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9/9/2014 How to create list view with array bindings (like comments, tags, etc) Asked
6/6/2014 Title Image Jumps on Back iOS Answered
2/5/2014 Ti.App.fireEvent not accepting paramaters Answered, Commented
9/19/2013 using google map Commented
9/13/2013 Horizontal views within a vertical view in Alloy Answered, Commented
8/20/2013 Call Hierarchy Answered
6/24/2013 Obtain a list of Event Listeners Answered, Commented
6/12/2013 TableView - "data" property Asked, Commented
6/7/2013 ACS - how to get checkins newer than some date? Asked, Commented
6/7/2013 Problem of floating number in Titanium Commented
6/7/2013 SDK 3.1 NOT WORKING!!!!! Commented
6/5/2013 difference between Ti.include and require Answered, Commented
5/28/2013 ACS - update user other than currently logged in user Asked
3/27/2013 For loop e.REPLACETHIS.length Answered, Commented
3/26/2013 How serious are [WARN]'s? Answered, Commented
3/11/2013 rk30 Rockchip - zero adb devices Answered
3/3/2013 Automatically recalculate position of vertical layout elements Answered
2/21/2013 App automatically restarts in emulator Answered
2/19/2013 Referencing wrapper class from native UI control does not work on iOS Answered
2/14/2013 Profiling and cleaning up objects Answered, Commented
2/14/2013 Memory leak on tableview and/or tableviewrows Answered, Commented
2/14/2013 Positioning Android Tab Group at Bottom of Screen Doesn't Work in SDK 3.0.0 Answered
2/13/2013 Property of object is not a function Answered
2/12/2013 define global variable in script tag in html file in titanium for android not working Answered
2/11/2013 Mobile Application Developers needed - London Commented
2/11/2013 Format Text Output Answered
2/11/2013 Tab at bottom in Android using the latest Titanium Answered
2/10/2013 How to convert Time GMT received from data(char.updated_at).toLocaleTimeString() ? Answered, Commented
2/10/2013 Can you build dynamic code? Answered, Commented
2/9/2013 Automatically scale up for tablets Answered, Commented
2/8/2013 PostLayout is not called for items in a tableviewrow which is not visible when the screen opens (android) Answered
2/8/2013 Extending base objects. What is the current best practice. Answered
2/7/2013 Cannot run on iPad Simalator with IOS SDK 6.1 Answered
2/6/2013 how can we upload audio files of sizes more than 25MB Limit Answered
2/2/2013 GeoLocation inside an eventlistener ??? Answered
1/30/2013 Ensure both map pins are Answered
1/30/2013 TiShadow and the Paypal module Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 Javascript Arrays Answered, Commented
1/29/2013 oop Answered
1/28/2013 Not a function - Titanium.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory() ??? Answered
1/25/2013 How to calculate Label width and height Answered, Commented
1/23/2013 Preventing multiple events firing for click Answered
1/14/2013 the memory management of commonJS Answered, Commented
1/7/2013 Array Unique Answered
1/7/2013 does the opacity of the children's view impact the className of a tableViewRow Answered
12/26/2012 how to include underscore in alloy Answered
12/20/2012 SQLite Sanitize input for possible exploit? Answered
12/9/2012 Is it possible to use Objective-C libs with Titanium? Answered
12/6/2012 Tabelview remember last position Answered
12/5/2012 Titanium android module project gives an error "exec returned: 2" Answered, Commented
11/27/2012 setInterval can't call the function which is belonging to myself Answered
11/26/2012 removeTab() on android not working for me Answered
11/21/2012 How to extend some TiSDK module? Asked, Commented
11/20/2012 error: 'ViewProxy' has not been declared Commented
11/19/2012 tableView VS. tableView and tableViewSection Answered
11/15/2012 Android module - how to extend some other Ti module (like ti.modules.titanium.media.MediaModule)? Asked, Commented
11/14/2012 TableView memory issues... am I doing this wrong? Answered
11/14/2012 My Ti code/content assist is gone. Answered
11/13/2012 TableView inside ScrollView won't scroll on Android Answered, Commented
11/13/2012 How to add title to ActionBar on TI 3.0? Answered
11/12/2012 Previous SDK version 2.1.2 GA download link Answered
11/12/2012 Icons in "More tab" disappearing Answered
11/12/2012 Animate with percentage values Answered
11/11/2012 Scrollview in another scrollview Answered
11/9/2012 Titanium 3.0's bubbleParent explanation? Answered, Commented
11/8/2012 Hide Tab Title Answered
11/8/2012 center defined in animation can not have x as % Answered
11/7/2012 Prototyping Ti.UI Possible? Answered
11/5/2012 Few thousand Sqlite Write's causes: Database Disk Image is Malformed on device, for no reason.. Answered, Commented
11/4/2012 Handle event to a button "Done" Answered
11/4/2012 Use C++ in appcelerator? Answered
11/2/2012 How to perform database inserts/updates on a separate thread? Answered
11/1/2012 textfield under view receiving click event Answered
10/31/2012 FireEvent - Cyclic Object - Bug Answered, Commented
10/31/2012 Event "android:back" does not work in Titanium SDK 3.0 Answered
10/29/2012 Compile SDK from Source - fix bugs myself? Answered
10/27/2012 Strange problem in the sum of float numbers Commented
10/26/2012 Hide Keyboard When Tapping the Background of View Commented
10/26/2012 What is the correct location to have discussions about issues or questions found while testing Ti Mobile SDK 3.0? Answered
10/26/2012 Javascript files use by WebView for inner html pages shall not use .js extention ??? Answered
10/25/2012 Common JS. Javascript Module confusion Answered
10/23/2012 iOS Memory Leak - Strange behaviour Answered, Commented
10/19/2012 What is the recommended way to include a js file moving forward? Answered
10/19/2012 button image only no title Answered, Commented
10/18/2012 Android emulator launches but doesn't launch app Answered
10/17/2012 TableView Sections and Rows Answered
10/16/2012 Scaling images for different resolutions Answered, Commented
10/16/2012 Setting values utilizing CommonJS and Prototypes design Answered
10/9/2012 Check if document is ready Answered
10/9/2012 Difference between null and remove. I am really confused. Answered
10/8/2012 View.size updating it's values is delayed? Commented
10/5/2012 Where is the android source code generated by Titanium? Answered, Commented
10/4/2012 Dynamically resize imageview Answered
10/4/2012 Memory leak Commented
10/4/2012 Check if XHR request is still running Answered
10/4/2012 Computer Recommendation Answered
9/28/2012 Instruments - how to profile various objects? Answered
9/28/2012 Windows Phone Answered, Commented
9/25/2012 Simple memory question Answered
9/21/2012 if I use a CI and not the Official SDK release, what are the chances that things will go bad Answered
9/20/2012 [Android] Button inside a TableViewRow doesn't receive the click events Commented
9/20/2012 Best Design Patterns to use when Creating an App Answered
9/19/2012 Why TiShadow is not more popular? Answered, Commented
9/17/2012 Android - memory not releasing on closing windows Answered
9/15/2012 How to enable javascript strict mode using 'use strict'? Answered, Commented
8/31/2012 Javascript thread for background data processing Commented
8/31/2012 call function within function commonjs Commented
8/30/2012 Updating a section Answered
8/29/2012 substr Answered, Commented
8/28/2012 Build once, deploy everywhere? Or have I misunderstood?! Answered
8/28/2012 Android emulator and device freezes on startup every now and then Answered, Commented
8/28/2012 Is titanium mobile 2.0 support css3? Answered
8/25/2012 Tableview vs. Scrollview Answered, Commented
8/24/2012 Support for Android 2.1 Answered
8/22/2012 Minimum Hardware Requirements Commented
8/22/2012 Android emulator won't run Commented
8/21/2012 TableVIew - Andriod Answered
8/20/2012 [Android] Textfield change event firing when its parent window opens Answered
8/20/2012 Table View size on iOS Answered, Commented
8/20/2012 MVC worth or not in Titanium? Answered
8/16/2012 How to remove fireEvent? Answered, Commented
8/14/2012 Persistent Keyboard Answered
8/13/2012 Save a view to database / filesystem? Not saved as an image, but an actual Ti object. Answered, Commented
8/6/2012 Compilation Error Answered, Commented
