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5/23/2014 ListView and empty collection Answered, Commented
3/24/2014 How to set a Global Button (Info Button) Commented
3/18/2014 Receive data from intent SHARE/VIEW filter Asked, Commented
2/19/2014 use of dataTransform to populate the tableview Answered
2/19/2014 The Back button is overlapped with Status bar on iOS 7 Answered
4/22/2013 Intermittent Fatal signal 11 error during file write on Android Answered, Commented
3/21/2013 Alloy controllers scope vs commonJS modules Asked, Commented
3/14/2013 Delete SQL Query on Alloy Collections Asked, Commented
3/3/2013 Alloy: pressing back button on Android exits application Answered
3/2/2013 Alloy new templates missing in Ti Studio (New alloy project, new widget...) Asked, Commented
3/2/2013 Cheap Android device for testing? Answered
3/2/2013 ACS Custom Object - Get list of classnames. Answered
3/2/2013 YouTube video is not playing!!!! Answered
2/25/2013 media image Answered
2/25/2013 Custom Font Answered
1/22/2013 TRICK: Drop real shadows in Titanium (iOS) Asked, Commented
11/12/2012 Has anyone any experience integrating native Android module to Titanium? Need examples Answered
11/9/2012 don't use itunes Answered, Commented
11/9/2012 How to download a xml-file from a folder Resources Answered
11/8/2012 How can I add/expose methods to the Ti.UI.Window object in objective-c? Answered, Commented
11/5/2012 Paypal payment from one person to another Answered
11/5/2012 Push Notification Channels Answered
11/5/2012 Can I use Titanium SDK for a commercial SW if I use only Titanuim SDK and Titanium Studio? Answered
10/30/2012 Custom photo sizes in ACS Asked, Commented
10/11/2012 view and scrollView Answered, Commented
10/11/2012 What happened to Global Math? Answered
10/11/2012 Emoji and Appcelerator Cloud Answered
10/11/2012 buttonBar or tabbedBar Answered
10/11/2012 How to make an italic font ? Answered
10/11/2012 Auto size vs Ti.UI.FILL Ti.UI.SIZE in SDK 2.0 Answered
10/4/2012 I still can't run on iOS Device in Titanium SDk 2.1.3.v20120927181611 Answered, Commented
9/27/2012 Convert javascript array to tableview data format Answered
9/22/2012 images appear bigger or distorted on iphone Answered
9/22/2012 how should I implement a continously GPS tracking function? Answered
9/21/2012 Android camera not working. Error code:0 on HTC One V Asked, Commented
9/20/2012 [2.1.2.GA / iOS6] Cant deploy app after fixing an iOS6 issue Answered
9/13/2012 fontWeight bold not working for Label Answered
9/13/2012 How to get all messages in Cloud Messages(ACS) Answered
9/10/2012 Problem uploading photos with ACS Commented
8/13/2012 Just Found Out About Appcelerator: Why Should We Use It? Answered
8/13/2012 APK file size varying. Answered
8/12/2012 Add emotions in android Answered
8/12/2012 commonJS todo example, open window in current tab Commented
8/12/2012 tabgroup using commonjs Answered, Commented
8/11/2012 TabGroup Answered, Commented
8/10/2012 Large gap between view elements Answered, Commented
8/10/2012 Customization of native android components in Titanium appcelerotor Answered, Commented
8/10/2012 Titanium Mobile won't run in iOS emulator using compiler version 2.1.0 GA Answered, Commented
8/9/2012 Building a metronome (or similar) w. Ti Commented
8/9/2012 change tab with a button Answered, Commented
8/9/2012 How to drag and drop imageview ina view titanium Application? Answered
8/9/2012 Separate execution context for file download? Answered
8/9/2012 How to draw free hand drawing on touch of view in titanium? Answered
8/9/2012 Unable to load local video file from device document directory Answered
8/9/2012 How to post a formatted string to facebook? Answered
8/8/2012 a little tip on coding for different screenresolutions Commented
8/8/2012 Titanium.Platform.id changed to a different number Answered
8/8/2012 Application structure Answered
8/8/2012 File Path not valid in android Answered, Commented
8/8/2012 Child view will also fire "touchstart" even set it's touchEnabled to false? Commented
