a control for "picker" that looks like a list of options? Answered
9/4/2012 How to send a photo to remote server using HTTPClient? Answered, Commented
9/4/2012 Use of external native library in titanium Commented
9/4/2012 Cannot swipe streetview Asked, Commented
9/3/2012 How cam I stop http download on Android? Asked, Commented
9/3/2012 Android: recording of internet radio Asked, Commented
9/2/2012 Annotation.setLatitude() Asked, Answered, Commented
9/1/2012 SetLatitude() seems to are buggy Asked, Commented
9/1/2012 Moving of annotations (calculating of new position) Asked, Commented
8/31/2012 Making a slide show from the photo library Answered
8/31/2012 make a call Commented
8/30/2012 animate movement of a marker on a map Answered, Commented
8/30/2012 Rotation of annotation Asked
8/30/2012 JSON Parsing Answered
8/28/2012 Terminating of Android App Asked
8/28/2012 Communication with webview Asked
8/28/2012 Accessibility on iPhone Asked
8/27/2012 Application crash randomly on Ipad device after splash screen? Answered
8/27/2012 How to release window memory. Answered
8/27/2012 Android: my apps eats memory! Asked, Commented
8/27/2012 I18n – not existend language file kills app Asked, Commented
8/27/2012 Android: fallback for language Asked
8/24/2012 Ti.Barcode + PZN Asked, Answered
8/24/2012 Manually create SOAP XML request. Answered
8/24/2012 How to use camera on iOS Simulator? Answered
8/23/2012 Unable to get response text: out of memory Answered
8/23/2012 How I Can Communicate between same apps running on different devices Answered
8/21/2012 Marshalling error in suds.js in Android Answered
8/20/2012 Comma + result + cut Answered, Commented
8/20/2012 Android: pinching of web map view with leaflet Asked
8/20/2012 Moodle and Appcelerator Commented
8/19/2012 stripe and titanium Answered, Commented
8/19/2012 Rotate Annotation Image Answered
8/17/2012 Javascript 'this' question re:tableView Commented
8/17/2012 Android: distributing of OEM app Asked, Commented
8/17/2012 SUP + Appcelerator ?? Commented
8/17/2012 How do I load XML from a webView Answered
8/16/2012 Regarding the decryption from a database Commented
8/16/2012 Get places from database and show near to current user Answered
8/15/2012 how to Call properties of SAP Web Services in Titanium Answered
8/13/2012 Searching With Search Bar In Android Commented
8/13/2012 Android: supressing of autocompleting of textfields Asked
8/13/2012 I18N: GUI for editing Asked, Commented
8/13/2012 Copying images to cache folder at startup Answered
8/13/2012 Android: using of menu button Asked, Commented
8/13/2012 Android: closing of tabGroup Asked
8/13/2012 Android: using of menu button in tabgroup Asked, Commented
8/13/2012 how to display today's date into titanium studio? Commented
8/11/2012 Android: controling of status bar on splash screen and inside the app Asked, Answered, Commented
8/9/2012 Android: Best Practice for back button Asked, Commented
8/9/2012 Samsung Galaxy S3 crashes app Asked
8/8/2012 Augmented Reality Answered
8/8/2012 Mapview: How to update region? Answered
8/8/2012 icon size for tab icon on Android Samsung S3 Asked, Commented
8/7/2012 OCR site that returns json array needed Commented
8/6/2012 JQuery mobile issue in titanium Commented
8/6/2012 2 questions: Backbutton color flashes a 1/2 second back to the orignal color? Jquery form loads 1/2 second late. Commented
8/6/2012 Ti.barcode makes trouble Asked, Commented
8/5/2012 requiring a common.js module in app.js Answered, Commented
8/5/2012 Is there any way to save application settings? (Titanium mobile) Answered
8/5/2012 Is xcode 4.4 supported in Titanium SDK 2.1.1 Commented
8/3/2012 Error parsing google maps XML Answered
8/3/2012 MountainLion makes problems with SVN connector Asked
8/3/2012 Android and Multi Touch Commented
8/3/2012 Voicemail??? Answered
8/3/2012 My profile not showing my certification details Commented
8/3/2012 sqlite does not work with Multiple Byte Characters like Chinese in the table Answered, Commented
8/3/2012 How to Read User Events from Calendar? Answered
8/2/2012 AndroidManifest Asked
8/2/2012 Android uses-permissions Commented
8/2/2012 Android Permissions (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) Commented
8/2/2012 Android: warnings to user before app starts Asked, Answered, Commented
8/2/2012 Installing SDk from the Edge (CI) Asked, Commented
8/2/2012 Android want access to contacts, usb … Asked, Commented
8/1/2012 Titanium + OS X 10.8 MountainLion Asked, Commented
8/1/2012 I18N doenst work Asked, Commented
8/1/2012 Has anybody a reliable solution (even commercial) to work with XML Data in Titanium ? Answered, Commented
8/1/2012 Play Video in Webview on Android Answered
7/31/2012 Temporary suppressing (avoiding) of tab navigation Asked, Commented
7/31/2012 Can you connect directly to a MS SQL database from a Titanium mobile app? Commented
7/31/2012 I need a developer to mentor our developers and help us get going - Facebook game Commented
7/30/2012 JSS in modules? Asked
7/30/2012 Device back button issues Commented
7/30/2012 Extract URL from a local HTML file Answered
7/30/2012 Adding of children views to view Asked
7/30/2012 hintText color Answered
7/30/2012 How to get EXIF info? Answered, Commented
7/28/2012 Unable to change parent Window Label from Modal Window Commented
7/24/2012 Load of .JS file? Answered
7/24/2012 SQLite current_timestamp time problem Commented
7/20/2012 Error when build app that uses my module Answered
7/20/2012 Refresh the GPS location every 2 secs Answered
7/20/2012 Js Error Commented
7/20/2012 Android: changing of tabgroup is slow Asked, Answered
7/20/2012 Centre Routes Answered
7/19/2012 Create a 'library' to be used globally, list of methods Answered
7/19/2012 chart graphics on Android Asked
7/18/2012 iCal parser as commonJS module Asked
7/18/2012 Why window animation not work while beginning top>=460? Answered, Commented
7/18/2012 Creating Splash screen and Icon Answered
7/18/2012 Route - Question Answered
7/18/2012 removeRoute() works slowly Asked
7/18/2012 uplode an image or file in android iphone Answered
7/18/2012 Guarantee the order of code execution - How to?? Answered