8/6/2012 Access table view from one of its rows click event Answered, Commented
8/1/2012 set Ti.UI.createTableViewSection() to null Answered
7/31/2012 How much could a MBP upgrade speed up the compilation process? Answered, Commented
7/30/2012 XML file Parsing? Answered
7/30/2012 hintText color Commented
7/26/2012 App crashing with require function Answered
7/26/2012 Mountain Lion support Answered
7/26/2012 hide/show view can not work Answered
7/26/2012 How "References to objects within closures can remain in memory" ? Answered
7/25/2012 ScrollView with over 500 elements Answered
7/24/2012 Get and remove children of a view not working in 2.1.0 Answered, Commented
7/24/2012 How to detect if the return or search key is pressed in the iOS keyboard Answered
7/17/2012 Can't clone sample code repositories Commented
7/17/2012 Change event not firing when changing Datepicker values manually Commented
7/17/2012 Click event not firing for tab Answered
7/14/2012 Unit testing my titanium mobile app Answered
7/13/2012 Promise framework for Titanium Mobile Answered
7/13/2012 How to prevent keyboard open in scroll view on Android? Answered
7/13/2012 (SDK 2.1) Label: Not firing "postlayout" event Answered
7/13/2012 screen swipes laggy Answered, Commented
7/12/2012 Modifying an Object assigned to a TiUITableViewRow is impossible Answered
7/11/2012 How do you delete the last row in tableViewRow, onClick? Answered, Commented
7/11/2012 An error occured parsing the provided SQL Statement Answered, Commented
7/11/2012 Insert values in database only once Answered
7/10/2012 Extending primitive types Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 How to use reference an external project into a titanium project ? Answered, Commented
7/10/2012 navigation controller code Answered
7/10/2012 Removing an event listener within the body of that event listener? what will happen? Answered
7/9/2012 How to get a force call of GC Answered
7/9/2012 How to implement this ? Answered
7/9/2012 auto-focus on Titanium.UI.TextArea upon window.open in android Answered, Commented
7/9/2012 Showing external content in offline mode Answered
7/9/2012 titanium Community Apps Answered
7/9/2012 Is there any way to add views to a ScrollView with vertical layout at the top? Answered
7/9/2012 Jasmine for Titanium Studio Answered, Commented
7/6/2012 window refresh or reload Answered
7/6/2012 A module gets loaded twice when using require Commented
7/6/2012 Return object using exports Commented
7/6/2012 How to print the error message Answered
7/5/2012 Supporting 'portrait' and 'reverseportrait' from android custom manifest file Answered
7/5/2012 startLayout, finishLayout, updateLayout crashing? postlayout event working? Answered
7/5/2012 Doesn't work push in global array in IOS Answered, Commented
7/5/2012 Attach event listener to row in tableview?? Answered
7/4/2012 display tableview with sorted data Answered
7/4/2012 getting label height at runtime with Ti.UI.SIZE Answered, Commented
7/2/2012 Calculation over user input or text fields. Answered
7/2/2012 Using require() on files in platform-specific folders Commented
7/2/2012 Android window close event not firing Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 How to design TableViewRows ?? Answered
6/29/2012 Need help getting table to refresh after click event Answered, Commented
6/29/2012 DatePicker not selecting the correct date Answered
6/28/2012 Where to add String prototype Answered
6/27/2012 KrollRuntimeThread error Commented
6/27/2012 Android Webview cannot execute JavaScript Answered
6/27/2012 Memory management - best practices Answered, Commented
6/26/2012 Memory leak in Android? Commented
6/26/2012 Commonjs require problem Answered, Commented
6/26/2012 Catch WARNING into the app ? Answered, Commented
6/26/2012 Timer: Want to call webService function every 10 minutes within App Answered
6/26/2012 Forms.js - Retrieving picker value not working in Android (Works fine in iOS) Commented
6/21/2012 create Alert Dialog (add elements) Answered, Commented
6/20/2012 Removing non-existent views Commented
6/20/2012 webview anchor tag onClick event Answered, Commented
6/19/2012 Prevent keyboard from displaying when a textbox is clicked? Answered
6/15/2012 appcelerator account mail change Answered
6/15/2012 Verify if an event listener is added Commented
6/15/2012 CommonJS exports layout Answered, Commented
6/13/2012 Is there a way to detect if file inclusion is ongoing or done? Answered
6/12/2012 Best Practice for developing for screen sizes across multiple platforms Answered
6/12/2012 count rows in tableview works, unless no rows (tableview.data[0].rows undefined) Answered
6/8/2012 Modules question Answered, Commented
6/8/2012 includes with CommonJS Commented
6/6/2012 Swap children in horizontal view Answered, Commented
6/6/2012 remove hex character from string Answered
6/5/2012 Appcelerator Answered
6/5/2012 For anyone running into JDK version errors who are sure their environmental variables are set correctly Answered
6/1/2012 Variable TableViewRow height Commented
5/31/2012 mvc installation error Answered, Commented
5/31/2012 Empty initial value for picker Answered
5/30/2012 JIRA bug reporting issue Answered
5/30/2012 Looping through a tableview to get all checked rows Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 Regarding Billing and Cloud Services Answered, Commented
5/28/2012 Intel x86 Android 4.0.3? Answered
5/25/2012 Does using JS patterns while writing the code translate into better running apps? Answered, Commented
5/25/2012 global `setTimeout()` short-circuits the target object? Commented
5/24/2012 Remove Rhino Answered
5/24/2012 Events wierd behaviour: after closing the window still calls the event defined in the window class Answered
5/23/2012 Error occurred calling next on a PLSqliteResultSet. SQLite error: Answered
5/22/2012 Where can I find the JSON formatted API docs for the 2.0 SDK? Answered
5/22/2012 SQLite: how to avoid escape characters in which create problem in query Answered
5/21/2012 Sharing a View between Tabs Answered, Commented
5/21/2012 TabGroup.close does not release memory Commented
5/18/2012 Tabgroup "add" view not working; used for customization Answered, Commented
5/18/2012 Parasitic inheritance and proxy objects Answered, Commented
5/17/2012 Ti 2.0 Android: random java.lang.NullPointerException Commented
5/17/2012 Set padding in TableView Answered
5/17/2012 Circular reference Answered
5/16/2012 Best Practice to Develop IPhone and Android App UI Commented
5/16/2012 Common JS app templates: Why are constructors being used to instantiate UI objects Answered, Commented
5/16/2012 Check if an array element exists Answered, Commented
5/15/2012 Confirm that someone entered a number (and only a number) into a field? Answered
5/15/2012 Getter/setters on Titanium 2.0 Answered
5/12/2012 Does iPhone.NavigationGroup.close() actually null the object? Answered, Commented
5/11/2012 Free Versus Paid Answered
5/11/2012 Apple Hardware Requirements for Titanium Studio Answered
5/11/2012 Excluding .svn files Answered
5/10/2012 Adding label widths & heights set as auto Answered
5/9/2012 tableView : get the previous row of the selected one Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Deleting everything in a TableView Section Answered, Commented
5/9/2012 Developing the same app from multiple machines? Answered
5/7/2012 Titanium [ERROR] JDK version 1.7.0_03 detected, but 1.6 is required Answered
5/4/2012 textfield memory leak Commented
5/3/2012 Animating row height changes Commented
5/3/2012 Variable height tableviewrow based on contents? Answered
5/3/2012 Row data (without attaching to proxy object) Answered
5/2/2012 AlertDialog is not modal, is there a workaround? Answered
5/2/2012 Android clear tableview Commented
5/2/2012 Removing a view created via common js Answered
5/2/2012 Android SDKs Not being found by Titanium Commented
4/30/2012 Interest in starting Q&A section on Stack Exchange just for Appcelerator Commented
4/30/2012 Horizontal centering of elements on Android - this must be simple? Answered
4/29/2012 Not Polluting the Global Name Space While Also Preventing Memory Leaks? Answered
4/27/2012 button on top of a clickable view Answered, Commented
4/27/2012 CommonJS recommended practice for Enums? Commented