8/1/2012 Attach PDF to email after saving it Answered, Commented
7/31/2012 Accelerate framework in titanium Answered
7/23/2012 Problem with youtube in a web view Commented
7/11/2012 HTTP request serialization or chunking Answered
7/10/2012 Unique iphone ids - How to get Answered, Commented
7/9/2012 iOS Info Button Answered
7/9/2012 pinch to zoom on an imageview(android) Answered, Commented
7/9/2012 How to implement this ? Answered
7/5/2012 How do you make TableViewRow expand to fit a large piece of text?? Answered, Commented
6/27/2012 Upgrading Native App With Ti App Answered
6/24/2012 Border of a square ImageView or View Answered
6/24/2012 Hosted HTML5 Answered
6/24/2012 Navigation Controller Problem? Answered
6/24/2012 Hide table row Answered
6/23/2012 iPad App: Default to Landscape? Answered
6/20/2012 Global Array not working?? Answered
6/19/2012 Label auto height in 2.0.1 Answered
6/19/2012 Label auto height Answered
6/15/2012 I want to use the UUID, but backups.. (android) Answered
6/15/2012 App not starting because of https://api.appcelerator.net:443 Answered, Commented
6/14/2012 Help me plz Commented
6/14/2012 Using nativePath correctly Answered
6/14/2012 ImageView doesn't refresh after rewriting file Answered, Commented
6/14/2012 ImageView don't stretch image Answered
6/14/2012 Structure of persistant module Answered
6/13/2012 How to open Password protected PDF files inside the app Answered
6/13/2012 My sixth day without being able to installe on device Answered, Commented
6/13/2012 Question!?! Answered
6/7/2012 // ScrollableView bad performance on iPad1 / iPad2 since iOS 5 Answered, Commented
6/2/2012 Create Module using interface builder Answered
6/2/2012 How easy we can create our own module? Answered
5/31/2012 2.0.1 How do you get the height size value Answered
5/31/2012 Resumed event lockscreen Answered
5/31/2012 Problem with scrollView in Ti 2 Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Android apk size Answered, Commented
5/30/2012 Change color of button background in iOS navigation bar? Answered
5/30/2012 Back button of android not working Answered
5/23/2012 how to center an Activity Indicator and message text on a toolbar (iOS) Answered
5/18/2012 iOS Module Doesn't Run on Device Answered
5/11/2012 SDK for .NET Answered
5/11/2012 Best Practices with CommonJS on Android and iPhone Answered
5/10/2012 excessive space in Titanium.UI.TextField Commented
5/9/2012 Metronomos - My first app ever was just approved! Answered
5/2/2012 force redraw mobile web Asked, Commented
4/30/2012 Modules Works in Simulator but not IPhone --- Please Help Answered
4/30/2012 Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - XCode 3.2.6 - IOS sdk 4.3 Titanium sdk 2.0.1GA2 Installation Issue Answered, Commented
4/30/2012 Button in a textfield Answered
4/29/2012 JSON Data file works in simulator but not on iPhone device Answered
4/29/2012 comment code in titanium studio? Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 ScrollView issues Ti 2: ImageView inside a scrollView Asked, Commented
4/26/2012 Scrollview issue Ti2: View with H/V layout and auto size Asked, Commented
4/23/2012 iOS: Height of view not correct when using horizontal layout? Ti 2.0.1 Answered
4/23/2012 Titanium 2.0 Scollview contentHeight: 'auto' - can we still use it? Answered
4/19/2012 Cannot find Titanium SDK Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Custom PageControl for ScrollableViews Commented
4/18/2012 Problem with set layout in window Answered
4/18/2012 Fixed position footer Answered
4/18/2012 Titanium SDK v2 is now available from Studio Updates Answered
4/18/2012 How to compile in 2.0 ? Answered
4/18/2012 App won't run in the iOS Simulator anymore after updating Answered
4/18/2012 How to calculate size of a label without adding it to a view? Answered
4/10/2012 Post Video to Facebook - requestWithGraphPath Commented
3/22/2012 Remove webview crashes application Answered
3/14/2012 SplitWindow popover Answered
3/14/2012 tutorials or video tutorials on Appcelerator? Answered
3/14/2012 Appcelerator can't package my app for distribution Answered