7/18/2012 how to increase tableview's header size Answered
7/18/2012 MapView in TableViewRow unstability Commented
7/17/2012 Tableview navigation in android Answered
7/17/2012 HttpClient POST not working on android Answered
7/17/2012 Best approach - Storing an XML file or inserting into a database? Answered
7/17/2012 Use Geolocation to do Map Search? Answered
7/17/2012 Check if file exists on iPhone, and delete it... ?? Answered
7/17/2012 Non - Tab App Commented
7/17/2012 MapView longclick/longpress/touchend events not working Answered
7/17/2012 Barcode scanner for appcelerator Titanium Commented
7/17/2012 Titanium Plus barcode module not supporting 2-D datamatrix barcode .... Bug in Module Commented
7/17/2012 Not able to draw routes between two points Answered
7/16/2012 Rebuild UI Build Answered
7/16/2012 Get path to fullview image Commented
7/16/2012 Save images on the file system Commented
7/16/2012 SQLite Date Error when run in titanium Commented
7/16/2012 Cannot cancel Ti.Barcode Asked
7/15/2012 At second call of Ti.barcode cancel doesn't work Asked, Commented
7/15/2012 Strange uiModule Error Commented
7/15/2012 How To send data (form) POST, just like in HTML Commented
7/15/2012 How to convert XML to JSON without CommonJS? Commented
7/14/2012 JSON parse, braces for empty fields Answered
7/14/2012 Ti.Yahoo.yql and oauth help Answered
7/14/2012 Using of Pnglet in Titanium Asked
7/13/2012 native request to yql (timeout 10 sec. is not enough) Asked, Commented
7/13/2012 YQL with timeout Asked, Commented
7/13/2012 Firing evnt from module Asked, Answered, Commented
7/13/2012 XHR Basic Authentication with umlauts Answered
7/13/2012 Imageview:differences between iOs and android Answered
7/13/2012 label colors Answered
7/12/2012 Starting of vimeo/youtube movie in landscape mode from portrait window Asked, Commented
7/12/2012 Android: images for multiple screens Asked, Answered
7/12/2012 App rejected because wrong use of applicationDataDirectory Asked, Answered
7/11/2012 YQL and xpath Asked, Commented
7/11/2012 html file created in sencha animator shows error in appcelerator Answered
7/6/2012 Can we play multiple video players with the new Titanium Mobile SDKs? Answered
7/6/2012 Saving of screenshot in database Asked
7/5/2012 dynamic PNG for profils and others Asked, Commented
7/5/2012 Load RTF file from field Answered
7/5/2012 Overlay of Ti.Barcode works only partiell Asked
7/5/2012 PHP Library for REST SDK (ACS cloud) Asked, Commented
7/5/2012 how to send the soap wsdl request Answered
7/4/2012 Implement Calendar in iOS Commented
7/4/2012 Custom row background image Answered
7/4/2012 Cookie setup Answered
7/4/2012 Set Wallpaper Image through android titanium code Answered, Commented
7/4/2012 Ti.Stream.createStream() makes trouble on Android Asked
7/4/2012 Setting of Boundary at http upload Asked, Answered
7/4/2012 Converting Blob from camera to buffer for uploading multipart Asked
7/3/2012 Make a mobile version of a website Answered, Commented
7/3/2012 Subtracting dates from picker or date picker Commented
7/3/2012 Problem with IOS module function in SDK 2.1.0 Commented
7/3/2012 addRoute on android and sdk 2.1 Commented
7/3/2012 Security problem with ACS (Javascript SDK)? Asked, Commented
7/3/2012 Table view with load more pagination feature? Answered, Commented
7/3/2012 Downloading file in background Answered, Commented
7/3/2012 Best way to transfer files into app Answered
7/3/2012 Accessing Geolocation data from device camera roll pictures. is it possible? Answered, Commented
7/2/2012 ACS widt Javascript SDK – unsecure? Asked
7/2/2012 Share a custom object between users Answered
7/2/2012 Android: image upload Asked
7/2/2012 SDK 2.1: scrollable view swipes very fast Asked
7/2/2012 Window.backgroundGradient only works on iPhone Asked, Commented
6/30/2012 multipul records in titanium page Answered
6/29/2012 Titanium and Charts Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 addAnnotation frozes map Asked
6/29/2012 Calling of cloud module inside a camera callback Asked, Commented
6/29/2012 cloud: custom objects or custom fields? Asked
6/29/2012 Reading raw data from Blob Asked, Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 STRING.replace() is undefined Asked, Commented
6/29/2012 Putting youtube video into titanium studio for android app Answered
6/28/2012 Cant install ti.imagefactory module Answered
6/28/2012 Converting camera output to buffer/string Asked, Commented
6/28/2012 How to access sqlite database within titanium mobile Answered, Commented
6/28/2012 Oauth 2.0 - handling redirection to a client Answered
6/28/2012 Bug issue: Window opens twice (or 3 times) for no reason Answered
6/28/2012 Upload image manuallly Asked, Answered, Commented
6/27/2012 Forced appearing of keyboard Asked, Answered
6/27/2012 Error in running desktop app Commented
6/27/2012 activity indicator:imageview Commented
6/27/2012 Draw a signature and save it's image. Answered
6/27/2012 Linkify part of text in label. Answered
6/27/2012 Thumbnail Images Commented
6/26/2012 Send SMS Answered
6/26/2012 Box2d in commonJS doesn't work Asked
6/26/2012 Titanium.Network.HTTPClient: mixed upload (file and xml) Asked, Commented
6/26/2012 Retina images issues @2x.png Answered
6/26/2012 Event firing on textfields on android Asked, Commented
6/25/2012 Closing of modal (curled) window Asked, Answered, Commented
6/25/2012 Stapeling of unknown images in vertical layout Asked, Commented
6/25/2012 Paypal + Android Asked
6/24/2012 Access webview content(elements) from js Answered
6/22/2012 Analytics error sending request: A connection failure occurred [ERROR] Will re-queue analytics Commented
6/22/2012 How to save music on device to my app or server? Answered
6/22/2012 Ti.barcode as JS modul forget overlay Asked
6/19/2012 Round corners in CoverflowView? Answered
6/19/2012 More tab label Answered
6/19/2012 How i solve this problme [syntax error near unexpected token `(' ] ? Answered
6/18/2012 Install to iOS Device Fails Commented
6/18/2012 xhr and server timeout Answered
6/18/2012 Retrieve username and password from text files and collect them in a log in variable(params) Answered, Commented
