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7/6/2014 How to get Ti.Media.createAudioPlayer to play local files Asked, Answered, Commented
9/27/2013 How to smoothly track the current user's location on a map, and how to detect a user map drag? Asked
1/3/2013 How to stop a row touchend event when a table swipe event was executed? Asked, Commented
1/3/2013 How to detect touchstart/touchend on empty rows in Table Views? Asked, Commented
12/21/2012 FLIP_FROM_LEFT background Color Asked, Commented
12/19/2012 object Array's contain a "unique" object Function Asked, Answered, Commented
12/16/2012 Splash screen appears during orientation change Commented
12/14/2012 Localization i18n and Chinese Answered, Commented
12/13/2012 Working with zIndex on Windows Asked, Commented
12/11/2012 Animation causes search box on a table view to appear Asked, Answered, Commented
12/6/2012 Stop Animation Commented
11/26/2012 How to change the iOS device volume Asked
11/22/2012 Window Animation Tip Asked
11/21/2012 Has anyone created an efficient getElementById function? Asked, Commented
11/14/2012 Click Event Propagation Answered, Commented
11/14/2012 How to get iPad DeviceID? Answered, Commented
11/6/2012 can we use any alternative to SQLite database Commented
11/4/2012 How to perform database inserts/updates on a separate thread? Asked, Commented
11/1/2012 How to permanently lower the required iOS version? Asked, Commented
10/30/2012 IOS parseInt Bug? Answered
10/26/2012 Localisation strings have stopped working Asked, Answered, Commented
10/26/2012 Reload tableview on focus Commented
10/10/2012 ZipFile — Mobile Titanium module (iPhone) Commented
10/4/2012 Interacting with the Remote Audio Controls on the iPhone Lock Screen Asked, Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 Control audioPlayer from iOS's native playback controls Answered, Commented
10/3/2012 Not receiving all API.log and API.debug messages Asked, Commented
10/2/2012 Ti.Media.audioPlayer isn't working Commented
9/21/2012 [WARN] New layout set while view [object TiUIView] animating: Will relayout after animation. Commented
9/18/2012 Scrollview to Snap Views Commented
9/5/2012 Open Window to Front Asked, Commented
9/4/2012 Custom Fonts and Unicode Characters Asked, Commented
9/2/2012 Best Methods to Create a OOP File Structure ? Asked, Commented
6/25/2012 iOS Application Fails to Resume on Time and Crashes on Remote Play Asked, Commented
6/24/2012 Copy a folder and it's contents in Android Answered, Commented
4/24/2012 Button backgroundColor ignored Answered
3/9/2012 Cannot call method "createHTTPClient" of undefined Commented
3/9/2012 Can not call createHTTPClient Is undefined Answered
3/8/2012 Titanium.Media.createSound Crashing Asked, Commented
3/7/2012 createAudioPlayer to play local files Commented
3/2/2012 Titanium.UI.createProgressBar undefined Asked, Answered, Commented
2/21/2012 Titanium.UI.createProgressBar generates error Commented
2/18/2012 BUG: Streaming Sound Continues Playing When Silent Button Is Pressed Answered
1/16/2012 How to detect the user changing the value of a Slider Asked, Commented
1/13/2012 Webviews and fireEvent Answered
1/6/2012 Link TextFields to use "Next" Keyboard button Answered
2/3/2011 Horizontal and Vertical Page Swiping on iPad Asked
1/26/2011 Package iPhone applications from bash/shell/terminal Asked, Commented