3/10/2012 Bug: VideoPlayer does not fire touch events SDK 1.8.1 Asked, Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 Hide/Show tableview based on clicking in the searchbar Commented
3/9/2012 How to trap an event in js that is raised in an iOS module Answered
3/9/2012 Opening to iBooks store. Answered
3/9/2012 Open 1x zoom on iPad Answered
3/7/2012 How to destroy a WebView from memory (iOS) Asked, Commented
3/6/2012 Is there any way to force execution on the main thread? Answered, Commented
3/6/2012 Icon Gloss won't go away.. Answered
3/6/2012 Build Answered
3/6/2012 create socket to receive requests Answered, Commented
3/5/2012 Help me find a mistake. Android mobile. Commented
3/5/2012 exitOnClose doesn't work Answered
3/5/2012 windows works not the same as linux(ubuntu) with the backgroundImage.Bugs? Answered
3/2/2012 WebView to Blob Answered, Commented
3/2/2012 Problem with Views wrapped in scrollViews to enable zooming Answered, Commented
3/2/2012 How to Compile with Textmate? Answered
3/1/2012 Issue animating 2 buttons. Answered
2/23/2012 Cannot close window in Android Answered
2/23/2012 iPad title navigation bar Answered
2/13/2012 NavigationGroup inside Popover (iPad) Asked
2/1/2012 Native javascript modules and supporting Obj-C methods Answered
1/27/2012 Function to get chars out of label Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 Gesture event not working Commented
1/24/2012 Apple's 17+ rating Answered
1/24/2012 Does anyone actually test their applications? Not even Titans; Commented
1/22/2012 Switch Back & forth between views using swipe.. Answered
1/22/2012 Update data from object Answered
1/22/2012 WebView in a tab - problem with getting back Answered
1/21/2012 How can i hide a webview when the url gets a 404 error? Answered
1/21/2012 create an eventListener on a thumbnail image to open a new image view Answered
1/20/2012 Module instillation problem Answered, Commented
1/20/2012 Make an imageView fit the screen Answered, Commented
1/19/2012 Can't find file at runtime Answered, Commented
1/19/2012 Max number of line of code ? Answered
1/19/2012 auto height into another auto height view Answered
1/17/2012 Parsing a txt file Answered
1/16/2012 Questions about Sockets Answered
1/16/2012 Box2D Documentation ? Tutorials? Answered
1/16/2012 "Galaxy tab addon android 2.2" Answered
1/13/2012 Git commit doesn't work on titanium studio Answered
1/12/2012 Pass directory to iOS Module - rare chars / codification problems Asked, Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 ipa fails to install on iphone4 Answered
1/7/2012 More efficient picker? Answered
1/5/2012 iOS Module development: how to add graphic assets to module Asked
1/4/2012 Launch iPad emulator using Titanium run command Asked, Commented
1/3/2012 Get SSID Answered
1/2/2012 distribution CERT Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 I cant find createPaintView() function in .m files of ti.paint module. where is it ? Answered, Commented
12/31/2011 Image zoom doesn't work after updating to SDL 1.8 Commented
12/30/2011 i18n folder no longer working Commented
12/29/2011 tabGroup.touchEnabled = false in Andorid Answered, Commented
12/29/2011 Properties + Settings.bundle/Root.plist Answered, Commented
12/29/2011 Debug output shows only beginning of text Answered
12/28/2011 Label next to TableViewRow Answered
12/28/2011 CommonJS and Global Variables Commented
12/28/2011 ButtonBar not receive events in iPad landscape orientation (iOS) Asked, Commented
12/28/2011 how to resize the photo? Answered, Commented
12/28/2011 is there a calendar UI view for Titanium? Answered
12/27/2011 Activity Indicator Problem Answered, Commented
12/27/2011 Solution for a simple multilanguage app Answered, Commented
12/26/2011 Browse files using Titanium.UI.open File Chooser Dialog Answered
12/26/2011 change event in slider not working Answered
12/22/2011 About Ti.API.info Ti.API.debug Ti.API.error Answered
12/22/2011 Change User Agent of UIWebview Answered
12/15/2011 Settings screens does not work with RC1 Asked, Commented