6/18/2012 How to display a calender in Application Answered
6/17/2012 Transformed scrollable view on ANdroid doest work Asked
6/17/2012 QuickTiGame2d or Box2D? Commented
6/16/2012 Ti.App.Properties Variable Engineering Limits Answered
6/16/2012 Generating of QR in commonJS modul Asked, Commented
6/16/2012 Generating of QR as canvas webview on Android Asked, Commented
6/15/2012 Events in tableview on Android Asked
6/15/2012 Can't Build App, No Options in Editor Commented
6/15/2012 WebView fireEvent message size limit Answered
6/15/2012 upgrade ti.barcode 1.1 to 1.5 Answered, Commented
6/15/2012 unable to launch app on android emulator, whereas it's working on iphone simulator... Answered
6/15/2012 Hide Default Activity Indicator in webview Answered
6/14/2012 Google Map JS API Answered
6/14/2012 How do I implement the KitchenSinks File Upload progressbar? Answered
6/14/2012 ZingChart Answered
6/14/2012 Use iOS printer SDK from Titanium Answered
6/14/2012 server is giving error http.1.1 404 not found Answered
6/14/2012 Progress Bar In Android Notification Drawer Answered
6/14/2012 Coverflow code Answered
6/14/2012 Highcharts in Android webview. Asked
6/14/2012 File upload HTTP client issue Answered
6/14/2012 Using nativePath correctly Answered
6/14/2012 Structure of persistant module Asked
6/14/2012 save image in sql server Answered
6/14/2012 Objects in modules Asked, Commented
6/13/2012 Can module fire an event? Asked, Commented
6/12/2012 Can I show normal views contained in web views on mobile web browser? Answered
6/11/2012 Swipe event/gesture doesn't work on android Asked, Answered, Commented
6/9/2012 Twitter oauth in Titanium SDK 2.0.2 Answered
6/9/2012 Customized alert dialog on Android Asked
6/9/2012 How to access local css files in external HTML File Answered
6/9/2012 Help!!!!! Answered
6/8/2012 Circle aroud current location in map view. Answered
6/8/2012 ScrollView Dynamic Loading Answered
6/8/2012 Ti.Contacts.Person.image Can't seem to set it. Answered
6/8/2012 How to open mapView in native map on device Answered
6/8/2012 Marker on a Image Answered
6/8/2012 Change TableViewRow Label color Answered
6/8/2012 How I implement QR code scanner in my Android Device & iphone?(with titanium) Answered
6/8/2012 After animation return to opacity 1 not working Answered
6/7/2012 Audio Enhancements in iOS Answered
6/7/2012 imageView error event not working on SDK 2.0.x Answered
6/7/2012 XML getNodeName() Android Asked, Commented
6/7/2012 Does a webVew handle a .htaccess protection? Answered
6/7/2012 XML parsing with shortcut (XML2JSON) Asked, Commented
6/7/2012 SOAP with login/password Asked
6/7/2012 SOAP Authentication Commented
6/6/2012 addEvent for Clicking on VideoPlayer Answered
6/6/2012 Ti.include variable scope into a require js Answered
6/6/2012 Alert box without "Alert" Answered
6/6/2012 Label - Font Colour Answered
6/6/2012 Unable to update Date and Time Picker after creation in Android Answered
6/6/2012 Reading of DOM elements in webview Asked, Commented
6/6/2012 Slow Motion Video Play Answered
6/6/2012 Problem with createLabel reading accentuated characters Answered, Commented
6/6/2012 calling a barcoding application to scan in android Answered
6/5/2012 Titanium.Geolocation.locationServicesEnabled on Android Asked
6/5/2012 Android - Is there a way to get window's height without tab bar? Answered
6/5/2012 ScreenShot entire webView? Commented
6/5/2012 Android - Simple listener function problem Answered
6/5/2012 Facebook authentication causes application failure on android. Commented
6/5/2012 Add title in Picker Control Answered
6/5/2012 Scroll to top an html file of a webview after clicking a button Commented
6/5/2012 Route not showing on map Answered, Commented
6/5/2012 How to restore rows completely? Answered
6/5/2012 Split XML response from SOAP webservice using suds.js Answered
6/5/2012 Soap Android Asked, Commented
6/5/2012 How can we disable a simple Picker Commented
6/4/2012 How to distribute app to Iphone for beta test Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 TiHTTPClient Unable to decode using charset: UTF-8 Answered
6/4/2012 forwardGeocoder Answered
6/4/2012 Ti.Cloud make call synchronous Answered
6/4/2012 on air deployment fpr Android Apps. (over QR) Asked, Answered, Commented
6/4/2012 communication between a window.js and an html file url of a WebView Answered
6/4/2012 Qr Code Answered
6/4/2012 facebook like button Answered
6/4/2012 Ideas for realizing of rotating arrow are looking for (ANDROID) Asked, Answered
6/4/2012 Teleprompting System in titanium Commented
6/4/2012 How i use Pinterest Button for share image in my app? Commented
6/4/2012 2 tabs in window Answered
6/4/2012 It is possible to customize a text field using style? Answered
6/3/2012 Using density-specific resources on Android Asked
6/3/2012 How to pass e.rowData to an UI object (in my case, button) which is in the tableView row? Answered
6/3/2012 Animations on Android devices Asked, Commented
6/3/2012 Animations on Android Asked, Commented
6/2/2012 Login/Password alert ? Asked, Commented
6/2/2012 continue with Indie account? Commented
6/2/2012 Custom fonts on Android in TitaniumStudio Answered
6/2/2012 Activity Indicator Commented
6/2/2012 Titanium OAuth Answered, Commented
6/1/2012 Android SOAP Asked
6/1/2012 Keeping Default.png visible on app launch for a few seconds, then fade away. Help! Answered
6/1/2012 Kepp image fixed when scrolled Answered
6/1/2012 How to get all the Photos from Built In Gallery of iPhone into our application? Answered
6/1/2012 tableview font Answered
6/1/2012 Push notification for in house deployed apps? Asked, Commented
6/1/2012 how can i read data when Click the Table? Commented
6/1/2012 Add an Object - BUG Answered
5/31/2012 2.0.1 How do you get the height size value Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Is there any way to blur an image? Answered
5/31/2012 How to use geolocation info in a TableView Answered
5/31/2012 Status Bar Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Delete provisioning profiles from Titanium Answered
