Titanium Mobile 1.8.2 - 2/29/2012

Titanium Mobile Release 1.8.2 is a patch set release that includes fixes for known issues in Release 1.8.1, as well as stability and parity improvements.

Please see the updated Titanium Mobile Reference Documentation for 1.8.2.

Full list of Issues that were addressed in 1.8.2

If you are upgrading from Titanium Mobile SDK or earlier, refer to the Release Notes for Release 1.8.1 for a list of issues addressed in that release. Note that Release 1.8.1 included fixes related to developing modules. If you are developing iOS or Android modules, see the 1.8.1 Release Notes for more information.

Significant Changes In Titanium Mobile

Known Issues

The following issues are known regressions in 1.8.2:

  • Android: When the Master/Detail Application template app is used, JNI: DeleteGlobalRef(0xdebcce57) failed to find entry warnings are repeatedly logged to the console. This occurs in across all Android versions, with the exception of Android 4.0.2. The functionality of the application does not appear to be affected. TIMOB-7831

  • Android (V8 only): setInterval timer becomes very slow and jumpy. TIMOB-7813

  • Android (V8 only): 4.0 ICS - TableView -- Scrolling through tableview and clicking on the rows eventually crashes the application. This issue has only been reproduced on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.2. TIMOB-7774

Android Changes

The following section lists notable bug fixes in the Android platform.

Bug Fixes

  • Several bug fixes for animation on Android, including:

    • Crash during animations using 2DMatrix transforms. TIMOB-7416

    • Animation not initialized correctly when a transform is specified in createAnimation. TIMOB-7517

    • After animating a view, the parent view becomes transparent. TIMOB-7412

  • SDK cannot be built on Windows. TIMOB-6315

  • HTTPClient: file upload does not work to upload resource files. TIMOB-7264

  • OptionDialog can't be called several times after a tabgroup is opened and closed. TIMOB-7240

  • Rhino: Backing out of an application prints thousands of messages to the log. TIMOB-7252

  • Distributing an application to the Android Marketplace fails on Windows. TIMOB-7677

  • Global scope not available from included file. TIMOB-7019

  • ImageViews cause app to unexpectedly crash. TIMOB-7676

  • Application crashes when user leaves application using the Back button. TIMOB-7712

  • Bad value for ti.android.runtime property in tiapp.xml causes application to crash on launch with runtime exception. With this fix, a build-time error is generated if ti.android.runtime is set to something other than v8 or rhino. https://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/TIMOB-6166

For a complete list of Android fixes in this release, see: Fixed Android Issues in JIRA.

iOS Changes

The following section lists notable bug fixes in iOS.

Bug Fixes

  • App crashes when trying to play a sound while resuming from the background. TIMOB-6763

  • Several fixes for memory leaks:

    • Tab object is not released when a tab is removed from a tab group. TIMOB-7644

    • Tab objects are not released when a tab group is closed. TIMOB-7152

    • Objects not released when map annotations are removed from a map. TIMOB-7467

  • WebView.evalJS causes application to freeze and log deadlock warning. TIMOB-7616

  • WebView doesn't handle touch events if any parent view has a touch event listener defined. To use an interactive web view and allow the parent view to receive touch events that occur outside of the web view, set the web view's willHandleTouches property to false. TIMOB-7547

  • Tab freezes after opening a new window from a tab, then navigating back to the root window. TIMOB-7714

  • HTTPClient returns a cached result. This fix disables caching by default, and introduces a new, iOS-only cache property that can be used to enable caching on an HTTPClient instance. TIMOB-7605

  • TableView and ScrollView objects generate spurious error message: "Adding an event listener to a proxy that isn't already in the context." TIMOB-7518, TIMOB-7347

  • Calling Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition or getCurrentHeading with a null callback causes an application crash. TIMOB-7361

  • When a tab group specifies a different barImage for each window, only the bar image for the first window is used.

  • Opening a normal window after a modal window causes the normal window to be reopened when the modal window is closed. TIMOB-7569

For a complete list of iOS fixes in this release, see: Fixed iOS Issues in JIRA.

Mobile Web Changes

This release includes a significant increase in feature coverage on Mobile Web. In particular, the following modules and objects are now at or near parity with the other platforms:

  • Titanium module
  • Titanium.App module
  • Titanium.UI.AlertDialog
  • Titanium.UI.Button
  • Titanium.UI.EmailDialog
  • Titanium.UI.OptionDialog
  • Titanium.UI.ScrollView
  • Titanium.UI.ScrollableView
  • Titanium.UI.Switch
  • Titanium.UI.WebView

For a complete list of Mobile Web fixes in this release, see: Fixed Mobile Web Issues in JIRA.

Documentation Changes

This release includes a number of documentation fixes and enhancements, including improved API documentation for the following modules and objects:

  • Titanium.App module and submodules
  • titanium.Facebook module
  • Titanium.Map module, Map.View and Annotation
  • Titanium.Media.VideoPlayer
  • Titanium.UI.AlertDialog
  • Titanium.UI.EmailDialog
  • Titanium.UI.PickerColumn
  • Titanium.UI.ScrollableView
  • Titanium.UI.SearchBar
  • Titanium.UI.Slider
  • Titanium.UI.WebView
  • Titanium.UI.iOS module

For a complete list of documentation fixes in this release, see:

Fixed Documentation Issues in JIRA