12/14/2011 Searchbar in tableView Answered
12/5/2011 Titanium Error when running ipad sim Answered
12/5/2011 How do I send HEX data (e.g. 0FFF) via socket functions? Answered
12/5/2011 How to bring Tabgroup to the bottom of the screen. Answered
12/1/2011 Transform not happening in Android. Answered
12/1/2011 Making Titanium work for Android devices Answered
12/1/2011 Speed up ScrollabbleView Swipe Answered
12/1/2011 Can I develop with titanium to both, iOS and Android, without a Mac? Answered
11/29/2011 Fresh installed Titanium Developer on OSX Lion, trying to compile a blank fresh app gives an error Answered
11/29/2011 how to give alert Answered
11/29/2011 Admob module's plobrem() Answered, Commented
11/28/2011 iphone simulator not working Commented
11/28/2011 How to get the build time-stamp of my titanium application? Answered
11/24/2011 Android 3.0 Hardware Acceleration Asked, Commented
11/22/2011 Slide in view/window Answered
11/22/2011 Titanium background service Answered
11/22/2011 Extending ImageView native component for android Answered
11/22/2011 Animation in vertical layouted scrollview Answered
11/21/2011 Titanium Desktop TCPSocket write example Answered, Commented
11/21/2011 Tableview: opened focused on the bottom not the top Answered
11/21/2011 Titanium File Association in Gallery Answered
11/21/2011 Open one window after another in tab view Answered
11/21/2011 Sort picker data, translated Answered
11/21/2011 Gallery ,multiple images Answered
11/21/2011 tableview and row background header Answered
11/21/2011 How to create a context menu on Android? Answered
11/17/2011 2 Launcher icons Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 iPad 2 Photo Gallery Crash Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 Clean Project in Titanium Studio is grayed out..... Answered
11/17/2011 Read/ Write to custom .plist file Answered
11/15/2011 App rejection non public api LAYOUT API Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 Tab Creation Loop Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 button not working Answered
11/14/2011 Anyone else seeing buttonbar throw index of -1 ?? Answered
11/14/2011 Average memory usage for iphone Titanium apps Answered
11/11/2011 Binary Rejected because app use non-public APIs Answered
11/9/2011 New search Commented
11/8/2011 Unable to build a distribution In-house App Answered
11/7/2011 Anyone know where to get help with starting on Android 3.0 development ? Answered, Commented
11/7/2011 Missing title bar Answered, Commented
11/7/2011 Wiki error? Commented
11/7/2011 Set/get in commonJS modules not allowed? Asked
11/7/2011 Remove view in change of orientation Answered
11/6/2011 Switch Buttons, an interesting question Answered
11/6/2011 Image compression before uploading online Answered
11/4/2011 Sound and iOS 5 security error Asked, Commented
11/4/2011 Security error with Sound and iOS5 Asked, Commented
11/4/2011 Titanium.include - NullPointerException Answered
11/4/2011 Update App Questions Answered, Commented
11/4/2011 How to add missing frameworks to Titanium Studio project Answered
11/4/2011 Very Simple Open Source Twitter Client written in Javascript (Titanium) Commented
11/3/2011 tableviewrow hasChild property usage Answered
11/3/2011 TitanTricks: sample project with extended components Asked, Commented
11/2/2011 Animate TableViewRow or build a custom table? Commented
11/2/2011 Creating an ipa - I can't find the build/iPhone directory Answered
10/31/2011 Changing of developer Answered
10/31/2011 PNG images with gradients looks bad. Commented
10/31/2011 Converting my tabbed app to single context, am I correct in the following assumptions? Answered
10/30/2011 Button creates new button with eventlistener that doesn't work Answered
10/29/2011 Should i be closing windows when switching to new ones? Answered
10/29/2011 Window with URLs Answered
10/28/2011 layout:'vertical' - Not in API documentation Answered
10/28/2011 Well... I'm back! Answered
10/28/2011 Call a number stored in a label inside a table row Answered