5/30/2012 Notification service for inhouse apps? Asked, Commented
5/30/2012 Streaming video doesn't play audio Commented
5/30/2012 why doesn't the Ti.Api.fireEvent fire inside the WebView? see code Answered
5/30/2012 show float view overhead of opened windows Answered
5/30/2012 Translate app to Android Answered
5/30/2012 How do you remove the title bar from a tabgroup? Answered
5/30/2012 Custom TabGroup IOS: Not 2 window approach Answered
5/30/2012 Can't disable touch on tableviewrow Answered
5/30/2012 Sticky header bar effect like Instagram Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Using the map to locate a position Answered
5/30/2012 jquery call - can I just put it in a web view? Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Facebook App Login Answered
5/29/2012 mobile geofencing Answered
5/29/2012 oauth doesnt work on android Asked, Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 Detecting of url changing in a webview Asked
5/25/2012 Network 'change' event Answered
5/25/2012 Distributing an iOS app internally for testing Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 Best Practice for calling commonJS module with persistence Asked, Commented
5/24/2012 How to login to exchange server Answered
5/23/2012 Uncaught ReferenceError:OAuth is not defined (problem in Android) Answered
5/23/2012 Ti.include failing on Android Answered
5/23/2012 Ti.include in commonJS-Modul Android Asked, Answered, Commented
5/23/2012 [OAuth] WebView can't catch the URL changes Commented
5/23/2012 View is not centered on Android Asked
5/22/2012 Offline Map Answered
5/21/2012 Define font size in Picker Answered
5/21/2012 html 5 cache webview iphone Answered
5/21/2012 Font names on iOS? Answered
5/21/2012 Red screen display after post of answer. Commented
5/21/2012 Open new window Answered
5/21/2012 Google Earth Mobile app Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 Secure storing of application secret (oAuth) Asked
5/21/2012 Simple Program Flow issue Answered
5/20/2012 Using Yelp 2.0 search in Titanium Answered
5/19/2012 Runs file in Simulator, but got strange Error after deploying on phone. Commented
5/19/2012 OnError app...question? Answered
5/19/2012 refresh data when clicking on tab Answered
5/19/2012 how can i create a flipbook in titanium? Answered, Commented
5/19/2012 Couldn't find module: <module name/> Answered
5/17/2012 Best Practice for audio player / Radio wakeup after resume Asked, Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 How could i USE Speech to text function with titanium platform Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 want to print html body content from webview Answered
5/17/2012 Weird behaviour of scrollview Answered
5/17/2012 WebView - Local Image Commented
5/17/2012 QuickTiGame2D: can I change properties of pex file on the fly? Asked, Commented
5/16/2012 Database Update not persistent (SQLITE) Answered
5/16/2012 Native iOS Twitter login with module get Auth Key Answered
5/16/2012 Best Practice to Develop IPhone and Android App UI Answered
5/16/2012 open another tab Answered
5/16/2012 Laser games/shows in Titanium? Asked
5/16/2012 twitter integration Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Vimeo videos on media.videoplayer ? Asked
5/16/2012 comment Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 traceroute in Titanium? Asked
5/15/2012 Android App takes long time to launch Answered
5/15/2012 voice input, is it possible? Answered
5/15/2012 Add to contacts Answered
5/15/2012 Special characters on label Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 How to query the child view of a parent view using Titanium? Commented
5/15/2012 Get TableViewRow by className? Answered
5/15/2012 Horizontal gradation on view Answered
5/15/2012 Titanium: Reading XML through Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 iOs Validation error : icon dimensions do not meet size requirements Answered
5/15/2012 How I use SMTP mail in Titanium? Answered
5/14/2012 background selected color with label and tableviewrow Answered
5/13/2012 How to send and receive multi-dimensional array from php to Titanium mobile? Answered
5/12/2012 How do I close the current view? Answered
5/12/2012 Correct use of Prototypes in custom Titanium Class Answered
5/12/2012 How to prevent autoloading images before user reaches them in scrollview and scrollableview? Answered
5/12/2012 Get y position of TableViewRow? Answered, Commented
5/12/2012 Changement bagroudImage d'un bouton situer dans une ligne d'un tableau Answered
5/11/2012 Ti.Map is undefined (not your typical poject > clean solution) Answered
5/11/2012 Search online in the Tableview Answered
5/11/2012 Tab background mage(Android) Answered
5/10/2012 Localization in local Html? Answered
5/10/2012 Field is being covered by keyboard Answered
5/10/2012 Free Versus Paid Answered
5/10/2012 Default Donts in Titanium Android Answered, Commented
5/10/2012 Application Design Question Answered
5/10/2012 Remove Appcelerator Loading Logo Answered
5/10/2012 fireEvent from webview not working on ipad/iphone device Answered, Commented
5/10/2012 Multidimensional array in Titanium, how to get large xml file into an array? Answered
5/10/2012 Trying to add navigation group to active tab, not working, need some help Answered
5/10/2012 Help with rss feeds Answered
5/9/2012 Remote image in custom tableviewRow Answered
5/9/2012 Deleting everything in a TableView Section Answered
5/9/2012 Questions relating Appcelerator Cloud Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Create custom dialog for android in titanium Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Requested module not found (PayPal, Zooz etc.) - Tried everything so Please HELP! Answered
5/9/2012 Change Styles runtime Answered
5/9/2012 Map Events Answered
5/9/2012 iOS ERROR in scrollView dblclick event Answered
5/9/2012 Why does geocode example work without Google Maps API key? Answered
5/8/2012 how i use iPhone calendar add event? Answered
5/8/2012 Rotated views in box2d not realy works Asked, Commented
5/8/2012 Manual of box3d joints Asked, Commented
5/8/2012 Access child object by name Answered