4/27/2012 children property error on android? Answered
4/27/2012 In what ways do you think AppC can improve? Asked, Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 Community Support Options Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 Restoring missing studio features Answered, Commented
4/26/2012 Scrollview issue Ti2: View with H/V layout and auto size Commented
4/26/2012 Android - Issues with TableView in AlertDialog Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 Shadow for the Button Answered, Commented
4/25/2012 Android splash full screen Answered
4/25/2012 ScrollView Children Answered
4/24/2012 tabGroup, memory management and possibly a bug ? Commented
4/23/2012 Detecting iOS device - Ti.Platform.model / Ti.Platform.osname ? Answered
4/23/2012 Ti.App.Properties seems not working when the app is killed on Galaxy S only Answered
4/23/2012 View getChildByName / getChildByID possible? Answered
4/22/2012 TextField, how as disable focus ? Answered
4/20/2012 Android: Table With Fields And Pickers Scrolls To Top On Field Data Entry Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Parsing ISO 8601 date string using external library js-iso8601 fails Answered
4/19/2012 Forging Titanium Ep 0003 Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 question about scope; using "this" vs reference name Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Variable declared with the same name in two separated object spaces replaced the other's value.. Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 Common JS Global NameSpace ? Answered, Commented
4/19/2012 How to calculate size of a label without adding it to a view? Commented
4/18/2012 Tutorial on Error Handling? Answered
4/18/2012 First App Approved !!! Commented
4/18/2012 Turning off pointless "app" interface on 2.0 documentation? Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Ti.include deprecated? What does this mean? Answered
4/18/2012 How can I get the title of the selected tablerow when I click on it? Answered
4/18/2012 TabGroup not showing up Answered, Commented
4/18/2012 Ti.App.fireEvent very slow, are there any recomandations how to speed this up? Answered
4/18/2012 Detailed Documentation for Building 2.0 from Source Answered
4/17/2012 New Website Comments Answered, Commented
4/17/2012 Appcelerator adverts in my/our apps? Answered
4/17/2012 do references inside a function declaration have any effect on garbage collection? Answered
4/17/2012 declaring a function -effects on performance Answered
4/17/2012 onload Event for a Window ! Answered
4/17/2012 why use prototype keyword when you can just insert the method in the object declaration Answered
4/17/2012 Do "Batch Layout Updates" apply to child components? Asked, Commented
4/17/2012 Q&A Feature request Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Android - Reopen window, app crash Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Error : Can't find variable: module at nomefile.js Answered
4/16/2012 SQLite: when id not in array Commented
4/16/2012 Using/Modifying Generated Code Answered
4/16/2012 Titanium 2.0: Tableview height Ti.UI.Size does not work! Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Memory Management Answered, Commented
4/16/2012 Titanium Studio Fullscreen enabler for osx Lion Commented
4/16/2012 JNI object limit with Android/V8 Commented
4/16/2012 TiUITableViewProxy is not being released. Commented
4/12/2012 utf8 json text error Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 view and options in optiondialog Answered, Commented
4/11/2012 Continuos integration server (with unit tests) for Titanium App Answered
4/11/2012 Parsing XML response from SOAP API Answered
4/11/2012 TiShadow setup Answered
4/10/2012 Distributing on App Store fails, appicon size dimensions not valid. Answered
4/10/2012 Tables + insertRowBefore Answered
4/10/2012 Navigation Controller module and activity lifecycle Answered, Commented
4/9/2012 Database Changes Answered
4/5/2012 $50 to anyone that can help me solve this issue! Commented
4/5/2012 Adjust Width of components in Device Orientation Answered
4/5/2012 VideoPlayer "click" eventListener doesn't seem to fire Answered
4/4/2012 How can my titanium app check if 'Allow mock locations' option enabled? Answered
4/4/2012 Mac book air or Mac book pro Commented
4/4/2012 V8 and tableView rowData Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 How to get an object property in an array? Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 Using "this" in event listeners inside constructo functions Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 Targeting Android 3.0 plus Android Menu Commented
4/3/2012 Sub Classing Answered, Commented
4/3/2012 XHR documentElement with HTML not XML Answered, Commented
4/2/2012 How to remove variables from memory. Commented
4/2/2012 Event driving MVC Architecture Answered
3/29/2012 Add array of views to scrollView (android) Commented
3/28/2012 Setting views width/height with percentage is not working. Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Android window navigation without TabGroup Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 Change the build settings of the project to a different Android SDK Answered, Commented
3/27/2012 JavaScript Module Path Resolution Answered
3/26/2012 setToolbar equivalent for Android Commented
3/26/2012 Android Fragment like Master-Detail Answered, Commented
3/26/2012 TiStudio module library with Symbolic Links Answered
3/24/2012 FireEvent Answered
3/20/2012 How to use javascript on mobile development?? Answered, Commented
3/20/2012 CommonJS methodology: How to access inner object functions Commented
3/19/2012 Garbage Collection in CommonJS and window best practices Answered
3/17/2012 Store (json) data in a text file or in the database? Answered
3/17/2012 Android: Getting GPS location on device Asked, Commented
3/16/2012 Best Practice Common JS and inner functions Answered
3/16/2012 Titanium-Functions are too special for JavaScript Answered, Commented
3/16/2012 how to implement a singleton db class connection with titanium? Answered
3/14/2012 Table view rows become separated after upgrade to Titanium 1.8.5 Answered
3/14/2012 commonJS constructor variables, I can't access them, how can I use variables defined in constructor in methods? Answered
3/13/2012 Undefined is not an object error Answered
3/13/2012 Keyboard pushing up the tabgroup Commented
3/13/2012 Activity Indicator crash Answered
3/13/2012 Android V8: no global variables available with commonJS Answered
3/12/2012 write/update a xml file fails Answered
3/12/2012 Android views ui: the width, the height and the ugly. Answered
3/12/2012 TableView - e.rowData.something vs. e.row.something Answered, Commented
3/12/2012 CommonJS - How to Component-ize TableView? Answered
3/9/2012 Error when setting Cookie Header setRequestHeader why? cookue contains "=" cos its encrypted Answered, Commented
3/9/2012 Preventing race condition between 2 buttons Answered
3/8/2012 Raising Relative Require Bug fore IOS and Require Android FastDev Bug Commented
3/8/2012 Global variables and for loops Answered, Commented
3/7/2012 Doctype in webview causes ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Ti on android Answered, Commented
3/7/2012 Get true width Commented
3/6/2012 Tab bar on top issue for Android in Titanium Answered
3/6/2012 How to use Activity Indicator? Asked, Commented
3/6/2012 You don't know how to structure your app? Asked, Commented
3/6/2012 Android Bugs with CommonJS Modules??? Commented
3/6/2012 Testing: Please just give the community a little help on testing; Commented
3/5/2012 Tabgroup reopening crashes app when using activity indicator Asked, Commented
3/5/2012 Missing SDK Commented
3/5/2012 Number/Integer shown as decimal in titanium Answered
3/5/2012 Memory Leaks on Android but not on iOS - Very SIMPLE test Case!!! Commented
3/5/2012 The best way to display a Tabular Data Answered, Commented
3/3/2012 Ti.API.info() not work!! Answered
3/2/2012 Single global namespace in Titanium Mobile Project Answered, Commented
3/2/2012 Button problem Commented
3/1/2012 commonJS vs tweetanium single context style? Answered
3/1/2012 Titanium Studio + SVN(Subclipse) 1.8.x Commented
