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10/29/2013 iOS plist Customization Asked, Commented
8/6/2013 some basic questions concerning Titanium.Android.createServiceIntent and Ti.App.iOS.registerBackgroundService Asked
7/19/2013 How do I stop a background Android Service without using the original variable? Asked, Commented
6/27/2013 How do I modify the properties of the Android Root Window (Non-Tabbed) Asked, Commented
6/10/2013 How to sharing Safari cache with WebView and Network.HttpClient the way Android Does with Chrome Asked, Commented
3/5/2013 Intermittent Fatal signal 11 error during file write on Android Asked
2/20/2013 Getting a lot of "Error looking up resource" errors Commented
2/20/2013 Is there a way to prevent Android OS from restarting the application after a force close event? Asked
1/12/2013 Facebook error validating access token Asked
1/11/2013 How to disable overScrollMode in a tableView and scrollView? Commented
1/10/2013 How to prevent hidden Mac Icon files from being compiled with Android APK? Asked, Commented
12/29/2012 Problems with xhr.setRequestHeader() and content-type Commented
12/29/2012 ScrollView horizontal scroll not working. Commented
12/28/2012 Google App Engine seems to confuse Android Post with Get over HTTPClient Asked, Commented
12/27/2012 Is imageAsCropped and imageAsResized dependent on toImage? Asked, Commented
12/22/2012 Calling toImage() on a view with crashes on Android. How else to you get width/height from an Image? Answered
12/3/2012 Does toImage() have any compression settings that are undocumented? Asked, Commented
9/14/2012 Grid of views no longer works adding child views to layout: horizontal on scrollView Answered
9/14/2012 How to prevent Android from Opening New Window for target=_blank links? Asked, Commented
9/11/2012 Titanium.UI.ScrollView add() returns NullPointerException on Android Asked, Commented
8/24/2012 android issue 2373 (missing intent category_launcher or flat_activity_reset_task_if_needed), restarting app Asked, Commented
8/12/2012 setDensity - Android Asked, Commented
7/30/2012 Preserve Tab Bar Android Commented
4/29/2012 backgroundGradient where one color is transparent Asked, Commented
2/28/2012 How to show the root window after opening multiple windows Commented
11/17/2011 Why does app crash on certain variable references? Commented
10/5/2011 Which working mobile ios build can upload files? Asked, Commented
10/1/2011 Problem latching onto HTTP POST data in PHP Asked, Commented
10/1/2011 HtttpClient problem with last version of Studio and sdk Commented
9/27/2011 looking for a working example of storing and retrieving photo blobs in sqlite Asked, Answered