5/8/2012 Can I use jquery mobile on html displayed in a web view? Answered
5/8/2012 json Answered
5/8/2012 box2D with complex images Asked, Commented
5/8/2012 annotation.setImage does'nt work Asked, Commented
5/7/2012 Can't publish app update Answered
5/7/2012 Swipe through remote data from database Answered
5/6/2012 AR Open webview Answered
5/5/2012 Box2D event listeners Asked, Answered, Commented
5/5/2012 Box2d and accelerometer Asked, Commented
5/5/2012 Adding Additional Audio CODECS Commented
5/5/2012 Disappearing barImage in tabGroup Answered
5/5/2012 Image not showing in TableViewRow Answered, Commented
5/4/2012 how to pass the barcode image to barcode module Answered
5/4/2012 Mobile iOS - Masking remote images Answered
5/4/2012 Titanium publish Answered
5/4/2012 Tagcloud for Titanium Asked
5/4/2012 Tagcloud for Titanium Asked, Answered
5/3/2012 Parsing of remote HTML with Regex Asked
5/3/2012 Image upload to facebook page? Asked, Commented
5/2/2012 OpenstreetMap and OpenLayer offline on Android/iPhone Asked, Commented
5/1/2012 eventlistener Answered
5/1/2012 Best Prectice for animations? Asked
5/1/2012 barcode scanner Commented
5/1/2012 Substring() producing error Answered
4/30/2012 row Answered
4/30/2012 sending photo via email.. Answered
4/30/2012 Faebook events in table Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 WebView ProgressWheel Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 application failed codesign verification ! Answered
4/30/2012 Ti.Paint with palette and undo function Asked, Commented
4/30/2012 TCAD – is it spam? Asked, Commented
4/30/2012 Click - Map Annotation Commented
4/27/2012 Ti.Paint Asked, Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 I don't know if anyone is interested.... Commented
4/27/2012 Is ti.paint module supported in SDK 2.0.1 GA2 Commented
4/27/2012 How to go from Photoshop design to Titanium? Answered
4/27/2012 Webview <p> BUG on IOS (Titanium SDK,1.8.1,1.8.2)!Some one Help! Answered
4/27/2012 Switch values Answered
4/27/2012 High memory consumption when loading image catalog Answered
4/26/2012 Link to online certificate Asked
4/26/2012 Error after upgrading to xCode 4.3. Answered
4/26/2012 Check to see if a row exists in database Answered
4/26/2012 Problem with displaying downloaded data Answered
4/25/2012 code à barres pour android Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 Pinch in webview does'nt work – OpenLayer Asked, Commented
4/24/2012 native mapView – offline and without google? Asked, Commented
4/23/2012 Background Image / imageView scaling Answered
4/23/2012 setImage in mapview Asked
4/23/2012 xml Answered
4/23/2012 parsing date time string? Answered
4/22/2012 Ti.Media.createAudioPlayer Asked
4/22/2012 Best Practice for animated imageView for radio Asked, Commented
4/19/2012 View PDF in Android Answered
4/19/2012 Fire an event/function every hour Answered
4/19/2012 Is their a debug console available for Ti.UI.WebView on iOS? Answered
4/19/2012 Cant build to Device (iOS) Answered
4/19/2012 Opening iBook using Titanium Answered
4/19/2012 Dynamic setting of JSON-object Asked, Commented
4/19/2012 Android: dynamic inserting of map Asked, Answered
4/18/2012 Since upgrade to iOS 5.1/SDK4.3.2 I cannot compile for older devices? Asked, Commented
4/17/2012 webview and popup Answered
4/17/2012 Splash Screen not appearing after the instance is closed Answered
4/17/2012 Alert dialog Box disappears Answered
4/16/2012 Android: two mapViews in my a app Asked
4/13/2012 focus event of window in android world Asked, Answered, Commented
4/13/2012 Free Certification? Answered, Commented
4/12/2012 Using MapView in different windows Answered
4/11/2012 rightNavButton on all windows of a tabgroup Answered
4/11/2012 Version 2.0 and Cocoafish integration docs. Answered
4/11/2012 Activity indicator on splash screen? Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 scrollable gridview like Design Museum app for iPad? Answered
4/11/2012 Hide the title on a TableViewRow Answered
4/11/2012 Get title of the current window ? Answered
4/10/2012 Titanium.Yahoo.yql Asked, Commented
4/9/2012 can't create new Mobile Project... Answered
4/8/2012 add a view to a window when a button in another view is clicked Answered
4/8/2012 part of a label in another color? Answered
4/8/2012 How to add html inside textarea Answered
4/8/2012 TableViewRow Show/Hide Answered
4/8/2012 How to download previous version of mobile sdk? Answered
4/8/2012 question about Ti.App.Properties Answered
4/8/2012 XCode and iOS update not found Answered
4/8/2012 Android GPS issue Answered
4/8/2012 createOptionDialog title new line Answered
4/8/2012 optionsdialog cancel when clicked in open space? Answered
4/7/2012 Scrollable view controls mapView Asked, Commented
4/7/2012 how to change active tab icon Answered
4/7/2012 Patch of map module Asked, Commented
4/6/2012 Which version of Xcode is proposed for Lion 10.7.3? Asked, Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 Ajax Submit failing in webview Answered
4/6/2012 how to move a table row by drag and drop? Answered
4/6/2012 Custom picker with circular(looping) column effect Answered
4/6/2012 iPhone/iPod Touch: Icon.png: icon dimensions (0 x 0) don't meet the size requirement. The icon file must be 57x57 pixels, in .pn Asked
4/6/2012 Titanium and Lion Asked, Commented
4/6/2012 Icon size of appicon.png Asked, Answered, Commented
4/6/2012 Text To speech Answered
4/5/2012 uninstall sdk Answered
4/5/2012 Geo recording in background Asked
4/5/2012 TitaniumStudio on Lion Asked, Answered
4/5/2012 createOptionDialog size of the 'textbox' Answered
4/3/2012 setLocation() only works in one way Asked, Answered, Commented
4/2/2012 dynamic options dialog Asked, Answered, Commented
4/2/2012 Drop down animation Answered
4/2/2012 Hide title/navbar in Webview Answered
4/2/2012 Programmatically set options in an OptionDialog Answered
3/30/2012 Calculation of sun- and moon rising Asked
3/29/2012 Index in table view with costume table view rows Asked, Commented
3/29/2012 Using of Wiki Asked, Answered
3/28/2012 parseHTML of own HTML-snippet Asked, Answered
3/27/2012 debugging camera app Answered