3/1/2012 Scroll View Verticle layout problem Answered
3/1/2012 Source code can be viewed in the final APK file built with 1.8.1? Answered, Commented
3/1/2012 Published app with CSS3 + jQuery Answered
3/1/2012 CommonJS module: lose functions when pass the object with fireEvent Answered, Commented
2/29/2012 Add controls at the beginning of a view with a vertical layout Answered
2/29/2012 JSON Arrays within an Array Answered
2/29/2012 Could not locate the Android SDK at the given path (once more) Asked, Commented
2/28/2012 Date differens Answered, Commented
2/24/2012 Get value of multidimensional array with string variable Commented
2/23/2012 App won't run on new Samsung Nexus Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 TabGroup child window covers tabgroup?? Answered, Commented
2/23/2012 jQuery causing delays in webview Answered
2/23/2012 Loop performance problems Answered, Commented
2/22/2012 Why does removeEventListener need a callback? Answered, Commented
2/21/2012 scrollTo used on blur event crashes on device Commented
2/21/2012 How do I get support? Answered, Commented
2/21/2012 Content clickable underneath scrollview Answered, Commented
2/20/2012 HTML/Text Encoding Warning in 1.8.0 Commented
2/20/2012 problem to install database on my android with sdk 2.2 Commented
2/20/2012 Ti.App.fireEvent('event',{window:winObj,test:'works'}) vs Ti.fireEvent() Commented
2/20/2012 Titanium Articles Answered
2/17/2012 Basic structure of titanium project Answered
2/17/2012 Targeting particular element in row of Tableview (android). Answered
2/17/2012 Calculate the time between two dates Answered
2/17/2012 commonJS and back button event listener in android Answered
2/17/2012 files not compiled at runtime Commented
2/17/2012 Andriod Native SDK V/S Titanium API's Answered
2/17/2012 Failed Creating TableView using Forging Titanium Ep 2 Commented
2/17/2012 grabing the click event for textField Answered
2/16/2012 getting [[object Object]] is not a constructor error on exports function Answered
2/15/2012 how can I trigger a picker menu to show on android? Answered
2/15/2012 Porting of a C++ application Answered
2/15/2012 javascript parasitic inheritance Answered
2/15/2012 When to use Require Vs. Include ? Answered, Commented
2/15/2012 Android Memory Leaks SDK 1.8.1 with V8 and tableview Commented
2/15/2012 I stopped receiving Appcelerator's Q&A notifications? Commented
2/15/2012 Italics on Android "bug" not fixed Commented
2/15/2012 Evenly spacing UI elements Answered
2/15/2012 Change Android emulator? Answered, Commented
2/14/2012 Circular references cause memory leak? Answered, Commented
2/14/2012 Ho to compile the SDK from source Answered
2/14/2012 Mobile games company seeks Titanium developer Commented
2/14/2012 TableView Crash When Moving One Section to Another Answered
2/13/2012 Different global variable behavior on Android Answered, Commented
2/13/2012 Directory structure of Kitchen Sink app and use of plugin.py Commented
2/13/2012 adding a view to the beginning of a scrollable view Answered, Commented
2/11/2012 Accessing result of a calculation perform in sqlite Answered
2/10/2012 Confusion on Firing Event Scope Answered, Commented
2/10/2012 Ti.API.addEventListener/fireEvent not available on Android??? Answered, Commented
2/10/2012 TypeConverter jsValueToJavaObject returning null messages with Android SDK1.8.1 Commented
2/10/2012 when the release of titanum 1.9 will go out? Answered
2/10/2012 Appstore Rejected. "The app references non-public selectors in xxx.app/xxx: layout Answered, Commented
2/9/2012 add a child in a ScrollView at index N Answered
2/9/2012 Clear Window contents Answered
2/9/2012 Reading tableviewrow property crashes the application (Android) Answered, Commented
2/9/2012 [Critical?] The cross-platform NavigationController crashes. Answered, Commented
2/8/2012 Iterate through the children of a scrollview? Commented
2/8/2012 back without close the window! Answered
2/7/2012 Get height of Label Answered, Commented
2/7/2012 the example in Kitchen Sink--tableView Answered, Commented
2/7/2012 ti.App.addEventListener memory leak Answered, Commented
2/7/2012 How to set the date of a picker in Android after it is created? Answered, Commented
2/6/2012 TableView Sections dimically Answered, Commented
2/6/2012 Android 2.3 OptionDialog issues Commented
2/6/2012 What is the meaning of accuracy and altitudeAccuracy ? Commented
2/6/2012 Titanium.UI.TableView.deleteRow always deleting first row in tableview. Answered, Commented
2/6/2012 TableView Answered, Commented
2/6/2012 Setting height with percentage on tableviewrow does not work for android Answered
2/6/2012 eventlistener added two times Commented
2/6/2012 Mobile: Does removing Memory Leaks on iOS also remove leaks on Android? Answered
2/6/2012 JSON parsing showing unwanted characters on Android Answered
2/2/2012 Close - hide a view / android Answered
2/2/2012 Object reference between windows, in different files Answered, Commented
2/2/2012 Javascript boolean behaving oddly Commented
2/2/2012 SVN directories found in compiled Resources subfolders Commented
2/1/2012 Page Load Activity Answered
2/1/2012 The size of scrollview content changes after hiding the soft keyboard. Answered, Commented
2/1/2012 Having no global variables does hurt development! Answered
1/31/2012 getting value of tableViewRow Commented
1/31/2012 One Line Log in Titanium Studio Answered
1/31/2012 Longpress on a Row doesn't work Answered, Commented
1/31/2012 update view content without removing Answered
1/31/2012 Picker selected flag not used Answered, Commented
1/31/2012 window's width and height value is zero in android platform, is that correct? Answered
1/31/2012 [WARN] Exception in event callback (iPhone) Answered
1/31/2012 how to call a dynamic function name Answered
1/31/2012 Android cannot find my global variable within a commonjs module Answered, Commented
1/30/2012 Reusing views in windows Answered
1/27/2012 Javascript Error Gives about as much information as "Javascript Error" Answered
1/26/2012 Removing view, then adding it back again results in Exception in event callback. { Answered, Commented
1/26/2012 Android: Table View Row Memory Leak on SDK Commented
1/25/2012 Time functions Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 Sync local and server SQL database - any tools out there or best practices? Answered
1/25/2012 emptying a View Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 SetString gives error Commented
1/25/2012 New to Titanium on the Mac? Here are a few tips that might save you some time and frustration Commented
1/25/2012 removeEventListener not working Commented
1/25/2012 How To Walk the Ui Tree? probably not even possible I think children has been dumped; Answered, Commented
1/25/2012 register to layout cleanup event Answered
1/25/2012 createScrollView - [ERROR] Adding an event listener to a proxy that isn't already in the context Commented
1/24/2012 Difference between dates Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 Storing values Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 Flashing effect of the tab component Andorid application Commented
1/24/2012 Timer problem Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 java.io.FileNotFoundException - android Answered, Commented
1/24/2012 Does anyone actually test their applications? Not even Titans; Commented
1/24/2012 require relative path different in android vs iphone Answered
1/23/2012 Build to device without loading to iTunes Answered
1/23/2012 1.9 timeframe Answered, Commented
1/23/2012 Update object after its creation Commented
1/23/2012 HTTPClient and setTimeout event Answered, Commented
1/23/2012 Having trouble with O.O javascript and Ti.include() Commented
1/20/2012 Linked Resources / path variables in Ti Studio Commented
1/20/2012 [GUIDE] WindowController Applying CommonJS Commented
1/20/2012 datepicker and timepicker modal dialog not showing set and cancel buttons in android Answered
1/20/2012 about textAres's method(add) Answered, Commented
1/19/2012 What is it about Kevin Whinnery's ToDoList app that I am not understanding? Commented
1/19/2012 GPS Provider Power, what exactly does this mean? Commented
1/19/2012 Event Listener Firing Twice with tap listeners in Commented