10/26/2011 Best Practices Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 GUI element like new facebookApp Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 Couldn't find com.ti.calendar Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 can jss declaration contain constant in ti.UI namespace????? Commented
10/25/2011 How do you get the free 1-week of Analytics? Answered
10/24/2011 Select too many rows within a loop Answered
10/24/2011 Flip full screen views - type error? Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 Android Combobox Answered
10/24/2011 Android back-button triggers option dialog's "click" event Answered, Commented
10/20/2011 CRITICAL iPad orientation bug still not fixed Commented
10/19/2011 Password on App Answered, Commented
10/19/2011 Offline Launching Answered, Commented
10/19/2011 Tweetanium crashes when using 1.7.x Answered
10/19/2011 Distribute to Apple App Store never completes Clean Build Commented
10/19/2011 Can't access variable? Answered
10/18/2011 A place where to get hold of scripts for Titanium Answered
10/18/2011 Omniture? Answered
10/18/2011 iOS 5 web view loading local PDF file is greatly different in performance. Answered, Commented
10/18/2011 Serious memory leaks? Answered
10/17/2011 exitOnClose doesn't work Answered, Commented
10/16/2011 Playing long videos Answered
10/16/2011 scrollable views in scrollable views Commented
10/15/2011 Complete list of clicksource in event for map view click Answered
10/15/2011 Facebook OAuth2.0 migration. Will titanium apps still work? Asked, Commented
10/14/2011 Our first Game now in the App Store! Commented
10/13/2011 AdMob - Testing In Device Answered
10/13/2011 Cannot select target platform in new project? Answered
10/13/2011 Ti.include of new file -> Simulator crashes without error message Commented
10/13/2011 Remote ImageView doesn't understand variable on Image property. Answered
10/13/2011 Application level event firing problem Answered
10/12/2011 Issue with zIndex of controls inside tableview Answered
10/12/2011 Application has exited from simulator Answered
10/11/2011 App signing for app store (Valid signing identity not found). Answered
10/11/2011 Put things ins order - Which is the best practice for Memory, Preformence & Maintainance Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Can't call Titanium.API from specific JS file. Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Permanent window outside of tabgroup Answered
10/10/2011 ERROR when starts titanium studio in windows XP SP3 Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 static closures … Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Draw a table in android. Answered
10/3/2011 ImageView only works on simulator Answered
10/1/2011 Pinch and Zoom on Web view? Answered
10/1/2011 Too Many Functions? Answered
9/24/2011 How to delay Default.png? Answered, Commented
9/24/2011 Can't click WebView contents, when bind events(like click, touchstart) to WebView or It's Parent Answered
9/23/2011 HTML5 SDK and Desktop SDK Answered, Commented
9/23/2011 Does appcelerator store source code Answered, Commented
9/23/2011 Force single orientation only Answered, Commented
9/23/2011 In ImageView, images is not changing Answered
9/23/2011 disposing of the objects in titanium mobile app Answered
9/23/2011 Ti.UI.ImageView does not maintain aspect ratio when picking from Photo Gallery Answered
9/22/2011 Closing a Modal doesn't clear it? Answered
9/22/2011 Regarding javascript stylesheet sample code Answered
9/22/2011 Center buttom in TabBar Answered
9/22/2011 Wrong orientation at start up (iPad 2, 1.7.2) Answered
9/21/2011 iOS Code Writting (but not compilation) in Windows? Answered
9/21/2011 Zooming on page with links Answered, Commented
9/21/2011 Function in Titanium.UI.Android namespace return null value on iOS? Answered, Commented
9/21/2011 watch() JavaScript method and bindable vars Asked
9/21/2011 Audio sound doesn't play each time it should Answered
9/21/2011 Does Titanium Mobile convert Javascript to native Java or Objective C compiled code? Answered