3/27/2012 RatingBar in Titanium Answered
3/27/2012 How Can I close parent window of any Window ? Commented
3/26/2012 Titanium TabGroup: How to close window and then display the tab Group? Answered
3/26/2012 Mobile SDK 2.0 for HTML 5 ? Answered
3/26/2012 Common grid issue. Answered
3/26/2012 Picker giving wrong time? Answered
3/25/2012 Access to (android) device log Asked, Commented
3/25/2012 how to use data from multiple json feeds Answered
3/25/2012 Best practice to update a TableView by Timer Answered
3/25/2012 how to remove a TableView If Exists Answered
3/24/2012 xhr fails with "Host is down" but the URL is reachable in Browser Commented
3/24/2012 Problems since Lion Asked, Answered, Commented
3/23/2012 changing image of annotation after a click event on map! Answered
3/23/2012 including sencha touch in android Answered
3/23/2012 Acessing weather WSDL web service Answered
3/21/2012 possiblilities to save data local Answered
3/21/2012 Hide thumbImage in slider Answered
3/21/2012 Problem with 360°-panorama-modul Asked
3/20/2012 Problem with multiple annotation images Commented
3/20/2012 CommonJS methodology: How to access inner object functions Answered
3/19/2012 image dimension on device Asked, Commented
3/19/2012 Reading from database and display in a Label Answered
3/17/2012 Changes in SDK 2.* Asked
3/16/2012 Nested views Answered
3/15/2012 Features of newest build Asked, Answered, Commented
3/15/2012 Ti.Database.install() from remote generated SQL Asked
3/15/2012 Remove items from memory and tableview Answered
3/15/2012 Using of callback/observer in module context (commonJS) Asked, Answered, Commented
3/15/2012 On screen load Answered
3/14/2012 working with category and subcategory Answered
3/14/2012 scrollview for thumbnails Answered
3/13/2012 Returning longitude and latitude from longpress event Commented
3/13/2012 Hiding back button in Nav Bar Answered
3/13/2012 Any suggestions about barcode generation? Answered
3/11/2012 Passing references in other windows Answered
3/9/2012 Videoplayer without sound/audio Asked
3/6/2012 WebView: evalJS Uncaught ReferenceError: _TiReturn is not defined: Android Answered
3/2/2012 Image effects... Answered
3/1/2012 how to add event in device calender with remember alarm in iphone? Answered, Commented
3/1/2012 createHTTPClient hits web page, but gets no response Answered, Commented
3/1/2012 audioPlayer on 1.8.2 progress not updating past a certain point Answered
3/1/2012 Openlayers Answered
3/1/2012 Building App Answered
3/1/2012 Coordinates from a map on click event Answered
3/1/2012 Activity Indicator Answered
2/28/2012 File Caching and duplicate files Answered
2/28/2012 Webview - Enabling localStorage Answered
2/28/2012 How to convert X, Y coordinates to latitude and longitude in mapview Answered
2/27/2012 Database Error Answered
2/27/2012 Stelford Titanium Calendar - Module Answered
2/27/2012 dynamic grid Asked
2/27/2012 Remote Update Answered
2/27/2012 Calendar module not found Answered
2/26/2012 Simpel Clock Sample to learn from ! Answered
2/26/2012 analog clock Asked, Answered
2/26/2012 How can you access iPhone Gyroscope? Answered
2/23/2012 Bug when making a GET request with spaces Answered
2/23/2012 How to add annotation on mapview click event Answered, Commented
2/17/2012 Slider with two handlers Asked
2/16/2012 Google Search / Goggle in Titanium? Asked, Answered, Commented
2/16/2012 Loading image files from Documents folder into UIWebView on iOS Answered
2/16/2012 How to show menu icon Answered
2/11/2012 shralptide as Titanium module Asked, Answered
2/8/2012 setSelectedRow doesnt work Asked
2/6/2012 Calling of own PDFs in safari Asked, Answered
2/5/2012 window on iphone.. blocked Answered
2/4/2012 RTSP not always work Answered
2/2/2012 Transfering generated PDFs into iBooks Asked
2/2/2012 iOS- play video then save locally. Possible? Answered
1/31/2012 Application hangs at startup at first Ti.Network use attempt Answered
1/31/2012 Connecting external MSSQL database from android application from titanium Answered
1/31/2012 getting value of tableViewRow Answered, Commented
1/31/2012 Use custom font Answered
1/30/2012 UTF-8 in App name Asked, Commented
1/27/2012 Function to get chars out of label Answered, Commented
1/27/2012 Ti.App.Properties.getBool() crashes virgin app Asked, Answered
1/27/2012 How to add event listener to dynamically created form Commented
1/27/2012 WebView Scrolling Issues Answered, Commented
1/27/2012 FTP with Titanium Answered
1/27/2012 Opening of in app generated PDPs in iBooks Asked, Commented
1/27/2012 Problem aligning labels in TableViewRow Answered
1/27/2012 What value should I set for WebView.url if the html file located in Application Data Directory? Answered
1/27/2012 Transfering and opening of generated PDFs in iPbooks Asked
1/27/2012 ImageView to bytes Answered
1/27/2012 Webview Answered
1/26/2012 iBook PDF reader Answered
1/26/2012 Titanium.include not working? Answered, Commented
1/26/2012 May i use WorldPay with titanium mobile ? Answered
1/26/2012 Full res images on iPhone4? Answered
1/26/2012 Checking if app installed Asked
1/26/2012 File Sharing with iTunes Asked, Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 Opening of pdf's in iBook Asked, Commented
1/24/2012 Calendar widget in scrollable View Asked, Answered, Commented
1/19/2012 Can't access to server in VPN connection Commented
1/19/2012 PickerColumn dosnt fire click event Asked
1/18/2012 Modifying of webview Asked, Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 automatic scaling of pictures Asked
1/15/2012 Dynamic changing of map type? Asked
1/14/2012 How to close current view and parent view ? Answered
1/14/2012 Moving of annotation postion Asked, Answered, Commented
1/14/2012 evalJs to webviews with iframes Asked, Answered
1/14/2012 Custom border around the camera. Answered
1/13/2012 remote video in slider Asked, Answered, Commented
1/12/2012 Crashing of Titanium Studio Asked, Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 Fitting of remote image in vertical layout Asked, Commented
1/9/2012 2D-scrollable View? Asked, Answered
1/4/2012 iTunes IPA Version Answered