1/18/2012 How to delete tableviewrow when i click on a button on the row? Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 [WARN] Exception in event callback. Answered
1/17/2012 Android doesn't load my deafult SQLite database Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 How to modify a DOM document? Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 Webinar video Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 Objects do not save state...surely doing something very wrong Answered, Commented
1/17/2012 Titanium Studio stops responding every few minutes Answered
1/17/2012 Detect when app is opened (not for first time) on iOS Commented
1/17/2012 Best way to cache data using SQLite on iOS device? Answered
1/16/2012 How to Check if View Exists Answered, Commented
1/16/2012 How do you build your app with Holo theme? Answered, Commented
1/16/2012 Can I use Titanium Mobile to build iPhone app in Python or Ruby Answered
1/16/2012 My Experience So Far - iOS + Android + Blackberry Answered
1/13/2012 Download previous versions of Titanium SDK Commented
1/13/2012 evalJs to webviews with iframes Answered
1/13/2012 Setting tableview data in 1.8 Commented
1/13/2012 One button. Multiple windows. Answered, Commented
1/13/2012 Picker in TableView Row does not render correctly in Android under V8 Commented
1/13/2012 Extending objects not working on iPhone Commented
1/13/2012 Delayed Garbage Collection Answered
1/13/2012 How do I get my object's 'this' value from within a Ti invoked callback all of which is in a module? Answered
1/12/2012 Is it safe to open multiple windows in view? Answered, Commented
1/12/2012 Adding Labels to the View - Dynamic Positioning Commented
1/12/2012 MOBILE DEVELOPMENT Answered
1/12/2012 How to catch errors Answered
1/12/2012 NavigationController in trigger open/focus event twice on Android Answered
1/11/2012 Offline Maps Answered
1/11/2012 Titanium SDK Commented
1/11/2012 How to get code Answered, Commented
1/11/2012 Native App for Honeycomb (3.x) always "zoomed/stretched" Commented
1/10/2012 Android hardware acceleration and tabs width Asked, Commented
1/9/2012 App Store approved. Commented
1/9/2012 Tabgroup Open Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 What's different with url and include Answered
1/9/2012 Dynamic inserts, does anyone know how to do it? Answered, Commented
1/9/2012 Global variables and commonJS require Answered, Commented
1/6/2012 layout problems with views Commented
1/4/2012 Crash when hiding ActivityIndicator Answered
1/4/2012 [Android] Kitchen Sink Answered
1/4/2012 How can I show a Dialog Box when data is loading? Answered
1/3/2012 Can a single application be built for Android and iOS devices having screen size of 3.2' to 10' ? Answered, Commented
1/3/2012 Adding jQuery-style event handlers to objects beloning to a class Answered
1/3/2012 Getting Properties from TableViewRow Commented
1/3/2012 CommonJS how to use App level event listeners the safe way. Answered, Commented
1/3/2012 Loading older Mobile SDKs on fresh install of Lion OS X Answered
1/3/2012 Text field weirdness on iOS simulator and differences to Android implementation Asked
1/3/2012 Passing variables to window level variables stopped working in 1.8 Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 V8 Android TimePicker - Cannot set time. Black screens on app start up Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 Questions about Titanium.API.eventListeners Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 Could not determine container height for image. Defaulting to source height. This shouldn't happen. Answered, Commented
1/2/2012 Callback Failing Answered
1/2/2012 Forging Titanium Episode 6 Cross-Platform Tabs and V8 runtime Answered
12/31/2011 Android crash when calling a callback inside a window then closing that window Commented
12/30/2011 Android resolutions - strategy? Answered
12/29/2011 Small Q/A redesign (comments and answers) Asked
12/29/2011 List of keywords not allowed commonJS Answered, Commented
12/28/2011 Compare two objects Answered
12/28/2011 bug: deleterow always delete the first row on Android Answered, Commented
12/23/2011 V8 - object reference in window property Commented
12/23/2011 Strange error when upgrade from sdk 1.7.6 to Commented
12/22/2011 CommonJS reference to internal property Answered
12/22/2011 tableView.AddEventListener Answered
12/22/2011 android - cannot find getAttribute when parsing XML Answered
12/22/2011 Add three control horizontally Answered
12/21/2011 Floats precision problem Answered
12/21/2011 Prepend elements in view or scrollview Answered
12/21/2011 What do you suggest for filling a tableView quickly. Answered, Commented
12/21/2011 Do Application Properties work on Android? Answered
12/20/2011 Can we build Mobile Project only with HTML+CSS+JavaScript in Titanium Answered
12/20/2011 evalJS crashing app [Android 4.0 - Titanium 1.7.5] Answered, Commented
12/20/2011 dictionary key: value Commented
12/20/2011 File too long? Answered
12/20/2011 android:back on tabgroup not firing? Answered
12/20/2011 When is the 1.8.0 available ? Answered
12/19/2011 Run on Android device - error Answered
12/19/2011 Understanding my options Commented
12/19/2011 Should you always ... Commented
12/16/2011 Javascript Function/Method getTime() not working/returning Nan on parsed string Answered, Commented
12/16/2011 ScrollableView - add view at position Answered, Commented
12/16/2011 Refresh a parent window from a child Answered, Commented
12/16/2011 Problems removing XML nodes Answered
12/16/2011 Where best to put Try Catch Finally Answered
12/15/2011 CommonJS packages Asked, Commented
12/15/2011 V8 runtime defines Object.prototype.extend which may break compatibility to javascript framework Answered, Commented
12/15/2011 Problem in adding numbers Answered
12/15/2011 Terrible Commented
12/14/2011 SDK not working at all on seven Answered, Commented
12/14/2011 Result of expressesion item.item(i).getElementsByTagName is not a function Answered
12/14/2011 SDK 1.8.0 RC1 commonsJS require Answered, Commented
12/14/2011 view ajax requests in titanium desktop Commented
12/14/2011 crash application when i click on UI while inserting data into database. Commented
12/14/2011 Call function within a CommonJS file Answered
12/14/2011 tabgroup reopen crash Answered, Commented
12/14/2011 Does Titanium Mobile support Android 4? Answered
12/13/2011 Self Calling Functions as Objects / Classes : trying to get a window back. Answered
12/13/2011 Calling objects in global scope from a commonJS module BUG Answered, Commented
12/12/2011 does Titanium support ECMAscript 5? Answered
12/12/2011 Hey Appcelerator: How about starting a Ti annoyances page? Commented
12/10/2011 Block popups in webview Commented
12/10/2011 CommonJS with JSS Answered, Commented
12/10/2011 How to throw an Exception Answered
12/9/2011 Setting a tableview height Answered, Commented
12/9/2011 How can I enable the Mobile Web Deployment Target? Commented
12/9/2011 Android Textfield value change cursor Answered
12/8/2011 Changing the height of a tableViewRow Answered
12/8/2011 Position of tableView inside ScrollView Answered, Commented
12/8/2011 Android Array, WTF ? (debugging : java.lang.object) Answered
12/8/2011 Ti.XML.parseString undefined on Device (Android) Answered, Commented
12/8/2011 How to calculate the height of a label on Android Answered, Commented
12/7/2011 1.8 SKD and v8 engine Answered, Commented
12/7/2011 How to Limit TextArea? Commented
12/7/2011 How does this work... Answered, Commented
12/7/2011 1.7.5 Android Issue with Global Namespace Answered, Commented
12/7/2011 [ANDROID] Add Two JSON Object Answered, Commented
12/6/2011 Deleting all cookies in webview using Titanium API Answered
12/1/2011 Margins Answered
12/1/2011 HTML parser Answered, Commented
12/1/2011 (Mis)Understanding Programmatic UI Commented
12/1/2011 THANKs... Commented
12/1/2011 How to learn Titanium··· Answered
12/1/2011 Error when inserting tableViewRow into TableView Commented
12/1/2011 Detecting a button whether added in window or not Answered
12/1/2011 How can i test my application on an android device? Answered, Commented
11/30/2011 Can I change color of Titanium. Answered, Commented
11/29/2011 How do I check in using svn? Answered
11/29/2011 Row check & uncheck others Answered, Commented