9/21/2011 Cannot run Titanium Answered
9/21/2011 Importing hand-drawn artwork for iPad App Answered, Commented
9/20/2011 add eventlistener to a particular area in screen Answered, Commented
9/20/2011 Button layout Answered
9/20/2011 Having problem with TCP Connections Answered, Commented
9/20/2011 How are localized applications listed on App Store? Answered
9/20/2011 Is there any way to do a local badge push when app is closed? Answered, Commented
9/19/2011 Hide or Remove one ScrollView and show other Scrollview Answered
9/19/2011 Dates don't compare correctly in titanium mobile Answered
9/19/2011 webview scroll is'nt working when adding it to a scrollview-Android Answered
9/18/2011 can't find images with relative path Answered, Commented
9/16/2011 Webview window crashes when clicked. Answered, Commented
9/16/2011 reload and repaint not refreshing webview in simulator Answered, Commented
9/15/2011 Indie account not working Answered, Commented
9/15/2011 Unable to change Textfield background color Answered, Commented
9/15/2011 {URGENT} How do you publish your app to AppStore from Titanium studio Commented
9/15/2011 Default language in Internationalization Answered
9/13/2011 Inexplicable bug Toolbar button only listens 4 clicks Asked, Answered, Commented
9/13/2011 problems with landscape orientation startup on ipad Commented
9/12/2011 Applying HTML Formats in CSV file generated - Need Help! Answered, Commented
9/12/2011 Titanium Studio launches two simulators intermittently Answered
9/12/2011 ImageView brightness/contrast Answered
9/9/2011 Local search tool using javascript for titanium mobile Asked, Commented
9/8/2011 Rotation of a Image Answered
9/8/2011 Titanium Studio > New Titanium mobile project > Mobile Web Answered
9/6/2011 Ti.API.info and debug not working Answered
9/5/2011 Does window.remove(objectName) clear the memory or not ? Answered
9/5/2011 creating google analitics ... Answered
9/5/2011 How to parse this nested JSON . I tried many ways , but its getting undefined . Answered, Commented
9/5/2011 same code not run in other project? Answered, Commented
9/5/2011 titanium.ui.currentwindow.open not working in details window of splitview appln Answered
9/5/2011 Titanium,android problemes Answered
9/5/2011 Best method to return to a parent function Answered, Commented
9/5/2011 Help with Order of Execution and passing objects around Answered
9/5/2011 Jump to image in CoverFlowView Answered
9/3/2011 Image is not Zooming Commented
9/3/2011 Used maxZoomScale property,but image is not zooming,why Answered
9/3/2011 Suggests for improving memory performance Answered, Commented
9/3/2011 form page keeps crashing, what could be wrong? Answered
9/3/2011 Window titleImage has wrong place when click tab. Commented
9/3/2011 Use of load event with tableview Answered
9/2/2011 Newbee Back Button and Window Refreshed Commented
9/2/2011 Reopen a window crashes the App Commented
9/2/2011 File size after compilation / distribution Answered, Commented
9/1/2011 Button Show Indicator in apps Ipad Iphone Commented
9/1/2011 Can anyone help me compile my app properly for release? Commented
9/1/2011 webView.html is undefined in load event handler... Answered, Commented
9/1/2011 How i implement the paypal in android application? Answered
9/1/2011 Here is an example of downloading multiple file Commented
8/31/2011 Preload add operations? Answered
8/31/2011 Anyone Using MIDI in an App Commented
8/31/2011 touchend event not fired after touchmove Answered
8/31/2011 Danish letters in project name Answered
8/31/2011 Unable to manage EventListener under loop Commented
8/31/2011 Facebook - Authorize Cause App to crash immedietly Answered
8/30/2011 Why does Titanium Studio always complain about more than one iOS simulator? Answered
8/30/2011 Proxy Server Crashing Studio - Unable to Remove Answered
8/30/2011 Open modal in single context Answered
8/29/2011 Possible to adjust modal window transition speed? Answered
8/29/2011 custom api for javascript in titanium Answered