1/4/2012 Registered Devices in "Provisioning Portal" Asked, Answered
1/4/2012 How to get HTTP Heder from WebView? Answered
1/3/2012 CSS-like layout templating engine for Titanium? Answered
1/3/2012 Getting Properties from TableViewRow Answered
1/3/2012 Custom tabgroup Answered
1/3/2012 Scripting console Asked, Answered, Commented
1/3/2012 how to call a webService in titanium Answered
1/3/2012 Getting the DataPicker selected value Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 distribution CERT Asked, Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 How can I play the video from the directory list? Answered
1/2/2012 imageview caching remote image? Answered
1/2/2012 Radio streaming title Answered
1/1/2012 Function complete excution Answered
1/1/2012 Get coordinates from mapview on longpress Answered
1/1/2012 ImageView - Flipping & Zooming Answered
1/1/2012 Sliding Gallery Answered
12/30/2011 How to get router/gateway IP on mobile device? Answered
12/29/2011 Properties + Settings.bundle/Root.plist Asked, Answered, Commented
12/29/2011 Properties Asked, Commented
12/29/2011 longpress not working Answered
12/29/2011 Calendar on iphone Answered
12/29/2011 Problems getting started with IOS development - incomplete error Answered
12/29/2011 Table View, click and go back to previous page with collected information Answered
12/29/2011 Facebook-like Image Scrollable View Answered, Commented
12/29/2011 how to detect a xhr timeout? Answered
12/29/2011 Happy New Year Answered
12/29/2011 Debug output shows only beginning of text Asked
12/28/2011 How can i remove a tableview from a page when a button is clicked?? (android)(titanium mobile) Answered
12/28/2011 Label next to TableViewRow Answered
12/28/2011 addRoute on iOS - linear path Answered
12/28/2011 keyboard view hide form Asked, Answered, Commented
12/27/2011 Executing of SQL from file Asked, Answered
12/27/2011 Allow user placing pins on a map Answered
12/27/2011 Enabling/Disabling of TabBars Asked
12/26/2011 Changing Attributes of json object in Android application (Titanium) Answered
12/26/2011 Video played in simulator but not on the device Answered
12/25/2011 Disabling control-z in Project Explorer?? Answered
12/25/2011 Mobile Best Practices Answered
12/25/2011 Ti.UI.currentTab.open doesnt work in Answered
12/25/2011 Remote Image Grid Gallery Answered
12/24/2011 Error message : Could not find the file Answered
12/24/2011 Appcelerator app code Answered
12/24/2011 Attempting to save image to applicationDataDirectory Answered
12/23/2011 keyboardType and iPad Asked
12/23/2011 Generate pdf for attach on email Answered
12/23/2011 Can I keep httpClient connection alive? Answered
12/23/2011 Convert to Remote Json Answered, Commented
12/23/2011 Best practices for deleting data Answered
12/20/2011 Using of properties Asked
12/19/2011 webview communication Asked, Answered
12/19/2011 Webview – Best practice Asked
12/19/2011 Videos In Ipad Answered
12/18/2011 How to remove splash screen? it's possible? Answered
12/18/2011 I would like to clear cache of webview. Answered
12/18/2011 Caching of complete webview Asked
12/18/2011 Formatting of big amounts Asked, Answered, Commented
12/15/2011 V8 runtime defines Object.prototype.extend which may break compatibility to javascript framework Answered
12/14/2011 Password alert dialog script [solved] Answered
12/12/2011 iPhone make multiple annotation Answered
12/12/2011 Facebook like button Implementation using titanium Answered
12/12/2011 Change annotation font size Answered
12/11/2011 reload() only ONCE !? Commented
12/11/2011 # of Titanium Apps Built Asked, Answered
12/11/2011 Adding a footer to each UI.TableViewRow Answered
12/11/2011 Storing json as a variable Answered
12/11/2011 iOS App works perfectly in simulator & on test device but is rejected by Apple for basic functionality NOT working Answered
12/10/2011 deepzoom images and zoomify Asked, Commented
12/10/2011 callback in controler Asked
12/8/2011 On touch generate image Answered
12/8/2011 Events Asked, Commented
12/6/2011 Saving images of imageView to photoGallery Asked, Answered, Commented
12/6/2011 Create a new window when URL is clicked in webview Answered
12/6/2011 Google Map Static Image vs Retina issue Answered
12/6/2011 movable/editable tableViewRows? Asked
12/6/2011 Database fetch Answered
12/6/2011 Google Maps link no longer opens in Maps App (iPhone) Answered
12/6/2011 Orientations of windows Asked, Commented
12/6/2011 Have to change image of current location in iPhone mapview Answered
12/6/2011 Hires imageView from TiBlob? Asked
12/6/2011 Same image in device cache Answered, Commented
12/4/2011 Programmin Language Commented
12/4/2011 Is it possible to "replace" an App in the App Store with a Titanium built App? Answered, Commented
12/4/2011 Ti.Storekit Request Price Commented
12/4/2011 Detect scale view Answered
12/4/2011 Audio player crashing constantly Answered
12/4/2011 Controler/view communication Asked, Answered, Commented
12/3/2011 App get's stuck on splash sometimes Answered
12/3/2011 Geolocation.reverseGeocode - which service is used? Answered
12/3/2011 Design in different file Answered, Commented
12/3/2011 Will Titanium Studio work with Xcode 3 Commented
12/3/2011 Require Module Will Not Return Variable Commented
12/3/2011 xcodebuild: error with helloworld Answered, Commented
12/3/2011 App Approved Thank You Commented
12/3/2011 Display objects in blocks after each other Answered, Commented
12/3/2011 Drupal + Services 3.x + Titanium SDK 1.7.5 + IOS SDK 5.0 : error and status 302 Commented
12/3/2011 TableView Height Highly Frustrating Answered
12/3/2011 Camera buttons in overlay don't work Answered, Commented
12/3/2011 internal question: number of Titanium Apps Built / Gravatar Asked, Commented
12/3/2011 Incompatible Mobile SDK for the Mobile Web support Answered
12/3/2011 Geo-fencing Answered
12/3/2011 Auto-pause when headphone jack is unplugged? Answered
12/3/2011 Multiple XHR blocks, solution with subdomains? Answered
12/2/2011 Helper tool for localization? Answered
12/2/2011 Writing XML file Answered
12/2/2011 MapView layout Answered
12/1/2011 display the weather in app Answered