11/29/2011 textfield numeric Answered, Commented
11/29/2011 recorded video from camera to upload on server Commented
11/29/2011 Error locating JDK: set $JAVA_HOME or put javac and jarsigner on your $PATH . Answered, Commented
11/29/2011 learn javaScript for mobile apps development Answered, Commented
11/28/2011 Many levels of "Titanium.include()" function and variable scope Answered, Commented
11/28/2011 How to add profile picture on appcelerator developer profile Answered, Commented
11/25/2011 V8 not working Asked, Commented
11/25/2011 List of currently opened windows? Answered
11/25/2011 How to estimate mobile app project effort ? Answered, Commented
11/25/2011 Android 3.0 Hardware Acceleration Commented
11/24/2011 GridLayout for ALL :) Answered, Commented
11/24/2011 Titanium Android- Application close\exit Answered, Commented
11/24/2011 In Ti it can take two hrs to write 0 lines of code (Android only) Answered
11/24/2011 DEBUG ON DEVICE ANDROID Answered
11/23/2011 Android OS version target Answered
11/23/2011 How can I detect when I've reached the end of a ScrollView? Commented
11/23/2011 hasOwnProperty does not work on UI elements Answered, Commented
11/23/2011 Prevent keypad from appearing Answered
11/23/2011 What is more efficient (and why) Commented
11/22/2011 Activity indicator not stop on back button.(Android) Answered, Commented
11/22/2011 Does removing an object also removes its listeners? Answered
11/21/2011 can't split e.source.image? Answered
11/21/2011 Contribute patches to Titanium Source Answered
11/21/2011 text field' s change event is not working Commented
11/21/2011 conversion from javascript to ios source code (.h,.m) Answered
11/21/2011 setTimeout Not Firing Answered
11/19/2011 Update sqlite with button Answered, Commented
11/19/2011 XML parsing error Answered, Commented
11/18/2011 XML Detect if element doesn't exist Answered, Commented
11/18/2011 Sorting Q&A search results Commented
11/18/2011 b && b(c) what this kind of statements(not conditions) are ? Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 android: Ti.UI.WebView - method setHtml unknown? Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 CommonJS Example Not Loading styles.js on Android Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 New Mobile App for Android Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 What's the next step for the Titanium developer community? Answered, Commented
11/17/2011 XML Parsing failure on Android but works on iPhone Answered
11/17/2011 [ERROR] Error locating JDK: set $JAVA_HOME or put javac and jarsigner on your $PATH Answered
11/16/2011 How to Center content in a scroll view? Answered
11/16/2011 How do I speed up adding complex views to a scrollview? Answered
11/15/2011 Fired event not captured Answered
11/15/2011 REquired JAVAC and JARSIGNER not found Answered
11/15/2011 Inconsistent vertical layout mechanism between "View" and "ScrollView" components Asked
11/15/2011 calling an existing function when an event fires Commented
11/15/2011 Portrait only on Android? Commented
11/14/2011 setTimeOut not working correctly? Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 Line break in project description - BUG ? Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 unable to parse complex json response,,,,,, Answered
11/14/2011 Better CI Asked
11/14/2011 Android: Label text problem Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 how to call a function by string inside CommonJs? Answered, Commented
11/14/2011 CommonJS brakes when trying to use global scope reference inside function Asked, Answered
11/14/2011 "TiBaseActivity layoutCleanup" causes hanging in Android App in Titanium SDK 1.7.5 Commented
11/12/2011 Memory leak when using app level event to update a TableView Answered, Commented
11/11/2011 Studio Crashes on selection of Android SDK Answered, Commented
11/11/2011 Light Titanium MVC framework + OOP ... again Answered, Commented
11/11/2011 Binary Rejected because app use non-public APIs Answered
11/11/2011 joli.js - does Appcelertator plan to officially adopt something like this? Answered
11/10/2011 Negative positioning of view loses interaction Answered
11/10/2011 Style sheet or common style for controls Answered, Commented
11/10/2011 Centering two labels in a view in Android Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 Android SDK Not Found Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 Override swipe to delete functionality on TableView Commented
11/9/2011 query structure problem Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 Scrollview's superview event Commented
11/9/2011 evalJS not working get error Answered
11/9/2011 Titanium.App.Propertis: where he lives? Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 SQLite error: 'constraint failed' Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 Android SDK wasn't detected Answered, Commented
11/9/2011 New search Asked
11/9/2011 Javascript and Webviews Answered, Commented
11/8/2011 Excluding .svn files Answered, Commented
11/8/2011 try catch not working? Answered
11/8/2011 "Hello World" App Crashes iPhone 3Gs Commented
11/8/2011 Converting JSON object to string object Answered
11/8/2011 Anyone know where to get help with starting on Android 3.0 development ? Commented
11/8/2011 Alignment of views Answered
11/8/2011 Android: recompile issue Answered
11/8/2011 Titatium Studio updating problem Answered
11/8/2011 Set/get in commonJS modules not allowed? Answered, Commented
11/8/2011 Android NumberFormatException is driving me nuts Answered, Commented
11/7/2011 Javascript Objects & Titanium Commented
11/7/2011 Android: Programmatically detect if the softKeyboard is showing Commented
11/7/2011 UIAutomation with Titanium Answered
11/7/2011 Global variables with CommonJS approach Asked, Commented
11/6/2011 Android build with Subversion .svn fails copying drawables Answered
11/5/2011 Fluid Layout / Fluid ImageView Width Commented
11/4/2011 SDK 1.8.0, When? Answered
11/4/2011 Buttons and additional labels and views doesn't display on Android Answered, Commented
11/4/2011 Android TextField in TableViewRow does not focus on first touch. Answered
11/3/2011 Webview Popups (Tapatalk) Answered
11/3/2011 Titanium UI Designer - Where Can I Get This App? Answered
11/3/2011 AES decryption Answered
11/3/2011 Cant install app on device Answered
11/2/2011 Set left/right to 0 in a tableViewRow on Android Answered
11/2/2011 qxoo in mobile sdk? Answered, Commented
11/2/2011 table.setData not working with arrays? Answered
11/2/2011 How to copy a new object which is isolate with old one ? Commented
11/2/2011 Method can't be called Commented
11/2/2011 TitaniumStudio Autocomplete and syntax highlighting issues with 'thistory' 'implements' and 'native'. Answered, Commented
11/2/2011 Possible to "if" check if an eventlistener already has been assigned/exists? Answered, Commented
11/1/2011 Undocumented parent property Answered, Commented
10/31/2011 make button available at certain days Commented
10/29/2011 Get all objects contained by a parent object Answered
10/29/2011 Titanium community on StackExchange Commented
10/28/2011 My app doesn't free up objects from memory... (Checking with xCode Profiler) Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Webview Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Serious Memory Issue. Answered
10/28/2011 Best Practices Commented
10/28/2011 Looking for a cross platform developer Answered
10/28/2011 Well... I'm back! Answered, Commented
10/28/2011 Cannot build XML in Titanium Commented
10/28/2011 How do I create a picker that acts like a table view on Titanium Mobile? Commented
10/28/2011 Toolbar for android Answered
10/28/2011 How to speed up view initialization Answered, Commented
10/27/2011 Passing between windows with tableviews Commented
10/27/2011 Excluding non-existant results from Answered, Commented
10/27/2011 Get a views subviews? Commented
10/27/2011 Override the application error. its possible. Answered
10/27/2011 Possible if statement to check if a window was added to the screen? Answered
10/27/2011 Using addEventListener & fireEvent Answered, Commented
10/26/2011 webView on load event to hide a div Answered
10/26/2011 100 complex rows on table view are slow to display android & iOS Commented