8/28/2011 Long click addeventlistener? Answered, Commented
8/28/2011 ButtonBar buttons dont actually disable for some reason? Answered
8/28/2011 Titanium Studio always ask me to login Asked
8/28/2011 Disable scrolling on scrollview by touch Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 i18N run on Simulator not in Device Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 scrollableView and imageView = memory leak Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 Functions not executing in order Answered
8/26/2011 How to resize window while Orientation Answered
8/26/2011 Mac Mini Development Platform Answered
8/25/2011 Can't delete all Views with for loop Answered
8/25/2011 Two iOS Simulators opening at same time on build Commented
8/25/2011 File chooser Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 How to display label like a link Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 Styling a clickable label Answered
8/24/2011 Ad size is too small Answered
8/24/2011 textarea autosuggest crash, works on textfield. Commented
8/24/2011 auto capture Answered, Commented
8/24/2011 Issue with adding a right nav button to tab's window? Answered
8/24/2011 Using a £ sign in a label causing error Answered
8/24/2011 how to make same display image and text in portrate to landscape Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 Rotating Images obtained from the gallery or Camera Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 Make a setting page for application Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 Make Webcam App Using Titanium Answered
8/22/2011 Unable to Login to Titanium Studio Answered
8/21/2011 ScrollableView keeps crashing on Android Commented
8/21/2011 Titanium.Media.MusicPlayer Example Answered
8/20/2011 Code structure in larger projects Answered
8/20/2011 Use same view in all windows Answered
8/20/2011 Window close problem Commented
8/20/2011 App to run when call placed? Answered
8/20/2011 Why do local notifications close automatically? Answered
8/20/2011 Titanium Developer / Titanium Studio Differences Log Output Commented
8/20/2011 Can I create image / text / icon reflections using Titanium for mobile? Answered
8/19/2011 How to release memory taken by a map view Answered
8/19/2011 Is there anything wrong with (sub-optimum) with tweetanium? Answered
8/19/2011 Error while launching iPhone/iPad Simulator Commented
8/19/2011 how to disable buttons in tabbed bar Answered, Commented
8/19/2011 TypeError: Cannot call method "slice" of null Answered
8/5/2011 Issues with createSound() and its events on iOS Answered, Commented
8/5/2011 what extra APIs with Indie Answered
8/5/2011 The application takes more time to launch. Any guidance available? Answered
8/5/2011 Sounds not working properly in 1.7.2 Answered
8/3/2011 "Slide to Lock" Answered
8/3/2011 Javascript in Titanium ? Answered
8/3/2011 Newspaper like App with Titanium Answered, Commented
8/3/2011 Compiling and launching is extremely slow Answered
8/3/2011 simple iPad webview keep crashing Commented
8/2/2011 Debugger on iOS causes the app to crash in the Emulator frequently Commented
8/2/2011 App not showing in Analytics Answered
8/2/2011 Titanium undocumented functions Commented
8/1/2011 Where are my builds? Answered
8/1/2011 Release build - tons of warnings? Answered
8/1/2011 Do double click or double tap work on iOS? Answered, Commented
7/29/2011 Titanium Studio: how to change iOs certificate Asked, Commented
7/29/2011 yet another serious memory problem Commented
7/29/2011 How to switch between layouts. Answered
7/29/2011 Is it possible to get the height of a tableview dynamically? Answered, Commented
7/29/2011 how to get more than one click event continuously for one index button in tabbedbar Answered
7/29/2011 Detect when navigating to other links inside a webview? Answered
7/29/2011 webview scrolling divs Answered
7/29/2011 App Restrictions? Answered
7/27/2011 How flexible is Titanium when it comes to UI designing of apps? I have PSDs to use. Answered
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