11/28/2011 Webview with "more apps from this developer" Asked, Answered
11/24/2011 Scale image in tableView based on set width? Commented
11/24/2011 browser certificat in http client Asked, Answered, Commented
11/24/2011 Map Annotation rightView issue Answered
11/23/2011 Problem in this forum? Asked, Commented
11/22/2011 Animation in vertical layouted scrollview Asked, Commented
11/22/2011 TextArea BackgroundImage only on android? Commented
11/22/2011 Costumized Textarea/Keyboard Asked
11/14/2011 Running Text..!! Answered
11/14/2011 Youtube forces landscape orientation Asked
11/12/2011 App rejected: "We found the following non-public API/s in your app: layout" Asked, Commented
11/11/2011 Changing of title or image in buttonBar not work Asked
11/10/2011 How to fetch images and video from xml and show and play video? Commented
11/9/2011 fireEvent from xhr Asked, Commented
11/9/2011 My webcam Asked, Commented
11/8/2011 How to vertical align text in a TextArea? Commented
11/8/2011 SQLite error: 'constraint failed' Asked, Answered, Commented
11/7/2011 Weather infos via yahoo Asked, Answered
11/7/2011 "filterAttribute" - How To Use? Commented
11/4/2011 Simple parallax effect with Ti Commented
11/4/2011 scrollView.scrollTo is no smooth Asked, Commented
11/4/2011 Hyphenator as property in Ti.UI.Label Asked, Answered, Commented
11/3/2011 Replace root window of tab Answered
10/31/2011 Changing of developer Asked, Commented
10/31/2011 Animations & Transitions Asked, Commented
10/31/2011 How to count all rows of a tableview when using searchBar Answered, Commented
10/30/2011 [iPhone] Web authentication via HTTPclient Commented
10/28/2011 Special Characters Answered
10/27/2011 Playing width events – sliding of window Asked, Answered, Commented
10/26/2011 Softshadow on left window edge Asked
10/25/2011 Toolbar button style (iPhone) problem Commented
10/25/2011 Module - zxing Commented
10/25/2011 GUI element like new facebookApp Asked, Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 iPhone Create Contact Answered
10/25/2011 Contacts syntax Asked
10/24/2011 Specify views dynamically for transitions Answered
10/24/2011 Gallery realized with transitions Asked
10/24/2011 „There was an error saving changes. Please try again later or contact iTunes Connect Support at itunesconnect@apple.com. “ Asked
10/23/2011 Webview Keyboard hides when geolocation recieved Answered
10/23/2011 Latency on displaying multiple images in imageView Asked, Commented
10/22/2011 dynamic embed of video Asked
10/21/2011 Error on hello world app Commented
10/21/2011 Draggable annotations Asked, Commented
10/21/2011 How can I embed a tableView or View into Annotation? Answered
10/21/2011 Google Maps Annotation Image in Titanium 1.7.3 SDK Answered
10/20/2011 Setting and moving of annotations Asked, Commented
10/20/2011 Prototyping of Titanium objects Asked, Commented
10/20/2011 iOS5 and toolBar Asked, Commented
10/20/2011 Reading of tableViewRows Asked
10/20/2011 Video portal rejected Asked, Answered
10/19/2011 Support for android deployment in Titanium Studio Asked, Commented
10/19/2011 Adding activity indicators Answered
10/19/2011 Sortable imageViews in container Asked
10/19/2011 Please Please Help Help Answered
10/19/2011 iOS5: empty screen between startscreen and first window in tabgroup Asked
10/19/2011 geolocation Answered
10/19/2011 First step in Titanium-Studio Asked, Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 Imageview with fixed height and left align Asked
10/17/2011 Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch Answered
10/16/2011 Playing long videos Commented
10/13/2011 Upgrade from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 Asked
10/13/2011 "This profile cannot be installed on devices" after upgrading to iOS 5 Asked, Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 videoplayer – which kind of codecs (mp4) Asked
10/13/2011 addRoute crashes Asked, Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 Size a photo to fill screen with correct aspect ratio Commented
10/13/2011 Open Route within Mapview, open in my native App. Answered
10/13/2011 Make a phone call, but ask the user first, with "OK" and "cancel" button Answered
10/10/2011 static closures … Asked, Commented
10/9/2011 Loading image in ti.paint from mobile gallery Answered
10/9/2011 How to add an imageView on a mapview (with top, bottom, left, right property)? Answered
10/9/2011 Rotated imageView Asked, Commented
10/9/2011 how to render php file to iphone Answered
10/7/2011 How to find row of data in array, based on index position Answered
10/7/2011 zIndex of annotations Asked, Answered
10/7/2011 Copy and sort list Asked, Commented
10/5/2011 Link to app store (more from this developer) Asked, Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 Window animation Asked, Commented
10/4/2011 dynamic filling of picker Asked, Answered
10/3/2011 Audio stream manipulation? Answered
10/3/2011 ImageView only works on simulator Asked
10/2/2011 iPhoneApp: only in landscape – problem with splash screen Asked
9/30/2011 how to close total application when press under the user defind exit button. Answered
9/28/2011 Push and geolocalisation Commented
9/28/2011 Map Annotation Click function & Animation Answered
9/28/2011 How to upload image to twitter? Answered
9/28/2011 Take an image from camera and save with name Answered
9/27/2011 turntable photo in imageView Asked
9/26/2011 Using Slider for 360 Effect Commented
9/26/2011 Dynamic filling of scrollView (360°-Panorama) Asked
9/26/2011 Icon for iPhone/iPad Asked
9/25/2011 Tabgroup icons (Glypish) an left side in landscape mode? Asked
9/24/2011 How to change the navbar height ? Answered
9/24/2011 Event for completing adding aof annotations? Asked
9/24/2011 Some help with PHP/Json from remote to local app Answered
9/23/2011 double backing Asked, Commented
9/23/2011 Many annotations on map crashes app Asked
9/23/2011 How to allow/impersonate 'swipe' to work with WebView? Answered
9/21/2011 URL encode Answered
9/21/2011 webView.reload() and iframe Asked
9/18/2011 Modifying of table view rows Asked, Commented
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