10/26/2011 TableViewRow crashes randomly Answered, Commented
10/26/2011 Stuck trying to animate a view stored in an array? Commented
10/26/2011 Titanium Mobile and Juicer Answered
10/26/2011 Passing array to new window Answered
10/26/2011 [BUG] fieldCount a property on android, function on iphone Commented
10/26/2011 Make sure oriantation doesn't change Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 Peace Out Answered, Commented
10/25/2011 Remove view, set to null then add back with new children, old children are still there Commented
10/25/2011 TableView and TableViewSection does not clear data Commented
10/25/2011 Open a new window with a delay Commented
10/25/2011 Multithreading in Titanium Answered
10/24/2011 Android back-button triggers option dialog's "click" event Asked, Commented
10/24/2011 Manually fire a Click on a WebView's html link. Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 Singleton class Answered, Commented
10/24/2011 [Open Discussion] Best structure for 'high performance' apps Answered
10/24/2011 custom events Commented
10/21/2011 How to speed up project compilation? Asked
10/21/2011 Scope Error Answered
10/21/2011 Date picker with day and moths only Asked
10/20/2011 Android Out of memory error Answered, Commented
10/20/2011 Prototyping of Titanium objects Answered, Commented
10/20/2011 Adding a label to a view Commented
10/20/2011 Starting with git Answered
10/20/2011 CRITICAL iPad orientation bug still not fixed Answered
10/20/2011 Reading of tableViewRows Answered
10/20/2011 How to contribute in Titanium Mobile SDK ? Accents in projects Answered
10/19/2011 Please Please Help Help Answered
10/19/2011 geolocation Answered, Commented
10/19/2011 Ti.App.fireEvent from inside a CommonJs module not fired globally Answered, Commented
10/19/2011 event object crashing ONLY in the debugger Commented
10/19/2011 Changes in 1.8 Asked, Commented
10/19/2011 Tweetanium crashes when using 1.7.x Commented
10/19/2011 Bugs with checkboxes and table events or am I doing it wrong? Answered, Commented
10/19/2011 Run/debug on Android device? Answered
10/18/2011 A place where to get hold of scripts for Titanium Answered
10/18/2011 Determine File Type Answered
10/18/2011 Goodbye Titanium Answered, Commented
10/18/2011 cannot read propert documentElement from null, only Android? Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 Onload function in titanium iphone? Commented
10/17/2011 Dynamically reference a label var Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 i can't do Database Answered
10/17/2011 Scrollview, tableview and TextArea on a Window Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 Android and ios cross platform developement support Answered
10/17/2011 Possible to develop in Xcode? Desirable? How? Answered, Commented
10/17/2011 XML DOM setAttribute and createElement? Answered
10/15/2011 Validate a text field Commented
10/15/2011 Javascript inheritance with Mobile API objects Answered, Commented
10/15/2011 Show/Hide more custom options? Answered, Commented
10/15/2011 Playing audio from WebView Answered
10/15/2011 How can I know one component is added to the view Answered
10/14/2011 Android performance issue Answered, Commented
10/14/2011 Creating a Reusable Factory (and Reusing it) Commented
10/14/2011 Window lost focus and becomes unclickable when view is removed from window [Android] Answered
10/14/2011 Incoming links to API docs should maybe redirect to latest version? Answered
10/13/2011 Button click to open a new window Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 Property allowsSelection from TableView work on Android? Answered, Commented
10/13/2011 How to send a var from app.js to js script inside web view Answered
10/12/2011 Respond to a button in a table row without triggering table row click? Answered, Commented
10/12/2011 Where to next Answered
10/12/2011 Sort a Json Answered
10/12/2011 Hide Android Runtime Error Dialog Answered, Commented
10/12/2011 Convert datetime in Titanium Commented
10/12/2011 Orientation change screws up percent widths Answered
10/12/2011 Launch on device Answered
10/11/2011 Update tableView data, clear previous data Commented
10/11/2011 Simple Database Insert is failing Commented
10/11/2011 Aligning down Answered, Commented
10/11/2011 Background images on toolbar. Also color. Not working. Commented
10/11/2011 decimals on Android Answered
10/10/2011 Webview can't detect link click Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Designing applications 101 Commented
10/10/2011 How to detect STRENGTH OF THE SIGNAL of the electric fence? Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Draw a table in android. Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Trouble passing data between to webview Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 static closures … Commented
10/10/2011 Old JIRA tickets Asked, Commented
10/10/2011 Mass Includes - FIXED! Answered, Commented
10/10/2011 Is the "call" function method supported? Answered, Commented
10/8/2011 i can't communicate between a webview and titanium Answered, Commented
10/8/2011 Change window on click map annotation Answered
10/8/2011 How to validate an e mail address in a textfield Commented
10/7/2011 Is it normal to have to Clean a project when switching build targets? Commented
10/7/2011 mixing of appcelerator`s javascript + objective-c or appcelerator`s javascript + Java Answered
10/7/2011 problem with integer, float and string Answered, Commented
10/7/2011 Hashcode Commented
10/7/2011 Would you pay for a Titanium Lib with useful scripts? Answered, Commented
10/7/2011 Hashcode Answered, Commented
10/6/2011 App level event - to use or not to use? Asked
10/6/2011 Passing variables from subcontext to main context Answered, Commented
10/6/2011 CustomJS and exports Commented
10/5/2011 Win7 support Answered
10/5/2011 Block click handler on table row? Answered
10/5/2011 Position Modal window Answered, Commented
10/5/2011 How to check whether a database is empty or not??? Commented
10/4/2011 Android Picker Showing up But Dialog does not Open when Clicked Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 Titanium APP Testing Answered, Commented
10/4/2011 open window in a modal window Answered
10/4/2011 Application wide common class structure Answered
10/3/2011 App Crashing on Android Answered
10/3/2011 include any file when needed Answered
10/3/2011 Need to Delete TableViewRow data through delete button located at each row Answered
10/1/2011 Ti.Include Answered, Commented
10/1/2011 Android Application performance Isuue Answered, Commented
9/26/2011 Parse json string get a var Answered, Commented
9/25/2011 How to read specific parts of JSON data Commented
9/17/2011 What are the differences between Ti.App.fireEvent and Ti.API.fireEvent Commented
9/11/2011 Autocompletion Libraries for desktop and mobile Answered, Commented
9/9/2011 deleting multiple rows from tableview Answered
9/8/2011 Passing Data back from a Window to the one before Answered, Commented
9/8/2011 Reducing Image Sizes Answered, Commented
9/7/2011 Dynamic re-arranging of buttons in a view Answered
9/6/2011 Date from String in Database back to date format Answered
9/6/2011 How to parse this JSON feed . Can any one give me a good idea to parse this complex JSON . Please .. Answered
9/5/2011 Javascript inheritance code works on android, but not on iphone Commented
9/4/2011 Is it still okay to use Ti.App? Answered, Commented
9/3/2011 addSlashes for db input? Answered
9/3/2011 Windows vs. Views in a Tabbed Bar Answered
9/3/2011 Give a field focus on load? Answered
9/3/2011 How to load json row data in table view? Answered
9/3/2011 Help with evaluating Javascript object Answered
9/3/2011 Reopen a window crashes the App Answered, Commented
9/2/2011 Does HasText work on TextArea? Answered
9/1/2011 SQL Table Lock: SQLite error: 'database table is locked' any ideas on how to prevent this? Answered, Commented
9/1/2011 Android TableView updates: wrong row gets updated, fixed on repaint Answered
8/31/2011 Can anyone tell me where to find the source files of Titanium? Answered, Commented
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8/30/2011 The Javascript engine on the iPad doesn't support Javascript unary plus instruction in addition instruction. Answered, Commented
8/30/2011 A few Global variables in app.js - using namespacing…an issue? Answered
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8/30/2011 Global var and array Answered
8/30/2011 Looking for developer(s) for an Android+iOS app Commented
8/30/2011 JSON string format Answered, Commented
8/30/2011 Java. Path Error in Titanium Answered
8/30/2011 Device orientation does not reflect scrollview content resizing. Commented
8/30/2011 add button to tableview rows Commented
8/29/2011 Label padding Commented
8/29/2011 Update pervious window views Commented
8/29/2011 database help Commented
8/29/2011 add button to tableview data[] Answered, Commented
8/29/2011 can modal window have its sub windows? Answered, Commented
8/27/2011 Window show/hide not working. Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 Minification / Combining Javascript files (Juicerize) performance Answered, Commented
8/26/2011 Titanium.App.Properties.setString(); can we pass first parameter as string variable? Commented
8/25/2011 Ti.App.Foo.bar[] not accessable or changeable Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 Detect any click Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 after deleting a row from table view the row cout is still same Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 Pressing back button close the app in Android Answered, Commented
8/25/2011 How to add java support to application created using this Answered
8/24/2011 window height is undefined Commented
8/24/2011 Using a £ sign in a label causing error Commented
8/24/2011 Why use: X === True or X !== True, instead of regular == or != Answered, Commented
8/24/2011 Android Tablet wont draw all views Answered
8/23/2011 TextField - How to check the Focus Answered
8/23/2011 Q&A's sort backwards Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 It's possible to convert xml Android gui ? Answered
8/23/2011 How to get all rows from TableView Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 How to get MAC address Commented
8/23/2011 Data Encryption Answered, Commented
8/23/2011 It's possible to insert a picker in a scrollView? Answered
8/23/2011 Data encryption in iphone app... Answered
8/23/2011 RUN once at startup... Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 Variable scoping and namespace issue Commented
8/22/2011 length of JSON Answered, Commented
8/22/2011 when i click back android button i want move previous view. Commented
8/22/2011 Question Ti.include Answered
8/20/2011 Dynamically replace part of a View Answered, Commented
8/19/2011 Execute function only at the first run application Answered
8/19/2011 comparision of simultaneous click events. Answered
8/19/2011 Action only at first startup Answered
8/19/2011 // Q&A search order wrong!!! Answered
8/19/2011 How can i check the value of my checkbox in android Answered, Commented
8/19/2011 Disable input from the keyboard for 10 seconds but still have it display? Answered, Commented
8/19/2011 TypeError: Cannot call method "slice" of null Answered, Commented
8/18/2011 How does dimensions work? Asked, Commented
8/18/2011 Using custom objects and best practises Answered
8/18/2011 Changing picker generated by WebView select Answered
8/18/2011 Why and how to remove an added eventlistener Answered, Commented
8/17/2011 save and load data Answered, Commented
8/17/2011 SQLite DB db size limit? Answered
8/17/2011 Help with addressing members of an array Answered
8/17/2011 How to Debug an android app on windows 7 using Appcelerator 1.7.2 Answered
8/17/2011 Some features break on 1.7.2 Answered, Commented
8/17/2011 Titanium Developer Not Working Answered
8/17/2011 Creating a timer / stopwatch counting upwards (0.00) Answered
8/17/2011 Android - TableView's (de)selectRow Asked, Commented
8/16/2011 Code editor is auto highlighting words. How to turn that OFF? Answered
8/16/2011 Where is NumericField/DecimalField? Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 Include PHP in mobile application Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 label not coming on the table view row Answered, Commented
8/16/2011 JDK 1.7 Answered
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8/15/2011 How to replace the contents of a scrollview? Answered
8/15/2011 ScrollView - "remove" method doesn't work Asked, Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 Parse HTML tags Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 how can i call jquery and css methods inside webView contorller ? Answered, Commented
8/12/2011 Titanium framework consistency Asked, Commented
8/12/2011 within a TableView, How to update a row with new content and restore the original content? Commented
8/11/2011 Bug #TIMOB-4198 Still Exists: Why is it marked as resolved? Answered
8/11/2011 WebView shows tiny font in Titanium SDK 1.7.2 but working fine in titanium sdk1.6.2 Answered
8/11/2011 Calling a new window from a window. Answered
8/11/2011 Android crash: "Width and height must be > 0" Commented
8/10/2011 Android date picker Asked, Commented
8/10/2011 Reports needs to be sent as Email? Commented
8/10/2011 [BUG REPORT] OptionDialog event click return strange datas when pressing back button in Android Answered
8/10/2011 Calculate an opposite font color Answered, Commented
8/10/2011 How to create a checkbox preferences area in your app? Answered
8/10/2011 Checking for a node in XML Answered
8/10/2011 "unrecognized selector" app termination when accessing event.source Commented
8/10/2011 How to programmatically type on a textarea Answered
8/10/2011 how to find window height when its child element's height is auto Answered, Commented
8/9/2011 erro trying to parse json string on facebook events Commented
8/9/2011 Comparison problem Answered, Commented
8/8/2011 How to fix date picker? Commented
8/8/2011 how to export csv file format? Commented
8/8/2011 Set default global proerties for component Answered
8/8/2011 2 linked arrays Answered
8/8/2011 "close" event not fired when window is closed from button event handler Asked, Commented
8/8/2011 pass object as global to all Commented
8/8/2011 How to disable a button Answered, Commented
8/8/2011 Titanium.UI.currentWindow.close() is closing all sub-windows and returning me to root Answered
8/7/2011 How to fill a tableViewRow with another view to 100% width? Answered
8/4/2011 how to modify table value into other file formet like(pdf , excel)? Answered, Commented
8/4/2011 pull information from an xml file Commented
8/4/2011 iPhone to android? Answered
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8/2/2011 Authentication: Properties, Sessions, Cookies, SQLite? Answered
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7/29/2011 Need help on createSwitch selected value from multiple rows Answered
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7/26/2011 Hey I am new to this community please help me.. Answered
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7/15/2011 Android Emulator Answered
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7/11/2011 How do I run an app in 'INFO' log level mode with Ti Studio? Answered
7/11/2011 eventListener only works one time Answered
7/11/2011 Do we have to use the free version of Titanium Studio to develope apps and distribute it? Answered
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7/6/2011 how to create our own xml file and get information from that xml file Answered
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6/28/2011 Ti.App.addEventListener cause crash Commented
6/28/2011 Just a heads up: setData is not releasing memory in 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 but works in 1.7.0 RC Answered
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6/28/2011 Android build Error while messing with SVN control files Answered
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6/14/2011 EventListener doesn't work anymore after some lots of open/close window Answered, Commented
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5/31/2011 Android Support? Commented
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4/18/2011 What's up with Lighthouse at the moment? Answered
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